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We are influenced by who and what we surround ourselves with—sisterhood, leadership, academic focus and a spirit of giving.

Rie Gerah Hoehner International President


he summer months have come and gone, and Alpha Gamma Delta sisters everywhere find ourselves in the ever-busy fall season! Fall brings an immense amount of change and with it so many new beginnings. We welcome the cool air filled with the scents of pumpkin and spice, and gaze upon the fall foliage as she blends her hues of red, orange and gold. Our sweaters offer warm embrace as we set our sights on the new year ahead. Many of our alumnae re-engage with clubs and chapters, and our collegiate sisters return to school and their Alpha Gamma Delta experience. We are influenced by who and what we surround ourselves with—sisterhood, leadership, academic focus and a spirit of giving. Some may say a chapter house is just a house, but when you add the rich relationships nurtured within its walls, that chapter house truly becomes a home. Even our chapters without physical structures are blessed to have a home wherever they find groups of sisters learning, supporting and celebrating each other; this is what our sisterhood is all about. The establishment of our Fraternity Housing Corporation (FHC) has made it possible for some of our oldest chapter homes to be revitalized, inspiring our collegiate members and alumnae alike. The FHC has strengthened the appeal of these chapter house and suite experiences. As an organization, we enjoy watching membership growth and success. Our recent growth provides the opportunity to renovate or build chapter homes and suites that strengthen our foundation for decades to come.

While we look toward our ever-vibrant future, we remember to honor and celebrate our past. It is so important that we recognize our alumnae who have supported, and continue to support, our chapters throughout the years. They have made it possible for this once in a lifetime Alpha Gamma Delta experience to continue. This fall and winter, the Honors of Epsilon Pi nomination process will begin and thoughtful consideration will be given to those alumnae who impact our sisterhood so greatly. Our Honors program aims to celebrate excellence in lifelong commitment to Alpha Gamma Delta from so many sisters who are deserving of such recognition! Because we’ve chosen to surround ourselves with sisterhood in Alpha Gamma Delta, we are embraced by so many who do so much to ensure that our Fraternity continues to grow. I encourage each of you to cherish your fond recollections of your Alpha Gam experience, as collegians or alumnae. It is with great pride that I watch our Alpha Gam sisterhood impact the lives of so many, as she graciously continues along the path of Purpose our Founders intended! Loyally,

Rie Gerah Hoehner International President

Director of Communications and Marketing Christi Vawter

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BEST SISTER-FRIEND... I met Stacie Chambers on Bid Day at Upsilon-University of Oklahoma. We immediately hit it off. Our friendship has taken us on many adventures, including getting to participate together in the Disney College Program in Orlando, FL. Our friendship is going on five strong years, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share my life. Kathryn Franks and Stacie Chambers Upsilon–University of Oklahoma

Pat and I became friends when we were randomly assigned to the same dorm room our freshman year. We both ended up joining Alpha Gam and became closer friends during our time in the chapter. Pat was even the Maid of Honor in my wedding. Over the years, we have lived miles apart but have taken trips all over the world together. Leann Johnston Roque and Patricia Krueger Brady Delta Delta–University of Oregon


I met my sister–daughter, Celeste, because of Alpha Gamma Delta. Celeste is the epitome of an Alpha Gamma Delta woman. Every day she embodies what it means to be a true sister. She would give the shirt off her back for anyone, no matter what chapter affiliation or lack thereof. Celeste has been there for me in my times of need, and she is still there for me even though we are separated by distance. Tanya Marie Weber and Celeste Marie Valle Delta Theta–University of Idaho

Sena is the reason I am an Alpha Gam. She asked me to join years ago as an Alumnae Initiate. Years later, I have served in numerous advisor positions including Chapter Advisor, Province Director and Alumnae President. I have had many good times with sisters over the years. The memories will be with me forever. Thank you, Sena, for thinking of me and for your invitation many years ago! Donna Plumlee Hendrix and Sena Goodlet Leese Epsilon Upsilon–Tarleton State University


Thank you to all sisters who submitted feedback on the last issue of the Quarterly. Remember, the Quarterly is for YOU! We want to hear what you think about your magazine. Send your comments on this issue of the Quarterly by January 1: SEND AN EMAIL: COMMENT ON FACEBOOK: ENGAGE ON TWITTER: SHARE ON INSTAGRAM: MAIL: Alpha Gamma Delta International Headquarters Attn: Quarterly Editor 8710 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46260 2

quarterly | fall 2015

Alpha Gams are strong women! More than 3,000 sisters shared, liked and commented on our post about Women’s Equality Day on August 26.

Nearly 1,300 sisters liked this photo of Delta Rho–Sonoma State University during recruitment. Look at that group of Alpha Gams!

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to our 212 Volunteer Service Team members! We appreciate all you do to move Alpha Gamma Delta onward and upward!



Notice is hereby given that the 49th International Convention of Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity will be held at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek July 13-16, 2016. At International Convention 2016, sisters will be traveling to Orlando—home of some of the most famous amusements parks in the world. Join Alpha Gamma Deltas from across the continent to celebrate sisterhood, embrace traditions and learn how the Fraternity is moving forward to fulfill our Purpose. In addition to the traditional ceremonies like Feast of Roses and the Honors of Epsilon Pi banquet, attendees will also receive valuable leadership training. Registration packets will be produced electronically again and will become available in early 2016.



quarterly | fall 2015

fraternity news

Alpha Gam Brides

Growing up, you may have imagined details of your perfect wedding — a beautiful dress, vibrant flowers and a night to remember. Because Alpha Gamma Delta is such a huge part of your life and probably the reason for many of your closest relationships, think of how fun it would be to somehow embrace Alpha Gam in your wedding plans! Not sure how to incorporate Alpha Gam? We want to share some ideas with you! 1


Add your badge, or the badge of a sister or family member, to the inside of your dress or on your bouquet. You can even count that as your “something borrowed!” “For my Kentucky wedding on November 5, 2011, my ‘something borrowed’ was from my sister-friend and bridesmaid, Kelsey Fleener Johnson, DMD; she gave me the honor of borrowing her Alpha Gam badge and it was pinned to my bouquet.” -Sarah Franklin Brandenburg, Theta Iota–Western Kentucky University 2


Identify and honor the Alpha Gam sisters attending your wedding with something small, like a rose, to wear at your wedding. It is a great idea to show how much you appreciate your sisters sharing in your special day.


