2023-24 Volunteer Report

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2023-24 Volunteer Report

A note of appreciation...

As the end of my time as National President draws near, I can’t help but be amazed at the great achievements of Alpha Chi Omega, and I know that you, our volunteers, have made this possible. Whether you have served in your role for a few months or have volunteered for many years, the impact you make is evident across our organization. Alpha Chi Omega continues to accomplish extraordinary things, and we know much of that success can be credited to you.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with our collegiate and alumnae members through your volunteer service and the relationships you build. We are grateful for your continued devotion and support in championing Alpha Chi Omega in our pursuit to seek the heights.

I hope that as you read this report, you, too, see the impact that you and your fellow volunteers make. The Real. Strong. Women.® Experience encourages members to connect, lead, grow and serve, and your work as a volunteer continues to inspire our members to participate in opportunities to do all that and more. We feel so fortunate that our members have the chance to learn from you as you so generously give of your time and talents.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with Alpha Chi Omega.


“Alpha Chi Omega volunteers are difference-makers across our organization. You encourage collegians, alumnae and fellow volunteers to continue seeking the heights, and the impact of your contributions can be felt through every level of our organization. Thank you for choosing to share your time and talent with Alpha Chi Omega – we couldn’t do it without you!”



Lynne Herndon, Alpha Upsilon, National President

Leslie Abramsky Block, Theta Tau, National Vice President/Secretary/ Treasurer

Jari Askins, Psi, National Vice President

Cassie Gerhardt, Alpha Pi, National Vice President

Jill Lacy, Gamma Mu, National Vice President

Kelli Rodriguez, Theta Pi, National Vice President


Kori Whitener Fellows, Alpha Phi, Chair

Tonya Tatum, Beta Lambda, Trustee/ Secretary

Anne Teaford-Cantor, Alpha Psi, Trustee/Treasurer

Diane Boone, Beta Tau, Trustee

Mary Carter Martin, Alpha Nu, Trustee

Jenny Champlin, Psi, Trustee

Cassie Gerhardt, Alpha Pi, National Council Trustee

Annamarie Hellebusch, Zeta Omicron, Trustee

Lynne Herndon, Alpha Upsilon, National President Trustee

Maree Lattanzi, Alpha Tau, Trustee


Donna McGrath Klinge, Epsilon Kappa, President

Nancy Waiss, Omega, Director/ Secretary/Treasurer

Leslie Abramsky Block, Theta Tau, Director

Melanie Goerke, Iota Alpha, Director

Lindsay Hicks, Alpha Chi, Director

Janis Hurter, Zeta Omicron, Director

Jill Lacy, Gamma Mu, Director

Anna Ritchie, Phi, Director

Brooke Smith, Alpha Chi, Director


Judy Anderson, Alpha Lambda

Diane Blackwelder, Omicron

Julie Burkhard, Beta Sigma

Donna Chereck, Alpha Phi

Marsha Grady, Alpha Upsilon

Angela Costley Harris, Alpha Beta

Karen Miley, Alpha Lambda





Lisa Johnson, Theta Rho, Chair

Cassie Gerhardt, Alpha Pi

Annamarie Hellebusch, Zeta Omicron

Catherine Hoffman, Theta Phi

Janis Hurter, Zeta Omicron

Julie Maccini, Delta Mu

Laura Rossi, Gamma Rho

Lauren Voth, Iota Sigma


Nancy Waiss, Omega, Chair

Jenny Champlin, Psi

Melanie Goerke, Iota Alpha

Lynne Herndon, Alpha Upsilon

Lindsay Hicks, Alpha Chi

Janis Hurter, Zeta Omicron

Kristin Koppen, Delta Chi

Kelli Rodriguez, Theta Pi

Tonya Tatum, Beta Lambda


Cheri O’Neill, Gamma Mu, Chair

Leslie Abramsky Block, Theta Tau

Claudia Harper, Epsilon Phi

Michelle Kelly Johnston, Alpha

Rashmi Khare, Theta Omicron

Maree Lattanzi, Alpha Tau

Diane Murphy, Epsilon Psi

Chia-Lin Simmons, Iota Nu

Brooke Smith, Alpha Chi

Anne Teaford-Cantor, Alpha Psi



Alane Boyd, Beta Psi, Executive Mentor

Heather Kay, Theta Chi, Executive Mentor

Stephanie King, Theta Tau, Executive Mentor

Maria Robinson, Epsilon Theta, Executive Mentor

Chia-Lin Simmons, Iota Nu, Executive Mentor

Tricia Wiese, Delta Nu, Executive Mentor

Megan Castles, Delta Rho, Small Group Leader

Chelsea Mansulich, Zeta Psi, Small Group Leader

Kimberly Moore, Iota Alpha, Small Group Leader

Kelcie Schaefer, Beta Tau, Small Group Leader

Monika Vaughn, Zeta Sigma, Small Group Leader

Ashley Wasserman, Nu, Small Group Leader


Mara Edgar, Upsilon

Chaylin Harris, Gamma Chi

Mollie Malone, Alpha Upsilon


Kristin Donnell, Alpha Nu, Convention Choir Leader

Krystal Murer, Gamma Tau, Convention Secretary

Joan Ketterman, Gamma Xi, Local Volunteer Chair

Susan Wilson, Beta Lambda, Parliamentarian


Jari Askins, Psi

Lynne Herndon, Alpha Upsilon


Kerrie Kitts, Beta Epsilon


Devon Yamauchi, Nu, Chair

Billi Carson, Alpha Chi

Kristin Edwards, Beta Epsilon

Valerie Morrison, Theta Sigma


Dra. Viancca Williams, Gamma Pi, Chair

Mary Baker, Delta Mu, Chair-Elect

Yahaira Garcia-Trejo, Kappa Rho, Collegiate Member

Kristin Himsel, Alpha, Alumna Member

Kelly Kilgour, Kappa Nu, Alumna Member

Mary Pat Lambke, Beta Epsilon, Alumna Alternate

Maria Robinson, Epsilon Theta, Alumna Member

Quinna Sypher, Beta Chi, Collegiate Alternate


Courtney Ellis, Xi, Chief Panhellenic Officer

Jen Daurora, Delta, NPC Committee Chair

Lynne Herndon, Alpha Upsilon, Delegate

Dr. Valerie Morrison, Theta Sigma, NPC Committee Member


Melissa Ford Taylor, Alpha Upsilon, Chair

Kristin Koppen, Delta Chi

Diane Murphy, Epsilon Psi

Lauren Voth, Iota Sigma


Dr. Carol Lutz, Epsilon Chi, Chair

Leslie Abramsky Block, Theta Tau

Heather Beebe-Stevens, Beta Chi


Heather DeShone, Zeta Psi

Rachel Downing, Zeta Omicron

Symone Jackson, Beta Psi

Devin Mack, Beta Rho

René MacVay, Theta

Sarah Spencer, Alpha Nu

Brooke Stites, Kappa Lambda


Lee Lucas, Gamma Chi, Application Reviewer

Beverly Sandeen, Epsilon Psi, Application Reviewer

Angela Seaworth, Delta Xi, Application Reviewer


Michelle Anderson, Iota Sigma

Lindsay Bell

Allison Burkman, Alpha Pi

Amelia Gentile-Mathew, Kappa Lambda

Ahjah Johnson, Delta Rho

Julia Pishko

Melissa Ramirez, Beta Omega

Danielle Robello, Kappa Lambda



Miek Hart, Sigma, Co-Chair

Anne Helliwell, Gamma Iota, CoChair

Diane Boone, Beta Tau

Cathy Boragno, Delta Sigma

Julie Burkhard, Beta Sigma

Kori Whitener Fellows, Alpha Phi

Lorna Fox, Alpha Lambda

Lynne Herndon, Alpha Upsilon

Kristin Himsel, Alpha

Donna McGrath Klinge, Epsilon Kappa

Jill Lacy, Gamma Mu

Mary Pat Lambke, Beta Epsilon


Amanda Hene, Beta Sigma, Chair

Madeline Bowers, Epsilon Chi

Rachel Cheeseman, Alpha

Heather DeCourval, Delta Zeta

Shea Donie, Zeta Theta

Meredith Edwards, Iota Omega

Sandra Frame, Gamma Omicron

Carrie Gonzalez, Alpha Nu

Megan Hartman, Zeta Omicron

Abigail Hassett, Gamma Chi

Jaime Heath, Lambda

Brittney Josefson, Iota Alpha

Tammy Martin, Mu

Margaret Maxwell, Beta Lambda

Sarah May, Gamma Tau

Dr. Valerie Morrison, Theta Sigma

Joan Perry, Zeta Lambda

Kelli Russell, Beta Lambda

LeAnne Salazar, Alpha Gamma

Alessia Satterfield, Xi

Bonnie Taylor, Epsilon

Jennifer Upton, Omicron

Ashley Yorfino DiPronio, Iota Alpha


Emilie Beagle, Upsilon

Erin Schmidt-Bley, Psi

Erica Brown, Epsilon Theta

Kathleen Castro, Alpha Psi

Tracey Coleman, Zeta Omicron

Sheila Dolan, Omega

Anna Farha Miller, Delta Chi

Laura Glenn, Beta Epsilon

Angela Costley Harris, Alpha Beta

Jill Lacy, Gamma Mu

Mary Pat Lambke, Beta Epsilon

Bobbi Larsen, Xi

Kelsey Lotman, Theta Chi

Margaret Maxwell, Beta Lambda

Lauren Miller, Alpha Omicron

Joan Perry, Zeta Lambda

MerLynn Pitcher, Beta Xi

Britain Riley, Beta Eta

Cortney Roberts, Alpha Omicron

Aggie Steiner, Beta Eta

Kara Subach, Beta Lambda

Margaret Ward, Epsilon Theta

Mary Winkler, Epsilon Zeta

Natalie Yezbick, Iota Sigma


Hannah Carter, Beta Eta

Audrey Cartner, Kappa Sigma

Ravina Patel, Beta Eta

Haley Strawn, Epsilon Upsilon


Dena Norrod, Delta Zeta, Chair

Lindsey Buckner, Epsilon Theta

Denise Griffey, Mu

Hannah Harris, Zeta Xi

Nina Harrison, Iota Pi

Nancy Hoard, Beta Epsilon

Pamela Huggins, Gamma Delta

Karen Kay, Delta Chi

Joan Ketterman, Gamma Xi

Shirley LeForge, Delta Theta

Yvette Martinez, Zeta Nu

Janis Mullis, Gamma Tau

Janet Pollack, Nu

Jane Shoppell, Delta Upsilon

Wendi Solinger, Alpha Psi

Jane Thessin, Beta Theta

Jennifer Upton, Omicron

Allyson Vander Broek, Delta Sigma



Lindsay Hicks, Alpha Chi

Anna Ritchie, Phi


National Volunteers



Michelle Hawes, Beta Xi, Volunteer Director of the National Alumna Initiate Program

