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Beta Gamma's are still talking about their dessert bridge . The charming hostesses were red and white castle Homecoming float. Three Mrs. Wolfe, their patroness, and the college popular pledges, Lois Lookabaugh, attendant presidents wife, Mrs . Beu . to the football queen, Betty Furr, attendant to A buffet supper celebrated the election of the band queen and Pat Thompson, were on Kitty Blair as class secretary at Oneonta . the castle balcony wearing red and white outHolly Ball, Holly Ball-with this gay parody fits . A prizewinner to be sure . of Jingle Bells the Alpha Sigma's at Drexel Homecoming and Founder's Day were cele- publicized their Christmas dance . Decorations brated by open house and an alumnae banquet were red and white with gay holly accents. at Natchitoches. A~ spirit was really high. The Alpha's were mighty proud when they Kansas State Alpha Sigma's are proud of found their dance had attracted more couples Pat Scarlet, Marvis Brewington and Janie than any other dance held this year. The busy Anderson, new members of Kappa Delta Pi . Nu Nu's played Santa to the children in sevEta Eta's harem skit was a great success. They eral Philadelphia hospitals . Pat Floyd, Nu won second prize at the W .S.S.F. stunt night. Nu's registrar, has been 'e lected to represent Still more honors for Eta Eta-Marvis Brew- Drexel on Mademoiselle's College Board. ington and Orlanda Manci are new additions Peepsie Brooks, A~A president of Farmville's to Who's Who. senior class led the grand march at the annual A Boy's Town Choir Concert and a musical Senior dance . She looked lovely in her white program by Professor Leslie Doe Lindou were gown. well attended by Beta Beta girls. Homecoming Alpha's have achieved honors galore at is always 路 a gala affair, but Alpha Sigmas at Murray State. Ann Lowry was starred in "The Greeley will long remember Beverly Coon the Corn Is Green." Mickey Turk was again 1947 Homecoming Queen and their prize chosen a campus favorite . Barb Bigham was a winning float-"They Came, We Sawed, We lovely Junior Prom Queen . Reba Jo Cathey, Conquered." It depicted a Bear lumber camp a senior was elected to represent Kappa Delta with a Bear sawing an opponent Tiger. Arthur Pi at its national meeting in Atlantic City, Murray had better 路look to his laurels-the New Jersey. Beta's have been teaching social dancing at The joy of giving was certainly felt by all "Teen Town ." the members of Xi Xi chapter when they reIt might not be according to E. Post, but the .ceived a letter from the Finnish family they Alpha's of Zeta Zeta chapter can't help beam- have adopted . Another project which this ing with pride-they won the Inter-Sorority lively chapter has initiated is making stuffed Scholarship Cup. November found Ruth Lee animals for the Los Angeles Children's Hos. . Swigert, Florence Goddard and Jean Sontag pital. busy helping to install the new baby chapter, In October Beta Epsilon's "Mike" Reid and Beta Sigma 路at Springfield. Lois Stine attended the College Press Conven' t ion . Jennie Snowden will be a delegate to Jean Peuhouse of Alpha Beta made her the Kappa Delta Pi national convention in sisters very proud; she was chosen as one of the attendants to the American Royal Queen Atlantic City. Chi Chi's helped spread Christmas spirit in Kansas City. Another orchid goes to a girl and help a worthy cause by selling Christmas with a lovely smile and a sweet personality, Elsa Webbink who was chosen Homecoming seals. Whitecake- chocolate cake- Templites Queen at Missouri State. Elsa reigned grahave been treated to both . The KK cake sales ciously over a wonderful homecoming . Pat are really making the convention fund grow Feese, the Alpha Beta president, had a starring role in the fall dramatic production, A Bill of by leaps and bounds. Have you heard about Epsilon Epsilon's new Divorcement. home . Isn't it a perfect beauty? They reWe have another Queen路 Carolyn Plemcently celebrated a 13th anniversary and had mone was elected football queen at Arkansas such fun meeting some of the . original EE State. Cosie Cook and Bettye Freeman were chosen as attendants. Beauty and brains- members . The "Marshall Plan Junior" is being Beta Lambda has both-to prove it we find launched by our Phi Phi chapter. Clothing they were presented the Sorority Scholarship will be collected for 114 children . A dance, Cup at the Panhellenic Dinner. Beta Kappa's were entertained royally at a store collection centers and door to door visits

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 33 no 2 jan 1948  

Asa phoenix vol 33 no 2 jan 1948