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Michaelmas Term

Friday 11th October 2013

COMMUNITY MASS All Hallows' Chapel- Every Friday 9am-9.45am, Parents/Carers/Parishioners

Prayer to St. Luke Almighty God, you inspired Your servant St. Luke the Evangelist to set forth in the Gospel the love and healing power of your Son. He also showed the humanity and divinity of Jesus and His genuine compassion for all human beings. May St. Luke intercede for us that we may deepen our understanding of the Gospel and grow in compassion of Jesus. May his intercession enable our College Community to follow Your way and plan for us. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.

ALL ARE WELCOME! Specialism Success Elizabeth Allies and Alexandra Cockitt are to head up a team of sixth form students who will manage Go Shop and its expansion into a second retail outlet over the coming months. Y12 and Y13 CAUK students will be joined by other sixth form Business students to run Go Shop on a rota basis. They will be available to sell stationery each break and lunch time. Younger students running mini-enterprises in Y7 and Y8 will continue to be able to rent retail space from The Pod by making a 10p contribution to The India Clinic Appeal. Later in the year new stalls will also be made available to students. Elizabeth and Alexandra are keen to hear from any students who have ideas for new product lines for Go Shop. PARENTS AS PARTNERS: Scarves and Coats As the weather gets colder, we ask the support of parents in ensuring that the College policy is carried out regarding suitable scarves and coats. Scarves must be plain, dark, functional and not a ‘fashion style’ scarf. Students should not wear scarves in the main College buildings during the day and should only wear them with an outdoor coat outside the buildings. Coats must be a black rain jacket worn over a blazer (embroidered with the College badge for Year 7 students). Small jackets which do not cover the blazer and ‘hoodies’ are also not allowed.

Future Events Thursday 31 October 7– 9:30pm Year 11 into Sixth Form Curriculum Evening Friday 8 November Year 7,9,11 Academic Reviews Issued Friday 8 November, Year 11 Mock Exams begin Thursday 21 November, Year 7 and 9 Parents’ Consultation Day 9am– 7pm Thursday 21 November, Children's Takeover Day for Years 10 and 11, opportunity to accompany relative or friend to work. Thursday 28 November, Year 7 Sex and Relationship Education Evening 7– 8pm (Information on curriculum for Parents) Monday 2 - Friday 13 December, Assessment weeks for Students Friday 6 December 6pm, PTA Disco Year 7 and 8 Thursday 12 December 7pm (Provisional), Carol Service St Albans Church Friday 13 December, PTA Christmas Party (details tbc) Wednesday 18 December 7– 9pm, Key Stage 4 and 5 Awards Evening– College Hall

Attendance Matters at All Hallows Year 7 - 96.6% (down 0.2% on the previous week)


Year 8 - 95.5% (down 0.1%)




Year 9 - 96.3% (up 1.7% - well done Year 9) Year 10 - 93.5% (up 1.6% - well done Year 10) Year 11 - 95.2% (up 1.5% - well done Year 11)

95.00% 94.50% 94.00% 93.50% 93.00% 92.50%

The average for the week is 95.4% (up from 94.5% last week). Since 3rd September attendance has remained at 95.9%. We aim for 97%.

92.00% YEAR 7





Girl’s attendance has increased to 95.4%, Boy’s attendance remains at 95.4% last week. Since 3rd September boys are still winning girls 96.4% to 95.5% Parents are politely reminded to avoid absence unless it is absolutely necessary. Thank you for your on going support regarding medical absence and holiday absence.

Holiday absence from College Holidays will not be authorised from 1st September 2013 under new legislation on all English schools. Requests for holidays must still be made in writing to the appropriate Key Stage leader (Mrs Garvey KS5, Mr Blades KS4 and Mr Diamond KS3), but in the vast majority of cases they will be unauthorised. A Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued of £60 per parent / carer per student, to be paid within 21 days, otherwise the penalty will rise to £120 per parent /carer to be paid within 28 days. If the penalty remains unpaid then the matter will proceed to the Magistrates Court. Medical absence from College Whilst the College requires parents to contact us on each day of absence , school policy now requires that any student who accumulates 7 or more days of absence during the course of the academic year will be asked to provide medical confirmation explaining the absence before any further absences can be authorised for medical reasons. This is a necessary measure as we closely monitor absence due to illness / medical reasons in order that we can ensure students are supported where needed. For your information medical confirmation does not have to be a doctor's note but can also take the form of a medical appointment card, a copy of a relevant dated prescription or evidence of medication being taken. If no medical evidence is provided then the absence will be coded as unauthorised. Ten or more unauthorised absences may result in you receiving a Fixed Penalty Notice. This incurs a penalty of £60 per parent / carer to be paid within 21 days, otherwise the penalty will rise to £120 per parent / carer to be paid within 28 days. If the penalty remains unpaid then the matter will proceed to the Magistrates Court.



College Opens to Students

College Closes to Students


Tuesday 3 September 2013 (Year 7, 12 and 13 in only) Wednesday 4 September 2013 (All students in)

Friday 18 October 2013


Monday 28 October 2013

Thursday 19 December 2013


Monday 6 January 2014

Friday 14 February 2014


Wednesday 26 February 2014

Friday 4 April 2014


Wednesday 23 April 2014

Thursday 22 May 2014


Monday 2 June 2014

Tuesday 22 July 2014

The following are the dates for training days in 2013-14. Students are not required to attend on these days. Monday 24 February 2014 Tuesday 25 February 2014 Tuesday 22 April 2014 Friday 23 May 2014 Wednesday 23 July 2014

Advanced Notice Languages Controlled Assessments 2013-2014 Please find below the list of dates for the languages controlled assessments. Each assessment can count for 15% of the final GCSE. Teachers will let your son/daughter know on which dates they will complete assessments. Please avoid time off both on the date and in the lessons preceding these dates. Please contact with any queries. Year 11 Writing 1 Writing 2 Speaking 1 Speaking 2

11y Thursday 31 October 11g Tuesday 29 October 11y Thursday 16 January 11g Tuesday 21 January Monday/Tuesday 9/10 December Thursday and Monday 13/17 March

Year 10 Writing 1 Writing 2 Speaking 1 Speaking 2

10y Tuesday 10 December 10g Thursday 12 December 10y Tuesday 6 May 10g Thursday 8 May Tuesday/Wednesday 10/11 March Thursday/Friday 3 /4 July

Year 9 Speaking

Tuesday/Wednesday 8/9 July

Volunteers for Children's Liturgy St Alban’s parish runs a thriving children’s liturgy during the 9:30 Sunday Mass, for children up to the end of primary school age. A number of our leaders & helpers have moved on and we still have plenty of enthusiastic children, so now we need a few more volunteers. We’re a friendly group who support each other, and we have plenty of ideas and materials that we share. Please consider helping to build our future parish in this practical and very rewarding way! You’d normally only have to help about twice per term. Adults of all ages, and younger adults & teenagers can all help. Please speak to any of the current leaders (at 9:30 Mass), or Greg Hughes on 614406.

Learning Resource Centre (Library) The Learning Resource Centre is home to over 8,000 books and aims to provide resources to support teaching and learning as well as supply an exciting range of the latest fiction and non-fiction to promote reading for pleasure. Within the LRC is a computer suite with 30 networked computers which students may use for research during breaks and after school. Students are encouraged to visit the LRC during break and lunchtime when they are always welcome to read, undertake research and homework. The LRC is open at the following times to students wishing to read or study: Monday to Thursday: 8.30 – 17.00 Friday: 8.30 - 16.30

Newsletter 11 10 2013