Dr. Carol Lutz, Epsilon Chi, Volunteer Director of Lifetime Engagement Volunteers

Kim McClure, Gamma Omicron, Volunteer Director of Province

Alumnae Chairs


Megan Castles, Delta Rho

Carrie Gonzalez, Alpha Nu

Carrie Gray, Alpha Mu

Kate Ryan, Iota Nu

Emily Spezzatti, Gamma Tau


Nicole Corder, Zeta Rho

Kim McClure, Gamma Omicron

Kathleen Quinn, Epsilon Kappa

Heather Racer, Gamma Omicron

Katherine Schlinder, Iota Omega

Amanda Whiffing, Zeta Omicron


Natasha Campanaro, Kappa Chi

Lauren Haislup, Beta Psi

Jamison Kies, Epsilon Chi

Lindsey Richardson, Iota Chi


Sandra Pirkle, Zeta Eta

Jerilyn Tucker, Gamma Mu


Michelle Hawes, Beta Xi, Volunteer Director of the National Alumna Initiate Program

Dr. Paula Barnes, Delta Rho

Lauran Casteel, Epsilon Lambda

Patty Garrard, Beta Eta

Marykay Gillam, Epsilon Iota

Loy Holt, Iota Alpha

Olivia Langevine, Iota Alpha

Christine Owens, Iota Alpha

Brandi Peacock, Iota Alpha

Monika Salita, Iota Alpha

Ginny Taylor, Iota Alpha

Jacqueline Tran, Beta Rho

Jerilyn Tucker, Gamma Mu


Kim McClure, Gamma Omicron, Volunteer Director of Province

Alumnae Chairs

Karen Arnold, Gamma Sigma

Gabriela Botzman, Alpha Eta

Erica Brown, Epsilon Theta

Inja Chung, Alpha Psi

Heather Claybrook, Phi

Nicole Corder, Zeta Rho

Adrienne Frain, Delta Pi

Stephanie Hansen, Pi

Deirdre Hill, Epsilon Zeta

Joelle Johnson, Epsilon

Veronica Jolliff, Iota Rho

Alissa Kaiser, Iota Sigma

Stephanie Knott, Gamma Omicron

Niki McCann, Zeta Sigma

Lauren Miller, Alpha Omicron

Kathleen Quinn, Epsilon Kappa

Heather Racer, Gamma Omicron

Jensy Richards, Sigma

Leigh Shepherd, Alpha Upsilon

Kavita Shet, Alpha Lambda

Mari-jean Siehl, Alpha Omicron

Samara Terrill, Gamma Tau

Kathleen Tucker, Gamma Iota

Sasha Williams, Epsilon

Destiny Willis, Kappa Mu

Natalie Yezbick, Iota Sigma


Colleen Canavan, Gamma Pi

Mary Christie, Delta Mu

Lynn Dean, Beta Lambda

Karla Diuro, Iota Alpha

Victoria Edwards, Alpha Delta

Susan Francisco, Nu

Carol Frank, Delta Chi

Jaime Heath, Lambda

Shanon Whitt Horridge, Gamma Sigma

Joan Ketterman, Gamma Xi

Deborah Lewis, Epsilon Rho

Kelly Longfellow, Gamma Epsilon

René MacVay, Theta

Dottie Magill, Gamma Iota

Kendall McCarthy, Iota Lambda

Erin Penrose, Beta Xi

Carrie Roca-Dawson, Delta Lambda

Stephanie Sibley, Gamma Nu

Marla Silverman, Epsilon Kappa

Sarah Spencer, Alpha Nu

Susan Stegemann Michel, Iota Alpha

Kari Tubbs, Theta Tau

Amanda Whiffing, Zeta Omicron



Amber Bidwell, Kappa Tau, Volunteer Director of New Chapter Development

Jennifer Lane, Zeta Pi, Volunteer Director of Collegiate Experience Volunteers

Lizett Ross, Beta Nu, Volunteer Director of Province Collegiate Chairs

Mary Winkler, Epsilon Zeta, Volunteer Director of Extension


Mary Osbourne, Delta Zeta Sorority

Kara Rex, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity

Britain Riley, Beta Eta


Alexa Arndt, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

Jessie Ashton, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity

Brittany Booth, Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity

Matthew Boudreaux, Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity

Hannah Cotton Blenden, Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority

Brittany Devies, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

Madison Drummond, Beta Eta

Kyle Fowler, Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity

Dominic Greene, Delta Upsilon Fraternity

Liza Hallsten, Alpha Omega

Hannah Harris, Zeta Xi

Kristin Hathaway, Iota Lambda

Kyle Hickman, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity

Brooke Katebe, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Elizabeth Kurschinske, Delta

