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Ann Randolph to Merrill Brubaker on June 24, I939·

Mary Gazlay to Raymond W. Carden, July I, I939· Alice Weinheimer to Charles Filbrick, August I2, 1939· Margaret Urban to David John Schroder, July 15, I939· Harriett MacMillan to George Smith, August I2, 1939· Betty Terharr to Edward Langan, September I3, I937·



Julia Louise Derr to Burnice Jones, August 2, I939· ALPHA ALPHA

Beatrice Irene Altenburg to George M. Henne, Jr., January 4, I937· Virginia Clark Kinney to Donald J. Donlin, August s, I939· BETA BETA Grace E. Mabiet to Frank D. Martin, July 7, I938. GAMMA GAMMA Belle Jane Rackley to Fay C. Martin, May 30, I939· ZETA ZETA Martha May Marquis to Clarence E. Purdy on July 24,I939· ETA ETA Margaret Harmon to Horace B. Van Campen, October 9, I939· Janus Broome to Robert Rue on May 28, I939· Pauline Brown to William McCartney, July 6, I939· Dorothy June Eyman to Stanley Hlasta, August II, I939· IOTA IOTA Lillian C. Hethershaw to Charles H. Darnell, November 7, I938. Lucile M. Williams to Charles W . Urfur, June I, I939·

Mattie McCorckle to Edgar Kelly Lette, July I6, I939· Virginia Shewey to Frank Flanagan, November, I938. TAU TAU Lorraine Carper to John Gibson, July 29, 1939. Margaret Oshant to Clarence Isabel, March 30, 1939. UPSILON UPSILON Helen Klag to Olen Milton Osmun, June I8, I939· PHI PHI Ludmilla Vavra to Benjamin F. Weir, October 7, I939·

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS ALPHA ALPHA To Mr. and Mrs. Fred A . Weymouth (Wilma Fistner), a son, Thomas Frederick, September 21, I939· ALPHA GAMMA To Mr. and Mrs. George M. Henne, Jr. (Beatrice Irene Altenburg), a daughter, Jeannette Kraffert, December I], 1938. To Mr. and Mrs. William W. Kittelberger (Phyllis Glasgow), a son, John Stephen, March I4, I939· GAMMA GAMMA

KAPPA KAPPA Thelma Stortz to Dr. Charles M. Moyer, September 2• I939· NU NU Beatrice Coffman to Russell Ellis Cramer, Jr., October I5, I938. Jean McClelland Richmond to Richard John Kalday, Jr., September 26, 1939. OMICRON OMICRON Emmaline Schlott to M. Dean Calhoun, June 24, I939· Berdein Schumacher to Paul H. Holsing, August 12, I939·

To Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Trenary (Sue Edwards), a son Ralph Trenary, Jr., March 28, I939· To Mr. and Mrs. Max Dunning (Lenore Belknap), a daughter, Julianne, August 23, I939· To Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mann (Joyce Ferguson), a son, Phillip Lee, September 24, I939· To Mr. and Mrs. Joel F. Cox (Selma Harzman), a son, Terry Joe, on August I4, I939· To Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Carder (Virginia Lamb), a daughter, Sharon Virginia, September 7, I939· IOTA IOTA To Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Stevens (Bernice Samuelson), a son, Philip Eugene, May 25, 1939.

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Asa phoenix vol 26 no 1 nov 1939  

Asa phoenix vol 26 no 1 nov 1939