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/ WELCOME / Now in its ninth year, The London Coffee Festival continues at the epicentre of coffee excellence, bringing together 30,000 visitors from all around the UK and Europe to celebrate one of the most advanced coffee scenes on earth. In our quest to connect like-minded creatives and elevate quality standards across the industry, LCF offers an unparalleled playground for coffee aficionados to taste some of the world’s best seasonal coffees and meet the craftspeople bringing specialty coffee to the bar. Watch some of the world’s best baristas live in action at Latte Art Live (p20);

phoenix, swan or rosetta, you name it, they’ll pour it. Crank things up a notch and take your seat for Coffee Masters™ (p10) – our renowned global barista competition. Who will be the barista to show the most passion, skill, creativity, knowledge and personality that makes a true champion? With a £5,000 cash prize and the prestigious Coffee Master title on the line, it’s sure to be a nailbiting battle. Learn, debate and join masterclasses in The Lab (p26) – bigger than ever before – and curate your day by enrolling in one of our bookable experiences. Boost your coffee knowledge through intimate hands-on sessions in The Tasting Room

(p14) and La Cimbali’s Sensory Bar (p24). Put your palette to the test at Union Hand-Roasted’s Flavour Discovery (p34) or rub shoulders with specialty pioneers and taste some of the most forward-thinking signature drinks at La Marzocco’s The True Artisan Café (p7). And then there are the delicious cocktails, the live music, DJ sets and guaranteed good times! Sip delicious coffee cocktails at Tia Maria’s Espresso Martini Bar, or head upstairs to discover our brand new 2019 feature – The Mindful Coffee Tasting Experience (p6), which provides an opportunity to immerse yourself into a completely unique coffee tasting session.

All in all, expect a highly interactive programme for all our visitors to get hands on. Finally, we’d like to thank all our sponsors, exhibitors and media partners for helping us turn dreams into reality. And of course we’d like to thank you, the visitors, who make The London Coffee Festival the most incredible coffee event the world has ever seen.

Let’s get this party started!




Smooth and creamy iced coffee, with less sugar*

Š 2019 Honest Tea, Inc. All rights reserved. HONEST is a registered trade mark of Honest Tea, Inc.

*30% less sugar versus most RTD milk drinks with coffee in GB.

/ PLAN YOUR JOURNEY / There’s something for everyone at The London Coffee Festival. So whether you’re a coffee newbie, a self-confessed coffee geek or somewhere in between, check out our top picks and plan where to start your journey of discovery.





House of Coffee, pg 15 For an introduction to the coffee journey, from bean to cup

Master your V60 & Syphon, pg 26 Take tips from the Japanese masters of home brewing equipment, Hario, in this Lab talk

Coffee Masters™, pg 10 Be first in line to watch top baristas from across the globe battle it out for the prestigious title of Coffee Master

The White Label Kitchen, pg 35 Bringing together London’s coolest food concepts, The White Label Kitchen serves up the ultimate festival food

The Flavour Discovery, pg 34 Be sure not to miss the debut of The Flavour Discovery, a multi-sensory journey into the world of good coffee, presented by Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

The Mindful Coffee Tasting Experience, pg 6 Sit back and relax while meditation expert Michael James Wong and the team at Caravan Coffee Roasters show you how to drink coffee more mindfully

‘Scandi Brunch’ Coffee and Food Pairing, pg 26 Danish Bakery chef Andreas BrokHartvig will teach the basics of edible hygge on Sunday and offer up a little inspiration for serving your own Nordic brunch

Latte Art Live, pg 20 Expect a series of throwdowns and showcases from the world’s best latte artists and go wild during the Latte Art Karaoke open pour sessions

New releases Test drive the lastest, most innovative espresso machines: La Marzocco’s KB90, Rancilio Specialty RS1, and Faema E71E

The True Artisan Café, pg 7 Taste signature drinks from Europe’s best roasters and cafés The past and the future of coffee cocktails, pg 14 Join Grey Goose in The Tasting Room for this hands-on cocktail making workshop La Marzocco Kitchen, stand S02 Train with the pros on the La Marzocco Linea Mini home espresso machine and stunning Modbar Halo coffee, stand M23 These guys are tackling plastic capsule waste with the world’s first paperbased compostable coffee capsule

Tia Maria at The House of Coffee, pg 15 Everyone loves an Espresso Martini. Tia Maria’s UK ambassador Stephanie Rainbow will teach you how you can make yours stand out Cimbali UK Sensory Trilogy, pg 24 Take part in one of the weekend mixology masterclasses at La Cimbali’s Sensory Bar, guided by some of the hottest bar concepts in Europe

Coffee Sapiens – Innovation Through Understanding, pg 26 Catch world-renowned chef Ferran Adrià give an electrifying talk on his ‘Sapiens’ methodology – a pioneering framework that inspired Lavazza and ElBulli Foundation’s ‘Coffee Sapiens’. The Roasters Village, pg 18 Try award-winning coffees from Europe’s legendary roasters as they take part in La Marzocco’s Roasters Village

The Coffee Art Project, pg 33 Come just to view or take home one of these amazing works exhibited at The Coffee Art Project Gallery The Organic Beverages Workshop, pg 26 Liquid Chefs and Honest Organic Coffee will share their tips & tricks for creating bespoke mocktails The Coffee Music Project, pg 33 Spend the afternoon chilling out to accoustic sets from the finalists of the hotly anticipated Coffee Music Project competition, showcasing some of the best emerging artists and musicians in town


/ 3 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR MORNING COFFEE MORE MINDFUL / Advocating conscious consumption and a slowed-down approach to sipping, the mindful coffee movement is steadily gaining steam. Meditation expert Michael James Wong, author of Sit Down, Be Quiet and founder of Just Breathe London, tells us how to make your morning cup more meditative.

If the phrase “mindful morning coffee” conjures up images of a shaman sitting pretzeled with a latte on his lap, then it’s time to check your assumptions. Integrating a mediation practice into your coffee doesn’t have to be some elaborate, new age-y ritual — in fact, it’s easier than you think. “We all have certain rituals in our lives that help to calm us and make us feel at ease,” says Wong. “For many people, when done well, a morning cup of coffee is just that.” Here are his top tips for elevating your morning routine:

BE PRESENT “All too often we just only make time for a grab-and-go coffee,” he says. “But when taking the time to really indulge in the full ritual of grinding, pouring, and smelling, the full experience becomes a meaningful and mindful moment like no other.” As you’re making your first cup of the day, really pay attention to what you’re doing, and try to appreciate all the little details that go into the coffeemaking process.


NOTICE THE TASTES AND AROMA “The drinking experience is only one part sipping,” says Wong. “There are also lots of sights and smells, the warmth of the cup, and the richness of the colour.” Paying attention to all the elements of your cup can help you have a more meditative coffee-drinking experience.

THINK ABOUT THE JOURNEY IT TOOK TO YOUR CUP “The act of consumption of any kind is something we should all be considerate of,” he says. “The amount we drink, the type of coffee are all important.” Think about where your coffee comes from, and consider buying from an independent retailer that sells ethically-sourced beans.

Want to learn more about the coffee and mindfulness movement? Check out The Mindful Coffee Tasting Experience at the festival, presented by Caravan Coffee Roasters and Just Breathe London.

CARAVANS MINDFUL COFFEES Co-hosts of The Mindful Coffee Tasting Experience, Caravan Coffee Roasters have selected two amazing single origin coffees – a washed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe produced by Werka Wuri and a natural processed yellow bourbon from Colombian producer Santiago Londoño – for the occasion. During the 45-minute meditative, multi-sensory tasting experience guests will learn the story and journey of these amazing coffees.

/ THE TRUE ARTISAN CAFÉ / Celebrating independent coffee communities around the world, The True Artisan Café is at the beating heart of LCF. La Marzocco’s rotating coffee shop concept brings together coffee luminaries from around the world to take over the brand’s iconic machines, creating a signature drink exclusively for LCF visitors.

This year, the brilliant coffee shops and roasters taking part will be working their magic on La Marzocco’s brand new KB90 – the latest innovation in espresso machine technology, featuring a straight-in portafilter designed to facilitate ultimate workflow. Meet the artisans one-on-one, indulge in a Signature Drink and ask all of your burning questions. Drinks won’t be charged for but donations to Project Waterfall are encouraged.





@overundercoffee Chocolate & Coffee Wash Negroni Geisha Hot Buttered Rum Cascara Punch

Everyone loves a negroni, and Kensington’s Over Under Coffee are offering their own take on the crowd-pleasing cocktail. It’s a labour of love: Aperol and Gomme slowdripped over crushed Assembly Coffee for 24 hours. A splash of chocolate bitters sweetens the deal.

Berlin may not be known for its tropical climate, but uber-cool German café 19 Grams are bringing some serious sunny vibes to LCF this year. Expect a beachy blend of hot buttered rum, Costa Rican espresso and Las Lajas cascara, finished with sugar syrup and punched up with tangerine.




@hiddencafébarcelona Pure Life

@urban_larder Doughnut Thursday It doesn’t have to be a Thursday to enjoy this indulgent treat from Cambridge’s Urban Larder. It can be Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday, or… Basically, we’d knock back this double macchiato topped with chocolate cream and a mini doughnut any day of the week.