Kim Kushner

Nicole Lepperd, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity

Hannah Leyhew, Iota Chi

Ellyssa Morgan, Rho

Nolan Ryan, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

Molly Schuneman, Sigma

Zafyre Sexton, Tau

Jackie Stelmaszczyk, Phi Mu Fraternity


Jennifer Vasquez, Alpha Gamma, Lead Specialist

Lily Burns, Kappa Rho

Rachel Lacy, Sigma

Pamela Petrarca, Gamma Sigma

Chloe Sekhran, Sigma

Taylor Vinson, Iota Sigma


Ilene Abramson, Iota Alpha

Stephanie Albiani, Iota Alpha

Andrea Bennett, Theta Tau

Kelsey Binion, Alpha

Beth Boggs, Beta Sigma

Gabriela Botzman, Alpha Eta

Lainey Bradley, Alpha Upsilon

Pamela Campbell, Theta Pi

Paula Catterall, Sigma

Melissa Chruszch, Alpha Pi

Lindsey Blauer Ciechanowski, Delta Omicron

Jordan Diaz, Beta Xi

Sheila Dolan, Omega

Lorissa Dollar, Delta Pi

Meaghan Dulmes, Alpha Lambda

Fami Eaton, Iota Alpha

Renee Elston Wille, Alpha Omicron

Michele Emerson, Alpha Mu

Candice Grant, Zeta Upsilon

Mary Kay Gropper, Omega

Rachel Hanebutt, Alpha

Sharifa Hashem, Iota Rho

Kristin Hathaway, Iota Lambda

Jaime Heath, Lambda

Carol Hepplewhite, Sigma

Sherri Himelstein, Theta Xi

Mary Ellen Howard, Zeta Pi

Ryan Hussey, Gamma Xi

Debra Jones, Alpha

Grace Kiboko, Iota Lambda

Elizabeth Kinder, Zeta Eta

Tamara Krikorian, Zeta Chi

Paige LaFour, Gamma Phi

Amanda Lamont, Beta Omicron

Kaley Lather, Kappa Xi

Maria Leibfried, Theta Tau

Heather Lemire, Beta Omicron

Suzanne Lindt, Alpha Phi

Julie Maccini, Delta Mu

René MacVay, Theta

Thomasina Madden, Zeta Eta

Valerie Mann, Gamma Zeta

Keila Manos, Gamma Epsilon

Ashley Marrufo, Iota Pi

Niki McCann, Zeta Sigma

Julie McWhorter, Alpha Delta

Robin Morris, Nu

Christine Odom, Iota Alpha

Elyse Perez, Gamma Pi

Rebecca Perry, Alpha Gamma

Sarah Peterson Herr, Omicron

Heidi Rosen, Beta Lambda

Kelli Russell, Beta Lambda

Colleen Sack-McClain, Beta Omega

Michelle Salyer, Gamma Tau


Audrey Shi, Epsilon Psi

Rachel Shuck, Omicron

Marla Silverman, Epsilon Kappa

Sarah Simon, Gamma Phi

Karen Soricelli, Zeta Upsilon

Carolyn Spaeter, Beta Phi

Sarah Spencer, Alpha Nu

Emily Spezzatti, Gamma Tau

Darlene Tonucci, Delta Mu

Jennifer Upton, Omicron

Kayla Vukas, Gamma Sigma

Lauren Weems, Gamma Tau

Elle-Shante Whalen, Delta Tau

Nancy Wolford, Chi

Rachael Woodward, Gamma Theta

Ashley Yorfino DiPronio, Iota Alpha


Dayle Boggs, Tau

Erica Brown, Epsilon Theta

Ellie Butler, Delta Rho

Alaina Cardwell, Epsilon Lambda

Leslie Cunningham, Gamma Rho

Abby Davenport, Phi

Kristin Donnell, Alpha Nu

Anna Goodman, Pi

Liza Hallsten, Alpha Omega

Kristin Hathaway, Iota Lambda

Jaime Heath, Lambda

Samantha Nelson, Gamma Rho

Taylor Lee Kingery, Zeta Pi

Leah McIlreavy, Gamma Xi

Elizabeth Palmer, Theta Sigma

Kristen Reynolds, Iota Tau

Chloe Sekhran, Sigma

Kara Shuror, Epsilon Lambda

Candice Sullivan, Iota Chi

Victoria Thalassinos, Gamma Pi

Elaine Wagstaff, Iota Lambda

Devon Yamauchi, Nu

Lindsey Yost, Delta Kappa

Natalie Zepeda, Delta Pi


Kelsey Binion, Alpha

Ally Cherry, Iota Chi

Andrea Moreno, Gamma Pi


Taylor Dailing, Alpha Nu, Lead Specialist

Krystin Cooper, Alpha Nu

Megan Dailing, Alpha Nu

Jennifer Herford, Delta Zeta

Claire Hinnen, Gamma Mu

Heather Lemire, Beta Omicron

Sara Tewksbury, Kappa Tau

Anna Weir, Gamma Mu

Lee Welborn, Epsilon Phi


Mary Winkler, Epsilon Zeta, Volunteer Director of Extension

Caitlin Cavanaugh, Alpha

Leslie Cunningham, Gamma Rho

Leslie Drey, Xi

Ellie Edwards, Zeta Sigma

Courtney Ellis, Xi

Kerry Jordan, Sigma

Darby Kennedy, Alpha Omega

Holly Langbein, Theta Pi

Debra Miller, Alpha Chi

Bridget Riordan, Gamma Mu

Elizabeth Schafer, Beta Delta

Molly Schuneman, Sigma

Christi Tennyson, Delta Chi

LouAnn Wilcox, Alpha Nu

Bonnie Wilson, Epsilon Zeta


Samantha Hammac, Kappa Xi, Lead Specialist

Delsie Cavanaugh, Gamma Iota

Lisa Evans, Gamma Rho

Lauren Gallagher, Phi

Julie Maccini, Delta Mu

Dora Miles, Iota Pi

Camryn Pratt, Delta Rho

Lynne Strasser, Alpha Eta

Colleen Treichel, Iota Omicron

Amber Wagstaff, Alpha Psi


Jessie Ashton, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity

Courtney Barstad Logan, Alpha Pi

Eleanor Burmeister, Tau

Megan Castles, Delta Rho

Kayleigh Campbell Supak, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority

Kaci Crowley, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

Stephen Dominy, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity

Erin Fischer, Phi Mu Fraternity

Jennifer Garcia, Gamma Pi

Bridget Gorta, Epsilon Phi

Shelby Hanselman, Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority

Dr. Lea Hanson, Alpha Pi

Jillian Heaton, Gamma Mu

Ahjina Hopkins, Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

“Volunteering is one of the most important aspects of my life. I consistently get more out of the experience than the time, talents and treasures I give.”

Megan Koransky, Theta Upsilon

Rachel Lacy, Sigma

Heather Lemire, Beta Omicron

Kelly Murphy, Alpha Chi

JP Peters, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Molly Rabe, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority

Julia Roberts, Delta Zeta

Dana Stassen, Gamma Theta

Rachel Taylor, Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

Tim Wilkinson, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

Jenna Williamson, Alpha Pi


Adam Bantz, Sigma Nu Fraternity

Dayle Boggs, Tau

Keri Bridges, Beta Phi

Travis Crudele-Roberts, Sigma Chi Fraternity

Brittany Devies, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

Shea Donie, Zeta Theta

Madison Drummond, Beta Eta

Ryan Hilperts, Phi

Sara Horvath, Iota

Leigh Johnson, Alpha Omicron

Ericka Jones, Xi

Armina Khwaja Macmillan, Epsilon Phi

Seinquis Leinen, Alpha Pi

Savannah Matherly, Zeta Omega

Joey McGinn

Dora Miles, Iota Pi

Derrick Pacheco, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity

JP Peters, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Sarah Peterson Herr, Omicron

Molleigh Pompilio, Epsilon

Dana Stassen, Gamma Theta

Amanda Stoermer, Alpha

Ginny Taylor, Iota Alpha

Sarah Tredway, Kappa Kappa Gamma

Amanda Voigt, Alpha Pi

Carly Walter, Sigma Kappa Sorority

Dra. Viancca Williams, Gamma Pi

Dasha Wood, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Netania Young, Kappa Upsilon


Karly Derschmidt, Delta Omicron, Lead Facilitator

Courtney Igbo-Ogbonna, Delta Tau, Lead Facilitator

Jodi Kennedy, Epsilon Theta, Lead Facilitator

Zafyre Sexton, Tau, Lead Facilitator

Erin Holler, Kappa Omega, Collegiate Intern

Yazzy Washington, Alpha Upsilon, Collegiate Intern


Carrie Abbott, Lambda

Allison Ball, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority

Bonnie Biggs, Epsilon Chi

Kelsey Binion, Alpha

Gabriela Botzman, Alpha Eta

Matthew Boudreaux, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Lily Burns, Kappa Rho

Ellie Butler, Delta Rho

Nikki Caminetsky, Delta Mu

Megan Castles, Delta Rho

Michelle Castro, Phi Sigma Sigma Fraternity

Krystal N. Clark, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

Kimmie Coffey, Beta Psi

Krystin Cooper, Alpha Nu

Travis Crudele-Roberts, Sigma Chi Fraternity

Taylor Dailing, Alpha Nu

Laura Davidson, Beta Psi

Brittany Devies, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

Sarah Douglas, Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity

Madison Drummond, Beta Eta

Vikki Dwira, Sigma Phi Lambda Sorority

Kathy Felt, Sigma

Shelby Fete, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority

Dylan Fields, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Mary Flora, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority

Casey Ford, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

Kyle Fowler, Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity

Aranda Gehringer, Iota Chi

Vicki Gerentes, Delta Gamma Fraternity

Carrie Gray, Alpha Mu

Brandee Greaves, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Jim Gulbranson, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

Hannah Harris, Zeta Xi

Kristin Hathaway, Iota Lambda

Meridith Haynes, Iota Pi

Madi Heerdt, Phi Sigma Sigma Fraternity

Ashlan Hilden, Epsilon Psi

Claire Hinnen, Gamma Mu


Regan Hueske, Gamma Zeta

Elizabeth Kinder, Zeta Eta

Laurell “Lo” King, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Jennifer Lane, Zeta Pi

Heather Lemire, Beta Omicron

Kristin Lizola Austin, Theta Psi

Lucee Lugo, Kappa Delta Sorority

René MacVay, Theta

Taylor Mierendorf, Delta Gamma Fraternity

Grant Mitchell, Theta Chi Fraternity

Ellyssa Morgan, Rho

Krystal Murer, Gamma Tau

Megan Pendley Pickett, Gamma Mu

Morgan Petersen, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority

Laura Peterson, Zeta Eta

Sarah Peterson Herr, Omicron

Denise Poltavski, Beta Chi

Gen Ramirez

Dylan Rowell, Delta Gamma Fraternity

Emily Schonaerts, Gamma Pi

Molly Schuneman, Sigma

Jessie Shamout, Beta Lambda

Kavita Shet, Alpha Lambda

Dana Stassen, Gamma Theta

Kell Sutherland, Delta Zeta

Sara Tewksbury, Kappa Tau

Mario Tobar, Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity

Kari Tubbs, Theta Tau

Kat Tucker, Alpha Omega

Ryan Upshaw

Sara Watkins, Alpha Lambda

Jenna Williamson, Alpha Pi

Aubrey Wright, Kappa Chi

Madison Yemc, Delta

Diana Yoraschek, Iota Phi

Penny Zamkov, Lambda


Betsy Adams, Beta Rho

Courtney Barstad Logan, Alpha Pi

Meredith Blaine, Beta Omega

Eleanor Burmeister, Tau

Megan Dauenhauer, Theta Omega

Grace Gardner, Theta Upsilon

Grace Ghaffari, Epsilon Psi

Dr. Lea Hanson, Alpha Pi

Armina Khwaja Macmillan, Epsilon Phi

Deborah Lewis, Epsilon Rho

Mishalle Maglione, Epsilon Theta

Jenna Mayo, Epsilon Zeta

Christine Natal-Martinez, Beta Eta

Kene Orakwue, Delta Mu

Tara Salerno, Kappa Omicron

CJ Smith, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

Allison Taylor

Amy Wysong, Omicron

Tessa Young, Zeta Omicron


Amber Bidwell, Kappa Tau, Volunteer Director of New Chapter Development

Kristin Donnell, Alpha Nu

Caroline Fulmer, Delta Pi

Amy Strasburger, Gamma Mu

Penny Zamkov, Lambda


Courtney Ellis, Xi

Liza Hallsten, Alpha Omega

Heather Claybrook, Phi




Dr. Elise Christopher, Gamma Iota

Anna Goodman, Pi

Amanda Rodriguez, Epsilon Psi

Liz Smith, Pi


Courtney Ellis, Xi, Chief Panhellenic Officer

Mallory Aldrich, Beta Lambda

Alaina Cardwell, Epsilon Lambda

Liza Hallsten, Alpha Omega

Jenny Nirh, Alpha Gamma

Taylor Owens, Alpha Omicron

Brooke Stites, Kappa Lambda

Christi Tennyson, Delta Chi

Brittany Todd, Alpha Upsilon

Devon Yamauchi, Nu

Lindsey Yost, Delta Kappa


Lizett Ross, Beta Nu, Volunteer Director of Province Collegiate Chairs

Elizabeth Kinder, Zeta Eta, Province Collegiate Chair Specialist

Dayle Boggs, Tau

Ellie Butler, Delta Rho

Nicole Connors, Beta Omicron

Maggie Coy, Gamma Pi

Stacey Jo Faust, Alpha

Whitney Fenech, Beta Xi

Victoria Gigoux, Alpha Psi

Hannah Harris, Zeta Xi

Belinda Heldreth, Zeta Omega

Megan Hershfeld, Epsilon Psi

Sherri Himelstein, Theta Xi

Jamie Jackson, Kappa Mu

Leigh Johnson, Alpha Omicron

Novia Kaup, Zeta Sigma

Bailey Kimball, Alpha Iota

Christine Licata-Hoang, Alpha Omicron

Molly Lindner, Delta Chi

Colette Livermore, Delta Omicron

Jenn Lykins, Iota Alpha

Nicki Meneley, Alpha Beta

Leslie Moss, Gamma Rho

Denise Poltavski, Beta Chi

Erica Ralston, Iota Xi

Lisa Roane, Delta

Chelsea Smith, Alpha Omega

Callie Smith, Beta Nu

Leah Stein-Fredbeck, Zeta Eta

Lauren Weems, Gamma Tau


Kara Shuror, Epsilon Lambda, Lead Specialist

Christine Carnes, Theta Kappa

Taylor Lee Kingery, Zeta Pi

Leah McIlreavy, Gamma Xi

Makely Phillips, Beta Rho

Kristen Reynolds, Iota Tau

Hannelore Saab, Epsilon Lambda

Audrey Streitz, Alpha Chi

Elaine Wagstaff, Iota Lambda


Laura Peterson, Zeta Eta, Lead Specialist

Marie-Anne Barron, Zeta Theta

Ashlan Hilden, Epsilon Psi

Gwen Jones, Kappa Nu

Shie Kantor, Alpha

Ellyssa Morgan, Rho

Katelyn Visina, Alpha Pi

Sara Watkins, Alpha Lambda

Diana Yoraschek, Iota Phi


Audra Priluck, Alpha Psi, Lead Specialist

Lauran Casteel, Epsilon Lambda

Faith Cazares, Upsilon

Carrie Gonzalez, Alpha Nu

Amanda Holway, Theta Tau

René MacVay, Theta

Kelsey O’Connor, Beta Rho

Elyse Perez, Gamma Pi

Stacey Wolf, Nu




Elizabeth Cook, Beta Omega

Cynthia Coselli, Theta Iota

Sandra Denhart, Delta Psi

Renee Govig, Mu

Courtney Kenner, Iota Lambda

Dawn Welsh-Aladits, Iota Tau


Local Volunteers


Alpha Alpha (Chicago, IL)

