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"Why I Give" by Diann Mann


"Never Again" Holocaust Survivors Benefit


"No Excuse for Abuse" Virtual Evening







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Ilene Goldstein Jane Lampert John Stern

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Danielle Lustman, Director of Marketing & Communications

MANAGING EDITOR/FEATURE WRITER: Nina Glaser, Communications Coordinator


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Belinda Lasky, Director of Volunteer Leadership

This Issue of Transformations is dedicated to the memory of

Vivienne Felberman Ivry z"l JANUARY 13, 1955 - DECEMBER 25, 2020

Vivienne Ivry’s big, warm heart touched and transformed many lives. She leaves behind a rich legacy of kindness and philanthropy around the corner and around the world.

A champion of many causes, Vivienne’s recent involvement includes serving as the vice president of our 2020-2021 Board, as a member of our 17th Annual “No Excuse for Abuse” virtual evening host committee (an event of which she was a past co-chair), co-chairing the 2nd Annual “Never Again Holocaust Survivors Benefit” committee, and membership in our Fund Development committee. She was also a long-standing member of Alpert JFS’ Chai Society, and her Legacy gift will help to ensure that the programs and services she supported at the agency will have long-lasting, positive effects.

As Board President Zelda Mason shared, “Vivienne was an

“A woman of valor

extraordinary, kind, and caring woman. She was devoted to Alpert JFS

who can find? For

in so many ways. Her passing is a huge loss to our organization and the community."

her price is far above rubies.”

“It is almost impossible to remember Vivienne without thinking of her

Proverbs 31:10

calendar filled with meetings and activities related to the charities that she so deeply loved," Alpert JFS Clinical Director Dr. Elaine Rotenberg said of her friend of more than two decades. "She meant so much to so many, including me, and really made a difference.’”

Another long-time friend, Claire Levine, shared her memories in the following heartfelt expression: “I remember Vivienne every single day, in so many ways: in my home, in daily life, she is with me; in little Australian souvenirs and in the flowering pots she shared. I will always remember her.”

The gifts of time, talent, and compassion that Vivienne shared with us knew no bounds. She will be greatly missed by the Executive Committee, Board, Administration, and Staff of Alpert JFS.

May the memory of our dear friend and community leader be for a blessing.

Winter / Spring 2021 |Transformations


A Message from the President ZELDA MASON Dear Friends,

As l sat with a blank piece of paper before me, settling in to write this message, the thing that I kept thinking about was how clichés have taken on a whole new meaning since the pandemic began. As a former teacher, it struck me as ironic, and more than a bit amusing, how accurate these overused and, frankly, irritating expressions portray our “new normal”!

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” “G-d doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

As a county, a state, and a nation, our mettle has been tested in so many ways. We have dealt with challenges in virtually every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional. People have had to face food insecurity, joblessness, financial strain, and more. The simple things in life -– working, shopping, and traveling -- have been fundamentally altered in ways we may never have imagined. And yet, we go on, moving forward. As individuals, and as a community. Especially as a community.

We have dug deep to find just how determined we can be in helping each other. All around us, feats of courage and strength of spirit have been displayed. The front-line professionals at Alpert JFS braved inperson meetings with those who are depending on them. Those able to work remotely helped the Holocaust survivors in our midst adapt to technology so that they, too, could remain connected.

We are a people of resolve and resilience. It is who we are; it is how we are. Doing what is right and just -– for ourselves and our families -- is part of our history.

I am so proud of what we have accomplished in 2020. . .and what we are poised to accomplish together in 2021. We will continue to help people during the most challenging times of their lives. We will care for and learn from each other, grow to new heights of compassion, and build our community back stronger than ever!

Warm regards,

Zelda Mason


Winter / Spring 2021 |Transformations

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

A Message from the CEO

Dear Neighbors,


On my way to work recently, I saw a beautiful rainbow. Reflexively, I started to sing “Over the Rainbow,” from “The Wizard of Oz.”

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high There’s a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream, Really do come true. The lyrics of the song were written by Isidore Hochberg, a Yiddish-speaking Orthodox Jew. The music was composed by another Jewish person, Chaim Arluck (better known as Harold Arlen), whose family had immigrated from Lithuania.

