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with much appreciation on 2017-18 VOLUNTEER REPORT

with much appreciation H

ow do we begin to express our gratitude for all that you do? The pure magnitude of this annual volunteer engagement report is something to behold – literally thousands of sisters and friends of Alpha Chi Omega sharing their hearts and souls for the advancement of our mission and members. And then there is the content. I hope you spend some time in the following pages internalizing the breadth and depth of talent and time that our volunteers choose to share with our sisterhood. Some share specific talents in a content area of expertise. Alpha Chi Omega is better because of you. Others share untold hours in generalist roles that cover many content areas. Our collegiate and alumnae chapter experience and our complex national organization simply wouldn’t exist without you. Each of us bringing the best of ourselves to our volunteer role is what makes our #TeamAXO so extraordinary. Together we are definitely more than the sum of our parts. We are each a critical part of the Alpha Chi Omega Enterprise, and I am grateful to work with you in serving our sisterhood. On behalf of the entire Alpha Chi Omega membership, thank you for all that you do. With much appreciation,

Angela Costley Harris National President

Boards National Council Angela Costley Harris, AB, National President Jari Askins, Y Mikelle Holt Brady, A Jennifer Rose Daurora, D Lynne Biggio Herndon, AY Jill Sabatino Lacy, GM

Foundation Board of Trustees Aggie Theresa Steiner, BH, chair Jennifer Rose Daurora, D Dr. Kori Whitener Fellows, AF

Angela Costley Harris, AB Jennifer Diederich Healy, AO Janis Rose Hurter, ZO Jill Sabatino Lacy, GM Mary Patricia Lambke, BE Kimberley Wood Phillips, AB Carmen Becker Rene, GD Dr. Beverly Ann Sandeen, EY Judy Kuergeleis Schmuck, DX Lindsay Ferrell Vise, O Bridget Brown, AY Morgan Garmo, B Abby Rittenhouse, ZS Emily VanWiel, S

National Housing Corporation Cassie Gerhardt, AP, president Alice E. Snedeker, EF Lynne Biggio Herndon, AY Danielle Durocher, IP Molly Muething Ironmonger, AB Donna McGrath Klinge, EK Mari-jean Oswald Siehl, AO

Past National Presidents Judy Evans Anderson, AL Diane Wilson Blackwelder, O Julie Cain Burkhard, BS

Donna Smith Chereck, AF Marsha King Grady, AY Karen Aunan Miley, AL Ellen Little Vanden Brink, A

National Panhellenic Conference Delegation Donna Smith Chereck, AF, delegate Mary Kacmarcik Baker, DM, first alternate delegate Amy Margaret Zoldak, ZY, second alternate delegate Leslie Ambramsky Block, QT, third alternate delegate


Fraternity Committees Audit Committee Lynne Biggio Herndon, AY, chair Jari Askins, Y Kimberley Wood Phillips, AB Molly Muething Ironmonger, AB

Communications Advisory Committee Heather Comstock Claybrook, F, chair Kristin Simonetti Hanson, IY Laura Elizabeth Kinch, F Deborah Freeman Mitchell, QP Megan Marie Mulford, A Stephanie Marie Muschall, ZS Maria Gomez Robinson, EQ Julia Dowers Sebastian, AO Chia-Lin Simmons, IN

Convention Volunteers Jana Lee Gondran, EH, local volunteer chair Sasha Williams, E, national chapter meeting coordinator

Diversity and Inclusion Study Group Kevin Bazner, F∆Q Fraternity, co-chair Holly Jeanette Langbein, QP, co-chair Courtney Nicole Bollig, ZS Zoe Brouns, P Kelli Rodriguez Currie, QP Lisa Michele Griffiths, P

Siobhan Lau Hunter, A Lisa Fischer Macon, GX April Elizabeth Millaway, Y Jane Ann Piercy, Q Ghada Shehab, BN Sara Michele Starr, ZO Viancca Williams, GP

Finance Advisory Committee Suzie McClendon Symcox, Y, chair Jari Askins, Y Lynne Biggio Herndon, AY Catherine Wendell Hoffman, QF Janis Rose Hurter, ZO Alice E. Snedeker, EF

Fraternity Document Review Committee Mikelle Holt Brady, A, chair Jari Askins, Y

Investment Committee Kathleen Wise Butkiewicz, AX, chair Margaret Wade Johnson, Ψ Jill Sabatino Lacy, ΓM Maree Rose Magliocchetti, AT Carmen Becker Rene, ΓΔ Dr. Beverly Ann Sandeen, EΨ Mari-jean Oswald Siehl, AO Faythe Luther Vorderstrasse, AP

Legislative Committee Angela Kern Seaworth, ΔΞ, chair Eleesha Ellen Blackwell, ZN Dr. Amna Mansur Choudry ΓT Darby McClendon Kennedy, AΩ

Life Loyal Advisory Committee Jari Askins, Ψ Bonnie Bacnik Biggs, EX Sheri Giordano Borrin, EP Cheryl Peters Koning, EΩ Linda Suzanne Sheldone, P Corinne E. Wolffe, ZH

MyJourney Task Force Jodi Middleton Kennedy, EΘ Mallory Church, ΔZ Lauren Elizabeth Chapman, IΣ Monica Hiller, ΓT Gabby Yibirin, ΘΣ

National Elections Task Force Anne E. Helliwell, ΓI, chair Kathleen Wise Butkiewicz, AX Bobbi Luberstedt Larsen, Ξ Claudia Wenzel Thomas, BH

National Nominating Committee Lee Bradford Lucas, ΓX, chair Heather Comstock Claybrook, Φ, chair-elect Nicole Reas Meneley, AB McKenna Kristine Moore, ΔP Jensine Frost Moyer, AΛ and ΔT Dr. Bridget Guernsey Riordan, ΓM Grace Dinah Thornton, EK Karly Janae Zrake, IΣ



Suzanne Artenian Cobb, E Lexie Beer, ZH Olivia Manda Bickhoff, ΓO Erin Peterson Boyce, AX Rachel Corell, IN Sally Mathis Cutler, AX Claire Bailey Dixon, BΦ Barbara Elfring Eaton, BE Lisa Gentile, Π Marykay Steffen Gillam, EI Rachel Haley, O Liza Pugliese Hallsten, AΩ Anne Helliwell, ΓI Deirdre Reason Hill, EZ Debbie McCleerey Hoke, ΓM Stephanie King, ΘT Lisa Fant Lawless, ΘO Dr. Carol Susan Lutz, EX Lauren Mandelbaum, A Michelle Lee Merrick, ΓZ Robin Phillips Morris, N Joan M. Perry, ZΛ Katie Petersen, BΛ Liz Ragland, ΓT  


Alumnae olunteers Volunteer Directors Dr. Carol Susan Lutz, EX, director of lifetime engagement volunteers Linda Suzanne Sheldone, P, director of province alumnae chairs

Strategic Plan Specialist

Alumnae Resources

Kristin Miller Edwards, BE

Ashley Olene Malone, ΓZ, lead specialist Marie Lippert Botvinick, EK Lauren Thurman Haislup, BΨ Alice Calderwood Hawk, O Michele A. Hughey, IA Jessica Porter Taylor, ΔN

Foundation Committees  

The Scarlet and Olive “ entwined together. Bloom in the heart's garden in fair or foul weather.”

Scholarships Committee

Educational Assistance Committee Erin Lawlor, ΘI, co-chair Pam Haymes Graham, AΦ, co-chair Georgene Hilb Chatman, ΘO Tracey Kendall Coleman, ZO Eileen Ishizue, ΔΣ Kathleen Carter Tucker, ΓI Lee Anne Romberg White, T

Member Assistance Committee Anne Teaford-Cantor, AΨ, chair Jennifer Baldo Murray, Φ Amanda Olson Rich, BX

National Alumna Initiate Program Olivia Manda Bickoff, ΓO, co-chair Michelle Denise Hawes, BΞ, co-chair Dr. Paula Curlee Barnes, ΔP Allison Regina Clawans, ΘT Robin Lynn Dosier, EΨ Dr. Jennifer Ann Fillo, KN Sylvia Miller Foster, BH Patricia Renick Garrard, BH Marykay Louise Gilam, EI Loy Spence Holt, IA Cheryl Peters Koning, EΩ

Paula McCleerey Lancaster, ΓM Patricia Daley Logan, AB Song Ly, IA

Province Alumnae Chairs Rhonda Kay Bean, Σ Sheri Giordano Borrin, EP Allison Regina Clawans, ΘT Anne Trimbell DeClercq, BΦ Victoria Cardamon Gigoux, AΨ Amy L. Harbin, BΛ Erin Nicole Hadwiger, Φ Deirdre Reason Hill, EZ Ashley Noelle Howard, BΦ Amanda Humbaugh Greene, Δ Kaitlin Murray Kennedy, BO Rashmi Khare, ΘO Stephanie Parker Knott, ΓO Jessica Penland Lahey, ΓZ Dionne Ordoyne Magness, ZΨ Marissa Beth Marmarelli, ΔZ Jill Chamberlain Moran, AΔ Michele Diane Norton Mattoon, P Jaclyn Marie Reyes, ΓΠ Victoria E. Sauer-Lamb, EΞ Nancy Adrian Smith, Y Tonya Lee Tatum, BΛ Stacie Kathleen Weffelmeyer, ΔX Suzanne Wiegerink Waters, EX Elle-Shante M. Whalen, ΔT Colleen Alexandra Wilson-Pappa, AN Bethany Jane Wood, ΓE

