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Q Jackie Brannon Stutts International President

Being there for each other

and our communities is the very essence of our Purpose and sisterhood. We are there for one another.


to me is in Tuscumbia, Alabama. It's one of the four towns that make up the Shoals area. Located in the northwest corner of the state, the Shoals Area doesn’t fall into the "official" tornado alley, but we’ve seen our fair share of devastating weather. When I first read “Immeasurable Acts of Sisterhood” (page 16), I was taken back to Wednesday, April 27, 2011. It was a day of weather in Alabama very similar to May 30, 2013, in Oklahoma. On April 27, the official count of 358 tornados was the largest outbreak in U.S. history. There was an 80-mile path of destruction through Tuscaloosa and Birmingham that made most of the news stories. My daughter was less than half a mile from where one touched down. Closer to home, there were small towns that didn’t make the publicized news stories but were completely destroyed. Our hospital was the closest to some of these areas and admitted many patients, including a small child without a name or parents. An employee in my husband’s office survived by crawling under her home and climbing out, much like Madisen, to nothing. Even today, when you drive the highways of Alabama, you’ll come to paths of wide open spaces and know that the tornados destroyed everything in that section. But, in Alabama, the rebuilding is happening. Moore, Oklahoma, will also rebuild. True acts of sisterhood came from both of these tragedies. Psi Chapter at the University of Alabama was in sight of the tornado that came through Tuscaloosa. They opened their home and fed many the first few weeks after the storm. Upsilon

2 quarterly

summer 2013

Chapter at the University of Oklahoma offered hospitality to our sisters. Being there for each other and our communities is the very essence of our Purpose and sisterhood. We are there for one another. On a completely different note, this summer has been exceptionally busy for the Fraternity. We’ve made some significant changes to the Volunteer Service Team structure to better serve our members. Read more about this on page 8. In June, over 500 Alpha Gams arrived in Indianapolis, Indiana, for The Leadership Conference (TLC). The attendees engaged in real conversations about risk management and learned how to implement the Fraternity’s updated policies. One of my favorite Fraternity events, we all left TLC ready to "Own It." There is a recap of TLC on page 6. With the arrival of August, we began the fall recruitment season. The Fraternity hit a milestone last spring by surpassing 10,000 active collegiate members for the first time. Founded 109 years ago, Alpha Gamma Delta continues to provide a meaningful and valuable experience for our members. Enjoy what’s left of the sunny, summer days. Those crisp, fall days are just around the corner! Loyally,

Jackie Brannon Stutts International President

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the INbox Dear Sisters,

Q quarterly

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of the Quarterly! We had a lot of fun hearing what advice our Facebook fans would give to their younger selves for our feature article, “Be Your Best Self.” We are also excited to share with you the installation of our newest chapter at Villanova University and all the inspiration that came out of this summer’s The Leadership Conference (TLC). For the fall issue, we’d like to feature a few sisters who have taken a leap of faith to follow their dreams, whatever they may be. Maybe you’ve gone back to school after being in the workforce for over 20 years because you’ve always wanted to become a professional chef. Or perhaps you have made a significant change in your lifestyle to become more healthy. If you think you fit the bill, send an email to! We’d love to chat with you and maybe feature you in the article! Sincerely, Jill Lewman Harter Quarterly Editor

Thank you to the sisters who sent us feedback on Facebook or Twitter. Your comments are below: Reading my latest issue of the @alphagammadelta Quarterly. Nice article on @DrGailSaltz, fellow ΑΓΔ! –Brenda Henricksen Thompson, Epsilon Rho-Texas A&M University #Quarterly came today. So proud of the ladies @AlphaGamUCO for how they are supporting a sister! #leadershipmultiplied @alphagammadelta –Anne Bratkowski Cassin, Beta XiPurdue University Drinking my coffee and reading the Quarterly, so proud to call myself an ΑΓΔ! @alphagammadelta –Emily Montone, Alpha EpsilonWestminster College @alphagammadelta I enjoyed the most recent edition. So pleased to see the debut of your online Learning Center. Way to go! –Tim Nicholson, President of Bigfish 2 quarterly

summer 2013

I loved reading the article about Kelly Walker Addington and Becca Gross Tieder and their work with sexual health, assault and awareness programs! I have brought them to several of my campuses, and my students are always impressed and engaged by their powerful stories and programs! Love to see the work of our sisters recognized by the Fraternity! –Christine Workman, Theta Xi-Clemson University Loved the stories of alumnae and the new online learning system. Impressive! –Tonja Eagan, Executive Director of The Leadership Institute-Women with Purpose, Inc. My Quarterly came yesterday. I promptly read it from cover to cover...a 42-year habit that I will never break. Kelly and Becca's courageous program is splendid. ("Contributing to the world's work" and a host of other purposeful accomplishments, for sure.) And it was interesting to read about Dr. Gail Saltz. –Nann Blaine Hilyard, Epsilon AlphaUniversity of Missouri

Submit your feedback on the Quarterly! Thank you to all sisters who submitted feedback on the last issue of the Quarterly. Remember, the Quarterly is for YOU! We want to hear what you think about your magazine! Send your comments on this issue of the Quarterly by September 15: •

By email:

By mail: Alpha Gamma Delta International Headquarters Attn: Quarterly Editor 8710 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46260

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fraternity news updates Maddy's Mission

NPC Mental Health

You may have read about “Maddy’s Mission” in the Spring 2013 Quarterly. Members of Epsilon NuUniversity of Central Oklahoma formed Maddy’s Mission in order to raise money for member Madison (Maddy) Watts, who was battling Stage IV metastatic melanoma cancer, and spread awareness about skin cancers. Alpha Gamma Delta is saddened to announce that Maddy entered Chapter Grand on May 27, 2013. You can learn more about Maddy and Maddy’s Mission by reading the Spring 2013 Quarterly or visiting the Facebook Fan Page for Maddy’s Mission.

The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) is partnering with the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization, to provide a new, comprehensive presentation kit to discuss mental health issues with sorority women. We hope you’ll check it out!

From left to right: Madison Watts and Rachael Odor

Gift of Life

Alpha Gam Takes Home First Place! Each year, the Fraternity Communications Association (FCA) presents writing, design, multimedia and general communications awards to the leading fraternity magazines, publications, websites and campaigns of FCA’s more than 50 member organizations. At the 2013 FCA Annual Conference, Alpha Gamma Delta was awarded first place in Publication Improvement-Printed Materials for the 2012 Alumnae Dues program materials.

Extension Efforts

The number of alumnae who will see their chapter revived this fall through our recolonization efforts at Delta AlphaUniversity of Southern California, Delta Epsilon-University of California, Los Angeles and Delta Eta-San Diego State University.

Did you read our Quarterly article from last fall about Alpha Pi-Wayne State University and the Gift of Life Campus Challenge? (If not, you can read it here.) Well, they did it again! Wayne State University won the challenge for the second year in a row.

In total, they registered




which have the potential to


up to

6,832 lives!

International Headquarters Initiative Have you heard about the International Headquarters Initiative? You can make your mark on Alpha Gamma Delta’s history by donating to the Initiative! Your donation will help offset renovations and furniture costs and provide final funds needed to fully furnish and equip the new headquarters building. You can contribute to the IHQ Initiative in two convenient ways: online or mail a check to 8710 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46260. (Please make checks payable to Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity and denote International Headquarters Initiative in the memo line.) Gifts to the IHQ Initiative are not tax-deductible. Learn more!


fraternity news

Welcome, Lambda Gamma Chapter! Alpha Gamma Delta is pleased to announce the installation of Lambda Gamma Chapter at Villanova University on Saturday, April 20, 2013. Lambda Gamma Chapter is the 190th installed chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta.

Being a part of the installation of the Lambda Gamma Chapter was a rewarding experience and a true example of our dynamic and purposeful sisterhood. I know that this chapter will create a legacy at Villanova University and within Alpha Gamma Delta. –Lesley Hubbard, International Vice President-Alumnae

Initiating Team: Installing Officer: Lesley Hubbard, International Vice President-Alumnae Chapters Attending Installation Weekend: • Zeta Pi-St. Joseph's University • Zeta Beta-Lehigh University • Zeta Tau-Seton Hall University Installation Banquet: Location: Villanova Conference Center Toastmistress: Adrienne Kerr Beckett, Director of Extension Special Note: Janis Lang Bartosz, Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation Secretary, announced that the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation would be giving $1,000 scholarships to two members of the chapter next fall. 4 quarterly

summer 2013

About Villanova university: Location: Villanova, Pennsylvania Enrollment: More than 10,000 Mascot: Wildcats Mission Statement: Villanova University is a Catholic Augustinian community of higher education, committed to excellence and distinction in the discovery, dissemination and application of knowledge. Villanova emphasizes and celebrates the liberal arts and sciences as foundational to all academic programs. The university community welcomes and respects members of all faiths who seek to nurture a concern for the common good and who share an enthusiasm for the challenge of responsible and productive citizenship in order to build a just and peaceful world.

Pictured, from left to right: top row Elizabeth Hardy, Melissa Schroeder, Amanda Parsley (Leadership Consultant), Erin Weaver, Amira Jibrine, first row Ashley Lamphier (Leadership Consultant), Fiona Grugan, Christine DelTufo and Lorelle Suriano.

Meet the 2013-2014

Leadership Consultants From left to right: Kaci Abolt, Aubrey Harris, Monica Scisorek, Amanda Parsley, Alex Sebens, Samantha Avanzino, Shannon O'Brien, Kristen Walker, Patty Fontanazza and Kate Devereux

Alpha Gamma Delta is excited to introduce to you the 2013-2014 Leadership Consultant Team. The Leadership Consultant Team is trained to support and challenge our chapters to Live with Purpose. What are you most excited about this upcoming year? I am excited to learn more about what our members are most excited about! Kaci Abolt Beta Iota-Eastern Illinois University I am excited to see how sisters across the country are living with Purpose and continually developing through Alpha Gamma Delta. Aubrey harris Theta Psi-Austin Peay State University I am most excited about the opportunity to meet so many amazing women, and being able to see firsthand how Alpha Gamma Delta has impacted so many lives! monica Scisorek Zeta Theta-Lafayette College The chance to meet and be inspired by a variety of women. patty Fontanazza Alpha Lambda-The Ohio State University

What does Live with Purpose mean to you? To Live with Purpose is to hold close the values we set for ourselves as women and as Alpha Gams. It’s about being your authentic self while using the lines of the Purpose as guidelines to living a life of meaning. amanda Parsley Theta Mu-University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Live with Purpose has become part of my faith. I strive to be my best self, which involves integrating the Purpose into my everyday life. alex Sebens Xi-Illinois Wesleyan University It means I do my best to be intentional, thoughtful and caring in all aspects of my life. samantha avanzino Delta Omicron-University of Nevada, Las Vegas Living with Purpose means making meaning and value in everything I do. Shannon O'Brien Delta Pi-San Francisco State University To me, it means in everyday life there is a value and purpose to what you do, no matter the task at hand, whether that be Alpha Gam related or not. kristen Walker Beta Delta-Indiana University To me, Live with Purpose means doing something each day, big or small, that celebrates womanhood. kate devereux Xi-Illinois Wesleyan University

Interested in applying for a 2014-2015 Leadership Consultant position? Applications will be available online beginning late fall 2013. Follow us on Twitter: @AlphaGamLCs Learn more about the LCs here!


fraternity news


Every two years, collegians and advisors join together at The Leadership Conference (TLC) to connect, share ideas and receive training to help them in their officer roles. This year, TLC was held in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott from June 13-15, 2013.

With the theme of “Own It,” TLC programming focused on the Fraternity’s updated risk management policies and procedures. Through real conversations about how to effectively manage and navigate risky situations and sharing tips about how to have difficult conversations, sisters were provided with the resources and knowledge to plan fun and safe events that align with Alpha Gamma Delta’s policies. TLC kicked off on Thursday evening with an inspirational video. Featuring true stories from sisters who had unfortunately been involved in risk management situations in the past year, it showcased why our chapters should be thinking about risk management differently. International President Jackie 6 quarterly

summer 2013

Brannon Stutts welcomed everyone to Indianapolis and highlighted the latest Fraternity updates. Rie Gerah Hoehner, International Vice President-Panhellenic Affairs, joined Jackie to provide attendees with some background information about the Risk Management Task Force, the pilot tests completed by several chapters and the changes made to the Collegiate Leadership Manual to reflect the updated risk management policies. International Vice President-Collegians Amber Garrison Duncan also provided attendees with some key Fraternity updates, including information about Alpha Gamma Delta's launch of the Learning Center. Director of Organizational Development Abbie Schneider wrapped up the evening with a detailed presentation about what these changes would really mean for our chapters. (A copy of Abbie’s PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded from the Idea Center of myAlphaGam under Archived Resources, TLC 2013.) Abbie also discussed two major touchstones chapters should use to make decisions

during the planning of an event. The two touchstones are: • The choices I make will inspire and impact others. • When faced with choices, members of Alpha Gamma Delta will prioritize the health and dignity of their members, their chapter and the Fraternity. “Those touchstones, those are the gut check moments,” Abbie said. “When we remember the health and dignity of our sisters, we make good decisions.” To wrap up her presentation, Abbie shared with attendees the four ways members can “own” the updated policies: • We follow the law. • We don’t provide alcohol. • We know our guests. • We choose health and dignity. Throughout the rest of the weekend, several inspirational speakers shared their perspective on our responsibility to keep each other safe. Kelly Walker Addington and Becca Gross Tieder, both members of Theta LambdaUniversity of West Florida and co-founders of

WATCH NOW Alpha Gamma Delta's YouTube channel has more footage from TLC 2013. Watch now.

TWITTER HASHTAG TO FOLLOW OneStudent, talked to TLC attendees about their experiences with sexual violence and sexual health. Throughout her presentation, “Making Greek Great,” Dr. Lori Hart, the Director of Prevention Education for Pi Kappa Psi Fraternity, kept the audience chuckling while she discussed the very real life situations our members unfortunately face. She emphasized how seeking the highest standards of friendship within each chapter could make all the difference. Breakout sessions between keynote speakers allowed attendees to delve deeper into the policies, exploring how they apply and what changes need to be made for each different collegiate chapter. This smaller group setting was the perfect opportunity for individual questions and real examples. Although focusing on a very serious topic, the dynamic speakers and real-life conversations made the event fun and informative at the same time. Drawing the conference to a close on Saturday afternoon, Jackie encouraged sisters to share what they learned at TLC with others and to truly own the values laid out in the Purpose as they look forward to another academic year. “You have the ideals, the tools. It's time to 'Own It,'” she said. For more information about Alpha Gamma Delta’s updated risk management policies, please refer to the Collegiate Leadership Manual, which can be found in the Resource Center of myAlphaGam.


Real tweets from TLC attendees. “@Chloabelle: Many, many thanks to Alpha Gam for including sexual assault education for our chapter leaders. #OwnIt13” “@AnnaTanaglia: We have to raise the bar. We are Alpha Gamma Delta. We have to shift the paradigm. #OwnIt13” "@kyra_alana: Fear of change will never result in anything. Is it really better to be mediocre rather than to fail from change? #OwnIt13" "@Emm_Perkins: Life is best when lived without fear but with awareness! #OwnIt13" "AnitaKerlin: RT @ alphagammadelta: Being empowered means that you know your values, and you can rock them out in any scenario. @onestudentorg #OwnIt13" "@alphagam316: Success is knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of being. #OwnIt13" "@kellyaddington: Dignity for your sisters is the answer to reducing risk mgt issues. Aretha said it best, r-e-s-p-e-c-t. #ownit13"



Top: @alphagamihq is hard at work preparing the TLC #OwnIt13 bags for our guests! Above: A member's photo before beginning the International Headquarters tour that took place on Thursday afternoon. For more #OwnIt13 Instagram shots, watch this video. 7

fraternity news

Volunteer Service Team


Quite simply, Alpha Gamma Delta would not be the organization we all know today if it wasn’t for the volunteers who selflessly dedicate countless hours to support the Fraternity. Volunteers are literally the backbone of our international organization.

Because volunteer time and work are

so invaluable to Alpha Gamma Delta, International Council is continually evaluating the Volunteer Service Team (VST) structure to ensure it is the most efficient it can be.

Most recently, the VST structure was revised in 2007 to bring together all local entities (a collegiate chapter, its house association and corresponding alumnae groups) into a community. Then two to four communities that were in geographic proximity were grouped into provinces. The Fraternity ended up with 40 provinces, which were then divided into 10 areas. Just like today, the province is managed by a Province Director, who is supported by an Area Coordinator. Chapters and alumnae groups are also supported by specialists in different resource areas such as finance, alumnae development, Fraternity programs, professional development and recruitment. The most notable difference of the 2007 restructuring was the elimination of separate alumnae and collegiate volunteer distinctions. The overall idea was to look at the local organizations from a holistic view, making volunteer positions less demanding and more manageable. 8 quarterly

Over the past few years, feedback summer 2013

from volunteers at all levels suggested that structuring based on geographical considerations alone was resulting in uneven support to collegiate and alumnae chapters and clubs. In most cases, Province Directors were directing two or more completely different communities with vastly different needs. In order to help VST more effectively operate in their roles and to provide better support to all Alpha Gam members, these communities are now grouped by the similarities of their associated collegiate chapters. The Carnegie Classification, a framework created by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching to help describe the attributes of colleges and universities in the United States, was used as a general guide. Chapter and Greek life similarities were also considered when grouping together chapters that are more alike in terms of a campus context. This adjustment took effect at the beginning of the 2013-2015 biennium. Moving forward, because Province Directors are managing like chapters with presumably similar needs, they will be able to share ideas and solutions among all the groups within their province. This structure allows VST members to focus their energy on fewer, more manageable tasks and

You have questions? We have answers! What is the Carnegie Classification?

provide a higher level of service. To support this new structure, some additional VST positions were added, and a few current positions underwent a job description update. These changes include: • Adding three Training Coordinators to the Chapter Development Team. • Adding four Finance SpecialistsSWATT (Sisters With Available Time and Talent), four Finance SpecialistsTraining and six Area Finance Specialists and maintaining 12 Finance Specialists to the Finance Team. • Restructuring Alumnae Development Specialists to now have areas of focus: four Alumnae Development Specialists will focus on volunteer development, five Alumnae Development Specialists will provide support to alumnae chapters and clubs, four Alumnae Development Specialists will work specifically with alumnae communities in areas where the Fraternity is starting new chapters and one Alumnae Development Specialist will focus on communications. • Breaking the original five Fraternity Programs Specialists from the Fraternity Programs Team into distinct areas: alumnae/ collegiate relationships, alumnae/ mother initiates, celebrations, communications, Junior Circles and Rosebuds/alumnae programming.

• Adding the Regional Extension and Regional New Chapter Coordinator positions and maintaining seven committee members and a New Chapter Development Specialist for each new chapter. • Changing the Member Development Team to the Professional Development Team, which will consist of six members who focus on upperclassmen development for the work force. • Adding two Directors of Recruitment. The Director of Recruitment Operations will oversee five Regional Recruitment Coordinators and 19 Recruitment Specialists. The Director of Recruitment Development will oversee 13 Recruitment Development Specialists, who will work with new chapters and existing chapters that need more one-on-one interaction. • Restructuring the Education Committee to support the Alpha, Gamma and Delta Experiences. There will be one committee chair and seven committee members. The shift in structure and ideology is meant to better serve all Fraternity members. Change is never easy, and this transition will require time and patience as VST members get settled into their new roles. But the end result is a system that allows our volunteers to provide the best support possible to our members and to work to further advance Alpha Gamma Delta.

The Carnegie Classification is a framework created by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching to help describe the attributes of colleges and universities in the United States. However, the Carnegie Classifications only address U.S. institutions. So what about our Canadian chapters? The Carnegie classifications primarily relate to institution type (public or private) and institution size. That information was looked up for each of our Canadian institutions in order to apply the same considerations when grouping chapters together. Learn more about the Carnegie Classification.

How do I figure out what province I’m in and who supports me? For collegiate chapters, you can use the Chapter/Association Search on myAlphaGam to find out what province and area you are in. Just search by your chapter and that information will appear in the results. Then you can use the Volunteer Search and see a complete list of the VST members who support your chapter by searching by your chapter name. For alumnae groups, using the Volunteer Search on myAlphaGam will provide you with a complete listing of all the VST members who support your group. Within the results, you will also be able to see which province and area you belong to.

How do I communicate with these new people? You may have heard that Alpha Gamma Delta has been shifting away from the iMail system VST members have used in the previous years and creating new email addresses for the volunteers. Before communicating with any VST members this fall, be sure to check out the Volunteer Search on myAlphaGam to confirm you have the correct email address. You can easily search by your collegiate chapter or alumnae group to get a list of all the names and email addresses for the VST members that serve you. 9


To live a healthy, long life, we have to take care of ourselves—mentally, physically and financially. Everyone has a different recipe for the makings of a successful life, but there are plenty of steps we can take together to live a good life—and be our best selves—no matter what age we are.

In your 20s... get enough calcium. Right now, your bones are as strong as they have ever been, but as you age, you slowly begin to lose bone mass. There is still time to lower your risk for osteoporosis though! Taking calcium pills can help, but if you can, including foods with high levels of calcium into your diet is the best M IL K route. Dairy products

meals for one on a tight budget can be easy with resources like Pinterest and budget-friendly cookbooks. Start with recipes you know you will like, then once you’ve got a good repertoire of “go-to” meals under your belt, venture out of your comfort zone. You never know what awesome recipe you might stumble upon! Before you know it, you’ll be a pro in your kitchen, whipping up yummy foods and saving money at the same time.

aren’t your only option; try calciumfortified orange juice or dry-roasted almonds.

Get in the SPF habit...Every day! Your skin is at risk for sun damage 365 days a year, not just when you are at the beach or pool. Even when it is cloudy out, the sun’s harmful UV rays can break through the cloud cover and burn your skin within only 15 minutes of being outside. If you are one of those lucky people who doesn’t burn very easily, it is still important for you to wear sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen helps prevent burns, but more importantly, it reduces damage to your skin, which decreases your chances of skin cancer.