DITTO Chocolate Espresso Martini Bringing a bit of Liverpool cool to LCF, Ditto – a coffee shop and music label – are sauntering in with their signature in-store cocktail, the Chocolate Espresso Martini. A big hit up north, this remixed classic uses custom-blend espresso as its base, finished with rich chocolate and a surprising floral twist.

@bugancoffeelab Sentinel Zingy, sweet and experimental, Bugan Coffee Lab – hailing from Bergamo, Italy – are injecting their trademark boldness into their signature drink. Made with a base of espresso and vermouth, this plucky little tipple is zinged up with peach juice, cranberry and cedrate.

Check out the full list of roasters and cafés presenting at The True Artisan Café at whatson/trueartisancafé

Slick as the Spaniards themselves, Barcelona’s Hidden Café are bringing a little bit of mystery to the TAC with their brandy-based bev. Infused with rich brown butter, sweet banana syrup, and topped with a double espresso, this beguiling drink is certainly a smooth operator.


/ BEGINNERS GUIDE TO… / Clueless about water quality? Soy milk always curdling? No idea what a Q grader does? Everyone has to start somewhere – read on for our 101 class to all things coffee.

MAKING THE PERFECT ESPRESSO by Faema rep Ivan Zergilli How do you brew a good espresso? “To extract the perfect espresso we first have to use good water (total hardness between 50-175ppm) and secondly we need to think about grind, ratio and the ‘three T’s’ (temperature, turbulence and contact time). The coarseness of grind is inextricably linked to extraction. The finer a coffee is ground, the more bean surface area there is. A good coarseness allows you extract the perfect amount of flavour from your coffee. Coffee to water ratio is the most subjective variable of the coffee brewing, so it’s up to you to find a sweet spot that respects complexity and taste balance. Last but not least, adjusting brew temperature, pre-infusion and shot time allows you to fine-tune your espresso recipe to different coffee varieties.”

WATER by BRITA water expert Birgit Kohler How does water impact the flavour of coffee? “Water is arguably the most important element of coffee, since it makes up 98% of the cup. The most important factor to achieving a good flavour in coffee is the mineral composition of the water, a.k.a. the water’s ‘hardness’. If water contains too much hydrogen carbonate, it is too hard and throws the flavour off balance. Most people prefer the taste of coffee with ‘softer’ water, which creates an ideal balance between acidic and bitter. It’s also important to filter out any substances used in water treatment, such as chlorine. Using a water filter can help reduce water hardness and filter out any unwanted substances.”


COFFEE ORIGINS by The Roasting Party Q grader Philip Searle How do you become a Q grader? “The job of a Q grader is to objectively examine the taste of coffee and ensure that roasters are delivered the right quality bean, at the right time, at a sustainable price for all parties within the supply chain. Most Q graders first get certified by the Coffee Quality Institute, where they have to pass many rounds of ‘cupping’ tests to ensure their palate is up to the job. Once certified, Q graders go out on coffee sourcing trips to origin, where they visit coffee farms to check out their range of coffees and sell them onto roasters back home.”

STEAMING MILK by Allan Reeder ambassador and barista Celeste Wong (The Girl in the Café) How do you properly steam milk for coffee? “Milk is made up of fat, protein and carbohydrate, and when you heat it, the fatty acids begin to stabilise, and that’s what gives you the ‘foam’. The higher the fat content, the better it will foam. What you are aiming for are micro-bubbles; tiny bubbles that are joined together to form a density to your milk foam. To achieve this, place your steam wand three quarter under the surface of fresh, cold milk, then start to slowly swirl. Place the wand closer to the side of the jug or pot so that the steam jets at the end of the wand ricochet off the side of the jug and create a whirlpool effect. If you want thicker foam, slowly bring the steam wand closer to the surface as you swirl.”

BREWING by Curators Coffee founder and Hario rep Catherine Seay

USING DAIRY-FREE by award-winning barista and Almond Breeze ambassador Luke Shilling

How do you brew the perfect cup with a coffee dripper? “For the best-tasting cup, we recommend using water with a neutral pH level, as relatively hard or soft waters will strongly impact the flavour of your coffee. Use 220ml of boiled water to 16-18g of coffee, depending on your taste. If you’re using whole beans, make sure to grind them to a medium-coarse consistency (if it looks like table salt, it’s probably too fine). To ensure none of the paper taste transfers to the coffee, place your filter inside the dripper and wet it with hot water, making sure it’s all out before pouring. Put the ground coffee in and pour slowly in the middle of the filter, then drink up!”

How can you best use milk alternatives in coffee? “One of most important things when selecting your dairy free option is to make sure you choose the barista- or coffee-specific type. Another thing to keep in mind is that plant-based proteins may react to coffees with high acidity. This can cause splitting and curdling in the cup. To help prevent a this, use a more developed roasted coffee instead of a lighter one. Finally, remember it’s about the taste. Different types of non dairy alternatives will have their own unique flavour. Try a few and see which one(s) suit your coffee and of course, your palette.”


/ COFFEE MASTERS™ / Get ready to rumble! Coffee Masters™ kicks into high gear again this year, as the brightest coffee stars go headto-head in an electrifying competition that will put their barista skills to the test. What’s at stake? A £5,000 cash prize, the prestigious title, and a whole bunch of bragging rights. On your mark, get set, froth!





Chemex, AeroPress, Kalita or V60 – which coffee do you choose to match?

Who’s taste buds are out of this world? Lets find out. Each contender is presented with six coffees set in a particular order. Competitors have three minutes to memorise the taste of each coffee and where it is placed. The coffee bowls are then shuffled randomly and the baristas must return them back to their original order – in just two short minutes.

Baristas are tested on their grinding skills with the EK43 as well as their ability to select the right coffee to match a randomly selected hand brewing method to maximise taste. The baristas select one of the six coffees tasted in The Cupping round to brew. Judges will make a call based on the correlation between choice of coffee and brewing method, their presentation and the taste of their coffee.



All around the world: the baristas are tested on their ability to identify coffee origins by taste.

Milk master or milk disaster? Baristas must roll the design dice and create specific patterns in milk-based drinks.

In this globally-minded discipline each contender is presented with six coffees and a table-top map of the world. The contenders will have five minutes to taste the coffees and pin their origins onto the map.

A fan favourite, this discipline tests baristas on their knack for latte art. The judge will roll a dice three times to determine the three different coffee patterns that competitors must recreate. The presented coffees will be judged on visual appearance of the pattern, symmetry, milk quality and contrast.




The competition gets real: baristas are challenged on their speed and precision.

A discipline to separate the meek from the mighty.

Inspired by the bustle of the coffee shop, baristas must whip up a complex order docket in nine minutes or less. They will then be judged on their technical skill, cleanliness, execution professionalism and hospitality.

Things are hotting up: semi-finalists must create their own Espresso Blend using the coffees from The Cupping round. The two finalists will then need to replicate their bespoke blend in the final as they duke it out for the title.



Baristas flex their creative muscles by presenting their own concoction.

Testing the Barista’s creativity, mastery of cold brew and equipment proficiency.

In this challenging discipline, each barista must recreate their Signature Drink, previously submitted to the judges via online video. The only rule: it must be a coffee-based mixed beverage consisting of three or more ingredients. The competitors will present three identical drinks to the Judges who will assess them on taste, creativity, consistency and presentation.

Contenders will be asked to create a cold brew, coffee-based mixed beverage using a minimum of three of the ingredients from the “mystery box”, a cold brew from The Roasting Party’s ‘Party of Nine’ single origin competition series and the specialist equipment provided, including the iSi Nitro Whip™.

COFFEE MASTERS ™ CONTENDERS Rob Clarijs, Dasawe Coffee, The Netherlands

THE COFFEE Coffee Masters™ has a long-standing history with great coffee, sourced in secret especially for the competition. This year, The Roasting Party joins the line up as brand new coffee partner, presenting nine unique single origin coffees from across the globe. The Roasting Party's "Party of Nine" will put competing baristas to the test across four days of intense competition. In TRP's beautiful Chelsea coffee shop co-founder Kirby Sinclair fills us in on all things coffee and The London Coffee Festival. Can you tell us about The Roasting Party, what you do and your ethos? “We are a specialty coffee roaster that focus on roasting high-quality espresso blends for short milk based drinks. This goes hand in hand with supplying seasonal premium specialty single origin filter coffee. Our ethos is that we don’t take ourselves seriously. However, we are serious about coffee, trust, loyalty, community and service. Customer experience is at the forefront of everything we do from, B2B to retail.” Do you think there's too much of a focus on single origin beans in the coffee industry? “Yes. Single origin coffee has its place, but

specialty blended coffee has been unfairly sidelined, and that’s what we’ve chosen to focus on.” Does single origin always mean good taste? “No. The more important arbiter of taste is the barista, who really decides the fate in the cup. You can have the best single origin beans in the world, but if the barista doesn’t make it right, it won’t taste good.” What does community mean to you? “Simple, it means family. Once you’re in, you’re in.” How has the coffee community supported you over the years? “Coffee community has lead us to set up roasteries around the world, from Sydney to Winchester and now New York. It’s created long-lasting relationships and an evergrowing family.”

