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tlrawing board on the floor o as to allow more freedom of stroke. It was with interest that we observed Letha's handling her many brushes, mixing her colors and applying them in various ways so as to obtain the difierent eff cts in her painting. With her skill, Letha produced for us a "miniature masterpiec ." We are all grateful for an unique experience, and envy the luck of our guest in holding the number drawn when Letha generously contributed her picture. A group of Alpha Sigs, mothers and friends of the sorority are sewing and mending for Servicemen at Fort Harrison each Thursday. A fine report of the work they are doing was given at our November meeting. We were happy to have as a guest at our last meeting, Carmine Alvey, an Alpha Sig from the Muncie Chapter. She is a nurse at the City Hospital while her husband is in medical school here in Indianapolis. Genevieve Leib, National Editor, was reappointed 路 Publicity Chairman for the Professional Panhellenic Association at their biennial meeting at the Palmer House in Chicago. A few notes of interest about some of our girls whom we have not seen for a long time: Frances (Bone) Kimble, formerly of Springfield, Illinois, and husband, Major John Kimble, have been transferred from Soap Lake, Washington, to Victoria, Kansas. Fran is living in Russell, Kansas, which is 15 miles east of the base. Gwendolyn (Sheering) Strahl and husband, Captain Lee Strahi, are living at 826 West Mulberry Street, Springfield, Ohio. Captain Strahl has charge of the Government Publicity at the Dayton Air Field in Dayton, Ohio. Edith (Spangler) Shrader, husband Weiman and young daughter, Dotty Jane are living in Tarrytown, New York. We have seen a snapshot of Dotty Jane and she is surely a precious c3ild. Wilman is an instructor of Aeronautical Sciences and is located at Rockefeller Center, New York City. Helen (Kemmer) Speer, husband Donald and daughters, Linda and Susan, have arrived from Hartford, Conn., for a visit with Helen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kemmer, North Seventh Street, Lafayette, Indiana. Don is being transferred from Hartford, Conn., to {:hicago, Ill., and he and his family will go there next month for residence. Don is working for the Foote Gear Company there. We offer our sympathy to Dorothea and Ralph Maggart in the passing of their son, . Ralph Jr., November 5路 The Mothers of Alpha Sigma Alpha will entertain the Alumnae group at a Christmas dinner, Thursday evening, December 30, at the home of Margaret Schofield. We are all anticipating a wonderful time. IRENE SHAFFER MASON.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA To plan the social events of the coming year the first meeting of Xi Xi alumna: chapter was held at the home of Evelyn Burnell at 9132 Beverly Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Katharine Hunsicker, Ethel Tobin, Lillian Bradley, Alpha de Camp, and Louise Hindes were present. Each member brought a used woolen article as a war donation. You can be sure the girls have concocted some interesting activities for Xi Xi this year. Everyone was especially delighted to hear about Alpha de Camps's adventures this summershe journeyed to Florida and to other distant states. We regret we cannot tell you in this issue about The annual Founders' Day banquet that Xi Xi alumna: and college members are holding just next Monday night at the Lighted Tree Inn in Hollywood. It is good news, however, that fourteen active members and twenty-two alumna: will be present, and that Betty Fellows Abrams, who has been far away in Honolulu for these many years, has flown avross the Pacific to Los Angeles and will be among us for that occasion. As a matter of fact, your correspondent can hardly wait to see all her old friends of college days again and gather news for you of them for the next issue. CAROLYN


MARYVILLE, MISSOURI On October 12 we met at the home of Mrs. Albert Kuchs with Mrs. H. X. Thomas and Mrs. Harold Hull as assisting hostesses. Mary Frances Phares was appointed treasurer to fill the unexpired term of Ludmilla Weir, who has moved from Maryville. Mrs. F. M. Townsend gave a report on the Needlework Guild and the chapter voted to again furnish garments for the nursery school children. Winifred Christie announced the program for the year. We were pleasantly surprised when the pledges called during the evening. Ellen Graham and Betty Townsend, who were representatives of the under-graduate chapter, gave a report. Bridge and other games were played. The serving table was atractively decorated with pumpkins, autumn leaves, and orange tapers. Miss Inez Lewis, sponsor of the chapter, poured. We had our Founder's Day Dinner at 路 the Dream Kitchen on November 17th. The actives and pledges were our guests. Those on the committee were Gertude Tindall, R. Dell Dinsdale, Mrs. Clun Price, Mary Kurtz and Harriet Ray. The table was decorated in sorority colors. The program was presented by the actives with Irene Heideman as toastmistress: Founder's Day Proclamation ... . .. Phyllis Jean Price History of Phi Phi Chapter . . . Marjorie Holmberg Music (quartet) Betty Jo Montgomery, Shirley Anderson, Emma Ruth Kendall, Margaret Baker. National History ........... .. ... .. ... Mrs. Kuchs Founder's Message . . . . . . . .. ... ........ Sue Moore Prayer ......... . ... . .... . . . .. . ... . .. Jean Stewart

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Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944  

Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944