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fbere ·were_several feature dancea. For · one the lights were c! out and we danced. in ~he. r~diance from a big \7111 te moon bearing ~tters of the 8oror1ty 1n cr1Mson. In another feature dance we tiny t~ts, the little daughter of our Patroness, Mrs. Ual~, ~ 11 ttl~ son of Prof, Hoover, toa·s down snowballs of cotton wool the balcony at ~he. mo~. ;71 thin the snowballs were the names of partners. The k1ddies were too sweet -for anything. The music was very good and consisted of piano, violin, saxeand t'l!"'WWls • Tie we_re fortunate too in having two Alpha Alpha as guests, o~ Sponsor, Ruth Donnell~ and Lelah Proxmire, another Ll~~ who 1s teaching rather near us. Another girl whom we o \"E'l" Jnyed to hav~ with U& 1.vaa Bertha May, who nas one of' our· pegroup last ~pring, but who was prevented from joining us at ery last minute. · · Nao~ Caldwell, Historian.


ALPHA December was uShered . in at Farmville by our first snow storm, tbo light flurry that we so often havo, but a down right blizzardy r that made up for its tardiness by its depth~ our school build•• built on Colonial lines, are always lm.utiful, but- they are never eo lovely as when one may view the tali pillars across an expan ~e or.ratalline snow. In spite of the skating, the coasting patties tbe jolly frolics every day, the snow seamed to bring 'n th it a • restlessness, for it spoke of Christmas ahd the home fireside, we were eager for the days to pass. There was just ·ane thirig that made remaining in sChool even ~~~le after - the longing for home began to grip us , and that was the 11 over exPecting Miss Jewett. u e were all at the train to meet tbat memorable Friday night, only to find that the train was hours and would not be in until midnight. At this point school re~ula­ etepped in and forbade our auai ting the arrival of the train, and ot sitting up to welcome her. Throe of the bunch,- h owe~er, were aa.~ft••A• d that privilege, but the rest of us insisted on having a share setting ready the little midnight feast that was to be served on arrival at School. In the mornins r.c all had a chance to mee t her, to sum up our feelings in a fc -i-1 wo rds io to say that "t o Imow her to love hor" . Miss Jouett sinply took us by storm. Sab'.a:day · there v;as a 1 J..iodc1 Mee ting' --we certainly hope Miss t thought so--at 1.7hich each officer gave her report and 1~iss told us about the other chapters that she had visite d, as we ll out Alpha Sigma Alpha generally . Then thoro w~re our favorite , and best . of all Miss Jewett's recitati on of"A.S.A . IF 11 , a poe~ needs no apologies to Kipling, by the ~ay •. If _you.other p~ o pl~ not hear 1 t you must get a copy, for you \nll f1.nd 1 ~ most l.nspl.r·and you w1i1 reali.ze .that there is no "IF" when one l.S o.n A.S,,lt. Saturday Evening the Chapt er gave a party in Hiss. Jcnet-c 's and invited tho 7ri Sigmas to meet he r . The r oom l oo~c~ l ovely. and vthi te crepe paper streamers were draped fran ~he cel.ll.n? to wal ls .in the shape pf the badge . The :ed and wh1 to draper~~s d ded to the effectiveness of the There ~ re _P 0 "" 0 r •·•··~At~ , palmo and ferns, in profusion. After the recept1.on ther~ Tas ~~~~~~~, with a deliciou 8 salad course and c?ff'ee.for refreshme~Ls . ~~· lOn t s, ~r; Jewe tt gave a lkttle talk on soror1.ty _ tb.e re:r rel;!. m ... s 8

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Asa phoenix vol 4 no 13 16 jan 1918  

Asa phoenix vol 4 no 13 16 jan 1918