Learn to cook. Before you graduated, you probably lived on whatever the meal of the day was in your college or university’s dining center, or you scraped together what you could find left in your refrigerator. But now that you are living in the “real world,” it is a good time to cut back on drive-thru meals. A recent Brown Medical School study found that people in their 20s eat 25 percent more fast food than they did as teenagers, which can lead to weight gain, high cholesterol and heart disease. Not to mention, the cost associated with eating out all the time. Cooking healthy 10 quarterly

summer 2013

SP F 30

Start getting in the habit of using a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day. Your face is the most important, since it is exposed to sunlight most every day. Many skincare companies, like Clinique and Neutrogena make oil-free sunscreens, which are perfect for routine use on your face. Consider bumping up your sunscreen to an SPF of 30 or higher if you will be soaking up the rays all day. And if you can’t be convinced to make sunscreen a daily habit, at least stay out of tanning beds. Opt for a spray tan if you crave that tanned glow. Your older self will thank you when your skin isn’t wrinkled and leathery and is skin cancer free! Join an alumnae group. Alpha Gamma Delta isn’t just for four years; it’s for a lifetime. Join an alumnae group in your area and stay connected to the Fraternity. You will make friendships and connections if you give it a shot! Use our Chapter Locator tool at to find a group in your area. Most groups have their president’s email address listed so you can reach out about their next meeting or event.

In your 30s... Get out of debt. Hopefully, after being in the working world for a few years, you are finally able to live comfortably and find yourself far removed from those days of living from paycheck to paycheck. Sit down and take a look at what remaining debt you have. Make a plan to pay it off early. It may involve cutting out your daily coffee from Starbucks or scouting out a cheaper alternative to a pricey bag you’ve been eyeing. But you’ll be forking over less cash in the long run if you make this commitment now. Be motivated by thinking about the bills you won’t have to pay every month once your debt balance is $0! That will free up money for you to save for a vacation you’ve always dreamed about or begin a nest egg for your retirement. (Which is never too early to start thinking about!) RE-evaluate your career. Are you happy with your job? Or do you dread going in every morning? It may be hard to realize you do have options. Few of us would be able to just quit our jobs without a backup plan, but it never hurts to re-evaluate your happiness with your current employment. If you find you aren’t happy, start browsing for other options. Determine if it’s your specific job that makes you unhappy or if you’d like to be doing something else entirely. If you are looking to switch things up, check out the classes your local college or university might offer. You may be able to sit in on a sociology or human resources class to get an idea if that might be the right path for you. You have many, many working years ahead of you, so don’t sell yourself short. Find something you enjoy! Don’t stop having fun. Between your career, your volunteer roles and, for many of you, your families, you are constantly on the go. Your “to do” list is a mile long and always growing, and it’s probably filled with things you’d rather not do, like grocery shopping, doing laundry or getting your oil changed. Take a break every now and again from crossing off those things you “have to do.” Make some time to just have fun. Meet up with some Alpha Gams at the new, trendy restaurant in town, or jump in the car with your family for a weekend adventure. All too often, we forget how much better of a person, an employee and a parent we can be if we take some time to do more of what we really enjoy. The “to do” list can always wait!

I am 31, and I would stress the importance of hanging out with your sisters. I tried to never miss any events, but for those I did miss, I know I missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make memories. Allison Hinson Kenney, 31 Theta Omicron–Western Carolina University

In your 40s...

Be present in each moment instead of going through the motions. Wake up each day ready to find your purpose and really experience life. At age 47, I know these things make a difference. Laurie Bostrom Kirkpatrick, 47 Epsilon Lambda–University of Central Missouri

Talk to your doctor about scheduling your first mammogram. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women of all races. Early detection is key. At your next annual visit, talk with your doctor about when you should schedule your first mammogram. Many experts debate whether screening for breast cancer should begin at age 40 or 50, but consider this: A study in Sweden of women in their 40s who had a mammogram showed a decrease in breast cancer deaths by 29 percent. Because your doctor knows your medical and family history best, he or she can provide you with the best answer for you. After your first mammogram, it is critical to stay up to date on your screenings!

Don't forget mammogram @ 10!

LEt it go. Let’s face it. We all carry some part of our past with us. And that’s perfectly fine when it’s the happy memories we are hanging on to. But stressful situations tend to stick with us, too. Have you weighed your negative baggage lately? Are you hanging on to it so tightly that you are missing out on other opportunities for true happiness? It isn’t an easy (or quick) process, but you shouldn’t let the people, the ideas, the bad habits and the unhealthy relationships from your past hold you back from experiencing life’s greatest joys. Accept your history and acknowledge there is nothing you can do to rewrite the past. It doesn't have to define you. If it's negative, it only serves as an unnecessary burden. Try focusing on the positive, speaking with a professional counselor or whatever else you think will work for you to learn to let go.


feature In your 50s... Get screened for colon cancer. If you need to be convinced, listen to this: More than 90 percent of all colon cancer cases are diagnosed in people who are 50 or older. And one more: The survival rate for colon cancer caught early is about 90 percent. Don’t put it off just because it sounds so unpleasant. There is nothing to fear about a colonoscopy (a sedative helps you relax and makes for a pain-free experience), and it can save your life. Assess your retirement income. It’s never too early to start thinking about your retirement, and in the perfect world,

you would have already solidified your plans to retire comfortably. Good for you if you’ve already got this all figured out! But if life has gotten in the way, and you’ve yet to fund your retirement income, now is the time. Take a look at your expenses in detail, and make note of how your expenses will change once you retire. That will give you an idea of the basic amount you’ll need per month to sustain your current lifestyle. Estimate when you think you’ll be able to retire and, though it’s hard to think about, what your life expectancy is. That way you’ll know how many years of retirement you need to plan for. Then assess what kind of income will be available to you once you retire. There are Social Security benefits, maybe your 401(k) or other retirement plan, IRAs, annuities and other investments you may have made. You can get an estimate of your Social Security benefits from the Social Security Administration

website at Hopefully, with these combined income sources, you’ll have enough to fund a comfortable, lengthy retirement. If not, a financial professional can help you figure out the best way to bridge the gap. Volunteer to be a Pearl Sister. A Pearl Sister is an alumna mentor to a new colony member from one of Alpha Gamma Delta’s recently colonized chapters. The great thing about being a Pearl Sister is you don’t have to live close to the colony to participate, and you can apply online! It’s a great way to get involved with the Fraternity and share your experience and wisdom with one of our newest members. Communication can be anything from chatting on Facebook or Twitter to sending her cards, emails or phone calls. This is a great opportunity to convey that an Alpha Gam sister is always close!

In your 60s... Cross something off your bucket list. Or perhaps make a bucket list, if you haven’t already. A bucket list is a compilation of all the things you want to do before you “kick the bucket,” as the saying goes. Your list doesn’t have to be full of extravagant things, and everyone’s list can be different. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take a cooking class or take your grandchildren to visit your childhood stomping grounds. Whatever falls on your list, take the time periodically to get it out and make plans to get some of those items crossed off. Get walking. Maintaining an active lifestyle becomes even more important as you get older. The benefits of exercise are abundant: it can help boost your energy, relieve stress and keep your blood pressure in check. If

you haven’t been good about continuing an exercise routine in the past, start slow and gradually increase your distance as you make progress. Not comfortable going out by yourself? Find some Alpha Gam sisters in your area (using the Sister Search tool within myAlphaGam) and see if they would At almost 60, life is ever changing! As I be interested get older, I'm taking advantage and learning in meeting up from each experience life has to offer. a few times a week to I never would have thought at 20 that I walk!

would be getting my water safety instructor license, finishing USA Swim Coach requirements and starting a Masters Swim team where I live. But I'm just embarking on one of life's many new adventures.! Cathy Goorman-De Porter, 59 Epsilon Iota–University of Northern Colorado

12 quarterly

summer 2013

In your 70s... Avoid memory decline. There are no “fool proof” ways to prevent memory loss or dementia, but memory tricks can be helpful. Just like walking keeps your heart healthy, exercising your brain keeps it in shape. Try your hand at the crossword puzzle in your local paper to give your brain a regular workout. Slow down and pay more attention when you are taking in information, so your brain can encode it for you to be able to recall later. Also, be organized. It’s easy to forget a doctor’s appointment or where you placed your keys if you don’t keep everything in a certain place. If you tend to forget things here and there, try to laugh a little. But if memory loss is making day-today tasks difficult for you or a friend, consult with a doctor. Stay (or get) involved. Social interaction is one of the best ways to put a smile on your face, which everyone knows is good for the soul! Hopefully, by this time in your life, you are able to retire comfortably from the working world. The flip side is you can start to feel lonely and bored, especially if you live alone. Find new activities and commitments to fill your day. There are always opportunities to volunteer with Alpha Gam, either through an alumnae group or a collegiate chapter. But if you are looking for less of a time commitment, reach out to the collegiate Chapter President or alumnae group President in your area to see if there are some smaller ways you can help out. Or check out what volunteer opportunities may be available within other organizations you feel passionate about. The world’s longest-living people have one particular thing in common: they have a strong sense of purpose. Find your new purpose to keep yourself healthy and happy! book a vacation. Don’t let age stop you from visiting the places you’ve always dreamed of going. Sometimes churches or certain travel agencies will offer special vacation packages tailored specially to seniors. Or check out They offer over 5,500 educational tours in all 50 states and 150 countries. People over the age of 50 are the majority of their travelers. Whether you brave it alone or grab your spouse or a sister to travel with you, you won’t have to worry about any transportation or accommodation arrangements. You will be able to just relax and enjoy your dream destination!

What makes being the age you are so awesome? "I finally feel like I have arrived! For the first time in my life I am 100% content in my own skin. I am with the perfect man for me who allows me to share my life with two beautiful stepdaughters I adore. I have the job I dreamt of as a little girl along with the house with the white picket fence. (In my case, its black, wrought iron but close enough!) Over and over this year I've found myself pausing during my day to give thanks for how blessed I am and remind myself to enjoy every minute of it." Shawna Little, 31 • Delta Nu–University of Calgary

"Being an empty-nester has given me the opportunity to rediscover me. I am more involved than ever before with things that interest me. My husband and I have gotten to know each other again, and instead of being the youngest, I am the wisest and most experienced in many of my endeavors. Lovin' life!" Carol Richards Peske, 53 • Alpha Beta–University of Michigan

"What I like about my 30s is that I have finally learned to do what I love and have the capabilities to do it. In my 20s, I realized I was doing what people expected me to do, and I didn't have the wherewithal to get on the right track. I do now—and am enjoying every second of it!" Jennifer Tonkin Dixon, 33 • Gamma Alpha–University of Georgia


collegiate news

For the Summer 2013 Quarterly, collegiate chapters were asked to share what "to develop and prize health and vigor of body" means to their chapter. Read more collegiate chapter reports on the Fraternity website.

with a nutritionist, take workout classes and even learn fun beauty tips! It was a great time for us to bond as a chapter and meet new friends within the Greek community. We are excited to continue to develop and prize health and vigor of body in next semester’s Greek Week and take first place yet again! –Taylor Culley

Epsilon Zeta–Arkansas State University

Delta Xi–Arizona State University

Here at Delta Xi Chapter, we value our healthy bodies! We hold each other accountable for eating well and exercising, and some sisters even go to the gym together. This fall, our whole chapter participated in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund Walk, raising awareness for diabetes as well as over $2,000 towards the cause. We also walked in ASU’s team for the Aids Walk, and one of our sisters is running her first half marathon this year. We are also excited to dance in ASU’s annual Dance Marathon this winter, either as dancers or just as cheerleaders. –Rebecca Schmidt

Theta Delta–University of North Georgia

We live for flag football season, hiking trips on the weekends and a good run, but intramurals and hitting the gym are far from where our concern for “health and vigor of body” ends. Most recently, we donated to Lumpkin County Middle’s KISS club, which promotes active lifestyles and leadership in the community. Our Risk Management Coordinator educates us almost weekly about risks of poor diet, too much stress and tons of other typically overlooked topics. From every angle, we strive to positively impact the health of our sisters and our community by being a living example of a healthy lifestyle. –Stephanie Wendel

Delta Rho–Sonoma State University

Over the past year, Delta Rho Chapter has used the Purpose to stay healthy and fit. Throughout the year, sisters have participated in breast cancer walks and mud runs. This has allowed many of the women in our chapter the chance to be philanthropic while staying healthy and exercising. Our chapter also participated in the Women’s Wellness Retreat put on by Sonoma State’s Panhellenic Executive Board. During this retreat, we had the chance to meet

14 quarterly

summer 2013

Epsilon Zeta Chapter thoroughly enjoys participating in our university’s intramural program as a way to stay healthy and have fun doing it. Flag football, volleyball, basketball and softball are just a few of our favorites. Many of our sisters also enjoy spending time together by going to the gym to teach each other new workout routines to keep each other in shape. During the week, it is easy to find an Alpha Gam running on the campus sidewalks, and a few have been brave enough to sign up for the Little Rock half marathon! As an Alpha Gam, it is very important to us to keep a healthy lifestyle so that we will be able to carry on the Purpose for many years to come. –Angie Bunch

Alpha Pi–Wayne State University

Alpha Pi Chapter used this line of the Purpose to inspire our latest philanthropy project, Dodging Diabetes. The chapter had great time organizing and playing in our dodgeball tournament to raise money for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation. We had numerous campus organizations come out to support the event, and everyone had a wonderful time—an important reminder that staying fit doesn’t have to be a chore! –Samantha Jackson

Beta Iota–Eastern Illinois University

Our chapter always strives for excellence and to be the best that we can be. Since school has started, numerous members have participated in intramurals, such has soccer, flag football and volleyball. As a chapter, we love being active and participating in campus activities. Being active is very important to us, whether it be playing catch outside, going for a run or going to the gym! –Ashley Wirkus

Alpha Omega–Duquesne University

Our Risk Management Coordinator did a presentation about the harmful effects of alcohol and how to responsibly partake in a social environment where alcohol is present. We also invited a member of the Office of Residence Life to come talk to the chapter about similar topics. Through both of these events, we hope to remind our sisters how important it is to take care of their bodies and their minds. Working out, eating healthy and studying diligently aren’t the only aspects of healthy living that our chapter takes into consideration. Self-confidence and responsibility for ourselves and our sisters are also of paramount importance to Alpha Omega Chapter. –Alissa Connelly

Gamma Omega–University of Alabama at Birmingham

Our chapter cherishes our sisterhood, but aside from that, we also cherish ourselves and the healthy lives we’ve been given the opportunity to live. This previous semester, we’ve been given great opportunities to bond with one another while taking care of our health. Our university offered an educational session on the dangers of drinking alcohol and how to take care of ourselves while in college. We were also given the opportunity to support our philanthropy by walking in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk. Many sisters also participate in running groups and have workout buddies. We are already planning events for the next semester on how to stay fit and healthy while having fun with our sisters! –Taylor Suttle

The Quarterly Report Form can be found in the Resource Center of myAlphaGam under Operations Team Forms. For Alabama through Michigan chapters, this report is always due on December 15. For Minnesota through Wyoming Chapters and Canadian chapters, the report is due on March 15. 15

collegiate profile

sisterhood Immeasurable ACTS OF


afternoon of May 20, 2013, was shaping up to be a late spring day just like any other, when you live in the heart of Tornado Alley. Madisen Burgess, Upsilon-University of Oklahoma, was at work while a storm was brewing on the horizon, with darker and darker clouds gathering by the minute. A part of a much larger weather system, it had already produced several tornados as it made its way east.

Wild spring weather was nothing new for this native Oklahoman until shortly before 2 p.m., when she received a panicked phone call from her dad. That was new; shockingly and scarily new. “Get home now,” he demanded. Madisen Burgess wasted no time racing to her car and pointing it in the direction of home. The clouds began twisting, lightening from a dark gray to an ominous green. Home now in her sight, Madisen knew she’d make it before the storm hit, but it would be close. She ran into the house and headed to the basement. Her parents were already there, keeping an eye on the TV for the latest weather alerts. Just as soon as she made it down to the basement, new tornado warnings sounded through the room. A tornado was on the ground, and it had just shifted. Her home was now in its direct path. Luckily, her family had a safe room in their basement, built exactly for days like May 20. Madisen squeezed in with her parents and their four dogs, and her dad locked the door just as the power went out. “We didn’t know where the tornado was going. My mom started live streaming [the weather] on her iPad, but then that went off, too,” Madisen said. “All of a sudden, we heard the roar, and my ears started popping.” Just five minutes after Madisen pulled into her driveway, the tornado was ripping through her home.

Terah Bernardi and Madisen Burgess

A Worried Sister Terah Bernardi, a chapter sister of Madisen’s at the University of Oklahoma, was in Norman, Oklahoma, on May 20, hanging out with some other Alpha Gams at her summer rental house. Knowing Oklahoma was due for some interesting weather, they had gathered in their living room to keep a careful eye on the TV. When they realized the storm would be passing north of Norman, putting them mostly in the clear, her roommates sighed with relief. Unlike Terah, her roommates aren’t from Oklahoma and aren’t used to the threat that tornados bring to the area each year. But Terah, the seasoned one in the room, heard something on the news that frightened her. “When the newscaster said it was worse than May 3, 1999, I started to meltdown,” she said. “I was little, but I remember it. We were lucky, and it didn’t pass that far south, but it was so scary to watch.” The EF5 tornado that struck Oklahoma City on May 3, 1999, was one of the deadliest in the United States in over 20 years, with 50 direct fatalities.

16 quarterly

summer 2013

That wouldn’t be a comparison the newscaster would use lightly. Terah knew it must be very, very bad. She checked in with her neighbor across the street from her rental house, Garrett McKibben, who was employed by Upsilon Chapter to help with set up, clean up and meal preparation. She knew he wasn’t home, and she was worried he had gone to visit his mom, who lived in the path of the tornado. She never got a confirmation of where he was exactly, but she let Garrett know they were okay, and that they were keeping a

We Oklahomans are always here to support each other and luckily, all the people who were affected had family and friends who immediately opened their doors so they had somewhere to go.

Copyright 2013, The Oklahoman

close eye on the weather. She kept checking in with him as the storm progressed. She didn’t hear anything back. Along with Garrett's family, Terah knew that her chapter sister Madisen lived in the targeted area as well, and she wasn't answering Terah's text messages either.

Climbing out of the rubble The EF5 tornado that struck Moore and the surrounding areas that day was over 1.3 miles wide at its peak. With estimated winds at 210 miles per hour, it carved a 17-mile path of destruction while on the ground for 39 minutes, killing over 20 people and injuring 300 more. When the deafening roar finally quieted, Madisen’s dad released his white-knuckled grip on the safe room’s door. Ironically enough, after holding the door closed with everything he had, all the debris came to rest just outside the safe room, and he was forced to break down the door so they could climb out from what remained of their home.

“It looked like a war zone. There were trees down, power lines down, stuff everywhere,” Madisen said. “We normally can’t see our neighbors because of a whole bunch of trees, but I could actually see what was left of their house.” That’s when the reality of the day struck. Without cell phone service, she and her family were unable to touch base with their other loved ones to see if they were okay, including Madisen’s sister and her four children. Her sister had called their dad just moments before Madisen got home to let him know she was on her way over. He tried to discourage her from making the trip, understanding there wasn’t enough time for them to make it. But they had no way of knowing whether or not she had listened. “Knowing my sister, I didn’t think she would listen,” Madisen said. “We learned later she actually was on her way when they saw the tornado. They turned around really quick and drove straight north because she

knew they wouldn’t make it [to our house] in time.” Unbeknownst to Madisen and her parents for several more hours, her sister’s family had barely escaped the tornado’s wrath. In the meantime, they tried to focus on the things they could confirm. First for Madisen were her horses. There had been nothing she could do before the storm hit to protect them and looking around, she worried there was little chance they survived. Despite the odds, all three of her horses were alive, though not unscathed. One had a two-by-four through her neck and another ripped his Achilles tendon. Madisen’s third horse suffered many gashes from flying debris. All were taken to a local pet hospital to recover. “My three horses were some of the only ones that lived around us,” Madisen said. “There are a few that are still in the hospital with them, but one farm down the road lost 86.”


The oklahoma spirit

Madisen or Garrett.

A little over an hour southeast of Moore, Angela Perry Wrublewski, UpsilonUniversity of Oklahoma, spent May 20 watching the news unfold out of Moore and the surrounding areas. As the House Association President for Upsilon Chapter, she stayed in close contact with the chapter’s Chapter Advisor and other members of the advisor team as they worked in tandem to confirm that all their collegiate members were safe.

Finally came the text message that changed everything. “Madisen has lost everything. Her parents’ house is gone,” it said.

Her heart broke to see just how many people now had nowhere to go. There had to be Alpha Gams who were affected. How could she help them from afar?

Then another, this time from Garrett’s brother. Their mom hadn’t been home, but Garrett had gone to her house and was there when the storm hit. It was gone. Garrett was okay though, despite a few serious cuts and many bumps and bruises. Later that night, Terah couldn’t escape the footage of the widespread damage and the unimaginable feat both Madisen and Garrett’s families would face to rebuild their homes and their lives. As the Philanthropy Coordinator for Upsilon Chapter, she decided there had to be a way the chapter and the University of Oklahoma community could help.

What was left of Madisen's house

returned to what was left of their home the next day, but it was pouring down rain, ruining what little of their belongings they might have been able to recover. Several of her Alpha Gam sisters also drove up to assist in the cleanup. “Her mom was asking for specific items to be found, but all of the rain we'd been receiving ruined close to everything. We ended up finding a picture and necklace that she wanted, and I think everyone ended the day with a smile on their faces,” Terah wrote on the fundraising page. “It was absolutely fabulous to see Madisen and her family sharing the laughs in the midst of everything.”

Chatting with Upsilon's Chapter President and Chapter Advisor, they decided the best course of action would be to set up a fundraising page on Just short of 24 hours later, the page was up and running, surpassing their original goal of $1,000 in mere hours.

