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The dance gave our alumnae an opportunity to meet the gi rl s of Nu Nu and almost became an acquaintance party. Our ch aperones were Mrs. Doyle and Miss Peabody. O n D ecemb er eig hteenth we were entertained by M iss Peabody. This was our Christmas party, and the Y ule Tide sp irit was ev ident on every side. 'vVe played many interesting games, after which we enjoyed refreshments in keeping with the holiday season. O ur second ru sh party -vvas a " magic party," held at the hom e of Mrs. John H. S maltz, one of our honorary members. The invitations, done on white club parchment in black India ink, showed a mag ician with rabb its, fire, etc. coming out of his hat. First we had an aucti on sale, at which we auctioned off small packages, cos ting about five or ten cents. For money our guests were given fifty mints. Each package was a surpri se. The big event of the evening was a professional mag ician whom we obtained from the E ntertainment Bureau of P hil a delphia. He gave u s a wond erf'ul ha lf h our of pleasure, performing the most amazing tricks. Following this came our so r ority songs, and then refreshm ents se rved by Mrs. Smaltz. O ur honored g uests were Mrs. Doyle, Mr. and Mrs. Beury, and Dean Ca rne!!. Rushing season ended on Janua ry twelfth. This year for the first time preferential bidding was introduced. Nine girls placed A lpha Sigma A lpha as first choice on their lists. O ur Ribb on Service was given on January nineteenth and following this an elaborate program was carried out. M r s. Doyle gave an address of welcome to the new girls . Vve wore . yellow and gold ribbons in honor of the installation of our new chapter, X i Xi, in California . T he univer sity news of th e month is full of quality if not quantity. We are pleased to announce that Cha rl es E . Beury has been elected President of Temple University. M rs. Beury is an honorary memb er of Kappa Kappa chap ter. Fo rmerl y M r. Beury was a trustee of the univers ity a nd cha irman of the finance committee whi ch is endeavo ring to ra ise an endo wment fund of three to five million dolla r s. This fund is to be called the Conwell Memorial Fund and will be used for furth ering the completion of the already started plans of Temple University. A bit of news not quite so good is th e fact that Miss Beach,

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926  

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926