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Dr. Still's contention that the bo kept in pDoper adjustment nou . ~ dy 18 an 1ntr1cate machine into and useful old ~ge ~~~e~h:d ~~r:~ :for , t l run harmony, health will hold dominion over ~ h "' e par s are in natural and immutable as the lari s of' gravi ~ t ":llDQ.Il organism by OUt of little_Kirk sville there h a s gone aas~~~~m of healin l s ~rlnging back v~gor to broken bodi es. God gr ant that out o¥ 1e Kirkaville there has gone another who i s t o b ri ng h 1 t t' ,-our mm John J. Pershing. The old world 1- b-rokee a _ 1~ ·"o !l~ It d d t s n 1n :.JO u.Y ani.... 1t . nee s _rea+ jUS~J?ent, so that all ita part s may work harm together, and 1S What h• '"' be .LWJer1 ca. t s pe.r t . vhat . . . WP. . b e-11·eve- 1-S •o the great struggle,-not the 1nJect1on i nto an a l ready poisonea bod] now virus of hat~, but the de claration that ther e can be no h&al ~t· t he God-given r1~ht_of freedom of oppor t unity is al lowed to ~orK ts dest~ny-the br1ng1.egof health to the t ini e st t he mo s t in::Ji gn1 .. atom 1n the body caporate. ' DELTA DELTA December was quite as wonderful in many u ays as was April. wi ll always stand out sharply in our consci ousness , because i t t or us the ~oor of A.S.A., but this fi r st December . will a l ways close second l.n our thoughts, because_ i t brought us lli ss J ewe t .t tneased our first dance. lle shall never cease to regr e t t h a t ewett had to come during the week , wh en no ' so ci al affai rs may be When s~ude~ts must be in their rooms at 7.30 wi th qui e t r eignUe were simply broken-hearted when v.'e learned that Ni ss J ewet t not remain over for our dance, for we needed her pre s en ce a t t ime , and we did so VTa.nt to pre s ent he r to the student world a t UIIVERSITY. POt'sibly Hiss .Jewett 1:n d more time for qui et heart to talks w1 th our girls, for longer confere nces \7ith the cu llege ·---·~--- -... ties, and probably she wa.s less we a ry nhen she l ef t us than have been the case, had she been a party to the late hour s that permi ssible at week..:.ends. i7e lmow tha t she he lpe d us a l ot, that zplained many things not perfectly understoo d before , that we can on in caoe.quence to those who will hav e char ge of' De lta De l to. • utfll'l' year many suggestions that \iill be of the utmost value t o them lding a. strone chapter hero nt Ath en s. Ue are surer of' our<more confident of the future, and, of course , deeper i n l o•Te A.S.-A. than ·ever before. Then she brought us the visi on of NATI CN , for She came from 'beyorid the Mis sissippi ' . You see ue of Ohi o auraelves eastern, and that reminds u s. How fast the TIE~T is r e ! It is not so very long a go t hat vre n ere on the f r , and. WI hear people talking of the cLtie s a long the Pacific Shore as tho were only in the nc:xt townihi:>. A year ago , to five of us at , Missouri Kansas Olelahoma a nd Colorado seeme d very far away . Jewett bro~ght the; right to ovx very door ! Th e soro r i ty has USAs of us as well as ASAs. Our dance ,-;as a great success, i n s pite of the fact tha t. ;re limited by university rul i ngs t o an expenditure of $25. Perm1 s t o uoe the gymnasium accorded to a ll 11 U11 organizo.tionst cut ou~ i t eu of expense, le~t us prac~ically the ~hole s~ f o~ n~ slc refr osbments. The G:rm is pretty b1g , but Wil r e duce d ~ ts noouside~ably by hant;ing strean ers ~f our coloro c:n d banne r s of urCJrities and fraterni t ies f rom ~. oh e b a lcony. d e entle b r ee ~e n at the side windows kept th8 s ,. wavmr__z v , e.nrt f ro a l l the


Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 4 no 13 16 jan 1918  

Asa phoenix vol 4 no 13 16 jan 1918