Janis Podins , The Coffee Collective, Denmark Jimmy Dimitrov, Clifton Coffee, UK Varvara Stukalo, Coffeemania, Russia Ceiran Trigg, Ancestors Coffee, UK Claire Wallace, Volcano Coffee Works, Scotland Natanael Charis, Morning Glory Coffee Int., Indonesia Sam Boniface, Bloc Café – Be Speciality, New Zealand Lisa Laura Verhoest, Climpson & Sons, UK Dhan Tamang, DT Coffee School & Roastery, UK Jonas Gehl, Prolog Coffee, Denmark Kasey Headley, Trinity Street Coffee Bar, United States Mridul Manandhar, V69 coffee, UK Dagne Vaskopa, Rocket Bean Roastery, Latvia Ben Lewis, Coffee Lab UK, UK

Why did you decide to get involved with Coffee Masters™? “We feel that Coffee Masters™ is an excellent platform to showcase and expose our style to the wider coffee community alongside the specialty coffee industry.”

Eliasz Minkiewicz, Nord Coffee Roasters, Italy


THE COMPETITION KIT / THE MACHINE The Coffee Masters™ contestants will be working their magic on the Faema E71E, the newest addition to the family. Faema has created this top-of-the-range espresso machine specially for baristas, who don't compromise on coffee. Cuttingedge design, articulated cool-touch wands with adjustable power, pump pressure control, independent boilers and smart boiler system for thermal stability make the E71E so special. It’s the preferred espresso machine for the National Barista Championships in Italy, UAE, Sweden and Poland. Be sure to get a glimpse of this shining star at the Coffee Masters™ stage.

/ BREW LIKE A PRO Known for their precision and expertise, Japanese heritage brand Hario know a thing or two about good brew. They’ll be bringing their iconic V60 collection and coffee syphon to the Coffee Masters™ bar. After watching the CM contenders work their magic, you can copy their style in Hario’s home brewing session in The Lab.

/ THE GRINDER In 2015, MAHLKÖNIG became the official espresso grinder sponsor of the first ever Coffee Masters™ in London. This was the start of a long and happy relationship: the German brand have provided the grinders for every edition since then. Besides the famous EK43s, the competing baristas will have the E65s at their disposal on stage.

/ BATCHBREW WITH MARCO You’d think an industry-leading brand with 30 years under their belt know a thing or two about brewing good coffee. That’s why you’ll find Marco’s SP9 on the CM stage – part of their range of coffee brewers, the SP9 is an automated filter coffee brewer that takes away the variable of hand brewing, delivering consistently high-quality coffee.

/ ISI NITRO WHIP Barista’s like to pull out all the tricks in the book for their signature drinks, a time when the iSi nitro whip comes in super handy. Nitro drinks achieve an incredibly creamy texture with a velvety foam crown through the processing with nitrogen. See this special piece of kit in action during The Mystery Round of Coffee Masters™.




The original. The best. Alpro is back again – and they have their For Professionals range in tow. Look out for them in ‘The Order’ round of Coffee Masters™, where our champions will find out just how easy

Water is the stuff of life, so there’s always more to know about H20. Luckily, the experts from BRITA will be on hand again this year to answer all your burning questions about our most

the range, which has been developed specifically for coffee, is to work with. Pick your favourite – soya, almond, oat or coconut – at the Alpro stand, where Merijn Gijsbers, Alpro Ambassador and 2017 Dutch Barista Champion, will be dishing out the plant power alongside samples of the brand new Alpro Caffè – a delicious cold coffee for on-the-go.

precious element. Pop by their stand to learn water’s hidden secrets – you’ll be amazed at what you’ll uncover.

/ THE CUPS Good coffee needs a good home – all of the CM contenders’ creations will be poured into Loveramics’ meticulously-crafted cups. The British company has a clear aim: to produce contemporary pieces that are beautiful yet highly functional. Their stunning tableware doesn’t just look nice – it’s practically indestructible, made with highly-durable porcelain fired to 1300°C. Cups caught your fancy? Loveramics’ designer, Simon Stevens, will be manning the brand’s stand during trade days, so you can chat to him about the art of the mug.

/ THE MILK Quality milk producer Allan Reeder will not only be supplying contenders with top-grade Brades Milk during Coffee Masters™, they’ll also be supplying the whole festival. Designed for professional baristas it’s the perfect pairing for the high-octane competition as well as special Festival features like Latte Art Live.

COFFEE MASTERS ™ INGREDIENTS AND EQUIPMENT The Coffee The Roasting Party The Machine Faema E71E The Grinder MAHLKÖNIG EK43s and E65s The Milk Allan Reeder Plant-Based Drink Alpro For Professionals Water Filtration BRITA Hand-Brewing Equipment Hario Batch-Brewing Equipment Marco Nitro whip iSi Cups Loveramics

THE JUDGES ANNE LUNELL – HEAD JUDGE Anne Lunell is a Swedish Barista Champion, Brewers Cup Champion and the visionary behind the internationallylauded coffee roaster Koppi. Having been Head Judge at Coffee Masters™ New York and London editions since both their beginnings, there’s no one more familiar with what it takes to be a CM champion. KRIS SCHACKMAN New York native Kris Schackman is the co-founder and director of Five Elephant Coffee Roastery & Cake Shop in Berlin. He has been closely involved with staff competitions, participating in the training of numerous National Brewing and Barista Championship wins – so he knows a thing or two about the competition circuit.

DAVID DONDE David Donde’s Cape Town based café, Truth Coffee, is frequently dubbed the best in the world by international media outlets. He believes in results, individuality and playing on people’s strengths. The one thing he hates? Excuses.

AGNIESZKA ROJEWSKA Last year Agnieszka Rojewska was crowned Coffee Master London 2018 winner. A few months later she became the first female barista in history to win the World Barista Championship. So she knows exactly what it takes to take home the title.

MIKAELA GERVARD Two time Finnish Brewers Cup Champion Mikaela Gervard has been brewing at

The Coffee Collective for half a decade. Currently she’s found in their HQ focusing on building thriving teams and a healthy workplace. She’s not a stranger to the judge’s stool and has been judging Coffee Masters™, The Barista League, AeroPress Championships, Brewers Cup and local latte art competitions.

AGNIESZKA ROJEWSKA The first female barista champion in history to judge Coffee Masters™

KLAUS THOMSEN Taking to the Coffee Masters™ stage for the first time is Klaus Thomsen. He first picked up a portafilter in 2001 in London, went on to win the 2006 World Barista Championship and establish Danish microroastery and café The Coffee Collective with Peter Dupont and Casper Engel Rasmussen.

THE MC’S LEM BUTLER The 2016 US Barista Champion and coowner of Back Alley and Black & White Coffee Roasters, Lem Butler is joining the impressive line-up of MCs for the sixth time.

ERIKA VONIE Erika Vonie is a veteran of the specialty coffee industry and the 2017 Coffee Master New York. Recently appointed Director of Coffee at Trade, her near decade-long experience will come in handy as MC.

GWILYM DAVIES 2009 World Barista Champion and founder of East London’s Prufrock Coffee, Gwilym Davies, is famed for making coffee in 36 different countries. He’s now settled in Prague, where he owns and runs a Barista Training Centre.

Earning the prestigious Coffee Masters™ title is a serious game-changer. Just ask last year’s winner Agnieszka Rojewska. The Polish barista dazzled the judges with her bravura and creative spirit, snagging the top prize in a heated showdown. We sat down with her to take stock of her incredible year and chat about what’s ahead. Winning Coffee Masters™ London in April and the World Barista Championship in June, we can safely say that 2018 was a dream year for you. How do you look back on it? “Well I still don’t believe it happened. Every time I talk about it, I feel like I'm talking about someone else! It has just been a great year, which has changed my life completely. I'm traveling the world, meeting new people, talking and learning about coffee, in a way I never dreamed possible.” Do you need an award-winning expensive coffee to win the World Barista Championship? “No, not really. Of course, it has to be coffee that is very well balanced, with clear flavours and good body. But I think that it doesn’t have to be the most expensive coffee in the world to win an important competition.”

As one of the Coffee Masters™ judges, what are you looking for in this year’s Champion? “This is a very new and different experience for me. So I will definitely talk to other, more experienced judges to determine all the qualities the new champion should possess. I guess I will be looking for someone who can keep their cool, entertain and have fun on stage.” On stage you’re reuniting with Erika Lee Vonie, your fellow finalist and the winner of 2017 Coffee Masters™ New York, who will co-MC the competition. How does that feel? “I'm always happy to meet friends all around the world, so it will be great. It gives me joy to see more girls on stage – they have so much to say and share. The industry is changing, and more and more women are encouraged to compete. They don’t see it as a man’s sport anymore, which is great.”

Catch Agnieszka judging this year’s Coffee Masters™ competition and presenting Latte Art Live masterclasses throughout the weekend.


/ THE TASTING ROOM / From tea to vermouth, The Tasting Room is a place to discover flavour at its best.

