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Theta Theta extends its condolences to Ruth Belknap upon the death of her mother in February. Theta T heta is glad to announce a new member of this letter. Elizabeth L. Curtis of Derby, Vermont, was given the pledge pin on March twenty-fifty, and was initiated on April fifth. Our service, held at Mrs. Martin 's home, seemed unusually pretty this time. We were fortunate to have the service just at the time of the house party at Mrs. Martin's, and were consequently honored by the presence of Mary Wagner, president of Kappa Kappa chapter, Charlotta Corpron of Mu Mu chapter; Esther Berkshre of Delta Delta chapter, now of Washington, D. C., and Carol Pierce of Gamma Gamma chapter. Gladys B. Ra'y.

KAPPA KAPPA CHAPTER Here and There. We gi rl s of Kappa Kappa are very proud to own E lizabeth Eby as a sister. E li zabeth is famous for her readings and mimicing. On Friday evening, February twelfth she came back to give an entertainment for the sorority and its friends. The proceeds amounted to thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents . The program consisting of Irish, Italian, Negro and other dialect monologues, short-story readings and songs, was delightful , and many critics said it was the best of its nature ever given at Temple. The next day, Saturday, February thirteenth, we held the Phoenix P ledge Service in the Mus ic Room of Conwell Hal l. Six girls took the sacred vow. After the service we returned to the dormitories where a party was given in honor of St. Valentine by Mary Wagner and Ruth Nailor . Mary read to us the beautiful story of St. Valentine. A large part of the afternoon was spent in playing bridge, but we might as well have called the game, a game of hearts, for everybody was bidding high on that suit. Hearts it was, though, in candies and cakes. On February twenty-second we gave a Martha Washington tea in honor of the women members of the faculty. It was held in the Recreation Room of the Dormitories. The idea carried out was colonial in spirit. Mrs. Smaltz was dressed as Martha Washington, Mrs. Beury as Nellie Custis, Miss Peabody as George \i\Tashington, and Mrs. Doyle as a colonial lady. Mrs. Beury and

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Asa phoenix vol 11 no 4 may 1926  

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 4 may 1926