Technology Specialists Kelli Lynn Kilgour, KN, lead specialist Alexa Renee Lemanski, ZH Emily Catherine Mautz, KΠ Shana Ann Sissel, ΔM Julia Angelo, KΨ

Individual Alumnae Awards Reviewers Mikelle Holt Brady, A Liza Pugliese Hallsten, AΩ Marissa Beth Marmarelli, ΔZ


Collegiate olunteers

Volunteer Directors Lindsay Leigh Butterfield, ΓE, director of province collegiate chairs Jennifer Lynne Crotty, ΔM, director of collegiate experience volunteers Kristin Snyder Himsel, A, director of new chapter development Mary McMurtry Winkler, EZ, director of extension

ASTP Facilitators Justin Angotti, ΠKΦ Fraternity Alexa Arndt, ΔΔΔ Fraternity Nicole Belinsky, ΠBΦ Fraternity Chelsie Bickel, AΠ Curtis Burrill, BΘΠ Fraternity Trace Camancho, ΣΛB Fraternity, Inc. Hannah Cotton, AEΦ Sorority Dena Davidson, ΦM Fraternity Liz Deemer, Δ Alex Domine Tiffany Ficklin, AΓ Justin Fisher, ΛXA Fraternity Dominc Greene, ΔY Fraternity Liza Pugliese Hallsten, AΩ Kyle Hickman, ΦKΨ Fraternity Brooke Hubbard, AKA Sorority, Inc. John Keith, AΦA Fraternity, Inc. Kim Kushner Rachel LeGrand, ΓE Christine Licata, AO Michael Marino, ΔX Fraternity Courtney McKenna, ΓΣ Michael McPhee, BΘΠ Fraternity Jackie Mullen, ΔΠ Mary Osbourne, ∆Z Sorority Britain Riley, BH Nolan Ryan, ΛXA Fraternity Nicole Schindler, Γ Mallory Sylvester, AΩ Lindsay Syswerda, ΔZ Allison Taylor Tori Trobak, AΛ Zach Thomas, AΦA Fraternity, Inc. Josh Welch, ΣAE Fraternity Kathryn Whitestone Goodman, IO James Wu, ΠKA Fraternity

Chapter Advancement Specialists Victoria Katherine Trobak, AΛ, lead specialist Chelsie Claire Bickel, AΠ Jenny Winterstein Champlin, Ψ Shelley Johnson, ΔE Christine Alexis Licata, AO Merry Lucas Schmitt, AN Amanda Wright, O

Collegiate Chapter Award Reviewers Marie Lippert Botvinick, EK Erin Brudvik, AΛ Charlotte Bull, ΔP Martha Callaway, ΔP Desiree Carey, IΛ Rachael Cancian, ZY Azyn Chahryar, ΓO

Melissa Chruszch, AΠ Rebecca Cleland-Olson, Θ Tracy-Lynn Cleary, ΓX Maggie Coy, ΓΠ Nicole Connors, BO Zoe Cunniff, ΔΨ Liza Davidson, EP Marla Ebert, EZ Kathy Felt, Σ Denise Fernandez, ZΨ Ellen Foster, ΓP Taylor Forman-Green, ΓX Susan Franger, A Adiee Gonzales, ZN Candice Grant, ZY Katelyn Gannon, ΔX Annie Hess, EΦ Rachel Hanebutt, A Shae Hart, KN Courtney Hittepole, AX Michele Hughey, IA Pam Huggins, ΓΔ Allison Jones, BΔ Pamela Jones, ΔP Emily Johnston, AΛ Niki Kennedy, ZΣ Joan Ketterman, ΓΞ Yuka Kitajima, A Dayle Lane, T Thomasina Madden, ZH Kelia Manos, ΓE Tammy Martin, M Lisa McCarthy, ΓI Heather McGinnity, BΛ Alyssa McManus, ΔX Brynn Mitchell, ΔΛ Jaclyn Moriarty, ZH Tonia Nelson, ΔX Shawn Nutter, ΓZ Victoria Pacheco, ΘT Alicia Pearce, ΔZ Jordan Peterson, BΔ Katelyn Plemmons, ZΩ Julie Pones, Σ Brittany Rende, BΔ Danielle Robello, KΛ Kate Ryan, IN Leigh Salyer, ΓT Rozanna Sanders, IT Renee Schoettle, ΓM Jacklyn Sira, ZY Yianna Sotiropulos, I Dana Stassen, ΓΘ Aurora Tyler, AN Priscilla Varner, ΘΣ Rebecca Wancata, BΩ Cassie Weber, ΓΠ

Alisande Williams, E Ashlyn Yarnell, ΓZ

Chapter Programming Specialists Caitlin Cavanaugh, A, lead specialist Rebeca Enriquez, E Kayla Jutzi, KΞ Megan Reilly, IN

Collegiate Individual Awards Reviewers October Henson, IX Kelly Lynn Kilgour, KN Jensy Patterson, Σ Ashley Sue Williams, ΔZ

CRS Specialists Brooke Elyse Stites, KΛ, lead specialist Laura Lee Ashby, BΨ Krista Baldwin, EΦ Constance Kay Barsky, ΔΞ Molly Renee Borgmeyer, ΔX Kara Subach Caldwell, BΛ Azyn Chahryar, ΓO Krystin Nichols Cooper, AN Ashley Nicole Danner, KΛ Jessica Kelly Diehl, A Lisa Ellen Donoghue, EΩ Janice Brown Fatora, BH Katie Joan Finn, ZΘ Leigh Yang Fouts, AO Lindsay Michelle Hicks, AX Jen Rebecca Mehltretter, ΘT Brittany JoAnn Miller, BΦ Alex Maria Moran, AT Jenny Lynn Nirh, AΓ Samantha Elizabeth Noel, KΛ Mallory Breese Rissmiller, ΓZ Rachel Beth Shor, ΓΠ


Amanda Marie Stoermer, A Christi Slizewski Tennyson, ΔX Sara Catherine Tewksbury, KT Kari Tubbs, ΘT Chelsea Michelle Warner, ZP

Establishment Team Bry Anderson, KT Clare Stewart Huddleston, AY Antoni Stewart Hanigan, Ξ Maree Rose Magliocchetti, AT Elizabeth MacDonald Pawlak, ΘΩ Brittney Sceals, IX Viancca Williams, ΓΠ Mary McMurtry Winkler, EZ

Extension Team Mary Kacmarcik Baker, ΔM Leslie Peterson Cunningham, ΓP Courtney Ellis, Ξ Kerry King Jordan, Σ Eleanor Kahn, T Holly Langbein, ΘΠ Samantha Leder, EX Deb Christy Miller, AX Dr. Bridget Guernsey Riordan, ΓM Leslie Schacht-Drey, Ξ Liz Schafer, BΔ Erin Schmidt Bley , Ψ Christi Slizewski Tennyson, ΔX Viancca Williams, ΓΠ Mary McMurtry Winkler, EZ

Finance Specialists Catherine Wendell Hoffman, ΘΦ, lead specialist Amy Alise Anderson, ΓP Autumn Rose Barnett, IN Kim Sperry Black, ΘΦ Paige Ann Campbell, ΓΞ Delsie Scarborough Cavanaugh, ΓI Tamsin Davies, ΘΨ Sarah Elaine DeVoe, IM Lisa Darlene Evans, ΓP Jenny Lynn Fitzgerald, ΔΛ Stephanie Heitz Fleming, K Susan Callahan Forrer, ΔY Lauren Thurman Haislup, BΨ Tammie Lynn Hoedeman, EΩ Natalie Marie Hurd, ΓI Cassandra Leigh Kotsolakis, ΘT Melissa Jean Krigbaum, E Amber Marie McIntyre, EΛ Amy Syndor Meggett, ΓI Laura Lynn Rossi, ΓP Elizabeth Savann Sherrill, AY Samantha Rose Stevens, KΞ Jerica Lynn Stroing, EK


Christine G. Tauchen, IM Yousr Dhaouadi, Λ Corey Seward-Goda Lester, AΨ

InTune Facilitators Courtney Barstad Logan, AΠ Emily Britt, KKΓ Fraternity Erin Fischer, ΦM Fraternity Jennifer Garcia, ΓΠ Bridget Gorta, EΦ Curt Herzog, ΠKΦ Fraternity Lea Hanson, AΠ Byron Hughes, AΣΦ Fraternity Adam Kearns, TKE Fraternity Megan Pendley Pickett, ΓM Benjamin Pendry, ΣX Fraternity Jenna Martin Pendry, ΣK Sorority Julia Roberts, ΔZ Kathleen Carter Tucker, ΓI Viancca Williams, ΓΠ