Someday I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me. Where troubles melt like lemon drops, high above the chimney tops, that’s where you’ll find me. The COVID-19 global pandemic has been like a large cloud covering all of our lives for such a long time. I hope and pray for the day when we can leave our homes and be together again, enjoying lemon drops, fine dining, the beach, Broadway shows, sporting events, and all of the things that we love to do.

Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly, birds fly over the rainbow Why then, oh why can’t I? If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow Why, oh why can’t I? Perhaps our bluebird is here, in the form of the vaccine. The Pfizer logo is a combination of two beautiful shades of blue, reminiscent of two birds taking flight. The Moderna logo underlines its letters in blue. The Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder that I once used for my children, was poured from a white bottle with blue lettering. Flying like bluebirds (in airplanes) may soon be on our horizon again.

“Over the Rainbow” is a song of anxiety and hope. It is hope that we must continue to cling to. We will move from where we are to where we will be not in black and white, but in color. I imagine that all the colors of the rainbow will emerge gradually, with life looking lighter and brighter as we move forward.

The end of everyone’s rainbow may be different, but I know that we will all be enjoying life more fully again soon. . .and finding our own theme songs to sing.


Marc D. Hopin

Winter / Spring 2021 |Transformations


New Program Puts the Focus on Recovery Through a Jewish Lens Alpert JFS's “Jewish Addiction Outreach & Support”

. . .Starting a Conversation About Substance Use

program, has been assisting family members of a loved one afflicted by addiction for a number of years. Now,

If we throw away the notion of “taboo” topics,

this vibrant and successful initiative -- the only one of

talking about them openly and honestly, imagine the

its kind in our community -- has expanded its footprint,

impact we might have on the understanding of and

with a new niche program: “Jews in Recovery,” a

knowledge about drugs and alcohol among the

support group that launched in February. Facilitated

younger members of our community!

by addiction specialists Dr. Rebecca Marcus Wheeler, LCSW, MCAP, and Michael Gans, MSW, LCSW, Ph. Dc,

In January, Dr. Wheeler met with sixth, seventh, and

it offers a broader option for those looking for post-

eighth-graders at the Arthur I. Meyer Jewish

treatment and/or post-rehab support.

Preparatory School for a “Healthy Choices and Drug Awareness Conversation.” The goal: to break

Dr. Wheeler focuses on empowering her clients, inviting

down the myths, identify truths, and have a

them to find their truths, clarifying their past, and

conversation about alcohol and other substances,

learning to communicate in a way that helps them love

the better for students to make conscious choices

and be loved. She has worked within a variety of

that are in their best interests.

settings, including hospitals, treatment facilities, community mental health centers, and universities.

A number of questions surrounding the myths about

Dr. Wheeler’s approach is collaborative and kind,

marijuana, cigars, and vaping, along with current

allowing each client to acknowledge and engage in

trends were raised, leading to an engaging

creating their desired life. She is currently a member of

discussion steered by the teens.

the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and is a Master’s-Certified Addiction Professional (MCAP).

“I am hopeful that the open dialogue sparked by students’ increasing comfort level will continue at

Gans has more than 30 years of experience and training in a variety of treatment settings and modalities in the field of Substance Use and Addiction. He is a trauma-informed individual and group therapist who specializes in issues facing modern-day Jewry, such as the legacy of the Holocaust, the transference of trauma, anti-Semitism, and Jewish spirituality. Gans is also a member of the IASWG (International Association of Social Workers in Groups) and NASW (National Association of Social Workers).

As we realize that it is never too early to provide educational workshops on the subject, January presented an opportunity surrounding. . .


Winter / Spring 2021 |Transformations

home with family, and in school," said Dr. Wheeler.

