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an all university year book. Helen Porter is the editor and representative from our department. Louise is on the write-up committee. Many of the girls went home for over the holidays and after exams. Mabel Tukey spent one of the week-ends of the excursion up in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. She reports a wonderful time and . winter sports were grand. You'd better go to New Hampshire girls and enjoy the winter. (You can see I'm from New Hampshire.) We are pledging three new girls this semester. We are so glad to welcome them. Frances Clark from Bangor, Maine; Helen Sturges from Danbury, Connecticut, and Alma Bowles from Springfield, Massachusetts are our welcome sisters. The sororities of the School of Education combined with the School of Educatiol) and had a dance just before vacation in the new Hotel Manger. The dance was a financial as well as social success. Doris Atwood 路represented Theta Theta on the committee. 路 The spring informal will be held some time the first of March in the Co-operative house at 328 Bay State Road. The Committee is composed of Winona Prouty (chairman) , Elizabeth Barnes, Mabel Prie stman, and Louise Musgrove. We have just heard that Ruth Wriston has announced her engagement. She has a lovely ring. Upon admiring the ring this morning Ruth said, "Well he's just as nice, well even nicer. He's just a peach." Just as soon as we find out the particulars we'll let you know. We are so glad to welcome back our alumni. Thus far Ida Mary Swan, Vivian Bean, Lois Butterfield, Grace路 Harris, and Marie Cornforth have been back for some time although some of them came for only a little while. Lois has spent her week's vacation with us. Miss Bragg, a popular and loved teacher at our School of Education has been named and has accepted the position of faculty advisor. We just know she'll enjoy Alpha Sigma with us and we bid her welcome! Miss Lancaster, we are also glad that you are to be near us for awhile and do hope that you will drop in on us more often! Once a month the students of the School of Education have charge of the assembly. As an interest and aid Alpha Sigma Alpha wanted to help the school in some way so they are to have charge of the assembly for March. The program will be given in the next PHoENIX.

IOTA IOTA CHAPTER Our semester examinations are passed and our worries are over consequently we have started on our second semester with a clear mind and a desire to make our ideals and standards still higher. Our social activities have been numerous and interesting to give variation to our programs. February 6, the eleven members of the pledge chapter honored th~ actives with a Valentine dance at Marie Flannigans studio. During

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Asa phoenix vol 17 no 3 mar 1931  

Asa phoenix vol 17 no 3 mar 1931