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“To hold truth inviolable, sincerity essential, kindness invaluable.” Alpha Gams commit to the values espoused in our Purpose and hold them dear. As I look to our shared future, I am as hopeful as ever thanks to our sisters, both young and old. Women—who in the midst of great need—rise above, speak their voice and contribute to the world’s work in the communities where we are placed. As a donor to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, you play an important role in our shared future through the completion of academic degrees, the development of women to lead and critical care for our sisters and our communities. This year’s Gratitude Report shares stories of just a few of the members who have been impacted by your generosity. Sisters heart broken by the effects of the world-wide pandemic. Members working every day to care for and positively impact the lives of others. This year’s report is a small token of our appreciation for you, and encompasses gifts received June 1, 2019—May 31, 2020. Together, we are learning, stronger, better. Together, we have Purpose. On behalf of the women we serve, thank you for your ongoing and generous support. Loyally and gratefully yours,

Julie Waitman Executive Director Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation


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Impact Stories: Leading

Impact Stories: Lasting

2019-20 Impact Recap

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Sisters (by chapters) Friends Companies Honors & Memorials Jewel Society Gem Society Corinthian Society Chapters/Clubs







He was doing really well and then suddenly had a bad night and was on a ventilator... KENDALL WILSON Alpha Upsilon Central Michigan University SIS Grant Recipient


NDALL WILSON The global pandemic leveled the world in a way never seen before. While it brought with it loss, uncertainty and confusion, it also provided an opportunity for our sisterhood to share heartfelt love. Collegiate sister Kendall Wilson, Alpha Upsilon-Central Michigan University, knows this intimately, as COVID-19 unexpectedly took her father, a man focused on making his community better through a mentoring program he jokingly dubbed a “fraternity” after his daughter joined Alpha Gam. “He was doing really well and then suddenly had a bad night and was on a ventilator. Then I got a phone call from my mother saying I should probably come home because things weren’t getting better,” Kendall said. “Two days later, we went to the hospital to say our goodbyes, but, with the whole Coronavirus, we couldn't even get into the hospital to do that. I couldn’t say goodbye.” During this time, Alpha Gamma Delta sisters stepped in without missing a beat, though texts, phone calls, and a Foundation SIS Grant to help with unexpected medical expenses. Through the loss of the man Kendall often called the “glue of their family,” she shared that her sisters and Alpha Gam couldn’t have been more helpful.* *SIS Grants are confidential; however, this story is printed with permission to share the program’s personal impact.

Thanks to you, 44 sisters facing unimaginable circumstances received $92,700 in emergency financial support though SIS and Disaster Relief Grants.



MILLION MEAL MOVEMENT In the beginning of February, just as the pandemic was becoming known to the public, more than 500 Alpha Gamma Delta collegiate leaders gathered in Indianapolis for the annual Academy for Collegiate Officers. The first night, attendees learned about the physical and emotional effects of food insecurity affecting one in nine Canadians and Americans. Little did they know, their work that evening would help prepare a local foodbank for what was to come. Million Meal Movement holds its mission as the feeding of those in need and the teaching of the power of volunteerism through meal packing events. An Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation Fighting Hunger Grant provided food, supplies and transportation—and the womanpower of our sisters created 75,000 nutrient-filled meal packs for

delivery to a Central Indiana foodbank. “Contributing to the world’s work” was never more evident and meaningful than it was that night. Our commitment to service reaches all corners of North America. During this past year, collegiate and alumnae sisters contributed 129,347 hours of service to Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, foodbanks, pantries and other mission-delivery organizations. This is the equivalent to a monetary contribution of $3,289,294. Thanks to your gift, Million Meal Movement was one of 52 organizations receiving $250,000 in grants awarded to fight hunger in 2019-2020 throughout the U.S. and Canada.






I understood then why tending to my mother made me feel the way I did–I had found my purpose. JAMARA SMITH Zeta Omega University of Ontario Institute of Technology Foundation General Scholarship Recipient


AMARA SMITH With the ongoing effects of the pandemic, our need for frontline healthcare professionals remains critical. Add in the loss of internships, work study programs and employment for our sisters pursuing their degrees and the need for scholarship support has never been greater.

Jamara Smith, Chapter President for Zeta Omega-University of Ontario Institute of Technology, became interested in nursing during her tenure on the executive board of a charity group in her home country, St. Lucia. Through various fundraising efforts and events, Jamara interacted with pediatric nursing staff of the main hospital. “The nurses were the ones who allowed parents to sleep a little better at night because they knew their children were in good hands,” she said. “I understood then why tending to my mother made me feel the way I did–I had found my purpose.” Jamara uses the skills and strengths she found in Alpha Gamma Delta to be what she refers to as an approachable yet professionally empathetic individual. One who will not judge, but offers a shoulder to lean on. “Nothing brings more joy into my life than helping my patients. They are vulnerable and, in my position, a power differential exists. I use this to empower my patients, to help them overcome their fears.”

Thanks to you, Jamara is one of 180 community-changing sisters receiving $239,199 in scholarships and continuing education grants this year. Preparing sisters to lead our world in areas ranging from health care to engineering and all points in between is critical during these unparalleled times.



Alpha Gam has taught me to take care of myself as a leader. KD TORNOVISH Theta Tau Belmont University Vice President–New Member Experience


D TORNOVISH KD Tornovish, Chapter President of Theta Tau-Belmont University, grew up with a helper mentality. Yet, she didn’t learn how to hone that leadership skill until she joined Alpha Gam.

“Alpha Gam has taught me to take care of myself as a leader,” she said. “During my time serving as VP-New Member Experience, I lost touch with how to care for myself while caring for my sisters. The other women on Executive Council saw I was struggling and helped me prioritize myself so I was able to pour into my sisters well." Originally implemented due to a lack of available services on campuses, mental health training was a priority focus of Alpha Gamma Delta’s personal development work last year. This included the creation of research-based communication tools to facilitate difficult and caring conversations, as well as training to identify needs, and lead with vulnerability and confidence.

Everything was thrown into chaos in March 2020 when universities began sending students home to finish the year. There was immense confusion among all officers trying to figure out how to facilitate meetings, vote and recruit. In a time when it could have been so easy to fall apart, KD relied on her training from Alpha Gam. “One of my strengths that shined was my ability to pull our team together to come up with a game plan in collaboration with the IHQ resources given to us. I also made myself available to our women so that they had a place to point questions and vent. I knew my strength in the situation was strong.” KD knows those leadership development trainings wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our donors. “Thank you for paving the way for these leadership opportunities. Serving on our Executive Council for two years has been so transformative and eye-opening. The connections I have made and growth I have experienced would not have been possible without the generosity of you, my sisters. What a blessing it is to be an Alpha Gamma Delta and to learn how to serve from you.”

Thanks to you, $225,000 was invested in personal development and leadership programs in 2019-2020, impacting our over 11,000 collegiate sisters. Thank you for your investment in women leaders.







This is how people do their best work. It matters that thoughts are different. Diversity in people and opinions have great value. MELANIE MATTHEWS CANTO Delta Theta University of Idaho


ELANIE MATTHEWS CANTO Serving as Vice President-Business Transformation for Starbucks Corporation in Seattle, Melanie Matthews Canto, Delta Theta-University of Idaho, is responsible for leading with a cohesive approach to business transformation through continuous improvement, scalable services, business integration and new business implementation work. She continually asks herself how things can improve.

And, like many, the pandemic had other plans for her. Today, Melanie’s key focus areas are managing Starbucks corporate offices, supporting the needs of all remote employees and developing plans for how on-site employees will return to work. Holding a finance position, she knows it’s about helping people in a crisis. Alpha Gamma Delta was Melanie’s first leadership experience and she credits it for preparing her to connect with people, lead mulitple teams and encourage team members to be themselves. “This is how people do their best work. It matters that thoughts are different. Diversity in

people and opinions have great value.” She takes time to learn employee’s interests­—and encourages empathy. “Women are gifted with empathy. In my generation, women were asked to turn this off—but this is one of our superpowers.” Every year, new women cross Alpha Gamma Delta’s threshold with potential for growth and leadership. “Alpha Gam challenges women to use their skills...Without the fraternity/ sorority experience, women could go years without this kind of development. It prepares you for work and life.”

Melanie began supporting the Foundation in celebration of chapter sisters, some of whom are no longer with us. As a past scholarship recipient herself, she gives to support the educational goals and leadership development of our youngest sisters.

Melanie is one of 2,444 sisters and friends who gave to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation in 2019-2020.

IMPACT RECAP The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation awarded its highest level of grants and scholarships in 2019-20, totaling


Leadership and Educational Programs:

Scholarships and Continuing Education:

Fighting Hunger:




Sisters in Need:

Educational Spaces:

Other Educational Grants

$92,700 22

$126,500 $4,000


Loving One Another

Leading Through Education



30.61 - average age of SIS Grant recipients 78.57% of applicants approved $2,463.39 - average SIS Grant amount

$1,359 - average Foundation scholarship 3.665 - average recipient GPA 151 sisters turned away due to lack of funding

Loving Those Around Us

Leading Through Personal Growth





9.5 million seniors in the U.S. and Canada face hunger insecurity 40% of home-delivery meal recipients are women 129,347 - community service hours given by sisters



4,579 new members received health and safety training 94 chapters received on-site leadership training Priority programs - mental health, confidence and personal safety 23

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS Support for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation is vital to the development of today’s Alpha Gamma Delta. Your generous donations provide scholarships to both graduate and undergraduate students, essential leadership programs and grants to fight hunger in our local communities. This list reflects annual giving levels with donations received between June 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020. On behalf of those we serve, we are grateful for you. All gifts to the Foundation are recognized in our annual Honor Roll of Donors unless made anonymously.


KEY * Chapter Grand ⚘ Corinthian Society  GEM Society Lifetime Cumulative Giving Levels: ⦿ Annulet $1,000,000 ♥ Founder Circle $500,000  Diamond Circle $250,000 • Pearl Circle $100,000 Δ Delta Circle $50,000 Γ Gamma Circle $25,000 ✥ Alpha Circle $10,000 ⚭ Double Rose Circle $5,000 ❀ Buff Rose Circle $1,000

Sisters (by chapter) Alpha-Syracuse University $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Dr. Susan Holliday Barde ❀ Amy Wildblood Tracy ⚭ Wendy Farnam Wolski ⧩❀ $250 - $499 Sue Schiraldi Schebell ❀ $100 - $249 Mim Citron Burhans ⧩⚘ Bev Brown Dominy ❀ Caroline James Ellison Julie Gallagher ❀ Nancy Capellupo Gurzo Jennifer Shurtliff Kirkland Katie Latrenta Jane Umlauf Reed ⧩ Nina Rodriguez Dr. Barbara Ambuske Sadowski Sue Triggs-Rhuda ❀⚘ Louise Orlando Ventrella Elizabeth Ross Webster $1 - $99 Mickey Mitchell Bonk

Eilish Mitchell Cumbo

$1 - $99

Virginia Gelish Drew ❀

Lynn Hamm Erickson

Nancy Yeoman Field ❀

Susan Treml Ferrell

Marilyn Pond Langdon

Jill Scherdin Johnson

Stephanie Mindock

Jean Kyle

Barbara Rushmer Pack

Catherine Sands Williams ❀

Your help impacts me immensely because I am

Helen Cheng Parr ❀ Megan Reese Spencer

Delta-University of Minnesota

Diane Michalke Van Lare

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Caroline Ernst Fortmeyer ❀

Beta-University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lili Hall Scarpa ⚭

$5,000 Jewel ($5,000 - $9,999)

$250 - $499

Audrey Berg Kaasa Δ

Cindy Wagner Engel ❀

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Lisa Fengler Recine

Sue Sueltmann Dornfeld ⚭

$100 - $249

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Elizabeth Kadlec Benson ❀

Jan Thorpe White ⚭

Susan Stockton Bohach ❀

$250 - $499

Nancy Dalbec

Mary Stricker Briscoe ⚭

Carol Williams Ellison

Jane Endres ❀

Marilyn Nelson Holland

$100 - $249

Ashley Harville Phillips ⧩

Susan Brockman

Sarah Reed ⧩

Jan Nehring Gibeau ⚭

Kathryn Stenborg Schmidt

Gail McCarthy Turluck ❀

Trisha Thompson ⧩

a first-generation college student, meaning I have had to pay my way through my undergraduate career and now my graduate career. Your contribution will allow me to worry a little less about my loans and focus on bettering my career and education!"


Rebecca Wilson ⧩

Alyssa Breese Comfort 25

$1 - $99

$100 - $249

Amy West Reynolds

Eta-DePauw University

Debbie Rosenfield Bodin

Kelsey Chavez ⧩

Laura Webb Stone

$1,904 Jewel ($1,904 - $2,499)

Jennifer Green Buckley

Lyn Goertemiller Daugherty

Nancy Dorton Thoma

Bonnie Schiffman Pearson ✥⚘

Tara Owen Hendricks Dunn

Virginia Calvert Demerson

Brianne Thomas

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Tegan Harty

Janice Faulkner Eakle

Jane Ertl Kelley

Marsha Nestor Hendrixson

Zeta-Ohio University

Peggy Piety ✥

Shannon Kummet

Mary Beth Sammons Henthorne ⚭

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

$250 - $499

Kim Mitchell Loeffler ⧩

Laura Holsclaw

Deborah Schmidt Eschenbacher ✥

Linda Noble ❀

Virginia Hanson Stabnow

Susan Poetker Johnson ❀

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

$100 - $249

Anne Wescott Zitnak

Cherry May Nims

Laura Preston Eufinger

Ann Daly ❀

Jill Purcell ❀

Hilda Beck Sorensen ❀

Nedra Hall Downing

Epsilon-University of Kentucky

Elizabeth Hyatt Richardson ❀

Suzanne D. Sutton ❀

Barb Hill Dozier ❀

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Amanda Wade Schmitt ❀

$100 - $249

Cynthia Neil Healey

Judy Saalfeld Cahill ⧩⚭

Susan Hutson Tonini ❀

Shari Lohrer Cartwright

Gretchen Gutknecht Holder

Joy Bell Haley ❀

Julie Elkin Young

Janet Marshall Deal ❀

Michelle Melin Niemeyer ⧩

Beth Brandenburgh Hastie ⚭

$1 - $99

Martha Rauschenberger Myles ❀

Mary Ann Burd Sodrel

Carol Jean Koenig ❀

Carrie Germann Barlage

Sally Arndt Norris Zemp

Kathryn Noll Webster ❀

Barbara Hale Letton ⚭

Tara Bopp Decker

Annette Luse Wagner

$1 - $99

Amelia Perkins Warren ⧩⚭

Sherri Eden

$1 - $99

Melinda McCracken Alcorn

Emily Carole Honaker Wells ❀

Nancy Totten Fetter

Judy Kick Butler

Sharon McBroom Brunjes

$250 - $499

Carol McGinnis Gathy

Patricia Mallett Mason

Derelle Watson Duvall

Mary Ammerman Adams ❀

Maggie Hackman

Susan Williams

Debra Smith Hughes

Megan Herde Crane

Helen Wilson Heltsley

Ellen Rosselot Schneider ❀

Amanda Herde Reasor

Billie Hyatt Hendry

Clare Johnson Swanson

Laura Riddle Kittle ⧩

Tracy Weston Turner

Jennifer Monk Linsell ⧩ 26

Maurie Jones Phelan ⧩❀

Iota-University of Washington

$100 - $249

Peg Watt Larson ⚭

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Jody Burnet Betz ⧩

Delores Waters Mossler ❀

Sandy McMurray Novak Γ⚘

Barbara Barraclough Cross

$1 - $99

$250 - $499

Carol Lewis ❀

Rose Terrones Alberts ❀

Julie Berger Karstetter ⧩❀

Jody Moore O'Grady ⧩

Barbara Link Gelinas

Bertha Brink Perry ❀

$1 - $99

Lynda Fink Kest

$100 - $249

Marnie Doner Caldwell

Sharon Osborn Latsha

Marilyn Newell Anderson ❀

Nancy Batdorf Clark

Candace Naumowicz-Zacher ❀

Jamel Hassen Barden

Josette Kurey ⧩

Jodi Patterson

Lois Lindenmeyer Bond

Susan Graham Resare

Claudia Davidson Slonski

Joan Morrison St. Marie ❀

Nancy Spinka Timmerman

$1 - $99

Lambda-Northwestern University

Tracy Lim

Kristi Knowles Butler

$5,000 Jewel ($5,000 - $9,999)

Cherrie Johnson Wickstrom ❀

Judy Cole Nuber ❀

Helen Heggie* •⚘

Joanne Guerrieri Zurek

Carolee Engstrom Shubert

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Cherie Tucker

Susan Iverson Hyatt ❀

Mu-Brenau University

Gretchen Von Stubbe-Sekel

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

$250 - $499

Malia Whitney Wallick

Pamella Marschall Jordan ⧩✥

Kalina Haynes ⚭

Elizabeth Kaspar ⚭

$100 - $249

Kappa-Allegheny College

$250 - $499

Celeste Hanson-Morris ⧩

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Nancy Orbison ✥

Carolyn Carr Phinizy

Erin Kennedy Butkovic ⧩⚭

Mary Lou Mateer Tate ❀

Ashley Lamphier VanDewark ⧩

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

$100 - $249

$1 - $99

Sharon Dicker ⧩❀⚘

Barbara Hultgren Benson

Gigi Berry ⧩

Nancy Arnston Biggio

Ambah Frederick Kioko

Karen Dombro Cagle ❀

Cheryl Thorsten ⧩

Being part of Alpha Gamma Delta has been an incredible experience for me and I have been able to meet a wonderful variety of people and further my community engagement. This summer I worked at a non-profit in Albany, NY aimed at impacting food insecurity.”