To learn more about these programs, phone Alpert JFS Jewish Addiction Outreach & Support Program Director Carolyn Yasuna at 561-762-9707 or email


The Alp ert Pan JFS try Kos pro her vid Foo es p for d rov peo isio thro ple ns in n ugh eed out hol the ida yea y fo r, a o d b tim nd ask es a ets yea t h r r ee Ros : Pa h H sso Tha ash ver , ana nks giv h a ing nd us b . Yo y co u c an o r d hel driv ina p es o ting r co foo d llec hou tion seh s o old f sta Phone ple s ! Bel

lists oinda Lask y for f nee ti d 5 Belind61-713-189 ed items ps and a 3 or e a.Las mail t ky@Al pertJ FS.or g.

Winter / Spring 2021 |Transformations


Everyone Everyone Learns Learns During During Virtual Virtual Holocaust Holocaust Education Education Programs Programs The Alpert JFS Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program has been educating the community about the Shoah for more than 25 years. A large part of this knowledge-sharing is done through participating Holocaust survivors working with schools in the area to share their stories. Students of myriad ages and backgrounds get to experience meeting an actual survivor.

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, classes in elementary, middle, and high schools were able to interact in-person with Holocaust survivors, asking questions, and having the ability to reach out, share a hug, or a moment of realization that served to validate survivors’ experiences. Though many survivors are staying home for safety’s sake during the pandemic, they were not about to let Holocaust education in local schools take a hiatus.

The Holocaust Education program is very much a team effort. Each experience is extraordinarily personal, with a great deal of interaction between the Holocaust care team and the schools, as well as the team and survivors, along with the survivors and students. Maintaining respect for and ensuring the dignity of each survivor participating is a top priority every step of the way.

“Thank you so much for assisting Ms. Jones and booking Mr. Bodrogi to share his experiences and wisdom

At the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, a number of Holocaust survivors merged technology with the heart and soul of their mission to promote “Never Again,” telling their stories via Zoom. They worked to overcome technological challenges with practical assistance offered by their care managers, who provided emotional support throughout the process.

George Bodrogi spoke to an audience from Suncoast Community High School, sharing his experience of being hidden, aided by Raoul Wallenberg.


Winter / Spring 2021 |Transformations

with our students,” said Librarian Amy Armbruster. "My favorite quote from his presentation: 'If you’re good to each other, life will be good.'”

Max Markovitz and his wife speak with Meyer Prep students via Zoom

Mary Ellen Richichi teaches five Holocaust Elective

This education before the education is a very

Semester classes to seventh and eighth graders at

important part of the process, aiming to put

Independence Middle School. Students recently

both students and survivors at ease.

connected virtually with George Loewenstein and Jack Abramowitz to hear their narratives. Prior to the

Recently, Max Markovitz, Etta Ostrer, and

meeting, students had the guest speakers’

Jack Abramowitz each presented to a group.

biographies so they could write and share questions

Markovitz's experience included a roundup with

they would like answered.

other Jewish families for temporary re-housing in a ghetto prior to transport from

“The Holocaust survivors’ stories are so educational

Czechoslovakia to Auschwitz-Birkenau,

and well-told that my classes get to immerse

without food or sanitation. He told the students

themselves in a historical moment to be cherished

that he maintained a “be positive and strong,

and remembered,” said Richichi. “They realize that my

survive under any circumstance” attitude,

class might be the only opportunity for them to meet

despite the fact that “each day felt like a

a survivor, and a bond is created that continues past

month.” While only receiving small food rations

the presentation. They continually ask how the

that were largely devoid of nutrients, he

presenters are doing, having internalized empathy

survived, fed by hope and his pride in Judaism.

and compassion for the survivors and the elderly,” she concluded.

The students from all the schools often send thank you notes, resulting in treasured

Part of the educational experience for her

“refrigerator art” in survivors’ homes.

Holocaust/Human Rights Studies students is designing digital artwork that honors

The Holocaust Education Program is a win-win

Holocaust victims.

for everyone involved, providing survivors with much-needed acknowledgment of their

The Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Preparatory School

experiences, and teaching students about this

(Meyer Prep) has a long history of Holocaust

important time in history.

Education programming and has been collaborating with Alpert JFS for a number of years.

The process

begins with Holocaust care managers meeting with staff ahead of the survivors’ presentations to get a baseline of the understanding of the audience(s)

To learn more about the Holocaust Survivors Assistance program, visit for-seniors-holocaust-survivors-assistance.

and to prepare students.

