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The arithmetical progression still works, and after each play discussions and comparisons can be heard : 'Remember Sage Tea, the court adviser, and the he-harem in the play at Mrs. Watson's?" someone will ask, and, "I liked the one with Mrs. Noah and Uncle and Aunty Diluvian." We pick our subjects from all time and all space. vVe discovered Egypt a year ahead of the rest of the world for it was the setting of last year's play. Time: The reign of Pork Cheops. -Kappa Alpha Theta. A GROUP OF RULES I. il1a!?e Dignified Rushing Rules. How foolish it sounds to proclaim that no rushee can be seen twice with the same sorority girl; that no rushee can be entertained more than a certain number of times by the same sorority, etc. Such rules are petty, the product of selfishness' and narrowness, and particularly inappropriate when one realizes that they are made by college and sorority women who are supposed to have the highest aims, the highest education and the highest type of character. Trust each other, be highminded enough to believe that your rival has such force of character that she cannot resort to anything that is dishonorable or unbecoming to the wearer of a Greek-letter Symbol. II. Be Sane in Your Rushing. Don't be carried away by first appearances, by superficialities, by possible popularity. The most vigorously rushed freshman does not always prove the strongest member; the girl overlooked in a wild ru shing season may possess the very characteristics which you need in your sorority circle. III. A'l/oid Rushing the "Readyma,de" Type of Gi1rl. A chapter needs all kinds of members-the musician, the student, the comrade, the athlete; but it wishes to have a hand in th eir growth, their development; it may have no particular influence with the girl who has already achieved .. IV. 0 be)! the S pi1rit as Well as the Letter. In the keeping of this law rests the reputation of each sorority. V. Don't Knoc!? Another So1'01'ity. Not only is such a proceeding ill-bre,d and a direct breach of sorority etiquette but it defeats its purpose. If another organization is strong enough to be criticized, it is strong enough to be feared; for no one ever

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926  

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926