Upsilon Chapter's house

“I just started thinking that there were a lot of people near the Norman area that had no homes to go, nowhere to sleep, nowhere to bathe,” Angie said. “Then I realized we had a fancy, empty chapter house sitting there that can sleep 72 people.” Angie consulted with the rest of the House Association board, and they agreed to open the house up to any Alpha Gam collegian or alumna in need of temporary shelter. They arranged to have their head cook and housekeeper on call if and when anyone showed up. Angie then spread the word via email and Facebook, sharing with everyone she knew that Upsilon’s chapter house was available if needed. “We Oklahomans are always here to support each other, and luckily, all the people who were affected had family and friends who immediately opened their doors so they had somewhere to go,” Angie said. “But so many others reached out to see what they could do to make sure our sisters and their families were taken care of.”

the Heart wrenching news Waiting on pins and needles back in Norman, Terah and her roommates frantically called and texted everyone they knew who might have information about 18 quarterly

summer 2013

People didn’t stop there. Terah raised the goal to $2,000, then after meeting that, set it at $4,000. To date, the page has raised over $3,500. The money will be split to help Madisen’s family with their vet bill and Garrett’s mom with finding a temporary home to rent.

They are starting over with basically nothing, and both Madisen and her mom have struggled with persistent nightmares, but it’s easy to see how much worse it could have been. Madisen remembers constantly how lucky they all are to be alive.

Moving forwarD

And how lucky she is to have her Alpha Gam sisters in her life. There are a lot of numbers reported about this tragedy: the number of those injured, the number of those who lost their lives, the number of dollars it will cost to rebuild. But what really makes an impact are those things which are immeasurable: the outpouring of love, support and helping hands.

When cell phone service was finally restored to the Moore area, Madisen had 51 text messages from just her Alpha Gam sisters alone. They all wanted to make sure she and her family were safe, and to see what they could do to help. Madisen and her family are still doing their best to move on, but it’s been tough. They

The EF5 tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. 35

Fast Facts •

Over 1.3 miles wide at its peak.

Estimated winds at 210 miles per hour.

Carved a 17-mile path of destruction while on the ground for 39 minutes.

Killed over 20 people and injured 300 more.

Tulsa Oklahoma City 40


Moore Norman


alumnae profile

happy because I wasn’t looking forward to a life of trying to find fashionable eye patches!

One Moment of Laughter By Kelly Jacobs Tapper, Zeta Gamma-Gannon University

The great author E.E. Cummings once said, “The most wasted of days is one without laughter.” I keep this quote as my personal life challenge, and I plan to never waste a day of my life without at least one moment of laughter. I am a wife, a daughter, a sister to my brother and a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta’s Zeta Gamma Chapter at Gannon University. I am also a friend, a self proclaimed comedienne and a multiple sclerosis patient. None of these things define me on their own; they are each a part of a whole who make me the person I am. In December 2012, I began to lose sight in my left eye. It got so bad that I was making makeshift eye patches out of sticky notes to get through my work day. I began my search for a diagnosis at my eye doctor, who didn’t see anything wrong and suggested I see my family doctor. My family doctor sent me directly to an ophthalmologist (a specialist in medical and surgical eye problems), who sent me for an MRI that day to check for swelling in my optic nerve. Later that evening, the ophthalmologist called to let me know that there was swelling in my optic nerve (called optic neuritis), and there were also white spots on my brain (called lesions) which were usually associated with multiple sclerosis. To be 29 and faced with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is stunning and scary, for both me and those in my life. Multiple sclerosis is unpredictable and looks different in each person who has it. There is no road map, and that is perhaps the scariest part. Telling friends and family was also a challenge, because really the only thing harder than explaining multiple sclerosis is spelling it! I received a five-day treatment of steroids to help with my eyesight. The steroids were effective, and my eyesight did come back. I was so

I visited the neurologist for the first time on January 2, 2013, where I received my definitive diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. While not what I wanted to hear, it was nice to know what was causing the problems I was having. But the next day, I started to lose feeling in my feet. A feeling that has moved up my body to my waist, it’s almost like my legs are asleep all the time. I found myself, once again, in the neurologist office. The doctor suggested a treatment called plasmapheresis, a process that required me to be hospitalized for 10 days and to have a medical port inserted in my jugular—a scary prospect if you ask me. I chose to have the plasmapheresis, which essentially meant my blood was cleansed through a dialysis machine in hopes that the bad antibodies in my blood would be removed. Unfortunately, the plasmapheresis was not effective, so as of today, I still have the same numbness and tingling in my legs. I refuse to let this hold me back, though. While I can’t stand for as long as I used to, I have continued to challenge myself. On May 4, I was able to participate in Walk MS in Erie, Pennsylvania, where 40 family members, sisters and friends showed up to support me. I wasn’t able to walk the full three-mile course, but I did make it one mile which is a success to me! I have also recently started taking a hula hoop class for exercise, which also happens to be a lot of fun. Family, friends, sisters and a positive attitude are the ingredients for a full life, even with a chronic illness. I may have multiple sclerosis, but it certainly doesn’t have me. As I continue this journey, I have started a blog to keep everyone (even some people I’ve never met!) updated on my progress. I try to infuse each entry with humor and education. My blog has provided an outlet for me to express good days and bad and to find support from my community. If you are interested in reading more about my story or keeping up as I go along, check me out at


alumnae news

Alumnae chapter/club recaps for the Fall 2013 Quarterly are due September 15. Fill out the form online, or email your report to Read more alumnae chapter/club recaps on the Fraternity website.”

Houston Alumnae Club

Houston Alumnae Club The Houston Alumnae Club held its annual International Reunion Day (IRD) onboard the Star Cruiser. The Star Cruiser is one vessel in the fleet of pleasure yachts from Star Fleet, operating in Kemah, Texas, and owned by Amy Lober Alton, Zeta Eta-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. This year’s event celebrated sisters with 50, 60 and 75-year memberships in Alpha Gamma Delta. These lovely ladies were given red and yellow roses, framed certificates and photo frames. All participants received elegant rose design curio boxes as party favors. Kaitlyn Cummings, Epsilon UpsilonTarleton State University, was announced as the Syracuse Triad Scholarship winner for 2013-2014. The scholarship is given in honor of Alpha Phi, Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Gamma Delta, all founded at Syracuse University. The Syracuse Triad Scholarship is sponsored by all three Houston alumnae groups and is awarded through the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation. –Connie Windes Zieba

Epsilon Eta Alumnae Chapter The Epsilon Eta Alumnae Chapter has had a very unique year. This year's meeting format changed somewhat. Since we are a smaller chapter, with lesser finances, we decided to highlight our sisterhood by being more attentive to each other. We did this by hosting a birthday card shower for our 95-year-old member Marion Seymer Snyder, Beta-University of Wisconsin, along with giving her a dozen red roses. We celebrated at our holiday lunch and gift exchange by giving a copy of “Taste of Home” magazine to each member. The magazine contained an article about our member Joan Lightfoot Hallford, Epsilon Eta-Texas Christian University. We have tried earnestly to "cherish friendships with but a chosen few.” –Patty Sparks Howarth

of recruitment. In October, in conjunction with Initiation, the alumnae hosted a dinner at another local alumna's home for all of our wonderful 61 new members. What a fantastic opportunity to welcome our new sisters and to get a preview of what the next generation will bring to our sorority. In December, we met at a local establishment to enjoy a wine and cheese event. In February, we again met at a local restaurant to hold our annual business meeting to elect our new officers and to get a report from Gamma Delta Chapter’s Chapter President on how the chapter had done throughout 2012. In April, we held our annual plant sale with the proceeds being donated to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, hosted a dinner at a local alumna's home for our graduating seniors and performed the Rededication Ceremony to welcome these young women into the alumnae world. We also participated in International Reunion Day (IRD), sent out our awarding winning “Chatterbox” newsletter and provided treats to encourage members as they prepared for final exams. It is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to support the local chapter in a variety of ways. –Kimble Manley Eastman

Auburn-Opelika Alumnae Club The Auburn-Opelika Alumnae Club has enjoyed another active year. Last summer, we met at a local alumna's home to enjoy a salad luncheon and to prepare for the upcoming Formal Recruitment. Last August, we provided Gamma Delta-Auburn University with snacks one day as a way to let the sisters know we supported all of their hard work during the very busy week Greater Raleigh Alumnae Chapter 20 quarterly

summer 2013

We can't wait for fall 2013 to welcome yet another round of sisterhood and Seminole spirit. We've been through a lot this year; from financial struggles to promotions, from the loss of loved ones to engagements and weddings but, through it all, we lean on each other. We know our sisters are there for each other, through thick and thin, good times and bad! –Joanna Huff Thielmann

Chicago Northwest Suburban Club

Northwest Florida Alumnae Chapter

Northwest Florida Alumnae Chapter Alpha Gam Always with the Mobile Alumnae Chapter was our most successful event this year! Everyone met at Paint Party Studios in Mobile, Alabama, for painting and sharing in sisterhood. We are proud of all of the talent that was showcased and most of all for the fond memories made by all in attendance. We look forward to our monthly meetings and to attending a Pensacola Wahoo's baseball game. Thank you to all of the sisters who have made this year very memorable! –Brittney Lewis Paxton

Greater Raleigh Alumnae Chapter The Greater Raleigh Alumnae Chapter had a full schedule of fun, educational and philanthropic activities. In the fall, we raised nearly $1,000 for the Triangle Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation during their Walk to Cure Diabetes. For our November social event, we had dinner and then toured the Nature Research Center at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. We gathered in December for our annual holiday celebration and gift exchange. We assembled Valentine's Day care packages for our adopted chapters, Theta Omicron– Western Carolina University and Theta Mu–University of North Carolina–Wilmington. We continued our support of Interact of Wake County, a local organization that assists and supports victims of domestic violence, by collecting supplies for the shelter and touring the facility. In March, we had a guest speaker from the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. Our pecan sale had another successful year which allowed us to make donations of $705 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, $700 to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation and $100 to three local charities. We celebrated “Alpha Gamma Delta—Experiences for a Lifetime” with a lovely International Reunion Day (IRD) lunch, and one of our sisters spoke about her experiences in all of her roles in Alpha Gam as well as the importance of sisterhood. –Lisa Pinyan Poole

After a wonderful International Reunion Day (IRD) shared with Beta Upsilon-Roosevelt University, we began a summer full of special events. In June, tours to Anderson Japanese Gardens and high tea in Antioch with a visit to Wilmot Heritage Antiques were popular. In July, members attended a community theater production of "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" to cheer for a member of the club. August events to provide friendship and sisterhood include the McCormickville Walking Tour including Driehaus Museum and Marriott Theatre. Many of these events were scheduled on weekends to help our sisters who work during the week share in our Alpha Gamma Delta spirit. –Patricia Holm Smith

St. Louis Alumnae Club The St. Louis Alumnae Club of Alpha Gamma Delta hosted its 8th Annual Trivia Night and raised over $6,700 to donate to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation. –Katie Fitzgerald Sotiriou

Nashville Area Alumnae Chapter The Nashville Area Alumnae Chapter has been very busy over the past few months. In April, we installed our new officers for the 2013-2015 term, held International Reunion Day (IRD) with the sisters of Theta Tau-Belmont University and Theta Psi-Austin Peay State University, had our monthly sisterhood event painting pottery with the sisters of Theta Tau Chapter and attended the Nashville Area Panhellenic Alumnae Association Scholarship Luncheon. In May, we went to the Rose Pepper Cantina for an evening of sisterhood. This month, we look forward to our monthly sisterhood dinner at the Melting Pot and will be volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. –Shannon Wellock Gardner

Tallahassee Junior Circle The Tallahassee Junior Circle gets together for a variety of events: lunches, community events and dinners. However, none is more treasured than when the women come home for some Florida State football! That's when our crew is the largest and the loudest.

Nashville Area Alumnae Chapter


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Meet Chantal Alumnae

chapters and clubs work with Province Directors and Area Coordinators to continue promoting alumnae membership in Alpha Gamma Delta. Other volunteers make up the Alumnae Development Team (ADT). The ADT assists in the growth and development of alumnae chapters/clubs and in the creation of new alumnae groups. In addition, they facilitate the placement of potential volunteers to an appropriate Fraternity team. Their goal is to help our alumnae members create and maintain meaningful lifelong connections to Alpha Gamma Delta. Working together to lead the ADT is International Vice President-Alumnae Lesley Hubbard and Director of Alumnae Development Chantal Coulen Simard, Zeta Chi-University of Western Ontario. As Chantal explains, in fall 2011, the Alumnae Experience Task Force, led by Melissa Jacobson James, Director of Chapter Development, created a survey for all Alpha Gamma Delta alumnae. The task force’s mission was to gauge alumnae involvement at the time, so the Fraternity could find ways to better meet the needs and interests of our alumnae members. Now, the ADT is moving forward with some of the ideas generated from survey responders. “What I’m excited about is the Fraternity’s fresh embrace of how we envision our alumnae involvement in the future,” Chantal said. “We’re now being strategic and proactive with responding to the things the alumnae were asking for in that survey.” According to Chantal, one of the things alumnae requested was “better and more frequent communication.” In an effort to meet that request, the ADT has added a new volunteer position. The woman appointed to serve as the Communication Specialist will write content for “Alumnae News and Notes,” so the publication can be released more often. She also will manage the Fraternity’s LinkedIn account so she can help Alpha Gams moving to new cities find a network of sisters in those areas. Alumnae also requested Fraternity programming, changes to Good Standing requirements and additional recognition. These ideas have sparked discussion about further changes and developments that still are in the works. Chantal said she’s excited about the Fraternity’s commitment to creating what she calls a “generational Alpha Gamma Delta experience.” “I’m very excited about the trend right now in the Fraternity to really try to re-engage our alumnae members across the board, across North America, regardless of age,” she said.

22 quarterly

summer 2013

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Make Personalized Coasters

These simple, personalized cork coasters can be a bright, new addition to your coffee table or the perfect housewarming or hostess gift for a sister. Double up on your supplies, grab some sisters and you have the makings for a fun sisterhood event for your chapter or alumnae group!

supplies needed





Want to make ΑΓΔ coasters? Print this and use double sided tape to adhere the letters to your coasters.







Pick up a few bottles of craft paint in your favorite colors and the rest of your supplies from your local craft store. (Going to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or JoAnn Fabrics? Download their apps on your smart phone for great coupons. Usually there is at least one coupon for 40 percent off an item!) You can usually find a roll of cork or already cut cork squares. If you’d rather your coasters be round, trace a circle (using a glass or something else you have laying around) on your cork and cut around or purchase plain cork circles online.


Make stripes using the masking tape, or place vinyl letters on top of your cork, then apply craft paint over the tape or letters with a stencil brush. Or use a metallic permanent marker to draw geometric patterns, a chevron design or polka dots.


Let dry for at least 30 minutes. Throw them on your coffee table and admire your craftiness, or wrap them up with a ribbon for a friend!



Honor Roll of

SUPPORT FOR THE ALPHA GAMMA DELTA FOUNDATION is vital to the development of today’s Alpha Gamma Delta. It’s been 50 years, and our alumnae and friends continue to reaffirm their belief in our Purpose. Your generous donations help provide scholarships to graduate and undergraduate students, essential educational programs for the Fraternity and grants for diabetes research and related support programs. Your participation during the Foundation’s 50th Anniversary resulted in the awarding of our $10,000,000th dollar! This listing reflects annual giving levels based upon donations received between June 1, 2012 and May 31, 2013.


* Chapter Grand

Planned Gift Donor

Lifetime Cumulative Giving Levels: F Annulet $1,000,000

Pearl Circle


Founder Circle


Δ Delta Circle



Diamond Circle


Γ Gamma Circle


Alpha Syracuse University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Amy Wildblood Tracy {

Beta University of Wisconsin-Madison $5,000 Jewel $5,000 - $9,999 Audrey Berg Kaasa p

$250 - $499 Charleen Symonds K.Husebye { Susan Schiraldi Schebell {

$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Janet Nehring Gibeau | Audrey Hilfiker Keck { Janet Thorpe White {

$100 - $249 Jacquelyn Asnoe { Beverly Brown Dominy Virginia Gelish Drew Caroline James Ellison Virginia Jansen Foell { Julia Gallagher Helen Cheng Parr { Elizabeth Winship Scott | Susan Triggs-Rhuda Josephine Putnam Vernon $1 - $99 Heather Lowe Arianna Miriam Mitchell Bonk Adele Wallace El-Mutwalli Richelle Ilana Gewertz Nancy Capellupo Gurzo Karen Hutchinson Robin Kauffman Melinda Walker Krajewski Marilyn Pond Langdon Mary Jane Compter Lasher Elizabeth Maier { Ann Slocomb Merrill Jean Hall Mooney Barbara Rushmer Pack Samantha Gerwin Punch Barbara Mesick Rasbach { Gertrude Gates Stillman Diane Michalke Van Lare Nancy Laws Weagraff Ellen Bean Westenfelder Nancy Roe Withey

24 quarterly

summer 2013

$250 - $499 Mary Stricker Briscoe { Catherine Sands Williams { $100 - $249 Jane Endres { Audrey Zilisch McClellan { Gail McCarthy Turluck { $1 - $99 Verena Voll Crane Suzanne Dornfeld { Lynn Hamm Erickson Mitzi Aschenbrenner Friedrich Mary Spear Johns { Millie Winger Lemoine Lou Weiterman Meyer Helen Scripko Pawasarat Janet Nelson Priesz

Delta University of Minnesota $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Caroline Ernst Fortmeyer Marilyn Erickson Mitchell | Lillian Hall Scarpa { $250 - $499 Barbara Johnson Telander { Dorothy Zakowski Wessel { $100 - $249 Elizabeth Kadlec Benson { Susan Stockton Bohach


Alpha Circle


| Double Rose Circle { Buff Rose Circle

Virginia Cox Elert Janice Stussy Elster Cynthia Wagner Engel { Marilyn Nelson Holland Julie Miller { Lois Hamblin Moeller { Patricia Borg Schultz { Mary Ann Lenhard Streater Annemarie Petrucci Vaupel $1 - $99 Barbara Lovelett Bearr Margaret Wolf Bloemendal Lauren Buckley Carol Williams Ellison Alice Wardrop Justinak Nicole LaHaye Alexis Long Barbara Bartholdi MacKenzie { Judith Volkenant McNamara Patricia Leathers Oslund Kathryn Stenborg Schmidt Virginia Hanson Stabnow Phyllis Tramel Stratton Suzanne Simmons Trauffer Nancy Hadden Wilson Eileen Williams Zahn Anne Wescott Zitnak Epsilon University of Kentucky $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Judith Saalfeld Cahill { Kimberly Melvin Lauffer { $250 - $499 Lindsay Rhollans Amelia Perkins Warren { $100 - $249 Mary Ammerman Adams { Tonya Carter Hatfield Diane Edwards Hobscheid Susan Poetker Johnson Alma Atkins McGuire { Margaret Parker Neff {

$5,000 $1,000

Jill Purcell Frances Gray Renfro Elizabeth Hyatt Richardson { Julie Wilson Roberts Mickey Levy Settle Susan Hutson Tonini Sheila Johnson Vose $1 - $99 Carlene Hass Adams Betty Latimer Anderson Whitney Steele Deana Maiden Barton Mary Dean Clarke Susan Compton Laurie Alice Cunningham Carol McGinnis Gathy Elizabeth Brandenburgh Hastie | Helen Wilson Heltsley Marsha Nestor Hendrixson Billie Hyatt Hendry Megan Herde Laura Holsclaw Carol Bonnell Houston Virginia Lake Hughes Mary Hill Kinsman Jessica Scott Kipper Carol Leet Sarah Yelton Leighty Stephanie Kimble Mains Margaret Wheeler Meredith Ann Goddard Miller Rita Parrott Rebecca Lackey Phillips Amanda Wade Schmitt { Mary-Rush Lynch Walker Zeta Ohio University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Deborah Schmidt Eschenbacher | $250 - $499 Jill Evans Farris

Zeta Ohio University (cont.) $100 - $249 Dorothy Higginbotham Arold { Shari Lohrer Cartwright Inez Brinsfield Corrado { Eleanor Fixler Gibbs { Carol Thompson Hughes { Cynthia Clark McClary Martha Rauschenberger Myles { Florence Horn Oden Catherine Fitzgerald Sotiriou Andrea Manente Stell { $1 - $99 Sharon Urban Bond Judith Kick Butler Martha Howard Castle { Lois Erdman Farrell Nancy Williams Gainor { Roberta Hardie Amy Hufschmidt Hopson Antoinette Haut Kincade Amie Meczka LaBahn Carolyn Williams Lester Ina Zimpelman Loftspring Patricia Mallett Mason Mary Athearn Matson Blair Metcalfe Scheks Karen Johnson Shallcross Annette Luse Wagner

$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Eileen Berry Pratt |

$100 - $249 Marilyn Newell Anderson { Susan Howard Brazier Linda Walker Capron { Gina Tomola Cefalu Bertha Brink Perry { Ann Peistrup Remington Stephanie Scott Siljeg Cherie Tucker


$100 - $249 Vivian Hora Bosquit { Suzanne Marley Culmer { Ann Daly Barbara Hill Dozier { Debra Smith Hughes Miriam White Jacobs Linda Noble Bonnie Schiffman Pearson | Ellen Rosselot Schneider { $1 - $99 Melinda McCracken Alcorn Laurie Tacheny Borden Sharon McBroom Brunjes Nedra Hall Downing Carolyn Miles Fermann Mary Ann Goetcheus Joan Nelson Hagerup { Elizabeth LeDonne Harkins Gretchen Gutknecht Holder Virginia Kibbler Lullo* Nancy Herr McCormick Nancy Tugwell Nanovsky Margaret Cain Oates Maurie Jones Phelan Barbara Armitage Porter Mary Ann Burd Sodrel M. Clare Johnson Swanson Joanne Canary Thornburg Karen Hawkins Weaver

Iota University of Washington $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Sandy McMurray Novak p

$250 - $499 Jennie Cameron King Jill Stout Von Feldt {

Eta DePauw University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Margaret Piety p $250 - $499 Dorothy Schoneker Skinner

$250 - $499 Betty Jo Halterman Dickerson { Susan Iverson Hyatt Nancy Orbison p Mary Mateer Tate

