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Spring 2019 VOLUME 109 • ISSUE 3

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QUARTERLY Director of Communications and Marketing Wendy Theus Barker, Gamma Alpha–University of Georgia Quarterly Editor/Marketing Manager Jennifer Freeman Thompson, Upsilon–University of Oklahoma Content and Engagement Specialist Ashlie Lamb

Contributing Writers Beth Hartnett, Delta Tau–Chapman University, Emily White, Theta Omega–University of South Carolina, Noelle Dunckel Nachreiner, Chi–Michigan State University

The Mission

The Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly endeavors to serve as a forum of communication to inspire, educate and challenge members on Fraternity, Greek and women’s issues; to rekindle, sustain and excite member loyalty and interest through celebrating sisterhood and recognizing individual and chapter/club accomplishments; to serve as a permanent record and archive, documenting the Fraternity.

The Fine Print

The Quarterly is published four times per year by the Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity and is created by its in-house Communications and Marketing Team. Two printed issues are distributed by mail and two digital issues are distributed by email. Submission deadlines are the first day of August, November, March and June. Submissions and questions may be sent to à


Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

International President's Viewpoint


hat is Alpha Gamma Delta? The answer to this question can take many directions. Yes, we’re a women’s fraternity, but that answer doesn’t go far enough. When I’m asked this question, I think back to my college days, the Ritual that ties us together and our Purpose. I think about our symbols and our colors—but I believe these elements would not resonate with me if it weren’t for the relationships I’ve fostered along the way. As collegiate members, we talk about who and what we are during recruitment. As officers and advisors, we work to answer these questions as we focus on the business of our chapter. We consider these questions through activities we do as alumnae, when encouraging young women to go through recruitment and while simply reading through the Quarterly. Having an identity we can all get behind helps us tell our story and inform decisions that impact our legacy. As a Fraternity, we have answered these questions through our brand. At one time, Surrounded by Sisterhood served as our answer. For nearly eight years, the answer has been that we Live with Purpose. Our vision to Inspire the Woman. Impact the World also answers these questions. All of these remain true to what and who we are, and are deeply connected to how we think of our story as an organization. They have spoken to the relationships we have with one another, the Purpose which guides us and helped us articulate the importance of our sisterhood. For the past two years, we have worked diligently to find the right messaging and visual identity that will allow us to answer these questions in a way that is meaningful to us as Alpha Gams, but also better tell our story to an outside audience that spans many generations—including that of potential new members.

This spring—after many debates, focus groups and revisions—we previewed a new brand identity to chapter leaders during the Academies for Collegiate Officers. The response was tremendous. The message truly reflects why I have loved my entire fraternity experience. Alpha Gamma Delta is loving, leading, lasting. These words are both true and aspirational. We are different as a Fraternity from any other organization because we are rooted in relationships and love. The experiences Alpha Gam provides help women learn to lead and empower us to make an impact on the communities where we are placed. The relationships we make are lasting, and we actively work to support the organization in a way that will allow Alpha Gamma Delta to thrive well beyond our own years. In May, we mark 115 years since Alpha Gamma Delta was founded. As I look back on our beginnings, I believe our Founders would agree that these three words–loving, leading, lasting–were their hopes and dreams for what our Fraternity would be. I know that these three words represent our hopes and dreams for who we are and will continue to be. Loyally in epsilon pi,

Lee Woodham Langub

International President Gamma Alpha–University of Georgia


Alpha Gam

12 Brand New

20 Home Cooking

18 Retail Therapy

23 Meet Katie

Take a look at the revamped visual identity of the Fraternity and learn about the process that went into developing our new brand image. Did you know the Alpha Gam Boutique is an actual store? Shop anytime online, at a pop-up event—or while in Indianapolis.

The Fraternity Housing Corporation shares three yummy recipes from some of their most talented house chefs around the US. Get to know Katie Jolley Abernathy, IHQ’s new Executive Director, and learn more about her experiences in Alpha Gam and beyond.

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In addition to revamping the overall look of the Quarterly to align with our new brand, we’ve added new content. Check out She Said, featuring one of our many volunteers in each issue. Also, Georgia's Corner has been renamed Last Look to allow us to expand our Founder-inspired content. Spring 2019


SPOT A SQUIRREL Sometimes you spot a squirrel and you just have to have your photo taken with it. Hey, we get it—and we want to see it! Send your photos to à

International Headquarters 8710 N. Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46260 317.663.4200 à Office Hours 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. ET

International Council International President Lee Woodham Langub



International Vice President–Alumnae Melissa Jacobson James International Vice President–Collegians Stephanie Simpson International Vice President–Membership Julie Berger Karstetter International Vice President–Extension Karen Donaldson Metzger


International Vice President–Finance Alicia Adams International Vice President–Education Catherine Matthews


Executive Director Katie Jolley Abernathy


President: Sue Maggio Sim Vice President: Carol Richards Peske Secretary: Patti Guthrie Rogers Treasurer: Janis Lang Bartosz Trustees: Adrienne Kerr Beckett, Lee Woodham Langub, Martha Petry Parham, Lynne Dunford Rossell Executive Director: Julie Waitman

Fraternity Housing Corporation President: Mary Beth Dulcey Morabito Directors: Gail Calkins Duree, Caroline Mahoney, Catherine Matthews 2

Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

5 6

1. In Nashville to celebrate their 45th birthdays, a group from Beta Delta–Indiana University Bloomington spotted this pillow at Draper James. 2. Megan Cook Nelson, Gamma Zeta–University of Memphis, found this worldly squirrel on a trip to South Korea. 3. Amy Doerfler, Phi–Oregon State University, submitted this photo of her chapter sister Clarissa MacNab Jones from a recent shopping trip in Chicago. 4. Sara Bissell Dunbar, Epsilon Nu–University of Central Oklahoma, never expected to find this squirrel while at the Lego store in Oklahoma City with her sons. 5. Heidi Kilgus Sexten, Zeta–Ohio University, happily poses with one of 25 squirrel statues spread throughout Glendale, Ohio. The hand-painted statues were installed in 2005 to commemorate the village’s 150th birthday. 6. Sisters-in-law Sandra Nickels Rose, Beta Delta–Indiana University Bloomington, and Susan Mendenhall Nickels, Beta Xi–Purdue University, found this giant squirrel at a boutique and coffee shop in northern Michigan.



Key to your heart These retro hotel-style keychains are available at ® for $8. Search 'Alpha Gam Vintage Keychain.'

In love with love This Valentine's Day Facebook post about a love story between a member and chapter house kitchen employee (once called "houseboys") prompted a number of members to share the story on the Facebook pages of sisters with similar love stories. Susan Knight Jessop, Delta Gamma–Montana State University, commented, "I love this story. I too married our houseboy, although their duties and rules have changed a little since the times of this story. We are going on 10 years of being happily married. Thank you so much for sharing."

Do you follow us on LinkedIn? If not, now is a great time to start. There is also an Alpha Gam LinkedIn group with 8,433 members. View or share articles, job listings and other career content. This is a closed group, so visit ® AGD-LinkedIn to connect and network with sisters from all over the world.

Joy of service


The number of people who have visited ® so far in 2019. Are you one of them?

Once we posted this photo to Instagram, members from all over North America chimed in to tell us what their chapter was doing for Week of Service. See page 4 to view more photos from that week or follow the hashtag #AlphaGamServes.

Spring 2019



Academies for Collegiate Officers For the past three years, Chapter Presidents have experienced specialized leadership and personal development training through the Academy for Chapter Presidents. Because of the tremendous success of these events, the Fraternity expanded the opportunity to include five additional chapter officers and renamed the event Academy for Collegiate Officers. Throughout January and February, 676 Chapter Presidents, Vice Presidents–Chapter Wellness, Vice Presidents–Recruitment, Vice Presidents– Finance, Vice Presidents– Marketing and Vice Presidents– New Member Experience attended one of four regional Academies located in Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Atlanta. This tailored, hands-on training provided chapter leadership teams the opportunity to collaborate and plan the following year's goals and expectations. “This weekend reminded me that joining Alpha Gamma Delta was one of the greatest decisions I ever made,” said Sarah Elfers, Alpha Lambda–The Ohio State University. “It felt great to be a part of a room full of strong, driven, intelligent and caring women who also chose to dedicate such a big part of their life to Alpha Gam." Read more about Sarah’s experience at the Academy for Collegiate Officers at ®


Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

Talent of Leadership The Talent of Leadership Award is presented to alumnae who exemplify the best of Alpha Gam through contributions to their professions and communities. Nominations are made by an alumnae chapter/club, collegiate chapter or individual members of the Fraternity. Recipients are selected by International Council and awards are presented at the recipient's local IRD.

Congratulations to the 2019 recipients: • Susan Rumsfield Clary, Beta Omicron–Illinois State University, for Religious Education and Community Service • Jessica Booth Clinton, Zeta Zeta–Worcester Polytechnic Institute, for Engineering and Materials Science • Leah Howell, Alpha Upsilon–Central Michigan University, for Education and Social Work, Leadership and Risk Management in The Greek Community • Colleen Sullivan Martin, Beta Delta–Indiana University Bloomington, for Journalism and Community • Ellen Wenzel, Delta Xi–Arizona State University, for Business Development and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Learn more about this award or nominate someone at ®

Extension News Alpha Gamma Delta will join the Valparaiso University fraternity/sorority community in fall 2019. Sorority life began at "Valpo" in 1917 and is currently home to five National Panhellenic Council sororities, including Chi Omega, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi. Located in Valparaiso, Indiana, the university is an independent Lutheran institution with approximately 3,200 undergraduate students. "Valparaiso University is such an exciting place to establish a new Alpha Gamma Delta chapter," said International Vice President–Extension Karen Donaldson Metzger, Gamma Phi–Georgia Institute of Technology. "The community’s emphasis on sisterhood, leadership and personal development makes it a natural fit for our Fraternity."

Pearl Sisters Wanted

IHQ currently seeks Pearl Sisters for the provisional chapter at Valparaiso University. Because there are no older, initiated members in this chapter, new members won't have traditional sister-mothers. Alumnae members can help fill that role as a Pearl Sister—even from several states away. Learn more about the Pearl Sister program at ®

Fraternity Services Team Updates ◼ HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICIES


Effective March 1, 2019, the Fraternity launched a complete overhaul in risk management policies and procedures.

In fall 2018, the Fraternity launched the Not Anymore online sexual violence education program to educate our collegiate women on violence prevention, sexual assault, consent, survivor support and bystander intervention.

Philosophically, the Fraternity has shifted its risk management oversight from strict enforcement at the International level to guided self-governance at the local level. We are thrilled to educate members on safety, wellness and risk mitigation while allowing collegiate members to design their own experience, tailored to local culture.