Allison Guerrero, Epsilon Psi, President

Julia Holmertz, Iota Rho, President

Anne Sauri, Zeta Upsilon, President

Grace Brackman, Alpha Beta, Treasurer

Kelsey Ellis, Iota Nu, Treasurer

Beta Beta (Indianapolis, IN)

Kathy Butkiewicz, Alpha Chi, President

Lisa Stiers, Epsilon Omicron, Treasurer

Gamma Gamma (New York City, NY)

Ana Batista, Theta Psi, President

Loraine Enlow, Iota Alpha, Treasurer

Zeta Zeta (Boston, MA)

Rachel DeDora, Lambda, President

Shea Donie, Zeta Theta, President

Emma Nesson, Epsilon, Treasurer

Theta Theta (Berkeley, CA)

Rosemary Martelli, Gamma Sigma, President

Nancy Robles, Sigma, Treasurer

Janice Zimmerman, Delta Sigma, Treasurer

Iota Iota (Seattle, WA)

Anna Gustafson, Epsilon, President

Michele Mattoon, Rho, Treasurer

Kappa Kappa (Lincoln, NE)

Nichole Palmer, Xi, President

Alexandra Reed, Zeta Sigma, Treasurer

Lambda Lambda (Grand Rapids, MI)

Elizabeth Ruehrdanz, Delta Nu, President

Kimberly Rantala, Alpha Delta, Treasurer

Mu Mu (Kansas City, MO)

Bev Nichols, Alpha Nu, President

Deb Taylor, Phi, Treasurer

Nu Nu (Denver, CO)

Kelly Martin, Nu, President

Jane Shields, Gamma Tau, President

Janeen Farmer, Delta Upsilon, Treasurer

Xi Xi (Portland, OR)

Katie Maroney, Delta Omicron, President

Jessica Love, Iota Alpha, Treasurer

Omicron Omicron (Twin Cities, MN)

Jessica Lozano Williams, Alpha Lambda, President

Natalie Olson, Delta Nu, Treasurer

Pi Pi (Philadelphia, PA)

Julie Williamson, Gamma Xi, President

Jessica Yoos, Delta, Treasurer

Rho Rho (Oklahoma City, OK)

Megan Castles, Delta Rho, President

Sherrill Bull, Delta Nu, Treasurer

Sigma Sigma (St. Louis, MO)

Julie Abeln, Alpha Nu, President

Eve Kampmeinert, Alpha Zeta, Treasurer

Chi Chi (Pittsburgh, PA)

Katherine Katilius, Delta, President

Kelly Kilgour, Kappa Nu, Treasurer

Alpha Beta Alpha (San Francisco, CA)

Lisa Mann, Epsilon, President

Emilienne Repak, Theta Omicron, Treasurer

Alpha Gamma Alpha (Atlanta, GA)

Bridget Riordan, Gamma Mu, President

Victoria Brinkley, Epsilon Phi, Treasurer

Alpha Delta Alpha (Spokane, WA)

Adrienne Torre, Beta Lambda, President

Annette Milionis, Gamma Eta, Treasurer

Colleen Stevens, Omega, Treasurer

“When it comes to volunteering, there is really something for everyone. We all have a gift to give. You never know the difference you make for a sister or the door it may open for you.”

Alpha Epsilon Alpha (Washington,D.C.)

Jacqueline Tran, Beta Rho, President

Shana Brouder, Beta Pi, Treasurer

Alpha Zeta Alpha (Salt Lake City, UT)

Savannah Talbot, Beta Nu, President

Alpha Eta Alpha (Jacksonville, FL)

Barbara Eaton, Beta Epsilon, President

Regina Durfee, Upsilon, Treasurer

Alpha Theta Alpha (Birmingham, AL)

Natalie Gaines, Alpha Upsilon, President

Shannon Layton, Gamma Tau, Treasurer

Alpha Iota Alpha (Columbus, OH)

Barbara Barta, Alpha Omicron, President

Luann Steiner, Alpha Omicron, Treasurer

Alpha Kappa Alpha (Pasadena, CA)

Bronwen Begakis, Epsilon, President

Michelle Conzonire, Epsilon, Treasurer

Alpha Lambda Alpha (Cincinnati, OH)

Jennifer Schlotman, Alpha Delta, President

Sonya Hoeffel, Alpha Delta, Treasurer

Alpha Nu Alpha (West Cleveland, OH)

Melissa Ramirez, Beta Omega, President

Stephanie Ristau, Delta Xi, President

Lori Vannelli, Zeta Upsilon, Treasurer

Alpha Xi Alpha (Milwaukee, WI)

Lauren Scaletta, Sigma, President

Megan Dauenhauer, Theta Omega, Treasurer

Alpha Omicron Alpha (Des Moines, IA)

Shelly Jordan, Delta Nu, President

Alisha King, Delta Nu, Treasurer

Alpha Pi Alpha (Fort Wayne, IN)

Kelsey Rowe, Phi, President

Sarah Gesick, Iota Alpha, Treasurer

Alpha Tau Alpha (West Lafayette, IN)

Jill Scharer, Gamma Mu, President

Kelsey Budreau, Alpha Beta, Treasurer

Alpha Chi Alpha (Tulsa, OK)

Athena Godkins, Psi, President

Melanie Fell, Alpha Phi, Treasurer

Alpha Omega Alpha (Detroit, MI)

Madelynne Goodeaux, Delta Nu, President

Ashley Glenn, Beta, Treasurer

Beta Gamma Beta (Albuquerque, NM)

Kristin Hincke, Alpha Gamma, President

Robin Schritter, Alpha Gamma, Treasurer

Beta Delta Beta (Lakeland, FL)

Alison Hand, Delta Epsilon, President

Emily Wainio-Oato, Beta Omicron, President

Camaran Cella, Beta Omicron, Treasurer

Beta Zeta Beta (Houston, TX)

Kimberly McQuillen, Beta Lambda, President

Alana Inman, Zeta Sigma, Treasurer

Beta Eta Beta (El Paso, TX)

Judith Stone, Gamma Omega, President

Carolyn Breck, Nu, Treasurer

Beta Iota Beta (East Lansing, MI)

Joan Bauer, Gamma Xi, President

Kathleen Hoffman, Beta Epsilon, President

Karen Jurgensen, Beta Epsilon, Treasurer

Beta Kappa Beta (Dallas, TX)

Stacey Farrell, Alpha Phi, President

Andrea Morin, Epsilon Lambda,


Beta Lambda Beta (Austin, TX)

Teresa Taylor, Alpha Phi, President

Diana Willson, Theta Psi, President

Tonia Lorenz, Iota Xi, Treasurer

Beta Nu Beta (Tucson, AZ)

Paula Cook, Beta Lambda, President

Marita Bowden, Beta Lambda, Treasurer


Beta Xi Beta (Greater Westchester, NY)

Lynne Murphy-Gere, Alpha Mu, President

Judy Herbst, Zeta Lambda, Treasurer

Beta Omicron Beta (Miami, FL)

Alecia Rodriguez, Kappa Upsilon, President

Beth Donaldson, Zeta Chi, Treasurer

Beta Phi Beta (Toledo, OH)

Linda Sheline, Beta Omega, President

Alyssia Bell, Beta Omega, Treasurer

Tamara Norris, Beta Omega, Treasurer

Beta Chi Beta (Tacoma, WA)

Michele Mattoon, Rho, President

Judith Quilici, Alpha Rho, President

Janet Lordahl, Beta Tau, Treasurer

Beta Psi Beta (Alliance, OH)

Shelby Pollock, Alpha Eta, President

Brianna Newhart, Alpha Eta, Treasurer

Beta Omega Beta (Phoenix, AZ)

Kayla Gray, Zeta Upsilon, President

Lynn Wilmas, Zeta Sigma, Treasurer

Gamma Zeta Gamma (San Diego, CA)

Myrt Niesley, Gamma Nu, President

Mary Joan Fulton, Pi, Treasurer

Gamma Eta Gamma (Eugene, OR)

Judith Wenger, Alpha Kappa, President

Mollie Brantley, Alpha Kappa, Treasurer

Gamma Theta Gamma (Los Angeles, CA)

Cynthia Mejia, Epsilon Theta, President

Katherine Jimenez, Zeta Theta, Treasurer

Gamma Iota Gamma (Santa Clara County, CA)

Susan Godfrey, Delta Psi, President

Joanna Berner, Iota Nu, Treasurer

Gamma Kappa Gamma (San Antonio, TX)

Carolynn Snyder, Beta Zeta, President

Priscilla Glendening, Omicron, Treasurer

Gamma Xi Gamma (Lubbock, TX)

Jennifer Lang, Gamma Rho, President

Kelli Bilbo, Gamma Rho, Treasurer

Gamma Omicron Gamma (East Cleveland, OH)

Jill Koenig, Alpha Eta, President

Christine Weed, Gamma Xi, Treasurer

Gamma Pi Gamma (Long Beach, CA)

Ellen Katzenstein, Alpha Psi, President

Gwen Harper, Delta Psi, Treasurer

Gamma Sigma Gamma (Rochester, NY)

Mary Leist, Alpha, President

Frances McDowell, Gamma Sigma, Treasurer

“I never thought that my collegiate experience could be topped, but I have found volunteering as an alumna has truly been the most rewarding thing I get to do. I have made many friends through this organization as a volunteer and have been able to help other volunteers to develop in their roles and continue in their commitment to Alpha Chi Omega.”

