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News Letters-Alumnae Chapters ALVA, OKLAHOMA Hello, Everybody! Here's to a grand new year fo r We really appreCiated the news letter from Philadelphia Alumn;.e Chapter and we wish to congratulate them on their clever cover design. This is such a busy time for us! We are preparing for our annual homecoming and District Teachers' Convention on our Northwestern State College Campus. We are so proud of the fact that the new girls' ,dormitor~ has been named for Alpha Sigma Alphas own M1ss Shockley and the boy's new dormitory has been named Vinson Hall in honor of Prof. A. G. Vinson who is the father of an Alpha Sigma Alpha ~lu~na, Jennie Vinson Fisk. These two lovely new bUJld,.ngs are to be formally dedicated during our Homecommg and N. 0. E. A. Convention. Of the four members of the central committee for this Homecoming event which features a five-mile parade of gala floats, and bands from schools over all Northwestern Oklahoma and from several schools in Southwestern Kansas, three members are Gamma Gamma Alumn;.e. Those three are Alma Lois Rodgers, chairman of the Girl Scout Committee of fourteen members; Pauline Haworth, chairman of the committee in charge of the Pet and Doll Section; and Essie Nail, chairman of the Homecoming Ball Committee. As a special feature of all this celebration, Gamma Ga~ ma is giving a tea at the home of Amata Camp Pansh for all our girls out in the teaching field who are coming to our Alma Mater for this big celebration. We are so happy that Gamma Gamma Actives have twenty grand new pledges. Gamma Gamma Alumn<.e entertained her Seniors in May at the home of Mrs. J. Philip Rudy with Lucille Moore Kramp as co-hostess. The evening was spent playing Rook with the high score going to Miss Shockley. Officers for the ensuing year were elected. A gift was presented to Sue Edwards in honor of her son Ralph, Jr. A vase of carnations was presented each of the following seniors: Jadeena Leeper Brown, Wilma Greer, Ethel Green, Maxine Brown, Marie Fulmer, and lola Ricks. During the summer session our Alumn;.e and Actives met together for the regular Sorority gatherings. Our first meeting was with Alma Lois Rodgers with Ada Lane, Edith Johnston, Miss Minnie Shockley, Luella Harzman, Edna Donley and Electa Lee Montgomery acting as co-hostesses. The evening was spent playing contack. The second meeting was held on the law n of Lorinda Lane's home with the following co-hostesses: Naomi Paris, Eva Wood, Erl Lene Cline, Bobby Copas, Ethel Green, Bertha Alice Green, Wilma ~lpha Sigma Alpha, everywhere!

Greer, Eu la Callison and Emogene Cox. Nineteen members were present. The group went to Hatfield Park for the fina l meeting of the summer fo r a picnic. Those acting as hostesses were Mabel C hew, Jennie Kinney, Vevian Reed, Florence Rudy, Maxine Brown, E lea nor Abernathy, Stella Lansdowne, Katherine Quinton, Clara Wllhams, Vada Paris and Catherine Wiebener. In September, the Alumn;.e viewed Colorado from an Alva parlor. This trip was made via progressive games wh1ch took them to Colorado Springs to play dominoes, to Manitou where they played contack, to Estes Park for Rook, and to Grand Lake for Chinese Chex. Tallies were hand painted Colorado Scenes and the prize for high score was won by Dr. Racine Spicer, a painting of Colorado sce nery. A lovely luncheon reminiscent of Colorado's cool summers was served by the hostesses, Edna Donley, Eula Callison and Essie Nall in Edna's home. The business meeting was certainly all inclusive under the able direction of our president, Alma Lois Rodgers. Plans were made for the actives of Rush Week, Bid House, District Teachers' Convention, Homecoming and Founders' Day in a minimum of time, not to mention voting to petition N. P. C. and to make Gamma Gamma Actives a gift of ten dollars to help their treasury. The hostesses for the year were assigned their times to entertain. Essie Nail's husband who was critically injured April 1, was taken in death several weeks later. We extend our sympathy to Essie. Edith Johnston has been elected as President of the Auxiliary of the American Legion at Capron, Okla. homa, for this year. Dorothy Harzma n is the new president of the Junior Auxiliary at Alva. Mary Trueax d'Atley, president of Tonkawa A. A. U. W., was chairman of the Regional A. A. U. W . Institute. We are so happy to welcome Rosa Lee Montgomery, recently of Oklahoma City, back to Alva Alumn;.e Association as one of the sponsors. She is the new Y. W. C. A. sponsor, in the College chapter. We are very fortunate to have Mrs. M. L. Provost as a new patroness. She is a li ve-wi re, an untmng worker and she is sure she will love all Gamma Gammas as her girls.

How Gamma Gamma Alumnae Spent Their Vacation Edna Donley, Minnie Wesley Clark and Glenda Harvey Bracket attended sc hool at Boulder, Colorado. Luella and Dorothy Harzman toured the West, visiting Edna, Minnie and Glenda at Boulder, attending Golden Gate Exposition, visiting Olive Anderson at San Francisco, seeing our lone Clarke Cass and

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Asa phoenix vol 26 no 1 nov 1939  

Asa phoenix vol 26 no 1 nov 1939