Winter / Spring 2021 |Transformations


Virtual Virtual Events Events Break Break Attendance Attendance Records... Records... “Never Again” Holocaust Survivors Benefit Raises Funds to Further Aging in Place and More!

One-on-one with Matthew Orton and Marc Hopin

In December, we held our 2nd Annual “Never Again” Holocaust Survivors Benefit, chaired by Sheila Engelstein, Vivienne Ivry z”l, and Zelda Mason.

Event sponsors were Gayle & Paul Gross, Amicable Home Health Care, Sheila Engelstein, NEXT GENERATIONS and Plastridge Insurance. The event honored John C. "Skip" Randolph and Margaret "Maggie" Zeidman, chair and vice-chair, respectively, of the Palm Beach Fellowship of Christians & Jews. They were recognized for their work in providing guidance felt throughout the community by promoting and living the concepts of respectful dialogue and civil interaction among people of all faiths who want to make the community a better place.

who wrote and co-produced the cinematic thriller “Operation Finale,” was interviewed by Alpert CEO Marc Hopin; Alpert JFS Care Manager Eva Weiss had

“Skip and Maggie lead the efforts of the grassroots organization dedicated to promoting fellowship, understanding, and respect among all religions and cultures, to build bridges and open doors to better communication and mutual respect," said Mason. "Because they care, our community is a better place for people of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds. Their actions of living the concepts of respectful and civil dialogue are inspiring and enlightening.”

Event Co-Chairs Sheila Engelstein, Vivienne Ivry z”l, and Zelda Mason


At the event, featured guest speaker Matthew Orton,

Winter / Spring 2021 |Transformations

a conversation with Holocaust survivor Fannie Slonim, a client of the agency’s Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program for the past 10 years, about her wartime experiences, and the support she has received; and Ash Soular’s music video of her original song, “Never Again,” was shown.

For more information about Alpert JFS’ Holocaust Survivors Assistance program, please visit

In this most unusual year of unprecedented challenges, we invited the community to two free virtual events. This enabled us to reach more people, and share who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We asked our friends and neighbors to help us raise $360,000 for our 2020-2021 Annual Campaign in connection with these virtual evenings.

Event Co-chairs Judith Rosenberg, Diann Mann, and Ilene Goldstein

Elizabeth Smart Headlines 17th Annual "No Excuse for Abuse," a Virtual Evening Alpert JFS’s “No Excuse for Abuse” event, an eagerly

The Livestream event featured two survivors of

anticipated annual signature program of the agency,

domestic abuse who shared their stories of

was held in February with abduction survivor-turned-

successfully making the journey from darkness to

advocate and author Elizabeth Smart the keynote

light, statistics, and current trends relating to

speaker. Ilene Goldstein, Diann Mann, and Judith

domestic abuse. Additionally, Carol Shubs, a

Rosenberg co-chaired the event for the third year in a

co-chair of The KOLOT (Hebrew for “voices”)

row, with Barbara and Peter Sidel serving as emcees.

Committee, with Karen Berkner, that works to end abuse and encourage help-seeking through awareness and education, announced the

Title Sponsor Bronze Sponsors

Zelda Mason Platinum Sponsors Nancy and Joel Hart Diann and Thomas Mann Minto Foundation, Inc. Judith and Jack Rosenberg

Amicable Home Health Care

Poster & Poetry Contest.” Entries came from

The Honorable Ann W. Brown

Jewish student artists and poets in elementary,

Sheila Engelstein Steve and Marsha Funk Linda and Raymond L. Golden Mitchell I. Kitroser, PA

Silver Sponsors ComForCare Home Care Jane and Arnold Lampert Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith, PLLC Barbara and Peter Sidel

winners of the 8th Annual “No Excuse for Abuse

Marsh & McLennan Agency

middle, and high school, relating to bullying; teen dating abuse; healthy relationships; and emotional, verbal, or physical abuse. Smart’s presentation was followed by a riveting Q&A between her and Susan Shulman Pertnoy.