◼ ALCOHOL SKILLS TRAINING The Fraternity's Alcohol Skills Training Program educates collegiate members about high-risk situations in order to minimize potential negative consequences through preventative action, reduced consumption or abstinence. Guided by a volunteer facilitator, each Alpha Gam chapter receives the ASTP on a three-year rotation. During the past year, more than 60 chapters have participated in the ASTP. Member feedback indicates the program is well-received and chapters are appreciative of this progressive and relevant programming.

Alpha Gam

BOOK CLUB Summer is right around the corner, so hopefully some beach reading is in your future. Need some suggested titles? The Alpha Gam Book Club features books that address common themes for women. Discussions are held online and at your own pace via Facebook group. Check it out at ®

This academic year, all collegiate members of Alpha Gamma Delta were asked to complete the program as part of Good Standing requirements. To date, more than 9,000 collegiate members, volunteers and advisors have participated in the online program and provided positive feedback. Beginning in fall 2020, Not Anymore will live in the Alpha Experience so new members can engage in this critical dialogue early in their collegiate experience.

◼ MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES Mental health issues affect 1 in 5 adults—and Alpha Gamma Delta is committed to supporting our collegians and alumnae in all aspects of wellness. Our staff and volunteers have embarked on a research-driven process to develop education and resources for all levels of membership. The Fraternity has contracted Polaris Counseling and Consulting to lead the design and build of this important content for our entire membership.


Alpha Gam turns 115 on May 30. Celebrate our sisterhood by proudly wearing your Badge—and don’t forget to take a minute to appreciate when Alpha Gam began.

MAY "The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane" by Lisa See

JUNE/JULY "This is How it Always Is" by Laurie Frankel

Spring 2019



#AlphaGamServes FEBRUARY 10-16

Make an

Held each February, Alpha Gam’s Week of Service encourages members of all ages to participate in local community service initiatives, such as volunteering for food banks, Meals on Wheels programs, humane societies, retirement communities, local clean-up services and other local causes. Shown below are just a few of the ways our members served that week.


While Alumnae Dues are voluntary, they help fund the Academy for Collegiate Officers; extension, provisional chapter establishment and recruitment efforts; Volunteer Service Team and IHQ support to local alumnae chapters/ clubs; alumnae events; regional professional and personal development for alumnae; focus groups, task forces and more!









There are three easy ways you can remit your $40 Alumnae Dues: • Online at ® alumnae-experience/dues • Mail a check to Alpha Gamma Delta Alumnae Dues, 8710 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46260 • Call 317.663.4200 to pay by phone

1. Beta Iota–Eastern Illinois University crafted handmade Valentines for Meals on Wheels. 2. Delta Omicron–University of Nevada, Las Vegas volunteered for Three Square. 3. Gamma Upsilon–University of Montevallo served meals at Firehouse Ministries. 4. Epsilon Zeta raised money for the Foundation by selling previously loved formal wear. 5. Alpha– Syracuse University packed healthy snacks for a local elementary school. 6. Zeta Pi–St. Joseph’s University designed cards for the Meals on Wheels Love Letters campaign. 7. Gamma Zeta–University of Memphis sold flowers to benefit For the Kids. 8. Members from the Central Florida Alumnae Club volunteered at United Against Poverty Orlando. 6

Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

Lose something? The Alpha Gam Boutique has a limited number of Badges available for immediate shipment.


IN THE BIG EASY Eighteen collegiate members from across North America traveled to New Orleans in January for a week of in-depth service and a shared new perspective during Alpha Gam's second Service Immersion Experience. "This experience has given Read about Ms. Gloria's Garden me a greater understanding and more through the eyes of of how privilege plays a Madelyn Mckissack, Gamma role in our everyday lives. Zeta–University of Memphis, at I learned valuable skills by ® working with people from different backgrounds, as well as the value of teamwork. I've gained resilience and a stronger desire to learn from others," said Ansley Martin, Theta Mu–University of North Carolina Wilmington. Coordinated by the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values and implemented by the Fraternity Development Team at IHQ, the experience is designed to affect systemic change and sustainable progress in the undergraduate fraternal experience. "To fully immerse yourself in service and focus on helping others truly opens your mind to the world around you. Once you leave your comfort zone, focus on physical labor and look into the eyes of the people you are serving, you are better able to see the impact that you, as an individual, can make and how a group of like-minded people can make together," said Amanda Webb, Zeta Sigma–Northwood University.

Shop replacement badges and more at!

Learn how the generous support of the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation and its donors played an essential role in this trip which inspired another member to make an even greater impact on the world on page 25. Spring 2019



Amanda Barnett, Beta Xi–Purdue University, has been recruited to join the Communications, Media and Technology (CMT) practice of Accenture, LLP in London, where she will work with clients to help improve their supply chain operations. She previously served as a Management Consultant for Accenture Federal Services in Washington, DC.

Katy Tipton Battiest, Upsilon–University of Oklahoma, has been named President of Oklahoma Women in Technology, a nonprofit organization of professionals in the technology industry, with a determination to bridge the gap between genders in STEM fields. She is an IT Applications Supervisor at ONE Gas. She lives in Tulsa with her husband, Jared.

Anita Qualls, Gamma Alpha–University of Georgia, became the first student in the university's history to receive a Churchill Scholarship. The award covers full tuition, a stipend and travel costs for American students pursuing a one-year master’s program in science, mathematics and engineering at the University of Cambridge in England. After a year at Churchill College earning a master’s degree in medical science with a focus on obstetrics and gynecology, Anita will attend medical school and pursue a career in academic medicine. She intends to combine translational research, patient care and mentoring by working at a university hospital.

Jan Heppe, Alpha Kappa–Bowling Green State University, was invited to give the commencement speech at her alma mater. Heppe recently retired after 15 years of service at British international luxury brand Burberry Ltd., where she held the positions of Senior Vice President of Retail, Chief Operating Officer and President of the Americas Region. She serves as an executive-in-residence for the Apparel Merchandising and Product Development program at BGSU. 8

Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

Betsy Hendrick, Sigma–University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, has received her high school alma mater's highest award, Local Hero. In addition to owning her own business and extensive community service, Betsy serves on the Sigma House Association Board and Executive Council. She previously served as President of the Sigma Alumnae Chapter.

Grace Dansby, Gamma Beta– Florida State University, was recently honored for her Lifetime Achievement in Philanthropy. Last November, the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Foundation held a dedication for the hospital’s new helipad, which is named after her. A founder of Southern Bank, Grace served as the Vice Chair of the TMH Board of Directors and later went on to serve on the TMH Foundation Board of Trustees for more than a decade.

Jennifer Schenk Murray, Kappa Beta– Missouri Western State University, and her husband received a Community Service Award from Holy Cross Academy in St. Louis, Missouri. Derelle Watson Duvall, Eta– DePauw University, was presented with the highest honor Indiana bestows on its citizens, the Sagamore of the Wabash. Derelle, an attorney, has spent her career representing children in need. Prior to this honor, she received the Viola Taliaferro Award from the Civil Rights of Children Committee of the Indiana State Bar Association in 1998, the ISBA Woman in Law Recognition Award in 2004 and the Distinguished Barrister Award in 2011.

InvestmentNews recognized Lynn Phillips-Gaines, Theta Theta– Mississippi State University, as a 2018 Women to Watch. She was one of 20 selected from several hundred nominations for her leadership, contributions and impact in the financial advice industry. Lynn works for Phillips Financial in Starkville, Mississippi.

Forbes Europe named Marissa Conway, Delta Tau–Chapman University, one of its prestigious 30 under 30. Marissa co-founded the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, a research and advocacy organization based in London and Berlin which promotes a feminist approach to foreign and security policy.

Arkansas Business named Laura Choate Nick, Epsilon Zeta–Arkansas State University, to its 40 Under 40, list which recognizes "intriguing business and political leaders" each year. Laura serves as the Corporate Communications Leader at Garver, an engineering group with 27 locations across the U.S.

The Memphis Flyer named Allie Lindsey, Gamma Zeta–University of Memphis, to its 20 Under 30 list. Allie serves as the Development Manager for Hope House, a nonprofit organization which helps families affected by HIV and poverty by providing daycare, preschool, therapy, a food pantry and more.

Deanna Halls, Delta Kappa–University of Alberta, recently attended the International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway. Invited as an alumni ambassador to the festival, she was assigned to a workshop called Big City Life, where she tackled topics such as rural and urban migration, urbanization, brain drain, building stronger communities and public policy. When she’s not traveling, Deanna serves as a Professional Human Ecologist and Communications Director with Qi Creative.

Lisa Blume, Delta Beta–Washington State University, has published her first novel, Little Girl Leaving. A principal and executive producer of public service media and research projects for more than 30 years, her most recent focus has been on issues of global sustainability and ensuring basic needs, rights and protection for all children. Kelsey Brown, Gamma Alpha– University of Georgia, has published her first book. Come On, Calm! is the guide to helping children find the calm in their everyday adventures. Kelsey is a Master's candidate in Communication Disorders at Emerson College. For more information, visit ® Donna Lewis Friess, Delta Alpha– University of Southern California, has released her 8th book, Capistrano Trails: Ride for the Brand. In it, she documents what it is to live in a small town which cherishes its horses and Old West traditions. Her best friend and former roommate Janet Harris Tonkovich, also of Delta Alpha, contributed stories to her book. Learn more at ® Kate Herriott, Beta Zeta–Parsons College, just released her fourth book, One Woman's Story: Love With A Twist of Lime. Her second book, One Woman's Story: A Spark of Mystery, has been nominated for an Evvy award. The entire series is available at ®

Spring 2019



D. A.

E.* B.

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10 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

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3/5/19 10:56 AM

SHE volunteerSAID spotlight


Chapter Advisor, Delta Omicron–University of Las Vegas, Nevada CHAPTER & YEAR OF INITIATION

Delta Tau–Chapman University, 2007


Watching women develop leadership skills and confidence. INSPIRED BY

My mom will always be my biggest inspiration; she is intelligent, compassionate and strong. ON HER NIGHTSTAND

Very Good Lives: The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination by J.K. Rowling is ALWAYS on my nightstand. It's a commencement speech she gave in 2008 turned into a book with great life reminders. THE LAST BINGE WATCH

"The Kominsky Method" on Netflix CURRENTLY LISTENING TO

"Skimm This," a 10-minute podcast which breaks down the most important stories of the day, Monday–Friday. CURRENT OBSESSION


Desserts, I'll eat them all!


If I'm not cleaning or running errands, I like to hike, read, catch up on shows, brunch and spend time with family and friends. DREAM JOB

If I weren't a Public Information Officer, I would want to be a food and travel writer.