Gamma Tau Gamma (Newport Beach, CA)

Geri Barr, Alpha Rho, President

Dina Mead, Delta Mu, President

Laura O’Sullivan, Epsilon Psi, Treasurer

Gamma Upsilon Gamma (Orlando, FL)

Lisa McCarthy, Gamma Iota, President

Karen Astarita, Zeta Phi, Treasurer

Gamma Phi Gamma (Tampa, FL)

Jacquie Brethen, Gamma Pi, President

Elyse Perez, Gamma Pi, President

Traci Gerdes, Gamma Chi, Treasurer

Gamma Psi Gamma (Sacramento, CA)

Carolyn Spaeter, Beta Phi, President

Diane Perreault, Gamma Sigma, Treasurer

Gamma Omega Gamma (New Orleans, LA)

Kayla Jutzi, Kappa Xi, President

Kelly Hubbell, Zeta Psi, Treasurer

Delta Epsilon Delta (Colorado Springs, CO)

Peggy McFarland, Gamma Rho, President

Kimberly Jordeth, Xi, Treasurer

Delta Zeta Delta (San Mateo, CA)

Karen Mayers, Delta Psi, President

Judith Borthwick, Nu, Treasurer

Delta Eta Delta (Arlington, TX)

Lauran Casteel, Epsilon Lambda, President

Lindsey Rhodes, Epsilon Lambda, Treasurer

Delta Lambda Delta (Kay County, OK)

Kim Loftis, Psi, President

Julie Lawrence, Gamma Epsilon, Treasurer

Delta Mu Delta (Gainesville, FL)

Emily Blagg, Kappa Chi, President

Terry Baxter, Gamma Chi, Treasurer

Delta Xi Delta (Knoxville, TN)

Amanda Armstrong, Delta Pi, President

Carolyn Hensley, Zeta Omega, President

Lisa Pritchard, Delta Pi, Treasurer

Delta Pi Delta (Gulf Coast, FL)

Barbara Lynch, Alpha Beta, President

Mary Bradley, Alpha Lambda, Treasurer

Veronica Jolliff, Iota Rho, Treasurer

Delta Sigma Delta (St. Petersburg, FL)

Emily Pratt, Gamma Omicron, President

Pamela Liedke, Gamma Iota, Treasurer

Delta Upsilon Delta (Huntington, WV)

Edie Davis, Gamma Omicron, President

Ora Muth, Gamma Omicron, Treasurer

Delta Chi Delta (Reno, NV)

Kelly Langley, Epsilon Xi, President

Vicky Sauer-Lamb, Epsilon Xi, Treasurer

Delta Psi Delta (Sarasota, FL)

Susan Regulski, Delta Iota, President

Daphne Enfinger, Tau, Treasurer

Delta Omega Delta (Orange County, CA)

Brontë Joseph, Gamma Chi, President

Geri Barr, Alpha Rho, Treasurer

Epsilon Zeta Epsilon (Huntsville, AL)

Shannon Gunter, Epsilon Zeta, President

Alice Anne Vargo, Epsilon Eta, President

Carol Gaines, Alpha Upsilon, Treasurer

Elizabeth Weitenbeck, Epsilon Zeta, Treasurer

Epsilon Eta Epsilon (Northern Virginia)

Tatum Deyo, Beta Lambda, President

Lisa Franklin, Gamma Sigma, President

Sarah DeVoe, Iota Mu, Treasurer

Epsilon Theta Epsilon (Iowa City, IA)

Carol Hepplewhite, Sigma, President

Patricia Ritschel-Trifilo, Sigma, President

Paula Catterall, Sigma, Treasurer

Epsilon Mu Epsilon (Dayton, OH)

Patricia Kinzig, Beta Phi, President

Janice Mains, Alpha, Treasurer

Epsilon Xi Epsilon (Baltimore, MD)

Esther Ousborne, Epsilon Rho, President

Jenna Sublett, Beta Pi, Treasurer

Epsilon Omicron Epsilon (Fort Worth, TX)

Catherine Brown, Iota Lambda, President

Mairin Kowske, Beta Lambda, President

Julie Austin, Phi, Treasurer

Lisa Keefe, Delta Kappa, Treasurer

Epsilon Pi Epsilon (Rhode Island)

Kelly Sheridan, Lambda, President

Hannah Petrie, Beta Delta, Treasurer

Epsilon Rho Epsilon (Boise, ID)

Jessica Marshall, Epsilon Nu, President

Jasmine Slater, Epsilon Nu, Treasurer

Epsilon Sigma Epsilon (Quad Cities, IA)

Willa Ann Feldman, Gamma Lambda, President

Rebecca Craddick, Upsilon, Treasurer

Ann Toole, Alpha Chi, Treasurer

Epsilon Tau Epsilon (Tallahassee, FL)

Jennifer Sue Butler Harris, Theta Lambda, President

Amy Zoldak, Zeta Upsilon, Treasurer

Epsilon Chi Epsilon (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Beverly LaGrange, Mu, President

Carolyn Stucker, Sigma, Treasurer

Epsilon Psi Epsilon (Cheyenne, WY)

Sharon Collier, Beta Kappa, President

Donna Girodo, Epsilon Zeta, President

Judy Eatmon, Beta Kappa, Treasurer

Epsilon Omega Epsilon (Tuscaloosa, AL)

JoAnne Dorr, Alpha Upsilon, President

Patricia “Tricia” Irby, Alpha Upsilon, Treasurer

Zeta Eta Zeta (Louisville, KY)

Natalie Sims, Gamma Mu, President

Amy Whitaker, Alpha Beta, Treasurer

Linda Pursell, Beta Mu, Treasurer

Zeta Iota Zeta (Charlotte, NC)

Ashley Myers, Gamma Pi, President

Natalie Hurd, Gamma Iota, Treasurer


Zeta Kappa Zeta (Beaumont, TX)

Ashlyn Larcade, Gamma Phi, President

Laurel Rugg, Gamma Phi, President

Monica James, Gamma Phi, Treasurer

Andrea Stephenson, Gamma Phi, Treasurer

Zeta Nu Zeta (Kalamazoo, MI)

Susan Pyke, Gamma Xi, President

Martha Ream, Beta Epsilon, Treasurer

Zeta Pi Zeta (Richmond, VA)

Heather DeShone, Zeta Psi, President

Ashley Eastep, Beta Delta, Treasurer

Elizabeth Hatfield, Zeta Lambda, Treasurer

Zeta Tau Zeta (Midland, TX)

Michele Harmon, Alpha Phi, President

Jo Douglas, Gamma Rho, Treasurer

Zeta Upsilon Zeta (Amarillo, TX)

Judith Flanders, Nu, President

Margaret Adams, Delta Xi, Treasurer

Zeta Phi Zeta (Muncie, IN)

Joyce Carmichael, Gamma Mu, President

Jeannine Stassen, Gamma Mu, President

Mary Avila, Alpha Nu, Treasurer

Betsy Peckinpaugh, Alpha Beta, Treasurer

Zeta Chi Zeta (Marin County, CA)

Barbara Galyen, Gamma Nu, President

Katherine Woolard, Delta Sigma, Treasurer

Zeta Omega Zeta (Western Chicago, IL)

Judith Thomas, Beta, President

Sally Kapso, Delta Chi, Treasurer

Eta Theta Eta (Nashville, TN)

Deborah Prince, Delta Pi, President

Joan Jensen, Delta Nu, Treasurer

Tara Sheppard, Theta Kappa, Treasurer

Eta Iota Eta (Pensacola, FL)

Shelby Amaral, Kappa Xi, President

Rebecca Graves, Kappa Xi, Treasurer

Eta Omicron Eta (Athens, GA)

Lorraine Caron, Beta Sigma, President

Susan Snyder, Alpha Upsilon, President

Stacey Kitchens, Beta Sigma, Treasurer

Eta Pi Eta (Montgomery, AL)

Kay Solomon, Alpha Upsilon, President

Eleanor Wright, Epsilon Zeta, Treasurer

Eta Rho Eta (Central California Coast)

Nancy Driscoll, Epsilon Omega, President

Stacey Gregory, Delta Sigma, Treasurer

Eta Sigma Eta (Upper Pinellas County, FL)

Christina Higgins, Theta Kappa, President

Mary Beth Toland, Beta Omicron, President

Lise Amundrud, Epsilon Sigma, Treasurer

Eta Chi Eta (Racine, WI)

JuDee Fischer, Delta Lambda, President

Sandra Pendell, Delta Lambda, Treasurer

Eta Omega Eta (Fort Collins, CO)

Laura Obert, Delta Nu, President

Barbara Naas, Epsilon Omicron, Treasurer

Theta Kappa Theta (Springfield, MO)

Bailey Calloway, Zeta Sigma, President

Cassidy Harper, Zeta Sigma, Treasurer

Kendra Pickett, Delta Chi, Treasurer

Theta Lambda Theta (Terre Haute, IN)

Dana Hancock, Epsilon Omicron, President

Sue Weber, Epsilon Omicron, Treasurer

Theta Mu Theta (Auburn, AL)

Denise Nims, Epsilon Zeta, President

Talitha Smith, Epsilon Zeta, Treasurer

Theta Nu Theta (Indiana Dunes)

