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usual Open House. Everyone made it a point to stop at the Alpha Sig house to see the winning decorations. Founder's Day was extra special too, as it probably was for all Alpha Sigmas. The Nu Nu girls from Drexel came to our house at 1938 N. Park Avenue. After our ceremonies, we had an old-fashioned sing. W e exchanged some of our songs so that we both could learn the new ones. If you ever have a problem about what to serve fo r refreshments, just ask the nearest Home Ec. That's what we did and the result was cookies and Russian Tea. It was really very good! Do you realize that Temple University has never had a woman for President of Student Commission until this year? And that La Wolf, a Kappa Kappa is that first woman? She's doing a swell job in her office. We're mighty proud of La and we know you are too. Just like you other Alpha Sigs, we're all out for victory. Our latest project is selling war bonds and stamps at the University Bond Booth. The goal is set at $1,500 fo r Alpha Sig and we hope to go over the top. It's a Kappa Kappa custom to have annually a formal Christmas party. This year we're going to keep up the tradition by having a gala affair on December 17th. However, because of the shortage of men and since there are so many servicemen stationed in Philadelphia who would enjoy entertainment, we're going to invite them-tell you about it in the next letter. We're also going caroling for Christmas. I only wish we could serenade all Alpha Sigs. But you'll be in our hearts in every carol that we sing. A Happy and Successful New Year. May it bring the victory that we all hope for! NORMA AD NEE.

NU NU Drexel Institute of Technology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Another Christmas rolls around-another year has just about "passed out" and here we are again, on the threshold of vacation and promises of many good times. And how much happier is this Yuletide than last year's. We're on the road to Victory, and although it's a long way to the end, still, there is one ana we can all see it at last. After that injection of a more solemn note into the proceedings let's stop and dwell in retrospect. Much has been going on this fall among the Nu Nu's of Drexel. Perhaps I'd better bring you all up to date on our marriage book. The person that does the "accounting" on this set of books has certainly been kept busy of late. Lee Robinson, our former treasurer and a member of "Who's Who," is being married to Herbert Beatty, on Wednesday, D ecember 15th in Drexel Hill. As many of us as are able w ill sneak out between finals, and see the g rand affa ir. With her red hai r, Lee should be a gorgeous bride. Also Grace W illi s, our grand prexy of last year, has ju t annou nced her engageme nt to Johnny Rumpf

-much to the pleasure (not surprise) of everyone. Our social activities have included our favorite annual Harvest Moon dance, which was simply super and well attended-and a Founder's Day meeting with the Kappa Kappas at Temple. The latter festive meeting consisted of a combined service which was very impressive-plus refreshments served to us by our gracious Kappa sisters. A grand time was had by us all, believe me. For Thanksgiving, we Drexel Alphas packed up a scrumptuous basket (canned goods, potatoes, and a big roasting chicken), and gave it "to a needy family. The chairman of the gr~up reported that the recipients were well satisfied and grateful. I guess that that just about covers our nuptial , social, and philanthropic affairs of this fall term of '43 路 Naturally, I must dwell on rushing for a paragraph or so because our "open season" doesn't commence until the new year we are probably one of the few chapters left with this important event to go through. Our past few meetings have consisted mainly of discussions concerning desirable freshman, and talk of the party we're going to give them. This year we have had to cut out our formal dance because of many circumstances with which you are all familiar -and so our informal party is to be doubly important. It really sounds wonderful from all reports-a Gay Nineties affair with all the trimmings. However, I musn't let the cat too far out of the proverbial bag, because he might jump out and then I wouldn't have any excuse to give you a blow by blow account of the proceedings at our February get-to-gether. Oh no!! Well, we've come to the end-of our article, yesand by the looks of the empty calendar on my desk, of another year. But right now, let it be said that I, for one, am thankful for the memory of 1943, and rarin' to go on '44路 A Very Happy New Year to you allBETSEY TROTTER.

XI XI University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

Hello there, Alpha Sigs: Xi Xi chapter got off to a late start this semester but is fast making up for lost time. We held a wonderfu) Founder's Day Celebration at the Lighted Tree Inn at which our Alumn;拢 Association turned out in mass! It certainly was grand meeting all of the alums, and they had ever so many suggestions for us. We were also very pleased to have Mrs. Clinton Berry, National Regi strar, as our honored guest of the evening. W e enjoyed meeting Mrs. Berry immensely. At present, we're busily planning a bang-up Christmas party to be held with our Alums. It's going to be lots of fun exchanging g tfts (nothing over fifty cents) , singing carol s, and eating lots of Christmas goodies. This will be our last get-together befo re our Christmas vacation, which, though painfully short, is enthusiasticall y anticipated by everyone.

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Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944  

Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944