Coffee, cocktails, wine and water – these are the key ingredients of The Tasting Room, an aptly named area dedicated to an exciting programme of tasting workshops. So if you’re curious about zero-waste cocktails or want to expand your tea IQ, The Tasting Room is well worth a visit.



by Water sommelier Birgit Kohler of BRITA Know your H2O? Think again – there’s a lot more to water than you might expect. Luckily, BRITA water sommelier Birgit Kohler will be on hand to explain which compounds in water influence the taste of coffee and take participants through the BRITA water wheel. /


by Discarded Cascara Vermouth Don’t chuck out those used coffee grounds. On Friday, mixologists Joe Petch and Calum Fraser will teach you how to make your very own sustainable cocktail using coffee waste and leftover fruit from your kitchen. /


by Merijn Gijsbers – Alpro’s ambassador and Dutch Barista Champion Discover how you can create unique flavours through a careful combination of coffee and plant-based drinks. Learn how pairing a Colombian roast with coconut can unlock exotic flavours such as strawberry and raspberry. Taste the synergy between plant-based ingredients and specific coffee profiles, and understand how to let plant-based work with your coffee to create new flavours. Merijn Gijsbers, Dutch Barista Champion and Alpro ambassador, will be taking you on a unique tasting experience to explore the power of plant-based and coffee pairing. /


by Emilie Holmes – founder Good & Proper Tea If your tea knowledge comes from the box of supermarket bags you have at home, then it’s time to level up. Founder of London-based specialists Good & Proper Tea, Emilie Holmes will take guests through the basics of this British staple in a guided tea tasting.



by Stephanie Rainbow – Tia Maria UK ambassador Everyone loves an Espresso Martini. An iconic cocktail, created in London but enjoyed all over the world. With such a simple recipe, how can you make yours stand out? See how your choice of espresso can alter the taste of your cocktail, and find the one you like best!


/ RANCILIO SPECIALTY RS1 / How to unlock the flavour potential of your coffee and discover Temperature Profiling with Rancilio Specialty

Listen up, roasters: your flavour game is about the get cranked up a notch. Head on over to the Rancilio Specialty stand if you want to unlock the flavour potential of your coffee. Behind the counter, you’ll get the chance to make magic on the legacy brand’s new RS1 machine – featuring Temperature Profiling, the Rancilio-patented technology enabling you to regulate the organoleptic properties of your coffee to suit your customers’ tastes and personal preferences. How? Temperature Profiling enables you to adjust water temperature as you dispense, allowing you to control the variable factor which has most impact on the in-cup result. Thanks to this technology, you can raise or lower certain coffee characteristics to create the perfect cup – the one you

prefer – for each type of blend or single origin coffee. Balance the taste and aromas of each coffee, enhance the acidic notes or reduce astringency – you’re in the driver’s seat, customising every aspect of flavour. The various extraction profiles make each new cup of coffee unique – add a dash of creative flair, and possibilities for new nuances and complexities are endless.

Find Rancilio Specialty RS1 on Stand G2+G3 or visit them online to find out more on the new RS1 machine and Temperature Profiling. Instagram: @ranciliospecialty #RancilioSpecialty

/ HOUSE OF COFFEE / Undertake the coffee journey from bean to cup; discover raw green coffee beans and learn how they are roasted, brewed and enjoyed using different techniques.

With some of the industry’s forefront specialty roasters and educators on hand, HoC is the perfect first stop for

anyone new to coffee. You’ll get to see, smell and taste your way through the holistic coffee experience.



From sensory experiences to green grading skills – brush up on your knowledge and learn from industry experts. DRWakefield will explore coffee characters and varieties along with their partners Swiss Water Decaf, who will be on hand to talk about the decaf process and share some tasty coffees, alongside other speakers from the industry.

The French Press, the V60, the Chemex and the Aeropress. Learn how brewing methods affect taste and discover which methods best suit your palate and lifestyle at home or in your café.

/ THE ROASTING PROCESS WITH GIESEN AND IKAWA Delve into the science of roasting, uncovering the chemical reactions which occur during the process, and learn how different roasting profiles affect flavour, acidity and sweetness. Look out for guest appearances from specialty roasting stars such as Redemption Roasters.

/ COFFEE COCKTAILS WITH TIA MARIA Espresso Martini, Tia Negroni and Flat White Russian. Learn how coffee plays an important role in the art of mixology and discover the secrets to these classic cocktails. Talk with the experts at Tia Maria + Coffee Project and find out how to serve up perfectly-crafted coffee cocktails with real coffee liquor.





/ THE ROASTERS VILLAGE / Need a pick-me-up? You’re spoilt for choice: all of the continent’s best roasters are right here.

The name is no joke: La Marzocco’s gathering really is like a little village – split over two floors, this is the spot to sample Europe’s finest roasters. A handpicked selection of exhibitors from across Europe will be taking up residency over the weekend to serve unique coffees on La Marzocco’s Linea Mini machines. Taste your way through all of them, and pick up your favourite beans to take home.

THE COFFEES TO GET TO KNOW There will be over 500 coffees up for grabs across the festival. Make sure not to miss these:

CARAVAN COFFEE ROASTERS Bastions of the London coffee scene, Caravan Coffee Roasters will wow this year’s festivalgoers with four unique specialty coffees. One of the espressos is a special lot produced by a women’s co-op in Colombia. Washed and dried on raised beds, this is a delicious brew with an indulgent milk chocolate sweetness.

FIVE ELEPHANT Berlin’s legendary coffee roastery Five Elephant have some delicious brews for us in store. Think a pulped natural filter roast from Brazil with raw cane sugar, rosehip and macadamia notes, or a washed red bourbon El Salvador espresso.

PRESS COFFEE Press Coffee first opened on Fleet Street in 2013 with the aim to redefine the café experience. Now they have shops across London, and have recently begun


roasting their own coffee. Try out the chocolate-y natural Brazil Cachoeira or if you’re more of a filter lover, their natural Ethiopia Werka Uchuro – full of peach, bergamot and black tea notes.

NEIGHBOURHOOD COFFEE From a milk-chocolate-raisin-pralinenoted natural Brazil Sitio Jacutinga, to a mad fruit bomb espresso that is the natural Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga – get ready to be wowed by Liverpools’ artisan roaster Neighbourhood Coffee.

ORIGIN COFFEE ROASTERS Up for a taste from Origin Coffee Roasters is the red bourbon Burundi Benga, a pulped natural from Brazil’s Nova Resende region and the newest in Origins’ Special Edition series, an exceptional natural Panama geisha from the Ruiz Families’ Berlina farm.

HAS BEAN COFFEE Inspired by their long-term relationship with Costa Rican farmer Carlos Arrieta, Has Bean Coffee is bringing his delicious red honey processed coffee. Imagine melted milk chocolate with extra white sugar poured in. It’s also super clean and elegant, with a delicate raspberry rippling through.

SMALL BATCH COFFEE ROASTERS It’s been a while since family-run Small Batch Coffee Roasters have released a Peruvian single origin, but the wait is over. They’ll be debuting their new 100% cattura coffee produced by farmer Confesor Ticliahuanca, who’s farm is located near the town of Chirinos in northern Peru. The region has the perfect microclimate for coffee, making this roast a must-try.

THE 2019 LINE-UP Allpress Espresso Five Elephant Coffee Origin Coffee Roasters Small Batch Coffee Roasters Plot Roasting 19 Grams/Tres Cabeza Has Bean Coffee Caravan Coffee Roasters Curve Coffee Roasters The Blue Bean Coffee Taf Coffee Press Coffee & Co Neighbourhood Coffee Bewleys Tea and Coffee The Gentlemen Baristas North Star Coffee Roasters Push Outpost Coffee Roasters

/ GOING IN CIRCLES / Conscious coffee consumption is becoming a thing of the not so distant future. At The London Coffee Festival, we’re working hard to fully compost our coffee cups and coffee grounds. This year, we’re moving ever-closer to that goal by putting in place our most ambitious sustainability scheme yet, made possible with the clear vision of our partners.

LOVING CUPPA Say hello to a feel good coffee: this year we’ve replaced plastic lined cups with fully compostable alternatives. We’ve proudly partnered with the endlessly innovative Decent Packaging, whose products are made completely from plants. That means not a single element of the cup is wasted – all you have to do is pop your cup and lid in the 34 colourcoded bins once you’re done with them. Decent Packaging will then turn them into organic compost within twelve weeks. “I believe the only way we’re going to see the reduction of waste we need to is by simplifying sustainability,” says Decent founder Tony Small. “Packaging made from plants doesn’t just reduce the impacts plastic has on the environment – it creates a circular economy that ties in with our food waste, allowing us to compost pretty much everything.”

GROUND CONTROL Building a circular economy: that’s the holy grail of sustainability, and the motivating force behind all our partners including Percol/Lofbergs, who have come on board this year with their amazing Ground 2 Ground recycling scheme. The visionary coffee group want to ensure a positive end of life for the seven tonnes of grounds produced at LCF. “Coffee is for life-doers and we want to do all we can to make sure the drink we love is produced, packaged and disposed of

in a sustainable way,” says Percol’s social media & campaigns manager, Aaron McFarlane. To do this, they’ll be collecting all the used coffee grounds disposed at the twenty drop-off bins dotted around the festival. The collected grounds will then be composted at a local facility, transforming what should have been a waste product, into 150 bags of agricultural and commercial plant fertilisers. Some of those coffee grounds will even be turned into organic beauty products, a huge feat for the circular economy.

EVERY DROP COUNTS Alongside these new composting schemes, we’ll be working with BRITA to minimise water waste by providing each stand with one pre-filled water can, which exhibitors can refill at self-service filtration stations across the venue. As always, we’ll also be encouraging festival-goers to bring their own cups, or purchase a reusable SoL Cup (our official partner) with a 20% discount on all merchandise at the onsite shop when you show your cup.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to our forward-thinking partners and all the conscientious coffeelovers, who are helping us reach our goals. We’re already well on our way.