Leadership Academy Facilitators Emily Ancinec, IA Mackenzie Becker, ZΨ Jacob Butterfield, ΦΣΦ Fraternity Kayleigh Campbell, ΓΦB Sorority Erin Chatten, AΔΠ Fraternity Jordyn Chew, EK Margaret Coy, ΓΠ Mindy Dilley, ΣK Sorority Josh Doak, ΣX Fraternity Kyle Dupper, FarmHouse Fraternity Abigail Ford, KKΓ Fraternity Kyle Fowler, AΣΦ Fraternity Erica Gall, ZΣ Rachel Haley, O Brooke Hubbard, AKA Sorority, Inc. Jacqueline Joseph, ZΨ Eleanor Kahn, T Jill Vogel Kinison, ΘT Kyle Kubovcik, ΔΣΦ Fraternity Kristen Lemaster, ΔΓ Fraternity Courtney Logan, AΠ Krystal Murer, ΓT Stephanie Muschall, ZΣ Christine Natal, BH Emily Oswalt, AOΠ Fraternity Jennifer Pedersen, AO Megan Pendley Pickett, ΓM Johnny Peters, KAΨ Fraternity, Inc. Sarah Peterson Herr, O Taylor Phoumivong, ATΩ Fraternity Megan Reilly, IN Natalie Rooney, KΔ Sorority Kendra Scott, AΣT Sorority James Silay, BΘΠ Fraternity Rani Somers, ΔΦE Sorority

Jacquelyn Thomas, ΣΓP Sorority, Inc. Chloe Sekhran, Σ Viancca Williams, ΓΠ Penelope Zamkov, Λ Sue Zarnowski, AΣA Sorority

Leadership Development Specialists Erin Schmidt Bley, Ψ, lead specialist Alyssa Eileen Anderson, N Becca Hickam Berkey, AX Katie Eilisabeth Blodgett, AO Nicole Marie Botich, ΓM Armina Abdulmajid Khwaja, EΦ Susan Kurumi Kozawa, ΔΠ Afshan Aziz Lakhani, T Dr. Jennifer Wilhoit Lane, ZΠ Katie Elizabeth Lutes, ΔΠ Libby Anne Martin, O Viancca Williams, ΓΠ Jenna Mae Williamson, AΠ

Let's Talk Love Facilitators Betsy Adams, BP Courtney Barstad Logan, AΠ Meredith Blaine, BΩ Molly Borgmeyer, ΔX Erin Bunton, ZH Jessie Corral, EΨ Jennifer Crotty, ΔM Megan Dauenhauer, ΘΩ Dena Davidson, ΦM Fraternity Mandi Dilling, ΣΣΣ Fraternity CJ Graziano, ΔΔΔ Fraternity Maureen Grewe, IΨ Lydia Hanks, IA Lea Hanson, AΠ Samantha Johnson, EN Lynsy Karrick-Wikel, ZH Armina Khwaja, EΦ Kaitlin Logan, ΦM Fraternity Jenna Mayo, EZ Jenny McKee Tessa McLain, ZO Grace Poon, EΨ Kori Pruett Allison Taylor Kathleen Carter Tucker, ΓI Cara Tuttle Bell Sarah Jordan Welch Amanda Wright, O

Membership Programming Specialists Mairin Kowske, BΛ, lead specialist Rachel Aja, BΛ Kelsey Binion, A

Jennifer Butler Harris, ΘΛ Emma Carter, ΓΠ Andrea Dobyns, BΛ Sonja Elliott, IA Hailey Guerra, ΘΣ Amanda Holway, ΘT Kate Maroney, ΔO Kim McQuillen, BΛ Valerie Morrison, ΘΣ Sarah Peterson-Herr, O Ashlynn Rickord, IΩ Tricia Saunders, A Kady Weidner, AΓ

New Chapter Development Specialists Melinda J. Barton, Ψ Emma Brown Brown, A Kelli Rodriguez Currie, ΘΠ Lauren Elizabeth Lewandowski, ΘT Colette Laureen Livermore, ΔO Amy Michele Strasburger, ΓM Grace Dinah Thornton, EK Diane Claes Young, ET

NPC Area Advisors Jennifer Diederich Healy, AO Victoria Katherine Trobak, AΛ

NPC Release Figure Method Specialists Courtney Lynn McKenna, ΓΣ Britain Dwyre Riley, BH Amanda Rodriguez, EΨ

Province Collegiate Chairs Christine Vaughn Bornand, ZN Hilary Dyer Brannon, ΘY Carolina Castaneda, BH Jessica Paige Caldera, AN Jaime Oliver Clark, ΓΘ Kirsten Elizabeth deGuzman, ΘΩ Emma Mary Eriksen, Σ Kristin Miller Edwards, BE Sharon Anderson Davies, IΨ Kristin Marie Fischetti, IT Allison Nicole Green, AΨ Clare Stewart Huddleston, AY Jacqueline Joseph, ZΨ Holly Jeanette Langbein, ΘΠ Caroline Sally Long, EX Keri Meghan Mohrbach, BΦ Krystal Kohler Murer, ΓT Pamela Almonte Petrarca, ΓΣ Ashley Judith Resendez, ZN Hillary Jane Songer, AB Kathleen Carter Tucker, ΓI

Erin Heichelbech Weesner, ΓM Katelyn Maura Whitty, ZΨ Ashley Elizabeth Williams, AΓ Corinne E. Wolffe, ZH

Recruitment Specialists Leslie Peterson Cunningham, ΓP, lead specialist Je'nell Griffin, ΓN, lead specialist Cathy Smith Boragno, ΔΣ Suzanna Calandros, BH Christine Duncan Carnes, ΘK Jordyn Chew, EK Dr. Elise Margaret Christopher, ΓI Beth Conder Cline, AM Ann Bruner DiAntonio, ΘΛ Marla Ebert, EZ Anna Elizabeth Goodman, Π Lauren Ricks Griffin, ZN Liza Pugliese Hallsten, AΩ Megan Katherine Hop, AΠ Dr. Emily Coldwell Johnston, AΛ Laura Elizabeth Knobel, IA Mary Celine Margavio, ΘY Courtney Lynn McKenna, ΓΣ Samantha Holley Nelson, ΓP Leanna Maria Neves-Bogetti, EΘ Ellie Piersall, ΘΣ Holly Pyper, B Maria Gomez Robinson, EΘ Molly Marie Schuneman, Σ Kara Lynn Shuror, EΛ Chelsea Janet Simko, ZY Elizabeth Martin Turbow, ΓN Delanie Marie Wallace, BO Ashley Sue Williams, ΔZ

REPRESENT Facilitators Megan Blackwell, AK Jordyn Chew, EK Marla Ebert, EZ Marissa Fellows, Θ Erica Gall, ZΣ Jordan Garcia, ZH Lynsy Karrick-Wikel, ZH Jennifer Kopecky, A Jacilyn Kennedy, ΓT Stephanie Muschall, ZΣ Maria Robinson, EΘ Megan Ross Bain, IX Brittany Sceals, IX Jacki Schroder, IΦ Kara Shuror, EΛ Dawn Siemiet, ΔZ April Walker, EΨ Lou Ann Wilcox, AN Mary McMurtry Winkler, EZ Ashley Sue Williams, ΔZ

RFM Feedback Report Task Force Dr. Elise Margaret Christopher, ΓI Leslie Peterson Cunningham, ΓP Marla Ebert, EZ Alexa Gates, ΓM Courtney Lynn McKenna, ΓΣ Kara Lynn Shuror, EΛ Chelsea Janet Simko, ZY Jennifer Harrison Vasquez, AΓ Amy Margaret Zoldak, ZY

Risk Management Specialists Kristen Anthony, ZH, lead specialist Ana Marie Bagley, BN Dr. Marie Luise Bergmeyer, GQ Christina Mary Carroll, BD Christy Lynn Fitch, N Natasha Pauline Guzie, DO Kellie Bennett Jez, AF Caroline Langbein Kiraly, EQ Jo-Ann M. Little, GS Thomasina Madden, ZH Crystel Maldonado, KT Kristina Lynn Manning, AP Diakeishaye Y. Murphy, DL Christine Natal, BH Jenna Rebekah Pedersen, AO Laura Marie Peterson, ZH Jennifer Ann Riso, EΩ Kelly Elizabeth Sutherland, DZ Allison Anne Wagner, IA Samantha Jerue Zies, BD

Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation Specialists Rebecca Cleland-Olson, Q, lead specialist Kathlyn Denise Anderson, BN Carrie Ann Birge, A Melissa Jennifer Brown, QT Michele Denise Donner, BL Hannah Elizabeth Doseck, BL Nicole Michele Haase, ZY Chelsea Elizabeth Hardy, GI Angela King, ZS Ashley Marie McCaffrey, DX Stephanie Marie Pearson, ZΩ Audra Levi Priluck, ΑΨ

Liz Ragland, ΓT Whitney Michelle Reinke, ΓT Lizett Ross, BN Ashley Harris Talbert, ΘΣ


Foundation olunteers Collegiate Fundraising Committee Jenna Crawford Mayo, EZ Katelyn Dwyer, EΩ Manda Bickoff, ΓO Jordyn Chew, EK Lindsay Decker, BN Chloe Diehl, ΓX Taylor Faria, IΛ Bridget Gorta, EΦ Nicole Holubar, EΦ Sydney Johnston, O Megan Meyers Starbuck, Φ Britain Dwyre Riley, BH Alessia Satterfield, Ξ Katie Sherrill, A