Spring 2019


Alpha Gam gets a

MAKEOVER A fresh new look and an updated tagline tell the world what we’ve always known: Alpha Gamma Delta is loving, leading, lasting.


hile there are many ways a member can discuss her Alpha Gam experience, so much of it can only be understood from the inside out. That’s why, in early 2017, we set out to develop a brand image that both visually and verbally expresses the values of Alpha Gamma Delta in a way that is more broadly understood by potential new members, parents, our philanthropic partners and those in our communities. Developed in 2011, the former tagline Live with Purpose directly referenced Alpha Gamma Delta’s Purpose, which debuted in 1921. While the Purpose is still a major tenet of the Fraternity, its deeper meaning as part of a tagline was not as evident to those outside the organization. “The Purpose continues to be extremely special to members of Alpha Gamma Delta; however, we felt the Fraternity needed a tagline that could be more easily embraced by non-members as well,” said Director of Communications and Marketing Wendy Theus Barker–Gamma Alpha, University of Georgia. “You don’t have to be a member of Alpha Gam to understand what it means to be loving, leading, lasting.” For many years, the Armorial Bearings was the only representative mark of Alpha Gamma Delta. Even throughout the 1960s and 70s, most fraternal organizations used their crest as their official logo. However, as corporate and consumer culture grew, brand images became more iconic and representational. In 1986, the Fraternity introduced what is on record as our first official logo.

12 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

Chapter leaders show off their branded T-shirts on a break during the Academy for Collegiate Officers. A soft launch of the brand was held at each of the Academies. Vice Presidents–Marketing attended a breakout session on how to effectively implement it on the local level.

Part of the rebranding process included updating

all printed materials with the new logos, fonts and color palette. The guidelines and use cases for these new materials are available to applicable collegiate and alumnae officers in the Visual Identity and Style Guide via officer handbooks.

In addition to changes to the Fraternity's official website, updates were made to the Foundation and FHC sites, as well as our social media channels and the myAlphaGam portal. Each chapter has access to branded website templates to use on the local level. This allows chapters to choose from one of our styles to customize with their own information, photos and social media links.

Spring 2019 13

A brand launch video

was posted on social media at 2 p.m. April 11 to kick off the new brand. Visit ® to view it. Digital users can click the screen below.

As our organization grew, so did the need to distinguish ourselves with more sophisticated branding. In 2001, we introduced our first full brand which included the tagline, Surrounded by Sisterhood. Then, in 2011, we updated the brand with a more modern logo and adopted the tagline Live with Purpose. These principles will always be a part of who we are. As members of Alpha Gam, we are always surrounded by sisterhood. We will still be and seek women who truly Live with Purpose. As a new generation of women come to know our sisterhood, loving, leading, lasting is the opening paragraph of a story they will tell and will continue to evolve for a lifetime. A Paradigm Shift As of 2018, Millennials are the largest segment of our membership—encompassing both collegiate members and alumnae. With collegiate chapters now led by the youngest segment of the Millennial Generation and the first members of Generation Z beginning their college careers, a paradigm shift began across college campuses and within fraternity/sorority groups. In early 2017, Alpha Gamma Delta partnered with Indianapolis-based Shelle Design to develop new messaging and visual elements, including logos, graphics and color palette.

Updates to physical

spaces, such as International Headquarter offices and FHC homes will happen over the next several months; however, branded items such as T-shirts, laptop stickers and this water bottle are currently available at ®

14 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

In order to develop a brand that would speak to women who embody our Purpose, Shelle Design and the in-house Communications and Marketing Team at IHQ surveyed more than 1,500 collegiate and alumnae members, conducted numerous focus groups and phone interviews, and took a comprehensive look at the goals, attributes and aspirations of those born after 1997, also known as Gen Z. Not only did our research reveal our strengths and opportunities for improvement, but it emphasized the impact of issues affecting the sorority experience

across campuses throughout the United States and Canada, such as continued negative stereotypes of fraternal organizations, on-going news coverage of isolated hazing incidents, a growing opposition to samesex organizations and the decline in college enrollment. As birthrates continue to fall, even fewer students will enroll in college in the next 20 years. For membership organizations like ours to survive and thrive, it is imperative we provide an experience that is both meaningful and personally beneficial. One characteristic of Gen Z is that they want to be part of something greater than themselves—which is very much in line with Alpha Gamma Delta’s values. To better understand the benefits of lifelong membership in Alpha Gam, we looked to our members. “To gather a deeper understanding of the Alpha Gamma Delta experience, it was imperative we integrate the characteristics of generational personas within the identity of an Alpha Gam,” said Michelle King, President of Shelle Design. “‘Who is she on the inside? How does that inner strength drive her to contribute to the world’s work? What inspires her to make a lasting impact relevant to the needs of the broader community today and in the future?’ This integration would mark the next evolution of Alpha Gamma Delta’s brand essence.” Further Gen Z research indicated they are motivated, values-oriented and concerned about their future career and well-being more than previous generations did upon entering college. They are also altruistic, compassionate and loyal. While these characteristics are in line with our organizational values, we knew we could do a better job of communicating the more tangible benefits of our membership, such as networking, leadership development and opportunities to serve the community on a larger scale. “As institutions aim to attract students from a variety of backgrounds who want a meaningful college experience inside and outside the classroom, it is important to understand how our message must energize and inspire potential new members,” said International President Lee Woodham Langub, who has spent 14 years teaching in higher education.

On a more practical level, research revealed that the majority of our collegiate chapters never used our old logo because it felt outdated and too institutional. Respondents indicated both our logo and messaging lacked appeal when used for recruitment purposes.

KEY RESEARCH TAKEAWAYS 1. The rose and the word Purpose are

more widely associated with other NPC groups on the vast majority of campuses where our chapters are located.

2. Collegiate and alumnae officers

need brand elements that can be easily implemented in recruitment, social media and event marketing. Collegiate members also need a concise answer to the question "What is Alpha Gamma Delta?"

3. In order to appeal to Gen Z, the value of membership must be clearly defined.

4. When asked to describe personality

traits that our brand should reflect, the most common responses from collegiate and alumnae members were strong, fun, kind, bold, genuine, inspired and loyal.

Interpreting the Brand The words and meaning of loving, leading, lasting are deeply rooted in our Fraternity’s rich history. Though the new logo features updated typefaces and a more modern color palette, it also contains elements which honor our past, including a nod to the three circles displayed on our Armorial Bearings. A secondary color palette, informal logos, patterns and graphic icons have been added. The guidelines and use cases for these new materials are available to applicable collegiate and alumnae officers in the updated Visual Identity and Style Guide. “While staying true to our traditional colors and symbols, our new brand elements are eye-catching, meaningful and have tested well across all age groups,” Wendy said. In addition to the brand's visual components, messaging was developed to support the new

tagline and fully answer the question, “What is Alpha Gam?” When used consistently and effectively, a full formed brand can positively influence an organization’s reputation, recognition and values alignment.


Telling Our Story Because the women in our collegiate chapters are perhaps our most prominent storytellers, educating collegiate officers on proper brand usage was an essential component of the launch plan. “A brand is more than a logo and a catchy phrase,” said Wendy. “From how and where we use our logo to how we talk about Alpha Gam in formal or casual conversation, being mindful of our brand guidelines plays an important—though often unseen—role in the success of our organization,” said Wendy. To properly implement across all communication channels, including those used by collegiate chapters, a soft launch was held at each of the four Academies for Collegiate Officers. Additionally, the Communications and Marketing Team hosted a webinar the week before the launch to provide further guidance to the Vice Presidents–Marketing and their advisors on their role in the brand launch. Autumn Gupta, Delta Alpha–University of Southern California, participated in one of the initial collegiate focus groups at the Academy for Chapter Presidents in January 2018, but didn’t see the final brand reveal until last week’s chapter meeting. “I can count on one hand the number of times I have cried in front of my chapter sisters, and one of those times was watching the new branding video,” Autumn said. “So much of it resonated with me. I am truly excited for the future of Alpha Gamma Delta.” Our new brand messaging also aligns with our International President’s goal to create the best sorority experience possible. “It’s not enough to just say the words. We must do the work to provide an experience that is unmatched by other organizations. Our brand represents a promise to our current and future members,” said Lee. “It’s a promise I know we can certainly keep.”

The formal logo may be used with or without the tagline. Single-color, Greek letter and informal logos are also available.

Stylized icons mimic the feel of the logo script. An acorn graphic was created to complement the squirrel.

A variety of patterns featuring our most recognizable imagery are available.


Hurme Geometric Sans Primary brand fonts are modern, easy to read and convey a fun personality.

Our new color palette features a fresh spin on our traditional red, buff and green hues. Secondary colors have been added to complement a variety of designs.

Email à with any questions regarding the use of these elements.

Spring 2019 15

Comfort Colors Mustard Hat $20

ΑΓΔ Mom Tee S-XXL; $24

BOUTIQUE AD Skiouros Beanbag Toy $8

Metallic Mom Mug $8

Heathered Kids Tee 2T-Youth XL; $16 Also available in Grey

Shop these items and more at 16 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly


Get Up and Get Outside


s the temperature falls below zero and snow piles at your front door, it’s easy to hibernate with a warm blanket on your comfy couch. But as it gets warmer outside and flowers bloom, it’s important to ditch the comfort of your home for the great outdoors. Even if the weather is still a bit chilly, it's proven that spending time outdoors benefits both your mental and physical well-being. Long stretches of time spent cooped up inside without natural sunlight can leave us stressed, fatigued and may throw off our circadian rhythm—so getting yourself outside should be a priority.

Members from Alpha–Syracuse University enjoy a break from class in the great outdoors.

BODY AND MIND Vitamin D is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. What better source for it is there than the sun itself? Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium and promote bone health. It also reduces inflammation and increases the body's immune function.

EXERCISE Working out at your local gym is great but moving outdoors is even better! Many scientific studies show that those who run or bike outside versus on a treadmill or stationary bike exert more energy and enjoy it more, therefore, they run and bike for longer periods of time.

According to a website provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, fresh air helps clear bacteria from our lungs and airways. Although there are pollutants outdoors, indoor pollutants are far worse for your health. According to the EPA, indoor pollutants are two to five times higher than those outdoor and increase the risks of heart disease, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and asthma attacks.

SLEEP Not only does getting outside make you feel better, but you sleep better too. Sleep patterns are regulated by our internal body clock—the circadian rhythm—which is directly tied to the sun’s schedule. Artificial light is not a substitute for natural light exposure. If you’re not getting enough sleep or your sleeping pattern is out of whack, go to bed before 10 p.m. and wake up to catch the sunrise for the next few days to recalibrate your sleeping cycles.

Also, spending time outside can reduce mental fatigue and improve your memory. A University of Michigan study found that the recollection of those who walked around an arboretum increased by 20 percent, while those who walked around a city showed no improvement.

Have you ever noticed a complete change in your mood on the first spring-like day of the year? That’s because natural light increases our serotonin levels! Winter light levels are significantly lower than spring and summer—even more of a reason to get out and moving. Soak up the sunshine while it lasts!

If you struggle with anxiety or other mental health issues, you might try taking a step outside and soaking in the greenery. Studies show that a walk in a forest can decrease levels of anxiety and bad moods. Leave your phone, be present in the moment and let nature help you relax.

