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Busy! The quarter system here at Columbus truly keeps us busy, especially when both college and sorority examinations come so closely together. It seems as though we jump from one set of finals to the other. For Alpha Sigma Alpha the month of February was quite uneventful. Monday, February eighth, began a week of probation for two of our pledges. They were quite obedient pledges and certainly earned their pins. This was followed by our initiation held at twelve noon on Sunday, February fourteenth. Ilee Cornell and Thelma Hutchfield, both of Columbus were the initiates. Following the ceremony, we had a lovely dinner honoring St. Valentine and our new active members . Saturday, February twenty-seventh, the Ohio State coeds gave their annual prom or Mardi Gras. This year every sorority was asked to elect a queen from its group, and the organization selling the most tickets for the prom, would have its queen presiding. Lambda Lambda elected Luciie Walter, our president, as queen. Then we worked hard, and sold many tickets. No, our Lucile did not become queen, but we were third in place, and had our girl chosen as one of the queen's court. Ohio State has continued to play fine games of basket ball. We even won from Michigan. The games proved close but very exciting. March second ushered in another rushing season for Lambda Lambda. Our parties consisted of a sailor-ship affair, a poverty party, and a rose tea. For the ship party all were costumed in middies or sailor suits topped by "gob" hats. We sang rollicking songs, danced a sailor's hornpipe, told old sea yarns, and played old sea games. Lunch was a compostion of sails, logs, and brine. The poverty party proved nothing original, the girls were cleverly made up and the success was due to the informal air which made each one a friend. The rose tea was so pretty! The girls were dressed in rose dresses, the lights were rose, the cakes and ice cream blended, and each girl received a tea rose. As a result of these parties, we pledged four more girls : Neva Ketchum, Pauline Reed, Dolores Wise, and Margaret Shelby. Bernice Linicome is again with us, but Margery Rutledge and Gladys Glenn did not return this quarter. On the campus-the Intramural Festival was held. It is truly

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Asa phoenix vol 11 no 4 may 1926  

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 4 may 1926