Foundation Ambassadors Mary Kacmarcik Baker, ΔM Diane Wilson Blackwelder, O Donna Smith Chereck, AΦ Carol Edmundson Hutcheson, EZ Margaret Maxwell, BΛ MerLynn Harris Pitcher, BΞ Gail Boggs Roper, BΣ Erin Schmidt Bley, Ψ Darlene Gates Stevenson, ΓΔ Anne Teaford-Cantor, AΨ Mary McMurtry Winkler, EZ


Zeta Zeta, Boston, MA Nancy Marmon Carson, Γ, president Jennifer Lynne Crotty, ΔM, treasurer

Alpha Beta Alpha, San Francisco, CA Sasha Alyssa McIntosh, ΘΨ, president Yeefong Shum, KN, treasurer

Eta Eta, Madison, WI Christina Lou Bernard, AB, president Amy Christine Reisdorf, ΔΛ, treasurer

Alpha Gamma Alpha, Atlanta, GA Vivian Vlass Burns, BΣ, president Nicole Anne Holubar, EΦ, president Comella Hinton DaLee, AY, treasurer

Theta Theta, Berkeley, CA Cynthia L. Van Valkenburg, E, president Janice Gayle Zimmerman, ΔΣ, treasurer Iota Iota, Seattle, WA Amanda Olson Rich, BX, president Michele Diane Norton Mattoon, P, treasurer

Monthly Giving Committee

Kappa Kappa, Lincoln, NE Nichole Lipsys Palmer, Ξ, president and treasurer

Liza Pugliese Hallsten, AΩ, chair Kara Subach Caldwell, BΛ Samantha Leder, EX Natalie Anise Yezbick, IΣ

Lambda Lambda, Grand Rapids, MI Laura Rinke Madison, ΓΞ, president Lisa Martinez Kreager, ZK, treasurer

Real. Strong. Women. Fund Committee Jan Wenzinger Curschman, BΦ, chair Lindsey Bishop, ΓX Shelly Jordan, ΔN Cheryl Peters Koning, EΩ Marykay Steffen Gillam, EI Lauren Andrzejewski Malone, BX Sarah Diaz Marra, AB Doni Tavel, AM Melissa Ford Taylor, AY Christi Slizewski Tennyson, ΔX Whitney Goodall Wightman, KΛ  


Local olunteers Alumnae Chapter Presidents and Treasurers Chapter Serving/Location (Member, chapter of initiation, role) Alpha Alpha, Chicago, IL Erika Elizabeth Lowerr, AΛ, president Shalini N. Joshi, IP, treasurer Beta Beta, Indianapolis, IN Megan Maureen Boebinger, AX, president Victoria Romberg Sides, ΘI, treasurer Gamma Gamma, New York, NY Rebecca Leigh Jacobs, KN, president Susan Hilty, K, treasurer


Mu Mu, Greater Kansas City, MO Beverly Ann Nichols, AN, president Whitney Kirchner Schmale, ZΣ, treasurer Nu Nu, Denver, CO Anne Manea Streech, E, president Anuja Tulpule, N, treasurer Xi Xi, Portland, OR Katie Marie Maroney, ΔO, president Jovian Maxine Davis, ΔO, treasurer Omicron Omicron, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Casandra Deirio Kautzman, AΛ, president Samantha Jayne Larson, AΛ, treasurer Pi Pi, Philadelphia, PA Jessica L. Yoos, Δ, president Joan M. Perry, ZΛ, treasurer

Alpha Delta Alpha, Spokane, WA Adrienne Torre, BΛ, president Heather A. Beebe-Stevens, BX, treasurer Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Washington, DC Natalie Anisa Yezbick, IΣ, president Hannah Nicole Berl, ZΦ, treasurer Alpha Zeta Alpha, Salt Lake City, UT Whitney Darlene Fenech, BΞ, president Christine Ann Nelson-Gibby, BN, treasurer Alpha Eta Alpha, Jacksonville Beach, FL Elizabeth Anne Palmer, ΘΣ, president Sarah Johanna Kurth, ΘΣ, treasurer Alpha Theta Alpha, Birmingham, AL Alexandra Nicole Krasny, AY, president Regan Wessar Goldberg, ΓX, president Betty Baker Haisten, EZ, treasurer Alpha Iota Alpha, Columbus, OH Jane Durbin Sotak, AO, president Shirley Nieman Fischer, BT, treasurer Alpha Kappa Alpha, Pasadena, CA Nina Blaire Ries, EΨ, president Michelle Rhonda Conzonire, E, treasurer Alpha Lambda Alpha, Cincinnati, OH Jill Chamberlain Moran, AΔ, president Sonya Mary Hoeffel, AΔ, treasurer

Rho Rho, Oklahoma City, OK Krystal Kohler Murer, ΓT, president Sherrill Greenlee Bull, ΔN, treasurer

Alpha Xi Alpha, Milwaukee, WI Megan Rose Morris, AΛ, president Jennifer Ann Saper, ΘΩ, president Jessica Balich Gatzke, ΘΩ, treasurer

Sigma Sigma, St. Louis, MO Juliann Crider Wisbrock, Φ, president Eve Elaine Kampmeinert, AZ, treasurer

Alpha Omicron Alpha, Des Moines, IA Katie Therese Freking, ΔN, president Alisha Jane King, ΔN, treasurer

Chi Chi, Pittsburgh, PA Katherine Joy Katilius, Δ, president Kelly Lynn Kilgour, KN, treasurer

Alpha Pi Alpha, Fort Wayne, IN Roberta Bobbie Buroff, ΓM, president Patricia Karnes Gerke, ΓM, treasurer

Alpha Tau Alpha, Lafayette, IN Ann McClamroch Jackson, AB, president Judith Dunkerly Field, AB, treasurer Alpha Chi Alpha, Tulsa, OK Bethany Jane Wood, ΓE, president Melanie Martin Fell, AΦ, treasurer Alpha Psi Alpha, LaVista, NE Alexandra Cristen Reed, ZΣ, president Sarah DeAnn Nienaber, Ξ, treasurer Alpha Omega Alpha, Birmingham, MI Heather M. Hall, ΔZ, president Laura Johnston Horvath, B, treasurer Beta Gamma Beta, Albuquerque, NM Kristin Van Veen Hincke, AΓ, president Robin Geis Schritter, AΓ, treasurer Beta Zeta Beta, Houston, TX Dianna Burnett Patterson, AΦ, president Mary Gavrelos Gregory, ΓΦ, treasurer Beta Eta Beta, El Paso, TX Judith Fischer Stone, ΓΩ, president Carolyn Radcliffe Breck, N, treasurer Beta Iota Beta, East Lansing, MI Kathleen Nelson Hoffman, BE, president Joan Elaine Bauer, ΓΞ, president Karen Diane Jurgensen, BE, treasurer Beta Kappa Beta, Dallas, TX Sarah Krnavek Marshall, ΘI, president Andrea Doria Morin, EΛ, treasurer

Beta Psi Beta, Alliance, OH Paula Cope Andreani, AH, president Kathe Yockey Paidas, AH, president Kathryne Norton Hettler, AH, treasurer Beta Omega Beta, Phoenix, AZ Holly Jensica Hatch, BN, president Amy Zemaltis Fondry, IM, treasurer Gamma Epsilon Gamma, Walla Walla Valley, WA Pamela Ann Murray, Ω, president Linda Wellsandt Howell, BZ, treasurer Gamma Zeta Gamma, San Diego, CA Myrtle Tilling Niesley, ΓN, president Mary Joan Schminke Fulton, Π, treasurer Gamma Eta Gamma, Eugene, OR Katherine Kingsbury Kingsbury, AK, president Barbara Krough Rigg, AK, president Susan Gustafson Egbert, AK, treasurer Gamma Theta Gamma, Los Angeles, CA Joelle Madeleine Johnson, E, president Lisa Lynn Hancock, EP, treasurer Gamma Iota Gamma, San Jose, CA Susan Andrews Godfrey, ΔΨ, president Joanna M Berner, IN, treasurer Gamma Kappa Gamma, San Antonio, TX Camille Friedrich, Ξ, president Priscilla Berger Glendening, O, treasurer Gamma Xi Gamma, Lubbock, TX Nancy Irish Harman, ΓP, president Kelli Bevers Bilbo, ΓP, treasurer