Dreaming of pouring the perfect glossy rosetta? Or simply head over heels for milky coffee? Latte Art Live is back, with the world’s best baristas set to pour the unimaginable using Ozone coffee, Allan Reeder milk, Almond Breeze and HuskeeCup cups. Expect a series of throwdowns, showcases and hands-on workshops on the legendary Modbar. That and a lot of free coffee.

WORLD-CLASS BARISTAS From a refined multi-layered tulip to a colourful etched flamingo, these legends will pour it – right in front of you. Taking to our stage will be the UK Latte Art Champion since 2013, Dhan Tamang, 2016 US Barista Champion Lem Butler, the first female World Barista Champion in history Agnieszka Rojewska and Australian Latte Art Finalist and Blue Diamond Ambassador, Luke Shilling, to name but a few.

THE OZONE THROWDOWN STARRING... Ozone Coffee Roasters have been at the heart of Latte Art Live since the start and one thing’s certain; they know how to draw a crowd. Catch their daily throwdown, where the stars behind their Leonard Street Eatery will take to the stage to go head to head. If you know them like we do, you can expect highlevel pours, and a lot of fun.

PLANT-BASED SMACKDOWN Come and cheer on your favourite London café on during the Almond Breeze Latte Art Smackdown, featuring competitors from established names such as London Grind, Saint Espresso, Curators Coffee Gallery, Kaffeine and Redemption Roasters. The winning barista will take home a £500 prize and share the love with another £500 going to the café they work for. How generous!


JOIN LATTE ART KARAOKE Brave enough to pour live on stage? Enter your name, your pour of choice and cross your fingers that the Ozone team pick you to take part in Latte Art Karaoke. Accompanied by a banging playlist this session is about you; barista, at-home coffee buff or keen newbie, we want to see what you’ve got.

ALMOND MILK MASTERCLASSES WITH LUKE SHILLING Luke Shilling will be leading this daily series of latte art masterclasses with special guest Agnieszka Rojewska – winner of 2018 Coffee Masters™ London and 2018 World Barista Championship. Test out your skills and learn to pour with these legends, who’ll teach you everything you need to know about plant based art and coffee.

EQUIPMENT Espresso machine: Modbar Coffee: Ozone Coffee Roasters Milk: Allan Reeder Plant-Based Drink: Almond Breeze Cups: HuskeeCup

/ HOW TO MASTER LATTE ART: 5 TIPS / Like any art, making beautiful things from milk takes diligence, patience and lots of practice. So while you’re working on your frothy heart pattern, keep these helpful tips from Ozone’s best baristas in mind. Photography Ozone Coffee UK
















/ TOP 5 CAFÉS FOR... / London’s coffee shop scene can be a beast to navigate. With a quality café on almost every corner, it’s easy to stumble into the wrong spot when you’re seeking something specific. Don’t panic – we’ve asked our favourite influencers to break it down.

... THAT NEW CAFÉ SMELL According to Jeffrey Young, founder of the London Coffee Festival and editor of the London Coffee Guide

“It’s great to see thriving innovation of new concepts in the London coffee scene. These are just a few of the new openings that we have now added to this year’s London Coffee Guide.”

1. VISIONS CANTEEN 31 New Inn Yard, Shoreditch The younger sister of Lanark Coffee + Sandwiches, Visions Canteen is a great spot to enjoy a well-brewed Dark Arts coffee alongside one of their famous ‘sandos’. Park up next to their giant window and watch the cool Shoreditch crowd go by.

3. ROASTING PLANT COFFEE 4 Borough High St, Borough Like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but for coffee. Roasting Plant has just crossed the pond from the US and has brought an exciting coffee experience to London Bridge.

4. KISS THE HIPPO COFFEE 50 George St, Richmond Sleek and modern, Kiss the Hippo Coffee is a place any coffeelover will enjoy. Head to the back of the shop and watch their dab-handed roaster in action.



Rathbone Square, Fitzrovia Located just off Oxford Street, this is Japanese mini-chain Omotesando’s first European opening, and they’re already impressing with their highquality handling of the Assembly beans.

139 Clapham Rd, Clapham Originating from Italy, 7Gr. brings exceptional brewing skills and attentive service to South London. This is a great space to work or socialise with friends over a well-extracted coffee.

Kiss the Hippo

… A LOOMING DEADLINE According to Giulia Mulè, food & travel writer/photographer Instagram: @mondomulia

“As a freelancer, coffee shops are my second home, so I know what to look out for: reliable Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, ample plug sockets, a great playlist, friendly staff and – last but not least – exceptional coffee. Here are my favourites.”

1. TIMBERYARD SEVEN DIALS 7 Upper St Martin’s Ln, Covent Garden Timberyard Seven Dials is without a doubt one of the best cafés for freelancers in London – it even has a boardroom. All your food and drink needs are taken care of with their locally roasted (by Climpson & Sons) Timberyard coffee, great bakes and sandwiches from local suppliers.


Omotesando Koffee


7 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf From one small Aussie café, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs has turned into one of the biggest speciality coffee chains in London. I love their original store in Leather Lane, but for working remotely the new space in Canary Wharf is perfect.

3. PRUFROCK COFFEE 23-25 Leather Ln, Clerkenwell This Leather Lane coffee shop and barista training space, serving Square Mile Coffee, is a mecca for coffee enthusiasts and worker bees alike. You’ll find an army of Macbook nomads tapping away at all hours of the day.

4. THE HOXTON 199-206 High Holborn, Holborn The lobby at The Hoxton in Holborn has the style and vibe of a trendy co-working space, except it is completely free for anyone to use. There are large tables and comfy sofas to share and great food prepared by on-site restaurant Hubbard & Bell.

5. ORIGIN COFFEE 84 Scoresby St, Southwark Origin Coffee in Scoresby Street is one of four London outposts of the popular Cornish roastery. Housed in a railway arch near Southwark station, this airy and bright coffee shop is one of my favourite places to work from.

... NEIGHBOURHOOD VIBES According to Milly Kenny-Ryder, editor and founder of Thoroughly Modern Milly Instagram: @millykr

“The transformation of the neighbourhood café scene in the last decade has been dramatic and exciting. These cafés are run or owned by passionate individuals who care about the provenance and sustainability of their coffee and serve it with style and expertise.”




11 Leonard St, Shoreditch Behind the buzzing hub of Old Street roundabout, Ozone was founded in New Zealand in 1998 before opening in London in 2012. The industrial style roastery and café serves irresistible brunch dishes throughout the day alongside their unbeatable coffee.

19 Prebend St, Islington Pophams, a tiny Islington bakery, are best known for their unrivalled selection of artisan pastries. Alongside the delicious array of baked goods Pophams provide guests with a perfectly-poured cup using Ozone coffee.



115 St John’s Hill, Clapham Story Coffee is conveniently close to chaotic Clapham Junction, but far enough away to feel calm and laidback. The charming spot is run by a lovely husband and wife team, who serve Square Mile Coffee and a short all-day brunch menu.

18-20 Bedford Hill, Balham This Antipodean-style, retro café is always busy, often with a queue out the door. If you can’t get a seat, order a coffee to go, made with beans from a range of rotating specialist artisan roasters.

20 Lower Marsh, Waterloo Waterloo commuters have landed all the luck with this coffee stop. The South-American beans are roasted in-house and have a lovely velvety rich flavour. Best paired with their unusual, but delicious, Iranian nougat.


... A LITTLE PLANT-SPIRATION According to Jessica Prupas, editor of London Coffee Festival Magazine and former editor at Dojo app Twitter: @jessprupas

“These leafy coffee spots will inspire a serious case of green envy. I love taking shade under the outstretched fronds of a friendly palm as I sip a steamy oat milk latte.”

1. PALM VAULTS 411 Mare St, Hackney A classic for a reason — this pinktinted, plant-crammed café is favoured amongst the Insta set for their colourful food and drink offerings. Try their lavender latte for a botanical kick with your coffee.


Church Lane, off Petersham Road, Richmond Set in Petersham Nurseries’ greenhouse, this fairytale café is a hodgepodge of vintage furniture and abundant flora. Go for afternoon tea or take advantage of their sumptuous set menu.

3. TWIGS 12 Broadway Market Mews, Hackney TWIGS is a combination plant shop and café that ticks all the East London boxes. I love doing a bit of window shopping over one of their hearty, healthy lunch bowls.

4. QUEEN’S WOOD CAFÉ 42 Muswell Hill Rd, Highgate This pretty little café — tucked deep in Highgate Wood — is the perfect setting for a bucolic escape within the M25. Take a perch on the porch and eye up the 360° view of Mother Nature.

5. QUINCE TREE CAFÉ 5A Clifton Villas, Paddington Another greenhouse café at Clifton Nurseries, this Little Venice gem is the perfect place for a post-canal walk breather. Their lunch offerings are tasty too.


/ CIMBALI UK SENSORY TRILOGY / Enticing the senses, celebrating innovation and tasting great coffee: that’s what Cimbali’s Sensory Trilogy is all about. The heritage brand returns with this signature festival feature, made up of three incredible sensory experiences.