MOOD Eight percent of North Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a recurring depression disorder that involves episodes of depression during the same season every year—mainly winter. According to Mental Health America, 4 out of 5 people with seasonal depression are women.

The benefits of spending time outdoors are endless. It can also improve your vision, concentration and creativity. How do you plan on taking advantage of these next few seasons of sunshine and warmer weather?

Looking for our Health & Vigor recipe? Check out page 20 for selections from a few chapter house chefs.

Spring 2019 17



ou may not have realized it, but the Alpha Gam Boutique has a physical storefront located inside International Headquarters. Opened in fall 2017, it features clothing, décor, jewelry and more. Since the Boutique’s online launch nearly four years ago, it has been a valuable resource to chapters needing custom items. “Anything from IRD favors and Bid Day T-shirts to recruitment banners and items for philanthropic events—if you can think of it, we can get it,” said Merchandising Manager Alyssa Comfort, Alpha–Syracuse University. In addition to the storefront and online presence, the Boutique can come to you. “We pack our best sellers and travel to major Fraternity events, such as the Academies, Convention, new chapter Bid Days and FHC house dedications,” said Alyssa. “Chapters can also request a pop-up shop during a major chapter event with 100 or more attendees. Bid Days and Family Weekends are a popular time for us to visit.” Store hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or shop online anytime at ® FROM TOP: The Alpha Gam Boutique, located at International Headquarters in Indianapolis, fulfilled 4,994 orders in 2018.  The Boutique's top-selling item, the graduation stole, is available in red or white.  Share the Alpha Gam love with these Traditional Bid Cards in packs of 25 with coordinating envelopes  The Boutique carries more than 150 products.  The Alpha Gam Stripe Tee with the new informal Fraternity logo is now available in-store and online. 18 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

To request a pop-up shop at your Alpha Gam event, email à


Milestone Moments P

arents often track their infant’s early development through milestone moments like a baby’s first steps or words. But in our anticipation of hearing “mama” or “dada” for the first time, we may be missing a child’s first attempts at communication. Through the First Words Project website, a free resource for parents, Stephanie Mazzatenta—Gamma Beta-Florida State University—and the team at FSU’s Autism Institute are helping families and health professionals play a more proactive role in a child’s healthy social development.

The First Words Project website, developed with support from the National Institutes of Health, is a robust resource supported by more than 30 years of research. The project began as a longitudinal study by Dr. Amy Wetherby, a research professor and director of the Autism Institute, investigating early predictors of language impairment and Autism Spectrum Disorder. A graduate of FSU’s College of Human Sciences, Stephanie began working under Dr. Wetherby about five years ago. She was drawn to the Autism Institute and the First Words Project because of her academic background and her personal connection to individuals on the autism spectrum. Formerly employed in Tallahassee's medical industry, Stephanie serves as the Institute’s research coordinator, working with parents and medical professionals to dispel common myths and advocate for the importance of tracking communication development early and often. Research shows that the first signs of communication appear as nonverbal cues as early as 9 months old. However, many parents and health professionals don’t start tracking a child’s progress until speech begins around age two.

caregivers. A breakdown in foundational language—especially if accompanied by restricted, repetitive behaviors—can be indicators of a bigger problem and is worth mentioning to your child’s primary care provider. Though spearheaded by the Autism Institute, the First Words Project website, is not just for parents of children with autism or related disorders. The website is a universal resource with information to help all parents of typically developing children monitor their child’s communication development. The First Words Project website includes social communication growth charts that illustrate typical milestones at different phases of a baby’s first two years, the “16 by 16” series to teach the critical social communication skills a child should reach by 16 months, and the opportunity to take part in the Institute’s free screening. More than 10,000 have participated in the online screening process, which helps parents begin to consider their child’s early social development and provides customized resources based on the results.

“Nonverbal communication serves as the foundation for words,” Stephanie said. “It can be as simple as play action with toys, gesturing or checking in with a caregiver.”

Stephanie acknowledges that knowing where to turn when parents have questions can be confusing and frustrating. She empowers concerned parents to reach out to the Institute for help in devising useful solutions and strategies to help their child progress.

A speech delay isn’t always a cause for concern. Stephanie emphasizes the need to track foundational language skills such as appropriate gesturing and connectivity with parents or

For more on the First Words Project or to participate in the free screening, visit ®

By Beth Hartnett Jager, Delta Tau–Chapman University. Beth channels her inner Lois Lane for several news outlets in southern California. When not writing, she enjoys serving for Delta Tau and as a board member for the Orange County Alumnae Chapter.

3 steps to help your child with communication development


Start learning. Exploring what milestones should look like will help parents and caretakers identify delays, if any.


Screen early and often. The ®First Words Project provides in-depth information and offers a free screening tool.


Act early. If a delay is present or if red flags exist, reach out to the First Words Project or your child's healthcare provider. Intervening early can go a long way.

Spring 2019 19




Every week, the Fraternity Housing Corporation serves more than 17,000 meals to collegiate members across the U.S. Employing 19 Head Chefs and a multitude of other staff members who support the FHC’s kitchens, the FHC recognizes the important role a good meal plays in preparing our members to face the day, whether it’s being attentive in class, studying for tests, preparing for an officer meeting or working a job. Here are a few of our favorites.

20 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly


• 14 oz can coconut milk • 2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken • 14.5 oz can stewed tomatoes breasts, cut into strips • 8 oz can tomato sauce • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar • 2 tablespoons curry powder • 1 white onion, sliced

• ½ oz fresh cilantro, chopped • salt and pepper to taste

DIRECTIONS • Heat oil in a medium-sized pot over medium-high heat for 2 minutes. Add sliced onion and cook for 1-2 minutes, stirring occasionally, until onion starts to caramelize. • Add sliced chicken and curry powder, then stir. • Reduce heat to medium and cook for 8 minutes. Stir occasionally until chicken is no longer pink on the outside. • Add coconut milk, tomatoes, tomato sauce, sugar and all but a pinch of the cilantro. Stir, cover and reduce heat to a simmer. • Cook 35-40 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and garnish with remaining cilantro. Add salt and pepper to taste.


INGREDIENTS • ¼ cup rice vinegar • ¼ cup + 1 teaspoon brown sugar

Southwest Grain Bowl


INGREDIENTS • ½ cup quinoa

• ¼ cup avocado, diced

• ¼ cup canned black beans, drained and rinsed

• 1 small sweet potato

• ¼ cup corn frozen or canned, drained

• 1 fresh lime (optional)

• ¼ cup fresh tomato, diced • 1 cup baby spinach

• 1 fresh jalapeño, sliced (optional)

• 2 large carrots, peeled

• In a small bowl, whisk chicken broth, fish sauce, garlic, ginger • 6 scallions, bulbs cut into 1-inch and remaining brown sugar. pieces, green stalks thinly sliced • Season pork with ¼ teaspoon • 1 lb. pork tenderloin, cut into Kosher salt and ¼ teaspoon 1½-inch cubes black pepper. • 1 tablespoon canola oil • Heat canola oil in a large skillet • 1 small jalapeño, thinly sliced

• ½ cup low sodium chicken broth • ½ teaspoon fresh ginger, grated

• 1 small red onion (optional)

• ½ teaspoon fresh garlic, chopped

• cilantro, chopped (optional)

• 1 tablespoon fish sauce

• sour cream (optional)

• Kosher salt and black pepper

DIRECTIONS • Wash sweet potato thoroughly, pat dry and pierce 3-4 times with a fork. Place potato on a microwave-safe plate and cook for 5 minutes. If your potato isn’t tender after 5 minutes, continue microwaving in 30-second increments. Let it cool before handling, then dice into medium-sized cubes. • Place rinsed quinoa in a microwave safe bowl with 2 cups of water. Cover and cook for 6 minutes. Remove and stir. At this point, more than half the water should be absorbed. Cook 2 more minutes. Let sit covered for an additional 5-10 minutes, then fluff with a fork. • Rinse black beans and set aside. • Make pico de gallo by dicing tomato, red onion and jalapeño and mixing together. Dice avacado. Add half of the pico to the diced avocado. Add a squeeze of lime and salt to taste. Set aside the remaining pico.

carrots into long ribbons and add to bowl. Add jalapeño and let sit 20 minutes, tossing occasionally. Drain liquid and fold in scallion stalks.

• cooked jasmine rice

DIRECTIONS • In a bowl, whisk and dissolve rice vinegar, 1 teaspoon brown sugar and ¼ teaspoon salt. Using a vegetable peeler, shave

over high heat. Brown pork on all sides for 6 to 8 minutes, then transfer to plate.

• Add broth mixture to the same skillet and bring to a boil. Add scallion cut bulbs, reduce heat and simmer 2–3 minutes until sugar dissolves and mixture slightly thickens to a glaze. • Return pork to skillet, toss and cook for 1 minute. Plate the pork and garnish with pickled carrots, and jalapeños. Serve with rice on the side.

Vietnamese Pork with Salad


• Assemble bowl by adding baby spinach and quinoa. Top with roasted sweet potato, black beans and corn. Garnish with guacamole, pico and sour cream. • Brown rice or barley may be substitued for quinoa and chicken or legumes may added for additional protein.

The FHC supports the Fraternity’s philanthropic focus of fighting hunger through the ®Full Homes Serving Full Plates initiative. Participating chapters donate their extra food to local food banks.

Spring 2019 21


Spring Cleaning­—and Greening I

t’s time to open the windows and air out the house! Give your house the attention it deserves with a deep, spring clean and you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a long, cold winter. Many conventional, store-bought cleaners are toxic and fall into the categories of carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and neurotoxins. In fact, according to the Environmental Working Group, household cleaning ingredients and products are not held to a safety standard nor require testing data before entering the market. Even natural, store-bought cleaners can be toxic! But that’s not to worry because many “green” cleanings products can be found right in your pantry. Buy a few spray bottles, grab some vinegar, olive oil, lemons, baking soda and essentials oils and you’re good to go. 1. Vinegar – A key ingredient, vinegar is a multi-purpose cleaner. It serves as a natural disinfectant, and cuts through grease and grime to leave a shine. 2. Olive oil – Olive oil is great for scrubbing cookware like cast iron skillets and wood polishing and dusting. 3.Lemons – Lemons have a strong acidic power that scrubs away bacteria and removes stains. To clean out your garbage disposal, simply cut a lemon in half, throw them in and grind! 4. Essential oils – Essentials oils are great alternative to toxic fumes. Some of the best essentials oils for cleaning include Eucalyptus, Lime, Wild Orange, Tea Tree, Lemon and Rosemary. 5. Baking Soda – Not only can you use baking soda and water to remove stubborn stains from plastic food containers, it can also remove dirt and that waxy coating that comes on produce from the supermarket.