Gamma Omicron Gamma, Cleveland-East, OH Jill Galmish Koenig, AH, president Christine Line Weed, ΓΞ, treasurer Gamma Pi Gamma, Long Beach, CA Ellen Files Katzenstein, AΨ, president Gwen Charleville Harper, ΔΨ, treasurer Gamma Sigma Gamma, Rochester, NY Mary Kendall Leist, A, president Frances Ainley McDowell, ΓΣ, treasurer Gamma Tau Gamma, Newport Beach, CA Lisa Michelle Mann, E, president Laura Waltzer O'Sullivan, EΨ, treasurer Gamma Upsilon Gamma, Orlando, FL Brianna Kathleen Stiles, ΓX, president Jennifer Frys Carr, ΓI, treasurer Lisa Doyle McCarthy, ΓI, treasurer Gamma Phi Gamma, Tampa, FL Shelly H. Hollingsworth, ΓΠ, president Lori Ann Palmer, ΓΠ, treasurer Gamma Chi Gamma, Northwest Suburban, IL Tracey Kendall Coleman, ZO, president Jessica Paterson Weachter, ZH, treasurer Gamma Psi Gamma, Sacramento, CA Erica Nicole Brown, EΘ, president Helen Ferguson Crump, AO, treasurer Gamma Omega Gamma, New Orleans, LA Nicole M. Babb, ZΨ, president Kelly Cupit Hubbell, ZΨ, treasurer

Beta Lambda Beta, Austin, TX Kimberly Knighten Donovan, EZ, president Joan Schuler Clark, AΦ, treasurer Beta Nu Beta, Tucson, AZ Paula Jan Cook, BΛ, president Marita S. Bowden, BΛ, treasurer Beta Omicron Beta, Miami, FL Jillian Bari Hornik, ΓI, president Anne E. Helliwell, ΓI, treasurer Beta Phi Beta, Toledo, OH Tamara Huepenbecker Norris, BΩ, president Phyllis Jones Sheets, BΩ, president Mary Catherine Fox Fifer, BΩ, treasurer Beta Chi Beta, Tacoma, WA Karrie Ilene Monohon, Ω, president Janet Cole Lordahl, BT, treasurer


Delta Epsilon Delta, Colorado Springs, CO Margaret Frazee McFarland, ΓP, president Kristie Van Allen Hampton, EO, treasurer

Epsilon Zeta Epsilon, Huntsville, AL Sandra Dohner Edwards, AY, president Carol Kain Gaines, AY, treasurer

Epsilon Tau Epsilon, Tallahassee, FL Amy Margaret Zoldak, ZY, president Jennifer Sue Butler Harris, ΘΛ, treasurer

Delta Zeta Delta, San Mateo, CA Gail Daley Schauer, E, president Judith Werschkul Borthwick, N, treasurer

Epsilon Eta Epsilon, Arlington, VA Jennifer Elizabeth Terry, ZΛ, president Sarah Elaine DeVoe, IM, treasurer

Epsilon Upsilon Epsilon, Ridgewood, NJ Cynthia Potter Tenicki, AM, president Laura Winters Moore, ΓE, treasurer

Delta Eta Delta, Arlington, TX Amanda Smith Taylor, EΛ, president Dalia Nazzal Begin, EΛ, treasurer

Epsilon Phi Epsilon, State College, PA Deborah Taylor Dumars, BM, president Mary Ballenger Seaton, BM, treasurer

Delta Theta Delta, Anderson, IN Dee Harmon Smith, ΓM, president Janice Stagg Woschitz, ΓM, treasurer

Epsilon Chi Epsilon, Cedar Rapids, IA Jane Elizabeth Nicholas, M, president Carolyn Stucker, Σ, treasurer

Delta Lambda Delta, Tonkawa, OK Melinda Harris Glasgow, ΓE, president Julie Gelmers Lawrence, Γ E, treasurer

Epsilon Psi Epsilon, Cheyenne, WY Sharon Rand Collier, BK, president Brooke Ann Zabka, EN, treasurer

Delta Mu Delta, Gainesville, FL Mary Alday Moore, BO, president Suzanne Delettre Acton, ΓX, treasurer

Epsilon Omega Epsilon, Tuscaloosa, AL Jacqueline Wuska, AY, president Elizabeth Savann Sherrill, AY, treasurer

Delta Xi Delta, Knoxville, TN Catherine Elizabeth Pickle, ΔΠ, president Lisa Thompson Pritchard, ΔΠ, treasurer

Zeta Eta Zeta, Louisville, KY Emmalynn Brown Horn, A, president Mackenzie Bottiggi Cissell, ΔΠ, president Linda Jean Pursell, BM, treasurer

Delta Pi Delta, Naples, FL Margaret Richey Shostedt, AΛ, president Patricia Kennedy Jolly, BΦ, president Mary Mathews Bradley, AΛ, treasurer Delta Rho Delta, Glendale, CA Anne Marie Ansorge Johnson, ΔΨ, president Sylvia Fogle Simison, AΔ, treasurer Delta Sigma Delta, St. Petersburg, FL Lorraine Rubis Franckle, AΛ, president Lise Marjorie Amundrud, EΣ, treasurer

Epsilon Mu Epsilon, Dayton, OH Marlene Drewes Foley, AΔ, president Judith Graham Payne, N, treasurer Epsilon Nu Epsilon, Rockford, IL Judy Geddes Cunningham, EM, president Anita Krogh Richards, I, treasurer Epsilon Xi Epsilon, Baltimore, MD Elizabeth Ann Weingartner, A, president Wille Kate Waters Davis, ΓΘ, treasurer

Delta Upsilon Delta, Huntington, WV Ora Nesselrode Muth, ΓO, president Christine Rewalt Peterson, ΓO, president Anita Gardner Farrell, ΓO, treasurer

Epsilon Omicron Epsilon, Fort Worth, TX Emily Nicole Goodman, IΛ, president Julie May Austin, Φ, treasurer

Delta Chi Delta, Reno, NV Kelly Scott Langley, EΞ, president Deborah Renee Hambleton, EΞ, treasurer

Epsilon Pi Epsilon, Rhode Island Louise Amaral, ΓΣ, president Linda Cilley Merlino, ΓΣ, treasurer

Delta Psi Delta, Sarasota-Manatee, FL Kathryn Poppenberg Kridel, Λ, president Jensy Patterson Richards, Σ, president Susan Nilson Francisco, N, treasurer

Epsilon Rho Epsilon, Boise, ID Jasmine Dawn Slater, EN, president Rene Marie Belleque, EN, treasurer

Delta Omega Delta, Fullerton, CA Sara Beth Arroyo, EΩ, president Jessica Porter Taylor, ΔN, treasurer


Epsilon Theta Epsilon, Iowa City, IA Elsie Jerdee Foerstner, Σ, treasurer

Epsilon Sigma Epsilon, Quad Cities, IA Willa Ann Singer Feldman, ΓΛ, president Rebecca Siobhain Craddick, Y, treasurer Ann Healy Toole, AX, treasurer

Zeta Theta Zeta, Casper, WY Margot McKnight Everett, N, president Elizabeth Watson Galles, BK, treasurer Zeta Iota Zeta, Charlotte, NC Casey Nicole Bogarad, ZΩ, president Amanda Christine Unetich, IΨ, treasurer Zeta Kappa Zeta, Beaumont, TX Stephanie Socorro Miranda, ΓΦ, president Nga Thi Nguyen Do, ΓΦ, treasurer Zeta Nu Zeta, Kalamazoo, MI Susan Elizabeth Pyke, ΓΞ, president Martha Anne Ream, BE, treasurer Zeta Tau Zeta, Midland, TX Pamela Southerland Lookabaugh, ΓP, president Alice Young Freidline, ΓP, treasurer Zeta Upsilon Zeta, Amarillo, TX Judith Roberts Flanders, N, president Ann Deem Kelley, ΓE, treasurer Zeta Phi Zeta, Muncie, IN Jeannine Ellsworth Stassen, ΓM, president Betsy Grigsby Peckinpaugh, AB, treasurer

Zeta Chi Zeta, Marin County, CA Barbara Ware Lockhart, Π, president Katherine Berryman Woolard, ΔΣ, treasurer

Theta Xi Theta, Memphis, TN Stephanie Delores Norris, QK, president Margo Denice Boler, DE, treasurer

Kappa Nu Kappa, Columbia, SC Stephanie Keadle Simpson, ΘY, president Maureen Emily Grewe, IΨ, treasurer

Zeta Omega Zeta, La Grange, IL Judith Clime Thomas, B, president Jeanne Petracek Kipp, A, treasurer

Theta Omicron Theta, Raleigh, NC Laura Mcleod Skinner, ZΞ, president Heather Ellen Corin, L, treasurer

Kappa Omicron Kappa, San Diego North Coast, CA Marie Lippert Botvinick, EK, president Shannon Marie Merrill, KΛ, treasurer

Eta Theta Eta, Nashville, TN Bridget Gorta, EΦ, president Tara Haynie Sheppard, ΘK, treasurer

Theta Rho Theta, High Point, NC Elizabeth Anne Burroughs, KO, president Shirley Smith LeForge, DQ, treasurer

Kappa Sigma Kappa, Little Rock, AR Janet Kernodle Marshall, ΘI, president Pamela McIntire Jones, ΔP, treasurer

Eta Iota Eta, Pace, FL Emmalee Rebecca Fournier, KΞ, president Rebecca L. Graves, KΞ, treasurer

Theta Sigma Theta, Piedmont/Greenville, SC Kimberly Seemuller Wilson, QL, president and treasurer

Kappa Tau Kappa, Las Vegas, NV Michelle Lee Merrick, EΞ, president Colleen Alexandra Wilson-Pappa, AN, treasurer