If your wedding is being held in the same town you attended college, take a picture with your beloved Alpha Gamma Delta house. “My husband and I got married in Bloomington, Illinois. Since we met while attending Illinois Wesleyan University, where I was Vice President Recruitment and Chapter President, I knew we absolutely had to take photos at the chapter house!”

“I provided a flower for each of my Alpha Gam sisters in attendance to wear at the wedding. It's a great way to incorporate your sisters and recognize them for having such an impact on your life!”

-Jordan Diehl Mann, Xi–Illinois Wesleyan University

-Melanie Easley Schmidt, Epsilon Nu–University of Central Oklahoma 3


Have Alpha Gam guests form a circle around you and sing an Alpha Gamma Delta song. It gets your sisters involved and is sure to bring back a great memory, or two. “I was married in Tybee Island, Georgia, where several of my sisters came to celebrate with me. They all sang Special Family surrounding me, followed by a fun round of ‘Hadie Kadie.’ Nine years later and we all have just as much love for one another as well as fun together.” -Sydney Ellis Townend, Gamma Beta–Florida State University




Integrate red and buff roses into your wedding flowers. “When it came time to pick flowers for my wedding, I knew I wanted to use red and buff roses in my bouquet. It is just a small way to show how much Alpha Gam means to me!” -Lauren Drury, Beta Omicron–Illinois State University

You don’t have to include all of these traditions to honor Alpha Gamma Delta in your wedding. Even a small touch of tradition can make a huge impression! For more ideas or to submit your wedding photos that show Alpha Gam pride, visit our Facebook page:


fraternity news

Make an Impact on Alpha Gamma Delta! Without a faithful network of volunteers, Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity would not be what it is today—a dynamic, valuesdriven group of women who are truly making a difference in the lives of others. The International Council elections process is underway, and chapters, clubs and volunteers are called to engage in the process. International Council members are the leaders of our Fraternity, encouraging all sisters to carry out Alpha Gamma Delta’s vision: Inspire the Woman. Impact the World. While serving on International Council, officers maintain awareness of current Fraternity issues, participate in carrying out our strategic plan and ensure


quarterly | fall 2015

the financial health of the organization. In addition, officers must understand the current nature of the fraternal movement and be willing to travel as necessary to represent the Fraternity. The structure of our Fraternity enables International Council to concentrate on long-term issues for our success while empowering our Volunteer Service Team to work hands-on with our membership to provide guidance and expertise on a daily basis. In addition to working with volunteers, International Council works with Fraternity staff to support operations. By participating in the election process, you will help select a group of leaders that will lead the Fraternity onward and upward!

OFFICERS TO BE ELECTED: • International President • International Vice President-Alumnae • International Vice PresidentCollegians • International Vice PresidentMembership • International Vice PresidentExtension • International Vice President-Finance • International Vice PresidentPanhellenic Affairs Job descriptions of International Council members are available at:

fraternity news 1

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO SERVE ON INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL? To be eligible for International Council service, a member must: • Be an alumna in Good Standing. • Have served a minimum of two years in a Volunteer Service Team position. • Be current in paying yearly Alumnae Dues to the Fraternity • Provide biographical info and a photo to the Elections Committee. • Submit a brief statement itemizing three important issues that she believes the Fraternity is facing.


In addition, a candidate for International President must have completed a minimum of two years of service on International Council.


WHAT QUALIFICATIONS ARE NECESSARY FOR INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL? International Council members must: • Possess high ideals and attain somewhat unto them. • Serve as both internal and external ambassadors of the Fraternity. • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Fraternity organization and programs. • Be able to communicate effectively to all entities of Alpha Gamma Delta and the community. • Be willing and able to fulfill all the specific duties of the office. • Be able to travel and to represent the Fraternity. • Accept the responsibility of conducting business for the good of the entire Fraternity. • Financially support the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation.

HOW DO I MAKE A RECOMMENDATION? Individual members, chapter and clubs submit recommendations to the Elections Committee. Forms may be requested from the Executive Director or secured from the Fraternity’s website at A member requires two recommendations to be considered for the ballot. A member who recommends herself must receive two additional recommendations. Recommendations must be made for a specific office; however, the Elections Committee has the final responsibility to determine the best qualified candidates to be placed on the elections ballot. Ballot placement for all offices will be limited to two candidates. Recommendations are due to the Fraternity by December 10, 2015.


WHAT HAPPENS AFTER RECOMMENDATIONS ARE MADE? The Elections Committee will review all recommendations for eligibility. Those eligible will be asked if they are willing to serve and if so, will be asked to complete biographical information. After interviewing via conference call, the Elections Committee with determine those who most closely match the qualifications for each office and a ballot will be determined.


WHO CAN VOTE IN THE ELECTION? Voting members of the Fraternity include current and former Grand/International Council officers, current members of the Volunteer Service Team, each collegiate and alumnae chapter or club in Good Standing, each incorporated house association and each chapter advisor.

Please exercise your right to participate in the elections process! ELECTIONS COMMITTEE Tricia Barber Elections Committee Chairman Elections Committee Members: Martha Clementino Susie Morris Ray Katie Overcash Rogers Pat O'Connor Vreeland More information about the election process is available on the Fraternity website at