Theta Goucher College $1 - $99 Flo Mohr Councill Doris L Kagle { Betty Fabbri Langman

$1 - $99 Dina Micheletti Apostolou Patricia Elder Chriswell Patricia Hillman Garton Gail Caskey Harrison Duane Dickinson Latham Judith Cole Nuber { Sara Semritc Carolee Engstrom Shubert Joan Morrison St. Marie Carol Baisinger Sturza Lisa Lesher Ward

$1 - $99 Catherine Hobbs Amos { Barbara Hultgren Benson Nancy Arnston Biggio Linda Carson Borton Nancy Roth Burghardt Barbara Link Gelinas Louise Feigel Hanover Lynda Fink Kest Marilyn Rupe Malles Delores Waters Mossler Eleanor Miller Patton Nancy Spinka Timmerman Ellen Westerlund Zee { Mu Brenau University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Matilen Powell Sheram { $100 - $249 Holley Rotton Adams Ambah Frederick Kalina Haynes { Frances Sides Prunty Kimberly Henry Troha

Kappa Allegheny College $250 - $499 Erin Kennedy Butkovic { Sharon Jean Dicker { $1 - $99 Barbara Barraclough Cross Carol Lewis { Jody Moore O’Grady Karen Elmeier Perry Charlene Huff Shreve Ruth Peterson Verell Lambda Northwestern University $25,000 Jewel $25,000 - and up Harriett Fox Grant * F

$1 - $99 Karri Bentley Marguerite Duncan Bradford { Eva Seale Brunk Marjorie Ford Coulton Jessica Adams Johnsen Amanda Kelley Leah Tuten Rollins Jessica Barker Shrout Cheryl Thorsten Margaret Smith Timberlake Claire Owens Walters Nu Boston University $1 - $99 Dorothy Perkins Bartlett Carolyn Aldrich Purcell Annie Kempton Rice Xi Illinois Wesleyan University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Beth Kelley Schneider Γ

$5,000 Jewel $5,000 - $9,999 Helen Heggie * • $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Pamella Marschall Jordan Elizabeth Kaspar {

$100 - $249 Karen Dombro Cagle { F. Patricia Laibly Margaret Watt Larson { Sharon Osborn Latsha Frances Sells Ryan Gail Valentine {


$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Eileen Lysaught Elworth { Susan Frock Hartter { Jody Wolfgang Hostetler |

Emilly Linman John { Margie Tribble Nickels { $250 - $499 Mary Gentle Holtsclaw { $100 - $249 Jennifer Elliott Diane Jones Sue Stevens Kocienski { Lora Nickels Sharon Morling Simpson { Barbara Keller Tozzi { Della Askew Weinhuff $1 - $99 Elizabeth Truax Andrew Lana Brown Casica Deborah Clark Jamie Kolb Conner Nancy Jo Eyre Engels Renee Fehr Cheryl Siedentop Gibson Shirlee Haegele Griffith Marilou Cerveny Haworth { Beverley Winkler Houghton { Julia Raber Kemp Elizabeth Rotz Krotiak C. Kay Norris Liebenow Duanne Freise Nelson Susan King Smuda Denise Cardot Thompson Carol Schnepp Weber { Jessica White Omicron University of California-Berkeley $100 - $249 Jacqueline Peck Farrar Myra Clark Lynch { Rosemary Meehan Mein Donna Holland Preece { Jay Alderson Schofhauser { Camille Farnsworth Schrader $1 - $99 Kerin Baker Audrey Beaman Jane Stornetta Burch Marilyn Burke Carol Guild Burton Marie Freitas Chaddock Katherine Condon Jean Perata Dahl Wendy Dittamore Margaret Gallagher Fuerst { Jaclyn Rae Garcia Alice Radebaugh Giuffre Susan DiGrazia Halfaker Barbara Schultz Johnson Sophia Smith Kitts Vicki Odenweller Millard { Michelle Misner Jennifer Norris Pais Ethelynne Clark Pitti Shirlee Laughlin Roberts Heidi Schwab-Wilhelmi Barbara Burke Thompson Melanie Rhinehart Van Tassell Lois Scott Westmont Nadine Bloor Wilson Dian Dinwiddie Wittry { Martha Delgado Woodard 25


Honor Roll of

Pi Coe College $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Doris Newell Soriano { $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Toni Grey Carson { $100 - $249 Sandra Melahn Beck { Carolyn Elscott Davis Lola Dodder Lehman

$1 - $99 Mary Ellen Davis Bilsborrow Gwendolyn Sovern Colfer Peggy Johnson Hartman Ruth Coates Lauther Rho Iowa State University $25,000 Jewel $25,000 - and up Jeanne Heidler * • $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Dorothy Maitland Miller { $250 - $499 Nancy Carter Dolton { Melissa Jacobson James { Lila Lansing White { $100 - $249 Kimberly Ranch Coward { Cynthia Carlson Good Martha Barton Hartman { Kelly Trewin Karkoski { Nancy Scarborough Meltzer { $1 - $99 Elizabeth Morgan Anderl Shirley Lewellen Bishop Pamela Nisen Burrier Ruth Van Roekel Carey { Joan Sanderson Chace Mary Beth Matthews Clark Mary Ackerly Condit Janice Johnson Fisher Evelyn Thiel Fryer { Julia Briggs Gall Sandra Schafbuch Gibney Sandra Ross Heraly Stephanie Hertel Marilyn Pritchard Ireland Marilyn Ulfers Irwin { Sara Quinn Ketcham Marlene Rucker Larson Peggy Grundman Lickiss Ramona Sime Lochhead Doris Dockendorff MacFarquhar Sophia Magill Dorothy True Mathers Judith Helin Mathre Ruth Bisson Moser

Jennifer Olson Nancy Cooper Ovenden Linda French Robinson Carol Anderson Smith Beverly Bottge Spotz { Kathy Oehlerich Stockdale Florence Devoe Woodward Sigma University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Sue Maggio Sim | $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Michelle Hernandey Gagnard | Gail Fullerton Stolarik { $100 - $249 Diana Baird { Cynthia Brasky Bauerle Mary Nelson Humenik { Karen Koenig { Karen Schindhelm Krammer Shannon Riley Lenze Mary Saxon Liddy Anne Tarr Manion { Janet Molinari Nelson Ruth Schwarz Nix { Cara Rosen Novelli Cathy Mitchell Parker Rosie K. Piech Patricia Holm Smith { Susan Stein { Judith Desch Turner { Susan Cullison Wallace { Nancy Williams $1 - $99 Kay Yoder Anderson Betty Blomquist Ardisana Dawn Amrein Bangert Barbara Hartman Bengtsen Ruth McCormick Callahan Necia Hart Chessman Rosemary Cox Depler Lauren Dippel Jamie Brewbaker Drake Gladys Lapham Evans * Elise Poepping Fernsler Lesley Feyerherm Sara Clark Flesner { Ruth Olin Foreman Joan Heenahan Leslie Shimmin Hickey Judith Bliss Huisinga-Maynard Delores Anderson Jensen Renee Rozak Kohler Meredeth Magers Lake Joan Gruenewald Leonard Natalie Rose Leoni Linda Burruss Linscott Bette Wallerstein Lombard Patricia Fitzpatrick Luedtke Wilma Hahn McNulty

Chapter2013 Chapter Grand *Grand 26 quarterly* summer Planned Gift Planned Donor Gift Donor

F ♥

Kathleen Miller { Mary LaLiberte Moss Ann Robinson Phillips Michelle Pozzi Bette Degischer Rice Joy Straka Rice Merriam Ernst Schantz Joan Gutowsky Schuetz Lois Roe Switzer Audrey Gronert Williams Claudia Batista Youngquist Tau University of Toronto $100 - $249 $100 - $249 Marnie French Levitt * $1 - $99 Katia Esteves Caramujo Madeleine Lascelles Gosnell Elizabeth Jones Tanya Solis Judith Brown Steele Jean Stevenson van der Tak Upsilon University of Oklahoma $5,000 Jewel $5,000 - $9,999 Dee Ann Elliott Woodall Δ $2,500 Jewel $2,500 - $4,999 Rene Boehm Martin


$1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Carolyn Dick { Sandy Kinney p Elizabeth Sunbarger Yager | $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Oteka Little Ball Carolyn Richardson Cobb p Kay Taylor Donahue • Marie Potts McShane { Cara Manzelmann Schad { Katherine Thorne Welsh Carolyn York p $250 - $499 Yancey Tighe Seitz { $100 - $249 Billie Cape Nancy Shelton Clegern { Deedee Smith Evans p Wynona Webb Gordon Pearl Hartin Iorio { Virginia Hoffman Lowrey { Andrea DiCastro McGough Jamie Bishop Powers { Connie Windes Zieba

Annulet F Annulet$1,000,000 $1,000,000 Founder♥Circle Founder $500,000 Circle $500,000


$1 - $99 Janice Gibson Cloud { Anne Jones Collins Wendy Coltrane Allegra Phillips Derryberry Alice Stinson Dixon Glennelle Stinson Dixon Deatra Lewis Falkenrath { Rachael Gotcher Leslie Gardner Harden Gretchen Grover Harris { Jill Jester Patricia Jones Nicolette Radloff Murphy Mary Menard Nalefski Dianne Peterson Ogle Hope Cockran Olsen Irene Carey Osgood Janie Koiro Peterson Peggy Hollis Tanzer Laure Harms Taylor Patricia Chapman Weaver { Betty Edgington White Phi Oregon State University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Mary Brenneis | Diane Douglas Kutter { $250 - $499 Kathleen Meyer | Pamela Kennedy Vandeneynde { $100 - $249 Bonnie Will Anderson Nancy Vaughn Clarke { Betty Werst Cone * Mary Eisenhauer Harper { Ellen Witt Leapaldt Mary Scarpino { Maxine Churchman Shaw { Kathryn Johnston Sutherland $1 - $99 Mary Wade Chalfan Karin Barfknecht Hardin Evelyn Fieber Madsen Jean Fulton McDowell { Patricia Hickert McGregor Opal Muir { Gale Marhofke Neel Janice Weaver Pankratz Isabelle Jones Pearce Peggy Dobbins Phillips Shirley Barcus Reimann Patricia Welch Stires Janet Meyers Terpstra Valerie Wilson Wegner { Shirley Hanna Woodward

Diamond Diamond Circle $250,000$250,000 s Circle Pearl Circle Pearl Circle $100,000 $100,000 •

Chi Michigan State University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Laurel Malarik Gainor { Marcella Gast Schalon Γ $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Susan K. Schalon Γ $100 - $249 Leah M. Christensen Karen Lytle Drake { Sherri Fresorger Donna McMahon Hekhuis { Sherrill Ankli Larson Marie Siragusa Janis Zorman Watkins $1 - $99 Miriam Walker Berninger Marianne Leitch Breneman Janet Littell Caltrider Elizabeth Lonergan Cavanaugh Susan Wenz Coyle Margaret Middlemiss Cully { Joan Nielsen Goldman Dolores Susin Hekker { Jane Leonard Hilson Margery McCall Juk { Kelly George Kaplan Stephanie Mason Margolit Cheryl Glover Nowicke Alicia Glaser Pearlman Nancy Mooney Pollard { Amy Rice Shifflett Lisa Malace Skupin { Mary Stevens Zientek Psi University of Alabama $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Neita Hornbeck Mulherin { Elizabeth Young { $250 - $499 Joan Wood Beard { Alice Walker Keene { $100 - $249 Kathleen Nolen Martin { Virginia McPhearson { Marjorie Childers Overmyer { Suzanne Solomon Owen Ann Little Philbeck Elizabeth Payne Tucker Janina Jeter Van Leeuwen Alice Clark Wasdin { $1 - $99 Julia Zeigler Boyd { Luanne Harper Elliott Lindsay Herrington Autrey { Hilary Phillips Hill Amy Nichols McCain {

Bennie Cannon Nolen Laura Hamilton Pirkle Jennifer Echols Pruett Claire Black Tisdal Bonnie Barnard Waters Anne Emerson Williams Janice Windham Shirley Coogan Winn-Bannerot Omega University of Akron $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Debbie Douglass Roth | $250 - $499 Athena Fundoukos Curley { Jan Clark Dolan { $100 - $249 Gail Vassalotti Bertsch { Vicky Hubler Ferron Janice Scharra McInally Shirley Cappy Petersen { Carole Vandersall Peterson { Jennifer A. Turk $1 - $99 Amy Elizabeth Abdallah Vicki Lex Booth Julie Emmerich Burrows Elizabeth Fitzwater Cooper Reta Huetinck Davidson Marlene Poje Dunford Marjorie Hoover Good Jorja Kneiley Higgins { Erin Lottman Aimee Maczko Mary Koury Mann Marjorie Jones Mather Mary Ellen Costigan McCartney Esther Rennick Moore Diane Ostich Pancoe Anne Pence Alicia Heilshorn Rohdy Lynne Dunford Rossell Kristy Wisner Tokarczyk Marian Thompson Tunnell Laurie Vesalo Tiffany Baltes Wagar Diane Dunford Walter { Sandra Dobbs Wilsdon Joan Neller Wolfe Alpha Alpha University at Buffalo $25,000 Jewel $25,000 - and up Cadence Schurr * • $2,500 Jewel $2,500 - $4,999 Diane Walker Walbesser


$1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Margery Barden Reason |

$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Ellen Mendelsohn Reese | $250 - $499 Linda Rang Krempa | $100 - $249 Alice Wittenberg Hartman { Marie Dubke Racz { Elizabeth Goering Serrage { Dorothy Cain Smith { Louise Leifer Solpietro { June Ulrich Stillwell Jane Noller Turner $1 - $99 Elizabeth Ernest Armentrout Joyce Miller Caggiano Florence Cuthill Clouse { Patricia Larson Fincher Mary Noon Kellner { Judith Suckow Martin Winifred Haas Morrison Vivian Shaffer Murray Patricia Paulus Niemczyk Linda Holt Rekate Janet Popp Stout Joan Bates Wraight { Alpha Beta University of Michigan $2,500 Jewel $2,500 - $4,999 Peggy Kuebler Field p $1,904 Jewel $1,904 - $2,499 Marcie Ball p Charlotte Bryant Miller Γ $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Barbara Newell Horldt * Δ Nancy Pridmore Kleinpell p Jean Luxan Ulrich { 500 Jewel $500 - $999 Carol Richards Peske | $250 - $499 Margaret Lamb { Diane Pierson Monnier { $100 - $249 Phebe Swinehart Allen { Wilma Martin Auch { Suzanne Harper Kaperzinski { Pamela Maker { Gail Ann Mejeur Susan Muscarella Barbara Elliott Schmitz Ruth Schleh Webster { Susan Benschop Wefald {

Δ Delta Circle



Γ Gamma Circle


| Double Rose Circle

Alpha Circle

$10,000 $5,000

$1 - $99 Laurel Krause Berhent Sharon Snyder Bloodgood { Susan Himes Burger Michele Dale Cannaert Linda Bendlin Crawford Dianne Gilbert Ehrhard Jean Davidson Gordon Anne Adams Greider Machelle Behm Hammond Joan Randolph Hatch p Christina Hodovanu Margaret Nixon Holton Janet McCall Jensen Kristen Klanow Marion Pearson Knapp { Janet Gilger Kochanny Shirley Ind Koenen Cathie Caruso LaBeau Elaine Andrews Lamb { Susan Hall McCannell { Kriste Fedon Mossman Julie Carlisi Olsen Constance Kay Olson Joyce DeWitt Pippel { Elizabeth Pyden H. Decook Ruhala Edith R. Schweikle Carol Blick Sellers Jessie Ahrens Simmons * Shirley Lam Steiner Judie Neal Stewart Audrey Jackson Stokesbary Miriam Dorsey Supinger { Marallyn Mac Ritchie Wight Alpha Gamma University of Cincinnati $2,500 Jewel $2,500 - $4,999 Elaine Barrick Bess Γ $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Barbara Ebel | $100 - $249 Marcia Caskey Davis Meredith Minturn Haner Donna Harrell Medlock { $1 - $99 Mary Glenn Becconsall Carolyn Clark Bruckmann Doreen Lindemann Johnson { Jane Graf Robison { Joyce Roy Kathleen Luther Solt Janet Baston Wilmink Erika Lenhardt Windholtz

{ Buff Rose Circle




Honor Roll of

Alpha Delta Ohio Wesleyan University $1,904 Jewel $1,904 - $2,499 Virginia Wantz Rennie p

Alpha Eta Dalhousie University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Sheilagh Beal Stewart {

Alpha Kappa Bowling Green State University $250 - $499 Amy Vojta { Barbara Babcock Walsh {

$250 - $499 Michaelle Keller Fleisher

$100 - $249 Joan Vaughn Forsyth

$100 - $249 Sara Wilkinson Adams Eleanor Moore Brown { Miriam Johnson Bruton { Donna Baker Hamister Jean Carl Johnson p Sally Palmer Norris { Evelyn Colbeth Plunkett { Ann Koenigseker Wieczorowski Jacquelyn Carleton Wilson Janet Henthorn Wolf {

$1 - $99 Jean Collins Dexter { Monique LeBlanc Guilderson Heather McSwain Slemon

$100 - $249 Katherine Guckert Allison Margaret Williams Giunco Dorothy Kanouse Heritage Carrie Weller Horst Gail Harris Kramer Carolyn Becks Meyers-Hughes

$1 - $99 Jane Brandon Binns Christine Kreps Buchert Charlotte Culbertson Hott Martha Walker Kennedy Betty Merrell Madden Sandra Hickson Noll June Mandel Winold Alpha Epsilon Westminster College $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Leah Davis Rowland p $100 - $249 Susan Mead Baker { Ann Burton Hartman { $1 - $99 Valjean Gestner Armor Susanne Angehr Burns { Joyce Vervoort Campbell Louise Imler Danzer Rhoda Allen Depriter Nancy Siehl Foulds Virginia Henthorne Graham Lorraine Deane L’Huillier Betsy Bigler Lambert { Margaret Williams Migliore Candace Johnson Schneckenburger Jamie Spisak Michele Kershner Truax Diane Meriam Vance Barbara Tonti Weir Barbara Byrd Whitehead Nicole Zappa Alpha Zeta McGill University $1 - $99 Linda Hutton Grace { Mary Allan McPherson

Alpha Theta Hunter College $2,500 Jewel $2,500 - $4,999 Gladys Stuart Banks


$1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Mildred R. Stansky | $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Eileen Dorgan Herbermann


100 - $249 Doris Keeley Formicola { Ann Krikorian Rosalie Sarrica Nahas Antoinette Pagano Schroder $1 - $99 Jacqueline Knotek Albert Joan Blumer Faber Dorothy MacMoran Fay Limbou Papas Eleanor Heinzel Rice Norma Schmid { Alpha Iota Baldwin Wallace University $100 - $249 Deborah Chapman Janet Kail Carole Ward Kiekhaefer { Deborah Strebel Pierce { Megan Elizabeth Wilson $1 - $99 Lillian Martini Florentine Ann Bohnenstengel Hofelzer Penny Carpenter Jones Sheri Kellner Karina Krajec Louann Rezabek Lawson Mary Snyder Lewis Marilyn Harvey Marvel Sheila Rader Miller-Nelson Patricia Quelos Oberlin Jo Ann Repass Proffitt Holly Lane Schaefer Erica Sivak Karen Richardson Dillon Jean Sperow {

Chapter2013 Chapter Grand *Grand 28 quarterly* summer Planned Gift Planned Donor Gift Donor

F ♥

$1 - $99 Carol Krohn Albright Martha Watt Baldoni Magdalene Batcha Davenport Barbara Humbel Finley Pamela Doerrer Gaskill Shari Heimberger Janet Henderson Henke Ruth Gerken Hill Norma Sherman Kelling Kara Komarek Klink Melissa Fett Morton J. Pabst { Janet Meeker Pandzik Tricia Patton Julia Ann Borman Prinz Martha Miller Ragan Lorene Mathias Searfoss Alpha Lambda The Ohio State University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Jayna Kenney Koler { $250 - $499 Christa Burton $100 - $249 Teresa Davis Bodey { Marcia Hahn Brown Sheila Damren { Elizabeth Neal Daniels { Kimberly Jirsa Kina Kerst { Jean King Plunkett $1 - $99 Katherine Baker Beeghley Denise Roesch Beres Karen Gullett Collett Janet Soelmann Davis Barbara Short Drake Judy Lombardi Fitzpatrick Darlene Fleisch Harris { Marcella Graham Huffman Joan Ford Iverson Martha Wetzel Keltner Dema Smith Krill Janet Ricket Loos Michele Krieglstein McDonel Shirley Lantz Miille Kimberly Rotzell

Annulet F Annulet$1,000,000 $1,000,000 Founder♥Circle Founder $500,000 Circle $500,000


Helga Doppleb Sauter Margaret Harsh Scherer { Juliane Schultz Marilyn Monroe Snoddy Maggie E. Sweeney Barbara Bessey Weiss { Allie E. Williams Joyce Bloor Wirth Alpha Mu Pennsylvania State University $100 - $249 Carol Carrochi { $1 - $99 Barbara Ranck Ashenfelter { Leslie Eppehimer Bracken Alice Fox Brubaker Rachel Snyder Chafetz Eileen Vernarec Craig Donna Howe Diercks Sally Kotchin Donner Patricia Iannetti Terryjean Behney Jenkins Linda Lentz Maier Carol Jenks Marchant Winifred Walters Myers Jennifer Hart Noonan Jeanne Maxwell Raynor Sharon Lentz Ricci { Joanne Stemler Shaughnessy Aimee Raymond Siegler Dagmar Tichy Stein Alpha Nu Kent State University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Elisabeth Schneider Hair { $100 - $249 Carol Gould Barbe { Judith Poole Culler { Barbara Timmins Sanders { Patricia Rausch Woodling $1 - $99 Harriet Posgay Bender Grace Abhau Bush { Treva Ewing Croskey { Beverly McGirr Esch Victoria Collins Gibson Gae Caldren Kesselring Elizabeth Marshall Kloskoski Marcia McClintock Manning Patricia Newdome Matyas Patricia Magee-Nemetz Kathaleen Presciano Sandra Levine Rodebaugh Ellen Werbeach Rothwell Barbara Mospens Turner