Three is the magic number: Cimbali will showcase its coffee know-how and ahead-of-the-curve credentials in a trio of alluring experiences. The Italian legacy brand have long reigned over the rest due to their penchant for combining great design with cutting-edge technology. You only need to look at their decorated history for proof: from bursting onto the scene with their first machine, the Rapida, in 1930, to winning the prestigious Compasso d’Oro prize in 1962, Cimbali continues to push the boundaries of coffee today.

To book into one of the Cimbali bookable experiences, go to ‘manage your booking’ at after booking your ticket. Limited spaces available.



EXPERIENCE ONE: THE SENSORY BAR Bookable experience [Thursday and Friday]

Take a seat at the bar and get ready to be guided through a dynamic sensory experience, where you’ll be exploring the influence of cup design and environment on taste perception. You’ll be taken through three unique cup designs, each one accentuating the different aspect of flavour – aroma, acidity and sweetness. Participants will be treated to a 30-minute session, where they’ll get the


chance to taste a new espresso created exclusively for the festival: the Barbarella V, a complex and intriguing flavour that builds on a much-loved blend. Stay curious, ask questions and enjoy this experiential journey. With a La Cimbali expert at the helm, we couldn’t think of a better foray into the multi-faceted world of coffee.

EXPERIENCE TWO: THE BENCHMARK BAR [Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday] If you’re keen to drink some exceptional coffee, then head to The Benchmark Bar. Located just next door to The Sensory Bar, this is the place to sample two of Cimbali’s finest blends, representing the benchmark standard for good quality coffee. Alongside the Barbarella V, festivalgoers will have the chance to taste another exclusive espresso: the Benchmark II, a best-in-class blend representing the ultimate in good taste. The former is


served long, the latter short; you choose whether you’d like your premium espresso with or without milk. This year the classic M26 espresso machine will sit side-by-side with the Elective Auto Tamp Grinder – a new innovation in grind which will be unveiled to the UK market for the first time. The Latte Super Automatic challenge – a crowd favourite – will be performed on the sleeker-than-sleek S30 with TurboSteam.

EXPERIENCE THREE: COFFEE MIXOLOGISTS WORKSHOPS Bookable experience [Friday, Saturday and Sunday] Guest presenting on The Sensory Bar from 4pm on Friday and all weekendlong are Europe’s leaders in the coffee mixology scene, ready to take over this very exciting space. For those who want an up-close-andpersonal encounter with some of mixology’s brightest stars, consider booking into one of these playful

workshops to learn how to fuse coffee and cocktails. Expect a memorable flavour experience and hands on workshop – from Amsterdam Coffee Mixologists finalists Lotti’s at The Hoxton and Door 74 – culminating in a landmark cocktail for you to enjoy.


/ THE LAB / From demonstrations, to workshops and tasting sessions, The Lab, powered by MUMAC, is all about innovation, learning and boundary-pushing talks. Designed to offer visitors an array of interactive experiences, the programme covers everything from how to open a coffee shop to home brewing techniques. Thursday and Friday sessions are designed to inspire industry members, whatever your role. With specific sessions targeted to the barista, café owner, hospitality executive, product specialist and entrepreneur, the line-up is more comprehensive and diverse than ever. Expect interactive demonstrations, workshops and tasting sessions, as well as inspiring talks and lively debates. Whether you’re a coffee newbie, aficionado or self-confessed geek, the Saturday and Sunday sessions have your back. There’ll be fun and educational sessions to inspire and entertain, tastings and talks on everything from coffee and food pairing to tasting craft beer and creating your own Scandi brunch

LAVAZZA AND CHEF FERRAN ADRIÀ “COFFEE SAPIENS – INNOVATION THROUGH UNDERSTANDING” ‘Powerhouse’ may be an overused term, but it certainly applies to Friday’s speaker, world-renowned chef and gastronomic groundbreaker Ferran Adrià. Catch him giving an electrifying talk on his ‘Sapiens’ methodology – a pioneering framework that inspired Lavazza and ElBulli Foundation’s ‘Coffee Sapiens’. This holistic approach invites coffee lovers and industry workers to look at coffee from new perspectives, turning towards the future while keeping traditions in mind – come along if you want to learn more.

HONEST ORGANIC & LIQUID CHEFS THE ORGANIC BEVERAGES WORKSHOP Honest Organic & Liquid Chefs are on a mission to demystify organic, one demo at a time. On Friday and Saturday Liquid Chefs be chatting to audiences about the benefits of organic as they whip up some bespoke mocktails. Using Honest Organic Coffee and Lemonade, Liquid Chefs will demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate organic beverages into our everyday lives.


MUMAC TAKEOVERS MUMAC are back, and they’re taking over The Lab with an inspiring panel series. Thursday’s session will offer advice on how to get into the specialty coffee game, featuring successful new entrants and industry veterans. On Friday, experts will discuss the importance of education in the coffee business – what do operators really need to know, and how do we teach it to them? Saturday will see talks on the global history of coffee, as told by Prof. Jonathan Morris, Research Professor in Modern European History at the University of Hertfordshire.

UNION COLD BREW IN HOSPITALITY To cold brew or not to cold brew? Union’s Head of Innovation, Dave Law, will discuss the future of espresso and cold brew coffee in the hospitality industry on Thursday, paying special attention to how this brewing method can revolutionise quality and workflow.

PANEL SERIES Look out for a collection of exciting panel discussions across the Industry Days (28 & 29 March), including: • BREXIT – A CONVERSATION Hosted by Jeffrey Young, CEO, Allegra Group • CUPS IN CRISIS? With Everyday Plastics, Ozone Coffee Roasters, Decent Packaging, HuskeeCup, SoL Cup and KeepCup • WOMEN IN COFFEE With Ozone Coffee Roasters, Kinini Coffee, Koppi Coffee, Girls Who Grind Coffee and Origin Coffee Roasters • COFFEE MACHINES - WHERE NEXT? La Cimbali, Sanremo, Faema, La Marzocco, Caravan Coffee Roaster, UCC Coffee and Professor Jonathan • CAREERS IN COFFEE PANEL The Roasting Party, La Marzocco, Prufrock Coffee, Well Grounded, London School of Coffee, Artisan School of Coffee, Pro Baristas and La Marzocco • COFFEE IN CRISIS? Percol Coffee, A Plastic Planet, Fairtrade Foundation, Lavazza, Weather Safe, World Coffee Research

HARIO MASTER YOUR V60 AND SYPHON BREWING SKILLS IN THE CAFÉ AND AT HOME This one’s for the coffee enthusiasts who want to sharpen their brewing skills: on Friday and Saturday, Hario will take guests through the ins and outs of using the at home favourite V60 and the mighty Syphon.

TIA MARIA COCKTAIL WORKSHOPS On Friday, Rod Eslamieh – owner of award winning coffee shop and cocktail bar Chapter 72 – shares his tips on how to turn your coffee shop into a successful late-night spot. Saturday and Sunday will see UK Brand Ambassador Stephanie Rainbow show how easy it is to make bar-worthy coffee cocktails at home.

EASYFOOD ‘SCANDI BRUNCH’ COFFEE AND FOODPAIRING Put a little hygge into your day with Danish Bakery’s foodie workshop. On Saturday and Sunday chef Andreas Brok-Hartvig will take guests through the basics of hygge and offer up a little inspiration for serving your own Nordic brunch.

SQUARE PRESENTS START, RUN AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS FROM THE GROUND UP On Friday, payment technology company Square will sit down for a conversation with three successful start-up founders, who will share their first-hand experience of breaking into the coffee business. Expect some hands-on advice if you’re looking to start your own business too. For all information and the full Lab timetable, visit londoncoffeefestival. com/whatson/thelab


/ ALL YOU NEED TO SEE, TRY AND BUY / Take home a little treat from LCF 2019, where all the best gadgets, gizmos and coffee-based goods will be available to browse or buy. Here’s a sneak peak at the great stuff we have on offer.

HOT CHOCOLATE FAEMA BREW BAR Connecting with the London coffee vibes, Coffee Masters proud sponsors Faema will present delicious coffees from several European roasters at their Faema Brew Bar, helmed by internationally renowned baristas. Stay tuned on Faema’s Instagram to catch your first glimpse of the special guests (@faema_official). Alongside the E71E, the Italian espresso machine whizzes will also unveil their new Teorema T° model – equipped with a new manual adjustable temperature control system – in bronze and wooden finish.

Family-owned health brand, Rude Health, are bringing their new hot beverages to the festival – but leaving the lactose behind. Saddle up to their stand to taste their new dairy-free Hot Chocolate drink, a first in food service, made to steam and serve. They’ll also be exhibiting their full range of delicious snack bars and serving an exclusive coffee blend from DT Roastery’s Dhan Tamang, who will also be at the stand.

BRITA PROGUARD To make the best coffee, BRITA makes water filter systems for espresso machines. Their latest showpiece is the PROGUARD coffee system, which has been speciallydeveloped for areas with more complex tap water. The PROGUARD not only protects the machine, but also optimises the water for better extraction by filtering it through a reverse osmosis membrane. The filtered water then receives a dosed amount of minerals when it’s syphoned back through an adjustable pre-filter and a mineralisation cartridge. It also allows you to adjust the mineralisation and hardness between two and six degrees carbonate hardness, so you can get the taste you want.