Mutual of America Financial Group Susan Shulman Pertnoy and Ron Pertnoy Plastridge Insurance

8th Annual "No Excuse for Abuse" Poster & Poetry Contest WINNERS

Naomi Carmel

The abduction of Smart was one of the most followed children abduction cases of our time. During her nine months in captivity, she was controlled by her kidnappers, who threatened her and her family’s lives if

Laura Friedman

Sammie Charney

Eva Royer

Sara Cumerma

Alec Sonne

Aili DeLisi

Joseph Strauss

Eva Fauci

Logan Wannos Madison Witten

she tried to escape. Since her traumatic experience, Smart has become an advocate for change and promoted The National AMBER Alert, The Adam Walsh Child Protection & Safety Act, and other safety legislation to help prevent abductions.

Sara Walsh, Director of Domestic Abuse Program at Alpert JFS with ComForCare Home Care’s Scott Greenberg, who promoted the event on his podcast, "I'm Getting Older...And So Is My Mom!"

If you -- or someone you know -- needs help identifying abuse, creating a personalized safety plan, or learning about domestic abuse resources, visit for-adults/domestic-abuse-support or phone 561-684-1991.

Winter / Spring 2021 |Transformations


“I volunteer because it gives me such great pleasure,” said Fish. “I like to keep the residents informed about what is going on in the world, so they understand what they are seeing on the news and their place in the world."

Interactive, engaging activities like crafting,

"I love volunteering and giving back to the

flower arranging, challah baking, Torah study, and

community," said Lanthier. "It is so gratifying to give

music trivia have been available to residents of

the residents a double dose of happiness; engaging

the Melvin J. & Claire Levine Jewish Residential &

with each other and learning a new activity!"

Family Service (Levine JRFS) Group Homes and Apartments for many years. Our incredible

Ilene Goldstein teaches challah baking, sharing

volunteers and the residents looked forward to

information about the traditions of the ceremonial

regularly scheduled interfaces. . .until COVID-19.

bread, and Linda Salzman leads craft-making. The residents are able to leave the sessions with an

Ralph Pittman, Levine JRFS Activities Director and

example of “the fruits of their labor,” from a bouquet

Belinda Lasky, Ferd & Gladys Alpert Jewish Family

to craft, and braided, baked challah.

Service (Alpert JFS) Director of Volunteer Leadership decided to swing at a new way to

Each week, apartment program residents meet

have volunteers lead their programs online.

virtually with Arnold Fish. He engages the group in a

Putting their heads together, while leading with

conversation about current events, science, history,

their hearts, they devised a plan to continue

and more.

providing activities via Zoom. Phylis Newman and Ira Hochman also Zoom Lasky coordinates volunteer schedules and serves

with the apartment program residents, steering

as the technology person to ensure access to the

discussions on Israel, Jewish life, and legal issues.

programs on the platform. Thanks to technology,

Rabbi Bernie Eisenman meets with residents twice a

the residents are able to participate while socially

month, sharing his wisdom through Torah study.

distanced and observing safety protocols at the

Everyone looks forward to the sessions, especially

apartment program Activity Center and the two

before each Jewish holiday.

Group Homes. Some residents even join in from the comfort of their own apartments!

With Wes Skerven as the newly appointed Director of Residential Services, the program will surely grow in

Pittman connects with volunteers to coordinate

the months ahead. He is dedicated to engaging

activities and purchase necessary supplies. He

residents and improving their lives.

buys flowers and vases for the monthly flower arranging session with Dany Lanthier and delivers them to each location.


Winter / Spring 2021 |Transformations

If you -– or someone you know -– would like to be a Residential Program volunteer, please email

“Mental Health First Aid,” the nationally renowned

Thanks to grants from Palm Health Foundation,

evidence-based training course, was recently

Florida Blue Foundation, Palm Beach County

experienced by participants from Bethesda Nursing

Behavioral Health Coalition, in partnership with

School, AmeriCorps volunteers, the Breakers Hotel,

SAMHSA, and OD2A (Overdose Data 2 Action),

Palm Beach County Bar Association, and Alpert JFS

residents living in vulnerable communities, first

staff (which boasts four internal trainers, as well as

responders, veterans, public safety personnel,

many employees trained from our office), and

firefighters, and those working in addiction

supporters. As a result, these new Mental Health First

recovery can be trained to help family, friends,

Aiders joined a network of more than two million

and neighbors with mental health challenges.

individuals nationally who have made the commitment to be the difference in the lives of friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and the public, assessing situations, offering nonjudgmental support, reassuring, giving hope to and encouraging appropriate professional assistance for those experiencing a mental health challenge, or having a crisis.