Karen Martin

$1 - $99

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Susan King Smuda ❀

Jane Stornetta Burch

Marcia Eide Hinrichs ❀

Nu-Boston University

Kelly Rowe Yeung ❀

Isabel Peterson Carnes

Jennifer Pitts ❀

$1 - $99

$1 - $99

Bonnie Smigel Derin

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Carolyn Aldrich Purcell

Deb Clark ❀

Joan Donahue

Kimberly Ranch Coward ❀

Emily Diehl ⧩

Roberta Shirling Geering

Kayla Schulte Creek ❀

Xi-Illinois Wesleyan University

Marjorie Miller

Michelle Misner

Jan Johnson Fisher ❀

$5,000 Jewel ($5,000 - $9,999)

Nikki Salansky

Jennifer Borad Weir

Melissa Jacobson James ⚭

Sue Frock Hartter ✥⚘

Barbara Keller Tozzi ❀

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Carol Schnepp Weber ❀

Margo Smith Timberlake ❀⚘

Dr. Justine Carroll Stemper ❀

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

$250 - $499

Omicron-University of California-Berkeley

Doris Newell Soriano ⚭

Angie Rae Duncan ⧩

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Greta Lundsgaard-Vaughn

Toni Grey Carson ❀

Allie Jones McCann

$100 - $249

Leanne Wollenhaupt Samuelson

Chelsea White ⧩❀

$100 - $249

$1 - $99

Rebecca Kohlmann Assmann

Gwen Sovern Colfer

Danielle Stemm Heefner

Marilyn Schmidtke Duckett

Sally Nicolaisen Laing ❀

Karlin Flint Scudder

Erin Longdo

Margie Tribble Nickels ⧩⚭ $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Jody Wolfgang Hostetler ⚭ Emmy Linman John ✥ Leslie Talbert Neitzel Beth Kelley Schneider Γ $250 - $499 Lauren Ajack ⧩ Marilou Cerveny Haworth ❀ Sharon Morling Simpson ❀ $100 - $249 Laura Carlson ⧩ Jamie Kolb Conner Mary Gentle Holtsclaw ❀ Beverley Winkler Houghton ❀ Karen Engel Kremer 28

Doris Dockendorff MacFarquhar ❀ Pi-Coe College

Nadine Bloor Wilson $250 - $499 Sonya Sigler ❀ $100 - $249 Audrey Beaman Joanne Allen Cony Vicki Odenweller Millard ❀ Jennifer Norris Pais Donna Holland Preece ⚭ Carolyn Morledge Sparks ❀ Mary King Swalen ❀ Barbara Burke Thompson ❀

Judy Helin Mathre Rho-Iowa State University

Liz Eidsmoe Orr

$2,500 Jewel ($2,500 - $4,999)

Nancy Cooper Ovenden ⧩

Cindee Carlson Good ✥

Jensyn Perrin Kelly Rose ❀ Michelle Perry Shapiro ❀

Sally Bellamy Warrington ❀ $1 - $99 Kallen Anderson Charlie Swartz Brannon Pam Nisen Burrier Alice Joan Sanderson Chace Mary Beth Matthews Clark Julia Briggs Gall Allison Nepper Hales Sarah Post Handlos Marilyn Pritchard Ireland Marlene Rucker Larson Peggy Grundman Lickiss Kelley Zastrow Michalski ⧩ Holly Moore Pam Neff Delaney Parker Linda Lawhon Ross Madison Rost Kathy Wandro Thompson Lisa McMullen Whisenhunt Florence Devoe Woodward

Sigma-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cara Rosen Novelli

Delta Nu-University of Calgary

$5,000 Jewel ($5,000 - $9,999)

Bette Degischer Rice

$1 - $99

Joelle Soefker

Hannah Khurshid

Sue Maggio Sim Γ $2,500 Jewel ($2,500 - $4,999) Sara Hanson Moore ⚭ $1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) Mary Saxon Liddy ⚭ $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Karen Schindhelm Krammer ❀ Suzanne Lippe Bev Myers Nelson ❀ $250 - $499 Mariann Babka Gutshall ⚭ Karen Kearns O'Gorman ❀ $100 - $249 Susan Alcorn Julie Olson Barbour Betsy Hendrick Barstead ❀ Susan Phelan Bott Muffy Drake Clince Paula Voorhees Dinardo Mary Nelson Humenik ❀ Ann Nevins Sitrick Joyce Bette Wallerstein Lombard Kathy Miller ❀

Claudia Batista Youngquist $1 - $99

Tau-University of Toronto

Marcie Strieker Campion ❀

$250 - $499

Lauren Desmith Carper

Paula Martins ⧩❀⚘

Constance Schriver Cervantes

$100 - $249

Necia Hart Chessman

Katia Esteves Caramujo

Linda Weiss Dawe

$1 - $99

Elise Poepping Fernsler ❀

Meghan Argier

Danielle Cox Frerichs

Elena Mangoff

Joan Heenahan

Jane Miller

Sandra Swanson Hipp Judith Klemke Kurzeja

Upsilon-University of Oklahoma

Linda Burruss Linscott

$10,000 Jewel ($10,000 - $24,999)

Becky Littlefield

Carolyn Richardson Cobb Δ⚘

Ann Robinson Phillips

Sandy Kinney Δ

Jacqueline Milord Raimo

Dee Ann Elliott Woodall •

Nancy Stepan Stutzman

$2,500 Jewel ($2,500 - $4,999)

Anna Tanaglia

Jose Lowe Freede ✥

Jackie Goetz Trost

$1,904 Jewel ($1,904 - $2,499)

Audrey Gronert Williams

Kay Taylor Donahue •⚘ $1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) Elizabeth Ward Carroll ❀ Sandy Sholl Fite ❀ 29

There's nothing wrong with

asking for help or asking for

assistance if you truly need it.

There are so many people out there who are wanting and

willing to help. Everyone has gifts of some sort. Let them help you in the way that they can."


Jacquelyn Zehren Gaylor ❀

$1 - $99

$250 - $499

Amber Hicks ⚭

Charley Meacham Cobb

Pamela Kennedy Vandeneynde ❀

Rene Boehm Martin Γ

Anne Jones Collins

$100 - $249

Marie Potts McShane ❀

Deatra Lewis Falkenrath ❀

Bonnie Will Anderson

Cara Manzelmann Schad ⚭

Carol Hensey Marquardt

Nancy Vaughn Clarke ❀

Yancey Tighe Seitz ⚭

Gigi McCormick

Janete Sherwood Howes*

Sunny Sunbarger Yager ✥⚘

Nicolette Radloff Murphy ❀

Jo Anne Lightner Murphy

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Dianne Peterson Ogle

$1 - $99

Mallory Gladstein Spence ⧩❀

Mary Jones Pearson

Margaret Wade Chalfan ❀

Jennifer Freeman Thompson ⧩❀

Lori Snook

Terry Dallas ❀

$250 - $499

Janet Springer

Lois Eberhardt Wilson

Bonney Bassmann Clark

Laure Harms Taylor

Deb Frederickson Klinghoffer ❀

Susan Weems Taylor

Chi-Michigan State University

Clara Mitcham Thompson

Molly Turner

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

$100 - $249

Priscilla Vesel Henderson

Jill McKinney Carissimi ❀

Jamie Bishop ⧩❀

Elizabeth Higginbotham Windes

Laurel Malarik Gainor ⚭

Tara McDaniel Bolduc

Jean Copeland Wolfe

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Carol Duer Cochran ✥

Susan K. Schalon Γ⚘

Allegra Phillips Derryberry

Phi-Oregon State University

$250 - $499

Jennifer Johnson ⧩

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Jane Hillman VanderBrook

Haley Mowdy ⧩

Michelle Reser Bottaro ⚭

$100 - $249

Beverly Baldwin Perkins

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Bobbi Harte

Emily Reese ⧩

Joan Allmaras ❀

Deborah Shaw Knutzon

Kate Thorne Welsh

Jo Brenneis ⚭

Kirsten Scott Lopez ⧩

Marsha Watkins Winkelmann

Dr. Kathleen Meyer ⚭

Kathleen Whipple McLaughlin ❀⚘ Noelle Dunckel Nachreiner ⧩


Marie Siragusa ❀

$1 - $99

Jennifer Turk Neveadomi ⧩❀

Kathleen Knepp Willett

$1 - $99

Julia Zeigler Boyd ❀

Karen Underwood Nixon

Nancy Wise ⚘

Marianne Leitch Breneman

Teresa Martin Dauphin

Carole Vandersall Peterson ❀

Janet Littell Caltrider

Amy Nichols McCain ❀

Cindy Estes Smith

Veronica Sepulveda Cappello

Laura Hamilton Pirkle

Colleen Tierney ❀

Beverly May Windell Card

Lesa Terry Walsh

Kristy Wisner Tokarczyk ⧩

Joan Nielsen Goldman

Carolyn Atkeison Webb

Tammy Waldron

Kristen Graham Lukas

Diane Dunford Walter ❀

Stephanie Mason Margolit

Omega-University of Akron

Renee Disque Zumpano

Sheree Meyer ❀

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

$1 - $99

Carol Cutler Thompson

Lynne Dunford Rossell ❀

Sandra Estes Backer

Kathy Anderson Wilkins

Debbie Douglass Roth ⧩✥

Carol Jarvis Baker

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Julie Emmerich Burrows

Psi-University of Alabama

Gail Vassalotti Bertsch* ❀

Judy Nicholson Douglass

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Shawna Pier Brasty ⧩❀

Megan Johnston Eader

April Pierce Carlock ⧩❀

Ann Hicho ⧩

Natalie Flay Kopko ⧩

Alice Walker Keene* ❀

Erin Hutson O'Neill ❀

Angela Strach Gotthardt

Marjorie Childers Overmyer ❀

Kimberly Pierce-Boggs ❀

Cynthia Stonebraker MacDonald

Lissa Handley Tyson

$250 - $499

Rachel Messenger

Alice Clark Wasdin ❀

Vicky Hubler Ferron ⧩❀

Jill Greenwald O'Hara

$100 - $249

Shirley Cappy Petersen ❀

Mary Ann Deuri Plakas

Darcy Fogelberg Copeland

$100 - $249

Danielle Shaffer Presby

Leigh Kraselsky Haver

Tina Alvino Bednar

Jillian Roth ⧩

Jane Shivers McDow

Erin Gerber

Sheri Bradshaw Schulte

Chrissy Crate Lisowski

Anne Reed Taillard

Lauren Gates Metheney ⧩

Laurie Vesalo ❀

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Alpha Zeta-McGill University

Alpha Iota-Baldwin Wallace University

Connie Cramer Stuetzer

Helga Doppleb Sauter ❀

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$100 - $249

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Deborah Chapman

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Beta Beta-North Dakota State University $2,500 Jewel ($2,500 - $4,999) Abby Barber Burgum ⧩✥ Suzanne Miller Lahlum ❀

Every service trip should have a focus on education about the community and about social issues and then tie that back to your own community. I think the thing that keeps me going the most is when I see a student have that light bulb moment, then I know I truly made a difference." ANNIE WEAVER ALPHA UPSILON CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY CONTINUING EDUCATION GRANT RECIPIENT

Angela Kornkven Volk ❀


$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

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$100 - $249

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Annette Siversen

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Beta Zeta-Parsons College

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Patty Sheehey Ferry

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Beta Eta-Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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Sandra Adelman

Sarah Schweizer Eby ❀

Nancy Defries Sebranek

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Beta Theta-University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Luanne Franz Fahl $1 - $99

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Beta Iota-Eastern Illinois University

Lois Perz A'Costa

$2,500 Jewel ($2,500 - $4,999)

Emily Buice

Patricia Tulley Riddiford Δ⚘

Sarah Michaels Fernandez

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Tammy Wolf Riddiford ❀

Sarah Stipp

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Heather Estes Thompson ⧩

Carmen Muirheid Auerbach ⚘ Susan Kremer Beran Molly McCallen Burroughs Sarah Cowger ⧩ Karen Hollis Dockweiler

Nan Tyrolt Carole Mateer Gaston ❀ Marsha Hollis Eileen Cawley Kendle Cindy Landon Oppe MaryJo Hengtgen Steinmann Donna Diefenbach Thiel Charlotte Sij Walther ❀ Megan Targonski Weber ❀ Beta Kappa-University of Iowa $1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) Susie Fransen Thrams ⧩❀ $100 - $249 Lynn Fillenwarth ❀ Kay Christensen Grooters $1 - $99 Evonne Higgins Freeman Charlene Bush Hartzler Marcia Hupp ⚘ Nancy Singley Martin Linda Goodenberger Pierce Rosie Ronnebaum Russell


Beta Mu-Minnesota State University-Mankato $100 - $249 Kathryn Nelson ⚭ $1 - $99 Sharyn Mahoney McChane

I will never forget receiving the letter from the Alpha Gamma

Delta Foundation informing me I

had been chosen for a Foundation Scholarship. Because of this

experience, I wanted to ensure future generations would have

the same opportunities that I had. Opportunities, that without the

Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, would not be possible.”


Beta Nu-University of Northern Iowa $100 - $249 Candace Johnson Manger Wendy Grassley Speckerman ❀ $1 - $99 Dee Howard Daniels Lisa O'Connell Huisinga Beta Xi-Purdue University $1,904 Jewel ($1,904 - $2,499) Ann Zehner Angle ✥⚘ $1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) Catherine Kocian Burwell ❀ Marianne Polom Seidenstricker ✥ $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Beth Brumbaugh Bready Penny Yocum Edmondson ⚭ Marci Modesitt Hagan ⧩⚭ Cinda Zehner O'Connor ✥


Cindi Stutsman Sinkula

Lynn Davisson Noel

$250 - $499

Jane Young Richardson

Nicki Chalik ❀

Debra Shields

Susan Young Kraabel ❀

Peggy Hochreiter Szper

Jessica Price ❀⚘

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Suzie Lacki Weirick ❀ $100 - $249

Beta Omicron-Illinois State University

Barbara Baerwald Bowman ❀⚘

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Claudia Gerard ❀

Karin Struck Burwell ✥

Karen Frye Knotts ❀

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Nancy Trusnik

Pam Rennie Burke ❀

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$1 - $99

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Marcia Weigand Carothers

Julie Seymour Hazen

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Beta Sigma-Creighton University

Barbara Karau Grider

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Susan Honan Jones

Jenni Swanson DelVecchio ⧩⚘

Joan Spiess Julow ❀ Karen Palla Kovach ❀ Jessica Denby Maris

Beta Tau-Ball State University

Marie Ford Palmer ⧩⚭

Gamma Beta-Florida State University

Ruth Gryzich

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$100 - $249

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

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Lisa Pinyan Poole ⧩❀

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Carol Madill Lockey ❀

Jocelyn Newbury Ralston

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Gary McAteer Logan

Beta Upsilon-Roosevelt University

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Lori Lovelace

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Angeline Jones

Lisa Young ❀

Debbie Rubenstein Wood

Erin Mobley

Anyonymous Donor

$100 - $249

Jennifer Noble Monahan

Gamma Alpha-University of Georgia

$1 - $99

Tiffany Chin

Mary Warner Peacock

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Wendy Theus Barker

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Libby Hale

Shannon Scott ⧩

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Lorna Elder Tomaszewski

Dr. Bryna Bobick ⚭

Chelsey Deranian

Jeanne Campbell Jacobs ❀

MaryAnne Croft Vandigriff

Alicia Smith Karell ❀

Lizzie Digiovanni

Pamela McCullough ⚘

Morgan Wood

Bridget Heath Miller, DVM ⧩❀

Karon Drewniak

Carol Boggs Sasa ❀

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Karen Epermanis ❀

Alaysia Greene

Brittany Adams LaValle ⧩

Kay Groetsch

Gamma Gamma-Queens University of Charlotte $250 - $499 Billie Mancin Little ❀


Gamma Delta-Auburn University

Kimberly Halstead Pfeiffer

Michelle Lyons Rushing

Melissa Johnson Zelinski

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Carolyn Stewart Reynolds

Linda Long Stewart

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Marie Nelson Fancher

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Kate Kiefer ❀

Vivien Long Jones

Norma Mungenast Lemley ❀

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Ellen Lucy

Beverly Jacobs Malone

Palmer Worley Mayer

Ann Harris Messer

Jan Schrubbe Morris

Jane McCrory Norvell

Bobbie McWhorter Norville

Jean Little Phillips ❀


Samantha Murphy Handy Gamma Epsilon-The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Carmel Boyce Hopper

$100 - $249

Virginia Richardson

Susanne Robinson Hardy Patricia Noah Jones ❀ $1 - $99 Barbara Mansfield Peck Barbara Murray Smith Anne Newsome York Gamma Zeta-University of Memphis $1,904 Jewel ($1,904 - $2,499) Bobette Sandifer Thompson ⧩✥ $1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) Pauline Weaver ❀ $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Charle Clark Dunstan ❀ Lindsay Jarman ⚭ Stephanie Simpson ❀ Liana Mitchell Wallace ⧩❀

Brittney Kirk Sara Rolin Scott Kathryn Cook Toombs $100 - $249 Ashli Avis ⧩ Mary Erwin Burrow ⧩ Dana Duffey Carey Sharon Dunkman Carruthers ✥ Judy White Daniels Carole Dickson Larson Claire Hicks Long ❀ Brenda Pikey Tillman $1 - $99 Hayley Baker Christy Tuncay Boggan Olivia Brunner Brooke Caplinger ❀ Carol Zimmerman Caraway ❀⚘

