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The Vision of Esdra illustrations by Anthony Lombardi

Esdra moves permanently to Israel after his Aliyah. He finds a job as a programmer and lives with his wife and child in Ashkelon.

He leads a simple but honest life among his work, family and friends.

One evening, during a SKYPE video call to his parents in Russia, he is interrupted by the voice of God.

After initial suspicion in what happened, he decides to talk to his wife and friends. They claim he is overworked and don’t believe him.

God: Why has my creation forgotten me? I feel like a widow with many lost children. Here is what I’ll do: You go and tell them again that I will give them the eternal kingdom of Jerusalem. You tell them that my eternal promise remains good.

Soon after, while driving the car to work, the radio broadcast is interrupted.

Receive the gift that is given you, and be glad. See the people who have professed the name of God in the world.

The angel Uriel appears. Esdras pulls to the side of the road and turns off the radio.

Behold the number of those that have departed from the shadow of the world, taken off the mortal clothing, and put on the immortal garments of the Lord.

I don’t understand a word of what you’re saying. But let me ask you a question.

Why is there so much evil and suffering on the earth?

Thy heart hath gone far in this world, and now thinkest thou to comprehend the way of the most High?

Ok. I get your point but I still think it would have been better for everybody if man had not been created in the first place.

What is man is able to do, that thou shouldest ask such things of me? How should thy vessel be able to comprehend the world being now outwardly corrupted in my sight?

Man understands nothing but that which is upon the earth. Only he that dwelleth above may understand the things that are above the heavens.

I leave thee now. The more thou searchest, the more thou shalt marvel; for the world is fast to pass away and evil will be cast out of the earth.

Esdra: Please! Before you go, just let me know when and where it will happen.

Pray thee and fast for seven days.

Esdra had problems coping with his vision.

This is the first of three visions that esdra had. The story is an adaptation of The Apololypse of Esdra with illustrations by Anthony Lombardi. Completed in September 2012. All rights reserved

The Vision of Esdra  

One of three visions of Esdra from the apocalyptic book ESDRAS 2 (or ESDRAS 4) Illustrations by Anthony Lombardi (full version to follow)

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