Dorothy Sparks, Gamma Mu, President

Kay Vanasco, Alpha Beta, Treasurer

Theta Xi Theta (Memphis, TN)

Branna Crawford, Theta Kappa, President

Jocelyn Scott, Theta Kappa, President

Margo Boler, Delta Epsilon, Treasurer

Theta Omicron Theta (Triangle Area, NC)

Amy Hunter, Iota Alpha, President

Heather Corin, Lambda, Treasurer

Theta Rho Theta (Piedmont Triad, NC)

Elizabeth Culler, Kappa Omicron, President

Sharon Drescher, Epsilon Upsilon, President

Shirley LeForge, Delta Theta, Treasurer

Theta Sigma Theta (Greenville, SC)

Kimberly Wilson, Theta Lambda, President

Karen Rayburn, Zeta Lambda, Treasurer

Theta Phi Theta (Broward County, FL)

Rachel Nieradka, Theta Sigma, President

Ashley Fernquist, Gamma Pi, Treasurer

Michele Shepard, Psi, Treasurer

Theta Psi Theta (Waco, TX)

Mallory Daughtery, Theta Iota, President

Sharon Walker, Delta Phi, Treasurer

Iota Lambda Iota (Lake County, IL)

Jan Curschman, Beta Phi, President

Laura Fay, Kappa, President

Carol Myers, Alpha Mu, Treasurer

Iota Nu Iota (Treasure Coast, FL)

Patty Garrard, Beta Eta, President

Janet Ward, Gamma Mu, Treasurer

Iota Rho Iota (Stockton, CA)

Jane Cook, Delta Sigma, President

Karen Nakamura, Delta Sigma, President

Francesca DeMello, Delta Sigma, Treasurer

Allison Lafferty, Theta Pi, Treasurer

Iota Tau Iota (Atlantic City, NJ)

Martina Trapani, Gamma Pi, President

Barbara Minter, Epsilon Rho, Treasurer

Iota Upsilon Iota (Williamsburg, VA)

Noreen Bowen, Gamma Lambda, President

Mary Ann Brown, Beta Delta, Treasurer

Iota Psi Iota (Clear Lake, TX)

Chelsey Whitcomb, Iota Pi, President

Janel Salmen, Alpha Nu, Treasurer


Kappa Lambda

Kappa (Jackson, MS)

Maureen Speyerer, Epsilon Upsilon, President

Katherine McGowan, Epsilon Upsilon, Treasurer

Kappa Mu Kappa (Riverside, CA)

Stacy Johnson, Epsilon Psi, President

Kappa Nu Kappa (Columbia, SC)

Abigail Hassett, Gamma Chi, President

Amanda Warner, Alpha Omicron, Treasurer

Kappa Omicron Kappa (San Diego Coast, CA)

Stephanie Sibley, Gamma Nu, President

Maya Botvinick, Epsilon Kappa, Treasurer

Kappa Sigma Kappa (Little Rock, AR)

Billie Scott, Delta Pi, President

Pamela Jones, Delta Rho, Treasurer

Kappa Tau Kappa (Las Vegas, NV)

Amy Fedick, Phi, President

Ann Olson, Alpha Pi, Treasurer

“Alpha Chi Omega has given me so many training opportunities, networking and my closest friends over the years. It’s more than four years, but a lifetime .”



Kappa Upsilon Kappa (Mid-Missouri)

Karen Neylon, Alpha Nu, President

Jeannine Brickey, Alpha Nu, Treasurer

Carrie Tergin, Zeta Sigma, Treasurer

Kappa Psi Kappa (North Dallas, TX)

Marla Ricks, Alpha Phi, President

Terri Pearce, Alpha Phi, Treasurer

Lambda Nu Lambda (New Haven, CT)

Jenifer O’Keefe, Beta Phi, President

Emily Ludwig, Zeta Upsilon, President

Penny Zamkov, Lambda, Treasurer

Lambda Omicron Lambda (Ocala, FL)

Shirley Stone, Beta Epsilon, President

Mary Ranieri, Beta Eta, Treasurer

Lambda Upsilon Lambda (Asheville, NC)

Amanda Frey, Zeta Omega, President

Brittney Webb, Zeta Omega, Treasurer

Lambda Phi Lambda (Charleston, SC)

Charlotte Carlson, Epsilon Zeta, President

Elizabeth Rice, Zeta Sigma, President

Beth Novak, Alpha Delta, Treasurer

Mu Omicron Mu (Murfreesboro, TN)

Alissa Belton, Iota Chi, President

Emily Bennett, Iota Chi, President

Lindsey Richardson, Iota Chi, President

Laurie Read, Iota Chi, Treasurer

Mu Pi Mu (San Fernando Valley, CA)

Isabel Aguilar, Theta Xi, President

Kimberly Aksentijevic, Delta Sigma, Treasurer

Mu Tau Mu (Zeta Upsilon Alumnae)

Candace Martin, Zeta Upsilon, President

Lisa Jeran, Zeta Upsilon, Treasurer

Mu Upsilon Mu (Savannah, GA/ Lowcountry, SC)

Ginger Johnson, Zeta Omicron, President

Kara Hounam, Alpha Chi, Treasurer

Mu Phi Mu (Mobile, AL)

Angela Cain, Theta Upsilon, President

Deborah Hunter, Alpha Upsilon, Treasurer

Mu Psi Mu (Coachella Valley, CA)

Heather Greenwood, Nu, President

Karen Lambrose, Nu, Treasurer

Nu Xi Nu (Santa Clarita Valley, CA)

Savannah Smith-Perez, Iota Alpha, President

Janet Hedke, Epsilon, Treasurer

Nu Omega Nu (Alpha Alumnae)

Trish Saunders, Alpha, President

Mishal Ali, Alpha, Treasurer

Xi Omicron Xi (Wilmington, NC)

Robin Harper, Epsilon Chi, President

Nancy Jones, Alpha Chi, Treasurer

Xi Pi Xi (Epsilon Eta Alumnae)

Aubrey Evans, Epsilon Eta, President

Madison Newsom, Epsilon Eta, Treasurer

Xi Tau Xi (Central New Jersey)

Pam Mancino, Theta Tau, President

Anne Molinaro, Theta Chi, Treasurer

“Volunteering for Alpha Chi Omega is one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had for the past 17 years. I have the opportunity to transfer the skills from my corporate career as a bank executive to coaching young women as they are just beginning to hone the leadership skills that will last a lifetime. They are always appreciative of the support I try to provide, and I love watching them grow and develop over their four years with the chapter. And of course, they keep me very up to date and feeling young!”

Xi Chi Xi (Tau Alumnae)

Katelyn Ivey, Tau, President

Lauren Thurmond, Tau, President

Zafyre Sexton, Tau, Treasurer

Hannah Vigil-Shuck, Tau, Treasurer

Xi Omega Xi (Beta Eta Alumnae)

Britain Riley, Beta Eta, President

Nicole Costello, Beta Eta, Treasurer

Omicron Rho Omicron (Montgomery County, TX)

Jaclyn Hamlin, Delta Kappa, President

Stefanie Mulvaney, Iota Pi, Treasurer

Omicron Upsilon Omicron (Delta Zeta Alumnae)

Ashley Williams, Delta Zeta, President

Lindsay Powrozek, Delta Zeta, Treasurer

Omicron Phi Omicron (Zeta Pi Alumnae)

Tami Shaw, Zeta Pi, President

Mary Ellen Howard, Zeta Pi, Treasurer

Omicron Chi Omicron (Coastal Delaware)

Dorothy Woodbury, Delta Theta, President

Sheri Borrin, Epsilon Rho, Treasurer

Omicron Omega Omicron (Grand Forks, ND)

Kendall Brekken, Alpha Pi, President

Lauren Blake, Alpha Pi, Treasurer

Pi Rho Pi (Lehigh Valley, PA)

Cynthia Mazda, Alpha Eta, Alumnae President

Pi Sigma Pi (Stars and Stripes/ Military Alumnae)

Lydia Thornton, Omicron, President

Chelsea Smith, Alpha Omega, Treasurer

Pi Upsilon Pi (Fayetteville, AR)

Jenna Zimmerman, Delta Rho, President

Abigail McMoran, Delta Rho, Treasurer

Pi Chi Pi (Peoria, IL)

Ashley Madden, Zeta Eta, President

Madison Ribordy, Zeta Eta, President

Mary Selburg, Zeta Eta, Treasurer

Pi Psi Pi (Beta Lambda Alumnae)

Jennifer Marsalla, Beta Lambda, President

Jennifer Merkel, Beta Lambda, Treasurer

Pi Omega Pi (Epsilon Chi Alumnae)

Jamison Kies, Epsilon Chi, President

Bonnie Biggs, Epsilon Chi, Treasurer

Dr. Carol Lutz, Epsilon Chi, Treasurer

Rho Sigma Rho (Bossier City, LA)

Cassie Oliver, Beta Psi, President

Lauren Harrell, Beta Psi, Treasurer

Rho Tau Rho (Manhattan, KS)

Alicia Stott, Beta Omega, President

Rachel Klataske, Gamma Zeta, Treasurer

Rho Upsilon Rho (Lexington, KY)

Suzanne Leibee, Delta Omega, President

Marilyn Sears, Delta Omega, Treasurer

Rho Phi Rho (Gamma Omicron Alumnae)

Liz Martin, Gamma Omicron, President

Christine Peterson, Gamma Omicron, Treasurer

Rho Chi Rho (Alumnae Initiates)

Vannia Atao, Iota Alpha, President

Loy Holt, Iota Alpha, Treasurer

Rho Psi Rho (Upsilon Alumnae)

Heather Bean Oyler, Upsilon, President

Faith Cazares, Upsilon, Treasurer

Rho Omega Rho (Hattiesburg, MS)

Mary Charnock, Kappa Sigma, President

Sigma Tau Sigma (Central Massachusetts)

Patricia Darby, Alpha Mu, President

Julie Maccini, Delta Mu, Treasurer

Sigma Phi Sigma (Alpha Omega Alumnae)