22 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

There are many other “green” alternatives such as Castile soap, salt, hydrogen peroxide and more. Simply Google "DIY cleaning recipes" and the results are endless. In the meantime, consider following these recipes as a start: All Purpose Cleaner 1 cup of distilled water per 16 oz spray bottle (can be replaced with boiled and cooled filtered tap water) 1 cup of white vinegar 25 drops of essential oil of your choice Shake well. Use and wipe as needed. Dusting Spray 1 cup of distilled water per 16 oz spray bottle (can be replaced with boiled and cooled filtered tap water) ½ cup of white vinegar ¼ cup olive oil 30 drops of essential oil of your choice Shake well. Use and wipe as needed.



1994-1995, and knew she wanted to follow in her footsteps.

House and any other completed massive renovations or remodels.

“I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others,” said Katie.

“I had the privilege of working on the FHC board with some of the most intelligent women I have worked with in my personal and professional life.”

During her time as a Leadership Consultant, Katie made lifelong friendships with her fellow team, as well as the volunteers and advisors who cared for her during her travels. “I still remember the great barbecue at the Rendezvous in Memphis, helping a collegiate member study for an algebra test in Oklahoma and receiving the warmest welcome from alumnae in Canada!”

Executive Director Katie Abernathy


n January 2, Alpha Gam welcomed its new Executive Director, Katie Jolley Abernathy, Delta Theta–University of Idaho, nearly 19 years after she set foot at International Headquarters to begin her career as a Leadership Consultant. Katie’s undergraduate experience was nothing short of amazing. Alpha Gam helped her grow as a leader and learn the meaning of true friendship and sisterhood. Katie watched her older sister, Lisa Jolley Gibb, Delta Theta–University of Idaho, travel as a Leadership Consultant for the Fraternity from

When her time as a Leadership Consultant came to end, Katie was hired as the Director of Communications for the Fraternity. Katie was charged with sharing stories and treasured memories through the pages of the Quarterly and overseeing the Fraternity’s first rebrand in more than 20 years. She also navigated the Fraternity’s first foray into the early years of the digital area. During her time as Director of Communications, Katie represented Alpha Gam as a member of the NPC Editors Conference, where she was eventually elected to serve as President. To this day, the only other Alpha Gamma Delta to serve in this position was Emily Helen Butterfield. “I couldn’t believe that somehow, in our little corner of the world, my name was on a list with Emily Helen Butterfield!” said Katie. In 2011, Katie was appointed by International Council to serve as the first President of the newly formed Fraternity Housing Corporation. Some of her favorite memories with the FHC include the open house at the Xi Chapter

As a wearer of the Crescent of Epsilon Pi, Katie's decision to apply for the Executive Director position was as personal as it was professional.

“It is always an honor to serve the Fraternity, whether that be in a volunteer or staff capacity. I have a great passion for the mission of Alpha Gamma Delta," she said. "I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work on that mission daily alongside an amazing team of staff and volunteer leaders.” With the number of incoming college students continuing to decline, the hiring committee knew it must select someone with the kind of fortitude to navigate the changing climate of fraternities and sororities. “Katie's significant experience in the areas of strategy, growth and change management make her the right person for the role in this moment in our Fraternity’s history.” One of Katie’s biggest goals as Executive Director is to help show women that there is a lifelong value in Alpha Gam. She should know. Spring 2019 23

Your gifts to the Alpha Gam Foundation foster support for our sisters in need. They provide essential investment in sisters pursuing their dreams. They impact lives in the communities where we are placed. Make a tax-deductible gift* by May 31 to be recognized among your sisters as a change maker. *To the extent allowed by U.S. law.

Visit today to provide a loving, leading and lasting impact on your sisters.

24 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly


Chance ENCOUNTERS The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation is committed to creating generations of women who contribute to the world’s work. Women like 21-year-old Kendra, whose future career goal was changed after seeing life through the lens of a very special 4-year-old.


endra Flood, Beta Eta–Southern Illinois University Carbondale, a junior studying agricultural education, recently traveled to New Orleans, with 17 other Alpha Gams from across North America to participate in the third annual Service Immersion Experience.

Kendra met Nevaeh while she was volunteering in a classroom at a New Orleans Lutheran school. Kendra found the four-year-old to be fearless. She walked right up to Kendra and introduced herself, even letting Kendra know that “Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backward.”

“I didn’t really know what I’d be doing,” said Kendra. “I thought I might just be building a house. But, it ended up being so much more.”

Nevaeh told her that she knew she would never amount to anything and never become an artist. Kendra realized—at just four years old—Nevaeh already believed her dreams were out of reach.

Service Immersion is an opportunity for collegiate members to spend a week completing service projects throughout a city, all while gaining world perspective and immersing themselves in the culture. Funded by the generosity of donors through the Alpha Gam Foundation, the trip is designed to teach women how to take responsibility as citizens in meeting the needs of the community. This sense of responsibility changed Kendra’s perspective on the world. It happened the day she met four-year-old Nevaeh. “I have always been told I could be whatever I wanted to be – whether that was a princess, a cowboy or president,” said Kendra. “But some children aren’t told the sky is the limit, like I was. I never realized the impact that could have on a child until I met Nevaeh.”

As a result of their chance meeting, Kendra launched ‘The Nevaeh Project’ on Instagram where she hopes to inspire young girls to follow their dreams. Her long-term goal is to host in-school workshops featuring career women to empower girls and teach them how to take steps to reach their dream career.

“Right now, it’s just an Instagram page, but I want it to be a tool to empower women.” Kendra’s experience sums up why the Alpha Gam Foundation is committed to supporting opportunities like the Service Immersion experience. Service Immersion exposes women to their passions and demonstrates how they can apply it to make the world better. Through these types of leadership activities, our sisters are becoming more than volunteers who do community service once a year or month. They are becoming our future leaders and philanthropists. “Alpha Gamma Delta has changed my life. This opportunity is something I will never forget,” Kendra said. “This trip has challenged my views and shaped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. We can only change the world if we know what is happening in it.”

“If someone wants to be a doctor, I want to bring doctors into classrooms to talk to kids,” stated Kendra. “The next week, we could help older girls fill out scholarship applications.” While Kendra works toward her goal, she plans to continue sharing stories of women who have conquered and overcome struggles, to show girls like Nevaeh that they, too, can achieve their dreams.

Keep up with The Neveah Project at ®

Spring 2019 25





3 1. Theta Nu–Virginia Commonwealth University; 2. Alpha Iota–Baldwin Wallace University; 3. Zeta Theta– Lafayette College; 4. Delta Beta-Washington State University; 5. Alpha Epsilon–Westminster College; 6. Alpha Eta– Dalhousie University; 7. Delta Xi–Arizona State University; 8. Iota–University of Washington; 9. Beta Alpha–Nebraska Wesleyan University; 10. Phi–Oregon State University

6 26 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly




REPORTS Delta–University of Minnesota: After

welcoming three new members at a Valentine’s Day-themed Bid Day, Delta chapter jumped right into Week of Service by writing love letters, through Meals on Wheels, to senior citizens and donating canned goods to the NutritiousU campus food pantry. Members also participated in the JDRF One Walk to support children with Type 1 Diabetes, the NEDA Walk to promote eating disorder awareness and hosted their 31st annual Pancake Breakfast.

Epsilon–University of Kentucky: The 2018-

19 school year brought many changes for the chapter. Sisters returned from an exciting summer of studying abroad and internships ready to jump right into recruitment and make the most out of the new academic year. Members participated in various philanthropic events and raised more than $7,000 to fight hunger. The chapter celebrated 83 new members at Feast of Roses. Football games, tailgating, a retreat to Gatlinburg and a semi-formal rounded out the fall term. The chapter gained 13 new members in the spring and had a blast participating in Greek Sing, Stomp and DanceBlue.



Submitted quarterly, Collegiate Reports highlight chapter news, happenings and successes.

Iota–University of Washington: After welcoming 38 new members in September, Iota participated in several philanthropy events, won Phi Kappa Psi’s week-long Spike philanthropy and raised $1,255 for Special Olympics. Members were excited to welcome many parents and alumnae to celebrate Initiation at Feast of Roses. At the Greek Awards Banquet in January, Iota won an Academic Achievement award for exceeding the All-Greek GPA average throughout the 2017-18 school year. In February, members made cards for Meals on Wheels and raised money for the Foundation and Treehouse for Kids during their signature philanthropic event, Mr. Greek. Mu–Brenau University: Mu chapter hit the ground running after returning from winter break with new officer training, recruitment events, Greek Sing and Brenau’s annual Winter Weekend. Members also enjoyed a Super Bowl potluck, Canvas and Candy, volunteering for the Georgia Mountain Food Bank, a bingo event to raise money for the Foundation and supported sisters who participated in the Gainesville Theater Alliance production of “Noises Off.”

Tau–University of Toronto: Winter at Tau was filled with informal recruitment events full of cupcake decorating, mocktails, board games and more. Sisterhood activities included calendar making, Firesides and Valentine decorating. The chapter greatly benefited from a chapter goal setting workshop and officer training with Leadership Consultant Sarah Stipp. Upsilon–University of Oklahoma: The women

of Upsilon started the semester right by winning six awards—including second place overall—in University Sing. Several new members were welcomed at a chilly spring Bid Day event following informal recruitment. Sisters raised $13,579 for Soonerthon to benefit For the Kids. The chapter exceeded its goal of increasing its overall GPA and 35 members earned a 4.0 last fall. Members celebrated Upsilon’s 100-year anniversary in April.

Phi–Oregon State University: After welcoming

37 new members on Bid Day, the women of Phi had a fun-filled fall term. A Pumpkin Patch Sisterhood event, sisterhood retreat at Camp Wakonda and winning Sigma Chi’s pumpkin

Spring 2019 27

COLLEGIATE REPORTS carving contest for their Derby Days event were just a few activities members enjoyed before heading home for winter break. Spring was filled with Week of Service activities, a Valentine party and participating in philanthropic events including DU Darling and Phi Phi Family Feud. Omega–University of Akron: For the second

time this school year, members of Omega celebrated the initiation of new members into their chapter. The Alpha Gam Lip Jam raised nearly $2,000 to fight hunger. The 3rd annual Jewel Ball brought together sisters past and present with a Through the Decades theme and raised money for the Foundation. Members also enjoyed a bowling outing, a sisterhood retreat and a painting social with the men of Phi Gamma Delta.

Alpha Eta–Dalhousie University: Winter term

began with formal recruitment and the addition of 14 new members into Alpha Eta. Six chapter officers flew to Pittsburgh to attend the Academy for Collegiate Officers and enjoyed meeting new sisters and gaining valuable knowledge to better equip them in their chapter positions. The chapter also enjoyed hosting Get Cheesy with Alpha Gam to benefit the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation.