My name is Reverend Jessi Higginbotham, and my life has changed forever because of Alpha Gam. After college, I spent a few years like most recent graduates. I worked, but still pondered what I really wanted to do with my life. I didn’t grow up knowing I wanted to be a minister of a church. I grew up thinking I would be a doctor, a lawyer or maybe a teacher, but never a minister. My family was involved in church. I sang in the choir, went to youth group and church camp, but I never saw myself as a future leader of a church. When I made the decision to enter the seminary, I slowly began to tell family and friends. Most of the friends I made after college weren’t surprised. They knew I had been thinking about it. Most of my high school friends were puzzled but supportive, they asked a lot of questions but they encouraged me. It was my college friends, my Alpha Gam sisters, who surprised me the most. I met Betsy and Kara because of Alpha Gam. These two women mean the world to me. I knew I had to tell them about my future plans to become a minister, but I had no idea how they would respond. I was pretty shocked, but more about that later… Betsy and I met by accident. After two years of being an Alpha Gam, I decided to move into our beautiful Georgian-style mansion on West Park Avenue. I applied and selected a roommate. Betsy actually did the exact same thing–she applied and selected the same exact roommate. On move-in day, Betsy and I both thought we were moving into the house to room with one sister, but instead, it was Betsy and I, and no third sister. The sister we both wanted to room with had decided to transfer schools, and since Betsy and I both wanted to live with her, the housing committee figured we’d be fine living together. Before move-in day, Betsy and I had only had one conversation with each other. I didn’t even know her last name. Three days later, people couldn’t find one of us without the other. After recruitment, we had new members confusing the two of us for months–we were inseparable. 8

quarterly | fall 2015

As Betsy and I became closer, I also grew closer to Betsy’s sistermother, Kara. Before I graduated, the three of us were a lifelong team. We haven’t gone a week without talking in almost 12 years. So now, back to seminary. I told Betsy first. Her response shocked me: “Well, it’s about time! I thought you were going to do this years ago! I’m so excited for you.” I was puzzled, “You mean you knew this was what I was going to do? Even I didn’t know!” She laughed and said, “I always knew this was your path. This is the perfect job for you.” And Kara? She said the same thing! Turns out, most of our Alpha Gam sisters felt that way. As they found out, they sent notes, cards, emails and texts of support. They all knew, and they all prayed for me. This sisterhood is bigger than you and I. It’s bigger than chapter meetings, socials and houses. It is something only the heart can understand. These women are part of my life because of Alpha Gam. Our lives have been forever changed because of Alpha Gam. Betsy, Kara and I challenge each of you to pay your 2015-2016 Alumnae Dues today, in honor of your best sister-friend. If you are among the first to pay, you will receive two ΑΓΔ friendship bracelets–one for you and one to share with your best sisterfriend! Want to share a bracelet with more than one sister-friend? For every $10 over your $40 payment, you will receive one extra bracelet. To pay your 2015-16 Alumnae Dues, visit and click on the “pay now!” button. Your Alumnae Dues payment supports many Fraternity initiatives, from collegiate chapter development and extension opportunities to volunteer training and alumnae programming.

alumnae news

Alumnae Recaps

Epsilon Kappa Alumnae Chapter

Epsilon Kappa Alumnae Chapter

The women of the Epsilon Kappa Alumnae Chapter were very busy this summer! Starting with International Reunion Day (IRD) in April, and following the “Strength of Sisterhood” theme, we awarded two $500 local scholarships to deserving collegians and recognized the recipient of the Connie Yates Brown Scholarship, awarded by the Fraternity. Additionally, we recognized alumnae who received the Honors of Epsilon Pi at last summer’s International Convention, our 25- and 50year members and awarded our local Spirit of Epsilon Kappa Award. We supported the collegiate chapter as they prepared for recruitment by providing meals for training and work week. On Bid Day, in keeping with the baseball theme of recruitment, we provided hamburgers and nachos to go with the cotton candy and popcorn provided by the chapter. Our alumnae chapter had some sisterhood events of our own, including an August painting party where we showed off our inner Andy Warhol and painted our own depiction of the Royals Kaufmann Stadium complete with fireworks. –Heather Kalar Rubesch

Gamma Alpha and Athens Alumnae Chapter

Gamma Alpha and Athens Alumnae Chapter

We had a blast at our June Braves Date Night in Atlanta. Alumnae also participated in Gamma Alpha’s mock-recruitment and assisted the chapter during recruitment week. We have many events coming up, including a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk with the Gamma Alpha Chapter and the Athens community. Some happenings we are looking forward to include a Sweetwater Brewery night for alumnae and their family and friends, an alumnae tailgate for the University of Georgia verses University of Kentucky game and our Alpha Gam Always event! –Alex Palmer

Alpha Sigma Alumnae Chapter

Alpha Sigma Alumnae Chapter

Alumnae chapter/club recaps for the Winter Quarterly are due December 15. Fill out the

Alumnae members of Alpha Sigma Chapter from Indiana University of Pennsylvania ran the 2015 Pittsburgh 10K Great Race to raise money for Cancer Awareness in honor of an Alpha Gam sister, Jennifer Wirth Stango, who passed away five years ago. Additional funds will go towards a scholarship for a recipient from the Alpha Sigma Chapter in Jen’s name. –Amy Nartatez Heinl

form online by searching “recap form” at, or email your report to 9




10 quarterly | fall 2015


The Sterling House, circa early 1900s

Passing through the historic city of Bloomington, Illinois, you see various homes, each with their own life and story, yet none catches your eye quite like the Xi Chapter house of Alpha Gamma Delta at Illinois Wesleyan University. The estate, built for Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Williams, in 1868, has a rich history as home to a local lawyer, a congressman, and a harness and saddlery industrialist. In 1903, the property was purchased by Congressman John A. Sterling, and from then on has been referred to as “The Sterling Home.” Sterling had the original stairs removed and replaced them with the striking walnut stairs and balcony that remain a centerpiece in the house today. In the fall of 1927, Illinois Wesleyan University reached a milestone when they allowed sororities to rent houses, accompanied with an approved housemother. Xi Chapter’s first home was at 1502 N. Main Street and was rented for $100 a month. Although it was a good first home for the chapter, Xi’s membership grew quickly and the home became too small to house all of the members. After two years, Xi moved to a duplex at 913 N. Main Street. The move seemed like a great fix at the time, but during the 1929-30 school year, the chapter size grew to 20 women, the largest membership to that date. No rental house in Bloomington could accommodate that many women, so the local alumnae chapter began a campaign to persuade university authorities to allow sorority chapters on campus to purchase their own homes. Luckily, Alpha Gamma Delta had someone on their side. Oscar J. Hoose, a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University, local Probate Judge and uncle to two Xi initiates, donated his services as a legal advisor to the chapter. Hoose was responsible for registering Xi as a nonprofit house corporation in 1930. The house at 1409 N. Main Street was officially purchased by the chapter on June 26, 1930, making Alpha Gamma Delta the first women’s group on campus to own their chapter house. The first renovation to the house was completed in 1956 and included an enlargement of the dining room as well as the addition of a recreation room

