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Our returning members are: l\Iary Breckinridrre, Emma Carter, Ruth Day, Fern Fender, Esther McConnell, Naomi Mayers, F lorence Oakes, A lma Richardson, Kathryn Stewart, Mari on \iVei rman, Geneva \i\Thicker. EARLY NEWS FLASHES

On October seventh all the girls and some guests attended a line party to see "The Limited Mail ," given und er the auspices of the Boosters Club. Then on October ninth we all met at the sorority house and went in a g roup to the football game. \ i\Te took many girls with us as our guests, and had a very pleasant time. Of course, Teachers College Bears won and we all agree the game was a dandy, but if yelling helped win, the lpha Sigs certainly did their part. The game was played with Brigham Young U niversity of U tah on the new athletic field about two blocks east of the college. vVhat coul d have been more of a surprise than to see three of our members of last year back for the game? It seems that Barbara Oxley, Betty Sandburg, and E li zabeth \i\Th ite coul d not miss out on the opportunity of seeing the football game, and again discussing with the gi rl s the good times they have had at college. O n Sund ay, October tent h, we held initi ation servi ce for Mrs. Lester Opp, our new faculty adv ise r. Service were held at the chapter house. Afte r the initiation Mrs. Opp conducted the consec ration service. OUR ALUMNAE

Ruth Carr is teaching primary in New l\Iexico . Lois Greer teaches mathematics in l\Iississippi. Esther Palmer is working in the Palmer School of \ Vriting at Ch icago, Ill. OUR PLEDGES

On Thur day evening, October twenty-first, twelve o路irl s pledged themselves to uphold the standards of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Nadine Giffee, Hotchkiss, Colo; Lois Smith, Denver, Colo; l\Iargaret Zeger, Loveland, Colo; M ildred Romans, Loveland, Colo; l\Iartha Opp, Montana; Katherine Schlosser, Greeley, Colo.; Jean Ieeth. D urango, Colo.; Juliet Gilmore, Durango, Colo.; Rose Lam me!, tt-atton, Nebraska; ::-Iarie Lew is, Gering. Neb raska ; Dorothy Powell , Denve r, Colo., Lillian Soydall, Denver, Colo.

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Asa phoenix vol 12 no 2 jan 1927  

Asa phoenix vol 12 no 2 jan 1927