Betty Carter

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Jane Glendening Briskin

$1 - $99

Ashley Johns Colley

Dana Glass Foerster ❀

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Kathleen Cullen

Megan Nelson Cook

Linda Moore Ginn ❀

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Kathy Hansen Fox

Joy Lott Craig

Sarah Laymon Hallstrand ❀

Nicole Honeycutt Drooger ⧩⚘

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Lynn Ledbetter Demi

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Mary Wright Grabhorn

Sharon Binder Thomas

Mary Sibley Morriss

Suzanne Roosa Herzing ❀

Heather Jones Hidi

LJ Perry

Pat Repass Jones ❀

Leila Ibrahim

Gamma Mu-James Madison University

Ashley Pembleton Ricossa

$1 - $99

Ruth Wilheit Laney

$250 - $499

Brianna Tidwell

Margaria Fichtner

Mary Anne Hambrick Lockard

Betty Bauserman Andrews

Susan Waller Tull

Margaret Jones Russell

Lee Dupree Tipton

Betty Kerr Hicks

Nancy Ryland Willingham

Paula Hutson Simmons ⧩

Jan Vardaman

$100 - $249

Jane Barcroft Zink

Nancy Will Crow ❀ Gamma Iota-Mercer University

Gamma Lambda-Longwood University

Judy Meyer Tice ⧩❀⚘

Gamma Eta-High Point University

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Sara McNeill Ware

$250 - $499

Sylvie Kramer Weikert ✥

Tricia Whitehurst Crute ⧩⚭

$1 - $99

Sylvia Pratt

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Martha Petry Parham ⚭

Angela Coon

$1 - $99

Andrea Pendleton ⧩❀⚘

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Louise Costello

Mary Cootes Eastman

Katharine Wibell ❀

Robin Belcher Liesfeld ⧩⚭

Diane Lynch Cullo

Denise Carter Shuster

$100 - $249

Carolyn Campbell Mondy ❀

Betsy Willard Gregory Deborah Benson Sawyer

Linda Finley ❀

$100 - $249

Gamma Theta-Florida Southern College

Renee Rogers Reddic

Elizabeth Wyatt Browne ⧩

$5,000 Jewel ($5,000 - $9,999)

Lisa Shourds ❀

Betsy Delong Jackson ❀

Margaret Hutson ✥⚘

Melissa Voynich

Kimberly Barrett McClurg ❀

$1,904 Jewel ($1,904 - $2,499)

$1 - $99

Karen Lane Owen

Carole Valdez Elliott* •⚘

Anne Cragin Barber ⚘

Margot Palazesi

Mary Ann Aiello Williams ⚭

Linda Barefield Bond

Gamma Nu-University of Tennessee-Knoxville $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Angie Magill ✥⚘


Gamma Xi-Murray State University

$1 - $99

Gamma Sigma-Troy University

Courtney Ramey

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Kathy King Hankins

$5,000 Jewel ($5,000 - $9,999)

Anica Wiebe

Kimberly Sanert Baker

Victoria McCormick Losito

Casey East Pruitt ✥

Elizabeth McGinnis Mednikow ⧩❀

Catherine Thompson ⧩

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

$250 - $499

Stephane Schildmeyer Tucker

Christy Cook Hutson ⧩✥

Elizabeth Stanley Tully $100 - $249 Jill Giordano ❀ Betty Jung Howerton ❀ Sarah Powell Mastera Kimberly Sutton Sarff ❀ $1 - $99 Taunya Eyre Anita Arwood Goode

Becky Bowes Murphy ✥ Gamma Pi-Middle Tennessee State University

$250 - $499

$2,500 Jewel ($2,500 - $4,999)

$100 - $249

Suzanne Carmack Spicer Δ⚘ $100 - $249 Suzie Wilson Davidson ❀ Sally Carnahan Oglesby $1 - $99 Cindy Porter

Gamma Omicron-Eastern Kentucky University

Gamma Rho-Armstrong State University

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Dr. Esther Saalfeld ✥

Fran George Arnsdorff Γ

$250 - $499

$1 - $99

Lela Durham Redick ❀

Jessica Waldrop Harris

Shaleeah Smith ⧩

Lynn Tucker Roberts

$100 - $249 Rebekah Crawford Kay Green McCarty ⧩

Valerie Weatherford Evans ❀ Judith Berretto Prisk ⧩ $1 - $99 Nancy Eishen Becker

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Pamela MacPherson Young ✥ $250 - $499 Carrie Keelin Baker ❀ Carol Clenney ⧩⚭ Karen Kelly ❀ Amber Davenport Williams ⧩❀

Gayle Beazley Decker

$1 - $99

Gamma Tau-University of West Georgia

Debra Elliott Cardin

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) Michelle Flake Morgan Γ⚘ $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Suzanne Beck Whitworth ❀ $100 - $249 Andrea Nolan Griffin Nancy Seay Waller ❀ $1 - $99 Haley Casola Rachel Boehl Niemiec Megan Kaminski Ortiz


Gamma Upsilon-University of Montevallo

Valeria Valdes Breen Amanda Beck Fowler Leigh Kitchens Mello ❀ Julia Rudd ❀ Gamma Phi-Georgia Institute of Technology $2,500 Jewel ($2,500 - $4,999) Lisa Custer ⚭ $1,904 Jewel ($1,904 - $2,499) Patty Caudle Cunningham Γ

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Courtney Huskamp Huggins ✥

$100 - $249

Caroline Mahoney ❀

Esther Jimenez ✥

Leigh Walden Heller

Meg Morris Ramsey ⧩⚭

Kristine Ashford Kazian ❀

Jill Murray

B. Jane Skelton Γ⚘

Susan Corley Lavergne

Joni Lumpkin Willingham ❀

Therese Rauth Viscelli ⧩✥

Amy Lehman

$1 - $99

Shannon Vittur ⚭

Pam Lin

Tammie Self Terry

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Carolyn Monnerat Mestnik ⚭

Dee Dee Bennett Eaton Γ

Miriam Patton ❀

Jo Anne Hagerty Johnson ⚭

Kate Richardson

Jessica Keesee ⚭

Elaine Webb

Karen Donaldson Metzger ❀

Miranda McMinn Williams

Jani Macari Pallis ⧩⚭

$1 - $99

Lisa Frese Randall ⧩•

Emily Burke

Jennifer Schur Saballos ❀

Tammy Nahari Coughlin

Ann McConnell Stephenson ⧩❀

Sharon Jadrnak

Liz Harriss York ⧩Γ⚘

Kara Kazazean ❀

$250 - $499

Susan Oravec Matthews

Jeanene Fowler ⧩⚭

Christina Morton Minderman

Gigi Pereira Harrell ❀

Elizabeth Shaw

Sue Settles ⚭

Lindsey Warren Stewart

Megan Smith Stieg ❀

Celeste Tanguay

Elizabeth Martin Wike ⧩❀ $100 - $249

Gamma Psi-University of North Alabama

Jennie Lee Colosi Balboni ✥

$250 - $499

Jennifer Brecher

Patricia Williams Roden ❀

Amy Westergreen Cordner ❀

Gamma Omega-University of Alabama at Birmingham $1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) Dana Peden-Gentile ✥⚘ $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Jen Avant Goodwin ⧩❀⚘ $1 - $99 DeeAnn Fortner Arnett Jeana LaRussa Wiggins Gracee Mae Williams Delta Alpha-University of Southern California $1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) Kathleen Bice ✥ Barbara Meador Callard ⧩✥⚘ $500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

I want to be able to make a difference in the lives of those around me. I want to ‘develop and prize health and vigor of body’ by improving quality of life and increasing life expectancy not only through practicing medicine but also being involved in research to further innovate the medical field for the betterment of others.”


S. Diana Agajanian ✥⚘ Laury Sanor Graves ❀ 43

Christine M. Ofiesh ⧩Γ

Annice Pelentay

Maudie Hulbert McDonald

Delta Delta-University of Oregon

Ethel Lund Pattison ✥⚘

Anne Rubsamen ⧩❀

Meg Gibson Monell

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Susan Vessels ⧩❀

Karen Steuber

Patti Skelton-McGougan

Marcia Cameron Graham ❀

$250 - $499

Barbara Barry Thomas

Lauren Thomas ⧩

Leann Johnston Roque ❀

Maryanne Hammatt Leckie ❀

Wendy Gaines Weatherup

$100 - $249

Sonnee Stallman Weedn ❀

Janice Walker Gordon

$100 - $249 Delta Gamma-Montana State University

Judith Wiant Gavin ❀

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

$1 - $99

Shari Koss

Delta Beta-Washington State University

Terri Orr Sanchez ⧩❀⚘

Marlene Dunk Smith

Leslie Vorbach Lilly ❀

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Margaret Rauch Warnke

Ann Morzov Matthiessen ❀

Wendi Kepner Damico ⧩❀

Jody Collis King ❀

Janis Wills McCaughey ❀

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

$100 - $249

Jenny Machetta Milligan

Sue Stack Christianson ❀

Jean Johnston Holt

Melody Nishida ✥

Nadine Hanford Finley ⚭

Janet Myers Lowney ❀

Nancy Hatfield Novokmet

KayDee Catlin Gilkey ⧩❀

Grace Gartner Metsker

Linda Glover Rylett ⚭

Cecelia Quirk ✥

Nita Coleman Ostlund

Gayle Baumen Seely ⧩

$250 - $499

Kathleen Porter Thompson

Marijayne Wallace Stegman ⧩❀

Linda Wilson Davis ⧩

Donna Sheets Wagner ❀

Patricia Mollring Stewart

Lori Andrew Henneger ⧩⚭

$1 - $99

Marvalee Hendricks Wake ❀

$100 - $249

Vickie Hemstad

Beverly Barnard Warrington

Carol Seegert Kocher ❀

Linda Mikkelsen Konesky

$1 - $99

Georgene Harber Leap ❀

Josephine Barrier Martin

Marlene Pontrelli Brumm

Katy McMullan

Doris Trovatten Morse

Helyn Hollingsworth Cannan

Jacquelyn Wehring Moore ❀

Nona Hodges Demetre

$1 - $99

Desiree Bedoy Gooch

Carol Overstreet Jeffords

Mildred Webb Lowrey ⧩❀

Anne Ludwick Long


Delta Epsilon-University of California-Los Angeles $1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) Charlon Brown Franke ⚭ $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Penny Thompson Donnelly ⚭ Kay Kawaratani Masuyama ⧩❀ Sandra Goodwin Streech ⧩⚭ $250 - $499 Mary Henry Burkman ❀ Melanie Sharon O'Donnell ⧩❀ Priscilla Gaskill Robertson ❀ $100 - $249 Beverly Bush Aggen Jana Bickel Shirley Joiner Cooper

Jane George Erlbaum ❀

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Debra Golden ❀

Janie White Cushing ❀

Gloria Caravacci Koenig

Lynn April Miller Hartline ⚭

Patricia Stroh Loo ⚭

Janet Hepler Gillespie ❀

Julie How O'Brien ⧩❀

Janet Russell Lind ⚭

Rachel Turner-Bensen ⧩❀⚘

Ellen Huggett ⧩

Suzanne Pollit Scarberry

Nancy Woodbridge Petersen ❀

$100 - $249

Adele Pallotti Lucas

Claire teGroen ❀

$250 - $499

Stacey Pack Fordemwalt ⧩❀

Rebecca Munn May

Joan Aschenbrener Yacovone

Janet Purvis Lisle ❀

Christine Mackert

Marilee Swor Meuter ❀

$1 - $99

Robin Briscoe Luby

Debra Wilson Purdy ⧩

Cristine Miller ⚭

Judy Boster-Mark ❀

$100 - $249

$1 - $99

Amanda Bertram Perkins

Esther Machlin Chew

Isobel Bruen Chisum

Erin Johnson Artman

Patti Wilson Smylie

Vera Roush Curzon

Pat Aiken Faringer

Kori Elkins

$1 - $99

Kathleen Williams Hutchison

Fran Wallace Holland ❀

Heather Greiff

Julianne Palmer Berlin

Mary Mcgoey ❀

Lisa Schwab Lewis

Sandra Powell ❀

Nadine Silva Davi

Beverly States McKeon

Kristin Amundson Ogley ❀

Bev Fossum Stettler

Theresa Dolan ❀

Bree Etter Moseley

Ann Morris Rosser

Donna Palamar Saunders

$1 - $99

Christine Savage

Michelle Joseph Defelippi Betty Madden Keller

Jaimie Craig Feliz Delta Iota-California State University-Chico

Laurie Stone Fennell

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Sandra Nason Griffin

Jolie Webb ⧩⚭

Delta Zeta-University of British Columbia

Barbara Floore Kloven

$1 - $99

Jane Wilson Wittkow ❀

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Delta Theta-University of Idaho

Sandra Pamplin Ficalora

Angela Bradley Harris Klazina van den Berg

$2,500 Jewel ($2,500 - $4,999) Delta Eta-San Diego State University

Melanie Matthews Canto ❀

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Linda Werner ✥

Naomi Grant ❀

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Frances Mettlach McCrackin ✥

Kathleen Jolley Abernathy ❀

Elfriede Walzberg Bagley ❀ Melaine McVay Taylor ❀ $250 - $499 Jean Gonsalves Smith ❀ $100 - $249 Janice Wallace Bright ❀

Sadie Foster Conni Frost Hardie Jane Koerner Hoffman Janice Phillips Hussey Victorina Jeffers Francine Michelotti Marquis Mari Medal Alison Miller Heather Marks Quilici Diane Santiago ⧩ 45

Delta Omicron-University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Delta Sigma-University of Hawaii at Manoa

Carol Wright

$100 - $249

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Kristen Herlosky ⧩

Kristen Anders ❀

My time in Alpha Gam has

Delta Kappa-University of Alberta

Michelle Schwer Nicholl ❀

Mary Lou Miwa ⚭

taught me so many lessons

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

$1 - $99

$250 - $499

Melissa Creech ⧩❀

Samantha Avanzino ⚘

Ashley Yonamine

Jill Dayne

$100 - $249

Delta Mu-University of California-Santa Barbara

Shea Okamoto

Kari Cooper

$100 - $249

Delta Pi-San Francisco State University

$1 - $99

Jean Bosworth Garcia ❀

$250 - $499

Emma Archambeau ⧩

Laurie Barrons

Shannon O'Brien ⧩

Shea Click

$100 - $249

Sonja Dobbs

Leanne Furman ❀

Mary Fran Donnelly

I could have never learned in a classroom. Being a

leader within the chapter

has been one of the most rewarding experiences of

my undergraduate career to date. I am forever grateful

to my sisters for the chance to take on those roles and

am indebted for everything I learned through them.”


Sophie Shafter Denise Jones Stange

Delta Xi-Arizona State University

Sunny Alonzo Greer ⧩

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Aimee Falkum

Dr. Ellen Wenzel ⧩❀

Delta Rho-Sonoma State University

Courtney Kingery

$250 - $499

$100 - $249

Danielle Mullin

Kim Hall Johnson ⧩❀⚘

Ruanne Bernaldo

Anna Weige

$1 - $99

Megan Jorgensen Farley ⧩

Candida Jacobs Bell

Riley Nichols ⧩

Delta Tau-Chapman University

Vicki Martin Fitzpatrick

Nicole Mitchell Wood

$10,000 Jewel ($10,000 - $24,999)

DaNeil Colarich Olson

$1 - $99

Natasha Shahani ⧩✥

Dianna Adams Wilke

Julie Sitton Duwe

$100 - $249

Shelbi Hall O'Brien ⧩

Erin Atherton Bennett Samantha Lapid


$1 - $99

Rose Marie Rice Dishman ❀

Epsilon Gamma-University of Denver

$100 - $249

Janelle Kruly ⧩

Libby Harrison Julo

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Angela Steinle Hairston ❀

Paula Pearl ⧩

Barbara Rockelman Reed ❀

Gail Calkins Duree Δ

Jeanine Watson Kuhlken ❀

Sharon Aulepp Schwarz

Carol Newman Greene ⚭

Vanessa Gonzalez Lopez ⧩

Delta Upsilon-Boise State University

Lori Kirkwood Stombaugh ❀

$250 - $499

$1 - $99

$1 - $99

Carol Smith White ❀

Virginia Vincent Sewall ❀

Mary Ann Chaney Heard ❀

Brandie VanOrder Lowe ⧩

$1 - $99

$100 - $249

Julie McDougall

Carol Reppel Amling ⚭

Leslee Carlson Breene

Nancy Spaw McLain

Epsilon Alpha-University of Missouri

Deborah Kuntz Houston ❀

Susan Foster Gould

Diana Clark Phillips

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Cherril Wehmueller McMillian

$1 - $99

Gail Gabriel Wickstrom

Mary Marks Hurlocker ⚭

Shirley McCallister Meinert ❀

Marjorie Tanner Freeman

Sara Acuff Smith ⚭ ⚘

Kate Reardon

Jean Warmbrodt Springer ⚭ $500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Epsilon Beta-University of Kansas

Maureen Manson Binder

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Betty Smith Hawkins ❀

Barbara Krumme Geiger ⧩✥

Nann Blaine Hilyard ✥⚘

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Wynetta Massey ❀

Kathryn Norris ❀

Michelle Yuenger ⚭

Leslie Wilson

$250 - $499

$100 - $249

Christine Ragsdale Ewing

Cynthia Coe Allen ⧩❀

Judith Hayes Hand ⧩Δ⚘

Christina Kamm Carpenter

Rita Sullivan Rundquist

$1 - $99

Brenda Bier Barton ❀

Mary Sampson Fay ❀

$100 - $249

Amanda Ostgulen Painter

Charlene Morris Conrad ⚭ ⚘

Epsilon Epsilon-William Jewell College Epsilon Delta-University of Texas at Austin