Mrs. Robert E. Williams

Mr. Robert E. Williams

with a fireplace for playing games and entertaining. On the second floor, additional study/living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms were added. Plans for the second addition were finalized in 1973 and were completed a year later. This renovation included an expansion of the kitchen, housemother’s apartment, laundry room and a first floor study room. An additional shower and bedroom were added to the second floor. Abraham Williams, the son of the original builder, Robert E. Williams, was one of 13 children raised in the estate. He wrote to the chapter, “I am glad that 1409 has become home to the women of Alpha Gamma Delta. I hope they enjoy it, and may they and 1409 live long and prosper.” This notable house has gone through multiple owners and transformations through the years, but the most recent renovation was the result of a new partnership with the Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity Housing Corporation (FHC). Take a tour with us and see the attention to detail the FHC used to restore several of the property’s most cherished historic elements. Alongside a traditionally elegant, yet livable, design, nearly 100 collegiate members call the chapter house home today.






Before: A striped, taupe wallpaper covered the walls and matching drapery hung over the windows. Teal, velvet chairs framed the fireplace and a brass chandelier lit the space.


After: A large oriental rug was placed in the center of the room to compliment the print on the new patterned chairs and the striped drapery. A Victorian-style crystal chandelier was installed, as well as a new tufted sofa.

FORMAL LIVING ROOM Before: Two red armchairs sat in front of the large picture window. An original painting of the house hung above a floral couch. The side of the room not shown featured a large white fireplace and additional seating.



12 quarterly | fall 2015



...AND NOW After: The grand piano, moved from the music room, now sits in front of a room filled with natural light. A tufted red sofa sits below a wall featuring the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose. The side of the room not shown features the original charter over a restored fireplace hearth.



REC ROOM Before: High windows lined the exterior wall and wood paneling covered both the walls and the builtin shelving. Golden oak hardwood floors carried over into the adjacent dining room. After: Removal of the wood paneling and new paint on the built-in shelving helps to brighten up the space. The windows doubled in size and feature new blinds and custom valences. An original painting by a Xi alumna hangs above the fireplace and coordinates nicely with the green color palette.








LIGHT FIXTURES: Prior to the renovation, brass light fixtures were present in almost every room throughout the house. Many of these were upgraded to crystal pieces, similar to the wall sconce shown here.

BADGE LIGHT: This exterior light is found above the front door of the home. It has been a signature feature of the house for decades and was designed to replicate the Alpha Gamma Delta badge.

GRAND STAIRCASE: In addition to the restoration of the original hardwood floors in the music room, reception room, foyer and formal living room, the staircase was fully repaired and stained to a walnut color to provide a cohesive look.

FRONT DOOR ETCHED GLASS: Every FHC property includes design elements that are unique to the chapter. The entryway to the Xi home features an etched glass door that was custom designed and features Alpha Gamma Delta’s Armorial Bearings.

14 quarterly | fall 2015


Marie Ann Schlemmer Hill, 1949 Xi Initiate

Marie Ann served as President of the Xi House Association for nearly 40 years and wears the Arc of Epsilon Pi with Diamonds and Pearls, the highest honor bestowed upon an alumna who has given outstanding and continuous service to a collegiate chapter.

When I went through Formal Recruitment at Illinois Wesleyan University in August 1948, I knew that I wanted to join the girls of Alpha Gamma Delta who lived in that big, beautiful, white house off Main Street. Around Christmas 1951, my soldier fiancé had ten days of leave. We wanted to get married before he was sent overseas. We picked December 26, 1951, as our special day and there was no better place to be married than in the Alpha Gam house. I asked if all the Christmas decorations could be left up to save us some expenses. A few poinsettias placed in front of the fireplace in the reception room made the perfect setting for the ceremony. A year later, my husband was sent to Korea. My Alpha Gam sisters kept me busy with meetings and events, while providing lots of love and support. This is a bond I have never forgotten and it has only deepened my connection to my Xi sisters.



Currently living in the Xi house, Chapter President

ANN COCHONOUR MONKEN, 1989 Lived in the house 1989-1992


We had formal, family style meals on Monday evenings. We all sang grace, sat together and had so much fun!

After Initiation, we bring a mattress out from the dormer and “Princess Diaries” style mattress slide down the front staircase.


There are so many to choose from—I loved all of the late night talks, and I’ll never forget having to go down to the scary basement.

Casino Night! We decorate the entire house to look like a casino and we invite other sorority women, Fraternity men and Wesleyan students each year.


We hosted a “Georgia Dickover” dance and our roommates picked our dates!

Some of us, including myself, believe that the house is haunted, but all the ghosts are friendly.


My daughter, Emilee, was initiated into the Xi Chapter in 2014 and currently lives in the chapter house!

Mexican-themed food on Wednesdays.


collegiate news

Chapter Happenings

Delta Alpha–University of Southern California A proud Alpha Gam dad joins our USC sisters for game day. Delta Alpha loves supporting the Trojans!

Delta Tau–Chapman University Preference morning was a wonderful time to showcase our sisterhood. Our Chapman sisters looked beautiful in their pearls!

Epsilon Mu–Fort Hays State University Welcoming their newest members, Epsilon Mu shows their Alpha Gam and Fort Hays pride. Bid Day was a fun celebration of our new members’ future in Alpha Gam. 16 quarterly | fall 2015

Lambda Gamma–Villanova University Sisters gathered at Linvilla Orchards for a fun night of sisterhood. It was the perfect way to enjoy some delicious fall treats and debut their new letters!

Epsilon Zeta–Arkansas State University Epsilon Zeta Chapter was awarded an appreciation/service award for our continued support of the Community Health Education Foundation’s annual Heart & Sole marathon, halfmarathon and 5K.

Delta Zeta–University of British Columbia Our second annual philanthropy event, Alpha “Getta” Touchdown, was a huge success. Despite the pouring rain, we all had a fantastic time playing flag football for a great cause!