Diamond Diamond Circle $250,000$250,000 s Circle Pearl Circle Pearl Circle $100,000 $100,000 •

Alpha Xi University of Maryland College Park $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Anne Loring Eiler | Wanda Mehring Mann | Kathleen Eccard Mellott { $100 - $249 June Weiner Auerbach { Linda Blatz { Rozella Evans Hagen Shirley Forst Noble Susan Curtis Warren { $1 - $99 Eleanor Barney Abarno { Diane Wynn Boulavsky Kathleen Lavine Childs Linda Oursler Freyman M. Deane Kempfer Hill { Elaine Folk Marshall Carolee Brophy Miller Ann Sargent Reiter Lynn Light Rivers { Helen Jackson Stoltz { Alpha Omicron West Virginia Wesleyan College $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Margaret O’Roark Nordstrom { $250 - $499 Heather Friday Jamison Arline Franquiz Marteney { $100 - $249 Janet Anderson Jennie Cunningham Amos Mary Van Camp Fraser Charity-Anne Metz Schuller $1 - $99 Zoann Spencer Callahan Mary Ellen Lawson Challenger * Nancy Titchenal Cheshire Nancy Williams Coonts Kathryn Hammond Foster Emily Rider Given Beth Bailey Linda Roberts Hickman Darlene Serack Ielapi Ellen Gird Knapp Kathleen McDowell Loewen Wilma Johnson Lufburrow Marilyn Wickerham Morris Amanda Myers Nichols Margaret Shaw O’Connor { Julie Renner Carol Mosher Treible { Barbara Lynne Woodford

Alpha Pi Wayne State University $25,000 Jewel $25,000 - and up Barbara Henderson Miller *• $100 - $249 Janice Crawford Malace { Leslie Russell Westbury { $1 - $99 Amanda Shelin Cloutier Barbara Maronek Ekstrom Beatrice Faryno Carol Falk Fenzan Elizabeth Stokes Klein Alice Murray Kolhoff Eve Korff { Nicole Lefevre Elizabeth Kaschalk Minbiole { Amy Owczarek Loretta Leech Ruby Pamela Maciolek Tenney Renee Thomas Janet Majewski Van Elslander { Alpha Rho Temple University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Claire Coleman Schweiker *


$100 - $249 Clare Schwab Flocco $1 - $99 Caroleen Faust Kendall Alpha Sigma Indiana University of Pennsylvania $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Kristin Dendtler Thomas { $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Suzanne McGee Petr | $100 - $249 Carol Klamar D’Andrea { Elizabeth Hosack Rhule p $1 - $99 Jean Charles Brady Michele Stelma Carey Lee Martin Koch Jane Ramsey Logan Jessica McPherrin Kim Matarrese Rectenwald Janelle Ulrich-Urban Carol Kunz Williams

Alpha Tau Edinboro University $100 - $249 Linda Burchard Hanson { Cherie Austin James { Amy Reynolds

$1 - $99 Patricia Speakman Conville Susan Overholt Giles Denise Stetler Kocott Connie McCleary Ostrove { Lois Weller

$1 - $99 Rebecca Auer Martha Hixson Flint Kristen Overholt Forrest Melanie Kirk Huron Katie Elizabeth Ralston

Alpha Psi Ferris State University $1 - $99 Kristine Palliaer Cassar Charlene Evans Chapman

Alpha Upsilon Central Michigan University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Nancy Thorman Pittman p

Alpha Omega Duquesne University $100 - $249 Michele Madore Boillotat { Carol Yebernetsky Carfang Janet Kokinda McGee {

$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Michele Schallip {

$1 - $99 Rita Deschaine Madore Sandra Haas Pfeuffer

$100 - $249 Emily Smothers Dizik Pamela Husk Hambley Molly Duggan Weir

Beta Alpha Nebraska Wesleyan University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Kristin Maricle Fulkerson {

$1 - $99 Norma Hansen Andersen Louise Heinzman Bissell Alison Chludzinski Joanne Decker Clever Barbara Booth Cluley Lynne Crowell Christina Kyker Dunn Wanda Stickler Ferguson { Katherine Blatnik Holloway Alyse Johnson Marlene Rann Johnson Amy Shurlow McPike Connie Dunham Mutton Gina Stein Ranger Mary Tanner Sanderson Mildred Pascoe Sewell Jennifer West { Alpha Phi Marietta College $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Martha Warner Bakkila-Pirkey Dorothy Swanson p

$250 - $499 Elaine Krondak Taylor { $100 - $249 Barbara Harrold Douglas { Lynn Larson Neumeister Jane Odgers Marlene Evans Orr Janet Tiekotter Smith Aileen Lowson Williams


$1 - $99 Diane Maher Burgess Margaret Brown Ewing Dianne Vanness Hart Dorothy Montgomery Renshaw { Ann Hunter Waller Elizabeth Stilphen Yancey Alpha Chi Thiel College $250 - $499 Janice Evans Parker {

Δ Delta Circle



Γ Gamma Circle


| Double Rose Circle

Alpha Circle

$10,000 $5,000

$1 - $99 Wendy Shanholtz Andersen Jeanette Krause Ekberg Mary Lou Hoffman George Nancy Harms Arlene Stetina Harris Sherrill Waldo Jones Kathryn Pearse Lafayette Dianne Gillespie Lawson Kathleen Brown Magnuson Rebecca McDonald Mark Julie Ecklund McMaster Carol Wollenburg Meyer Michele Mihane Parks Janet Thomas Porter Joyce Spencer Richards-Dye { Doris Rohrig Samuelson Judith Myers Scott Jolene Rethmeier Smith Sandra Fuller Stallings Ruth Olmstead Thompson Kelsey Tourek Julie Gaughen Warford Frances Luginbill Warner { Julianne Aronson Wisecup

{ Buff Rose Circle




Honor Roll of

Beta Beta North Dakota State University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Julie Waitman Cretin p

$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Abigail Barber Burgum { Michelle Jones Daly { Camellia McNett Embacher { Kara Schwartz Johnson { $250 - $499 Stephanie Martin Maier Kari Vreeman Skordahl $100 - $249 Beverley Harvey Colwell Lois Daggett Gernbacher { Susan Wall Krueger Suzanne Miller Lahlum Karen A. Nordstrom Janice Ness Schlaht $1 - $99 Kari Brandner Butler Catherine Robb Dockter Linda Hohncke Ewertz Elaine Geiszler Fischer Julianne Miller Hawkins Krista Lang Herner Cari Johnson Herness Linda Lougheed King Debra Boisjolie Macias Meri Martin Susan Losness Reinke Walch Taylor Ranae Rix Annette Siversen Roberta Drake Wurster Beta Gamma University of Manitoba $1 - $99 Joan Fleming Anders Beta Delta Indiana University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Linda Roehrs Delano { $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Estacia Medlen Brandenburg $250 - $499 Chris Rudduck Fedor { Jean Jackson Wells { $100 - $249 Jacquelyn Sandy Cramer p Alice Greer Daniels Judith Van Sickle Harris Becky Bryant Lockridge Kathleen Rais MacMurray Katherine Wayman Mehner { Sue Schenkel Meyer

Mary Kimes Mooy { Ruth Edry Salek { Brittany A. Steer { Laurel Vaughn { Mary Lou Kuhn Weidenbener { Judy Harding Zell { Ann Seddelmeyer Ziegel $1 - $99 Mary Steinkamp Alt Barbara Wahl Bastin Deborah Stanley Bennett { Rita Biddle Karen Lentes Byrd Debbie Oldfield Fiorini Cydney Finkel Fox Jean Larum Frisoni { Gloria Mueller Gaster Jane Stouder Hawley { Carolyn Roth Hiser Jessica Hoffmann Rosemary Goolik Jordan Janet Janson Kardatzke { Pamella Lednicky Kearney Monique Kenney Angela Kirk Ellen Knecht Laurielle Barker Koch { Ann Rennemann Liberman Jamie Lubov Christine Johnson Marks LuAnn Witt Mason Erin McCauley Catherine Brill Moser Rochelle Hull Noble { Andrea Perlman Amanda Ream Diane Davis Render Julia Anderson Harrell Paula Rushworth Donna Burd Schad Annette Placke Smith Sienna Teschendorf Dyann Miles Wesp { Marty Wright Angela Schultz Yoon Beta Epsilon Carroll University $100 - $249 Susan Rosholt Banghart { Sandra Naidu Berner Eilene Dehling Dybvad Susan Ellison $1 - $99 Josephine Ford Brebner Phyllis Ellison Ferris Amy Harriman Alison Manley Ada Rankin Holloway Ann Gerdes Jazgar Cynthia Manske Schaefer Ashley Merritt Szmanda

Chapter2013 Chapter Grand *Grand 30 quarterly* summer Planned Gift Planned Donor Gift Donor

F ♥

Beta Zeta Parsons College $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Sara Wagoner Young | $1 - $99 Elizabeth Barker Bowers Lois Young Schmidt Patricia Kurka Wehr Judith Hollander White Beta Eta Southern Illinois University at Carbondale $100 - $249 Allyn Dobson Dillman Sarah Schweizer $1 - $99 Marian Lee Cripe Allan { Kathy Kelley Booziotis Chelsie Burton Nancy Buffum Carr Jo Frances Kirby Flynn Alice Marberry Limpus Sarah Mitchell Merideth Elizabeth Galeski Phelps Julie Sowman Roland Jenny Price Sarault Patricia Hartlage Sebby Julie Kelly Sharp Suzanne Longenbach Stockton Beta Theta University of WisconsinWhitewater $25,000 Jewel $25,000 - and up Diane Raffel Collins Δ $100 - $249 Denise Kolmos Cassin { Jacquelene Kern Shebesta { $1 - $99 Sandra Adelman Linda Johnson Daly Luanne Franz Fahl Holle Chopp Kelley Jean Kopp Kathy Rehorst Mary Miller Sellin { Beta Iota Eastern Illinois University $5,000 Jewel $5,000 - $9,999 Patricia Tulley Riddiford Γ $2,500 Jewel $2,500 - $4,999 Nancy Williamson Heffley { $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Linda Whelan O’Connor {

Annulet F Annulet$1,000,000 $1,000,000 Founder♥Circle Founder $500,000 Circle $500,000


$100 - $249 Sandra Licina Derickson Judith Bloomquist Duncan { Megan Targonski Weber $1 - $99 Molly McCallen Burroughs Debbie Miller Coleman Judith Langley Elliott Carole Mateer Gaston Marcia Vitek Laneve Carol Ekman Morris Mary Dankovich Slavin { Marcia Keranen Vidoni Charlotte Sij Walther Jillian Kinsella Watson Pamela Houston Williamson Cynthia Kopp Wright Lynda Haupt Zuege Beta Kappa University of Iowa $100 - $249 Lynn Kay Fillenwarth { $1 - $99 Cynthia Carter Marcia Hupp Nancy Singley Martin Kathy Mathews Linda Weis Prince Barbara Fish Rolph { Beta Mu Minnesota State UniversityMankato $100 - $249 Kathryn Nelson { $1 - $99 Georgianna Crippen Fraser Carol Harrer Vickery Beta Nu University of Northern Iowa $1 - $99 Cheryl Fernow Frey Sue Ludeman Hunt Candace Johnson Manger Beta Xi Purdue University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Ann Zehner Angle | Joann Hollingsworth Drochner | Penny Yocum Edmondson | Marcelyn Modesitt Hagan { Jan Strasburger Lamie Cinda Zehner O’Connor | Rebecca Preston Marianne Polom Seidenstricker { Katherine Spindler | $250 - $499 Kathleen Palla {

Diamond Diamond Circle $250,000$250,000 s Circle Pearl Circle Pearl Circle $100,000 $100,000 •

Beta Xi Purdue University (cont.) $100 - $249 Patricia Hurtubise Behrens { Barbara Baerwald Bowman Nicola Chalik Claudia Gerard Julia Holloway Karen Frye Knotts Susan Young Kraabel { Helene Martucci Lamarre { Cynthia Ortman Meyer Tracy Schmidt Miller Sharon Davis Ninno Beth Hesemam Osborn Susan Nichols Pierce { Laura Saran

Britney Dibler Carolyn Townsend Dvorak Alexandra Sloane Galicia Virginia Trudo Griffith Julie Seymour Hazen Amy Guy Ulrich

$1 - $99 Janet Coapstick Bechman Valerie Lindeman Blanton Bonnie Brown { Tarrah DeClemente Christine Pohlmann Doolittle Jennifer Ann Oberlin Eads Danette Easley Gatz Maribeth Glaub { Kerry McLaughlin Hessenthaler Nancy Clarke Hoy Susan Connor Joseph { Joan Spiess Julow Karen Palla Kovach Barbara Bitzer Kruger { Gayle Kurokawa Melissa Valle Kathleen Westropp Litchfield Kristina Marek Lauren Davies Morris Elizabeth Rupp Olsen-Beckerle Gretchen Loesch Schassberger Pamela Ross Todd Nancy Trusnik

$1 - $99 Lisa Ann Hunnicutt Nichole Hacha Thomas Amy Hayden Wurst

Beta Rho University of Southern Indiana $1 - $99 Amanda Barton Jennifer Skaggs Beta Tau Ball State University $100 - $249 Stephanie Swihart Topping

Gamma Alpha University of Georgia $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Karen Meehan Ashley { Patricia Barber { Bryna Bobick { Lee Woodham Digiovanni { Marie Ford Palmer { Sandra Barton Vickers { $250 - $499 Martha Mills Scudder { Jane Miller Taylor { Carolyn Bridges Woodson $100 - $249 Nancy Bobbitt Carol Griffin Dyson { Peggy Smith Gates { Elaine Graffis Holmes Beth Waters Johnson { Karen Sasseville Kennedy Deborah Barber McNeill { Jane Rodgers Moore Peggy Harris Seigler Rebecca Cochran Weber Lisa Young

Beta Omicron Illinois State University $1,904 Jewel $1,904 - $2,499 Pamela Reimer Rosa { $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Karin Struck Burwell | Patricia Miller Drexler { Martha Rosenberger Zimmerman


$100 - $249 Pamela Rennie Burke Nanci Gross Gannon Tamara Shierry Laugharn { Kristine Holmes Nogal Sondra McPherson RodgersO’Connor $1 - $99 Vicki Allen Ackerman Karen Bellettini Berta Susan Rumsfield Clary {

$1 - $99 Martha Besnard Bargar Linda Shook Barron { Dorothy Treadwell Cantrell Joanne Sender Cavis Mary Miltner Copeland V. Sharri Edenfield Kimberly Ellet { Claire Feeney Karen Sewell Gaston Kirsten Polentz Haas { Sue Tyler Hill Shirley Griffin Hixson Laura Millard Jennifer Smentek Mores { Karen Mikell Perry

Catherine Rhodes Sally Morrison Runyan { Lessie Bailey Smithgall { Gamma Beta Florida State University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Pauline Chance Brannon | Stella Barrineau Thomas | $250 - $499 Theresa Bridy | $100 - $249 Shirley Metz Cundari { Frances Merritt Grande Barbara Tribble Holding Janice Williams Montgomery Nina Shuman { Edith Bate Taratus Kathleen Power Tucker { $1 - $99 Alicia Adams Katherine Cooper Bradley Kristi Monaghan Burtch Nicole Moran Courey Anne Billingslea Drake Marlene Hillis Foord Margaret Brokaw Garland Martha Newland Guemple Mary Yancey Hartmann Hannah Tate Hawtin Cornelia J. Hetrick { Marie L. Hill-Chapiesky Γ Ann Talley Hitch Mary Gunn Holden Evangeline Griffin Holt { Nancy McClure Houston { Sandra Zevin Judson Janice Phillips Knowles Stacey Taylor Kolka Carolyn Cusick Langsen Carol Madill Lockey Gary McAteer Logan Lori Lovelace Sheila Dawley Lustigman Judith Elkins Meggs Martha Burdine Norton Mary Warner Peacock Mary Day Phelps { Clara Carroll Smith Sheila Kelley Sola { Tracy Miller Swank Joanna Huff Thielmann Jessica Tuznik Taryn Voloshin Carol Marchich Wine Gamma Gamma Queens University of Charlotte $100 - $249 Billie Mancin Little { $1 - $99 Grace Hager Andrews Elizabeth Nash Corzine

Δ Delta Circle



Γ Gamma Circle


| Double Rose Circle

Alpha Circle

$10,000 $5,000

Karen Bittenbring Neilson Jean Reynolds Reed Gamma Delta Auburn University $2,500 Jewel $2,500 - $4,999 Jackie Brannon Stutts Γ $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Barbara Thorne Anderson Γ Patricia Riley Farmer { $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Rebecca Stutts Hovater { Jeanne Swanner Robertson | $250 - $499 Frances Gates Moore Patti Guthrie Rogers { Anna Soberg Tisdale $100 - $249 Ann Watson Collister { Janet Cole Daulton Mary Furr Davis { Anne Manley Eastman { Judy Henderson Hardwick { Kate Kiefer { Martha McClinton Langford { Norma Mungenast Lemley Sharon Rochambeau Lovell Sharon Paulk McKean { Jean Little Phillips { Jeanne Tynes Plaxco Linda Grabensteder Pou { Jane Sentell Preiss Carolyn Stewart Reynolds Bettyann Chadwick Russell { Martha Jernigan Scott { Linda Johnson Stone Susan Casaday Stutts { Elizabeth Stutts Thompson Cathy Campbell Turner { Robyn Vissing Van Yperen $1 - $99 Frances Williamson Bateman Nancy Mims Bishop Frances Breedlove Bridges Mary Wilson Burson Sally George Cobb Ellen Lanier Collins Susan Strickland Copeland Ann Spicer Dodson Lisa Copeland Earles Lisa Brabston Fawcett Laura Powell Hall { Jean De La Bar Harris Pamela Seamon Harris Sara Ward Harris Barbara Welch Hart Cynthia Harney Haygood Marcilla Jacobs Heath Betty Dickinson Hixon

{ Buff Rose Circle




Honor Roll of

Gamma Delta Auburn University (cont.) Anne Little Jackson { Vivien Long Jones Marguerite Sparks Lawrence Palmer Worley Mayer CJ Meigs Moore Sue Fuller Mosley Bobbie McWhorter Norville Wanda Mills Pauling Susan Hamilton Russell Suzanne Kelley Rutledge Anne Spencer Seknicka Patsy Thigpen Shreve Deborah Ledbetter Smith Martha Pearson Stone Evelyn Kidd Voigt Deborah Price Williams Jean Buck Wilson Joyce French Wise Gamma Epsilon University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Jane Hutson Owen |

$100 - $249 Jacquelyn Goodwin Burgess { Margaret Horner Walker { $1 - $99 Daphne Adams Ashworth Kathryn Farris Baxter Nola Hatten Boughton Gene Stokes Brown { Vasilike Pappas Demopoulos Evelyn Blanchard Fowler Susanne Robinson Hardy Patricia Noah Jones { Beth Edwards Morgan { Carol Clayton Norris Barbara Mansfield Peck Phyllis Wall Purdy Barbara Murray Smith Ellen Solomon Martha Fortune Wickers Anne Newsome York Gamma Zeta University of Memphis $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Sharon Dunkman Carruthers | Carla Butler Martin Bobette Sandifer Thompson { $100 - $249 Renate Veikins Dauser Kelly Garvin House Lindsay Jarman Joan Steele Stein { $1 - $99 Carol Kinser Baker Valerie Billingsley Brown

Carol Zimmerman Caraway Betty Carter Joy Lott Craig Jeanie Palmer Dowdle Polly Blake Dunn Marilyn Sanford Garey Beverly Laidlaw Gates Ann Magee Guest { Ella Garey Keltner Elizabeth Derrington Luhrs Mary Ann Sibley Morriss Julie Perkins Jane Barcroft Zink Gamma Eta High Point University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 C J Neal Lipski { $1 - $99 Julie Young King { Barbara Taylor Marchant Carole Imwold McRacken Patricia Nance Quick { Gamma Theta Florida Southern College $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Margaret Hutson | $100 - $249 Margaret Fichtner Linda Moore Ginn Susan Sumner Oder { $1 - $99 Julie Bedenbaugh Larnell Rucks Marchant Barbara Compton Posey Carol Bradley Stafford Nell Petteway Talcott Sarah Schopf Truby Lora Boswell Vail Mary Ann Aiello Williams { Gamma Iota Mercer University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Cynthia Smith Cater { Sylvie Kramer Weikert | $250 - $499 Debra Rogers Reddic $100 - $249 Alexandra Meade Klein Pamela Renfro Knies Melissa Manuel Pollard Elise Shourds { Katharine Wibell $1 - $99 Anne Cragin Barber Linda Barefield Bond Nicole Honeycutt Drooger

Chapter2013 Chapter Grand *Grand 32 quarterly* summer Planned Gift Planned Donor Gift Donor

F ♥

Christina LaBell Folsom Ruth Wilheit Laney Rosemary Raynolds Lowndes Patricia Daugherty Miller { Andrea Pendleton Kimberly Rogers Heather Niebes Sherwood Edith Vardaman Patricia Sieling Wagner Nancy Nevels Wilkins Gamma Lambda Longwood University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Gwenda Goggin { Robin Belcher Liesfeld { $100 - $249 Eileen Mathes Anderson Patricia Whitehurst Crute { $1 - $99 Sallie Gibbs Adelman Rebecca Davis Brooks Nancy Evans Cobb Betsy Delong Jackson Geraldine Daniel Kruger Karen Lane Owen Mary Saunders Marian Pond Taylor { Sharon Binder Thomas Gamma Mu James Madison University $100 - $249 Nancy Will Crow Martha Harrison Lerario Amy Bruch Shifflett $1 - $99 Angela Coon Louise Costello Judith Meyer Tice { Sara McNeill Ware Gamma Nu University of TennesseeKnoxville $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Angela Magill p $1 - $99 Charity High Law Gamma Xi Murray State University $100 - $249 Sarah Farmer Hultman Cathey Hartline Lane { Kimberly Sutton Sarff $1 - $99 Kimberly Sanert Baker Kathy Green Bird Taunya Eyre Jill Giordano