COLD BREW SPARKLING BLACK HUSKEECUP For cafés, home users and on-the-go sippers, HuskeeCup is an innovative cup made from repurposed coffee husks. The Australian company are on a crusade to curb the 50 billion takeaway cups that pile up in landfill every year with their elegant and functional cup – one that can easily withstand the demands of a café environment. HuskeeCups are BPA-free, comfortable to hold, dishwasher safe and keep your precious morning cuppa just-boiled hot.


Union Hand-Roasted Coffee is launching an evolution of their cold brew: Sparkling Black. It’s a seriously refreshing sparkling coffee drink that helps to keep you naturally sharp. Made from single origin coffee from Guatemala, it’s steeped for 24 hours before blending and carbonation. The result? A sophisticated, stimulating and delicately fizzy soda with a hint of citrus, a complex finish and plenty of natural caffeine. Visit the Union stand to get a taste.


MINOR FIGURES NITRO AND COLD BREW COFFEE Purveyors of canned cool, Minor Figures, are bringing their specialty nitro brews to LCF. The London-based startup are on a mission to make cold brew more accessible while still upholding the quality of specialty coffee. All their beverages are dairy-free, and added sugar isn’t allowed to the party, either. Look out for their Nitro Cold Brew in Black, Latte and Mocha – they’ll be the ones in the eye-catching cans.


2018 was all about the launch of the beautiful Leva avant-la-lettre espresso machine for La Marzocco. Always looking to outdo themselves, this year guests can test drive the brand-new La Marzocco KB90. Named for the company’s recent 90th birthday and for former LM International CEO & current Chairman of the Board Kent Bakke, the machine is made for the ergonomic reality of the barista profession. This beautiful new powerhouse features two key innovations: the group head with Straight-In portafilter and the Steam Flush self-cleaning system. Bellissimo!

Having skyrocketed to success on Dragon’s Den, sustainable skin-care startup Optiat are rebranding as UpCircle, but still retain their commitment to making pioneering products that are regenerative by design. They’re launching their new look at LCF – come test out their range of circular skincare products, made from rescued coffee grounds and other planet-happy ingredients.

SQUARE PAYMENT TECHNOLOGY Do you accept card? Square provides technology to help you accept every payment quickly, easily and securely. They operate by a simple philosophy: that helping small businesses grow is good business for everyone. Bonus: businesses only pay when they make a sale, meaning there are no costs when you’re quiet or closed. If easy and affordable card payments catch your fancy, then check out their stand at LCF, where they’ll be holding demos and practical sessions.

MAHLKÖNIG E65S German trailblazers Mahlkönig are bringing the newest member of the family to LCF, the Mahlkönig E65S. The E65S has a multifunctional rotary and push button, an innovative menu with symbols and six preset recipes. The advanced design is available in different colours, and is not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the ear: the grinder produces the softest sound ever.


9BARISTA 9BARISTA is the first jetengineered stove-top espresso machine. This stunning product is designed to create the perfect brewing pressure and temperature at home – 9bar pressure, 93o°C. This deliciously simple and clever machine will launch at LCF.

A giant leap forward in the microroastery world, Tostabar Genius K1 is the only machine able to realise a completely automatic and constant coffee roasting. Tostabar Genius K1 is electrically powered, needs only 3.5 kW and doesn’t use gas. It’s also equipped with an electronic control system, which allows the elimination of thermal inertia, automatically adjusting the amount of heat required to roast the coffee following your desired profile. Look out for the launch of the K3 model, as well.

LOVERAMICS CUPPING BOWLS The most convenient heads for cupping come without a doubt from Loveramics. That’s because the company integrates a nifty feature into their products: the cup comes out of the package black, but as soon as you pour boiling water into it, it changes to white. As the temperature drops, the head turns to black again. The optimal time to begin cupping is when the head is light gray, as the coffee is at 70°C. In addition to the handy colouring feature, the heads also have the ideal cup size of 220ml.


/ THE RISE OF THE AT-HOME BARISTA / Affordability, ease and control – the new at-home barista wants it all.

A recent report by Allegra* found that almost a third of UK coffee drinkers consume two to three coffees at home a day, and this figure is rising. And they’re not just settling for instant coffee: 35% of them are frothing up lattes, 27% opt for americanos and 14% choose flat whites as their at-home go-to. This is partially thanks to the availability of quality home-use products. The advent of capsule and pod-based coffee solutions have certainly given the DIY barista trend a boost: with their decent value-for-money reputation and ease of use, these convenient coffee makers still reign supreme amongst brew-it-at-home baristas. But other products have come on the scene that are taking domestic coffeemaking to new heights – including La Marzocco’s Linea Mini, a shrunken version of the company’s classic espresso machine. While the original Linea is, unfortunately, too cumbersome to bring home, the Linea Mini takes all the high-performance components of the commercial machine and bundles them into a smaller package. Bonus: it’s super cute to boot.

NEW TECH MAKES AT-HOME BREWING A CINCH Aside from launching the Linea Mini, La Marzocco has been responding to the increased demand from savvy home baristas with more new products (including the GS3 home espresso machine and the Lux D grinder) and a ‘home barista course’ at their showrooms in Shoreditch. La Marzocco’s Home Manager, Dan Harvey, believes he knows why the home barista trend has taken off. “Coffee is an affordable luxury,” he says, “something we can treat ourselves to without breaking the bank.” It’s certainly true that consumers have become more attuned to this attainable luxury: in a recent poll conducted by BRITA, 71% of respondents said that their interest in coffee has increased in recent years. “More people are brewing coffee at home, not only because it’s actually


surprisingly easy, cheap and fun, but also because people want the quality of coffee at home that they’re drinking in independent cafés,” says James Hoffmann, 2007 World Barista Champion and cofounder of Square Mile Roasters.

HOMEBOUND BARISTAS CRAVE BESPOKE EXPERIENCES On top of its affordability, making coffee at home allows you to take charge of the entire experience – an advantage that jibes well with the hyper-personalised post-tech age, where consumers increasingly want everything in their lives to be tailored specifically to their needs. Products like Hario’s V60 – an ever-popular at-home brewing method first introduced in 2004 – combine costconsciousness and precision, allowing DIY baristas to control every aspect of the coffee-making process. Hario has seen sales of the V60 increase steadily each year, a clear sign that people want products that yield the best at-home coffee experience possible. “Brewing at home is becoming more popular due to the enormous amount of amazing coffee products people now have access to,” says Justine Prain, Managing Director at Brewed By Hand and cofounder of Paced Group. “All the amazing things on the market right now make it extremely easy to have a café-quality cup of coffee at home.” Affordability, ease and control – the new at-home barista wants it all, and the coffee industry is responding. *Project Café UK 2019

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY... Take the Linea Mini for a spin yourself at LCF by visiting the La Marzocco Kitchen (S02). Want to up your brew-by-hand barista game? The Hario experts are waiting for you at the festival too (G25).

/ POCKET RECIPES / We wouldn’t let you go home empty-handed. Take a little piece of LCF home with you with these buzzy and coffee food pairing recipes, curated by our favourite coffee connoisseurs.


A simple, dairy-free cocktail that’ll please vegans and lactose lovers alike. Sweet and nutty, this one warms the cockles right up. Ingredients 200 ml Alpro Oat For Professionals 30 ml sweet liquorice syrup 25 ml espresso Method • Pour the sweet liquorice syrup in a glass and add the espresso • Froth the Alpro Oat For Professionals and pour into the glass. Enjoy!

A smooth take on an already-smooth classic. The rich coffee liqueur cuts through the sharp bourbon to make it all go down easy, while the nutty walnut bitters give it just enough punch. Can't get enough? This beguiling cocktail will be available at the Main Bar during the festival. Ingredients 40 ml Bourbon 20 ml Tia Maria 20 ml Cold Brew 2 dash Black Walnut bitters Garnish Orange peel. Expressed oils over the top and place in drink. Method Fill glass with ice and add ingredients. Stir well.


Enjoy Danish Bakery’s very ‘hyggelige’ cinnamon bun sandwich with a cortado brewed on a lightly roasted Indonesian Shere Kahn bean. Serve the coffee with a small dash of milk to temper to sharp taste of cinnamon. Ingredients 1 cinnamon bun ½ banana 1 tablespoon of chocolate spread 3-4 light roasted almonds with salt Method Cut the cinnamon bun in half. Toast the two halves to golden brown in a panini grill or in the oven at 200°C. Cover the bottom bun with chocolate spread, add slices of bananas and drizzle with the salted almonds.


/ PROJECT WATERFALL / Clean water is a basic human right. That’s why Project Waterfall, a charity initiative set up by the Allegra Foundation, is working so hard to bring this valuable life source to people around the world. Fifty percent of ticket sales from The London Coffee Festival will support this valuable cause, which has donated over £1 million to support clean water projects in seven countries since 2011. Project Waterfall is working with WaterAid on a four-year project in the Jabi Tehnan Woreda region of Ethiopia, where they’re working with local coffee growers to bring clean water and sanitation to the community. With your support, they’ll be providing 10,662 people access to these basic life needs. Residents of this fruitful region in northwest Ethiopia proudly claim that their land can grow anything — and ‘anything’ tends to be coffee. Most people in local villages have half a hectare of land next to their houses where they make their livelihoods growing worldrenowned beans. Coffee is part of the region’s DNA: they have a rich culture centred around the drink, and often gather for ritualistic coffee ceremonies, where neighbours and families commune over a pot of coffee and burning incense.