“Many people with mental illness are reluctant to seek help or know

where to turn

for care, while their friends and family members may struggle to know when and how to help,” said Alpert JFS

The virtual classes deliver practical, realistic activities

Clinical Director Dr. Elaine Rotenberg.

that build upon each other, to provide participants with an understanding of the impact that mental illness has on individuals and families. The online format includes two hours of self-paced independent classwork followed by interactive Zoom instruction for up to 20 people at a time.

"I am proud to be certified as an Adult Mental Health First Aider," said Bruce Blitman, Esq., who attended the Palm Beach Bar Association exclusive presentation. "I believe that this important course has provided me with the tools, resources, and confidence that I will need to provide initial help to someone experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge.”

“Mental Health First Aid training teaches people how to begin a conversation with someone who appears to be facing a mental health or substance use issue and, most importantly, in a non-judgmental way, provides support and encouragement so they can get the assistance they need,” Rotenberg concluded.

“I am proud to say that Alpert JFS is the hub for MHFA training in Palm Beach County, and delighted to share that I have personally taught 129 classes and more than 3,700 participants,” said Director of Community Outreach/Mental Health First Aid Cindy Wides. “Just as CPR training helps us assist those experiencing a health crisis, Mental Health First Aid training helps us help people with mental health challenges. What a wonderful world it would be if there was no stigma attached to mental illness and substance use abuse so that those affected felt comfortable seeking help and support.”

To learn how you can be a lifeline to friends, family, colleagues, and others visit, phone 561-238-0251, or email Alpert JFS MHFA Trainers (top to bottom, left to right): Cindy Wides, Ellie Hart, Carolyn Yasuna, and Jennifer DiSilvestro

Winter / Spring 2021 |Transformations


The Melvin J. & Claire Levine

LifePlanning® Program


For Families With a Loved One With a Disability


at Ferd & Gladys Alpert Jewish Family Service






Building on the success of the annual Jewish Disability Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill, the Network of Jewish Human Services Agencies (NJHSA) and the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) formed a partnership to designate February as Jewish Disability Advocacy Month. Virtual education and community-building experiences to fight the stigma surrounding


Director of LifePlanning(R) Tami Lustig (left); Mitchell I. Kitroser, March's Featured Guest speaker (right)

people with disabilities and promote opportunities for full inclusion were presented. The goal: breaking down barriers and encouraging maximum independence, and inspiring advocacy and action.

Richard Friedkin of Friedkin Associates, LLC was the featured speaker on January’s LifePlanning® Zoom to help attendees better understand Social Security disability benefits. February’s “How

We were proud to participate in the initiative,

Assistive Technology Tools Can Facilitate Daily

standing, as always, in solidarity-building and

Life Across the Lifespan, Including School, Work,

support of people with disabilities through our

and Home” was presented by Ana Nevares, from

Melvin J. and Claire Levine LifePlanning® program.

the Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and

A part of the Jewish Disability Network (JDN), a

Technology (FAAST). She shared how an

collaborative initiative of Jewish agencies,

improvement in functional capabilities serves to

organizations, and synagogues working together

increase independence. Mitchell I. Kitroser, of

to create an inclusive, embracing Jewish

Kitroser & Associates, will present "The

community for people with disabilities and their

Importance of Legal Planning" on March 31, 2021.

families, LifePlanning® offers education, advocacy, confidential consultation, and

Other topics soon to be presented, with doors

emotional support to families of all faiths with a

(virtual or otherwise) wide open to the community,

loved one of any age with any disability, with an

include “Home & Community-Based Services,”

emphasis on improving quality-of-life and planning

“Education: Secondary Transition Services

for the future.

and Post-High School Options,” “Finding Meaningful & Gainful Employment,” “Caring for the Caregiver,” and “Recreation, Socialization,

Featured Guest Speaker at February Workshop, Ana Nevares

and Independence Skills."