Eta Kappa Eta, Carlsbad, CA Amy Elizabeth Frantz, IT, president Kristin Marie Fischetti, IT, treasurer

Theta Phi Theta, Lauderdale by the Sea, FL Alexi Nicole Horwitt, BH, president Denise Morales, GI, president Brittany Horwitt Barsky, BH, treasurer

Kappa Upsilon Kappa, Columbia, MO Karen Knoblauch Neylon, AN, president Jeannine Bax Brickey, AN, treasurer Carrie Tergin, ZΣ, treasurer

Iota Lambda Iota, Mundelein, IL Leah Carolyn Stein-Fredbeck, ZH, president Suzanne McKean Chamberlain, DL, treasurer

Kappa Psi Kappa, Dallas/NW Metro, TX Diane McElroy Moore, Φ, president Julie Chrone Martin, ΓP, treasurer

Iota Nu Iota, Vero Beach, FL Patricia Renick Garrard, BH, president Barbara Nelson Peterson, BE, treasurer

Lambda Nu Lambda, Greater New Haven, CT Penelope Passaro Zamkov, Λ, president and treasurer

Iota Xi Iota, Carmel, IN Joan Browning Ketterman, GΞ, president Judith Frances Hagan, Ξ, treasurer

Lambda Omicron Lambda, Ocala, FL Margaret Ireland Kaufman, BE, president Shirley Steinhardt Stone, BE, treasurer

Iota Tau Iota, Atlantic/Cape Counties, NJ Martina Anastasia Trapani, GP, president Barbara Delaney Minter, EP, treasurer

Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Asheville, NC Meredith Helwig Stoneman, ZΩ, president and treasurer

Eta Lambda Eta, Newark, OH Constance Kay Barsky, ΔΞ, president Helen Baker Sunkle, AΣ, treasurer Eta Omicron Eta, Athens, GA Callie Ann Cole, ΔP, president Emily Catherine Mautz, KΠ, treasurer Eta Pi Eta, Montgomery, AL Kay Osborn Solomon, AY, president Eleanor Devery Wright, EZ, treasurer Eta Rho Eta, Central Coast Area, CA Nancy Barrow Driscoll, EΩ, president Stacey Osborn Gregory, ΔΣ, treasurer Eta Sigma Eta, Clearwater, FL Christina Rose Higgins, ΘK, president Cynthia Kimsey Lawrence, BΣ, treasurer Eta Chi Eta, Racine, WI JuDee Stojsavljevic Fischer, ΔΛ, president Sandra Leal Pendell, ΔΛ, treasurer Eta Omega Eta, Fort Collins, CO Phylis Holthaus Sitzman, ΔY, president Melissa Koch Neumeister, ZH, treasurer Theta Lambda Theta, Terre Haute, IN Laura Elizabeth Hart, EO, president Sue Huxford Weber, EO, treasurer Theta Mu Theta, Auburn, AL Talitha Stark Smith, EZ, president and treasurer Theta Nu Theta, Indiana Dunes, IN Janet Pennel Mayes, AM, president and treasurer

Iota Upsilon Iota, Williamsburg, VA Hailey Guerra, QS, president MaryAnn Plichta Brown, BD, treasurer Iota Psi Iota, Clear Lake, TX Carolyn Coley Waidhofer, GP, president Janel Osborn Salmen, AN, treasurer Kappa Lambda Kappa, Jackson, MS Kathryn Powell Matusiewicz, EZ, president Katherine Patterson McGowan, EY, treasurer Kappa Mu Kappa, Riverside, CA Stacy Feltner Johnson, EY, president Gail Barnett Caslavka, N, treasurer


Lambda Phi Lambda, Charleston, SC Erika Dawn Greco, ΘΛ, president Beth Novak, AΔ, treasurer

Mu Omega Mu, ZΩ alumnae Shelby E. Fitzpatrick, ZΩ, president Leslie Allman Cline, ZΩ, treasurer

Xi Chi Xi, T alumnae Olivia Rebecca Gould, T, president Sue Ellen Lampros, T, treasurer

Lambda Chi Lambda, Columbus, OH Miranda Makia Hritz, AO, president Hillary Margaret Mueller, AO, treasurer

Nu Xi Nu, Santa Clarita, CA Yael L. Gendein, ΘΞ, president Janet Money Hedke, E, treasurer

Xi Omega Xi, BH alumnae Britain Dwyre Riley, BH, president Kendall Rose Scarlett, BH, treasurer Omicron Rho Omicron, N. Harris and Montgomery Counties, TX Susan Adams Buckstaff, AΦ, president Stefanie Graham Mulvaney, IΠ, treasurer Omicron Sigma Omicron, ΘΛ alumnae Kimberly Seemuller Wilson, ΘΛ, president and treasurer Omicron Upsilon Omicron, ΔZ alumnae Julie Rawson Warner, ΔZ, president Stephanie Anne Mushna, ΔZ, treasurer Omicron Phi Omicron, Moorpark, CA Tami Channell Shaw, ZΠ, president Mary Ellen McManus Howard, ZΠ, treasurer Omicron Chi Omicron, Wilmington, DE Brittany Nachele Dishaw, BΠ, president Zarina Yasmeen Syed-Sholl, BΠ, president Mary Wicklund Angerer, AO, treasurer


Lambda Psi Lambda, College Station, TX Amy Sis Short, ΔK, president Marissa Leanne Maguire, IΠ, treasurer

Nu Tau Nu, ΓΛ alumnae Judith Ziegler Phillips, ΓΛ, president Barbara Ellis Kramer, ΓΛ, treasurer

Mu Omicron Mu, Murfreesboro, TN Lindsey Nicole Richardson, IX, president Laurie Adams Read, IX, treasurer

Nu Omega Nu, A alumnae Rachel Kathleen Massoud, A, president Paige Whitney Gooch, A, treasurer

Mu Pi Mu, Sherman Oaks, CA Isabel Suarez Aguilar, ΘΞ, president Kimberly Briano Aksentijevic, ΔΣ, treasurer

Xi Omicron Xi, Wilmington, NC Sandra Thompson King, BΔ, president Nancy Shipe Jones, AX, treasurer

Mu Tau Mu, ZY alumnae Amy Margaret Zoldak, ZY, president Lisa Pettett Jeran, ZY, treasurer

Xi Pi Xi, EH alumnae Savanah Nicole Martin, EH, president Courtney Marie Wynot, EH, treasurer

Mu Phi Mu, Mobile, AL Angela Lynn Cain, ΘY, president Greta Jahnke Sharp, ZΨ, treasurer

Xi Sigma Xi, AXΩ Heritage Virtual Network Lynn Janetzky Bower, EK, president Marie Lippert Botvinick, EK, treasurer

Mu Chi Mu, Mankato, MN Carolyn Irene Nelson, ΔT, president Carmen Jean Pries, ΔT, treasurer

Xi Tau Xi, Central New Jersey Kristin Lois Kuscin, ΘT, president Allison Regina Clawans, ΘT, treasurer

Mu Psi Mu, Coachella Valley, CA Heather Kathleen Greenwood, N, president Karen Kathleen Lambrose, N, treasurer

Xi Phi Xi, Far West Houston, TX Jennifer Lazorwitz Pelzer, ΓY, president Cynthia Glenn Fichtel, EΛ, treasurer

Omicron Psi Omicron, EΠ alumnae Lauren Jackson English, EΠ, president Christina Austin Hanley, EΠ, treasurer Omicron Omega Omicron, AΠ alumnae Melissa Nelson, AΠ, president Brittany Marie Renner, AΠ, treasurer Pi Rho Pi, Lehigh Valley, PA Cynthia Boerner Mazda, AH, president Lauren Greber Shanahan, ZX, president Marta Hortobagyi Fischer, N, treasurer Pi Sigma Pi, Stars and Stripes virtual alumnae Pilar Lorien Davis, IA, president Liza Pugliese Hallsten, AΩ, treasurer Pi Upsilon Pi, Fayetteville, AR Jenna Leigh Zimmerman, ΔP, president Rebecca Lynn Smith, ΔP, treasurer Pi Chi Pi, Peoria, IL Angela C. King, ZΣ, president Mary Alissa Selburg, ZH, treasurer Pi Psi Pi, BΛ alumnae Katherine Anne Petersen, BΛ, president Michele Denise Donner, BΛ, treasurer

Pi Omega Pi, EX alumnae Jamison Nicole Kies, EX, president Dr. Carol Susan Lutz, EX, treasurer Rho Sigma Rho, Bossier City, LA Carrie Hebert White, BΨ, president Carrie Elizabeth Bubenzer, BΨ, treasurer Rho Tau Rho, Manhattan, KS Rebecca Ann Robinson, ΓZ, president Deidre Elizabeth Knight, ΓZ, treasurer Rho Upsilon Rho, Lexington, KY Suzanne Leibee, ΔΩ, president Marilyn Douglas Chapman, ΔΩ, treasurer Amy Meredith Leonard, IK, treasurer