Delta Iota–Chico State University Sisters raised awareness at our spring semester philanthropy event, Yoga in the Park.

Reminder: The Collegiate Chapter Quarterly Report Form has been updated and is available in the Resource Center of myAlphaGam under Operations Team Forms. All chapters are to submit photos twice a year, each year. The deadlines are March 15 and September 15. All you have to do is upload three high resolution photos and provide a caption for each photo you submit! 17

collegiate profile

Fulfilling Her Purpose By: Samantha Avanzino, Delta Omicron-University of Nevada, Las Vegas


athryn Washam, Beta Xi–Purdue University, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age three and attended the American Diabetes Association® diabetes camp throughout her childhood. She recently finished her camp internship with the American Diabetes Association®. Her story of passion is a true inspiration.

This past summer, Kathryn was an American Diabetes Association® camp intern. “As an intern, we worked with the doctors to record the campers’ A1Cs and were trained to answer questions parents might have about their child’s experience or care. It was also fun to be able to visit different camps throughout the summer,” she said.

Growing up, Kathryn learned that Alpha Gamma Delta’s philanthropic focus is diabetes education and awareness from her neighbor who is an Alpha Gam. Planning to participate in Formal Recruitment, Kathryn did her research about Alpha Gamma Delta and, of course, already knew a lot about diabetes. Coupled with the warm welcome and sense of belonging she found at the chapter, accepting a bid to Alpha Gamma Delta was an easy choice. Now that she is an active collegiate member, Kathryn is able to educate and lead her sisters as advocates for diabetes education and awareness.

Prior to being an intern, Kathryn was a camp counselor. When looking back on her time as a counselor, the most memorable experience she had was always with the children.

18 quarterly | fall 2015

“There was a little, five-year-old boy, Sammy, who made a huge impact on my experience. I remember teaching him how to draw his own insulin. His hands were shaking so much as he pinched the little amount of fat he had on his belly, preparing to give himself his first shot,” she said. “We just supported him and cheered him on through the process. When he accomplished this huge feat, the look on his face was priceless. He jumped out of his chair and bounced up and down.”

The camps we visited were the same camps I went to during my childhood summers. Even some of my friends that I went to camp with are now camp counselors! “Later that day, he ran to his mom and said, ‘Mom, I gave myself my first shot; it was awesome!’ The great moments like that made me so happy—seeing these kids react so well to such tough things,” she said. When talking about her summer experience, Kathryn shared how surreal it was to come back to the same camps she had spent her summers at as a child. “The camps we visited were the same camps I went to during my childhood summers. Even some of my friends that I went to camp with are now camp counselors,” she said. During Kathryn’s time in Alpha Gam, she has been able to share her story with many people. Her feature in our philanthropy video helped PNMs in this year’s recruitment have a connection with Alpha Gam.

host a soccer tournament and various benefit nights with local restaurants to raise money. Her hope is to work with her chapter to help create more awareness on campus and the community. Kathryn’s plan is to continue to intern and work in a diabetes related field. “God gave me diabetes for a reason and gave me a Purpose. Diabetes makes me who I am,” she said. Stories like this, show how our partnership with the American Diabetes Association® can directly impact someone’s life, which in turn, impacts many more. Want to learn more about how you can get involved? Check out the updated Stop Diabetes Playbook® by logging on to myAlphaGam!

“A girl I met during recruitment was type 1 diabetic. Come to find out during our conversation, we were at a camp at the same time when I was growing up,” she said. Kathryn’s initiating chapter, Beta Xi, had the most volunteer service hours out of all the fraternity and sorority groups at Purdue University, with over 12,000 hours completed. They 19

alumnae profile

Lifelong Support

By: Lacee Hanson, from Pennington and Company


sister is one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart,” —unknown. This could not be truer for Anne Martha Bernauer Corley, Psi– University of Alabama, who has had the loving support of her Alpha Gamma Delta sisters through many of life’s toughest days. Anne Martha was shown the love and support of Psi Chapter early on through her mother, Anne Langstaff Bernauer, and aunt, Dot Langstaff Johnston, both alumnae of Psi–University of Alabama. “I grew up knowing their lifelong friends, hearing their stories and having them in my life. When it came time to pledge a sorority, that common thread was a huge factor,” Anne Martha said. After graduating with a bachelor of arts in history in three and a half years, Anne Martha attended law school at Mississippi College in Jackson. After law school, she joined the firm Maynard, Cooper and Gale, where she was a real estate lawyer, specializing in multi-family housing and senior living 20 quarterly | fall 2015

transactions all over the country. She and her husband, Brian, were married in 2007, and had their daughter, Anne Grace, in 2010. Since Brian frequently travels for his job, Anne Martha took on the rewarding role of stay-at-home mother. In 2013, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Ella Rose, whose short time on Earth has been fraught with two infections of HSV-1, commonly known as the cold sore virus. The second bout of illness, at seven months old, damaged the occipital lobe of her brain, resulting in cortical visual impairment. Likely, this will necessitate her reading Braille and using a cane, not because she is entirely blind, but because she can’t trust what she sees. The support of Anne Martha’s Psi Chapter sisters has been a source of strength through Ella Rose’s most trying times. Anne Martha explains that not many friends knew of the first HSV-1 infection when Ella Rose was only three weeks old, but when the infection returned at seven months, the family was shocked and scared. They publicly asked for prayers; her call was answered by several Alpha Gams.