For more information, visit, or contact Director of LifePlanning® Tami Lustig, MSW at 561-713-1917 or

Additional free workshops scheduled for the calendar year include: • May 5 – “The ABLE Act & Special Needs Trusts” • June 9 – “Relationships, Boundaries & Online Safety” • July 14 – “Medicaid Waivers and iBudget” • August 19 – “Being the Best Advocate for You and Your Family” • October 6 – "Mental Health First Aid Training”


Winter / Spring 2021 |Transformations



Why I Give My passion for giving back began as a young married woman when I attended a meeting of the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) and heard a presentation about domestic abuse. The presenter was the former wife of a prominent Chicago politician, who was abused from the time of their marriage.

I listened in awe, as she

recounted her story of abuse. He inflicted marks

I have served on a number of boards and am

on her body but was careful to place them where

currently Alpert JFS Secretary. Additionally, I was

they would not show. She gathered the courage to

co-chair of the KOLOT (Hebrew for “voices”)

tell her family about the situation, but they refused

® with Ilene Goldstein, a Coalition for many years,

to believe her. She fled with her children, her purse,

group that I am still involved with as a committee

and the keys to what would be her former home

member, proudly supporting its mission to end abuse

after her husband went after their 12-year-old

and encourage help-seeking. I was a member of the

daughter. I returned to my home in Cleveland to

Jewish Women’s Foundation in West Palm Beach

my caring husband, Tom, who listened to my

when a grant was awarded to Alpert JFS for its

recounting of what I had heard. My world was a

excellent “Relationships and Decisions Teen Trainer

stark contrast to the woman whose life was

Program.” I am so happy to see that the peer-to-

upended by domestic violence.

peer program has grown and flourished!

This domestic abuse survivor became a

I am proud to share that I have been a co-chair of

motivational speaker, in large part, because of the

the Alpert JFS “No Excuse for Abuse” event for the

support she received from her local Jewish Family

past three years, with Ilene Goldstein and

Service. They took the time to care for her, train her

Judith Rosenberg. Together we have raised

for the workforce, and find her and the children a

awareness and funds for the programs and services

place to live. Her story affected me deeply, and I

of Alpert JFS. This nonprofit is, in my opinion, the

became involved with working to end the cycle of

best in the county, with the best board that I have

abuse, helping establish a Jewish shelter in

been on. I am happy to tout the merits of the

Cleveland. Through this work, I learned that there

agency’s 29 programs as often as I can.

was a lot of abuse among the Jewish community.

Wherever we lived, whether Cleveland, OH or Jackson, WY and, now, in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Tom and I have made it our business to help. In each city, we have encountered victims of domestic abuse within our social circle, including a close friend who was the wife of a prominent doctor. He was rude to women, and physically abused her and their son when he drank.

“Charitable giving has become a lifelong passion for Diann and me,” said Tom Mann. “Unfortunately, we have personally seen the hurt and humiliation suffered by women abused by significant others. Our first-hand knowledge of the intimidation and

I give because I care.

Diann Mann To join Diann Mann in supporting the work of Alpert JFS, visit, send a check (payable to “Alpert JFS") to P.O. Box 220627, West Palm Beach, FL 33422, email Kelley Whiter, J.D., Chief Development Officer, at, or phone 561-684-1991.

terror inflicted make us all the more ready to help.”

Winter / Spring 2021 |Transformations






Ferd & Gladys Alpert Jewish Family Service PO Box 220627 West Palm Beach, FL 33422


Ensure Ensure the the Future Future of of H Human uman Services Services for for the the Jewish Jewish Community Community

When you remember Ferd & Gladys Alpert Jewish Family Service in your will, trust, retirement account, or life insurance policy, the programs, and services that you are passionate about will live on for generations to come.

Contact Alpert JFS Chief Development Officer Kelley Whiter, J.D. at to start a conversation and learn more.

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