INSIDE AN ETHIOPIAN COFFEE CEREMONY Inside an Ethiopian coffee ceremony In this arena of local life, women call the shots: the matriarch running the ceremony starts by spreading fresh, aromatic grasses all over the floor. She then sets up a rekbot, a box-like piece of furniture on which small, handle-free coffee cups are placed. Finally, she sets down the jabena, a clay coffee pot, and lights the charcoal fire burning incense. Family and neighbours begin to file in and sit around the room, which is soon filled with sounds of laughter and lively conversation. After washing the green coffee beans, a typical variety in this region, the woman performing the ceremony holds the pan over hot coal and shakes the beans out of their husks. She then roasts coffee in the same pan, stirring the beans continuously to ensure


an even taste. A rich smell wafts from the pan; the matriarch takes it around the room, passing it under the noses of her guests so that they can get a whiff. After the beans have cooked, the matriarch grinds them with a pestle and mortar, covers them with water, and boils them over the coals. When the coffee’s done, she dishes out the abol (first round) to her guests. Once they’ve lapped it all up, the tona (second) and baraka (third) rounds are served. After lingering over the last cup, guests go home with a pleasant buzz in their heads and warm, coffee-filled bellies.

HOW PROJECT WATERFALL IS HELPING This vibrant coffee culture depends on clean water, which is unfortunately hard to come by. The scant water supply means that there isn’t enough for farming, drinking, and sanitation. In many regional villages, the challenge is the same: there is usually only one water source, and locals queue up for hours for a fraction of the water they need. Most households are limited to two jerrycans (40 litres) of water every other day, but when six to eight people live under one roof, this isn’t sufficient. Over the next six months, WaterAid and Project Waterfall will be building the infrastructure local communities need, including a 100m3 reservoir that will supply water into new pumps around the region. They will also be constructing new school latrines in 2019, which will greatly improve sanitation for local students.

UK COFFEE WEEK Kicking off on the 29 April, UK Coffee Week, the nation’s largest celebration of coffee, is entering its 9th year with a bang. Thousands of coffee shops and retailers from across the UK will come together during the week to celebrate coffee culture and raise money for Project Waterfall. This is the chance for industry leaders to create a focused campaign around their coffee offering, building brand excitement and consumer engagement. If you want to join this passionate community of coffee lovers, head to

/ THE COFFEE MUSIC PROJECT / The London Coffee Festival presents The Coffee Music Project, an international music competition that showcases onthe-rise artists to raise valuable funds for Project Waterfall. Catch the ten finalists from this year’s London edition throughout the weekend, where they will be performing on the main stage in a oneoff showcase ahead of The Coffee Music Project Grand Final on 1st May 2019. The stage will also play host to special guest performances from finalists of The Coffee Music Project 2018. A new act will be featured every half hour throughout the festival, so keep your ears peeled.

GUEST ACTS Madeleine Mayi The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and winner of The Coffee Music Project LA 2019 will join us for a special performance after recently releasing her latest indie rock EP, Shy. Madeleine’s eclectic Cali childhood influences are

Daisy Chute A folk songstress, multi-instrumentalist and regular on the London music scene. An award-winning artist, Daisy Chute won The Coffee Music Project competition London 2018, and just came off of a successful tour of America in October.

reflected in her music, evoking an old soul with a youthful twist. Fugitive Orchestra Singer-songwriter James Tattington began performing as Fugitive Orchestra after reading a passage in a J.G. Ballard novel. Fusing together beatboxing, live-looping and guitar, Fugitive Orchestra makes music best described as ‘alternative, jazz-infused, bluesy hip-pop’ – something a little bit different.

Daisy Chute

James Riley Anglo-American folk and soul artist James Riley was raised in London, but followed his roots back to Nashville in 2015 for a short trip, which ended up becoming a 2-year odyssey. Riley, who placed second at The Coffee Music Project London 2018, has featured at Glastonbury and Wilderness fests, and been nominated for no fewer than four awards. Hollie Rogers

Hollie Rogers Coming in third at The Coffee Music Project London 2018, London-based Hollie Rogers is an artist with an incredibly powerful and soulful voice. Her live performances consistently receive enthusiastic plaudits. Hollie has supported acts like Suzanne Vega, Midge Ure, Paolo Nutini and Ralph McTell. Instagram and Facebook: @coffeemusicproject

/ THE COFFEE ART PROJECT / The Coffee Art Project is an international art competition that aims to showcase the work of artists linked to the theme of coffee and coffee culture. There’s no restriction on media: sculpture, painting, installation, photography and mixed media are all welcome. Artists will get the chance to gain international exposure while raising money for a great cause: 50% of the sale of each piece supports Project Waterfall.

Following on from the success of The Coffee Art Project in Milan, Amsterdam and Paris where more than 400 submissions have been received – the competition now enters its seventh year in London and its fifth year in New York City. 2018 also saw the programme launched in Los Angeles, with view to extend the programme to more major cities around the world. Look out for The Coffee Art Project stand, where you’ll find a gallery of 30 to 40 hand-selected pieces. Come just to view, or take one of these amazing works home with you. A panel of judges will select the winners and runners-up, taking into consideration public vote. So don’t forget to cast a ballot for your favourite and enjoy the exhibition. Instagram: @coffeeartproject


/ THE FLAVOUR DISCOVERY / How does aroma affect taste? Why do people experience flavours differently? And how come coffee tastes so damn good? Union Hand-Roasted Coffee will answer these burning questions on an epic, multi-sensory journey at The London Coffee Festival.

So you think you can taste? Making its debut this year, The Flavour Discovery is a multi-sensory journey into the world of good coffee. Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, European Coffee Award winners and one of East London’s most buzzedabout roasteries, will lead festivalgoers on an epic flavour quest through a programme of interactive tastings and activities. “Specialty coffee still has an unnecessary air of mystery about it,” says Edita Chodarcevic, Head of Coffee Education at Union. “Using training elements developed by the Specialty Coffee Association, Flavour Discovery helps break down that mystery in an accessible and fun way.”



First on the agenda: our favourite sense, taste, will get a thorough investigation. Union Hand-Roasted explore the five basic sensations – sweet, salty, bitter, acidic, and savoury – through a series of interactive tasting challenges. Recognising individual tastes is an essential skill for any coffee enthusiast – this informative workshop will arm participants with the knowledge they need to distinguish the different elements of coffee.

Finally, flavour will go under the microscope: the amalgamation of taste and aroma. With a new understanding of these two crucial senses, participants will try to deconstruct the flavour of coffee – what does our favourite drink actually taste of?

Next up, aroma will get a good probing. Our olfactory sense can affect flavour in surprising ways – expert workshop leaders will guide festival-goers through this important sense in a fun and informative activity that gets to the heart of smell. In the aroma challenge, participants will attempt to identify unlabelled fragrances that correspond to the specific aromas found in coffee.


The Flavour Discovery will feature an expansive coffee showcase, featuring six varieties on filter and three on espresso. Participants will also be among the first to taste Union’s latest beverage, Sparkling Black, launching exclusively at the festival.

Places can be booked by registering your name with the Union HandRoasted Coffee crew onsite – and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis

/ FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD / Food at The Festival: more drool-worthy than ever.

It’s not all about the bevs: the food selection at this year’s festival is as buzz-worthy as the coffee. When hunger strikes, head over to The White Label Kitchen — LCF’s innovative dining experience, bringing together a handpicked selection of some of London’s best food concepts. Veggies, carnivores, carbo-loaders and gluten-phobes will all find that perfect something to snack on. Warning: may cause extreme salivation. Here’s this year’s line-up:



@radioalicepizzeria If you just want some straight-up good pie, then make a beeline for Radio Alice. After helming a successful pizzeria in Bologna, brothers Matteo and Salvatore enlisted the help of their friend Emma (co-founder of Gail’s Bakery) to bring their delicious pizza concept to London. It’s a simple premise: delicious slices made every day using organic stoneground flour, wild yeast, 24hr fermentation, and seasonal toppings.

@arancinibrothers A favourite amongst festivalgoers since day one, Arancini Brothers are best known for their Sicilian-style, hand-made risotto balls. Last year they served up the likes of a Risotto Ball Salad Box packed with superfood salad, four wheat free risotto balls and homemade chutney, as well as The London Coffee Festival Special Burger, made from organic brioche and filled with a beef patty, sweet bacon garlic confit and Colston Bassett Blue, with a side of smoky fries.



@crabbieshack Making its second appearance at The London Coffee Festival and bringing the Kent coast to The White Label Kitchen is Crabbieshack. The Folkestone-inspired shack uses local and seasonal produce to celebrate the humble crustacean. Soft-shell crab is coated in Old Bay batter before being deep-fried for intense crunch. Fluffy, brioche burger buns and stuffed with fresh fillings, topped with crispy crab and drizzled in a choice of sauce.

@dfmexicodiner Famous for its nachos, tacos, buns and burritos, DF Mexico is all about…you guessed it: hearty Mexican food that packs a punch. Our favourite dish? The tacos; two soft tortillas served with crunchy slaw, salsa and your choice of filling. Bringing Mexico City to the Old Truman Brewery, it’s sure to be a hit.



10 - 12 MAY 2019 OLD TRUMAN BREWERY LONDON Get 10% off your festival tickets | Quote COFFEE at