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Your National President is deeply appreciative o~ the many expresons of loving thought and interest on the part of ASAs in all part~ f ~e country, and She would like to write and tell eaeh one of you ~' e' hew much the little tokens of regard meant to her but as that a qU1te impossible, she will have to content herself rlth this state ent in the PHOENIX. Christmas Eve there was a quiet little A.s.A. celebration in ston. Your President's gift to the Sorortty and to the Cha~ters ta year ~as Red Cro&s memberShip, so the western Tiindow of the C9~ ·nJ. O f~. :.i..~e carried a Red Cross service f'lag on which was mountfH1 t:ma:Jer crosses in honor of the eight chapters. The founcta t :i.o ~ 8':"-iOI·s--Alpha, Alpha Alpha, A1pha Beta and AlpJ"a Gamma-were groupeC. togather, while those that were admitted since 1914--Beta Beta, Gamma amma, Delta Delta and Epsilon Epsilon--were arranged in another set


When the shadows began to fall, the candles were lighted,red one in the centre in honor of the National sorority, and an either side,a white one for Alpha amd Alpha Alpha, then red for Alpha Beta and Alpha. ·Gamma.. Beta . Beta. and Gamma Gamma were _.,_.aented by green candles, while gold ones stood for those most Rtsentl.J added, Delta ·D elta and Epsilon Epsilon. When all were at, there was a brave showing o'£ color and brightness that a.t---~~ed much attention on muCh travelled Cobden street, and that led Ch inquiry later as to how one lone lady could suddenly have a.cso large a fami1y. There were two other candles,to right and left o~ the colored a, two tall square one banded in black, for even in the hour when .-IUI;nts flashed out to gather in one fold the hundreds of ASAs Vlho 10 widely scattered over the country, one must not forget the t wo lled in the Chapter Eternal, Elva Doyle Reed of Alpha Beta and eel Kauffman or Beta Beta. It maY have been mere fancy, but your aident thought that the candles of those in the Eternal Chapter --~4 a little more brightly, a little more bravely . At any rate lasted long arter the others had burned to their sockets on the ow ledge. council and Chapters may be changed in personal, but whiCh Will last will be the blessed memories and the things for Alpha Sigma Alpha stands. · our fourth Christmas Eve together~ H0\7 vastly different fro:~ first one in 1914! Then, to be sure, there was a fai£1Y inter- _ ng future ahead for the sorority, but little assurance of the re a~ aeter that Alpha ·sigma Alpha ~as to assume. Then f our separate ps with no special ties to link, today ei ght strong , closely a~ ­ iated chapters that have felt the pull and the 1lrill of comT!lon 1n -· rests. Then a little fledglinG Pboenix u i th strent;th so rrealc. tha ·'::. t might die any mour, today a ~agazine so vital that it can se cur 8 the ourport of aloost 600 ner:1bers, and so strons that i t cn.n carT y •)·1 ta i7ings the financial.. bu:;:-den of a buzy Cent r ::~,l Of f ice · ~hen co~·r gz·ouj,)s that counted for but little on any · camwus~ and a .. a ll outsi d& of the four schools nh e rc they v ere located, t oday an o:r·s~r ;·­ :atio:-1 tha t could lo.J.P- t.t.c Gove t"r.1ent ~)1000 ar.1d nalce its na.oe co~.l~ · ·. c. ·: __,,. ooat . ~5r..[; ::.n the Intet'r1ation.::.l Red. 01·oss . Veri ly Al pJ:a Si bi?a :·d. j!ha hra 'IJH f H l~ving ac •.,O.!' ·i~.r ; tu iLs J.i s.~J. ·;:.c : It 2'"La:.:> Bbl,).._re d, l ~ 1 -~::. cu g:.1 t, n.t.1f.t it h£:- s at tc:d.Ded.. The m0aoure of t t n g::eatne s? 1n ;,he t u re li o iJ, as :in t:i.1e pa Gt, witt_ tl1.e st:bent;th of 1.ts r:ur.L)oce , the e~ ~~ty o~ ita inpe · le ideala.


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Asa phoenix vol 4 no 13 16 jan 1918  

Asa phoenix vol 4 no 13 16 jan 1918