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Dear Delegates, We are honored to congratulate all of you to be chosen as the promising future leader for your entity. 2014 International Congress will be the first step of your one-year-term journey. AIESEC International Congress is the biggest and the most anticipated event in the organization. It takes place annually and unites the representatives of local and 124 national AIESEC entities around 700 delegates together at one place to set goals for next year, share global good cases to implement, and enlarge global networking. On behalf of 2014 IC CC team, we will definitely spare no effort on delivering our promise to make the most heart-touching IC ever come true. During your stay in IC Taiwan, you can feel at ease in participation and engagement with every session and event elaborately arranged by AI and CC. In the following, 2014 IC CC team will release 4 DG mailers to make sure your registration, visa, payment, and everything needed be done for attendance in IC Taiwan. This 1st DG Mailer will help you follow the required timeline to finish online registration and visa application. Moreover, you can also take a glimpse of IC events and IC venue, and pre-order for study tours and souvenirs with more value than the prices. Make sure to read it carefully and continue to watch out for more information you will receive in the following days to come. Our vision of the 2014 IC in Taiwan:

We welcome you, dear AIESECers around all over the world, to 2014 AIESEC International Congress in Taiwan. yours, CC team of 20114 IC in Taiwan


Amazing IC experience awaits you!


Registration Teaser A step toward IC journey_

To register for IC 2014 Delegates, you have to fill in 3 forms within the required timeline. 4 forms will be Main Registration, Extra Order, and Final Collection. If delegates have any question during application process, you can also fill in the form of Question/ Request. Once CC team receive your question or concern, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Main Registration Form

1 2 3

* 3 rounds of application in total


Open 5/1

Deadline 5/20

MCP & AI Approval 5/26

Open 5/21

Deadline 6/7

MCP & AI Approval 6/13

Open 6/8

Deadline 6/28

MCP & AI Approval 7/4

* Comfirmed delegate lists will be announced by CC team after MCP & AI Approval. * Form Link:

Extra Order Form For pre-stay, post-stay, study tours, and souvenir. Open 5/1

Deadline 7/10

After 7/10, only Study Tour “Run To Taiwan” will be available for on-site registration. * Form Link:

Final Collection Form For visa scan, indemnity form, insurance form, and flight information. Open 5/26

Deadline 7/15

It is very important that you get your visa & upload the visa copy to “Final Collection Form of 2014 IC in Taiwan” before 7/15. * Form Link:

Question & Request Form Open 5/1


Visa easy to go Categories of visa_

Australia Austria Belgium Bulgaria Canada Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland

Exempt Entry Countries


HongKong Macao

France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea Lativia

Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands United Kingdom United States Vantican City State

Conference Visa


「 」 China

Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Monaco New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romania

All the other countries

Suggest timeline for visa application_ Conference Visa 05/1~07/14

1st Round 05/1~5/20


2 nd Round 05/20~06/7

China and HK/Macao Visa 06/1~07/14

3 rd Round 06/7~06/28

MoC, HK/Macao Visa 06/01~07/14 *Notice:We can’t guarantee delegates to get visa if apply after July 4th


Visa application flow_


Are you from visa-free country?

From HK/Macao, MoC

No Apply for Conference Visa

Visa-Exempt Entry no visa needed

Register for IC 2014 in TW and confirm by AI

Does your country have Taiwan Embassy?

use different ways to apply visa.

Submit the online Taiwan Visa Application Form and print out the confirmation form

Book your flight

Yes Go to the Embassy

No Find the nearest Taiwan Embassy

Submit the application by sending all the materials needed to the nearest Embassy

submit the application and all the materials needed

Get your visa & Upload the visa copy to “Final Collection Form of 2014 IC in Taiwan”

Download visa guideline booklet: Skype account: CC 2014 IC in Taiwan Contact: Tim Lai/ Rick Chin Visa Consultation Time Available on Skype (GMT+8) : Wed 13:00~17:00 Thur: 19:00~23:00 Sun: 20:00~23:00 From


International Congress 2014 3 main events provide the platforms for uniting active local youth, AIESEC leaders, and AIESEC alumni from all over the world together to learn, share, collaborate, and create a sustainable vision for the future.