Alpha Lambda-The Ohio State University:

The chapter welcomed 52 new members on Bid Day with a Candyland dream theme, complete with a photo booth, a cotton candy machine, candy necklaces and lots of glitter. The following weekend, members gathering with Pi Kappa Alpha for a Athletes and Mathletes-themed gathering. The chapter proudly boasts a 3.6 GPA for the term. Alpha Pi–Wayne State University: The women of Alpha Pi teamed up with other organizations on campus to host tables for the Gift of Life Campus Challenge. This challenge is especially important to Alpha Pi because Rebecca Butler, a 2010 initiate, entered Chapter Grand while waiting for an organ transplant. Members enjoyed making blankets and drinking cocoa with the men of Sigma Tau Gamma and rooted on their dodgeball team to support the dance team. Alpha Omega–Duquesne University:

Alpha Omega recruited 33 new members in January. During Philanthropy Round of Primary Recruitment, members and potential new members assembled food bags to donate to St. Vincent De Paul. The joy of service continued as the chapter prepared for its annual philanthropic event, Water Wars. Members also enjoyed other service opportunities such as serving at local soup 28 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

kitchens, delivering food and supplies and making and serving food at the Ronald McDonald House. Beta Alpha–Nebraska Wesleyan University:

After a much-needed winter break, Beta Alpha jumped right into spending quality time with sisters at an ice-skating sisterhood event. Informal recruitment resulted in five new members. During Week of Service, the chapter donated more than 150 cans of food to the Food Bank of Lincoln. During a February sisterhood event, members baked cookies for Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach.

Beta Gamma–University of Manitoba: A fantastic three-week recruitment period raised awareness for sorority life on campus and resulted in four new members for Beta Gamma. Members enjoyed a sisterhood retreat, bake sale and weekly dessert outings. At the Panhellenic Brunch, Beta Gamma won five of the nine awards, including Senior and Junior of the Year, Highest Individual GPA, Woman of the Year and Highest Chapter Volunteer Hours. Beta Delta–Indiana University Bloomington:

The Beta Delta chapter celebrated a successful recruitment season with 74 new members. The fun continued with a Big/Little reveal, Initiation and Feast of Roses. The chapter received the Outstanding Service Award during the annual Greek Assessment and Achievement Program Awards. Former Chapter President Jill Wooton was awarded the Outstanding President Award for her hard work and dedication during the 2018 term. Beta Eta–Southern Illinois University Carbondale: The women of Beta Eta enjoyed

a great start to 2019. In January, five officers attended the Academy for Collegiate Officers in Indianapolis and brought back exciting ideas and insights for the chapter. Following a week of informal recruitment events in February, which included jewelry making and a make-your-ownsundae event, members welcomed five new members with a disco-themed mini-Bid Day. During Week of Service, members served the community picking up litter for the chapter’s Adopt-a-Spot, packaging meals for various southern Illinois schools, running a food drive for the campus food pantry and handing out valentines at a local nursing home and the Illinois Veterans Home.

Beta Theta–University of WisconsinWhitewater: It has been a busy few months

for Beta Theta. The chapter hosted their first annual philanthropic event, Block Out Hunger, in November and it was a huge success. In December, the chapter celebrated their one-year anniversary of being back on the UWW campus and initiated 13 new women. Members also enjoyed Greek Week activities and making blankets for the Linus Project during Family Day.

Beta Iota–Eastern Illinois University: Six newly

installed officers traveled to Indianapolis to attend the Academy for Collegiate Officers and returned with lots of information to help Beta Iota continue to strengthen and grow. The chapter welcomed two new members this spring. The chapter made Valentine cards for Meals on Wheels during Week of Service and volunteered with Jefferson Elementary School’s annual carnival.

Beta Xi–Purdue University: The women of Beta

Xi have been busy serving their community. For Week of Service they wrote letters to soldiers, made valentines for the Meals on Wheels Love Letters Campaign and volunteered at Food Finders. Members had a blast at their Spring Formal and Mothers and Others Weekend activities. Their grilled cheese fundraiser, Cheesin’ for a Reason, raised $2,000 to fight hunger.

Beta Tau–Ball State University: The past quarter has been exciting for Beta Tau. After welcoming eight new members through informal recruitment, members have enjoyed several sisterhood events, including self-care activities and ice skating. The chapter’s spring philanthropic event, a golf outing, will be held in April and the chapter looks forward to doing their part to fight hunger in their community. Gamma Alpha–University of Georgia: Spring

began with new officer training and transition at Gamma Alpha. Members welcomed 12 new sisters. As the semester continued, members participated in a yoga and smoothie sisterhood event, a Galentine’s brunch, a Great Gatsby-themed date night and collectively served more than 500 hours during Week of Service.

Gamma Beta–Florida State University:

Gamma Beta sprang into the semester by welcoming 18 new members into their sisterhood. Members enjoyed a new tradition of weekly Bachelor viewing parties, movie nights, a joint social with the Lady Spirithunters, fundraising events and the Dance Marathon. The chapter partnered with the FSUPD for a self-defense class, followed by brunch. Several members represented Gamma Beta at the University Panhellenic Associations’ Converge conference, which encouraged dialogue between organizations on issues facing fraternity/sorority members. Gamma Delta–Auburn University: A Movie

Mash-up Social with Kappa Delta, Alpha Tau Omega and Phi Gamma Delta kicked off the spring term. Auditions were held for Greek Sing and 36 members were selected to perform. Fun continued with Alpha Heartbreakers with Alpha Chi Omega and Alpha Omicron Pi, Gamma Delta’s 80th anniversary celebration and a Cool in Middle School Social. Several members were elected to Auburn’s Student Government Association, including Mary Margret Turton who was elected President.




Gamma Zeta–University of Memphis:

Members were excited to reunite after winter break for an exciting weekend at the UofM Fraternity, Sorority and Leadership Retreat. Many new relationships were formed across multiple councils and sparked excitement for the whole chapter to be more involved on campus. Members also volunteered for the Tiger Pantry, Memphis Union Mission, Hope House and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital during Week of Service and raised money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at their 6th annual Share the Love event. Gamma Eta–High Point University: The new

year was an exciting time for Gamma Eta as they participated in events such as Innovation Summit, MLK Day of Service and volunteered with Meals on Wheels and Open Door Ministries. Members also enjoyed the new High Point pop-up art displays, Greek Challenge basketball, a Harry Potter movie night and other sisterhood activities and a date party where they danced the night away.


Gamma Iota–Mercer University: A Back to

School Bash and the introduction of the 20 newly installed Executive Council officers and Directors at the first chapter meeting of the year kicked off 2019 in a big way. Sisters also enjoyed a Secret Squirrel gift exchange, movie night, a sisterhood retreat, mixers and meeting potential new members at informal recruitment events such as Queso & Convo and Cookies & Cards for Meals on Wheels, game night and more.

4 5


Gamma Lambda–Longwood University:

A snowy Bid Day in Farmville welcomed 19 new members to the Gamma Lambda chapter. Members spent quality time bonding during hangouts, craft nights and a letter exchange. Each Saturday, a group volunteered at the food pantry by passing out meals to thousands of people living

1. Delta Nu–University of Calgary; 2. Beta Gamma– University of Manitoba; 3. Gamma Xi–Murray State University; 4. Beta Xi–Purdue University; 5. Gamma Omicron–Eastern Kentucky University; 6. Gamma Eta–High Point University

Spring 2019 29




in surrounding areas. The chapter also hosted Date Night and a mac and cheese fundraising event Gamma Xi–Murray State University: Spring


started strong for Gamma Xi by welcoming 28 new members and winning Grand Champs at Lambda Chi Alpha’s philanthropic event. Sisters bonded over movies, lake days, cheer competitions, mixers and bowling. The chapter fulfilled their passion for fighting hunger by working at Needline, incorporating rebate nights for locals and by raising $19,919.19 through the annual Rock-aThon lip sync competition. The sis mom/daughter reveal introduced families to our Purpose and welcomed back many alumnae.

Gamma Omicron–Eastern Kentucky University: Gamma Omicron celebrated its

5 6

50th anniversary on campus by welcoming 32 wonderful new members following Primary Recruitment last fall. Members donated more than 200 lbs. of food to the Colonel’s Cupboard, an oncampus food bank. The chapter raised money to fight hunger through their annual Alpha Gam Slam, which raised more than $2,000 for the Foundation, and their Alpha Gam Feud game show event

Gamma Sigma–Troy University: Gamma Sigma 4 1. Epsilon Kappa–Pittsburg State University; 2. Gamma Sigma–Troy University; 3. Gamma Psi–University of North Alabama; 4.Theta Delta– University of North Georgia; 5. Epsilon Mu–Fort Hays University; 6. Zeta Delta–Towson University

30 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

kicked off 2019 with a fun night of movies, hot chocolate and cookies. Members also celebrated having the ‘Highest Grades on the Hill’ for the third year in a row. Pairing Philanthropy Week with Alpha Gam Week of Service, the chapter spent a week fundraising and volunteering locally to help fight hunger. Members have stayed active on campus by participating in the philanthropic events of other fraternities and sororities, attending conferences and supporting Troy’s athletic teams.

Gamma Phi–Georgia Institute of Technology:

It’s been a busy spring for the sisters of Gamma Phi. It began with a mermaid-themed Bid Day, welcoming nine new members from informal recruitment. A roller-skating sisterhood event, making dog toys to donate with alumnae, formal season and a Crush Party kept members entertained between studying and classes. Gamma Psi–University of North Alabama:

From delivering meals for Meals on Wheels of the Shoals to organizing Wig and Stache Bash, members hit the ground running last fall and still managed to make the highest grades on campus. Members had a blast competing in Step Sing in February and were excited to be named overall winner. Keely Templeton was crowned Miss UNA by fellow sister Haley Jewell, the previous year’s winner. Mixers, the Kick Out Hunger with Alpha Gam philanthropic event and the Big Chill also rounded out their spring agenda. Delta Beta–Washington State University:

Service has been a priority for Delta Beta as they participated in Week of Service activities, including a food drive, a blood drive, a pet food/supply drive and a philanthropic event called Smooch a Pooch with Kappa Alpha Theta that raised $500 in just four hours. The chapters sold hot cocoa and had puppies on hand for attendees to play with. Members also participated in a paint party exchange and a Valentine’s Date Dash. Delta Epsilon–University of California, Los Angeles: Delta Epsilon started 2019 off strong

with the new Executive Council returning to campus early for a weekend of training, bonding and lots of memories! Recruitment events, including Lattes and Pilates, trivia night, an ocean-view hike and a philanthropy night led to the welcoming of new members with a denim-clad Bid Day. Members continued their work towards fighting hunger by packing more than 8,000 lbs. of food at the LA Food Bank. A pre-midterm raid with Sigma Pi and a karaoke date party and a study night at the house filled with snacks and endless encouragement got members ready for exams.