Lambda, Syracuse University Julie Ann Hall, ΘΨ

Alpha Iota, University of Vermont Christina Lynn Bazzano, AI

Nu, University of Colorado Priscilla Blackie Varner, ΘΣ Diane Claes Young, ET

Alpha Kappa, University of Oregon Jennifer Lynn Hendricks, ΔO

Alpha Mu, Indiana University Lisa Talbot Deinlein, AM

Omicron, Baker University Rachel Catherine Shuck, O Jennifer Anne Upton, O

Alpha Nu, University of Missouri Kristin Leigh Hathaway, IΛ

Pi, University of California – Berkeley Devan Gregori, Π

Rho Phi Rho, ΓO alumnae Kimberly Baldwin McClure, ΓO, president Shelly Fields Groves, ΓO, treasurer

Rho, University of Washington Amanda Olson Rich, BX Andrea Caitlin Smith, P

Rho Chi Rho, alumnae initiates Cheryl Peters Koning, EΩ, president Loy Spence Holt, IA, treasurer

Sigma, University of Iowa Elaine Louise Mccullough, O

Rho Psi Rho, Y alumnae Ashley Ann Stump, Y, president Kelly Lipsey, Y, treasurer

Alpha Lambda, University of Minnesota Carrie JoAnn Dent, AN

Xi, University of Nebraska Krystal Kohler Murer, ΓT

Alpha Omicron, The Ohio State University Renee Melissa Elston, AO Alpha Pi, University of North Dakota Seinquis Albershea Leinen, AΠ Mary Ann Mardian, AΠ Alpha Tau, University of New Hampshire Pamela Almonte Petrarca, ΓΣ

Tau, Brenau University Laura Renee Bolling, T Upsilon, Millikin University Emilie Anne Beagle, Y

Alpha Upsilon, University of Alabama Caroline Shackelford Fulmer, ΔΠ Whitney Lauren Hubbard, AY

Chapter Serving (Member, chapter of initiation)

Phi, University of Kansas Megan Meyers Starbuck, Φ

Alpha Phi, University of Texas - Austin Levente P. McCrary, ZN

Alpha, DePauw University Jennifer Kopecky, A

Chi, Oregon State University Kayla Calton Ramirez, AΩ

Alpha Chi, Butler University Catherine Tanoue Geanon, AX Elizabeth Lynn Kinder, ZH

Beta, Albion College Marsha Green Whitehouse, B Katherine Renee Mahon, B

Psi, University of Oklahoma Jamie Feisal, Ψ

Collegiate Chapter Advisors

Gamma, Northwestern University Lisa Angelina, I Delta, Allegheny College Nicole Henderson, Δ Audra Leigh Sinclair, Δ Epsilon, University of Southern California Jill Bowen Stuart, E Theta, University of Michigan Katherine Ilene Doner, AN Iota, University of Illinois Shie Kantor, A Kappa, University of Wisconsin Amber Marie Zimmerman, ΔN

Omega, Washington State University Alexa Nicole David, Ω Alpha Beta, Purdue University Anna Weisheit Dietrich, AB Taryn Rae Small, AB Alpha Gamma, University of New Mexico Lisa Ellen Donoghue, EΩ Dena Cherie Fahlquist, AΓ Alpha Eta, University of Mount Union Melinda Nicole Culbertson, AH Jenny Lee Gamertsfelder, AH

They adopted the beautiful custom of wearing a red carnation as they went about their errands.” FROM VOLUME 16, ISSUE 3, OF THE LYRE



Alpha Psi, University of California - Los Angeles Michelle Christine Howard, ZΘ

Gamma Epsilon, Oklahoma State University Michelle Ann Johnson, ΓE

Gamma Tau, Oklahoma City University Anna Grace Farha, ΔX

Alpha Omega, Birmingham - Southern College Lokelani Ah Shun Lan Banks, ΘΣ Natalie Sueann Jennings, EZ

Gamma Zeta, Kansas State University Kristen Maria Clarke, ΓZ

Gamma Upsilon, University of Houston Mallory Breese Rissmiller, ΓZ

Gamma Theta, University of Maryland Shana Anne Brouder, BΠ Jaime Oliver Clark, ΓΘ Chelsea Keene, ZΨ

Gamma Phi, Lamar University Andrea Stephenson, ΓΦ

Beta Delta, College of William & Mary Allison Erin Jones, BΔ Beta Epsilon, Michigan State University Kristin Harvin Good, Θ Beta Eta, Florida State University Britain Dwyre Riley, BH Beta Lambda, University of Arizona Kristine Stonecipher Lluria, BΛ Holly Yargar Polston, BΛ

Gamma Iota, University of Florida Brittany Lillian Stromquist, ΘΣ Gamma Mu, Ball State University Meghan Ward-Bopp Paden, ΓM Amy Michele Strasburger, ΓM Gamma Nu, San Diego State University Brooke Elyse Stites, KΛ

Beta Nu, University of Utah Kathlyn Denise Anderson, BN Lindsay Katherine Decker, BN

Gamma Xi, Western Michigan University Liza Pugliese Hallsten, AΩ

Beta Xi, Utah State University Tamara Taylor Pluth, ΔY

Gamma Omicron, Marshall University Jamie Elizabeth Williams, ΓO

Delta Epsilon, Southeast Missouri State University Alarie Sims Ornburn, ΔX Christine Slizewski Tennyson, ΔX Delta Zeta, Central Michigan University Shannon Kathleen Pettit, ΔZ Delta Kappa, Sam Houston State University Gloria Goodwin Buchanan, ΔK Megan Nicole Myers, ΔK Delta Lambda, Ripon College Sara Elizabeth Heitkamp, ΔΛ Rachael Renee Last, ΔΛ

Beta Omicron, Florida Southern College Victoria Allegood Bateman, BO

Delta Mu, University of Massachusetts Emma Jane Lugten, ΔM

Beta Pi, Washington College Heather Calloway Kissam, AΓ

Delta Nu, Iowa State University Kate Elizabeth Cossa, ΔN

Beta Rho, American University Lynn Michelle Demos, A

Delta Omicron, Portland State University Stephanie Dowless Blaske, ΔO

Beta Sigma, University of Georgia Amy Cherie Chinouth, IX

Delta Pi, University of Tennessee Carolyn Elizabeth Worley, ZΩ Delta Rho, University of Arkansas Jessica Marklin Hill, O

Beta Tau, Miami University Katherine Marie Fox, ZH

Delta Tau, Minnesota State University – Mankato Carmen Jean Pries, ΔT

Beta Phi, Bowling Green State University Natalie Marie Flahie, BΦ

Delta Chi, William Woods University Katherine Elizabeth Wortmann, ΔX

Beta Chi, Willamette University Alyssa Marie Lota Chatterjee, BX


Gamma Chi, Stetson University Taylor Lee Hughes, IΛ

Delta Psi, University of California - Santa Barbara Jenna Katherine Nelson, IΨ

Beta Psi, Louisiana Tech University Jessica Nicole Lustig, BΨ

Gamma Pi, University of Tampa Margaret Mary Coy, ΓΠ

Beta Omega, University of Toledo Jill Nehrig Morris, BΩ

Gamma Rho, Texas Tech University Emily Trible Borrego, ΓP Laura Trible Carter, ΓP

Delta Omega, University of Kentucky Sarah Osborne Back, ΓΠ Epsilon Zeta, Auburn University Bonnie Tharp Wilson, EZ

Epsilon Eta, Stephen F. Austin State University Roya Dorothy Dinbali, ΓP

Zeta Omicron, Vanderbilt University Hannah Marie Baker, AO

Epsilon Theta, California State University – Sacramento Stephanie Hollis Cohen, ΘΠ Erica Nichole Ralston, IΞ

Zeta Pi, Arizona State University Amanda Louise Voigt, AΠ

Epsilon Kappa, California State University – Fullerton Candice Lee Hill, EK Epsilon Lambda, University of Texas – Arlington Alaina Marie Cardwell, EΛ Leslie Potts Hogg, EΛ Epsilon Nu, Boise State University Kelsey Leigh Hampton, N Epsilon Omicron, Indiana State University Laura Elizabeth Hart, EO Epsilon Tau, Virginia Tech Cecilia Lynn Smith, IΨ Epsilon Phi, Georgia Institute of Technology Michelle Meads Decker, ΓO

Zeta Rho, Northwood University Julie Rawson Warner, ΔZ Zeta Sigma, Missouri State University Brittany Welton Gum, ΔX Zeta Tau, Villanova University Amanda Christine Salemno, IO Zeta Upsilon, Case Western Reserve University Cemile Ayse Kahveci, ZY Zeta Phi, Cornell University Jacqueline Joseph, ZΨ Zeta Chi, Muhlenberg College Jessica L. Yoos, Δ Zeta Psi, Loyola University Paige Elaine Hinrichs, ZΨ

Iota Lambda, Texas Christian University Susan M. Cowley, EΛ Iota Nu, University of California - San Diego Lindsey Rae Jefferson, IΞ Iota Xi, University of California – Riverside Michelle Lee Merrick, EΞ

Epsilon Chi, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Bonnie Bacnik Biggs, EX

Zeta Omega, Western Carolina University Natalee Marie Wheeler, ZΩ

Epsilon Psi, University of California – Irvine Cathy Smith Boragno, ΔΣ

Theta Iota, Baylor University Ida Jamshidi, ΘI

Epsilon Omega, Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo Angela D. Freeland, ZH