$250 - $499

$2,500 Jewel ($2,500 - $4,999)

Diane Brown Wicker ❀

Robbie Holland Wennermark ❀ $1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) Laura Glass Hensley ❀ Lelia VanNorden Kelley ⧩✥ $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Betty Leatherwood Adams Γ Theodora Vanderwerth Boehm ❀ Susan Kiefner Cage ✥ Benita Wilson Dick Γ⚘ Lisa Busch Spalding

Marcia Love Pierce ❀ $100 - $249 Alice Rowland Algie ❀ Patty Davis Ellis $1 - $99 Janice Thomas Baker ⚘ Joyce Arnold Bergman Ireland Hawkins Robin Hollrah Linda Harger Jolly Kristin Leitze Alyce Curtis Leytham ❀ 47

Epsilon Eta-Texas Christian University

$100 - $249

Epsilon Kappa-Pittsburg State University

$250 - $499

Mary Heimann Linn ❀

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Epsilon Zeta-Arkansas State University

Susan Havran Carter ✥⚘

$1 - $99

Dorothy Webb Stice ❀

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Carol Ferguson Wiener ⧩⚭

Mary Kellogg Kirby

$250 - $499

Katherine Martin Farris ⚭

$100 - $249

Sally Yewens Meisner

Katherine Bradshaw Chappelear ❀

$250 - $499

Donna Edelen Blanton

Cynthia Thomas

Angela Wood Cutbill ❀

Caitlin Farris Knight ⧩

Leslie Martin ❀

Karen Winquist Waligorski

$100 - $249

Mitzi Langlois Young ⧩❀

Mary Packard ❀

$100 - $249

$1 - $99

Barbara Bahn Anderson

Carol Johnson Bogart

Christel Barnes Cater ⧩

Susan Bond Butsch

Cheryl Haywood Guttenmacher

Pam Nix Gilmore ❀

Allison Denman Holland ❀

Janet Gough McMurray

Mary Allen Ray ❀

Nancy Mitchell Ogrod ❀

Donna Reichen Shipman

Nancy Lynn Scott

Suzanne Wright Stumbaugh

Sue Sperling Vincent ❀

$250 - $499

Epsilon Theta-University of Colorado Boulder

Kristen Fagre Healy

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Anne Overton DeGraff ❀

Dr. Mary Ann Wyss-Cummings ⚭

$1 - $99

Epsilon Lambda-University of Central Missouri

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Sue Myers

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Kathy Fisk Christiansen ✥

Eloise Brown Young

Sally Scott Virgo ❀

Jacqueline Steen Stonum

Cathy Smart Williams ❀ $1 - $99 Jessica Hicks Baker ⧩ Arda Tomlinson McMullan Gena Borah Morris ⧩ Shannon O'Nale Nadolni Judith Shannon Roe


Sue Rash Albers ❀ Epsilon Iota-University of Northern Colorado

Shannon Bailey ⧩

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Cassie Jarrett Cleaver ⧩❀

Patricia O'Connor Vreeland ✥ $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Cindy Griffin Haas ⚭⚘ Susan Turman ✥⚘ Donna Benge ❀ $100 - $249

Connie Yates Brown ⚭ Carla Slattery Moore ❀ $1 - $99 Donna Zirkel Batt Shannon Nichols Fletcher Margaret Latinis Hays Marcia Meyer Roos Mary Coffman Russo ❀⚘

$250 - $499

$100 - $249

Carol Mueller Koontz ❀

Sherry Wright Jones

$1 - $99

Saundra Tatro Naifeh ❀

Denise Whiting Edwards

Lauren Allen Roth ⧩⚭

Diana Hale Nolan ⧩

$250 - $499 Vanessa Canfield ⧩

Epsilon Omicron-Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Epsilon Upsilon-Tarleton State University

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Mariah Ritter ⧩❀

Becky Kelly Harvey ⧩✥ $100 - $249

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) $500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Epsilon Mu-Fort Hays State University

Ellen Petty Gilbert ❀

$100 - $249

Jane Hanlin Hier ❀⚘

Karen Conard Brannam ❀

Elizabeth Jones ⧩❀

Ella Ingram-Dent ⧩

Missy Parker Lamke ⧩

Patricia Potter Patrick

Beth Marcotte ⧩

Shelley Sutton ⚭ ⚘

Kay Cunningham Rice ❀

Kathie Miley Taylor ⚘

Shannon Carrier Smith ⧩⚘

$1 - $99

$100 - $249

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Alicia Thornhill Crutcher

Ann Tatum Cather ❀

Jen Powell ⧩✥

Sandra Boys Daugherty

Ashley Kemp

$250 - $499

Elizabeth Berning Gerber

Linda Pratz Shugert

Melissa Murray Plaster

Sheryl Robinson Rogers

$1 - $99

$100 - $249

Terry Deal Waggle

Sara Bissell Dunbar ⧩

Jane Carmichael Bickham ❀

Lauren Wiebe ⧩

Sue Hopper ⧩

Dawn Jamieson Luza ⧩❀

Epsilon Nu-University of Central Oklahoma

Epsilon Xi-East Central University

Ronda Lenser Dillard

$100 - $249

Michele Smith Kidwill

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Brenda Wolf Wright

Charlotte Jamieson ⧩❀

Cathryn Baxter Stieb ⧩⚭

$1 - $99

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

$1 - $99

Chandra Bridges Stroope

Rie Gerah Hoehner ✥

Kendal Ecker Gheen

Emma Olson Thomas

Megan McCrary Kleiman

Kim Martin Klaus ✥

Nancy Penn Selby $1 - $99 Gayla Taylor Cox Patricia Webb Welch Epsilon Rho-Texas A&M University

$1 - $99

Donna Plumlee Hendrix ⚭ $100 - $249 Trudy Carlson Kari Lewis Kunze ⧩ Jami Ables Lovelady ❀ Alyssa Lowe ⧩ $1 - $99 Sena Goodlett Leese Epsilon Phi-Texas Woman's University $1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) Dr. Amber Garrison Duncan ❀ Sheryl Ahlstrom Goodson ⧩⚭ $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Debbie Patek Durkin ❀ $100 - $249 Wendy Shepard-Tuten Kiki Soong

Hortense Santiago 49

Epsilon Chi-Kansas State University

$250 - $499

Zeta Delta-Towson University

$250 - $499

Alicia Pilmore ⧩❀

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) $1,903

Christine Ryan Thompson

$1 - $99

Janis Lang Bartosz ⧩✥

Danielle Bain ⧩

Alison Gardner ⚭

Epsilon Psi-University of Texas at Dallas

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Zeta Beta-Lehigh University

Michele Hartlove ⧩✥⚘

Holly Phillips Rudnick ⚭

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Lesley Hubbard ⚭⚘

$100 - $249

Mary Beth Dulcey Morabito ✥⚘

Susan Biddison Plummer ❀

Kristen Blakely Damon

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

$250 - $499

$1 - $99

Autumn Bayles ❀

Christine Fedornock Baily ⧩❀

Kristin Freeborn

$100 - $249

Donna Krieger Baugus

Anara Ickes

Emily Furiga ⧩

Linda McQuiston

Adriana Munoz

Maria Pankos Pruitt ❀

$100 - $249

Cynthia Thompson ⚘

Karen Lindquist Randall ❀

Teresa Kneavel Haupt

$1 - $99

Jenilee Jay ⚘

Epsilon Omega-Truman State University

Jocelyn Berndt

Nicole Brown McConlogue ⚘

$100 - $249

Kerry Mallett

$1 - $99

Emily Eck

Kristen Herraiz

$1 - $99

Zeta Gamma-Gannon University

Wendy Hucht Lanahan ❀

Shannon Johnson Trunkhill

$100 - $249

Erin Mellott ⧩

Kim Mulawka Anderson

Jamie Rider Snyder

Zeta Alpha-Eastern Michigan University

$1 - $99

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Lauren Hopkins ⧩

Denise DiFranco Browning ⚭

Natalie Richard


Zeta Epsilon-Michigan Technological University $100 - $249 Jill Henschel Caruso ❀ Amy Thomas Johnson Jacquelin Snyder Koch Gail Monds ⧩ $1 - $99 Becky Shetron Nold ❀ Zeta Zeta-Worcester Polytechnic Institute $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Colleen Ellsworth ❀ Amanda Moreno ❀ Cindy Moser ⚭ Sara Swiatlowski ⧩❀ $250 - $499 Victoria Brown ⧩❀ Mary Kate Toomey Daly ⧩❀ $100 - $249 Christine Gagnon ❀ Claudine Gagnon McCluskey ❀ April Nunn Suzanne Logcher Yeghiayan ❀

$1 - $99

$1 - $99

$1 - $99

Sadie Josephs Cote

Jennifer Giardina Kennedy

Cairn McNicholas Green ⚘

Anna Cushman

Laura Letton ⚘

Sam Perrin Jackson

Anne Mannarelli Gregory

Sue Ellen Wright Maher

Kamryn Kurtzner ⧩

Karen Zalewski Oliver

Kimberly Nelson ❀

Heidi Michael

Mary Witherspoon ⧩

Carrie Rau

Zeta Eta-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Sujatha Reddy ❀ Laura Tedford ❀ $1 - $99 Madison Capek Tania Sibila Marcic Audrey Kaplan O'Neil Jennifer Sampson Strohl ⧩ Zeta Theta-Lafayette College $100 - $249 Jessica Morris ⧩

Erin Wicker Sager Zeta Kappa-University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Alison Chamberlain Scheide

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Zeta Omicron-Kettering University

Jennifer Werni Hughes ⧩⚭⚘ $100 - $249 Caroline Chupka Lewis ⧩ $1 - $99 April Rambacher Gatial Zeta Nu-Alma College $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Mary Jo Toth ⚭

Monica Scisorek ⧩

$250 - $499

Zeta Iota-Miami University

$100 - $249

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Michelle White Simmons ❀

Katelynd Dreger ⧩ Janet Holmes Mary Polacsek Johnson ⧩

The trip to the Academy for Collegiate Officers gave me new ideas for programming

$2,500 Jewel ($2,500 - $4,999) Adrienne Kerr Beckett ⧩✥ $1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) Stephannie Sack Bailey ⧩✥ Angie Suthivarakom Withorn ⧩❀ $100 - $249 Heather Slotnick ❀ $1 - $99 Miranda Bubin Abbey Howell Zeta Pi-Saint Joseph's University $100 - $249 Deanna Martz Drnevich

and skills about retention. It was truly a unique experience to be surrounded by so many women of the same values and who live by the same Purpose.”


Andrea Smith ⚭ Deb Collins Watt ⚭ 51

Zeta Sigma-Northwood University $1 - $99 Laura DuBay

Theta Beta-Auburn University at Montgomery

$100 - $249

$100 - $249

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Pamela Glenton Nix ❀

Cathy Crow Caldwell

April Scogin Taylor

$1 - $99

Kay Jones Vaught ❀

Ellen Buck

$1 - $99

Cheryl Roberts ❀

Dr. Rebecca Battle-Bryant ⧩❀⚘

Zeta Upsilon-Northern Michigan University

$100 - $249

$1 - $99

Ellen Russell Hatfield

Heather Drangin ⧩

Rachel Rodgers ⧩

Lisa Gentry ⧩

Kelly Smith Foshee ❀

Breanna Thomas Theta Eta-University of Tennessee at Martin

$1 - $99

Theta Epsilon-University of South Alabama

Carolyn Tobin Nobbe

Alyson Lindsey Andrews ⧩

$100 - $249

Catherine Matthews ⚭ ⚘

Emi Richardson

Laura Beck Mest ⧩

Heather Sprinkle

$100 - $249

Amber Morneau Wagner ⧩

Caroline Butler Nunn

$1 - $99

Cinthia Eichhorn

Jennifer Marshall Ensley

Jane Cultra Paschall

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Zeta Chi-University of Western Ontario

Theta Delta-University of North Georgia

Jessica Freeland

Eleni Vavouris

$1 - $99

$5,000 Jewel ($5,000 - $9,999)

Dorie Eberlein Fuller

$1 - $99

Cindy Mar

Sylvia Ferry Γ

Rennie Karnovich

Melanie Knight Roberts

Chantal Coulen Simard

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

Bernadette Neal MacAvoy

Jenny Muller ⧩⚭⚘

Valley Osborne-McCurry

Theta Theta-Mississippi State University

Theta Alpha-Louisiana State University

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Jennifer Marshall Ross

$1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903)

$1 - $99

Diane Beckford Bogue ⧩❀

Dallas Gibbons Schmidt

Lynn Phillips-Gaines ❀

Laura Aymond Proctor

Betsy Graham ⧩❀⚘

Lauree Stober

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Jacque Deeds ❀⚘

Jennifer Miller Tyson ⧩❀ $250 - $499

Theta Zeta-Randolph-Macon College

$1 - $99

Lindsey McPherson Evans ⧩

$250 - $499

Kristie Achee

Deborah Hudson ⧩❀

Lisa-Anne Samuels Moore ⧩⚘

Kristina Lappin ⧩❀ 52

Theta Iota-Western Kentucky University

Kate Kupka Chassey

$100 - $249

Theta Tau-Belmont University

$100 - $249

Debbie Butler Lewis

Barbara Blanchard Cohen

$250 - $499

Melanie Kington Evans

Anna Lowe

Jenni Jones ⚘

Allison Pellicciotti ⧩

Jennifer Owens West

Sarah Martel

$1 - $99

$100 - $249

Kendia Oldham Whobrey

Cat McGuire Nanney

Jessica Adams Peay

Janelle Hawkes ⧩

$1 - $99

Ericka L. Roland

Kimberley Ann Skowysz

Christina Medina Khodafar

Emma McAvoy

Jamie Schaller

Ashley Turner McCoy

Sara Searcy Smithee

Theta Xi-Clemson University

Melanie Peterson

Jordyn Wilder

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

$1 - $99

Amy Zavadil

Angela Park Tilley ⧩❀

Kelley Street Badger

$100 - $249

Ella Cox

Theta Mu-University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Cristina Johnson ⧩

Isabel Frassato

Liz Dunn

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Christel Brady McMillan ⚭

Theta Omicron-Western Carolina University

Theta Lambda-University of West Florida

$100 - $249

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Wendi Witek

Malea Greene Habbal ⧩❀

$1 - $99

$1 - $99

Hannah Rockecharlie

Caitlin Bernabe

Jena Valentine

Dawn Pasley Myers

Theta Nu-Virginia Commonwealth University

Theta Pi-Lambuth University

$250 - $499

Amy Allen

Theta Kappa-University of Virginia $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Tara Wheeler Prather ⧩❀ $1 - $99

$250 - $499 Kyla Linn ⧩ Kris Thoma Nelson ❀ $100 - $249 Erica Holland Burkhart Janice Gunter Palanjian ⧩ Brittney Lewis Paxton $1 - $99 Kate Godbold Brotherton Kaitlyn Brown

Heather Rider Mundwiler ⧩❀

Courtney Rogers Perrin

Elizabeth Skinner-Orgeron

$1 - $99

Theta Upsilon-Georgetown College $1 - $99 Amber Dillon Campbell Theta Phi-University of Tampa $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Laura Welch Sokalski ⧩❀ $250 - $499 Brit Profit-Rheinwald ⧩ $1 - $99 Randee Weiss Rosemary Cutillo Woodbury 53

My parents were refugees

from the Vietnam War who

settled down in Canada and had me. No one in my family

had received post-secondary education. Ever since I can

remember, I've looked upon doctors in awe. I liked how

the physicians were health advocates and primary

communicators in their field.”


