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The dominant thought in the mindo o:r "Indiana" . SAs durinG According to :present indicatioj_1f", girls uill never get thro talking about it. ~e all fell so in nth her that every one of us posit i vely dreaded the hour of her .....~........ ...._r·c. It would bE? a. difficult matter to !Jlake you other Jleople stand just what H1ss Jen ett's visit meant to us, for chapters of the Sorority are in schools ·.1here they are more tna.n ~,~,u~•o • where they are looked upon as a very vital part of student and a strong o.djunclb 11henever the facul ty wishes to put some neTI o;or the top. Sororities ·with us, tho not e ~ra ctly a ne-:- in obool , since locals have been here since 1902, are not reo.lli ~and do not receive the encouragement that Y:oul d ma~e of them table power for good in the school. To us it seeme d a most athing when we learned that the President of Miam:i. Uni VRrsi ty is ~bmr~ssed with -the fraternities a nd sororities as facto rs i~ coll e~u t he has provided an administrative officer to lool{ after welfare, to attend to all their booltkeeping. To t,_s it seelllfld to hear of places where the college presidents make persvnel on of sorority advisers from the faculty an~ hold these women .__~ le for the character end quality of th~ groups to which they ignAd. · Uiltil that day comes at 11 Indi ana'! some. lVe hope, we shall to be content with things as they are , but it cid seem mi ghty to have somebody take a real interest in us. somebody ~ho wanted just how we were making good in scholarship, in school activi , in work ~or the brave lads at the front. Of course , ue have all along that A.s.A. , nationally and indi v idu all~ wa s dee p ly ated in the w~lfare of Alpha Ga~a, but to us it seeme d quite moat wonderful thing in the world to have somebody wel k in on us the void, so to spealt, and actually caring about even the litthing in our lives. Is it any wonder that Miss JAwet t put p r1 t in ua, _that she ma,de us see everything with the larger t~uer 'f:as Hiss Jewett's visit.


It wa.a jolly nice too that thi·ee of our alumnae coul~ c:me with 1ii ss Jev;·ett Eleanor Lowry of the Pittsburgh As socl.atJ..on, t Veil and lYiary' stouppe from the Johns tovm Club . 'rhey ar1n a terrible blizzard on saturday. Hargaret and l~ ary ·here able thro sunda'' and Eleanor over Honday. saturday Ni ght there nicest kind o:f din.Yler together at Urs . ']hi te' s with twentyplates laid. The color ~cheLle vvas yellow and ·white. The p lace were tiny vvreaths of yellow chrysthanthemums, and e~ch table had -..rnli,repiece of white chrysanthemum? tied 1r~ th ye~lovr r1bbons · .The were rhite,tied with yellovl sat1.n,and the soror1ty s in go ld . The hour to return to the gr?un~ ~ c~~ a ll to~ soon, the memory of our eiglth banquet as an o rg l.On •Tl ll fore er frr us unusual significance . To ~.!arjorie Nix fell the honor of being ini tia.ted ·vi th :.he Paraphernalia . Our services have alwa?s s eeme d full of mea.nbut ~~id such an exquisite setting we rece1ved an inspiration stirred us all most dee :~ ly . Our Johnsto,:m ;\lumnae hear~ about th 1 1" 0~ -'-ha t Tnstn.Jl~ti0n Trunl' taro the t\:Jo ltlP.ffie ov~ 1ne ss 1. v t vide somethiW! pr sent and have already ex~ress?d a 0 pro 1 Y ~ for~ ly aati~acto:y for hl?~e G~mna1 _ s~ ne u~~ ~vep~o~~~edo~~;n~ur o servi ces ·.nth a. e;et .. as lo ve.Ly as a initint~.

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 4 no 13 16 jan 1918  

Asa phoenix vol 4 no 13 16 jan 1918