Jamye Carpenter, Alpha Omega, President

Lanette Holmes, Alpha Omega, Treasurer

Chelsea Smith, Alpha Omega, Treasurer

Sigma Chi Sigma (The Villages, FL)

JanElise Faulkner, Beta Eta, President

Aggie Steiner, Beta Eta, President

Barbara Kramer, Gamma Lambda, Treasurer

Sigma Psi Sigma (Omega Alumnae)

Carla Pittman, Omega, President

Elizabeth Collins, Omega, Treasurer

Sigma Omega Sigma (Zeta Rho Alumnae)

Chelsea Warner, Zeta Rho, President

Lisa Frost, Zeta Rho, Treasurer



Alpha (DePauw University)

Kelsey Binion, Alpha

Paige Bolander, Alpha

Beta (Albion College)

Olivia Johnson, Beta

Marsha Whitehouse, Beta

Gamma (Northwestern University)

Elizabeth Golden, Zeta Eta

Delta (Allegheny College)

Katherine Beisler, Delta

Epsilon (University of Southern California)

Kara Salmonson, Epsilon

Eta (Bucknell University)

Katelyn Whitty, Zeta Psi

Theta (University of Michigan)

Ashley Glenn, Beta

Denise Poltavski, Beta Chi

Iota (University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign)

Faith Cazares, Upsilon

Kappa (University of Wisconsin –Madison)

Amber Zimmerman, Delta Nu

Lambda (Syracuse University)

Jessica Fishkind, Lambda

Jenn Lykins, Iota Alpha

Nu (University of Colorado Boulder)

Priscilla Varner, Theta Sigma

Xi (University of Nebraska – Lincoln)

Renata Washa, Xi

Omicron (Baker University)

Annie Collins, Omicron

Catey Payne, Omicron

Sarah Peterson Herr, Omicron

Pi (University of California, Berkeley)

Alyssa Leppla, Pi

Rho (University of Washington)

Amanda Rich Anderson, Beta Chi

Andrea Stringer, Rho

Sigma (University of Iowa)

Elaine McCullough, Omicron

Tau (Brenau University)

Elaina Nguyen, Tau

Upsilon (Millikin University)

Emilie Beagle, Upsilon

Phi (University of Kansas)

Alyssa Hoffine, Phi

Chi (Oregon State University)


Psi (The University of Oklahoma)

Shelley Liegl, Theta Iota

Omega (Washington State University)

Christina Randal, Omega

Alpha Beta (Purdue University)

Amy Hill, Alpha Beta

Alpha Gamma (The University of New Mexico)

Allison Mady, Alpha Gamma

Alpha Eta (University of Mount Union)

Melinda Culbertson, Alpha Eta

Alpha Iota (University of Vermont)

Mia Salgado, Alpha Iota

Alpha Kappa (University of Oregon)

Jennifer Hendricks, Delta Omicron

Alpha Lambda (University of Minnesota)

Theresa Ruttger, Alpha Lambda

Alpha Mu (Indiana University)

Lisa Deinlein, Alpha Mu

Alpha Nu (University of Missouri)

Holly Grajera, Delta Omega

Alpha Omicron (The Ohio State University)

Renee Elston Wille, Alpha Omicron

Alpha Pi (University of North Dakota)

Hannah Hasbargen-Cloose, Alpha Pi

Alpha Tau (University of New Hampshire)

Melanie Yates, Alpha Tau

Alpha Upsilon (The University of Alabama)

Caroline Fulmer, Delta Pi

Whitney Hubbard, Alpha Upsilon


Alpha Phi (The University of Texas at Austin)

Kerrie Hughes, Delta Kappa

Alpha Chi (Butler University)

Catherine Geanon, Alpha Chi

Amanda Martel, Alpha Nu

Alpha Psi (UCLA)

Teresa Else, Beta Epsilon

Alpha Omega (BirminghamSouthern College)

Jamye Carpenter, Alpha Omega

Natalie Horsley, Epsilon Zeta

Beta Delta (College of William & Mary)

Allison Jones, Beta Delta

Beta Epsilon (Michigan State University)

Marjann Lawson, Delta Zeta

Beta Eta (Florida State University)

Britain Riley, Beta Eta

Beta Lambda (University of Arizona)

Rachael Ronald, Beta Lambda

Beta Xi (Utah State University)

Tamara Pluth, Delta Upsilon

Beta Omicron (Florida Southern College)

Emily Rinehart Tyre, Beta Omicron

Beta Pi (Washington College)

Caitlyn Creasy, Beta Pi

Julia Zeh, Theta Iota

Beta Rho (American University)

Lauren Evins, Beta Rho

Beta Sigma (University of Georgia)

Kristin Hathaway, Iota Lambda

Beta Tau (Miami University)

Elizabeth Cook, Beta Omega

Anna Spears, Delta Xi

Beta Phi (Bowling Green State University)

Bianca Hicks, Beta Phi

Beta Chi (Willamette University)

Arika Hendren, Alpha Kappa

Beta Psi (Louisiana Tech University)

Hanna Blanchard, Beta Psi

Laura Davidson, Beta Psi

Beta Omega (The University of Toledo)

Meredith Blaine, Beta Omega

Michelle Poeppelmeier, Beta Omega

Gamma Epsilon (Oklahoma State University)

Jamie Feisal, Psi

Gamma Zeta (Kansas State University)

Kristen Philip, Gamma Zeta

Gamma Theta (University of Maryland)

Amy Inglesby, Gamma Theta

Laura Sanders, Delta Xi

Gamma Iota (University of Florida)

Emily Blagg, Kappa Chi

Gamma Mu (Ball State University)

Amy Strasburger, Gamma Mu

Gamma Nu (San Diego State University)

Hillary Wiebe, Gamma Nu

Gamma Xi (Western Michigan University)

Liza Hallsten, Alpha Omega

Gamma Omicron (Marshall University)

Blair Young, Gamma Omicron

Gamma Pi (University of Tampa)

Elizabeth Aaron, Gamma Pi

Gamma Rho (Texas Tech University)

DaLynn Prather, Gamma Rho

Gamma Sigma (The University of Rhode Island)

Pamela Petrarca, Gamma Sigma

“I love volunteering for Alpha Chi Omega because the relationships I’ve built and community that I’ve had the privilege of joining have been expansive to my definition of this sisterhood as well as to my own personhood.

Gamma Tau (Oklahoma City University)


Anna Farha Miller, Delta Chi

Gamma Upsilon (University of Houston)

Jennifer Zuber-Garrison, Gamma Upsilon

Gamma Phi (Lamar University)

Shaina Escobedo-Milan, Gamma Phi

Gamma Chi (Stetson University)

Alexis Ercolani, Gamma Chi

Delta Epsilon (Southeast Missouri State University)

Alarie Ornburn, Delta Chi

Delta Zeta (Central Michigan University)

Ashley Williams, Delta Zeta

Delta Kappa (Sam Houston State University)

Megan Myers, Delta Kappa

Delta Lambda (Ripon College)


Delta Omega (University of Kentucky)

Megan Adams, Zeta Psi

Kimberly Bugg, Iota Kappa

Destiny Oakley, Delta Omega

Epsilon Zeta (Auburn University)

Bonnie Wilson, Epsilon Zeta

Epsilon Eta (Stephen F. Austin State University)

Amanda Southerland, Epsilon Eta

Epsilon Theta (California State University, Sacramento)

Stephanie Hollis Cohen, Theta Pi*

Epsilon Kappa (California State University, Fullerton)

Candice Hill, Epsilon Kappa

Epsilon Lambda (The University of Texas at Arlington)

Nikki Modha, Epsilon Lambda

Delta Mu (University of Massachusetts)

Carissa Lange, Delta

Delta Nu (Iowa State University)

Christine Schaaf, Delta Nu

Delta Omicron (Portland State University)

Becky Brown, Delta Omicron

Alexandra Pear, Alpha Kappa

Delta Pi (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

Alyson Baxter, Delta Pi

Delta Rho (University of Arkansas)

Jessica Hill, Omicron

Delta Tau (Minnesota State University, Mankato)

Jennifer Jones, Delta Tau

Delta Chi (William Woods University)

Chelsea Mansulich, Zeta Psi

Jacquelyn Neuschaefer, Theta Omega

Delta Psi (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Angela Rowe, Beta Mu

Epsilon Nu (Boise State University)

Alexandra Suffa, Epsilon Nu

Epsilon Omicron (Indiana State University)

Laura Hart, Epsilon Omicron

Epsilon Tau (Virginia Tech)

Amy Ostroth, Epsilon Tau

Epsilon Upsilon (Mississippi State University)

Ramona Aasand, Epsilon Upsilon

Sylvia Holley, Iota Alpha

Epsilon Phi (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Roxanna Gandia, Gamma Pi

Epsilon Chi (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Bonnie Biggs, Epsilon Chi

Epsilon Psi (University of California, Irvine)

Cathy Boragno, Delta Sigma

Epsilon Omega (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo)

Angela Freeland, Zeta Eta

*indicates the member is deceased

Zeta Eta (Bradley University)

Meredith Edwards, Iota Omega

Mary Selburg, Zeta Eta

Zeta Theta (Brown University)

Tracey Vasile, Delta Mu

Zeta Lambda (University of Virginia)

Laura Easter, Theta Rho

Zeta Nu (Texas A&M University)

Alyson Vanek, Zeta Nu

Zeta Xi (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Christy McNeal, Zeta Xi

Zeta Omicron (Vanderbilt University)

Rachel Hanebutt, Alpha

Candice Sullivan, Iota Chi

Zeta Pi (Arizona State University)

Stephanie Viboch, Gamma Nu

Zeta Rho (Northwood University)

Julie Warner, Delta Zeta

Zeta Sigma (Missouri State University)

Blair Bepko, Iota Sigma

Robyn Grosenbacher, Zeta Sigma

Zeta Tau (Villanova University)

Amanda Tuttle, Iota Omicron

Zeta Upsilon (Case Western Reserve University)

Cemile Kahveci, Zeta Upsilon

Zeta Phi (Cornell University)

Margot Tohn, Zeta Phi

Zeta Chi (Muhlenberg College)

