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DES MOINES CITY ASSOCIATION Last Saturday at our meeting we filled out the slips found in the front of the January PHoENIX and I am sending you the typed copy from these for those present. We were all a little in doubt as to the meaning of the date requested. We filled them out to indicate year of initiation. Aside from our regular meetings with business, fellowship and book reviews, we plan as a group to do something worthwhile each year. For several years we have held a Guest Day with some good speaker either from our own city or away. One year we emphasized science, another art, etc. Last year our speaker was our city librarian, a very fine man and a splendid speaker. We always plan very lovely refreshments and try to make it a memorable event all the way round. Each person may invite two or more guests and then invitations are extended from the group to others. We always mail printed invitations for these affairs and our average attendance is about one hundred, among this number prominent persons in our city, teachers from the public schools and members from the faculty at Drake. After much discussion at the December meeting we decided to postpone the Guest Day as announced in the yearbook and to sponsor instead a tea to which all Alumna: members of A. E. S. sororities in the city were to be invited. This we did on January 31. Previous to this tea, the presidents and one representative from each of the organized associations met and made a draft of a constitution for an alumna: panhellenic. association of educational sororities here in Des Moines. About thirty-five attended the tea which was given in the Lounge at Drake University. Everyone pres~nt seemed to be strongly in favor of forming such an organization. For our Valentine celebration this year, the Alumna: and actives joined in a potluck spread at the house Monday evening, February 9路 We are very proud of our active chapter. There are a number of good reasons why but one of them is for their excellent credit rating. We understand that the grocer who serves most of the fraternity and sorority houses on the campus rates Alpha Sigma Alpha at the very top of his list.

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Asa phoenix vol 17 no 3 mar 1931  

Asa phoenix vol 17 no 3 mar 1931