Theta Chi-Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Katie Cromer

Christian Pierce ❀

$500 Jewel ($500 - $999)

Abigail Emberson

Susan Putman ⚭

Sara Storch

Edward M. & Jeanette Raines Rogers Γ

Lisa Vornbrock Cohe ⧩❀ Kappa Beta-Missouri Western State University $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Cherree Kemple Walling ⧩❀ $1 - $99 Tona Williams Kappa Gamma-Texas A&M-Corpus Christi $1 - $99 Samantha Hernandez ⧩ Venessa Woodward ⧩ Kappa Delta-Westminster College-Missouri $1 - $99 Polly Herndon Amelia Knipfel Nu Beta-University of Tennessee-Chattanooga $1 - $99 Brynlee Carter


Keith Steiner ✥ Nu Delta-Georgia College and State University

Gary Wright

$1 - $99

$250 - $499

Grace Kearney

Friends of the Foundation $10,000 Jewel ($10,000 - $24,999) George Miller Δ $1,904 Jewel ($1,904 - $2,499) Mike & Betty Devereaux Δ Evan Pearson ❀⚘ $1,000 Jewel ($1,000 - $1,903) Zachary Gentile ❀ Anonymous Donor ✥ $500 Jewel ($500 - $999) Scott Beckett Barbara Guthrie Ralph Peel

Chad & Jinnifer Baker Mark & Ellen Braunstein ❀ James & Tammy Fields Robert & Christine Jahncke ❀ Jeffrey Kardatzke Sidney Krajicek Heather Lawrence Thomas R. Price II John Riski Andy Roth Susan Simon $100 - $249 Diane Alford Stacie Altieri Claire Austin Marilena Avram Melissa Baker Anna Barker

Brian & Kirsten Barrett

Dr. Penny Crain

Albert & Bretton Jenks

James Morabito

Jerri Batson, DDS

Kent & Lisa Davis

Katherine Jennings

Michael & Cindy Moriarty

Shelli Batten

Nicole Davis

Jennifer Joyce

Dr. Paul & Kelli Mormon

Nina Becker

Marie DeBusman

Jimmy & Leah Junkins

Sandra Myers

Betsey Benz

Cristina Decker

Richard & Kelly Kapaska

Patricia Packard

Martha Bernadett

Michael & Donica Dennis

Michael Kearney

Alexander Paxton

Anish Chatterjee & Leslie Bescke

Beth Droese

Steve Kelley

Almedia Pendleton

Brent Bixby

Brian & Melanie Ensman

Young-Jae Kim

Chuck & Gudrun Peters

William Blackwell

James & Nora Faris

Josh & Heather King

Mike & Lynn Plaskett

J B Blake ❀

Eric & Pam Frenzel

Warren King

Mickey Plowden

Debbie Blevins

Jon Garza

Troy & Karen Kline

Jim & Sheri Polisini

Edward Block

Cheryl George

Jennifer Kossoy

Charissa Pritchett

David & Stephanie Bowers

Cindy Gonzalez

Mark Krikorian

Russell & Maureen Profita

Britta Boyle

Deborah Grantham

Nathan Larson

Connie Psathas

Stuart Brahs

Michael Graue

Jamie Sheriff Law ⧩❀

Bubba & Tricia Pugh

Jim & Sonya Branche

Veronica Guadalupe

Chad Lawrence

Traci Pustejovsky

Helen Brody

Tracy Habjan

Ray Ledonne

David Farlow & Katherine Putziger

David & Becky Brooks

Cindy Harkness

Terry & Tabitha Luker

Michael & Lucinda Raap

Jessica Burgess

Kena Harrison

Reneé Madiao

Ward Reesman

Robert Austin & Robin Burrell

Todd Hennum

Matt & Amy Marshall

JR Richardson

Debra Butler

Drs. Anthony & Jennifer Hill

Mark Matusik

Jeff Rittershofer

Lamar & Sonja Carter

Wendy Hoersting

Mary McCormick

Philip & Janet Rode

Michael & Andrea Castellan

Michael & Patrice Hofbauer

Kimberly McCoy

Rosario Rodriguez

Joel & Laurie Cermak

Craig & Sue Holm

John & Jeannie McNamara

Ed Rogers

Ramsay & Karen Clark

Stafford & Christy Houston

Argomarys Mella

Lori Rohrer

Bill & Katie Cosgrove

Barbara Iannelli

Rachel Miller

Chris & Dawn Roussey 55

Alvin Rubenstein

Weston Worthington

Denis & Christine Fahey

Michael & Rebecca Miller

Yvonne Ruszczyk

Jim & Elizabeth Yarbrough

Katie Cretin Fennell

Liz Morehouse

Scott & Amy Ryals

Daniel & Pam Young

Ashlie Lamb Freeman

JP Murray

Frank & Maureen Santoni â?€

Ralph & Linda Zehner

Barbara Gesing

Mark Nanney

Beth Packer Senich

Gerald Gilmore

James & Mary Nee

Frank & Stasia Serafini

$1 - $99

Aaron Girson

Diane Neralic

Jane Shipman

Carol Akerman Cortese

Andrew Goings

Ryan Owen

Courtney Slusher

Jeffrey Allen

The Gravel Family

N Panova

Sarah Smyth

Keith & Linda Andersen

Ryan Haboush

Byron Park

Mary Sprecher

Leah Bailey

Erik Huebner

Alisa Parnell

Ron Stachler

Howard & Peggy Beck

Lori Imhoff

Myla Petree

Douglas Still

Christine Billow

Greg Johnson

John & Carol Polchin

David & Susan Stouder

Fred Burghardt

James & Regina Johnson

Tracy Price

Mike & Robin Tarter

Kenneth Burrell

Jeffrey & Robin Jones

Martha Roach

Penny Taylor

Diane & Kara Cashatt

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Karayan

Kaineen Robinson

H Thomas

Charlotte Cervarich

Susan Keith

Nick & Ana Ron

Joey Thomas

David Rodriguez & Gloria Ciresi

Chad Kelham

Vangie Santiago

Steve Thurman

Scott Clary

Christine Kilcup

Lawrence Seymour

David & Jill Vanis

Alexandra Cook

Madison Kim-Alcain

Ellen Sheriff-Balogh

Woody & Kari VanStratum

Brantley Cook

Stephanie Knox

Jason Sisk

Jerry Weide

Derrick & Stacey Cox

Fred Kvasnicka

Cheryl Smith

Kimberly Weidler

Sarah Cretin

LeeAnna Landrum

Elllen Thompson

Debbie Baker Whittle

Marshall Despain

Karen Lukes

Stephan & Taylor Tomczak

Joe Will

Bob & Becky Devestine

Michael Mele

Jake Tomlin

Steven Witte â?€

Lance & Nayibe Donavan

Phillip Mele

Abigail Tremml

Lindsey Wittenback

Jamie Drooger

Anthony Migliozzi

Gina Vincent


Taylor Viti Katrina Wagner Jennifer Weaver-Breitenbecher Wayne Weikert David Weisberg MaryAnne Wheeler Erin White Diane Williams Douglas Wood Zachary Wood Xionghu Yang Elinor Zima

Companies & Organizations The following recognizes businesses and nonprofit organizations which have generously supported the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation through contributions or employer matching gifts during the 2019-2020 fiscal year (6.1.2019-5.31.2020): $10,000 - $24,999 RMNJ Family Foundation $5,000 - $9,999 Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Panhellenic Council The Chicago Community Trust

$2,500 - $4,999 Digital Pix Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Schwab Charitable Fund $1,904 - $2,499 Network for Good Republic Finance, LLC $1,000 - $1,903 Alpha Delta Pi Sorority-Theta Gamma Chapter Benevity Community Impact Fund Community Foundation Alliance Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP The Don & Leslie Ritter Family Charitable Foundation University Tees, Inc. Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program $500 - $999 Allstate Giving Campaign Amazon Smile Foundation Big E Nutrition Chipotle Dell Giving Dominion Foundation Foundation For The Carolinas Kendra Scott Design Lambda Chi Alpha: Epsilon-Eta Zeta Chapter Lumina Foundation Medtronic/Your Cause, LLC

Paypal Charitable Giving Fund Phi Delta Theta Fraternity-California Sigma Chapter Team Blaze, Inc. The Home Depot Foundation $250 - $499 Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity-Epsilon Phi Chapter Cava Mezze Grill, LLC. Gorjana & Griffin, Inc. Mightycause Charitable Foundation Panera Bread Company Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity-Delta Colony Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. Sigma Chi Fraternity-Zeta Theta TIAA Charitable Wings To Go of Arkansas, LLC $100 - $249 Aetna Foundation Alpha Delta Pi-Zeta Delta Chapter Alpha Delta Pi Sorority-Xi Chapter Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity Beta Sigma Phi-Omega Chapter Bumble Capital One Chatter Boutique Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Comcast Corporation Dayton Foundation Delta Delta Delta-Epsilon Nu Delta Gamma Fraternity-Zeta Nu Chapter

Exelon Foundation Matching Gifts Program Francar's Inc. GFL Inspire Brands Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Kappa Pi Sorority National Christian Foundation Kentucky Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity Purdue University Student Organizations Taz Auburn The Boeing Company Gift Match/BPAC Program The Doctors Management Company The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America United Way of Bay Area University of Akron UNUM Group Village Photographers Weldon Pharmacy Inc $1 - $99 Alpha Delta Pi Sorority-Epsilon Phi Chapter Alpha Kappa Lambda Fraternity Alpha Phi Sorority-Delta Upsilon Chapter Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity-Kappa Tau Chapter Alpha Xi Delta Sorority-Theta Beta Chapter American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation Arthur J. Gallagher Corporation Audiences Unlimited Chi Omega Sorority-Gamma Theta Chapter 57

Chi Omega Sorority-Tau Kappa Chapter Chill Ice Cream Co. Chubb Charitable Foundation Delta Gamma Fraternity-Eta Chapter Delta Sigma Phi-Eta Lambda Chapter Delta Tau Delta-Iota Epsilon Delta Zeta Sorority-Gamma Alpha Chapter Delta Zeta Sorority-Xi Beta Chapter Ever Row LLC Greek Spirit Inc IN State Employees' Community Giving Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity - Phi Beta Chapter Phi Delta Theta Fraternity-Kentucky Theta Chapter Phi Kappa Tau Phi Mu Sorority-Kappa Chi Chapter Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Tau-Epsilon Sigma Chapter Pirate Frog LLC Sherry & David LLC Sigma Pi Fraternity-Epsilon Lambda Chapter Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity-Mu Beta Chapter The HCA Foundation The Women's Club of Arlington U.S. Bank Foundation United Methodist Foundation of Louisiana United Way of Stanislaus County Westminster College YourCause, LLC Z Beans Coffee Shops LLC Zeta Iota Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority-Delta Delta Chapter 58

Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority-Lambda Kappa Chapter

Honors & Memorials Honors This following group of members, family and friends were honored by a gift to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation made in their name during the 2019-2020 fiscal year (6.1.2019-5.31.2020): Katie Jolley Abernathy Alicia Adams Deanna Neal Aliamo Jeanne Mussett Anderson Ann Zehner Angle Diana Avram Louise Jones Bannister Kathy Kenepp Beck R. T. Bensen Elaine Barrick Bess Sue Davidson Bonner Barbara Baerwald Bowman Connie Yates Brown Hanna Cervarich Lauren Cheek Taylor Cook Amy Racin Danks Janelle Dixon Norma Dolezal Gail Calkins Duree Tera Adkins Edwards

Peggy Kuebler Field Colleen Massey Giffin Mariann Babka Gutshall Michele Hartlove Jo Randolph Hatch Erin Lisa Huebner Suzanne Harris Jackson Melissa Jacobson James Lindsay Jarman Kenyuana Jofferion-Hardnett Janet Janson Kardatzke Julie Berger Karstetter Kina Kerst Natalie Flay Kopko Sarah Layton Ashley Putman Leatherwood Elizabeth Poage Leiser Arica Leonard Barbara Hale Letton Mary Heimann Linn Catherine l. Matthews Annie Morgan McLeod Nancy Garrott Mele Karen Donaldson Metzger Dorinda Gunter Miller Stephanie Mindock Elizabeth Morgan Lauren Neitzel Jenny Turk Neveadomi Sabrina Ross Noah Megan Oakleaf Cinda Zehner O'Connor

Irene Carey Osgood Kristin Hinrichs Perry Melissa Murray Plaster Fitzgerald William Ramick Marcia Richmond Dawn Ritter Robyn Roach Elizabeth Rogers Madison Rost Jillian Roth Leah Davis Rowland Diane Santiago Sue Maggio Sim Stephanie Simpson Patricia Holm Smith Davis Spaw & Sandra Turf Spaw's 50th wedding anniversary Suzanne Carmack Spicer Jennifer Teeter Kelly Stasko Toole Tracy Weston Turner Laurie Vesalo Julie Waitman Sylvie Kramer Weikert Debbie Rubenstein Wood Sara Wagoner Young Dave Youngdoff & Michelle Dougherty Youngdoff Connie Windes Zieba Alpha Beta Chapter Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation Staff Beta Kappa Alumnae Chapter Beta Tau Chapter

Central Florida Alumnae Club Delta Xi Chapter Epsilon Chapter Epsilon Theta Chapter Gamma Upsilon Advisors Past & Present Rho Chapter The Ritual Committee of Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Theta Chapter 2019 Memorials Contributions were made during the 2019-2020 fiscal year (6.1.2019-5.31.2020) in memory of these Alpha Gamma Delta sisters, family and friends: Diana Adams Julia Karen Angle Myrtis Anne Austin Miriam Walker Berninger Virginia Pappas Blake Ruth Smith Brahs Pauline Chance Brannon Ruth Henritze Breitenstein William James Bridy Jacque Goodwin Burgess Samantha Carson Rachel Hall Causey Georgia Noakes Cayton Susan Spence Cole Mary Louise Reams Copes Beverly Burke Craven Lucea Griffin Davis Ruth Sallenbach Dawson

Cindy Devereaux Steve DiFranco Susan Kline Domitrovich Sarah Pollock Druliner Margaret Rushing Early Tera Adkins Edwards Roxanna Tiahrt Egan Connie Compton Engle Carol Falk Fenzan Mignonne Wilson Flagg Patti Carey Floren Margaret Smith Franklin Davis Lowrey Gardner Virginia Phillips Giebeig Marcia Mae Horton Glauner Marjorie Hoover Good Carol Ann Gordon Kathleen Wise Grdina Nellie Richards Griffin Kelly Hansen Cody Hennum Kylie Mitchell Hightower Vincent Hoehner Reta Ing Holmgren Janete Sherwood Howes Janet Harvey Hubbell Janet Clarke Hurd Eleanor Norval Jeffries Patsy Herndon Fletcher Jett Dorothy Bergner Johnson Mari Wiest Johnson Barbara Elich Jones

Audrey Hilfiker Keck Sandi Hall Kemper Shirley Rose Krauss Virginia Leach Audra Jackson Lebs Teresa Gori Lehman Mildred Thornton Lindley Eleanor Marshall-White Dawn Christine Ankli McChristian Cheryl Conrad McGee Eileen McLean Anna Pace Millett Denise Hardie Monette Wilma Coon Noble Patricia Huddlestun Palmer Elizabeth Mills Park Joyce Killay Patton Elinor Randel Peel Joann Dove Prisley Martha Miller Ragan Margaret Hrubesky Roberts Lewis Robinson Bonnie Hall Ruecker Rosie Ronnebaum Russell Sonvy Brenden Sammons Syl Sanders Jane Meade Sholes Joan Leonard Sibley Elizabeth Funkey Sovern Sarah Lewis Stear Jean Teskey Brooke Deter Thomas

As a scholarship recipient, I have been able to feel the Foundation’s love in more ways than one. My heart (and bucket) are overflowing with joy. I hope to one day be able to impact other Alpha Gams as you have impacted me.” ALEXYS FORMAN PI COE COLLEGE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT


Tom Thrams Katherine Troyer Eleanor Benner Ullrich Carol Vessels Lori Vieltorf Sandra Schultz Voyda Clareta Walker Lori Morton Witte Cynthia Kopp Wright Darwin Zehner

For 28 years, the Jewel Society has recognized generous individuals who contribute $500 or more to the Foundation annually. Jewels are recognized in seven levels of giving: $25,000; $10,000; $5,000; $2,500; $1,904; $1,000; $500. Thank you to these donors, who were essential to the impact of the Foundation last fiscal year (6.1.2019-5.31.2020). The numbers indicate total years of Jewel Society membership. Special thanks to the 77 new Jewel Society members. $25,000 Jewel ($25,000 and up) June Weiner Auerbach, Alpha Xi, 2


$10,000 Jewel ($10,000 to $24,999) Carolyn Richardson Cobb, Upsilon, 20 Sandy Kinney, Upsilon, 21 Charlotte Bryant Miller, Alpha Beta, 26 George Miller, 3 Natasha Shahani, Delta Tau, 1 Dee Ann Elliott Woodall, Upsilon, 28 $5,000 Jewel ($5,000 to $9,999) Sylvia Ferry, Theta Delta, 16 Peggy Kuebler Field, Alpha Beta, 27 Sue Frock Hartter, Xi, 9 Helen Heggie, Lambda, 28 Margaret Hutson, Gamma Theta, 20 Audrey Berg Kaasa, Beta, 17 Margaret Liden Neily, Alpha Xi, 1 Casey East Pruitt, Gamma Sigma, 4 Sue Maggio Sim, Sigma, 12 $2,500 Jewel ($2,500 to $9,999) Marcie Ball, Alpha Beta, 19 Adrienne Kerr Beckett, Zeta Omicron, 9 Elaine Barrick Bess, Alpha Gamma, 22 Abby Barber Burgum, Beta Beta, 7 Melanie Matthews Canto, Delta Theta, 2 Lisa Custer, Gamma Phi, 6 Jose Lowe Freede, Upsilon, 7 Cindee Carlson Good, Rho, 6 Suzanne Miller Lahlum, Beta Beta, 2 Sara Hanson Moore, Sigma, 5 Patricia Tulley Riddiford, Beta Iota, 24 Patti Guthrie Rogers, Gamma Delta, 6

Suzanne Carmack Spicer, Gamma Pi, 25 Angela Kornkven Volk, Beta Beta, 1 Diane Walker Walbesser, Alpha Alpha, 22 Robbie Holland Wennermark, Epsilon Delta, 1 Linda Werner, Delta Theta, 8 $1,904 Jewel ($1,904 to $2,499) Ann Zehner Angle, Beta Xi, 13 Patty Caudle Cunningham, Gamma Phi, 11 Mike & Betty Devereaux, 25 Emily Smothers Dizik, Alpha Upsilon, 6 Kay Taylor Donahue, Upsilon, 28 Carole Valdez Elliott, Gamma Theta, 2 Bonnie Schiffman Pearson, Eta, 8 Evan Pearson, 1 Bobette Sandifer Thompson, Gamma Zeta, 13 Mary Ann Aiello Williams, Gamma Theta, 4 $1,000 Jewel ($1,000 to $1,903) Alicia Adams, Gamma Beta, 3 Fran George Arnsdorff, Gamma Rho, 24 Stephannie Sack Bailey, Zeta Omicron, 14 Janis Lang Bartosz, Zeta Delta, 20 Kathleen Bice, Delta Alpha, 21 Michelle Reser Bottaro, Phi, 8 Denise DiFranco Browning, Zeta Alpha, 9 Dana Bryan, Alpha Sigma, 2 Catherine Kocian Burwell, Beta Xi, 1 Erin Kennedy Butkovic, Kappa, 6 Barbara Meador Callard, Delta Alpha, 19 Jill McKinney Carissimi, Chi, 3 Elizabeth Ward Carroll, Upsilon, 4