Annulet F Annulet$1,000,000 $1,000,000 Founder♥Circle Founder $500,000 Circle $500,000


Robin Roberts Hill Betty Jung Howerton Christian Irwin Mayce Nixon McGowan Jan Oglesby Jane Phillips Werner Sharon Grace Wurtman Gamma Omicron Eastern Kentucky University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Esther Saalfeld p $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Rebecca Brown { $100 - $249 Marilyn Bruck Chrisman Victoria McCormick Losito Lela Durham Redick $1 - $99 Patricia Hodge Barker Julie Nickell Ferguson Rosanne Butcher Hack Angela Wallace Heibert Gamma Pi Middle Tennessee State University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Suzanne Carmack Spicer Γ $250 - $499 Susan Wilson Davidson { $100 - $249 Catherine Richard Erickson $1 - $99 Frances Becton Jakes Gamma Rho Armstrong Atlantic State University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Frances George Arnsdorff p $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Mildred Deal Derst { $1 - $99 Nancy Breland Jessica Waldrop Harris Pamela Williams Lowe Gamma Sigma Troy University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Christine Cook Hutson $500 Jewel $500 - $999

Diamond Diamond Circle $250,000$250,000 s Circle Pearl Circle Pearl Circle $100,000 $100,000 •


Gamma Sigma Troy University (cont.) Rebecca Bowes Murphy |

$2,500 - $4,999 Jeanene Fowler | Lisa Frese Randall

$100 - $249 Karen Hamilton Esposito Janet Starkel Gaddy {

$1,904 Jewel $1,904 - $2,499 Kathleen Dieterman Sammarco {

$1 - $99 Jennifer Martin Bernheim Gayle Beazley Decker Sara Insley Dunbar Meradith Dunn Rita Harden Lunsford Jorine Hamrick Olson

$1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Kristine Ashford { Patricia Caudle p Lisa Custer { Diana Bennett Eaton p Jane Ames Heyward { Courtney Huskamp Huggins p Susan Prentice Irby { Jani Macari Pallis | Jeanette Raines Rogers p Kimberly Zimmerman Shorter | B. Jane Skelton p Penny Harrell Tinkler {

Gamma Tau University of West Georgia $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Michelle Flake Morgan Γ $100 - $249 Lynn Taylor Faller { Deborah Merritt Wightman $1 - $99 Martha McEachern Abney Diane Hopkins Johnson Rachel Boehl Niemiec Barbara Walton Smith Nancy Seay Waller Gamma Upsilon University of Montevallo $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Carol Clenney { Nancy Bailey Knickerbocker


$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Pamela MacPherson Young | $100 - $249 Regina Brady Day Phyllis Ferguson { $1 - $99 Amanda Beck Valeria Valdes Breen Debra Elliott Cardin D. Catherine Anderson Gettle Charlotte Powell Howton Karen Kelly { Leigh Kitchens Mello Kristen Morris Elaine Marino Salas Amy Snyder Lauris Mattina Stewart Gamma Phi Georgia Institute of Technology $5,000 Jewel $5,000 - $9,999 Liz Harriss York p $2,500 Jewel

Kathryn Jones Perszyk Amanda Brooks Phelps Karen Ueberschaer Schnur

$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Angela Pike Baker { Melody Butler Sharon Friedman Della Fera { Rachel Douglas Jenny E. Drinkard Lindsey Bray Dunnahoo Sarah Edwards { Michelle Elizabeth Engler { Sara Johnson { Sophia Kassam Jane Howton Martin Megan Morris Ramsey { Darcy Delano Riley Emily Yandle Rottman Shannon Vittur { $250 - $499 Melanee Cray Arrieta Andrea Clarkson Bentley Amy Westergreen Cordner Ashley Johnson Daniel Robin Forrest { Marianna Jewell Jo Anne Bernadette Johnson { Kara Kazazean Caroline Mahoney { Carolyn Monnerat Mestnik | Jennifer Mayberry Sasser Sue Settles { Karen Maslinski Stevens { Megan Smith Stieg { $100 - $249 Jennie Colosi Balboni | Elizabeth Springer Hollander Bodner Ting Cheng Georgette Pereira Harrell Casey Hill Shannon Cohen Lewis Melissa Watts Mancill Rachel Daffer Martin Christina Morton Minderman

$1 - $99 Jennifer Brecher Ashley Brooks Tricia Dunlevy Lynn East Hoover Sharon Jadrnak Stacey Reimer Kumpf Susan Oravec Matthews Rebecca O’Donnell Nels Miriam Alytia Patton Stefanie Presley Meghan Fischer Pressley Ann McConnell Stephenson { Katherine Rowley Sutco { Elaine Webb Gamma Psi University of North Alabama $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Joni Lumpkin Willingham $100 - $249 Sandi Berryhill Cantrell Susie Morris Ray { Patricia Williams Roden Lia Pope White $1 - $99 Sabrina Kimbrough Hagen Holly Sullivan Ingram Tammie Self Terry Gamma Omega University of Alabama at Birmingham $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Dana Peden-Gentile | $250 - $499 Jennifer Avant Goodwin $100 - $249 Kim Swindle Glover Layne Sims Haley Sims Diana Zarzeka $1 - $99 DeeAnn Fortner Arnett Lori Dooley Feist Catherine McKissick Gibson Michelle Lowry Jeana LaRussa Wiggins Robin Baker Wright

$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Diana Agajanian | Barbara Meador Callard | Debra Knox Gomez { Karen Nordstrom Meyer Sandra Boots Tiberti { Penelope Scott Yarrow { $100 - $249 Beth Aspen Braziller { Janiece L. Burnette Phyllis Clement Campbell { Reid Reilly Dorwin Candy Allen Duncan Janice Walker Gordon Laury Sanor Graves Betty Propeck Holloway Eleanor Pierce Kelso | Sarajane Sutter Kirby | Ann Morzov Matthiessen Janet Carty Muller Melody Nishida p Linda Glover Rylett { Candace Harper Wheeler { $1 - $99 Karen Aseltine Helyn Hollingsworth Cannan Carol McCluer Chapman Lisa Joslyn De La Torre Susan See Elftman Juanita Mills Feeder Catherine Schroeder Gaidner Joyce Massey Grant Dorothy Lorenz Harte Maurene Smith Hogan Marcia Gettman Krueger Leslie Vorbach Lilly Mildred Webb Lowrey Jeanne Keeler McGirk Nadene Gruwell Minear * { Suzanne Noyes Neff { Susan Shane Pacini Carol Breitkrautz Pangburn Annice Pelentay Marijane Perkins Virginia Mogle Pietila Anne Rubsamen { Ruth Clement Scheppers Lori Cavanaugh Schreier Carole Bauer Shook { Marijayne Wallace Stegman Linda Beamer Taylor Barbara Barry Thomas Amy Fine Tiedemann Marvalee Hendricks Wake Sonnee Stallman Weedn

Delta Beta Delta Alpha University of Southern California Washington State University $25,000 Jewel $5,000 Jewel $25,000 - and up $5,000 - $9,999 Joyce Aamot Greene * Γ Bette Bush Foster * | Christine Ofiesh Γ

Δ Delta Circle



Γ Gamma Circle


| Double Rose Circle

Alpha Circle

$10,000 $5,000

{ Buff Rose Circle




Honor Roll of

Delta Beta Washington State University (cont.) $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Ruth Ellingwood Dorman { Cecelia Quirk |

Marcia Cameron Graham {

$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Lori Andrew Henneger { Holly Whitcomb Henry { Janice Holtorf Hirsch {

$1 - $99 Barbara Ebeling Carney Alyce Willmarth Drescher { Jane Harding Knight Edith Ebell Scott Marlene Dunk Smith Jean Rhine Socolojsky Margaret Rauch Warnke

$250 - $499 Elizabeth Hazelton Paget { Laura Child Preece $100 - $249 Bonnie Stack Christianson { Debra Patterson Lisser { Jacquelyn Wehring Moore { Donna Albrigtson Yelich $1 - $99 Susan Hoop Bishop Molly Kramer Brunner Faris Dearborn Charbonneau Wendi Kepner Damico Marilyn Holert Drengson Beverly Hall Ehlers Elizabeth Raugust Fox { Betty Hummel Griffith { Leslie Sides Guarino Carol Overstreet Jeffords Anne Harris Kepner Carol Seegert Kocher Anne Ludwick Long Victoria Suzuki Miles Lee Drake Zahniser { Delta Gamma Montana State University $100 - $249 Christine Blow Frazee Betty Vanatta Henderson Courtney Cox Kellum Janet Myers Lowney { Nita Coleman Ostlund Kathleen Porter Thompson Donna Sheets Wagner { $1 - $99 Lois Hoefert Aring Virginia Mann Bliss Vickie Hemstad Jody Collis King Josephine Barrier Martin Eleanor Vanatta McKamey Grace Gartner Metsker Carol Mathews Roehm Janice Kathary Vigre Delta Delta University of Oregon $250 - $499

$100 - $249 Judith Wiant Gavin { Martha Baxter Haake Muriel Hagendoorn Raz { Leann Johnston Roque {

Delta Epsilon University of California-Los Angeles $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Penelope Thompson Donnelly { Charlon Brown Franke { Sandra Goodwin Streech { $250 - $499 Barbara Keith Richardson { Marion Steele Wilson { $100 - $249 Gail Tyler Neher { Priscilla Gaskill Robertson { Tamara Durnall Tabak $1 - $99 Beverly Bush Aggen Gail Pearson Anderson Margaret Callahan Bent Jana Bickel Elisabeth Yeoman Briffett * | Esther Machlin Chew Almarene Williams Cook Shirley Joiner Cooper Johanna Gunn Helen Roche Johnston Judy Boster Mark { Mary McGoey { Bregette Etter Moseley Jo-Ann Smyth Neubig Janice Miller Noren Julie How O’Brien Melanie Sharon O’Donnell Mary Campbell Rodebaugh { Marilyn Wolfe Sakata Ann Lee Shane Elizabeth Beeson Thorsen Delta Zeta University of British Columbia $1 - $99 Joan Jarvis Campbell * Jessica Lou Valerie McDermott Elizabeth Carlson Weingart

Chapter2013 Chapter Grand *Grand 34 quarterly* summer Planned Gift Planned Donor Gift Donor

F ♥

Delta Eta San Diego State University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Naomi Grant Hartley { Lynn Miller Hartline | Janet Russell Lind { Frances Mettlach McCrackin |

Cristine Miller {

$100 - $249 Patricia Holcombe Gylock Fran Wallace Holland { Janet Purvis Lisle { Nancy Woodbridge Petersen { Sandra Sarff Punch Andrea Clitheroe Rice Daryl McKenna Swanson

$100 - $249 Elfriede Walzberg Bagley { Tanya Matarazzo Domier Kimberly Lewis Krause Vesta Betonte McDonald { Janet Rogers Metallo Jolie Graves Webb

$1 - $99 Margaret Williams Bennett Nadine Williamson Boldrick Isobel Bruen Chisum Michelle Joseph Defelippi Patricia Carey Floren { Patricia Groener Hansen Janet Moss Johnson Gloria Suarez Justus Kristin Amundson Ogley { Marilyn Byrne Tesh Jane Wilson Wittkow Kathleen Leicester Wolfskill { Delta Theta University of Idaho $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Charlotte Ruckman Misner


$250 - $499 Patricia Stroh Loo { $100 - $249 Elisabeth Jolley Gibb Elizabeth Misner Johnson * Melinda Sloviaczek Smyser Patricia Burns Stice


$1 - $99 Ashley Bechtel Sherry Walsh Fanning { Stacey Pack Fordemwalt Kristina Svendsen Herron Sharon Houck Hood { Shallece Mecham Jacobs Stephanie Brewer Joswick Kimberly Adams Milks Kristin Pond Montgomery Edna Jones Neal Janet Novak Seitz Jashinski { Jennifer Tucker D. Anne Frazier Walradt Linda Werner p

$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Theresa Dolan { $250 - $499 Janet Hepler Gillespie { Marilee Swor Meuter {

$1 - $99 Janice Wallace Bright Linda Bergemann Chaix Jaimie-Lynn Craig Nadine Silva Davi Laurie Stone Fennell Samantha Figlia Sandra Nason Griffin Donna DeDomenico Holpainen { Janeen Ayoob Hubiak Toni Page Jorgensen Doris Perdue Kaiser Deborah Strauss Little Jayne Stolte Marchesi Alison Miller Marilyn Morcomb Planzer Mary Lough Smith Eunice Jones Wesp { Delta Kappa University of Alberta $1 - $99 Jennifer Silvius Carla Walli Delta Mu University of California-Santa Barbara $100 - $249 Laurie Barrons Jean Bosworth Garcia Delta Nu University of Calgary $1 - $99 Kelly Hopper Sophie Piche Delta Xi Arizona State University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Ellen Wenzel

$100 - $249 Elizabeth Leigh Barratt Delta Iota California State University-Chico Laura Jones Skousen $1,000 Jewel $1 - $99 $1,000 - $1,903 Lynn Livernois Adams

Annulet F Annulet$1,000,000 $1,000,000 Founder♥Circle Founder $500,000 Circle $500,000


Diamond Diamond Circle $250,000$250,000 s Circle Pearl Circle Pearl Circle $100,000 $100,000 •

Delta Xi Arizona State University (cont.) Candida Jacobs Bell DaNeil Colarich Olson Judith Davis Thompson Delta Rho Sonoma State University $100 - $249 Wendy Bright Faust { $1 - $99 Fallon Segarini Adolph Amanda Hale Megan Reed Delta Sigma University of Hawaii at Manoa $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Kristen Anders { Mary Ikeda Miwa | $1 - $99 Marcia Hill Delta Tau Chapman University $1 - $99 Dawn Datte Mary Roewekamp Engman Martha Kroeze Faust Erica Garcia Vint Epsilon Alpha University of Missouri $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Denise Austin Dudenhoeffer Judith Hayes Hand | Nann Blaine Hilyard p Sara Acuff Smith { $250 - $499 Betty Smith Hawkins { Michelle Yuenger { $100 - $249 Marianne Messmann Antweiler Michelle Barbeau Brenda Bier Barton { Betty Buschart Brand Beverly Fulton Cameron Charlene Morris Conrad | Mary Marks Hurlocker | Elizabeth Perdue Hyde { Lorna Longwell Johnson Rondi Payne { Barbara Rockelman Reed Paula Egbert Ross Rita Sullivan Rundquist Lorinda Kirkwood Stombaugh { Carol Smith White $1 - $99 Carol Reppel Amling | Virginia Kalen Argabright Margaret Rose Bauer

Teresa Briscoe Brun Margaret Pegues Chapman Joan Creech Charles Rose Rice Dishman { Christine Ragsdale Ewing Jill Casey Gainer Stacia Hentz Dorothy Wilson Hungate Karen Keating Jung Janice Wilson Martinette Mauda Grimes McGeorge Shirley McCallister Meinert Nancy Corinne O’Shea Carol Clemons Thomas { Nancy Harris Vineyard { Joe Ann Russell Yocom Epsilon Beta University of Kansas $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Barb Krumme Geiger { $100 - $249 Jennifer Thole Berquist { Kerri Christman Kelley Kendra Langhans Christine McMahon Malchow Roxanne Travelute M. Terri Gajewski Valentine

Epsilon Delta University of Texas at Austin $2,500 Jewel $2,500 - $4,999 Benita Wilson Dick Γ $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Patsy Smith Davis Γ $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Betty Leatherwood Adams p Susan Kiefner Cage | SaRita Obelgoner Parker |

Epsilon Epsilon William Jewell College $250 - $499 Melanie Griffin Cline {

$100 - $249 Martivee Curtin Aratoon

$100 - $249 Norma Moss Barto {


Make An

For the past 50 years, the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation has provided essential support for education, philanthropy and leadership to Alpha Gams worldwide. With your continued support, we can continue to impact the lives of many.



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$250 - $499 Kay Tannehill O’Halleran {

$1 - $99 Evelyn Watkins Bauman { Lois Thomas Boyd Alice Dralle Cozens Charlotte Schroeder Estlow Leann Decker Lancaster Nancy Smith Odell Debra Ogledzinski Jennifer Pakradooni Patricia Maguire Shaw


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Epsilon Gamma University of Denver $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Dorothy Atkinson Ehrhart * |

$100 - $249 Martha Fulton Gorden { Carol Newman Greene { Mickey Gates Maker { Ardlen Simpson Orrino Virginia Vincent Sewall Betty Francis Vincent

$1 - $99 Kathleen Kime Graham Frances Pittard Haynes Helen Swanson Kininmonth Dorothy Schell Martin Elizabeth Cook McMillian Martha Kercheville Newton Diana Clark Phillips Dorothy Thornton Rencurrel Sharon Edmiston Seago {

$250 - $499 Doreene Frizzell Boubel { Laura Glass Hensley { Lelia Van Norden Kelley {

$1 - $99 Annie Kathleen Calvert Mary Sampson Fay { Lindsay Hansen Gwynn Jennings Jackson Heather Stone

$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Gail Calkins Duree

Theodora Vanderwerth Boehm { Angela Steinle Hairston { Janice Jochec Shirley Rose Kraus {




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$10,000 $5,000

{ Buff Rose Circle




Honor Roll of

Epsilon Epsilon William Jewell College (cont.) Joyce Edson Hoech Terri Schneider Modlin Marcia Love Pierce Jacqueline Steen Stonum Diane Brown Wicker { $1 - $99 Alice Rowland Algie Janice Thomas Baker Joyce Arnold Bergman Hanna Lockwood Dobberstine Janet Bailey Durbin Patty Davis Ellis Linda Harger Jolly Kristin Leitze Epsilon Zeta Arkansas State University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Ada Marsh Oldham | $100 - $249 Sandra Wood Faltemier Leigh Robinson Garrison Allison Denman Holland Janell Zeug { $1 - $99 Gloria Gamblin Eickmeyer Sara Snow Goodin Courtney Gardner Hoffman Nita Vanhook Lindsey Karon Sturdivant Mathews Nancy Redd McGee { Arda Tomlinson McMullan Mary Allen Ray Judith Shannon Roe Donna Reichen Shipman Catherine Smart Williams Mitzi Langlois Young Epsilon Eta Texas Christian University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Susan Havran Carter | Shirley Heald { Carol Ferguson Wiener { $100 - $249 Deborah Hill Johnson Nancy Mitchell Ogrod { $1 - $99 Susan Bond Butsch Barbara Stroud Cannon Helen Huff Dunlap Pamela Nix Gilmore { Hazel Ault Godhelp Gretchen Lutz Leslie Martin Dana Arbuckle McBratney Jane H. Olmstead

Mary Packard { Ann Ferrell Ritchie Sheila Grant Thayer { Sue Sperling Vincent Epsilon Theta University of Colorado Boulder $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Kathleen Fisk Christiansen | $100 - $249 Jane Larson Alder { Carol Mueller Koontz { Mary Heimann Linn { Sally Yewens Meisner Mary Kelley Wyss-Cummings { $1 - $99 Nancy Pearce Garrett Mary Kellogg Kirby Cydnee McMullen Cynthia Thomas Karen Winquist Waligorski Epsilon Iota University of Northern Colorado $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Cindy Griffin Haas { Susan Turman | Patricia O’Connor Vreeland | $1 - $99 Nancy Johnson Heagney { Kristen Fagre Healy Ruth Boyle Holt Mary Sue Myers Myrtle Hickman Stanley Grace Wright Eloise Brown Young Epsilon Kappa Pittsburg State University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Lynda Beachner Banwart { $100 - $249 Katherine Bradshaw Chappelear Carla Slattery Moore $1 - $99 Virginia Harkins Agnew Sue Rash Albers { Angela Cameron Ball Angela Corrigan Bielefeld Amie Smith Brooks Ida Harris Combs Shannon Nichols Fletcher Margaret Latinis Hays Karen Simpson McCurley Deborah Hull Myers Susan Coury Rogers Marcia Meyer Roos Joyce Ryder Terbovich A. Rosemary Parrish Uhlenhop

Chapter2013 Chapter Grand *Grand 36 quarterly* summer Planned Gift Planned Donor Gift Donor

F ♥

Epsilon Lambda University of Central Missouri $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Sherralyn Denning Craven Γ

$100 - $249 Tammy Malicoate Devine Ashley Kemp Kay Cunningham Rice Mary Epps Welch {

$100 - $249 Pamela Drake Bales

$1 - $99 Patricia Taylor Caplinger Cynthia Lewis Crawford Martha Wieduwilt Jessup Patricia Cunningham Landrum Amy Hervey Wingfield

$1 - $99 Janice Beatty Connie Riecke Bray Denise Whiting Edwards Wendy Enright Cheryle Lyons Henley Ruth Harlan Lamb Debra Saylor Lumley { April Gibbs Milne Linda Loveland Rinehart { Eva Israel Silverman Adrienne Taylor Stevens Epsilon Mu Fort Hays State University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Judie Brown Webb $250 - $499 Renee Scheuermann Davis { $100 - $249 Karen Conard Brannam Shelley Sutton { $1 - $99 Julie Farrell Billinger Alicia Thornhill Crutcher Sandra Jo Boys Daugherty Tammy Kurtz Eilert Jone Courtney Galloway { Angela Leggett Gaughan Elizabeth Berning Gerber Lisa Sederlin Isaacson Paula Schoendaller Keefer Juneil Thomm McQueen Daphne Perez Nusz Jan Post Stejskal Terry Deal Waggle Tina Todd Wiebe Epsilon Nu University of Central Oklahoma $2,500 Jewel $2,500 - $4,999 Kimberly Martin Klaus p $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Lauren Allen Hammack { Rie Gerah Hoehner p Marcie Worl Kirchberg | Roseann Gerah Nida { Melvalyn Smith Springborn {