Delta Zeta–University of British Columbia:

banquet, packing baskets for the Chico Posse Foundation and Taco Bout Fighting Hunger event kept members busy this spring. Delta Kappa–University of Alberta: After a

relaxing holiday break, members of Delta Kappa came back ready to fight hunger at Pearls and Tiaras where they raised more than $500 for the Foundation. Members enjoyed a sisterhood dinner, a night of board games, informal recruitment events and loved visiting with Leadership Consultant Sophia Baur-Waisbord while showing her the winter beauty of Edmonton.

Delta Nu–University of Calgary: Delta Nu was

actively involved on campus during the winter term. From a photoshoot of the newly installed Executive Council and hosting a booth at the Student Union’s Clubs Week to participating in a Panhellenic social with Alpha Omicron Pi and attending a social exchange with Phi Gamma Delta, members have been busy. The chapter also participated in Bell Let’s Talk Day and volunteered at the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre.

Delta Xi–Arizona State University: ASU Alpha

Gams welcomed several new members following informal recruitment events that included a Bachelor watch party, a Pizza and Polaroid party, game night, an impromptu sing-a-long, a scenic hike and a Nacho & Philo party. Delta Xi served their community through volunteering at the Dance Marathon for Valley of the Sun United Way and by packing meals for Feed My Starving Children.

Delta Omicron–University of Nevada, Las Vegas: After welcoming 40 new members on Bid

Day, it was full speed ahead for the women of Delta Omicron! Members enjoyed sisterhood activities like a retreat in Mount Charleston, an ice cream social and making s’mores. They also volunteered at Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Three Square, Spread the Word Nevada, the Feeding America food bank, and participated in UNLV’s canned food drive. The chapter brought back Pearls and Poker, their Texas Hold Em’ style fundraising event and raised more than $2,000!

Members jumped right back into school after winter break by volunteering for Quest Food Exchange and participating in several other philanthropic events. The chapter welcomed three new members through spring informal recruitment events and celebrated with a movie night and Galentine’s Day. Members enjoyed attending exchanges, the Pearl Ball formal, playing intramural sports and raising money to fight hunger through their flag football tournament, Alpha Getta Touchdown.

Delta Rho–Sonoma State University: Members of Delta Rho returned from the holidays and began preparing for their 28th annual Lip Jam. From reaching out to businesses for donations to recruiting teams to compete, a lot of hard work went into this signature event on Sonoma’s campus. Sisters also participated in a full week of activities during Week of Service, enjoyed sisterhood events and cheered on the Seawolves at basketball games.

Delta Iota–California State University, Chico:

Delta Tau–Chapman University: After four

An Enchanted Bid Day welcomed more than 50 new members home to Delta Iota. A Galentine’s sisterhood event, Mom’s Weekend, a scholarship


exciting days of Formal Recruitment, Delta Tau welcomed 51 incredible women into their sisterhood with a Lizzie McGuire-themed Bid Day.

Members gave back to the community during Week of Service by selling candygrams, collecting canned goods for the Chapman Food Pantry and tabling to raise awareness of food insecurity and raise money for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation. Delta Upsilon–Boise State University: Delta Upsilon sisters celebrated Week of Service with a giveback night to raise money for the Foundation. Members volunteered at the Idaho Food Bank and the Boise Ronald McDonald House. Girl power was in full effect at a Galentine’s Day-themed sisterhood event. Members made crafts and were treated to some yummy sweets. The chapter raised more than $200 for the Foundation by spreading love and selling candygrams. Epsilon Zeta–Arkansas State University:

A-State Alpha Gams had a successful spring, including the crowning of one of their members as Miss Arkansas State University. Six of the last eight winners have been Alpha Gams, so members were excited to continue the tradition. Their annual Alpha Grabba Dress event more than tripled past proceeds for the Foundation. The chapter celebrated 38 sisters with 4.0 GPAs at a 4.0 Fiesta. Other events included a game night, date night drop-ins and Mom’s Day. Epsilon Mu–Fort Hays State University:

After a relaxing winter break, Epsilon Mu started the semester strong by attending the all-greek movie character-themed basketball game. The chapter held a Selfie and Style chapter image workshop where members learned how to best portray themselves and Alpha Gam on social media. Sisters volunteered at the local Humane Society, organized street cleaning sweeps, made Valentine’s cards for Meals on Wheel and sold candy for the Foundation during Week of Service. The chapter looks forward to an upcoming sisterhood retreat in Kansas City.

Epsilon Nu–University of Central Oklahoma:

Fall began at Epsilon Nu with the addition of 32 new members. Hours of pomping, practicing and painting followed as members jumped right into Homecoming festivities. Epsilon Nu took first place overall for the third year in a row and placed second in the cheer and dance competition. October’s Alpha Gam Jam raised a total of $2,600 for the Foundation. As spring began, members were happy to learn they were first in grades. Sisters joined together to make Valentines to be delivered by Edmond Mobile Meals, participate in other Week of Service activities and play or root for intramural sports teams. Spring 2019 31

COLLEGIATE REPORTS Epsilon Psi–University of Texas at Dallas:

Spring began with the addition of two new members and bonding over sweet treats at Chatime. Sisters collected canned goods for Comet Cupboard and made cards for Meals on Wheels during Week of Service. The chapter partnered with Tri Delta to sell Tiff’s Treats to raise money for Feed My Starving Children. Members also enjoyed a sisterhood retreat, bowling, Greek Week and a Disneyland-themed party at Café Gecko. Epsilon Omega–Truman State University:

Members enjoyed an exciting semester of events, including a date party, Best Friends’ Weekend and Week of Service. In addition to raising money for the Foundation, members volunteered at a local “pay-what-you-can” restaurant that aims to fight food insecurity. The chapter also enjoyed Sisterhood Circles, a movie night, Greek Week and more. Zeta Delta–Towson University: A Camp Alpha

Gam Bid Day welcomed four new members to Zeta Delta. The chapter partnered with Chi Phi for Homecoming and took first place overall and second in the Dance the Madness competition. Members picked apples to be donated and assembled Blessing Bags for people in need.

Zeta Epsilon–Michigan Technological University: Zeta Epsilon partnered with Sigma

Tau Gamma for MTU’s Winter Carnival and placed second overall in the co-ed division. The Chapter President won first runner-up and received the Audience Choice award in the Winter Carnival Queens competition. Members enjoyed a Galentine’s sisterhood event, PJs & Popcorn and, during Week of Service, shoveled driveways for Meals on Wheels recipients.

Zeta Zeta–Worcester Polytechnic Institute:

Members returned from winter break excited to attend their annual formal. Initiation, an ice skating trip and a sisterhood retreat soon followed. The chapter hosted a variety of events during Hunger Action Week to fight hunger. Zeta Theta–Lafayette College: During Primary Recruitment, Zeta Theta and guests assembled care packages for a women and children’s shelter. Bid Day welcomed 29 new members. The chapter participated in several philanthropic events on campus and hosted Mac n Cheese with AGDs. Members also enjoyed apple picking, weekly volunteer trips to the Girls Club and a local food pantry and reconnecting with alumnae during Homecoming weekend. 32 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

Theta Beta–Auburn University at Montgomery:

After welcoming seven new members on Bid Day last fall, Theta Beta stayed busy with a sisterhood weekend at Camp Chandler, collecting canned goods to fight hunger, a trick-or-treat event with Brantwood Children’s Home and still managed to earn a 3.4 GPA—the highest on campus. Spring was spent volunteering for the East Alabama Food Bank, raising money for the Foundation, a Valentine’s date party and enjoying Homecoming events. Theta Mu–University of North Carolina, Wilmington: Homecoming, a Valentine’s Grab-a-

Date party and a middle school-themed mixer were just a few things that kept Theta Mu busy. The chapter completed 124 hours of service during the Month of February. They also hosted a flag football tournament to raise money to fight hunger through the Foundation and Feeding America. Members also enjoyed a formal and Family Weekend. Theta Nu–Virginia Commonwealth University:

The women of Theta Nu returned from winter break ready make the most of 2019. Sisters gathered each Monday to watch the Bachelor, enjoyed a spa night, participated in a member clothing swap and traveled to Midloathian for a sisterhood retreat. They also enjoyed a Crush party and held weekly fundraisers at Root’s Natural Kitchen to support FeedMore, a local food kitchen. Theta Omicron–Western Carolina University:

Following Primary Recruitment, 16 new members were welcomed on Bid Day. Members participated in several philanthropic events on campus and won first place in Sigma Chi’s Derby Days for the 6th year in a row. Theta Omicron raised more than $1,000 for the Foundation, hosted moms for a Mother-Daughter Tea, enjoyed visiting with alumnae during Homecoming weekend and enjoyed their annual sisterhood retreat. Theta Tau–Belmont University: Sisters were

eager to be reunited after winter break. Formal recruitment resulted in 78 new members and was celebrated at a glow-in-the-dark-themed Bid Day. Members served the community during Week of Service and raised $3,800 for the Foundation and the Williamson County Animal Shelter at their Doggos for a Caus-o event.

Theta Upsilon–Georgetown College: Fall fun

for Theta Upsilon included Homecoming festivities, Parents’ Day and winning “Most Musical” at Songfest. The spring semester kicked off by welcoming 11 new members. Several events, including Bid Day, Big/Lil Reveal, Week of Service activities and their semi-annual Pancakes for a Purpose breakfast, have allowed sisters to bond and serve the local community.

Theta Omega–University of South Carolina:

Theta Omega returned from winter break ranked first in percentage of members with 4.0 GPAs. The

chapter held its first Mom’s Weekend and members look forward to making it an annual event. Theta Omega was presented with the Leonard L. Price Award for their work with Meals on Wheels and Senior Resources. Members were extremely proud that House Director Marlys Headley, Epsilon Beta– University of Kansas, won Outstanding Property Manager at the Greek Awards Banquet. Kappa Beta–Missouri Western State University: Several informal recruitment activities

that included a murder mystery event brought the women of Kappa Beta four new members. Sisters gathered for a Super Bowl watch party, a sisterhood retreat, bowling and skating activities and joined other campus fraternities/sororities for a Valentine’s Day game night at Living Community Nursing Home. Kappa Gamma–Texas A&M University– Corpus Christi: Homecoming activities,

competing in Penny Wars and celebrating having the highest Panhellenic GPA started spring with a bang. After celebrating the arrival of new members on Bid Day, sisters bonded during craft night, basketball games and while packing more than 2,500 lbs. of food during Week of Service. Kappa Delta–Westminster College: After starting the spring term with several informal recruitment events, members were delighted to pin four new members. Sisters also enjoyed watching basketball and bowling with their dads on Dad’s Day, attending their formal and hosting Mac n Cheese with AGDs during Week of Service. Kappa Epsilon–Texas State University: Kappa

Epsilon was excited to meet several potential new members during informal recruitment activities such as decorating desserts, assembling supply bags for a local homeless shelter, a Galentine’s gathering and more. Sisters also enjoyed attending basketball games, mixers, socials and volunteer activities during Week of Service.

