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A PICK YOUR OWN POUR BOOK By: Allie Merrick NW Wine Correspondent


“How was your day?” Allie asked. “Long,” Peter replied with a sigh. “Agreed,”said Allie while placing a corkscrew in Peter’s hand. With an expression of approval, Peter asked, “What are you in the mood for?” Allie grinned and walked toward the door to the cellar.


Staring at a wall of wine, Allie said nothing as her gaze felt its way across each label. Peter thought it was silly to ask, as he knew what her favorite wine was. However, to be polite and avoid assumption, which got him into trouble more often than not, he asked, “Pinot Noir?” If you’d like Allie to say YES, turn to page 3. If you’d like Allie to say NO, turn to page 4.


“That’s a silly question, Peter. You know I love Pinot,” Allie remarked with a tone of voice that revealed her frustration with the ridiculous question. Moments like these reminded Peter that he would never understand women. He grabbed a bottle of wine from the shelf and read the label aloud, “AlexEli 2010 Pinot Noir. It’s estate grown & estate bottled.” Allie quickly replied, “You think I don’t know that? I visited the winery not long ago.” “Did you know it’s Oregon’s first Kosher wine?” Peter replied even quicker. “No. I didn’t know that. Very cool.” Allie bowed before Peter with a smile. Proud of his ability to put her in check, Peter strutted away and up the stairs toward the china cabinet for stemware with the bottle in hand and a gratifying smile on his face. THE END Click

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“Pinot Noir? Perhaps,” Allie answered without really giving an answer. “I’m not sure if I’m in the mood.” “In the mood?!” Peter exclaimed after a long day that was becoming even longer. “You’re ALWAYS in the mood for Pinot. It’s your favorite!” “You’re right that it’s my favorite, but I’m not always in the mood for it. It’s just like you are my favorite guy, but I’m not always in the mood for...” “I got it,” Peter interrupted. “ Just pick something else. What are you in the mood for?” If you’d like Allie to choose SOMETHING RED, turn to page 5. If you’d like Allie to choose SOMETHING ELSE, turn to page 9.


“How about something red, but not Pinot?” Allie said this as if she’d given an obvious answer. “You do know that criteria still leaves us with more than a few options.” Peter, who was more than ready for a glass of wine at that point, gave Allie a few less options to make coming to a decision easier. “Let’s do something a bit different. Forget the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot options for tonight. Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo or Barbera? What will it be?” A believer that variety is indeed the spice of life and also a subscriber to the rule of three, Allie’s gaze climbed up the shelves of wine and reached a bottle. She grabbed it, concealed the label & smiled as she walked up the stairs. Peter followed wondering if she had chosen one of the three he suggested or grabbed a Pinot Noir just to mess with him after all this. If Allie chose CABERNET FRANC, turn to page 6. If Allie chose TEMPRANILLO, turn to page 7. If Allie chose BARBERA, turn to page 8. 5

“So, what do I have in my hands?” Allie asked with a smile that said “Since you’re so smart, tell me what it is.” With corkscrew in hand and ready for the bottle, Peter responded, “Give me a clue.” “I’ll give you three. It comes from Sams Valley Vineyard. It’s not a blend. And there were only 289 cases made.” “I see you’re not generous with the clues tonight,” Peter replied. “What do you mean? You asked for one clue. I gave you three,” she said with a sly grin. “It’s the Cliff Creek 2007 Cabernet Franc.” Peter announced with confidence. In disbelief, Allie asked, “How did you know?” “You may have that bottle behind your back, but you’re standing in front of a mirror.” She turned to see the mirror, turned back to see Peter smiling and then turned on the record player as Peter was finally allowed to open and pour the wine. THE END Click

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“Since I had the difficult challenge of choosing a wine, I think I’ve earned the right to choose the meal to go with it,” Allie proposed with justification and the bottle of wine behind her back. “I think you forgot who the chef in this house is. After you burned soup the other day, it certainly isn’t you.” Gracefully, she replied, “ Of course, Peter. You are the chef. I’d simply like to place an order. Lamb, please. And with Spanish rice, if you don’t mind.” “That wouldn’t happen to be Tempranillo behind your back, would it be?” “Not only are you a fabulous chef, Peter. You are also one hell of a wine guy. Tempranillo it is. Now, if you don’t mind, Chef, I’m hungry. If you prepare the meal, I’ll pour the wine.” “Deal.” THE END Click

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“I’m not in the mood for an over oaked wine.” “Is this your way of giving me a clue about what’s behind your back?” Peter asked. “If I was going to give you a clue, I might say that it’s a wine from the Columbia Gorge. I might also say that it’s a 2008. An additional clue might be that it has a bit of Primitivo & a touch of Dolcetto.” “Then I might say that it’s the Memaloose 2008 Barbera.” “You might be right, but how might you know, Peter.” “Well, I might just know a bit more about what’s in our cellar. And the more clues you give, the more I might be right in my guess.” “I might consider that the next time I give you a clue or two. Might you open the wine?” Allie asked as she handed Peter the bottle. “I might.” THE END Click

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“I’m in the mood for something different,” Allie said while still not knowing exactly what she wanted. “I see. Something to match your personality.” Peter enjoyed making jokes that only he laughed at. “Whatever, Peter. My mom always said I was delightfully different. Delightful! That’s it. I want something delightful.” “Very well,” Peter said as he grabbed two bottles & held them behind his back. “Pick a hand. Would you like what’s in my right? Or prefer what’s in my left? If you’d like Allie to choose the wine in Peter’s RIGHT hand, turn to page 10. If you’d like Allie to choose the wine in Peter’s LEFT hand, turn to page 11.


Without hesitation, Allie announced, “Well, I can’t go wrong, if I choose what’s right. That said, I say we open the wine you have in your right hand.” Bringing his right hand out in front, Peter revealed the Winter’s Hill 2007 Early Muscat. “Few growers in Oregon produce this,” Peter explained. “I’m glad you chose my right. I’ve been wanting to try this for some time.” “Well, I’ve been wanting to try that new Thai restaurant in town for some time. I say we pair the wine with that, Peter.” “I think you’re right.” “I know I’m right,” Allie said with a grin while taking the wine from Peter’s hand and leaving the cellar. “Right,” Peter replied as he followed her up the stairs. THE END Click

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“Let’s take a look at what’s in your left hand,” said Allie. “Your wish is my command,” Peter replied while he bowed as he presented a bottle of the Kookoolan World Meadery Kombucha. “Nice! I’m so glad I chose your left,” Allie said with relief. “I’m curious. What was in your other hand?” Peter brought out his right hand from behind his back to reveal him holding a second bottle of the same. Allie gave him a puzzled look. Peter shrugged his shoulders. “You didn’t know what you were in the mood for, but I did.” THE END Click

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In The Mood - A Pick Your Own Pour Book  

A Pick Your Own Pour Book - Presented By: Northwest Wines To You

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