Epsilon Xi East Central University $1,904 Jewel $1,904 - $2,499 Kelly Lucas Davenport | $1 - $99 Elizabeth Negrete Chandra Bridges Stroope Epsilon Omicron Southwestern Oklahoma State University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Becky Kelly Harvey | $1 - $99 Gayla Taylor Cox Epsilon Rho Texas A&M University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Julie Payne Kirchmeier { $100 - $249 Charlotte Jamieson Jennifer Powell { Jennifer Wyatt Sadler Marye Jackson Scantlin Cynthia McHatton Vines $1 - $99 Jane Carmichael Bickham Ronda Lenser Dillard Epsilon Upsilon Tarleton State University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Donna Plumlee Hendrix | $100 - $249 Annette C. Albrecht Gertrude Carlson $1 - $99 Donnelle Sterling Cuellar Jami Ables Lovelady Jennifer Luton Moore

$250 - $499 Jane Hanlin Hier

Annulet F Annulet$1,000,000 $1,000,000 Founder♥Circle Founder $500,000 Circle $500,000


Diamond Diamond Circle $250,000$250,000 s Circle Pearl Circle Pearl Circle $100,000 $100,000 •

Epsilon Phi Texas Woman’s University $1 - $99 Muttaya Chaivashirasak Bollich Amber Garrison Duncan { Megan Elizabeth Kleiman Erin Robb Ana Maria Perdomo Epsilon Psi University of Texas at Dallas $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Holly Phillips Rudnick { $250 - $499 Miranda Chamblee Barsch $1 - $99 Kristin Freeborn Suzanne Renee Hengst Lara Kuonen Rachel Malone Schepps Jordan Wallace Epsilon Omega Truman State University $250 - $499 Katherine Bross Green { $100 - $249 Lara Blake Bors Josephine Medallada Swanson $1 - $99 Emily Albright Lindsay Smith Bailey Nicole Birdsill Buesse Lindsay Burcham Amy DeBaets Elizabeth Evers Andrea Hein Guzman Rachel Haskamp Jennifer Misuraca Rich Jennifer Yu Montgomery Lisa Mueller Amy Ochoa Katherine Meadows Raia Jessica Schmittgens Elizabeth Schuerman Jessica Sleater Jessica Talbert Zeta Alpha Eastern Michigan University $1 - $99 Shauna Paulsell Brown Denise DiFranco Browning { Victoria Hamilton Everett Laura Schulz Zeta Beta Lehigh University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Mary Beth Dulcey Morabito |

$1 - $99 Sara Bailin Brittany Besler Maria Dillon Karen Frary Gambarani Constance Paul Greendoner Linda Eickemeyer Kelly Judith Lannin Panagakos Maria Pankos Pruitt Laura Yearsley Riehl Amy Shotmeyer Zeta Delta Towson University $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Michele Hartlove p

$1 - $99 Naomi Boatright Colleen Ellsworth Christine Gagnon Christine Cafarella Gibbons Anne Mannarelli Gregory Augustina Mills Karen Zalewski Oliver Krystal Parker AnneMarie Daly Riechmann Julie Banach Roy Constance Keefe Sanneman Mary Kate Toomey Zeta Eta Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Laura Tedford

$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Janis Lang Bartosz | Lesley A. Hubbard |

$1 - $99 Shayna Abelman Janet Balson Andrews Megan Haupt M. Teresa Kneavel Haupt Laura Hemenway Wendy Hucht Lanahan Angela Kriemelmeyer Moore Zeta Epsilon Michigan Technological University $100 - $249 Jill Henschel Caruso { Ellen Horsch Pamela Harrison Roberts Lorraine Card Wright $1 - $99 Tiffany Korn Janet Turner Lomasney Rebecca Shetron Nold { Amy Dalrymple Ryan Sandra Lack Whaley Zeta Zeta Worcester Polytechnic Institute $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Cynthia Moser { Sara J. Swiatlowski { $250 - $499 Lena DesPlaines $100 - $249 Lynn Marzano France Claudine Gagnon McCluskey Elizabeth Archambault Stank Suzanne Logcher Yeghiayan {

$100 - $249 Christine Pawlowski Sullivan $1 - $99 Jennifer Claycomb Koehler Laurie Esplen Koster Zeta Mu Richard Stockton College of New Jersey $100 - $249 Elizabeth Edmiston $1 - $99 Monica Coralluzzo Roman

100 - $249 Sujatha Reddy {

$250 - $499 Susan Biddison Plummer

Zeta Kappa University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Jennifer Werni Hughes {

$1 - $99 Maria Vallejo Fehling Laurinda MacKinnon Jeanne Connor Osborn Gabriela Rodriguez

Zeta Nu Alma College $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Mary Jo Toth {

Zeta Theta Lafayette College $100 - $249 Gretel Raibeck

$100 - $249 Kathleen Lanphear Janelle Kauffman Moore Carrie Rau Schmidt

$1 - $99 Elisabeth Edwards Bratlien Elissa Ebeling Kaufer Sandra Veresink Kovacs Sara Kreisel Julie Pollock Trainor {

$1 - $99 Katelynd Dreger Erin Wicker Sager Janitza Ocasio Sawyer

Zeta Iota Miami University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Andrea Smith { Debra Collins Watt { $100 - $249 Laurie Vetter Lehman $1 - $99 Mary Ann Walsh Akin Karla Rhodeback Berger Kristina Held Chadwick Sharon Dudley Jennifer Giardina Kennedy Laura H. Letton Sue Ellen Wright Maher Kimberly Nelson { Kimberly Klavora Plein Ryann Levering White

Δ Delta Circle



Γ Gamma Circle


| Double Rose Circle

Alpha Circle

$10,000 $5,000

Zeta Xi Cornell University $1 - $99 Karen Kircher Capwell Jill Miller Zeta Omicron Kettering University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Stephannie Sack Bailey | Adrienne Kerr Beckett { Susan Eberts Prater p $100 - $249 Heather Slotnick Mueller $1 - $99 Aimee Queen Melissa Scheich Zeta Pi Saint Joseph’s University $1 - $99 Deanna Martz Drnevich Melissa Hilferty Stewart

{ Buff Rose Circle




Honor Roll of

Zeta Rho Quinnipiac University $1 - $99 Karyn Kahl Layton

Zeta Sigma Northwood University $100 - $249 Marissa Janazzo Salsbury Zeta Upsilon Northern Michigan University $1 - $99 Emily Erickson Zeta Phi McMaster University $1 - $99 Heather Stading Gillbanks Zeta Chi University of Western Ontario $250 - $499 Stacey McCready Pipicelli $100 - $249 Martha M. Clementino $1 - $99 Chantal Coulen Simard Zeta Psi Western Michigan University $100 - $249 Stacey Brabenec Etue $1 - $99 Megan Edwards Zeta Omega University of Ontario Institute of Technology $1 - $99 Jessica Cogar Theta Alpha Louisiana State University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Penny Heuiser { $100 - $249 Michelle Maillet Menard Mary Gerlow Oellermann Alison Langlois Peick $1 - $99 Iolanda Ingrassia Goodfellow { Laura Aymond Proctor Theta Beta Auburn University at Montgomery $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Rebecca Battle-Bryant {

$100 - $249 Betty Baggett Hall Janet Bryan Young $1 - $99 Kelly Smith Foshee Aryn E. Guy Ellen Russell Hatfield Theta Delta University of North Georgia $1,904 Jewel $1,904 - $2,499 Sylvia Ferry p $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Melissa Brown { $250 - $499 Diane Beckford Bogue $100 - $249 Melanie Brown { Melissa A. Peters $1 - $99 Lisa White Carlock Erin Kate Connolly Anne Weldon Hehir Katie Mayers Pamela Glenton Nix Christy Stanley Tempo Kay Jones Vaught Ashley Winsor Theta Epsilon University of South Alabama $100 - $249 Amanda Williamson Moore $1 - $99 Martha Robbins Burrell Michele Williams Early Bethany Hammock Jana Budoff Maynard Theta Zeta Randolph-Macon College $1 - $99 Ellen Buck Catherine Crow Caldwell Patricia Fredrick Cristin Autrey Gilley Emily Rebert Hungate Linda Mabry Wilkinson Theta Eta University of Tennessee at Martin $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,903 Ann Wimmer Matthews {

$1 - $99 Cinthia Eichhorn Ashley Shelton Griffith Bonnie Poynor Theta Theta Mississippi State University $100 - $249 Leslie Salzmann $1 - $99 Anne Myers Cavin Amy Douglas Shawn Hiltunen Johnston Virginia Herring Sorgen Theta Iota Western Kentucky University $100 - $249 Phyllis Parrott $1 - $99 Sarah Franklin Joye Spinks Kimberly Davenport Hunt Vince Jennifer Owens West Theta Kappa University of Virginia $250 - $499 Tara Wheeler Prather $1 - $99 Elizabeth Dunn Angela Smith Christine Moore Theta Lambda University of West Florida $1 - $99 Kate Godbold Brotherton Erica Oliver Cordes Kristen David Klein Lisa Vallin Theta Mu University of North CarolinaWilmington $100 - $249 Christel Brady McMillan { Lisa Pridgen Rosser { $1 - $99 Lindsay Walker McCall Sarah White Wendi Witek Theta Nu Virginia Commonwealth University $1 - $99 Jeannine Rosado

Theta Xi Clemson University $100 - $249 Nicole Roberts Diak Christine Workman $1 - $99 Cristina Johnson Theta Omicron Western Carolina University $1 - $99 April Bone Amanda Hamby Whitney King Held Allison Hinson Kenney Dawn Pasley Myers Jennifer Rossi Southwell Theta Pi Lambuth University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Michelle Parks { $1 - $99 Lisa Allen Alisha Irene Wyatt Tanya Hughes Theta Rho Barry University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Eileen Eiler McManis { Theta Sigma Valdosta State University $1 - $99 Jayme Wolfe Smith-Bergman Willa Valencia Theta Tau Belmont University $500 Jewel $500 - $999 Mary Noel $1 - $99 Sarah Horn Marisa Toth McLeod Allison Pellicciotti Sydney Houser Smith Christina Sullivan Twist Theta Upsilon Georgetown College $100 - $249 Andrea Martin Anderson $1 - $99 Diane Alder

$500 Jewel $500 - $999 Catherine L. Matthews {

Chapter2013 Chapter Grand *Grand 38 quarterly* summer Planned Gift Planned Donor Gift Donor

F ♥

Annulet F Annulet$1,000,000 $1,000,000 Founder♥Circle Founder $500,000 Circle $500,000


Diamond Diamond Circle $250,000$250,000 s Circle Pearl Circle Pearl Circle $100,000 $100,000 •

Theta Phi University of Tampa $1 - $99 Jeanie Donnenwirth Baker Kim Muong Guernsey Rosemary Cutillo Woodbury Theta Chi Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University $1 - $99 Manisha Patel Laura Bhatta Thomas Tara VanDoren Kappa Beta Missouri Western State University $100 - $249 Hanna Taylor $1 - $99 Tawana Carter Lisa Crawford Friends of the Foundation $5,000 Jewel $5,000 - $10,000 Gloria Rumsfield p $2,500 Jewel $2,500 - $5,000 David Brule, Sr. { $1,904 Jewel $1,904 - $2,500 Mike & Betty Devereaux Δ $1,000 Jewel $1,000 - $1,904 Donald & Suzanne Hilliker p Elizabeth & Thomas Hudspeth { Edward M. & Jeanette Raines Rogers p $500 Jewel $500 - $1,000 Cathy Aquino John Blake Joseph Gamble Susan Putman { Keith & Karen Sherman Keith Steiner | Steven Witte { $250 - $499 Regan Aduddell Mark & Ellen Braunstein { Michael & Kathleen Cunningham Patricia Fischer

Joseph & Leslie Floren { Christine & Mike Gleason Tim & Jill Heffron Carl & Kris Jones Jim & Gigi Maciel Troy & Patricia Swinford { Ken Wheat { $100 - $249 Rhonda Adams Randy & Mary Altshuler Suzanne Arpante Rick & Teresa Austin Robert & Lisa Balliet Denise Balma Raymond & Karen Barley Jason Belcher Wendy Bertone Wayne & Marion Billingsley Gail & Robert Bodenheimer Kurt & Melodie Bramstedt Michael & Jeanne Brasher David & Mindy Brass Karen Brda Lisa & David Brewer Scot Brick Dan & Karen Briskie Dr. Jose & Denise Cara Michael & Jodelle Carder Carol & Tony Carrico Eddie & Alesia Carter Darlene & John Casuccio Josephine Cheng Amy Clark David & Debbie Collette Mary Cooley Angela Cornia Robert & Wilma Couch Catherine & Bob Cowgill Steven & Jo-Ann David Susan & David Dean Tanya & Patrick DePriest Clif & Janice Detamore Jeff & Shelley Devereaux Tammy Diseroad Ray Douglas Michael & Lori Duffy Anne & Karl Dunajcik Cassie Eberhard Steve & Jodene Edmonds Mary Beth Eichinger Michela Engle Lori Epstein Barbara Faria Linda Farley Joseph Fayer Patricia Fechter Ron & Sue Frentz Al & Cindy Gibbs

Robert & Tambra Gifford Roxanne & Perry Given Tom Glavin Karol Godsey Tami Goldring Paul & Kathi Gorman Lauren & Michael Gottfried Margot & Nick Graham Rose A Gravatt John & Julie Greene Lynda & Mike Hale Katherine Hall William & Martha Hall Robert & Janet Hallett Deborah & William Hartnett Pam Herman Kaye & Paul Hert Rick & Jenny Hickox Paul & Johnna Hochkammer Scott & Mary Jo Hoehnen Bill & Andi Hoff Jeff & Penny Hoker Rochelle Holden Michael Holstein Robert & Robyn Horner Michelle Horvath Sue & Phil John Alan & Kathy Johns Lynn Johnson Dorian & William Jordan Joy Karel Michele Kerchman Kevin & Linda Kloentrup Gail & Jim Kohlmann Michael & Jayna Koler Howard & Elaine Koolick Mike Kopp John & Patricia Kornacker Thomas Eldred Kretzschmar Steve & Kim Kuhn Kathy Kurz-Crowe Chris & Caryn Lapinski Carolyn Lepman Molly & Ted Lucien Ricardo Lucio Katerina Lusterio Debra & Larry Marks William & Cynthia McAvoy Kelly McCarley Mindy & David McDonald Sherry & Kevin Meadows Carol Meeker Mark & Susan Millsap Gary Monk James & Darlene Moore Rodney Napier Kimberly Nations Damian & Sally Neeld Andrew & Sharon Novak

Δ Delta Circle



Γ Gamma Circle


| Double Rose Circle

Alpha Circle

$10,000 $5,000

Scott & Tina O’Brien Kay Oliver Kelley Parish Al & Debra Pelkowski Debbie Pierce Bob & Joy Pilcher Liesa & James Pitts Laura & Bob Politi Gilda Pollard Jim & Angel Porch Mark & Lisa Powell Beth & Robert Probst Kristi Reierson Dan & Debbie Renzaglia Frank & Maureen Santoni Gennaro & Christine Savarese Alan & Nancy Sawyer Kelly Scheidler Amy Scherschligt Stephan & Patricia Schlagel William Schmidt JJ & Michelle Schuelke Rob Schwab Maria & Michael Scirica Hillery & Robert Shinn Adie & Bill Shore Mark & Kate Sontag Mitchell Steinberg Pamela & Joseph Stella Sheryl & Scott Takahashi The Takeda Family Mary Lou TenBrink Anna & Paul Theofan Sandy & Doug Thomas Cindy Thompson Terry & Susan Toal Darian & Russell Touhey Charles & Rhonda Townsend Steve & Donna Travis Patricia & David Turner Pamela Vaughan Ann Vautrin Erin Walczewski Theresa Waller Kelly Walther Alan & Lesha Whorton Peter & Karen Wibell Tim & Deanne Williams Cynthia Lykins Wilson Steve Winkler Jennifer Wood Katharine Yelas Kathleen Younker Cynthia & Blake Zizzi

{ Buff Rose Circle




Honor Roll of

Friends of the Foundation (cont.) $1 - $99 Brenda Abbott Angie Ahrens Laura Bajuk Laura & Dennis Beckley William & Barbara Bell David & Sharon Boyer Janice & Harry Boyko Mike & Debra Bozymski Patrick & James Caton Patti & Joel Clousing Nancy Crosby Jan & Bob Dale Eddie & Meg Deaton Tom & Mary Donohue Nancy Dornfeld Linda & Mike Ellis Gary & Beverly Ferrell Janie Frances Angela Friar Tom & Karen Hake James & Elizabeth Hoffman Suzette Howe Matt Jennings Robert & Lucille Kesilman Arie Krier Jamie Sheriff Law Ronald & Theresa Lynch Kathy Madsen Richard Marquart Vessie Mateva Richard McGowan Ruth Poradyla & Bob McMillan Guillermina Sanchez & Juan Medina Joe Mitchell Janet Nagreski James & Mary Nee Dan & Annette Noble Sandra Oliver-Moesen Martha Oman Marie & Paul Pagios Nathaniel & Bedra Peters Jessica Post

Nancy & George Pytlik Joanne & Larry Reagan Sue Richardson Martha Roach Cynthia Ryan-Meissner Cathie Ryan-Shapiro Gina Schmeider Debra & William Sears Debbie & Howard Shaffer William Shultz Paul Staley Jim & Brenda Teal JoAnn & Tom Trail Phil & Cheryl Van Ness Nancy VanBalen { Jaymi Marie Victor Peggy Watt Debbie & Lloyd West Jim & Brenda Westbury Jeff & Clara Willey Patricia Wilson

Companies & Organizations $25,000 and up First American Trust s Northwestern Mutual Δ

$5,000 - $9,999 Hamilton Properties LLC | The Chicago Community Trust Γ Trust for Fred B. Foster |

$1,904 - $2,500

GE Foundation p Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program p

$1,000 - $1,904

Bee Line Courier Service { Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta { Community Foundation of Greater Flint p Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund | Metal Works of Chicago { OMEGAFI | Peters Wholesale Furnishings {

Chapter2013 Chapter Grand *Grand 40 quarterly* summer Planned Gift Planned Donor Gift Donor

F ♥

$500 - $1,000

ALGAR, Inc. Community Foundation of Central Illinois { Digital Pix { Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation | Hickey Foundation Matching Gift Center Microsoft Matching Gifts Program { Mile High United Way { Sigma Chi Fraternity Tito & Sandra Tiberti Foundation { Truist { United Way of Bay Area { United Way of Greater Milwaukee { University of Michigan Greek Week | Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

$250 - $499

Allstate Giving Campaign { AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign { Broadway Arts Center Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program | Cleveland Marathon Charities First Tennessee Foundation Foundation For The Carolinas { JP Morgan Chase Foundation { Network for Good The Taylor Company Union Bank Employee Workplace Campaign United Way of Central Indiana

Annulet F Annulet$1,000,000 $1,000,000 Founder♥Circle Founder $500,000 Circle $500,000


$100 - $249

Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation Bank of the West C.R. Bard Foundation Dayton Foundation { Epsilon Nu Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha Frat Collection GoodSearch { IN State Employees’ Community Giving IUP Interfraternity Council IUP National Pan-hellenic Council IUP Panhellenic JNJ Apparel, LLC Rocky Mountain Pizza Co. Village Photographers Zeta Alpha of Pi Kappa Alpha ZMM Inc.

$1 - $99

2 Purpose Driven Bald Guys Alpha Chi Omega National Headquarters Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity Aon Foundation Campus Outreach Memphis Comcast Corporation Dallas Alumnae Panhellenic M & M Enterprises LLC Microsoft Giving Campaign { Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Omega Chapter Rubio’s St. Paul’s United Church of Christ Choir Tropical Smoothie Cafe Union Pacific Fund for Effective Government United Methodist Foundation of Louisiana United Way of Tri-County Valley of the Sun United Way {

Diamond Diamond Circle $250,000$250,000 s Circle Pearl Circle Pearl Circle $100,000 $100,000 •


The following chapters and clubs contributed their time and talents to raise $1,000 or more for the ΑΓΔ Foundation for membership in the Jewel Society. Atlanta Alumnae Chapter Auburn-Opelika Alumnae Chapter Beta Beta Alumnae Chapter Central Florida Alumnae Club Chesapeake Alumnae Chapter Dallas Alumnae Chapter DuPage Area Alumnae Club Fox Valley Alumnae Club Greater Portland Alumnae Club

Greater Seattle Alumnae Chapter Nashville Alumnae Chapter Norman Alumnae Chapter North Atlanta Alumnae Club St. Louis Alumnae Club Tampa Bay Area Alumnae Chapter Tau Alumnae Chapter Valley of the Sun Alumnae Chapter


Members of the following collegiate chapters contributed many hours to raise $2,000 or more for the ΑΓΔ Foundation for membership in the Jewel Society.

Delta-University of Minnesota Iota-University of Washington Mu-Brenau University Xi-Illinois Wesleyan University Rho-Iowa State University Sigma-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Tau-University of Toronto Upsilon-University of Oklahoma Phi-Oregon State University Psi-University of Alabama Omega-University of Akron Alpha Beta-University of Michigan Alpha Epsilon-Westminster College Alpha Iota-Baldwin Wallace University Alpha Lambda-The Ohio State University Alpha Omicron-West Virginia Wesleyan University Alpha Pi-Wayne State University Alpha Sigma-Indiana University of Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon-Central Michigan University Beta Alpha-Nebraska Wesleyan University Beta Beta-North Dakota State University

Beta Delta-Indiana University Beta Iota-Eastern Illinois University Beta Xi-Purdue University Beta Omicron-Illinois State University Beta Tau-Ball State University Gamma Alpha-University of Georgia Gamma Beta-Florida State University Gamma Delta-Auburn University Gamma Eta-High Point University Gamma Iota-Mercer University Gamma Xi-Murray State University Gamma Omicron-Eastern Kentucky University Gamma Sigma-Troy University Gamma Phi-Georgia Institute of Technology Gamma Psi-University of North Alabama Gamma Omega-University of Alabama at Birmingham Delta Gamma-Montana State University Delta Theta-University of Idaho Delta Iota-California State University-Chico

Delta Kappa-University of Alberta Delta Omicron-University of Nevada-Las Vegas Delta Pi-San Francisco State University Delta Rho-Sonoma State University Delta Tau-Chapman University Epsilon Epsilon-William Jewell College Epsilon Kappa-Pittsburg State University Epsilon Mu-Fort Hays State University Epsilon Nu-University of Central Oklahoma Epsilon Upsilon-Tarleton State University Epsilon Psi-University of Texas at Dallas Epsilon Omega-Truman State University Zeta Gamma-Gannon University Zeta Epsilon-Michigan Technological University Zeta Kappa-University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Zeta Iota-Miami University Zeta Pi-Saint Joseph’s University Zeta Tau-Seton Hall University

Δ Delta Circle



Γ Gamma Circle


| Double Rose Circle

Alpha Circle

$10,000 $5,000

{ Buff Rose Circle

Zeta Upsilon-Northern Michigan University Theta Beta-Auburn University at Montgomery Theta Delta-University of North Georgia Theta Iota-Western Kentucky University Theta Lambda-University of West Florida Theta Mu-University of North Carolina-Wilmington Theta Nu-Virginia Commonwealth University Theta Tau-Belmont University Theta Psi-Austin Peay State University Theta Omega-University of South Carolina Kappa Beta-Missouri Western State University Kappa Gamma-Texas A&MCorpus Christi Kappa Delta-Westminster CollegeMissouri Lambda Alpha-St. Joseph’s College of Long Island




Honor Roll of


This special group of members, family and friends were honored by a gift in their name during the 2012-2013 fiscal year to the ΑΓΔ Foundation.