Theta Lambda, Clemson University Dana Baker Butdorf, BΦ

Zeta Eta, Bradley University Heather Bean Oyler, Y

Theta Omicron, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Amber Marie Stangroom Fitzgerald, ΘO

Iota Sigma, Southern Methodist University Marlene Whitehead Small, EΛ

Theta Pi, University of California - Davis Chelsea Lynne Weininger, AΨ

Iota Tau, California State University - San Marcos Jolie Paige Napier-Vea, IT

Theta Sigma, University of North Florida Nita Scott Hurley, ΘΣ

Iota Phi, Quinnipiac University Penelope Passaro Zamkov, Λ

Zeta Lambda, University of Virginia Victoria Adedoja Adewale, ZΘ Pamela Kathleen Keller, Γ

Theta Upsilon, University of South Carolina Stephanie Keadle Simpson, ΘY

Iota Chi, Middle Tennessee State University Emmaleigh Taylor Hobbs, IX

Zeta Nu, Texas A&M University Ashley Michelle Brooks, ΓP

Theta Psi, Columbia University Sally Fisher, AH

Iota Psi, Elon University Ashlee Tate Coley, EX

Zeta Xi, University of North Carolina – Greensboro Rachel Hunter, ZΞ

Theta Omega, Marquette University Megan Dittrich Dauenhauer, ΘΩ

Iota Omega, Carthage College Erin Patricia Spencer, ΘΩ

Zeta Theta, Brown University Laura Fitzsimmons, ΔM Zeta Iota, Stanford University Tiffany Cheng, Π

Iota Omicron, Lynchburg College Sharon Foreman, IM Iota Pi, Houston Baptist University Sarah Jocelyn Beck, ZN Iota Rho, Loyola University Chicago Myquelle Camille Grubbs, ΔΠ


Kappa Lambda, University of San Diego Whitney Christine Wightman, KΛ

Kappa Upsilon, Florida International University Victoria Framil, ΓI

Kappa Mu, University of Texas – Tyler Sydni Nichole Blundell, KM

Kappa Phi, Loyola Marymount University Jenna Kathleen Grigsby-Taggart, BP Lori Seavey-Christian, EP

Kappa Nu, Carnegie Mellon University Dina Kathleen Machin, KN Kappa Xi, University of West Florida Samantha Rose Stevens, KΞ Kappa Omicron, High Point University Elizabeth Anne Burroughs, KO Kappa Pi, University of North Carolina – Wilmington Rachel Toler Stroup, IO Kappa Rho, University of North Carolina – Charlotte Marissa LeBleu Gilbert, Ψ Kappa Sigma, University of Southern Mississippi Deanna Goss Kitchens, EZ Kappa Tau, University of Connecticut Alex Patrice DeVivo, AI


Kappa Chi, Florida Gulf Coast Carlene Rebecca Fogle-Miller, BO Kappa Psi, Western Oregon University Lisa Marie Freiley, BX Kappa Omega, IUPUI Lindsay Michelle Hicks, AX Lambda Mu, Trinity College Diane Claes Young, ET

Local House Corporation Board Presidents and Treasurers Chapter Serving (Member, chapter of initiation, role) Alpha, DePauw University Paige Whitney Gooch, A, president Gamma, Northwestern University Kathleen Cori Reese, IΨ, president Karen Benson Aeschlimann, Γ, treasurer

Epsilon, University of Southern California Eileen Naomi Ishizue, ΔΣ, president Suzanne Artenian Cobb, E, treasurer Theta, University of Michigan Patrice King Swartout, Θ, president Amy Sheldon Cell, Θ, treasurer Iota, University of Illinois Amy Pulkrabek Fruehling, I, president Denise Chudy Feulner, I, treasurer Kappa, University of Wisconsin Kristina Elizabeth Gislason, Θ, co-president Claire Lee Varrelmann, ΔN, co-president Sophie Zucker, treasurer Nu, University of Colorado Christine Lynn Fitch, N, president Stephanie Renee Curry, N, treasurer Xi, University of Nebraska Katie Becker, IL, president Amanda Anne Fanning, Ξ, treasurer Omicron, Baker University Janice DePalma Simpson, O, president Barbara Burke Kay, O, treasurer

Rho, University of Washington Kelli Rodriguez Currie, ΘΠ, president Kathryn Appenfeller Captain, P, treasurer

Alpha Chi, Butler University Jacquelyn Mahuren Dunivan, AX, president Jessica Johnson Rollins, AX, treasurer

Sigma, University of Iowa Leslie Duggleby Soule, Σ, president

Alpha Psi, University of California – Los Angeles Ellen Files Katzenstein, AΨ, president Claire Jessica Brownie, AΨ, treasurer

Upsilon, Millikin University Kelly Nicole Miles, Y, president Phi, University of Kansas Patricia Ann Luedke, Φ, president Amiee Crawford Wenson, Φ, treasurer Chi, Oregon State University Pamela Marcott Garcia, X, president Bonnie Joy Trumbull, X, treasurer Psi, Univeristy of Oklahoma Gina Waller Hill, Ψ, president Sheffra Lyn Stauder, Ψ, treasurer Alpha Beta, Purdue University Bonnie Andrews Hockema, AB, president Jeannene A. Ackerman, ΔΞ, treasurer

Beta Epsilon, Michigan State University Merilee Griffin, BE, president Karen Diane Jurgensen, BE, treasurer Beta Nu, University of Utah Kriston Andrus Skillicorn, BN, president Beta Xi, Utah State University Stephanie Davis Simmons, BΞ, president Tiffany M. Evans, BΞ, treasurer Beta Psi, Louisiana Tach University Jamie Bass Nichols, BΨ, president Cherie Lynee Smith Groninger, BΨ, treasurer Gamma Epsilon, Oklahoma State University Karin Ley Davis, ΓE, president Allysa Allen Frost, ΓE, treasurer

Delta Nu, Iowa State University Rozanne Meyer King, ΔN, president Cheryl Reardon Schloerke, ΔN, treasurer

Alpha Iota, University of Vermont Jo-Ann McKeon Roberts, AI, president

Gamma Zeta, Kansas State University Bridget Lee Beran, ΓZ, president Carrie Call Prater, ΓZ, treasurer

Delta Omicron, Portland State University Merissa Hanson Kelly, ΔO, president

Alpha Kappa, University of Oregon Mollie McCredie Brantley, AK, president DeAnn Estano Cherbas, AK, treasurer

Gamma Iota, University of Florida Elaine Comstock Almond, ΓI, president Jill Hennessy Shea, ΘΛ, treasurer

Alpha Lambda, University of Minnestoa Erica Moe Giorgi, AΛ, president Brette Colleen Stoneberg, AΛ, treasurer

Gamma Nu, San Diego State University Kimberly Lynn Goar, ΓN, president Brooke Elyse Stites, KΛ, treasurer

Alpha Mu, Indiana University Beverly Meadows McGuire, AM, president Diana Rush Holdman, AM, treasurer

Gamma Xi, Western Michigan University Paula Jeanne Bridges, ΓΞ, president Stephanie Terese Jervis, ΓΞ, treasurer

Alpha Nu, University of Missouri Beverly Ann Nichols, AN, president Karen Knoblauch Neylon, AN, treasurer

Gamma Rho, Texas Tech University Brittany Loper Todd, AY, president Kelsey Erin Zickefoose, ΓP, treasurer

Alpha Omicron, The Ohio State University Natalie Maria Pantalos, AO, president Alexandria Patricia Hamilton, AO, treasurer

Gamma Sigma, University of Rhode Island Susan Marie Smith, ΓΣ, president Linda Cilley Merlino, ΓΣ, treasurer

Alpha Upsilon, University of Alabama Janet Caddell Crowder, AY, president Sunee Gates Lavender, AY, treasurer

Gamma Upsilon, University of Houston Kristin Abeer Foteh, ΓY, president Mary Gavrelos Gregory, ΓΦ, treasurer

Alpha Eta, University of Mount Union Cathi Hunter Friend, AH, president Lynn McMillen Linsley, AH, treasurer

Delta Psi, University of California – Santa Barbara Audry Rohn Nafziger, ΔΨ, president Diane Gulotti, ΔΨ, treasurer Epsilon Kappa, California State University - Fullerton Deborah Gibson Clark, EK, president Kimberlee Smith Grime, EK, treasurer Epsilon Lambda, University of Texas - Arlington JoAnn Maziorka Eubank, EΛ, president Kaitlin Marie Suttles, EΛ, treasurer Epsilon Nu, Boise State University Nikki Lee Hampton-Haworth, EN, president Marie Meisenheimer, EN, treasurer Theta Omicron, MIT Catherine Kelly, ΘO, co-president Raffaela Wakeman, ΘO, co-president Zeta Sigma, Missouri State University LoVene Kraus Claypole, AN, treasurer

Alpha Phi, University of Texas - Austin Gregory Michelle Noack, AΦ, president


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Alpha Chi Omega 2017-18 Volunteer Report  
Alpha Chi Omega 2017-18 Volunteer Report