“It took no time before I got messages from two close Psi friends who I had not spoken to in years, saying they were coming to the Special Care Unit. They would not take no for an answer. We had no idea if Ella Rose would live, and if she did, in what capacity. My Psi sisters sent letters, e-mails, messages, called, texted and dropped off cards in my mailbox. Friends from Fairhope, mostly Alpha Gams, sent a massive box of notes, items and messages of support to the hospital,” Anne Martha said. “Martha Nabers, Psi–University of Alabama, gave us a painting that she did for Ella Rose when she was born, a team of angels, which hung over Ella Rose’s hospital bed from her first night there to her last, three weeks later. Cecily Ball Lee and Amy Andrews Henderson, both Psi–University of Alabama alumnae, visited and cried and laughed with me.” The support did not end when the family left the hospital. Anne Martha was thrilled to learn that her pledge sister and college roommate, Adrienne Brown Broadfoot, is an occupational therapist with a low-vision focus, an expert on cortical visual impairment. Ella Rose’s visual impairment puts her at risk for developmental delay, and makes her a candidate for school at The Bell Center, which is a school dedicated to maximizing the potential of children from birth to three years of age who are at risk for developmental delay. At The Bell Center, children are placed in classes led by a team of therapists, and they are able to thrive in a social setting. The BellRunner program, associated with the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, raises funds for The Bell Center by allowing participants in the Mercedes Marathon and Half Marathon, relay or Regions 5k to run in honor of a Bell Center child. On February 22, Anne Martha’s husband, Brian, along with a team of four other runners, made up the BellRunner team, Ella Rose’s Angels. Teammates also included Cecily Ball Lee, Amy Andrews Henderson, Martha Nabers and Cassie Wright Ball, Psi Chapter alumnae, who ran the Regions 5k. Anne Martha remains humbled and grateful for the support that she and her family have received. “My Psi family has supported me through the very worst in my life and celebrated the very best. They mean more to me than I will ever be able to adequately explain in words,” she said. She is optimistic for Ella Rose’s future. “From the verge of death to only impaired sight, we are thrilled,” Anne Martha said. “To be clear, this child has blown past all expectations set upon her, so let’s not count her out of anything, even the possibility of being an Alpha Gam!”

really anyone different than you—they might appear different from us, but please make a conscious decision to step outside your own uncertainties and dare to know and love someone like this,” she said. “I think the Purpose states it best to say we should strive to ‘hold truth inviolable, sincerity essential, kindness invaluable. To covet beauty in environment, manner, word and thought.’ Beauty can mean so many different things. Let’s embrace that and be enriched because of it!”

Anne Martha and her family live in Hoover, Alabama. You can contact her at

Aside from the visual impairment, Ella Rose is a cognitively advanced, fun-loving child. At her young age, while she may not make eye contact, she has no other signs of her disability. “I imagine one day, when she has a cane, people will take note and may avoid her. Whether it be a cane, wheelchair or a particular look such as Downs Syndrome or cerebral palsy— 21

sister spotlight



J from J’s Everyday Fashion

n outdoors girl at heart who grew up surrounded by farms in Kansas, Jeanette Johnson, Epsilon Beta–University of Kansas, is the founder of the wildly popular blog, J’s Everyday Fashion, which boasts over one million readers annually. She’s accumulated over 87,000 likes on Facebook and has more than 38,000 followers on Instagram, two of the social platforms on which she shares obtainable, approachable styles. A self-proclaimed tomboy in childhood, Jeanette did not feel that fashion was an instinct, but rather something she learned, and there’s so much about everyday fashion that we can learn from her! Her fashion-without-frills approach empowers her readers to have fun with fashion daily. Learn more about Jeanette on her website at jseverydayfashion 22 quarterly | fall 2015




TELL US THE STORY BEHIND LAUNCHING J'S EVERYDAY FASHION. I started J's Everyday Fashion in 2010 because I was feeling frustrated with what I was seeing in fashion magazines. I wanted to add something to the mix that was super realistic and down to earth, and most of all, would help women like me who were get dressed on a budget. A few years later, I lost my job and couldn't find another one. At that point, I took J's Everyday Fashion from a passion project to a business. Now it's one of the most-followed fashion blogs in the country, and since 2013, it has earned $700k in revenue. I appear regularly on local and national TV and do speaking engagements, in addition to creating online content. HOW HAS SOCIAL MEDIA LED TO BRAND SUCCESS? Social media has been a great way for people to find my blog – like when readers share my content on Pinterest. I also use social media to publish full blog posts and I'm able to monetize those pieces of content without requiring someone to visit the blog. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR SISTERS WHO WANT TO LAUNCH A BUSINESS AND BUILD A BRAND? There is no such thing as overnight success. Success looks and feels an awful lot like a million little steps that are going absolutely nowhere. Then, at some point, you'll turn around and realize you've scaled a mountain. Take it one day at a time and be willing to make all kinds of mistakes. WHAT LEADERSHIP POSITIONS DID YOU HOLD IN ALPHA GAM OR ON CAMPUS? I was Vice President–Recruitment for my chapter and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I had in college! We hosted more than 800 women at our house over five days, and saw a 43 percent increase in our new member class that year. Not only was it exhilarating and fun, but having that experience on my resume definitely helped me land my first job out of college!

WHAT LESSONS DID YOU LEARN FROM ALPHA GAM THAT YOU APPLY TO YOUR BUSINESS? Figure out what your strengths are by listening to those around you. Several chapter members asked me to run for Vice President– Recruitment; it never would have occurred to me to run or that I would be any good at it. Listen carefully to those around your for clues on where you should focus your efforts! WHAT OTHER PASSIONS DO YOU HAVE IN ADDITION TO FASHION? My husband and I love being outside, and we love to travel. You'll find us fishing and gator watching in our backyard, as well as snorkeling and kayaking all over the world.

J’s Fashion Commandments 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8.

Style and creativity can be learned. You don’t need tons of money to be stylish. You don’t need tons of time to be stylish. Following outfit recipes is a great time-saver and creativity exerciser; it’s not “copying.” There are two halves to being more stylish; your shopping strategy and your styling skills. It’s not about how much new stuff you can cram into one closet. It’s about how many ways you can wear the same item over and over again. Fashion mistake are half of the fun – don’t be afraid to make them! At the end of the day – if you love it, then wear it! 23

pearls of wisdom KNOW HOW TO

Financially Invest Brooke Abel, Delta Rho-Sonoma State University and Senior Leadership Consultant, has always had a knack for finance. An interest passed to her by her grandfather, Brooke has created a comprehensive presentation to resonate with women just out of college and beyond. We all have long-term goals which require financial planning. Whether you are looking to pay off student loans, provide for a family, travel the world or retire comfortably, saving for the future is something we should all make a priority. Personal finances and saving for retirement are topics not frequently talked about, particularly between young people, but they should be! In this day and age, with a longer life-expectancy and increasing costs of health care, it is more important than ever to plan ahead and make smart financial decisions for the future. Below are a few helpful tips for managing finances, investing and planning for retirement, as well as several financial resources for any type of investor. 1


