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REPAIR ON THE GO aplTec’s Composite Patch makes composite repairs simple and straightforward, while guaranteeing the repair to be structural and long lasting. Packaged within a handy tube, a waterproof pouch contains a sheet of fibre (carbon or glass) plus the correct ratios of epoxy resin and hardener, which you mix simply by removing the pouch clips. Apply the repair like a bandage in any conditions - hot, cold, humid, even underwater – to fix common problems such as cracked rudders and broken bowsprits. It also works on hulls, providing a repair that’s more than good enough to get you back to port; Composite Patch was recently put to the test by Telefonica in the Volvo Ocean Race, three days out of Cape Town. Price: €24 •

RAYMARINE has launched its new mid and large format e series multifunctional displays; the new e95 and e125 multifunction displays offer two larger (9 and 12 inch) screen options of the compact e7. They offer users the advanced power, expanded networking, and wireless connectivity of the HybridTouch™ e series. Built-in WiFi connectivity allows the screen display – whether showing charts, radar, sonar or thermal video - to be accessed from anywhere onboard via mobile iOS devices, such as iPads and iPhones. Price: From £2,395.00 ex VAT


SAVE-A-PHONE provides a solution for water damaged small electrical devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras, remote controls and two-way radios. Simply place your water-logged device into the air tight bag provided, and let the special drying agent pack do its work. Moisture will be drawn back out of the holes it entered by and then absorbed. Devices can be resurrected in as little as four hours, with a colour coded indicator letting you know when all the moisture has been sapped up. Does it work? After a prolonged dunking in the marina and 24 hours in the bag, our test phone duly came back to life, despite being somewhat saltier for the experience! Price: £14.99 •

WOMEN’S PRO DRYSUIT GILL has introduced a women’s specific drysuit design which promises a much improved fit. The key design feature to this garment is that the zip placement is on the back, meaning there is no cumbersome zip over the chest and giving a more flattering figure. It also features an elasticated waist adjustment to achieve your preferred fit. Internally there is a female friendly mono brace with a side release buckle feature for ease and comfort. Price: £375


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