Denise Kolmos Cassin, Beta Theta, 4 Carolyn Griffin Coleman, Gamma Beta, 3 Diane Raffel Collins, Beta Theta, 20 Jackie Sandy Cramer, Beta Delta, 2 Tricia Whitehurst Crute, Gamma Lambda, 7 Wendi Kepner Damico, Delta Beta, 4 Sue Sueltmann Dornfeld, Beta, 4 Deborah Schmidt Eschenbacher, Zeta, 17 Pat Riley Farmer, Gamma Delta, 11 Sandy Sholl Fite, Upsilon, 2 Charlon Brown Franke, Delta Epsilon, 14 Dr. Kristin Maricle Fulkerson, Beta Alpha, 10 Laurel Malarik Gainor, Chi, 8 Alison Gardner, Zeta Delta, 13 Dr. Amber Garrison Duncan, Epsilon Phi, 3 Jacquelyn Zehren Gaylor, Upsilon, 4 Barbara Krumme Geiger, Epsilon Beta, 9 Zachary Gentile, 1 Sheryl Ahlstrom Goodson, Epsilon Phi, 7 Naomi Grant, Delta Eta, 2 KC Klinefelter Hastings, Zeta Delta, 1 Julianne Miller Hawkins, Beta Beta, 1 Laura Glass Hensley, Epsilon Delta, 1 Amber Hicks, Upsilon, 10 Marcia Eide Hinrichs, Rho, 1 Mary Marks Hurlocker, Epsilon Alpha, 3 Christy Cook Hutson, Gamma Sigma, 16 Susan Iverson Hyatt, Lambda, 4 Lelia VanNorden Kelley, Epsilon Delta, 12 Peggy Lamb, Alpha Beta, 6 Lee Woodham Langub, Gamma Alpha, 13 Mary Saxon Liddy, Sigma, 7

Ann Owen Marrison, Alpha Nu, 1 Arline Franquiz Marteney, Alpha Omicron, 3 Rene Boehm Martin, Upsilon, 14 Frances Mettlach McCrackin, Delta Eta, 16 Marie Potts McShane, Upsilon, 4 Mary Beth Dulcey Morabito, Zeta Beta, 12 Michelle Flake Morgan, Gamma Tau, 26 Jenny Muller, Theta Delta, 6 Becky Bowes Murphy, Gamma Sigma, 17 Margie Tribble Nickels, Xi, 11 Jeannie O'Roark Nordstrom, Alpha Omicron, 7 Karen Nordstrom, Beta Beta, 2 Sandy McMurray Novak, Iota, 21 Martha Petry Parham, Gamma Lambda, 3 Dana Peden-Gentile, Gamma Omega, 16 Carol Richards Peske, Alpha Beta, 13 Suzanne McGee Petr, Alpha Sigma, 14 Maurie Jones Phelan, Eta, 5 Lynn Phillips-Gaines, Theta Theta, 2 Peggy Piety, Eta, 17 Nancy Thorman Pittman, Alpha Upsilon, 27 Jennifer Pitts, Rho, 1 Jen Powell, Epsilon Rho, 11 Meg Morris Ramsey, Gamma Phi, 7 Virginia Wantz Rennie, Alpha Delta, 14 Mariah Ritter, Epsilon Upsilon, 1 Lynne Dunford Rossell, Omega, 4 Debbie Douglass Roth, Omega, 17 Alison McDougall Rutten, Beta Beta, 1 Dr. Esther Saalfeld, Gamma Omicron, 19 Terri Orr Sanchez, Delta Gamma, 2 Cara Manzelmann Schad, Upsilon, 9

Marianne Polom Seidenstricker, Beta Xi, 12 Yancey Tighe Seitz, Upsilon, 6 Nina Shuman, Gamma Beta, 4 B. Jane Skelton, Gamma Phi, 23 Sara Acuff Smith, Epsilon Alpha, 10 Doris Newell Soriano, Pi, 14 Jean Warmbrodt Springer, Epsilon Alpha, 7 Mildred Stansky, Alpha Theta, 8 Sheilagh Beal Stewart, Alpha Eta, 7 Cathryn Baxter Stieb, Epsilon Nu, 4 Jackie Brannon Stutts, Gamma Delta, 23 Susie Fransen Thrams, Beta Kappa, 1 Coiya Tompkins, Beta Beta, 1 Cathy Campbell Turner, Gamma Delta, 5 Jean Luxan Ulrich, Alpha Beta, 10 Therese Rauth Viscelli, Gamma Phi, 10 Shannon Vittur, Gamma Phi, 12 Patricia O'Connor Vreeland, Epsilon Iota, 17 Julie Waitman, Beta Beta, 20 Pauline Weaver, Gamma Zeta, 2 Jolie Webb, Delta Iota, 6 Sylvie Kramer Weikert, Gamma Iota, 7 Angie Suthivarakom Withorn, Zeta Omicron, 2 Dr. Mary Ann Wyss-Cummings, Epsilon Theta, 7 Sunny Sunbarger Yager, Upsilon, 16 Judy Harding Zell, Beta Delta, 7 Anonymous Donor, 2 $500 Jewel ($500 to $999) Kathleen Jolley Abernathy, Delta Theta, 5 Betty Leatherwood Adams, Epsilon Delta, 26 S. Diana Agajanian, Delta Alpha, 19

Joan Allmaras, Phi, 2 Kristen Anders, Delta Sigma, 9 Elfriede Walzberg Bagley, Delta Iota, 2 Kimberly Sanert Baker, Gamma Xi, 1 Martha Warner Bakkila-Pirkey, Alpha Phi, 23 Tricia Barber, Gamma Alpha, 13 Dr. Susan Holliday Barde, Alpha, 1 Dr. Rebecca Battle-Bryant, Theta Beta, 6 Autumn Bayles, Zeta Beta, 3 Scott Beckett, 1 Gail Vassalotti Bertsch, Omega, 1 Karen Connell Biddy, Gamma Beta, 1 Maureen Manson Binder, Epsilon Alpha, 1 Dr. Bryna Bobick, Gamma Alpha, 11 Theodora Vanderwerth Boehm, Epsilon Delta, 1 Diane Beckford Bogue, Theta Delta, 3 Shawna Pier Brasty, Omega, 2 Beth Brumbaugh Bready, Beta Xi, 1 Jo Brenneis, Phi, 15 Ellie Moore Brown, Alpha Delta, 1 Karin Struck Burwell, Beta Omicron, 16 Susan Kiefner Cage, Epsilon Delta, 13 Judy Saalfeld Cahill, Epsilon, 10 Michele Camarco, Beta Beta, 2 April Pierce Carlock, Psi, 5 Toni Grey Carson, Pi, 4 Kathy Fisk Christiansen, Epsilon Theta, 16 Sue Stack Christianson, Delta Beta, 4 Susan Rumsfield Clary, Beta Omicron, 7 Kristin Clouston, Beta Beta, 1 Lisa Vornbrock Cohe, Theta Chi, 2 Terri Bridy Coker, Gamma Beta, 8

Karen Lau Collier, Alpha Pi, 4 Kimberly Ranch Coward, Rho, 4 Melissa Creech, Delta Kappa, 1 Kayla Schulte Creek, Rho, 2 Michelle Jones Daly, Beta Beta, 13 Sheila Damren, Alpha Lambda, 4 Alice Greer Daniels, Beta Delta, 1 Jacque Deeds, Theta Theta, 3 Stefanie Berk Deller, Alpha Beta, 3 Benita Wilson Dick, Epsilon Delta, 25 Sharon Dicker, Kappa, 4 Penny Thompson Donnelly, Delta Epsilon, 6 Patty Miller Drexler, Beta Omicron, 6 Charle Clark Dunstan, Gamma Zeta, 2 Gail Calkins Duree, Epsilon Gamma, 19 Debbie Patek Durkin, Epsilon Phi, 6 Dee Dee Bennett Eaton, Gamma Phi, 10 Barbara Ebel, Alpha Gamma, 15 Sarah Schweizer Eby, Beta Eta, 7 Penny Yocum Edmondson, Beta Xi, 15 Anne Loring Eiler, Alpha Xi, 13 Susan Ellison, Beta Epsilon, 1 Colleen Ellsworth, Zeta Zeta, 1 Laura Preston Eufinger, Zeta, 1 Katherine Martin Farris, Epsilon Zeta, 8 Sandra Pamplin Ficalora, Delta Iota, 1 Nadine Hanford Finley, Delta Beta, 6 Jan Johnson Fisher, Rho, 7 Dana Glass Foerster, Gamma Theta, 3 Caroline Ernst Fortmeyer, Delta, 3 Martha Vorech Frank, Alpha Upsilon, 11 KayDee Catlin Gilkey, Delta Beta, 2 61


Because of donors, I was able to meet people

across the country and

exchange ideas. I am so

excited to implement the new ideas and show my

chapter all of the wonderful techniques and resources the Foundation provided

us with at the Academy for Collegiate Officers.�



Linda Moore Ginn, Gamma Theta, 1 Debra Golden, Delta Theta, 1 Jen Avant Goodwin, Gamma Omega, 2 Betsy Graham, Theta Delta, 5 Marcia Cameron Graham, Delta Delta, 2 Laury Sanor Graves, Delta Alpha, 7 Carol Newman Greene, Epsilon Gamma, 11 Barbara Guthrie, 1 Cindy Griffin Haas, Epsilon Iota, 13 Malea Greene Habbal, Theta Omicron, 7 Marci Modesitt Hagan, Beta Xi, 11 Joy Bell Haley, Epsilon, 1 Sarah Laymon Hallstrand, Gamma Theta, 3 Lynn April Miller Hartline, Delta Eta, 7 Michele Hartlove, Zeta Delta, 22 Becky Kelly Harvey, Epsilon Omicron, 12 Beth Brandenburgh Hastie, Epsilon, 11 Havaleh Havelka, Alpha Omicron, 3 Betty Smith Hawkins, Epsilon Alpha, 1 Donna Plumlee Hendrix, Epsilon Upsilon, 13 Eileen Dorgan Herbermann, Alpha Theta, 20 Cari Johnson Herness, Beta Beta, 1 Ann Hicho, Omega, 1 Nann Blaine Hilyard, Epsilon Alpha, 22 Rie Gerah Hoehner, Epsilon Nu, 26 Jody Wolfgang Hostetler, Xi, 17 Rebecca Stutts Hovater, Gamma Delta, 8 Lesley Hubbard, Zeta Delta, 15 Jennifer Werni Hughes, Zeta Kappa, 12 Melissa Jacobson James, Rho, 8 Lindsay Jarman, Gamma Zeta, 8 Emmy Linman John, Xi, 12

Jo Anne Hagerty Johnson, Gamma Phi, 9 Leanne Green Jordahl, Beta Beta, 1 Pamella Marschall Jordan, Lambda, 23 Janet Janson Kardatzke, Beta Delta, 1 Alicia Smith Karell, Gamma Alpha, 1 Elizabeth Kaspar, Lambda, 11 Alice Walker Keene, Psi, 2 Jessica Keesee, Gamma Phi, 7 Jody Collis King, Delta Gamma, 1 Kim Martin Klaus, Epsilon Nu, 16 Carol Jean Koenig, Epsilon, 4 Jessa Kokett, Beta Beta, 1 Jayna Kenney Koler, Alpha Lambda, 8 Karen Schindhelm Krammer, Sigma, 1 Linda Rang Krempa, Alpha Alpha, 15 Susan Wall Krueger, Beta Beta, 2 Barbara Hale Letton, Epsilon, 9 Robin Belcher Liesfeld, Gamma Lambda, 9 Janet Russell Lind, Delta Eta, 8 Suzanne Lippe, Sigma, 1 Jane Ramsey Logan, Alpha Sigma, 4 Patricia Stroh Loo, Delta Theta, 5 Doris Dockendorff MacFarquhar, Rho, 1 Angie Magill, Gamma Nu, 25 Caroline Mahoney, Gamma Phi, 2 Stephanie Martin Maier, Beta Beta, 4 Paula Foss Mantel, Beta Beta, 1 Wynetta Massey, Epsilon Alpha, 2 Kay Kawaratani Masuyama, Delta Epsilon, 5 Catherine Matthews, Theta Eta, 6 Denise Smedley Mazzocchi, Beta Omicron, 2 Jodi Erickson McCarty, Beta Beta, 1

Melissa Anderson McCulloch, Beta Beta, 1 Christel Brady McMillan, Theta Mu, 9 Elizabeth McGinnis Mednikow, Gamma Xi, 2 Karen Donaldson Metzger, Gamma Phi, 4 Diane Heidelmeyer Meyer, Alpha Beta, 1 Dr. Kathleen Meyer, Phi, 3 Katie Reed Midla, Beta Delta, 1 Bridget Heath Miller, DVM, Gamma Alpha, 2 Liz Kaschalk Minbiole, Alpha Pi, 4 Mary Lou Miwa, Delta Sigma, 18 Carolyn Campbell Mondy, Gamma Lambda, 2 Amanda Moreno, Zeta Zeta, 7 Cindy Moser, Zeta Zeta, 13 Saundra Tatro Naifeh, Epsilon Nu, 3 Leslie Talbert Neitzel, Xi, 1 Bev Myers Nelson, Sigma, 1 Kathryn Norris, Epsilon Beta, 3 Cinda Zehner O'Connor, Beta Xi, 20 Christine M. Ofiesh, Delta Alpha, 14 Erin Hutson O'Neill, Omega, 4 Marjorie Childers Overmyer, Psi, 1 Jani Macari Pallis, Gamma Phi, 8 Michelle Parks, Theta Pi, 10 Ethel Lund Pattison, Delta Alpha, 15 Ralph Peel, 1 Andrea Pendleton, Gamma Iota, 4 Nancy Woodbridge Petersen, Delta Eta, 2 Christian Pierce, 5 Kimberly Pierce-Boggs, Omega, 1 Susan Biddison Plummer, Zeta Delta, 6 KJ Siffring Powell, Beta Alpha, 1 Tara Wheeler Prather, Theta Kappa, 5

Susan Putman, 10 Cecelia Quirk, Delta Beta, 16 Lisa Frese Randall, Gamma Phi, 10 Marge Barden Reason, Alpha Alpha, 15 Sujatha Reddy, Zeta Eta, 2 Ellen Mendelsohn Reese, Alpha Alpha, 20 Tammy Wolf Riddiford, Beta Iota, 7 Jeanne Swanner Robertson, Gamma Delta, 12 Sandra Levine Rodebaugh, Alpha Nu, 1 Edward M. & Jeanette Raines Rogers, 9 Leann Johnston Roque, Delta Delta, 5 Lauren Allen Roth, Epsilon Nu, 8 Holly Phillips Rudnick, Epsilon Psi, 16 Jennifer Schur Saballos, Gamma Phi, 1 Lili Hall Scarpa, Delta, 13 Michele Schallip, Alpha Upsilon, 7 Susan K. Schalon, Chi, 19 Beth Kelley Schneider, Xi, 17 Jill Jorgensen Shipley, Beta Beta, 10 Michelle White Simmons, Zeta Iota, 2 Stephanie Simpson, Gamma Zeta, 3 Cindi Stutsman Sinkula, Beta Xi, 1 Mary Kay Hilbrich Slocumb, Beta Delta, 1 Andrea Smith, Zeta Iota, 10 Laura Welch Sokalski, Theta Phi, 4 Hilda Beck Sorensen, Zeta, 4 Lisa Busch Spalding, Epsilon Delta, 1 Mallory Gladstein Spence, Upsilon, 1 Keith Steiner, 14 Dr. Justine Carroll Stemper, Rho, 3 Ann McConnell Stephenson, Gamma Phi, 4 Dorothy Webb Stice, Epsilon Kappa, 2

Sandra Goodwin Streech, Delta Epsilon, 13 Suzanne D. Sutton, Zeta, 5 Dorothy Swanson, Alpha Phi, 22 Sara Swiatlowski, Zeta Zeta, 8 Melaine McVay Taylor, Delta Iota, 3 Laura Tedford, Zeta Eta, 7 Jennifer Freeman Thompson, Upsilon, 1 Angela Park Tilley, Theta Xi, 5 Mary Jo Toth, Zeta Nu, 11 Amy Wildblood Tracy, Alpha, 10 Susan Turman, Epsilon Iota, 17 Rachel Turner-Bensen, Delta Theta, 3 Jennifer Miller Tyson, Theta Delta, 2 Lissa Handley Tyson, Psi, 1 Brenda McNallan Ver Meer, Beta Beta, 1 Susan Vessels, Delta Alpha, 4 Sally Scott Virgo, Epsilon Lambda, 2 Amy Vojta, Alpha Kappa, 1 Liana Mitchell Wallace, Gamma Zeta, 3 Cherree Kemple Walling, Kappa Beta, 2 Amelia Perkins Warren, Epsilon, 7 Alice Clark Wasdin, Psi, 1 Deb Collins Watt, Zeta Iota, 7 Emily Carole Honaker Wells, Epsilon, 1 Debra Fick Wendler, Alpha Beta, 4 Dr. Ellen Wenzel, Delta Xi, 8 Jan Thorpe White, Beta, 7 Suzanne Beck Whitworth, Gamma Tau, 1 Katharine Wibell, Gamma Iota, 1 Leslie Wilson, Epsilon Beta, 1 Nadine Bloor Wilson, Omicron, 1 Wendy Farnam Wolski, Alpha, 4

