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Mrs. Smaltz poured. Olive Worth and Leonie Lindsley, both attired as young colonial girls met the guests at the door and ushered them into the room. Our decorations were red and white. With the tea we served old-fashioned mints and cakes. The napkins were replicas of samplers. A delightful program was given by members of the faculty,-a vocal duet by Miss Smith and Mrs. Kirby accompanied by Miss Bennet. The dialogue between Sir Peter and Lady Teazle as given by Miss Walters. Over fortyfive members attended the tea. We were highly honored during the last week in February by two visitors, Miss Christina Little of Theta Theta chapter and Miss Carlotta Corpron of Mu Mu chapter. On Friday evening we gave a model business meeting, after which we had an informal fudge party. During the meeting Carlotta brought us greetings from Mu Mu, and Christina spoke about election of officers and Convention. Since her talk we are all longing to go to convention. On Saturday afternoon we held our initiation service in the Reading Room of the Dormitories. The service as路 usual was simple and beautiful. Our new members are: Olive Wirth, Ruth Huppman Frances Shirley

Christine K li ne Evelyn Kratz Regina Nichols

At six o'clock we journeyed to the College Club, where we were served with an initiation supper. In the center of each table we placed a bouquet of red and white carnations which the initiates later took home. Our president acted as toast mistress and called upon the following people to speak: Miss Little, who brought a message from our beloved president, Mrs. Martin ; Miss Corpron, who brought greetings from Mu Mu chapter; Mrs. Doyle, who welcomed our new girls; Mrs. Beury and Mrs. Smaltz who spoke on their regards for Alpha Sigma Alpha, and last Frances Shirley, who addressed the chapter on behalf of the initiates. After the toasts we sang our songs until time for departure. We were sorry that the next day meant parting with Carlotta and Christina, but we are looking forward to seeing both many more times before the end of the year. Ruth N ailm-.

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Asa phoenix vol 11 no 4 may 1926  

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 4 may 1926