Molly Nochimson, Zeta Chi

Jessica Yoos, Delta

Zeta Psi (Loyola University New Orleans)

Maegan Pastorello, Beta Psi

Zeta Omega (Western Carolina University)


Theta Iota (Baylor University)

Stephanie Doherty, Theta Iota

Ida Jamshidi, Theta Iota

Marissa Maguire, Iota Pi

Theta Lambda (Clemson University)

Afshan Lakhani, Tau

Theta Omicron (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Isabella Stuopis, Theta Omicron

Theta Pi (University of California, Davis)

Kristal Reynaga, Iota Alpha

Theta Sigma (University of North Florida)

Marie Carmical, Theta Sigma

Theta Tau (Rutgers University)

Laura Eckel, Zeta Xi

Theta Upsilon (University of South Carolina)

Emily Kubilus, Theta Upsilon

Anna Parker, Gamma Chi

Theta Psi (Columbia University)

Megan Roop, Alpha Iota

Theta Omega (Marquette University)

Jaclyn Clark, Zeta Eta

Iota Lambda (Texas Christian University)

Stefani Hoffman, Gamma Rho

Iota Nu (University of California

San Diego)

Joanna Rice, Iota Nu

Iota Xi (University of California, Riverside)

Michelle Merrick, Epsilon Xi

Iota Omicron (University of Lynchburg)

Sharon Davies, Iota Psi

Brooke Henderson, Iota Omicron

Iota Pi (Houston Christian University)

Sonia Venn, Gamma Upsilon

Iota Rho (Loyola University Chicago)

Natalie Stone, Sigma

Iota Sigma (Southern Methodist University)

Lindsey Yost, Delta Kappa

Iota Tau (California State University

San Marcos)

Stacey Wolf, Nu

Iota Phi (Quinnipiac University)

Penny Zamkov, Lambda


Iota Chi (Middle Tennessee State University)

Jessica Lahey, Gamma Zeta

Iota Psi (Elon University)

Elizabeth Dondero, Zeta Lambda

Iota Omega (Carthage College)

Jaclyn Wilks, Iota Omega

Kappa Lambda (University of San Diego)

Whitney Wightman, Kappa Lambda

Kappa Mu (The University of Texas at Tyler)

Michelle Gonzalez, Epsilon Lambda

Kappa Nu (Carnegie Mellon University)

Emily James, Kappa Nu

Kappa Xi (University of West Florida)


Kappa Omicron (High Point University)

Kaleigh Reddick, Zeta Omega

Kappa Pi (University of North Carolina Wilmington)

Jessica Glenn, Kappa Pi

Kappa Rho (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Margaret Curns, Zeta Omega

Carissa Herring, Beta Lambda

Brittany Zacks, Kappa Rho

Kappa Sigma (University of Southern Mississippi)

Allie Grantham, Delta Omicron

Elyssa Klipsch, Kappa Sigma

Kappa Tau (University of Connecticut)

Bry Anderson, Kappa Tau

Shelby Cohen, Kappa Tau

Alessia Satterfield, Xi

Kappa Upsilon (Florida International University)

Angelique Anselme, Kappa Upsilon

Sasha Santti, Kappa Upsilon

Kappa Phi (Loyola Marymount University)

Kyra McCullough, Alpha Psi

Kappa Chi (Florida Gulf Coast University)

Renee Giunta, Lambda

Aubrey Wright, Kappa Chi

Kappa Psi (Western Oregon University)

Lisa Cowan, Beta Chi

Kappa Omega (Indiana University Indianapolis)

Analis Robles, Kappa Omega

Lambda Mu (Trinity College)

Hannah Sullivan, Iota Psi

Lambda Nu (Northeastern University)

Malina Andre, Iota Phi

Lambda Xi (Augusta University)

Melissa Davies, Beta Sigma

Lambda Omicron (Chapman University)

Giselle Nunez, Iota Nu

Kelly Reinberger, Epsilon Omega

Lambda Pi (University of Mississippi)

Tippa Feltman, Theta Kappa


Gamma (Northwestern University)

Kathleen Reese, Iota Psi, President

Karen Aeschlimann, Gamma, Treasurer

Epsilon (University of Southern California)

Meredith Weiss, Epsilon, President

Theta (University of Michigan)

Patrice Swartout, Theta, President

Amy Cell, Theta, Treasurer

Nu (University of Colorado Boulder)

Christine Fitch, Nu, President

Stephanie Curry, Nu, Treasurer

Xi (University of Nebraska – Lincoln)

Kristen Onkka, Xi, President

Nichole Palmer, Xi, President and Treasurer

Amanda Craig, Xi, Treasurer


Omicron (Baker University)

Janice Simpson, Omicron, President

Barbara Kay, Omicron, Treasurer

Rho (University of Washington)

Amanda Daylong, Rho, President

Rebecca Olson, Theta, Treasurer

Sigma (University of Iowa)

Leslie Soule, Sigma, President and Treasurer

Lisa Thirnbeck, Sigma, President

Upsilon (Millikin University)

Crystal Ham, Upsilon, President

Taylor Lowery, Upsilon, Treasurer

Phi (University of Kansas)

Melissa Schoen, Phi, President

Brooke Sorenson, Phi, Treasurer

Psi (The University of Oklahoma)

Siobhan Dixon, Psi, President

Teresa O’Donnell, Psi, President

Sheffra Stauder, Psi, Treasurer

Alpha Beta (Purdue University)

Kelly Taulman-Allen, Alpha Beta, President

Kristen McCain, Alpha Beta, Treasurer

Alpha Eta (University of Mount Union)

Cathi Friend, Alpha Eta, President

Marilyn Ruff, Alpha Eta, Treasurer

Alpha Iota (University of Vermont)

Beth Bradley, Alpha Iota, President

Kristin Cook, Alpha Iota, President

Katie Nunn, Alpha Iota, Treasurer

Alpha Lambda (University of Minnesota)

Erica Giorgi, Alpha Lambda, President

Jillian Nowry, Alpha Lambda, Treasurer

Alpha Mu (Indiana University)

Judith Downey, Alpha Mu, President

Susan McGlasson, Alpha Mu, President

Susan Cieply, Alpha, Treasurer

Alpha Nu (University of Missouri)

Julie Abeln, Alpha Nu, President

Karen Neylon, Alpha Nu, Treasurer

Alpha Omicron (The Ohio State University)

Jennifer Healy, Alpha Omicron, President

Natalie Pantalos, Alpha Omicron, Treasurer

Kaleigh Patrick, Alpha Omicron, Treasurer

Alpha Upsilon (The University of Alabama)

Janet Crowder, Alpha Upsilon, President

Sunee Lavender, Alpha Upsilon, Treasurer

Alpha Phi (The University of Texas at Austin)

Gregory Noack, Alpha Phi, President and Treasurer

Alpha Chi (Butler University)

Audrey Streitz, Alpha Chi, President

Jacquelyn Dunivan, Alpha Chi, Treasurer

Lauren Jones, Alpha Chi, Treasurer

“[Volunteering is] a wonderful opportunity to learn from my peer alumnae and thrilling to see the collegians go out in the world with new skills. I love that I can volunteer in a variety of ways with Alpha Chi Omega from the Capstone program to the Investment Committee to local chapters during recruitment.”

Alpha Psi (UCLA)

Ellen Katzenstein, Alpha Psi, President

Claire Brownie, Alpha Psi, Treasurer

Beta Epsilon (Michigan State University)

Melody Hasselback, Delta Zeta, President

Karen Jurgensen, Beta Epsilon, Treasurer

Renee Suchara, Beta Epsilon, Treasurer

Beta Xi (Utah State University)

Kacie De Jong, Beta Xi, President

Tiffany Evans, Beta Xi, Treasurer

Beta Psi (Louisiana Tech University)

Paige Smith, Beta Psi, President

Meghan Davis, Beta Psi, Treasurer

Gamma Epsilon (Oklahoma State University)

Katelynn Bass, Gamma Epsilon, President

Tara Hasenpflug, Gamma Epsilon, President

Leigh Higgins, Gamma Epsilon, Treasurer

Gamma Zeta (Kansas State University)

Sara Smith, Gamma Zeta, President

Jessica Jackson, Gamma Zeta, Treasurer

Gamma Iota (University of Florida)

Brittany Lee, Gamma Iota, President

Ashley Spicola, Gamma Iota, Treasurer

Gamma Nu (San Diego State University)

Kimberly Goar, Gamma Nu, President

Caitlin Stutz, Gamma Nu, Treasurer

Gamma Xi (Western Michigan University)

Paula Bridges, Gamma Xi, President

Susan Copeland, Delta Zeta, Treasurer

Gamma Rho (Texas Tech University)

Sara Crow, Gamma Rho, President

Suzanne Kitten, Gamma Zeta, President

Brittany Todd, Alpha Upsilon, Treasurer

Gamma Upsilon (University of Houston)

Kristin Foteh, Gamma Upsilon, President

Mary Gregory, Gamma Phi, Treasurer

Delta Nu (Iowa State University)

Rozanne King, Delta Nu, President

Cheryl Schloerke, Delta Nu, Treasurer

Delta Psi (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Audry Nafziger, Delta Psi, President

Diane Gulotti, Delta Psi, Treasurer

Epsilon Kappa (California State University, Fullerton)

Deborah Clark, Epsilon Kappa, President

Kimberlee Grime, Epsilon Kappa, Treasurer

Epsilon Lambda (The University of Texas at Arlington)

JoAnn Eubank, Epsilon Lambda, President

Laura Green, Gamma Rho, President

Alyse Bilardi, Epsilon Lambda, Treasurer

Lauran Casteel, Epsilon Lambda, Treasurer

Epsilon Nu (Boise State University)

Nikki Hampton, Epsilon Nu, President

Anne Meisenheimer, Epsilon Nu, Treasurer

Theta Omicron (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Catherine Higgins, Theta Omicron, President

Erin Ibarra, Theta Omicron, Treasurer


We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the work of our volunteers who continue to show up for our collegians, our alumnae and each other.

Thank you!


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