Time is on your side–invest smart and invest early. So often, we say we will “get to it later” while our priorities lie elsewhere. For example, buying coffee five days per week adds up quickly! Spending $20 per week equals $1,040 per year. Over 30 years at an eight percent return, that will grow to $137,000. That’s only $4 a day! 2


For the same reason you buy your coffee at a coffee shop instead of growing, harvesting and roasting the coffee beans yourself, seeing a financial advisor is convenient and can save you time and money in the long-run. Financial advisors can offer experience and a perspective that we may not have ourselves. Meeting with a financial advisor annually is a good rule of thumb and always ask about potential fees or commissions ahead of time! 3


IRA (Individual Retirement Account): An IRA is a type of account that allows an individual to save for retirement, either with tax-free growth or on a tax-deferred basis, depending on the type of IRA. Two of the most common IRAs are Traditional and Roth IRAs. With Traditional IRAs, you avoid taxes when you contribute the money to your IRA (put money into the account). With Roth IRAs, you avoid taxes when you collect the distribution upon retirement (take money out of the account). 401(k): 401(k) is a way for an employee to contribute money to an account before taxes have been taken out of his or her paycheck. 401(k) plans are sponsored and managed by your employer. A variety of different plans and options to invest your money are available, and some companies may even contribute to their employees’ plans. 4


Stocks- When you purchase stocks, you become a part owner of the business and receive a portion of the profits that the company allocates to its owners. Bonds- When you purchase a bond, you are lending your money to a company or the government. In return, they agree to give you interest and eventually pay back the money you lent. Mutual Funds- When you purchase a mutual fund, you are pooling your money with a group of other investors and paying a professional to manage the fund for you. 5


In simple terms, diversification is the practice of “not putting all of your eggs in one basket.” Keeping your assets diversified with a variety of investment types, industries and risk factors will ensure that your entire portfolio does not suffer the impact of any one stock value or particular industry declining. This offers you stability and reduces the risk of large financial losses.

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Alpha Gamma Delta

Past Grand Council Member and Former NPC Chairman Enters Chapter Grand In 1961, Myra began her Alpha Gamma Delta volunteer service as Rush Advisor and Chapter Panhellenic Advisor for Epsilon Nu–Chapter at the University of Central Oklahoma. She also served as the Edmond Alumnae Chapter President. From 1964 to 1966, Myra served as a member of the Membership and Rushing Committee. Myra’s service continued at the international level where she served as National Interfraternity Foundation President, Alternate Delegate to the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) and as a member of Grand Council, serving as the Alpha Gamma Delta NPC Delegate. In 1971, she became the youngest alumna to serve as NPC Chairman. Since each NPC member organization serves as the NPC Chairman on a two-year rotation and there are twenty-six organizations in the Conference, Myra is one of only two Alpha Gamma Deltas to date to serve in this significant role. During her tenure as NPC Chairman, Myra led the Conference as it joined with other interfraternal groups to establish the rights of all fraternities and sororities to remain single-sex organizations.


t is with tremendous sorrow that we report the death of past Grand Council member Myra Vedder Foxworthy, Upsilon–University of Oklahoma.

Myra, a 1957 initiate of Alpha Gamma Delta’s Upsilon Chapter at the University of Oklahoma, had a long and impressive service record with our organization. As a collegiate member, Myra served Upsilon Chapter as Rush Chairman, Panhellenic Delegate and Chapter President. As a rising senior at Oklahoma, she was selected to give the Toast to Alumnae at the Feast of Roses during the 1958 International Convention. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in vocational home economics. 26 quarterly | fall 2015

Because of her dedicated service, Myra received many awards and honors from Alpha Gamma Delta through the years: the Arc of Epsilon Pi in 1966, Crescent of Epsilon Pi in 1972 and Crescent with Diamonds in 1979. In 1983, Myra was selected as the 16th alumna of Alpha Gamma Delta to receive its highest alumnae service honor, the Circle of Epsilon Pi. Whether working at the local or international level, Myra was a devoted sister of Alpha Gamma Delta and her spirit will be sorely missed. “Myra was an absolutely remarkable woman who inspired so many sisters through her graceful leadership and commitment to Alpha Gamma Delta,” said Rie Gerah Hoehner, Alpha Gamma Delta International President. “She will always remain a personal inspiration to me, and her legacy will continue to impact future generations of Alpha Gamma Delta sisters and Panhellenic friends everywhere.”

chapter grand

Alpha – Syracuse University Suzanne Kincaid Dahl ‘44 Harriet Dempster ‘31 Janet Knapp ‘48 Josephine Buell Moseley ‘38 Joann Hirt Windholz ‘45 Marion Bagnall Senn ‘41 Beta – University of Wisconsin- Madison Marion Seymer Snyder ‘36

Omicron – University of CaliforniaBerkeley Evaline Black Wright ‘49 Sigma – University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign Rosemary Cox Depler ‘32

Delta – University of Minnesota Barbara White Hart ‘65 Epsilon – University of Kentucky Anne Bringardner Garnett ‘39 Gene Crawford Bunnell ‘40 Zeta – Ohio University Frances Abruzzino Eckert ‘33 Eta – DePauw University Patricia Sommer Smith ‘50 Iota – University of Washington Charlotte Campbell Koler ‘42 Kappa – Allegheny College Gloria Barkley Bond ‘56 Dorothea Hunter Haas ‘35 Leslie E Nogi Luminati ‘61 Adele L Lidle Telfer ‘57 Lambda – Northwestern University Patricia Utz King ‘60 Jean Spoklie Ballantyne ‘45 Mu – Brenau University Margaret Thomas Crabtree ‘55 Nu – Boston University Jean Blackburn Wood ‘46 Xi – Illinois Wesleyan University Maida Rettberg Robbins ‘36

Upsilon – University of Oklahoma Sylvia Rogers Brown ‘60 Myra Vedder Foxworthy ‘57 Lanita Harms Warner ‘68 Phi – Oregon State University Betty Richardson Brissett ‘45 Hilda Gimre Comish ‘45 Barbara Alford Ehman ‘45 Beverly Householder Schak ‘50