Lambda Gamma–Villanova University: After

welcoming 30 new members on Bid Day, members gathered together for several fun events, including a speed dating night, Bachelor watch parties, Big/ Lil craft night, movie night and volunteering for Philabundance, Delaware Valley’s largest hunger relief organization. Service to the community continued as the chapter participated in six other fraternity/sorority philanthropic events.

Lambda Epsilon–Case Western Reserve University: Lambda Epsilon participated in

its first recruitment season and gained 39 new members. Sister mothers/daughters bonded by attending various campus events together, such as SpartanTHON, Greek Games and a painting class. Members also enjoyed an ice skating mixer with Zeta Psi and a healthy hangout—complete with yoga and smoothies—with Delta Tau Delta.


Nu Alpha–Appalachian State University:

After a fall full of Primary Recruitment, Initiation, date functions, Hunger Awareness month and a semi-formal, spring had a lot to live up to. Sisters grew even closer as they enjoyed a sisterhood retreat, ice skating and cocoa and hosted Mac n Cheese with AGDs, which was a huge success. Nu Gamma–East Carolina University:

Members of Nu Gamma started spring with an alumnae bowling event, informal recruitment and a spring Bid Day celebration. Several members volunteered for A Night to Shine, a giant prom sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation for special needs residents of North Carolina. The fun continued with a sisterhood retreat, Valentine’s Soiree, NASCAR-themed and St. Paddy’s Day socials and Alpha Gamma Dilla fundraising event. Nu Delta–Georgia College: Sisterhood events and the addition of 12 new members kicked off 2019 for members of Nu Delta. Sisters participated in a philanthropic event for Eta Sigma Alpha. The chapter also enjoyed Week of Service, date night and Homecoming festivities—including cheering on their two members who served as representatives on Homecoming Court.



4 1. Theta Omega–University of South Carolina; 2. Gamma Lambda–Longwood University; 3. Nu Gamma–East Carolina University; 4. Beta Tau–Ball State University

3 Spring 2019 33



News and updates from Alpha Gam alumnae chapters and clubs

Auburn-Opelika Alumnae Chapter: The chapter recently hosted initiates of Gamma Delta to celebrate the chapter’s 80th anniversary. More than 400 alumnae gathered for a weekend full of events, including photos with Auburn University’s mascot, Aubie the Tiger, a tour of the Gamma Delta chapter room, slideshow and the presentation of the Pearl Tree which displays the names of memorialized or honored sisters. Guests included former International President Jackie Brannon Stutts and Foundation Board Secretary Patti Guthrie Rogers. Afterward, 600 alumnae and collegians gathered for International Reunion Day. Current International President Lee Woodham Langub provided an address and humorist Jeanne Swanner Robertson entertained with her renowned humor! Donations and T-shirt proceeds benefited the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation and Nourish, AL, an organization that addresses food insecurity in East Alabama through the delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Chicago Northwest Suburban Alumnae Club:

In December, members purchased and gathered to wrap holiday gifts for local children in need. During Week of Service, sisters packed meal boxes at Feed My Starving Children to feed 36 children for a full year.

Epsilon Epsilon Alumnae Chapter: Members

packed on the pounds at their annual Christmas party—pounds of donated food, that is. In support of Alpha Gamma Delta’s philanthropic focus, members joined forces with Epsilon Lambda and Epsilon Beta alumnae members to collect 127 lbs of food to be given to Harvesters, a regional 34 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

food bank that serves northwestern Missouri and northeastern Kansas areas. Winter chills were warmed with delicious soup, and after a indulging in a sweet-tooth satisfying dessert bar, sisters participated in an ornament exchange. Greater Pittsburgh Alumnae Chapter:

Alumnae from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area raised $250 for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank by hosting an event at a local spinning studio. Alumnae, family and friends participated. The chapter also partnered with four collegiate chapters to make stew and sandwiches to be served at the Jubilee Soup Kitchen.

Heart of Virginia Alumnae Chapter: Members gathered in December to support Elaine Dempsey, Gamma Lambda–Longwood University, as she performed with the band Big Wide Grin. Alumnae provided snacks and collected items to be used during a Gamma Lambda recruitment activity to be donated to the FACES Food Bank in Farmville, Virginia. Alumnae also attended Gamma Lambda’s Initiation and Feast of Roses and presented each new initiate with a gift from the alumnae chapter. Members celebrated the one-year anniversary of the alumnae chapter on February 6. During Week of Service, sisters served at the Chesterfield Food Bank and put their creative juices to the test by painting pillow covers at the AR Workshop. Houston Alumnae Club: Members attended the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association general meeting to honor the memory of Shirley Rose Kraus, Epsilon Delta–University of Texas, who entered Chapter Grand in July. The club was presented with a poster depicting the Luncheon Patrons for the Annual Scholarship Luncheon to be held in May at the Junior League of Houston. Connie Windes Zieba, Upsilon–University of Oklahoma, will be installed as the President of the HAPA. Former International President Rie Gerah Hoehner, Epsilon Nu–University of Central Oklahoma, will conduct the Installation. Memphis Area Alumnae Club: More than 45 alumnae participated in the St. Jude Marathon Weekend. After months of preparation, sisters raised more than $11,500 for the children and families of St. Jude! Later in the month, members gathered for a holiday party and pledge class reunion at Loflin Yard. During Week of Service, alumnae volunteered with collegians at Madonna Learning Center’s annual Valentine’s Dance party. Successful Sister—an annual event that includes the Rededication Service for outgoing seniors from Gamma Zeta and a career confidence component—was held at the end of February. Dr. Ladonna Young, spoke about the challenges and triumphs of leading as a woman in today’s world. Palm Springs Alumnae Club: Alumnae from Palm Springs were pleased to learn their local food bank—FIND Food Bank of Indio—was a Fighting Hunger Grant Recipient. FIND received $4,500 and members of the organization extend many thanks to the Foundation. Club members have found great fulfillment in helping those experiencing food insecurity and are grateful for the opportunity to nominate them for the grant. St. Louis Alumnae Club: Area alumnae enjoyed a

holiday party hosted by Patty Sheehey Ferry, Beta Iota–Eastern Illinois University.

Tau Alumnae Chapter: Members recently

gathered to collect socks and mittens to donate to the Lawyers Feed the Hungry Program in downtown Toronto.


Outings, reunions, happy accidents and other alumnae gatherings

Epsilon Epsilon Alumnae Chapter

Heart of Virginia Alumnae Chapter


Houston Alumnae Club

2 Memphis Area Alumnae Club

Palm Springs Alumnae Club


Greater Pittsburgh Alumnae Chapter

1. Alumnae and collegians from Epsilon Zeta–Arkansas State University attended Live United With the Stars to benefit the local United Way chapter. 2. Alumnae from Eta–DePauw University gathered in February for a mini reunion in Indianapolis. Fifteen alumnae reconnected over dinner while catching up on the past 30 years. 3. A long February weekend in Boca Raton, Florida, was just what these alumnae from Gamma Mu–James Madison University needed. In addition to reminiscing about their time living in the chapter house, they visited the Manatee Lagoon at Riveria Beach and attended an art show. Run into an Alpha Gam at a non-chapter/club event or out in the wild? Email photos to à

St. Louis Alumnae Club Spring 2019 35


Syracuse University Ruth Homeyer Buecheler ‘47


University of Kentucky Janet Clarke Hurd ‘52

Alpha Eta

Dalhousie University Pauline Major Churchill ‘46 Jean Bowers Morgan ‘46 Barbara Longley Koppernaes ‘52

Alpha Iota


Ohio University Lynda Farmer Jones ‘63

Baldwin Wallace University Marjorie Deutsch Garrett ‘46 Elaine McCarthy Pietch ‘53 Linda Geary Burns '67


Alpha Kappa

DePauw University Barbara Young Story ‘45


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Mary Oliver Black Damitz ‘34 Jeanne Mack Terry ‘42 Marilyn Sundquist Ward ‘51

Epsilon Kappa

Pittsburg State University Theresa Wiederholt Schneider ‘77

Epsilon Mu

Gamma Alpha

Alpha Nu


Arkansas State University Mary Jane van Slyke ‘60

Alpha Lambda


University of California-Berkeley Virginia Leach ‘36

Epsilon Zeta

Fort Hays State University Isabella Wilder Artman ‘59

The Ohio State University Mary Helen Kerger Deavers ‘67


Arizona State University Anissa Castro 2017

Bowling Green State University Patricia Backe Obendorf ‘48

Goucher College Sarah Bechtel Uebersax ‘43 Brenau University Lynn Hobbie Andrews ‘57

Delta Xi

Kent State University Patricia Newdome Matyas ‘62

Alpha Xi

University of Maryland-College Park Janet Mulligan Pappas ‘54

Beta Alpha

Nebraska Wesleyan University Joyce Tornkvist Sadler ‘55

Beta Beta

University of Georgia Martha Kemp Freeman ‘57 Susan Bible Jessup ‘64 Camille Redfern Lowery ‘95

Gamma Beta

Florida State University Sue Chaires Boynton ‘40 Ann Butler Hartsfield ‘46 Mary Branan Yon ‘50

Gamma Gamma

Queens University of Charlotte Elizabeth Nash Corzine ‘41

Gamma Delta

University of Oklahoma Cayce Hogue 2006

North Dakota State University Ollie Lindberg Spotts ‘48 Marilyn Meier Uppman ‘51 Nancy Watt Ramsey ‘64


Beta Delta


Beta Iota

Troy University Jane Sims Long ‘72

Alpha Delta

Delta Alpha

University of Montevallo Audrey Schneider Shewmake ‘72 Meghan Dobson 2004

Delta Iota

The Fraternity extends sincere condolences to family and friends of these members. This list includes notices from December 1, 2018 through February 29, 2019.


Oregon State University Kathryn Hill Berger ‘43

Michigan State University Betty Simpson Teysen ‘43 Ohio Wesleyan University Sally Coleman Stebbins ‘42

Alpha Epsilon

Westminster College Emily Thomas ‘97

36 Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly

Indiana University Bloomington Larue Waldkoetter Berens ‘56 Eastern Illinois University Billijeanne Harvey Belobraydic ‘67

University of Southern California Helen McDowell Windham ‘52 Michele Kaufman Gardner ‘63 California State University-Chico Colleen Jones Foreman ‘75 Kelly Hansen ‘86

Auburn University Bette Bobo McElroy ‘56

Gamma Nu

University of Tennessee-Knoxville Kristi Canan Bailes ‘86 Leslie White Mitchell ‘90

Gamma Sigma

Gamma Upsilon



While many members know that Founder Emily Helen Butterfield was Michigan's first licensed female architect, she was also an accomplished artist whose works are sought after by collectors still today. Shown are just a few of her watercolor pieces on display at International Headquarters. Her work consisted of mostly nature scenes in pen and watercolor, the subject of many being her everyday surroundings when she lived on Neebish Island, Michigan, during her final 20 years of life.

Spring 2019 AK

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