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In November, the annual Founder' Day dinner was given for us by the alumna:. It was served buffet tyle, and becau e of the informality, everyone became better acquainted. After an interesting program by the alumna: memebrs, the pledges helped in cleaning up the kitchen, which is befitting good little pledges, eh, girls? The actives were very plea ed with a party given by the pledges in their honor. The pledges had complete charge of this affair; they decorated the gymnasium in true rustic style, and requested their guests to come in print dresses and anklets. Games and music all conformed to the setting, and the girls and their escorts had a jolly time. omething new has been added to the activities of Eta Eta chapter. Last week, they had charge of an assembly program, sponsored by the Student Council. Musical and dance numbers predominated, and the students seemed appreciative. As this year comes to a close, may I wish all my sisters in A .S.A. a happy holiday season . May 1944 bring all of you much happiness and bring the Alphas . great honor and many new sisters. PAT BARKELL.

The editor's heart was gladdened by this note which came to her from an Eta Eta alumnae. Thank you Alice Montgomery Pettit for your tribute and your loyalty. Dear Mrs. Leib: The November issue of THE PHOENIX arrived today and right after lunch I sat do~n to read. it through. For almost an hour I li ved w1t~ Al~ha S1gs again and have just dropped the mag~zme mto the rack wishing that there had been a b1t more news to enjoy. With that thought in mind, I ca~e into the study to do a little correspondence when It suddenly occurred to me that it has been alm~st twenty years since I have had any close contact w1th Alpha Sigs at all and my only touch has been the magazme; so what a wonderful publication it must be to create and maintain such a feeling of interest as it does within me. That is why I am being presuming in wntmg this note to you. It is a note of sincere thanks and appreciation for your part in keeping alive those lovely days I was a part of Alpha Sigs at Pittsburg, Kansas. I am also trying to tell you how much I enjoy the Alumna: news; ;for while I do not li v~ ~~r from Kansas City, local duties and other resp?ns1b1ltties have prevented me making any contact wtth that group at all. Many of my former school fri~n?s ~re a part of the Kansas City Alumna: bo~y and 1t 1s ltke getting a letter from home to read the1r news. You do not know me and we may never meet but . I do have a special feeling in my heart for yo~ because of the joy that THE PHOENIX of Alpha S1gm1 Alpha brings to me. . Thank you for taking the time to read th1s note. Very sincerely, (Signed) MRs. AucE MoNTGOMERY PETITT.

THETA THETA College of Education, Boston Univer ity, Bo ton, Ma achu etts

Hello Alpha Sigs: Rushing, pledging and tnttlatton have been the main activities of our chapter this past month. The result, seven brand new members who are outstanding leaders in the college. Doris Bartone is President of the Sophomore class; Anne Nardone is Vice-Presdent of the same class and active in Eta Delt, Glee Club and Newmon Club; Katherine Gott is Treasurer of the English Club while Mary Mae Farland !s Secretary of the Junior class. Helene Schnerbush IS one of the founders of the Secondary Ed. Club and Anne Galagher and Eunice Hurd are active in the dubs and activities around school. The pledging was held at the school in our meeting room and was followed by a banquet at a !~cal French dining spot. What fun we all had eatmg the delicious French cooking, singing, our songs and toasting our new pledges! Initiation was formal and took place in the Council Room of the Women's Building on Commonwealth Ave. Many of ?ur alumna:: helped us make the ceremony ~ery. ~m足 pressive. Dinner was then served in the mam dmmg room followed by brief remarks from the alumna: and new members. Our guest speaker, Mrs. Grant Homsey, gave us an inspiring talk on o.ur place in .education and society. Our sponsor, M1ss Ethel K1mbell, officially welcomed the new members and the program and evening ended with the singing of college and sorority songs. . Next Friday, December 17, we are havmg our Christmas party, and its the new members. turn . to entertain us. It ought to be a party sparkltng wtth new ideas and fun from all the hurried shopping, hoarse whispers and all such mysterious goings on behind our backs. Vacation exams and a new semester are ahead and until the next issue-here's hoping good times yours in A.S.A., for you all. BARBARA GEORGE.

KAPPA KAPPA Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear Alpha Sigs: . Diamond rings are Bashing around agam . . This time on the hands of Grace Williams, who 1s engaged to John Walti, and Millie Longacre, who is engaged to William Hunsinger. Here's to your happiness, girls! . Temple University's annual homeco~mg was an extra special event for Kappa Kappa th1s yea:. We started the week-end off with a bang by wmmng the house decorations contest. Then we all ruined our voices in a vain attempt to bring our team to victory against our long-time rival, Villanova-well, it was a moral victory anyway . After th_e gam~ we had luscious chicken a Ia king at our Alumm Banquet. Loads of our alums were there, and it was just swell seeing them again. Later in the evening we had our

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Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944  

Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944