Alpha Eta – Dalhousie University Susan E Connor Ritcey ‘62

Gamma Beta – Florida State University Betsy Bird Anderson ‘45

Alpha Lambda – The Ohio State University Marcella Graham Huffman ‘46 Rita Lyons McKenna ‘46

Gamma Delta – Auburn University Phyllis Young Cordell ‘71 Laura Powell Hall ‘46 Marguerite Sparks Lawrence ‘84 Edna Snow ‘54

Alpha Nu – Kent State University Laura Jo Dalton ‘51 Alpha Omicron – West Virginia Wesleyan College Alice Fitzwater Wheeler ‘50 Beta Alpha – Nebraska Wesleyan University Elizabeth Jansen Hanna ‘51 Maryanne Kay Large Ross ‘58 Dorothy Ziegler Watkins ‘60

Psi – University of Alabama Karen Lies McCarroll ‘68 Barbara Jones Thomas ‘70

Beta Beta – North Dakota State University Evelyn Larson Houk ‘36 Diane Brokate Wamre ‘59

Omega – University of Akron Marlene Poje Dunford ‘51

Beta Delta – Indiana University Bloomington Nancy Snyder Schumann ‘49 Margaret Best ‘73

Alpha Alpha – University at Buffalo, The State University of NY Millicent Bondanza Limeri ‘48 Alpha Beta – University of Michigan Suellen Keller Lampson ‘58 Natalie Kisor Lee ‘56 Patsy Parkin Macaulay ‘48 Diane Pierson Monnier ‘62 Alpha Delta – Ohio Wesleyan University Rosemary Roby Lancaster ‘45 Lucy Herrett Niedenthal ‘46 Libuse L Reed ‘54 Martha Hale Williams ‘67 Alpha Epsilon – Westminster College Nancy Jarrett Eft ‘43 Mary Elizabeth Peoples Lewin ‘46

Beta Zeta – Parsons College Linda Heady Comes ‘61 Beta Eta – Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Karen Campe Mateyka ‘57 Beta Xi – Purdue University Jennifer Geier Adair ‘92 Gamma Alpha – University of Georgia Frances Hawthorne Crawford ‘35 Alice Hale ‘32 Frances Marie Carter McLain ‘53

Gamma Zeta – University of Memphis Patricia Ballard Hartman ‘57 Flocene Strickland Murphy ‘49 Gamma Iota – Mercer University Brenda Green Tompkins ‘60 Gamma Upsilon – University of Montevallo Vera DeWeese Walker ‘99 Delta Alpha – University of Southern California Carol O’Leary Harner ‘45 Eleanor Pierce Kelso ‘44 Delta Beta – Washington State University Nan Fry Dunn ‘64 Patricia Douglas Hunter ‘44 Delta Epsilon – University of California-Los Angeles Frances Kitchel Zinsley ‘57 Delta Zeta – University of British Columbia Joan Kerr Goold ‘45 Doris Kemp Govier ‘37 Elsie Grant Matheson ‘39 Dorothy Horne McFarland ‘54 Ifrah Warsame 2010 Epsilon Delta – University of Texas at Austin Tanya Cannon Barkley ‘55 Theta Theta – Mississippi State University Wendy Hilburn ‘98



(Badg es emble , guards an ms so ld sep d arat


D.** 1.









J. I.

A. Graduation Stole, #STOLE MSH...$30 B. Jeweled Blush Watch, #SUMMERTI...$50 C. Crown Pearl Badge with diamond points and Tiffany pearl, #0116 *Badges available through AGD International Headquarters only:


D. Crown Pearl Single Letter Guard, #J0500 10K, 10KW...$99 SS...$57 GP...$49

**To see the complete selection of badge guards,visit

Officer Recognition Emblems 10K, 10KW...$32 SS...$18 GP...$11 1. President, #0001 2. Chapter Advisor, #2830 3. Scholarship Pearl, #41 28 quarterly | fall 2015

E. Frost Bracelet with engraved tag, #076BR SP...$20 F. Frost Ring, #036038 ST...$49 (Available in whole sizes 6 – 8 only.) G. Green Frost Bracelet with engraved tag, #076BR-GR SP...$20 H. Chapter President Ring, #0452 10K, 10KW...$315 SS...$125 I.

Deep Red Frost Bracelet with engraved tag, #076BR-GA SP...$20


Golden Frost Bracelet with engraved tag, #076BR-LT SP...$20 K – karat gold, KW – karat white gold, SS – sterling silver, ST – stainless steel, CZ – cubic zirconia. Not all items shown actual size. Colors may vary. Prices subject to change.


Spot a Squirrel! Visiting a restaurant and see a squirrel figurine? On vacation and spot a squirrel stuffed animal? Take a photo! Make sure the photograph is high resolution and only contains Alpha Gam sisters. More information is available on the Fraternity website by searching “share your story.”

INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS Executive Director, Wendy Bright Faust 8710 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46260 317.663.4200 Office Hours – 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. EST ALPHA GAMMA DELTA FOUNDATION Executive Director, Julie Waitman Cretin 8710 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46260 317.663.4242 Office Hours – 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. EST



Helen Huff Dunlap, Epsilon Eta–Texas Christian University, and her alumnae sisters spotted this very large squirrel on June 7, 2015, at Berdoll Pecan Farm in Cedar Creek, Texas. This makes a great reunion picture!

PRESIDENT Patricia Tulley Riddiford VICE PRESIDENT Debbie Douglass Roth SECRETARY Janis Lang Bartosz TREASURER Sue Maggio Sim TRUSTEES Estacia Medlen Brandenburg Deborah Schmidt Eschenbacher Rie Gerah Hoehner


Chris Ursy–Arnold, Gamma Phi–Georgia Institute of Technology, took this picture with this jolly squirrel when she went to the North Pole, near Fairbanks, Alaska, this summer. She was excited to spot a squirrel!

Heather Pederson Erikcon, Beta Beta–North Dakota State University, found this furry friend when she was in Winnipeg, Canada, for a day trip to the zoo!

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