Kathleen Jolley Abernathy Kristen Elizabeth Adams Tessa Grant Altshuler Ann Zehner Angle Alison Marie Aquino Rebecca Brown Armstrong Allison Arpante Samantha Lee Balliet Talia Rose Balma Michelle Angelo Barbely Katelyn Ann Barley Janis Lang Bartosz Joellen Belcher Amanda Bell Megan E. Bertone Emily P. Billingsley Donna Lindstrand Blake Bryna Bobick Michele Madore Boillotat Barbara Baerwald Bowman Jennifer Boyce Danielle Bozymski Courtney Bramstedt Estacia Medlen Brandenburg Michele Asheley Brasher Hannah Lyn Brass Natalie R. Brewer Sadye Brick Ashley Hope Briskie Bonnie Brown Connie Yates Brown Melanie Brown Melissa D. Brown Jacquelyn Goodwin Burgess Catherine Crow Caldwell Kristen Cameron Kathleen Burns Campos Claudia Cao Andrea Cara Maria Renee Carbenia Mackenzie Carder Sharon Dunkman Carruthers Allison Christine Cass Haley Marie Casuccio Anna Killough Chapman Ariana Chrisman Susan Chung Martha Texeira Clementino Olivia Anne Collette Diane Raffel Collins Kelsey Ann Colwell Kathryn Katie Cooley Kelsey Coolidge Hope Allison Cooper Sabrina Cornia Julia Ann Couch Mary Couch Rachel Marie Cowgill Julie Waitman Cretin Kailyn Elizabeth Crosby J. Randall Cross Brittany Cunningham Stuart Dale 42 quarterly summer 2013

Carly David Jane Peters Dawson Tori Dean Sarah DeHart Tori Deming Heather Nicole Detamore Molly Kaye Devine Benita Wilson Dick Kelcy Diseroad Meghan Donohue Georgia Holmes Doran Allyson Lyn DuBois Amber Garrison Duncan Daniel Duncan Alyssa Kathryn Dunteman Abigail Edmonds Katie Eichinger Mackenzie Ellis Stephanie Engle Rachel Epstein Deborah Schmidt Eschenbacher Taylor Farley Whitney Faust Lesley Feyerherm Peggy Kuebler Field Mackenzie Flanagan Patricia Carey Floren Kalie Frank Heather Lynnae Frentz Amy Gibbs KayDee Catlin Gilkey Caroline C Given Katherine Godsey Anita Dick Goldberg Charlie Fay Goldberg Allison Marie Gorman Rebecca Zoe Gottfried India Beatrice Graham Virginia Greene Rebecca Griffith Ruthmarie Launer Gruber Malea Greene Habbal Mary Zaphyr Hagy Alexandra Elizabeth Hake Lauren Allen Hammack Michele Hartlove Lauren Hartnett Joan Randolph Hatch Kalina Haynes Nancy Williamson Heffley Elizabeth Heffron Jessica Hemphill Stephanie Herman Danielle Hert Arriel S Hickox Sonya Hochkammer Cassi Hoehnen Rie Gerah Hoehner Chloe Hoff Madeline Hoffman Cynthia Bell Holifield Katie Marie Holloway Amanda Holstein

Lyndsey Nicole Horner Rebeka Mary Horsch Julia Judy House Jeanne Frances Howe Margaret Hudspeth Tacy Hudspeth Winifred Berckman Humphrey Jacqueline Lois Iley Sabrina Megan Jackson Rachel James Lindsay Jarman Ursulla Jefferson Elizabeth Misner Johnson Jean Nevius Johnson Jennifer Johnson Nichole Jenae Johnson Paaton Ashlee Karel Jessica Keesee Ashley Kennedy Coryn Kiley Alexandra Meade Klein Nancy Bailey Knickerbocker Rebecca Gail Kohlmann Alyssa K Koler Jessica Koolick Tab Krier Amanda Kuhn Alexis Lahana Ashley Lamphier Victoria Lapinski Ashley Putman Leatherwood Ashley Lee Briannon Lepman Barbara Hale Letton Samantha Loux Courtney Jane Lucien Sarah Kaylynn Lykins Rebecca Lynch Jamie Maciel Morgan Mahoney Janice Crawford Malace Jennifer Matev Katie Ellen Mayers Emma Nicole McAvoy Katelyn McCarley Sharron Logan McCormack Megan McDonald Kassie Mcelvain Molly Sundet Meeker Nancy Garrott Mele Erin Mellott Sheree A. Meyer Barbara Henderson Miller Elizabeth McCowan Miller Charlotte Ruckman Misner Clara L. Mitcham Elizabeth Kathryn Mitchell Barbara Feldman Moore Jennifer L. Moore Judith Butler Moore Mary Beth Dulcey Morabito Michelle Flake Morgan Flocene Strickland Murphy

Renee Napier Margie Sue Nickels Gloria Nieburg Maria Niechwiadowicz Sabrina Ross Noah Morgan Taylor Novak Amanda O’Brien Cinda Zehner O’Connor Elizabeth E. Oellermann Christine Ofiesh Jubilee Olah Carrah Olive-Hall Shannon O’Nale Harriet Halstead Overcash Katherine Overcash Janessa Hovey Paden Stephanie Pagios Marie Ford Palmer Amanda Jean Parsley Johanna Perrino Carol Richards Peske Oanh Pham Lauren Pierce Sarah Elizabeth Pilcher Janice Smith Pitrolo Emma Pitts Kara Anne Politi Julie Willard Pollard Amy Mullenhoff Poore Melissa A. Pope Sara Patricia Porch Emily Gayle Powell Barbara Unger Prescott Rebecca Ryanne Probst Lisa Frese Randall Ashton Suzanne Ray Margery Barden Reason Angela Price Redden Tiffany Reid Patricia Tulley Riddiford Robyn Roach Melanie Knight Roberts Jessica Danielle Rodriguez Debbie Douglass Roth Jillian G. Roth Leah Davis Rowland Tara Domenica Savarese Hannah M. Sawyer Marcella Gast Schalon Caroline M. Scheidler Emily Scherschligt Natalie Schlagel Nicole Schmeider Danielle Shaffer Jess Shap Catherine Shinn Rachel Shore Elizabeth Shultz Jessie Ahrens Simmons Stephanie Simpson Carol Cluggish Sivewright Carol Frost Smawley Kelli Sontag

Jordann Marie Steinberg Christine Stella Sarah Stokes Lauren-Rose Stunell Jackie Brannon Stutts Shelley Sutton Tracy Miller Swank Kimberly Malia Takahashi Gerri Duke Talley Anna Pauline Tanaglia Rebecca Teal Rachel TenBrink Lauren Thomas Bobette Sandifer Thompson Susan Fransen Thrams Angela Park Tilley Devan Toal Kate McCarthy Toomey

Kailyn Touhey Owen Margaret Townsend Jennifer Travis Jenn Van Ness Brandie Lynell VanOrder Sarah Vaughan Andrea Rosenell Vaughn Kendall Rose Victor Amy Vojta Sarah Waller Lexi Walther Pauline Weaver Anna West Kathleen Menginniss White Claire Whorton Sarah Wibell Mary Canon Williams Stephanie Williams

Chicago Northwest Suburban Alumnae Club Delta Gamma Chapter Derillo & Feria Families Epsilon Nu Chapter Gamma Alpha Chapter Gamma Beta Chapter Gamma Delta Chapter Gamma Iota Chapter Gamma Omega Chapter 2013 Gamma Zeta Chapter Officers Kappa Beta Chapter North Atlanta Alumnae Club Northwestern University Speech School St. Louis Alumnae Club Zeta Sigma Chapter

Tona Williams Jennifer Wisdom Linda Tracy Wych Lucy Yang Jyssica Leilani Yelas Breanna Young Elizabeth Young Sarah Young Brooklynne Younker Alpha Gamma Delta ΑΓΔ Foundation ΑΓΔ Foundation 50th Anniversary ΑΓΔ Foundation Trustees ΑΓΔ International Council Alpha Omega Chapter Alpha Pi Chapter Beta Beta Chapter Beta Alpha Chapter


Contributions were made during the 2012-2013 fiscal year in memory of these ΑΓΔ members, family and friends: George Abbott Diana Adams Richard Angle Lois Norton Atchison Nancy Sheppeard Atkinson Gillian Branscomb Beavers Flora Kirsch Beck Dorry Hayes Blackburn Jennifer Boyce Rebecca Barnes Boynton John “Jack” Brannon Elisabeth Yeoman Briffett Eloise Silzer Budd Faye Callier Burkey Betty Jane Culver Bury Betty Craig Callaway Katherine Lewis Carlson Deborah Hedrick Carney Natalie Chuma Betty Werst Cone Dorris Jeanne Conger Ruby Wycoff Crandall Gretchen Matthews Crews Helen Mullikin Crook M. Randell Cross Kay Davis Crow Nancy Conover Dawson Cindy Devereaux Maryanna Phillipson Dickinson Pat Crews Dowdell Cindy Dreibelbis

Dan Dulcey Emma Jane Vanatta Duthie Elizabeth Meisinger Dyer Jim Eads Morgina Williams Eagleton Joan Martin Fayer LaVerne Taylor Flanagan Jane Wilkinson Gamble Janice Farley Givens Carol Gordon Juliet Atwood Gowe Patricia Cavanagh Graham Jennifer Holmes Hansen Joan Haldeen Ken Hall Delphine Moniuszko Harding Michael Hartter Jeanne Heidler Lois Higgins Barbara Newell Horldt Jean Caldwell Hosford Ruth L. Hudson Lola Lollar Huff Barbara Walker Hummel Winifred Berckman Humphrey Sabra Sundt Jacobs Olive Whitehead Jefferies Angie Jester Barbara Walkinshaw Johnson Elizabeth Misner Johnson Jean Nevius Johnson

Deborah Lynn Ebers Klindt Katharine Bratt Kohler Lois E. Kors Norma Lou Rover Larzelere Dorothy Day Leet Julie Adams Lentz Wilma Hills Long Don Loudon Lorena Jean Allen Marquart Donna Fields McCain Evelyn Barbieri Miche Beth McGowen Miller Joanne Crosby Miller Martha Ann Mills Kimberly Bragg Moragne Lisa Mueller Georgia Jones Northrup Ruth Shedd Orem Donna Scharf Parolini Irene Breyer Perricone Emma Camurati Pierotti Judith Rezabek Luann Rhodes Dorothy Young Richey Susan Smith Rooney Virginia Merry Russell Frank Saam Melva Minck Santee Toni Gusic Saylor Margaret Hobson Schilke Fred Hans Schwab

Helen Haigler Scovell Harriett Hoehne Sheehan James Smith Mrs. Sobczak Elizabeth Funkey Sovern Helen Hastings Stahler Frances Cauble Staley Ray Ann Ross Stockert Ruby Stone Joan Christoff Storch Donna Dagenhart Stutesman Lilliam Capsey Sutter Marcia Johnson Swanson Shirley Saunders Tatum Nancy Burhans Theibert Nancy Lynn Theis Ruth Laing Townsend Hazel Hinger Valentine Thelma Randall Vanbronkhorst Chuck Van Poperin Diane Waldrup Doris Hatting Walker Jimmie McGowen Webb Jean Furnival Westcott William Westcott Adelene Steed Williams Alice Schleh Yarwood Phi Chapter Grand Members

OUR MISSION: “The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation impacts and enriches our communities by providing essential support for education, philanthropy and leadership.”


44 quarterly

summer 2013

chapter grand

chapter grand

Alpha – Syracuse University Jean Hinckley Fruzza ’46

Beta – University of Wisconsin Nancy Kamm Seefeldt ’52 Epsilon – University of Kentucky Barbara Rehm Cowden ’40 Margaret Hatter Young ’43 Zeta – Ohio University Ursula Green Henry ’46 Ruthe Johnson Wolfcale ’46 Eta – DePauw University Virginia Kibbler Lullo ’49 Iota – University of Washington Frances Gardner Lane ’44 Patricia Pethick ’84 Nu – Boston University Sybil Cummings Gilbert ’39 Omega – University of Akron Lucille Lukens Clark ’34 Mary Leyden Green ’48 Joan Lighthiser Stake ’52 Phi – Oregon State University Gail McGowan Arnold ’52 Betty Werst Cone ’47 Dorothy Durgan Thomas ’36 Psi – University of Alabama Betty Devore Adams ’42 Sigma – University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign Helen Wosnuk Draper ’37 Helen Young Horner ’42 Margaret Zirckel Sherer ’39

Tau – University of Toronto Patricia Ferguson Campbell ’57 Catherine Matthews Cooper ’37 Sylvia Niemeier DuVernet ’40 Xi – Illinois Wesleyan University Alice Wright Barnard ’45 Marcia Johnson Swanson ’29 Chi – Michigan State University Ruth Stone Miano ’40 Alpha Alpha – University at Buffalo Colleen Long Coniglio ’65 Zofia Wlasowicz Miller ’66 Alpha Delta – Ohio Wesleyan University Ruth Purdy Zeller ’39 Alpha Epsilon – Westminster College Marjorie Rollman Forsyth ’47 Alpha Iota – Baldwin Wallace University Phyllis Burke Blocher ’40 Jayne Harris McCannon ’44

Alpha Theta – Hunter College Jean Grams Oberg ’40

Gamma Beta – Florida State University Patricia Plockelman Winters ’48

Beta Alpha – Nebraska Wesleyan University Jody Anderson Westland ’65

Gamma Delta – Auburn University Billie Blount Williams ’46

Beta Delta – Indiana University Beverly Foote Shreiner ’48

Gamma Epsilon – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Elizabeth Spivey Hoyt ’61

Beta Xi – Purdue University Brenda Martin Combs ’77 Jacquelyn MacBeth DeMaree ’72 Ann Poulos Shook ’68 Delta Alpha – University of Southern California Nancy Brown Shrodes ’38 Delta Beta – Washington State University Patria Johnson Kobervig ’36 Genevieve Doughty Leitch ’39 Delta Delta – University of Oregon Margot Bullier Dewart ’41

Alpha Kappa – Bowling Green State University Patricia Evans Bartchy ’47

Epsilon Alpha – University of Missouri Julia Adams Lentz ’58

Alpha Mu – Pennsylvania State University Margaret Lane Preston ’78

Epsilon Gamma – University of Denver Marjorie Benson Haagenson ’39

Alpha Nu – Kent State University Jessie Bertschi Shumaker ’58

Epsilon Lambda – University of Central Missouri Carolyn Sims Harr ’64

Alpha Pi – Wayne State University Barbara Henderson Miller ’59

Epsilon Nu – University of Central Oklahoma Madison Watts 2013

Alpha Rho – Temple University Claire Coleman Schweiker ’59

Epsilon Zeta – Arkansas State University Virginia Henderson Burgess ’57

Gamma Iota – Mercer University Angela Poe Snow ’81 Gamma Nu – University of TennesseeKnoxville Linda Young Tucker ’63 Gamma Pi – Middle Tennessee State University Joy Bromley Walker ’69 Gamma Zeta – University of Memphis Margaret Riggin Jowers ’47 Theta Phi – University of Tampa Cristina Jimenez Lopez 2001 Zeta Beta – Lehigh University Susan Smith Rooney ’76 *Linda Freise Proch, Epsilon Eta-Texas Christian University, was incorrectly listed in Chapter Grand in the Spring 2013 Quarterly. The Fraternity apologizes to Linda for this error.




Spot a Squirrel!

Elizabeth Jones, Epsilon NuUniversity of Central Oklahoma, helps with the Moore, Oklahoma, tornado clean up through her work at Access Midstream. She found a squirrel lawn ornament and thought of all of her sisters affected by this disaster.

Visiting a restaurant and see a squirrel figurine? On vacation and spot a squirrel stuffed animal? Take a photo! Make sure the photograph is high resolution and only contains Alpha Gam sisters. More information is available on the Fraternity website.


Q find

An Alpha Gamma Delta Preferred Vendor

46 quarterly

summer 2013

We Need You! The Quarterly staff wants to hear from you! In the next issue, we will be featuring Alpha Gams who have taken a leap of faith in order to follow their dreams. Do you fit the bill? Send us an email to and tell us about your adventure! We’d love to chat with you and maybe feature you in the article.

Alpha Gam Word Scramble Unscramble the words below using the clues from this issue of the magazine! See answers on the Fraternity website. 1


slaampheperssi Medical procedure Kelly Jacobs Tapper underwent to cleanse her blood. aeplr etrssi An alumna mentor to a new colony member from one of Alpha Gamma Delta’s recently colonized chapters.

aecllnia National _________ on Mental Health.


ogddgin aidtbese Alpha Pi–Wayne State University’s philanthropy event.


citswlda Villanova University’s mascot.


eabggag Find a way to let go of this.

opsrpue What the world’s longest-living people have in common.


gnacreie tscaicfsaiilon Guide used to group collegiate chapters in to new provinces.

obdar emutrcps Use this with an SPF of 15 or higher every day.


odar scalhor Company offering over 5,500 educational tours in all 50 states and 150 countries.

malabd mmaga Newest Alpha Gam chapter.


ivatir ginht This event helped the St. Louis Alumnae Club raise over $6,700 for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation.



tlteli okrc A few members from Epsilon Zeta–Arkansas State University ran in this half marathon.





orbnw caelidm A recent _______ ________ School study found that people in their 20s eat 25 percent more fast food than they did as teenagers.


astr rcriues Houston Alumnae Club celebrated International Reunion Day aboard this yacht.

Our Directory International Headquarters Executive Director, Stephannie Sack Bailey 8710 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46260 317-663-4200 Office Hours - 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. EST Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation Executive Director, Julie Waitman Cretin 8710 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46260 317-663-4242 Office Hours - 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. EST The Leadership Institute-Women with Purpose, Inc. Tonja Eagan, CEO and Executive Director 3815 River Crossing Parkway, Suite 100 Indianapolis, IN 46240 888-854-9971 Office Hours - 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. EST

International Council International President Jackie Brannon Stutts International Vice President-Alumnae Lesley Hubbard International Vice President-Collegians Amber Garrison Duncan International Vice President-Membership Marie Ford Palmer International Vice President-Extension Liz Harriss York International Vice President-Finance Bobette Sandifer Thompson

International Vice President-Panhellenic Affairs Rie Gerah Hoehner

Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation Trustees President Patricia Tulley Riddiford

Debbie Douglass Roth Sue Maggio Sim Estacia Medlen Brandenburg

Fraternity Housing Corporation Board of Directors

Vice President Deborah Schmidt Eschenbacher

Executive Director Stephannie Sack Bailey

Secretary Janis Lang Bartosz

President Katie Jolley Abernathy

Treasurer Peggy Kuebler Field Jackie Brannon Stutts

Gail Calkins Duree

Christine McMahon Malchow

Bobette Sandifer Thompson

Amy Holthouse Blessing


Hi, I’m


…and I’m an alumna from Beta Xi Chapter at Purdue University.


Over the years, I’ve served in countless roles for the Fraternity, from advising Beta Xi Chapter with recruitment to navigating the Greek world as the International Vice President-Panhellenic Affairs. Currently, I am a National Panhellenic Conference Delegate for Alpha Gamma Delta. Though you may not know me personally, I think we probably have a lot in common. For one thing, I bet we share a great love for Alpha Gam. I hope that membership in our Fraternity has brought you the same kind of joy and priceless memories that it has me. Alpha Gamma Delta has given me so much more than I could have Together, we can ensure that ever imagined on that Alpha Gamma Delta continues to Initiation day. And grow and inspire women special that’s why I like to give across the continent. back, with my time, my talents and my resources. I know the Fraternity is always working toward greater and greater things, and my Alumnae Dues contribution helps make those projects possible. It’s a small contribution, but like they say, a little bit does go a long way. Let’s make giving to the Alumnae Dues program something else we have in common. Together, we can ensure that Alpha Gamma Delta continues to grow and inspire women across the continent.

Cinda Zehner O'Connor

Support the Fraternity Your Alumnae Dues payment supports many Fraternity initiatives, from collegiate chapter development and extension opportunities to volunteer training and alumnae programming. By combining your contribution with that of 80,000 alumnae sisters, the Alumnae Dues program will help support: 1

The Learning Center, a new online learning management system which will help train volunteers, provide alumnae with online programming and welcome alumnae initiates to the Fraternity.


Extension and recolonization opportunities, including the recolonization of Delta Alpha-University of Southern California, Delta Epsilon-University of California, Los Angeles and Delta Eta-San Diego State University.


International Convention 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Your $40 or greater voluntary contribution makes a true impact, providing the Fraternity with the sustainability to extend our reach and the means to exceed our Purpose.

Pay online now!


Or you can mail your payment to 8710 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46260.

Summer 2013 Quarterly Issuu  

Alpha Gamma Delta Summer 2013 Quarterly

Summer 2013 Quarterly Issuu  

Alpha Gamma Delta Summer 2013 Quarterly