Gary Wright, 1 Liz Harriss York, Gamma Phi, 16 Pamela MacPherson Young, Gamma Upsilon, 17 Sara Wagoner Young, Beta Zeta, 22 Michelle Yuenger, Epsilon Alpha, 13 Melissa Johnson Zelinski, Gamma Zeta, 1 Martha Rosenberger Zimmerman, Beta Omicron, 26

Members of the Give Every Month (GEM) Society have expressed their desire to provide ongoing support for women’s education and leadership through monthly, recurring donations. We are proud to recognize 294 members of the GEM Society during the 2019-2020 fiscal year (6.1.2019-5.31.2020). Lauren Ajack, Xi Cynthia Coe Allen, Epsilon Beta Alyson Lindsey Andrews, Theta Beta Emma Archambeau, Delta Sigma Ashli Avis, Gamma Zeta Shannon Bailey, Epsilon Kappa Stephannie Sack Bailey, Zeta Omicron Christine Fedornock Baily, Zeta Delta Danielle Bain, Zeta Alpha Carol Kinser Baker, Gamma Zeta Jessica Hicks Baker, Epsilon Zeta

Tricia Barber, Gamma Alpha Janis Lang Bartosz, Zeta Delta Dr. Rebecca Battle-Bryant, Theta Beta Adrienne Kerr Beckett, Zeta Omicron Gigi Berry, Mu Elaine Barrick Bess, Alpha Gamma Jody Burnet Betz, Kappa Karen Connell Biddy, Gamma Beta Jamie Bishop, Upsilon Lauren Dust Bodine, Beta Omicron Diane Beckford Bogue, Theta Delta Shawna Pier Brasty, Omega Madison Brenamen-Lien, Beta Beta Paula Hill Brock, Gamma Alpha Victoria Brown, Zeta Zeta Elizabeth Wyatt Browne, Gamma Lambda Abby Barber Burgum, Beta Beta Mim Citron Burhans, Alpha Mary Erwin Burrow, Gamma Zeta Christy Burton, Alpha Lambda Erin Kennedy Butkovic, Kappa Melissa Butler, Beta Gamma Judy Saalfeld Cahill, Epsilon Barbara Meador Callard, Delta Alpha Michele Camarco, Beta Beta Vanessa Canfield, Epsilon Nu April Pierce Carlock, Psi Laura Carlson, Xi Christel Barnes Cater, Epsilon Zeta Corie Darnell Chaplin, Alpha Lambda Kelsey Chavez, Epsilon Dawn Brown Claghorn, Beta Delta 63

Cassie Jarrett Cleaver, Epsilon Kappa Carol Clenney, Gamma Upsilon Charlotte Coffee, Gamma Alpha Lisa Vornbrock Cohe, Theta Chi Mary Miltner Copeland, Gamma Alpha Sarah Cowger, Beta Iota Melissa Creech, Delta Kappa Tricia Whitehurst Crute, Gamma Lambda Mary Kate Toomey Daly, Zeta Zeta Wendi Kepner Damico, Delta Beta Karen Hastings Davidson, Zeta Omega Linda Wilson Davis, Delta Beta Jennie Peterson Dekker, Beta Delta Erin Deitrich Dekle, Gamma Alpha Stefanie Berk Deller, Alpha Beta Jenni Swanson DelVecchio, Beta Sigma Julie Dykes Diaz, Gamma Beta Sharon Dicker, Kappa Emily Diehl, Xi Heather Drangin, Zeta Upsilon Katelynd Dreger, Zeta Nu Nicole Honeycutt Drooger, Gamma Iota Sara Bissell Dunbar, Epsilon Nu Angie Rae Duncan, Rho Camellia McNett Embacher, Beta Beta Lindsey McPherson Evans, Theta Delta Megan Jorgensen Farley, Delta Rho Chris Fedor, Beta Delta Vicky Hubler Ferron, Omega Peggy Kuebler Field, Alpha Beta Stacey Pack Fordemwalt, Delta Theta Jeanene Fowler, Gamma Phi 64

Martha Vorech Frank, Alpha Upsilon Emily Furiga, Zeta Beta Peggy Smith Gates, Gamma Alpha Barbara Krumme Geiger, Epsilon Beta Lisa Gentry, Zeta Upsilon KayDee Catlin Gilkey, Delta Beta Sheryl Ahlstrom Goodson, Epsilon Phi Jen Avant Goodwin, Gamma Omega Betsy Graham, Theta Delta Sunny Alonzo Greer, Delta Sigma Cara Group, Alpha Omicron Malea Greene Habbal, Theta Omicron Marci Modesitt Hagan, Beta Xi Judith Hayes Hand, Epsilon Alpha Karen Lessard Hansen, Beta Beta Celeste Hanson-Morris, Mu Michele Hartlove, Zeta Delta Becky Kelly Harvey, Epsilon Omicron Jo Randolph Hatch, Alpha Beta Havaleh Havelka, Alpha Omicron Janelle Hawkes, Theta Tau Julianne Miller Hawkins, Beta Beta Susan Brakke Heim, Gamma Alpha Lori Andrew Henneger, Delta Beta Kristen Herlosky, Delta Omicron Samantha Hernandez, Kappa Gamma Ann Hicho, Omega April Johnson Holmstrom, Theta Sigma Lauren Hopkins, Zeta Gamma Sue Hopper, Epsilon Nu Deborah Hudson, Theta Delta Ellen Huggett, Delta Iota

Jennifer Werni Hughes, Zeta Kappa Christy Cook Hutson, Gamma Sigma Ella Ingram-Dent, Epsilon Mu Charlotte Jamieson, Epsilon Rho Alyse Johnson, Alpha Upsilon Cristina Johnson, Theta Xi Jennifer Johnson, Upsilon Julie Knaak Johnson, Gamma Alpha Kim Hall Johnson, Delta Xi Mary Polacsek Johnson, Zeta Nu Elizabeth Jones, Epsilon Nu Pamella Marschall Jordan, Lambda Julie Berger Karstetter, Iota Lelia VanNorden Kelley, Epsilon Delta Alex Kennedy, Alpha Upsilon Heidi Dike Kingston, Beta Tau Laura Riddle Kittle, Epsilon Caitlin Farris Knight, Epsilon Zeta Natalie Flay Kopko, Omega Kirsten Gilbert Krenicky, Gamma Beta Ann Krikorian, Alpha Theta Janelle Kruly, Delta Tau Kari Lewis Kunze, Epsilon Upsilon Josette Kurey, Kappa Kamryn Kurtzner, Zeta Nu Missy Parker Lamke, Epsilon Nu Kristina Lappin, Theta Delta Kelly Larreur, Beta Delta Brittany Adams LaValle, Gamma Alpha Jamie Sheriff Law Caroline Chupka Lewis, Zeta Kappa Robin Belcher Liesfeld, Gamma Lambda

Kyla Linn, Theta Lambda Jennifer Monk Linsell, Epsilon Kim Mitchell Loeffler, Delta Kirsten Scott Lopez, Chi Vanessa Gonzalez Lopez, Epsilon Delta Alyssa Lowe, Epsilon Upsilon Brandie VanOrder Lowe, Delta Upsilon Mildred Webb Lowrey, Delta Alpha Dawn Jamieson Luza, Epsilon Rho Stephanie Martin Maier, Beta Beta Ally Smith Maldonado, Theta Pi Beth Marcotte, Epsilon Nu Jenna Day Martin, Beta Tau Paula Martins, Tau Kay Kawaratani Masuyama, Delta Epsilon Kay Green McCarty, Gamma Omicron Elizabeth McGinnis Mednikow, Gamma Xi Nancy Garrott Mele, Gamma Alpha Erin Mellott, Zeta Delta Kathleen Eccard Mellott, Alpha Xi Laura Beck Mest, Theta Beta Lauren Gates Metheney, Omega Kelley Zastrow Michalski, Rho Bridget Heath Miller, DVM, Gamma Alpha Kim Psenisky Miller, Alpha Omega Gail Monds, Zeta Epsilon Lisa-Anne Samuels Moore, Theta Zeta Gena Borah Morris, Epsilon Zeta Jessica Morris, Zeta Theta Haley Mowdy, Upsilon Jenny Muller, Theta Delta Heather Rider Mundwiler, Theta Nu

Noelle Dunckel Nachreiner, Chi Jennifer Turk Neveadomi, Omega Riley Nichols, Delta Rho Margie Tribble Nickels, Xi Michelle Melin Niemeyer, Eta Diana Hale Nolan, Epsilon Lambda Sandra Hickson Noll, Alpha Delta Julie How O'Brien, Delta Epsilon Shannon O'Brien, Delta Pi Shelbi Hall O'Brien, Delta Rho Melanie Sharon O'Donnell, Delta Epsilon Christine M. Ofiesh, Delta Alpha Jody Moore O'Grady, Kappa Nancy Cooper Ovenden, Rho Janice Gunter Palanjian, Theta Lambda Catherine Clausi Palfrey, Alpha Iota Jani Macari Pallis, Gamma Phi Marie Ford Palmer, Gamma Alpha Michelle Parks, Theta Pi Jennifer Trunk Parobek, Alpha Lambda Paula Pearl, Delta Tau Allison Pellicciotti, Theta Tau Andrea Pendleton, Gamma Iota Allison Ruoho Peper, Beta Gamma Suzanne McGee Petr, Alpha Sigma Maurie Jones Phelan, Eta Ashley Harville Phillips, Delta Alicia Pilmore, Zeta Alpha Nancy Thorman Pittman, Alpha Upsilon Lisa Pinyan Poole, Gamma Alpha Melissa Pope, Alpha Lambda Jen Powell, Epsilon Rho

KJ Siffring Powell, Beta Alpha Tara Wheeler Prather, Theta Kappa Judith Berretto Prisk, Gamma Sigma Brit Profit-Rheinwald, Theta Phi Debra Wilson Purdy, Delta Theta Marie Dubke Racz, Alpha Alpha Meg Morris Ramsey, Gamma Phi Lisa Frese Randall, Gamma Phi Kim Matarrese Rectenwald, Alpha Sigma Jane Umlauf Reed, Alpha Sarah Reed, Delta Emily Reese, Upsilon Amy Kant Ridenour, Beta Epsilon Mariah Ritter, Epsilon Upsilon Rachel Rodgers, Theta Beta Debbie Douglass Roth, Omega Jillian Roth, Omega Lauren Allen Roth, Epsilon Nu Anne Rubsamen, Delta Alpha Macy Samuelson, Beta Beta Terri Orr Sanchez, Delta Gamma Diane Santiago, Delta Iota Kolby Schaeffer Fraase, Beta Beta Gretchen Gwynne Schott, Beta Delta Edith Sanders Schweikle, Alpha Beta Monica Scisorek, Zeta Theta Shannon Scott, Gamma Beta Gayle Baumen Seely, Delta Alpha Natasha Shahani, Delta Tau Paula Hutson Simmons, Gamma Theta Shaleeah Smith, Gamma Omicron Shannon Carrier Smith, Epsilon Nu

Laura Welch Sokalski, Theta Phi Mallory Gladstein Spence, Upsilon Sally Hotchkiss Stanford, Alpha Tau Marijayne Wallace Stegman, Delta Alpha Ann McConnell Stephenson, Gamma Phi Cathryn Baxter Stieb, Epsilon Nu Sandra Goodwin Streech, Delta Epsilon Jennifer Sampson Strohl, Zeta Eta Dorothy Swanson, Alpha Phi Sara Swiatlowski, Zeta Zeta Ashley Merritt Szmanda, Beta Epsilon Cori O'Connell Thielges, Beta Beta Lauren Thomas, Delta Beta Bobette Sandifer Thompson, Gamma Zeta Catherine Thompson, Gamma Omicron Heather Estes Thompson, Beta Eta Jennifer Freeman Thompson, Upsilon Trisha Thompson, Delta Cheryl Thorsten, Mu Susie Fransen Thrams, Beta Kappa Judy Meyer Tice, Gamma Mu Angela Park Tilley, Theta Xi Kristy Wisner Tokarczyk, Omega Patricia Tomaszewski, Beta Theta Rachel Turner-Bensen, Delta Theta Allison Tusek, Beta Xi Jennifer Miller Tyson, Theta Delta Beth Reinan Vander Linden, Beta Beta Ashley Lamphier VanDewark, Mu Kim Rellick Vasil, Alpha Epsilon Susan Vessels, Delta Alpha Therese Rauth Viscelli, Gamma Phi

Amy Vojta, Alpha Kappa Amber Morneau Wagner, Zeta Upsilon Julie Waitman, Beta Beta Liana Mitchell Wallace, Gamma Zeta Cherree Kemple Walling, Kappa Beta Amelia Perkins Warren, Epsilon Jolie Webb, Delta Iota Rebecca Cochran Weber, Gamma Alpha Lois Weller, Alpha Chi Debra Fick Wendler, Alpha Beta Dr. Ellen Wenzel, Delta Xi Leslie Russell Westbury, Alpha Pi Alice White, Gamma Alpha Chelsea White, Pi Lauren Wiebe, Epsilon Mu Carol Ferguson Wiener, Epsilon Eta Elizabeth Martin Wike, Gamma Phi Amber Davenport Williams, Gamma Upsilon Lana Williams, Alpha Pi Rebecca Wilson, Delta Mary Witherspoon, Zeta Iota Angie Suthivarakom Withorn, Zeta Omicron Wendy Farnam Wolski, Alpha Venessa Woodward, Kappa Gamma Sallie Yakowicz, Beta Beta Liz Harriss York, Gamma Phi Mitzi Langlois Young, Epsilon Zeta


The Corinthian Society honors forward-thinking sisters and friends of Alpha Gamma Delta who provide future support for the Foundation through bequests, life insurance, trusts or other planned and estate gifts. As of May 31, 2020, we are proud to recognize 257 members of the Corinthian Society. S. Diana Agajanian, Delta Alpha Marilyn Williams Anderson,* Rho Ann Zehner Angle, Beta Xi Carmen Muirheid Auerbach, Beta Iota June Weiner Auerbach, Alpha Xi Samantha Avanzino, Delta Omicron Mary Wade Ayers, Epsilon Janice Thomas Baker, Epsilon Epsilon Margaret Trust Ball,* Iota Anne Cragin Barber, Gamma Iota Tricia Barber, Gamma Alpha Linda Shook Barron, Gamma Alpha Dede Dietterich Barthel,* Kappa Alice Empkey Batchelor,* Alpha Delta Rebecca Battle-Bryant, Theta Beta Elizabeth Edeburn Benson,* Alpha Epsilon Evelyn Grizzell Blodgett,* Epsilon Beta Katie Blackshear Boardman,* Gamma Alpha Michele Madore Boillotat, Alpha Omega April Bone, Theta Omicron Barbara L. Bowman, Beta Xi 66

Michele Bendis Brown, Theta Iota Jacquelyn Goodwin Burgess,* Gamma Epsilon Mim Citron Burhans, Alpha Sue Burns, Omicron Evelyn Johnson Cairns,* Delta Alpha Barbara Caldwell,* Zeta Barbara Meador Callard, Delta Alpha Dorothy Dickes Caples,* Delta Beta Carol Zimmerman Caraway, Gamma Zeta Catherine Lewis Carlson,* Beta Mu David Carroll Susan Havran Carter, Epsilon Eta Naomi Rolfes Chamberlain,* Omicron Karen Hoffmeyer Chichester, Alpha Upsilon Georgia Otis Chipman,* Alpha Jane McCollam Cleave, Omicron Carolyn Richardson Cobb, Upsilon Terri Bridy Coker, Gamma Beta Charlene Davis Collins,* Delta Gamma Diane Raffel Collins, Beta Theta Robert H. Collins* Charlene Morris Conrad, Epsilon Alpha Shannon Corr, Zeta Delta Alice Lawson Count,* Delta Sherry Patton Cox, Alpha Xi Nancy Crawford,* Alpha Epsilon Emily Cunningham,* Alpha Rho Louise Imler Danzer, Alpha Epsilon Fred Davis Janie Thompson Davis, Upsilon Patsy Smith Davis, Epsilon Delta Jacque Deeds, Theta Theta

Jenni Swanson DelVecchio, Beta Sigma Benita Wilson Dick, Epsilon Delta Sharon Dicker, Kappa Kay Taylor Donahue, Upsilon Nicole Honeycutt Drooger, Gamma Iota Phyllis Boe Duncan,* Delta Zeta Cathy McGuire Eason, Alpha Phi David Eason Barbara Ebel,* Alpha Gamma Dottie Atkinson Ehrhart,* Epsilon Gamma Imogene Boyle Elkins,* Alpha Delta Carole Valdez Elliott,* Gamma Theta Ruthie Russell Ennis,* Delta Beta Beth Anderson Ewerth, Upsilon Keith Ewerth Kristi Johnson Feder, Iota Linda Fernandes, Beta Epsilon Peggy Kuebler Field, Alpha Beta Hillary FitzHugh,* Epsilon Rho Jean Foster,* Delta Martha Vorech Frank, Alpha Upsilon Irma Honebrink Frazier,* Alpha Gamma Dutch Freise* Peggy Smith Gates, Gamma Alpha Faith Sherman Goldberg,* Delta Jen Avant Goodwin, Gamma Omega Katherine Bellemere Gordon,* Epsilon Beta Jane A. Graf,* Alpha Delta Betsy Graham, Theta Delta Harriett Fox Grant,* Lambda Cairn McNicholas Green, Zeta Nu Joyce Aamot Greene,* Delta Beta

