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Developing classroom practice through self review.

Issue 9. November 2016

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Iris records lessons, it then allows you to access the recording via a secure cloud.

Jordan Steed

Iris: Discover, Develop, Share.


s part of my new role of piloting new technology over the past term I have been looking at Iris Connect. This is a technology that allows for teaching staff to reflect on their practice as well as review colleagues teaching.

What is it and how does it work? Iris records lessons, it then allows you to access the recording via a secure cloud. Two Ipads are set up in the classroom in advance of the lesson. The teacher is equipped with a microphone to record sound and a Swivl tracking base in order for one of the Ipads to detect the teachers location and allow the Ipad to constantly record the teacher. Once the lesson begins the recording takes place and when the lesson is complete it is uploaded onto a cloud which initially only allows the individual teacher to view this. The teacher then has an option to share this recording.


Allows for teaching staff to ‘‘ reflect on their practice. ’’

W hat are its uses?

The first use it has is self-reflection. Allowing you to see a recording of your own teaching and for you to do some self evaluation. The first occasion I used Iris I found this very useful. I was able to pick up on different elements of my teaching that I was not happy with and adapt it accordingly. This is useful for the first couple of occasions you use Iris but becomes less effective the more you use it. Many schools are making use of Iris through peer reflection and with a particular focus on ‘triads’. This involves three colleagues sharing reflections and feeding back to each other. This enablesconstructive feedback from colleagues without the pressure of being judged or graded. Another great use for Iris is the sharing of good practice. It is a great way to demonstrate effective teaching methods to other staff as well as to observe and learn from what other staff have been doing.

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‘‘ Iris: Discover, Develop, Share.

Enables constructive feedback from colleagues without the pressure of being judged or graded..


A great way to demonstrate ‘‘ effective teaching methods.


S ome challenges

Something that is highly recommended before using Iris for the first time is to pilot it using it in an empty room. This is to ensure you can familiarise yourself with how it works. This should then mean that on the first occasion you use Iris that it runs smoothly. When encouraging staff to use Iris a common concern from staff is that they feel self-conscious when watching themselves back! From a personal perspective this was something that I had to over-come and once you do overcome this Iris has many great uses!

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TEEP Tip Bite size TES

Extract from June 2016

Challenge students to recall key lesson stages through photographs of the learning.

“The TED talks that kickstarted educational conversation” How could you apply this?

‘Every kid needs a champion’ By Dr Rita Pearson Views 5.6 million Link

Speaker biography A US schoolteacher and professional development seminar leader. Content • Pearson argues that teachers must build a rapport with their students, whatever they may feel about them privately. • Tools that can help to achieve this include seeking first to understand rather than be understood and being prepared to apologise for mistakes • Pearson advocates fostering pride among students, celebrating achievements – no matter how modest – and championing students whom others might be tempted to write off

Ideas to promote thoughtful reflection

Twitter steals #POUNDLANDPEDAGOGY Create exciting and unusual lesson activities with interesting finds in Poundland!

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Classroom Spy

Eye catching reminders in Maths!

Growth Mindset reminders in Maths

Motivation in Food Tech.

Interesting and engaging use of small whiteboards in History to evaluate sources. Social Media Revision in humanities!

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impact on a number of ‘‘ Positive students final outcomes. ’’ Christine Wilkinson

Expert Inspiration


n the 22nd of February, Mike Smith, a lecturer in Visual Arts from South Cheshire College came to All Hallows to run a photography workshop.

The Students were from KS4/5 worked with Mike over two sessions gaining valuable experience using DSLR cameras. The purpose of the visit was to capture images using a variety of light sources. The students worked in a blacked out room using phones, torches and glow sticks to light their chosen subjects. Mike supported the practical activities thorough a visual presentation, explaining DSLR cameras clearly and contextual references .

Students have continued with a ‘‘more open-mind response to their own work. ’’


he timing of the workshops coincided with the recording section of both the KS4 and KS5 externally set papers. This successfully impacted on a number of students final outcomes and led to work being developed in a much more sophisticated manner. The students clearly benefitted from the visit, they thoroughly enjoyed the session and have continued with a more open-mind response to their own work.

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Top tweets from the world of Teaching & Learning

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Top tweets from the world of Teaching & Learning

Welcome to the new academic year at All Hallows Catholic College!


PedEX stems from the idea of ‘Pedagogy exchange’. Sharing best practice ideas and developments across our community. If you have anything new, exciting or simply worth sharing then please get in touch with the Teaching and Learning team. PedEx Issue. 9 Pg.8

Pedex Issue 9  

Pedex Issue 9