Dorothy Jefferson Greer, Alpha Beta Cindy Griffin Haas, Epsilon Iota Nell O'Dell Hagin,* Gamma Alpha Marie Fry Hallett,* Alpha Judith Hayes Hand, Epsilon Alpha Dorothy Harney,* Alpha Theta Elaine Harrell,* Epsilon Alpha Judith Van Sickle Harris, Beta Delta Gail Caskey Harrison, Iota Michele Hartlove, Zeta Delta Sue Frock Hartter, Xi Jo Randolph Hatch, Alpha Beta Helen Heggie,* Lambda Irene Foster Hehr*, Alpha Delta Antoinette Heidler,* Sigma Jeanne Heidler,* Rho Ruth Breitenstein Henritze,* Epsilon Jane Hanlin Hier, Epsilon Nu Wendy Hiler, Theta Sigma Berniece Hirter Hill, Phi Marie Locker Hill-Chapiesky,* Gamma Beta Nann Blaine Hilyard, Epsilon Alpha Joan Hippler,* Alpha Theta Dorothy Thompson Hittl,* Kappa Luana Rager Holub, Alpha Kappa Berenice Pease Hoskins,* Zeta Denise Howarth,* Beta Xi Jean Hoyt,* Alpha Theta Marcia Need Hoyt,* Epsilon Beta Lesley Hubbard, Zeta Delta Jennifer Werni Hughes, Zeta Kappa Tanya Hughes, Theta Pi

Marcia Hupp, Beta Kappa Reta J. Hurst, Upsilon Margaret Hutson, Gamma Theta Jenilee Jay, Zeta Delta Ruth McIntosh Jeffs,* Epsilon Gamma Kim Hall Johnson, Delta Xi Liz Misner Johnson*, Delta Theta Betty Coppernoll Johnston,* Beta Norma Johnston,* Sigma Delia Martin Jones,* Omicron Evelyn Jones,* Alpha Beta Jenni Jones, Theta Nu Edith Vanderbeek Joseph,* Alpha Barbara Elert Kate,* Delta Carolyn Keefe,* Delta Alpha Mary Noon Kellner, Alpha Alpha Dorothy Smith Kenney,* Delta Beta Kim Thomadsen Kleber, Alpha Beta Jean Lehl Koziara,* Epsilon Gamma Maryanne Knezevich Laird, Beta Epsilon Lee Woodham Langub, Gamma Alpha Esther Lawrence,* Alpha Alpha Iantha Powrie Le Vander,* Delta Laura Letton, Zeta Iota Sue Strong Lewis, Delta Epsilon Dorothy Thomas Lindquist,* Delta Delta Mildred Conlin Lindsley,* Alpha Delta Paula Gallup Little,* Alpha Laurinda MacKinnon, Zeta Eta Angie Magill, Gamma Nu Christie McMahon Malchow, Epsilon Beta Mildred Martin,* Epsilon

Paula Martins, Tau Therese Marz, Alpha Pi Gladys Mason,* Alpha Lambda Stephanie Snyder Matherly, Gamma Omicron Catherine Matthews, Theta Eta Nicole Brown McConlogue, Zeta Delta Pamela McCullough, Gamma Beta Kathleen Whipple McLaughlin, Chi Deborah Barber McNeill,* Gamma Alpha Martha Cowart Means,* Gamma Beta Sarah Mitchell Merideth, Beta Eta Elizabeth Meyer,* Alpha Gamma Connie Milam, Delta Eta Barbara Henderson Miller,* Alpha Pi Pat Sampson Mills, Epsilon Mu Phyllis Miner,* Alpha Holly Freed Moore, Epsilon Delta Lisa-Anne Samuels Moore, Theta Zeta Mary Beth Dulcey Morabito, Zeta Beta Jennifer Smentek Mores, Gamma Alpha Michelle Flake Morgan, Gamma Tau Winifred Haas Morrison,* Alpha Alpha Carol Griffith Mosse, Beta Delta Marion Schultz Mueller,* Alpha Iota Jenny Muller, Theta Delta Mary Louise Heinemann Nelling,* Epsilon Beta Barbara Davies Nelson,* Delta Sandy McMurray Novak, Iota Sunny Sumner Oder, Gamma Theta Jennifer Trunk Parobek, Alpha Lambda Ethel Lund Pattison, Delta Alpha Beverly Payne,* Zeta Alpha

Bonnie Schiffman Pearson, Eta Evan Pearson Dana Peden-Gentile, Gamma Omega Andrea Pendleton, Gamma Iota Carol Richards Peske, Alpha Beta Lorraine Shearing Peters, Epsilon Beta Susie Nichols Pierce, Beta Xi Edna Hillis Poor,* Eta Pearl Blackwell Popham,* Xi Susan Eberts Prater, Zeta Omicron Jessica Price, Beta Xi Eileen Pratt Pringle, Iota Zorena White Ravel,* Alpha Kim Matarrese Rectenwald, Alpha Sigma Miriam Reid,* Gamma Gamma Patricia Tulley Riddiford, Beta Iota Alice Rinehard* Patti Guthrie Rogers, Gamma Delta Mary Coffman Russo, Epsilon Kappa Marie Monk Samp,* Epsilon Kappa Terri Orr Sanchez, Delta Gamma Susan K. Schalon, Chi Vivien Schleicher,* Gamma Zeta Kay Schurr,* Alpha Alpha Mary Miller Sellin, Beta Theta Catherine Morrell Seymour, Delta Eta Elaine Shealy* Shirley Parsons Shive,* Sigma Helen Landers Shupe,* Delta Alpha Suzanne Fudge Sieveking, Beta Delta Dorothy Simmons,* Beta Gamma Margarete Mann Simon,* Alpha Beta


Your donation to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation has given me the opportunity to change lives. Because of your donation I was able to attend the Academy for Collegiate Officers and learn how to impact the lives around me. Because of you, I am better.�



TOP 10

Collegiate Chapters Special thanks to the following top-donating collegiate chapters for their dedication and hard work raising money for the Foundation last fiscal year (6.1.2019-5.31.2020). Gamma Beta-Florida State University $51,400 Psi-University of Alabama $42,200 Delta Rho-Sonoma State University $29,068 Gamma Alpha-University of Georgia $22,816 Epsilon Zeta-Arkansas State University $21,508 Gamma Xi-Murray State University $20,961 Gamma Delta-Auburn University $20,100 Theta Omega-University of South Carolina $19,247 Gamma Psi-University of North Alabama $18,756 Delta Tau-Chapman University $15,325 68

B. Jane Skelton, Gamma Phi Helen Mueller Smith,* Beta Sara Acuff Smith, Epsilon Alpha Shannon Carrier Smith, Epsilon Nu Suzanne Carmack Spicer, Gamma Pi Helen Clarahan Spiese,* Epsilon Alpha Paul Staley Theresa Stephens Stapler, Gamma Tau Bonnie Ledford Stapp,* Upsilon Linda Johnson Stone, Gamma Delta Cheryl Piks Stump, Omega Jackie Brannon Stutts, Gamma Delta Shelley Sutton, Epsilon Mu Ann Taliaferro, Epsilon Alpha Kathie Miley Taylor, Epsilon Mu Virginia Babb Taylor,* Epsilon Barbara Johnson Telander, Delta Jesse Agee Temple,* Delta Eta Loretta Brown Thomas,* Xi Cynthia Thompson, Epsilon Psi Judy Meyer Tice, Gamma Mu Margo Smith Timberlake, Mu Dorian Beck Trauger, Zeta Sue Triggs-Rhuda, Alpha Susan Turman, Epsilon Iota Rachel Turner-Bensen, Delta Theta Jean Gardner Ullman, Phi Gail Valentine, Lambda Gina Hinman Vincent, Epsilon Chi Julie Waitman, Beta Beta Jennifer Zoul Walker, Alpha Kappa Russell Webbink*

Valerie Wilson Wegner, Phi Grace Shabtac Weissgerber,* Alpha Mary Wolter Welz,* Alpha Beta Leslie Russell Westbury, Alpha Pi Harriett Williams,* Delta Epsilon Rozelle Rutter Williams,* Eta Nancy Wise, Omega Marty Brokaw Woodruff,* Gamma Beta Sunny Sunbarger Yager, Upsilon Liz Harriss York, Gamma Phi Kay Spake Zwernik,* Delta Anonymous Donor *Denotes Chapter Grand/Deceased

Chapters & Clubs Collegiate Chapter–Jewels Alpha Gamma Delta collegiate chapters spend many hours each year raising funds to support the philanthropic works of the Foundation. The following are recognized in the Jewel Society for raising $2,000 or more last fiscal year (6.1.20195.31.2020). The numbers indicate the total years as a Jewel Society member. This year, 82 collegiate chapters are proud members of the Jewel Society. Delta-University of Minnesota, 24 Epsilon-University of Kentucky, 22 Iota-University of Washington, 27

Pi-Coe College, 1 Rho-Iowa State University, 23 Sigma-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 24 Upsilon-University of Oklahoma, 23 Psi-University of Alabama, 22 Omega-University of Akron, 21 Alpha Beta-University of Michigan, 17 Alpha Epsilon-Westminster College, 13 Alpha Iota-Baldwin Wallace University, 14 Alpha Lambda-The Ohio State University, 17 Alpha Omicron-West Virginia Wesleyan College, 20 Alpha Pi-Wayne State University, 19 Alpha Sigma-Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 26 Alpha Omega-Duquesne University, 17 Beta Alpha-Nebraska Wesleyan University, 14 Beta Beta-North Dakota State University, 24 Beta Delta-Indiana University Bloomington, 25 Beta Eta-Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 25 Beta Iota-Eastern Illinois University, 27 Beta Xi-Purdue University, 20 Beta Omicron-Illinois State University, 22 Beta Tau-Ball State University, 22 Gamma Alpha-University of Georgia, 26 Gamma Beta-Florida State University, 14 Gamma Delta-Auburn University, 25 Gamma Zeta-University of Memphis, 23 Gamma Iota-Mercer University, 22 Gamma Xi-Murray State University, 27 Gamma Omicron-Eastern Kentucky University, 23 Gamma Sigma-Troy University, 26 Gamma Upsilon-University of Montevallo, 19

Gamma Phi-Georgia Institute of Technology, 22 Gamma Psi-University of North Alabama, 21 Gamma Omega-University of Alabama at Birmingham, 27 Delta Gamma-Montana State University, 8 Delta Eta-San Diego State University, 5 Delta Iota-California State University-Chico, 20 Delta Nu-University of Calgary, 10 Delta Omicron-University of Nevada-Las Vegas, 22 Delta Rho-Sonoma State University, 21 Delta Sigma-University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2 Delta Tau-Chapman University, 14 Delta Upsilon-Boise State University, 6 Epsilon Epsilon-William Jewell College, 21 Epsilon Zeta-Arkansas State University, 17 Epsilon Kappa-Pittsburg State University, 23 Epsilon Mu-Fort Hays State University, 23 Epsilon Nu-University of Central Oklahoma, 22 Epsilon Phi-Texas Woman's University, 16 Epsilon Chi-Kansas State University, 5 Epsilon Psi-University of Texas at Dallas, 21 Epsilon Omega-Truman State University, 23 Zeta Gamma-Gannon University, 22 Zeta Epsilon-Michigan Technological University, 20 Zeta Eta-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 12 Zeta Theta-Lafayette College, 3 Zeta Omicron-Kettering University, 14 Zeta Pi-Saint Joseph's University, 18 Zeta Tau-Seton Hall University, 10 Zeta Chi-University of Western Ontario, 17 Theta Delta-University of North Georgia, 23 Theta Epsilon-University of South Alabama, 15

Theta Zeta-Randolph-Macon College, 12 Theta Iota-Western Kentucky University, 12 Theta Lambda-University of West Florida, 21 Theta Nu-Virginia Commonwealth University, 15 Theta Omicron-Western Carolina University, 5 Theta Tau-Belmont University, 12 Theta Psi-Austin Peay State University, 7 Theta Omega-University of South Carolina, 8 Kappa Beta-Missouri Western State University, 23 Kappa Gamma-Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, 17 Lambda Alpha-St. Joseph's College of Long Island, 8 Lambda Gamma-Villanova University, 4 Lambda Delta-Rutgers State University of New Jersey, 1 Nu Alpha-Appalachian State University, 3 Nu Beta-University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, 3 Nu Gamma-East Carolina University, 3 Nu Delta-Georgia College and State University, 3 Alumnae Chapters/Clubs–Jewel Society Our alumnae chapters/clubs dedicate tremendous time and support to the Foundation. The Jewel Society recognizes them for raising $1,000 or more last fiscal year (6.1.2019-5.31.2020). The numbers indicate the total years as a Jewel Society member. This year, 25 alumnae chapters/ clubs are proud members of the Jewel Society. Auburn-Opelika Alumnae Chapter, 20 Beta Beta Alumnae Chapter, 20

Central Florida Alumnae Club, 18 Central Ohio Alumnae Chapter, 1 Charlotte Alumnae Chapter, 7 Chesapeake Alumnae Chapter, 8 Chicago Northwest Suburban Alumnae Club, 26 Dallas Alumnae Chapter, 27 DuPage Area Alumnae Club, 27 Fox Valley Alumnae Club, 25 Greater Raleigh Alumnae Chapter, 9 Houston Alumnae Club, 25 Las Vegas Area Alumnae Chapter, 4 Los Angeles Area Alumnae Chapter, 6 Memphis Area Alumnae Chapter, 17 Nashville Alumnae Chapter, 7 Norman Alumnae Chapter, 19 North Atlanta Alumnae Club, 14 Omega Alumnae Chapter, 7 Orange County Alumnae Chapter, 6 St. Louis Alumnae Club, 25 Tampa Bay Area Alumnae Chapter, 7 Tau Alumnae Chapter, 13 Tuscaloosa Alumnae Chapter, 4 Valley of the Sun Alumnae Chapter, 19

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Alumnae Chapters/Clubs Special thanks to the following top-donating alumnae chapters/clubs for their dedication and hard work raising money for the Foundation last fiscal year (6.1.2019-5.31.2020). Beta Beta Alumnae Chapter $11,000 Houston Alumnae Club $4,130 Omega Alumnae Chapter $3,664 St. Louis Alumnae Club $2,205 Auburn-Opelika Alumnae Chapter $2,200 Los Angeles Area Alumnae Chapter $2,058 Fox Valley Alumnae Club $1,500 North Atlanta Alumnae Club $1,491 Chesapeake Alumnae Chapter $1,355 Orange County Alumnae Chapter $1,283 69


Wondering how to make your next gift to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation? Check out the Guide to Giving for easy and meaningful ways to make a loving, leading and lasting contribution. And, as a 501(c)(3) public charity, your gifts not only launch our next generation of leaders, they may provide a tax benefit.* The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation’s Tax ID# is 35-2057322. Call our Foundation office at 317.663.4242 with any questions or visit alphagammadeltafoundation.org. All gifts to the Foundation are recognized in our annual Honor Roll of Donors unless made anonymously. *as allowed by U.S. law. MAIL


Mail your check or credit card gift to:

Our Jewel Society members­—donors giving $500 or more annually­—are essential to the impact of the Foundation. Jewel Society members receive special invitations to Foundation events.

Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation 8710 N Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46260

ONLINE Giving with your credit or debit card at alphagammadeltafoundation.org/ donate is a secure and quick way to give a gift. Make a one-time or recurring monthly gift. The Foundation accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 70

BE A GEM (GIVE EVERY MONTH) Your recurring credit card gift eliminates check writing, reduces solicitations and breaks your giving into manageable, monthly amounts. Plus, you save the Foundation fundraising costs. Visit alphagammadeltafoundation.org/donate and check the “Make this a monthly gift” option.

BE A CORINTHIAN Estate gifts and bequests leave a legacy and transform lives. Include the Foundation in your will or trust, or as a beneficiary to your IRA or life insurance. Let us know how we can help.

CORPORATE MATCHING GIFTS Your contribution to the Foundation can have an even bigger impact if you are employed by a company that provides matching gifts. This option requires very little work on your part and can make a tremendous difference in the lives of our sisters and in our communities. Ask your company about its matching gift program, and if it will match a gift you make to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, a 501(c)(3), public charity.

IRA CHARITABLE ROLLOVERS Another impactful and easy way to give! If you are 70½ or older you may direct a qualified charitable distribution from your traditional IRA to the Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity to your area of choice.



Members and friends of Alpha Gamma Delta can make gifts to the Foundation in honor of special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or holidays or in memory of loved ones. The Foundation office will mail an acknowledgement card to the honoree or family.

A gift is such a personal expression of someone’s care or passion. Maybe you have an idea for something special you’d like to support? How about a one-time gift to sponsor or underwrite a scholarship, SIS Grant or leadership program? Sponsorships begin at the $2,500 donation level.

ENDOWMENT AND NAMED OPPORTUNITIES Endowment funds can be established for your philanthropic passions, with beginning gift levels of $50,000 over five years. One-time named opportunities begin at the $2,500 donation level.


APPRECIATED STOCK/SECURITIES Make a gift of appreciated stock to maximize your tax benefit. You may avoid capital gains taxes while receiving an income tax-deduction for the full fair market value of your gift. Many donors find they are able to make a larger gift using appreciated securities over cash. Don’t forget-the transfer of stocks may take several days, so sure to plan ahead and always consult your financial advisor.

Make a gift from your donor advised fund to impact the lives of our future leaders or sisters in need.


Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation 317.663.4242 alphagammadeltafoundation.org

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2019-20 Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation Gratitude Report  

2019-20 Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation Gratitude Report  

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