nternational Congress Aug.16 @ Kaohsiung E-DA Royal Crown Plaza Hotel

~Aug. 25

AIESEC cultivates youth leadership through its global network, to achieve organization vision “Peace and Fulllment of Humankind’s Potential.” Therefore, 2014 IC in Taiwan slogan is “Youth Leadership, Spark the world!” We hope we can create awareness of Youth Leadership cultivation by 10 days congress and its series events, and also cultivate more youth to have leadership. Youth leadership includes lots of issue, and 2014 AIESEC International Congress focuses on “self-fulfillment”, ”innovation and integration” and “social responsibility.” These three sub themes will be around congress and its series events, so that participants will reach congress objective. Link:



lobal Youth Aug.14 ~Aug. 16 Leadership Summit

@ Kaohsiung Exhibition and Convention Center

GYLS is the biggest global youth summit in Taiwan for the past few years. The summit will combine the 7th AIESEC Youth Impact Forum, "Open Space & Start-up School," and "Social Innovation Workshop," which are “For youth, By youth�, giving youth from 124 countries the chance to exchange the ideas. It will be held in varieties forms and issues and hope to share the world-leading idea with whole world. Link:


IESEC Alumni Global Conference Aug.21 ~Aug. 25

@ Taipei & Kaohsiung

The AAGC aims to bring AIESEC alumni together to re-connect and reminiscence the intention of making the world better. We also invite leaders of Taiwan industries to celebrate our annual event also showcasing how Taiwan become one of the leading countries in Asia. Link:


IC Events

A platform to build up your global partnership through interaction with corporates.

bar, clubbing, and true taste of Taiwan: Re Chao (熱炒)

8 12

Night activities

8 13

Pre-Stay in Kaohsiung

8 14


Shuttle buses will be at the pre-stay location and Kaohsiung HSR station for pick-ups

8 15

MCP Pre-meeting

Shuttle bus will pick you up from pre-stay locationto E-Da World for the meeting.

8 16


8 17

Global Village

Arrival & Pick-up CC Team will be at Taoyuan and Kaohsiung International Airport for welcoming and pick-up towards every IC delegates. CC team will also be at the Kaohsiung High Speed Railway station to bring you to the pre-stay hotel/hostel.

Pre-Tour for Map in Taiwan & Run to Taiwan

For those who registered for pre-tour there will be a pre-meeting at the hotel/hostel lobby the night before the tour.


Enjoy diversity of AIESEC global network! Showcase your country’s culture!

Enjoy tasty Taiwanese night market delicacies and cultural performances!

Post-Tour for Map in Taiwan & Run to Taiwan

Y2B Forum

8 19

Taiwan Night

8 23 8 25 8 26

International Congress

8 28

Foreigners Traveling Sharing Event @ Taipei Red House North Square


8 29

Farewell Party

@ Taipei 101 Lounge Bar

Share the hidden beauty you found in Taiwan through travel.

We strongly advice you to land at Kaohsiung International Airport, and return to your country from Taoyuan International Airport.


Study Tours

There is no better way to discover Taiwan through traveling around the whole island. You can admire the nature landscapes, historical architectures, and Taiwanese hospitality! IC 2014 in Taiwan provides two kinds of study tour, Run to Taiwan & Map in Taiwan. Run to Taiwan Map in Taiwan Taipei-Yilan

Discover cities with treasures. 8/26~8/28

Westside Rail Tour 8/26~8/28

LOHAS Travel 8/13~8/14



Bunun Tribe Adventure Rebirth of BambooTown 8/13~8/14

Heart of Cultural Heritage Tainan 8/14


Explore Lohas in Eastern Taiwan. 8/26~8/28

Wanderlust in Ancient Capital



Banana Paradise


City of Romance 8/15

Heart of Cultural Heritage 8/26~8/28

**Please note that prices for study tour can be adjusted. Exact fee will be updated later on following DG mailers and official website.

Run to Taiwan Nantou

Pre-tour 8/15

Nantou is a beautiful city, famous for its relaxing and ecological atmosphere. This tour will start from Taichung and end in Changhua, which add to the beauty and diversity of Nantou. Pre-tour 8/13~8/14

Tainan Pre-tour 8/14

Tainan is the origin of Taiwan’s culture. There are many historical sites and it is a local snack paradise. It is a place no traveler shall miss!


Kaohsiung is famous for its abundant local Hakka cultures, traditional religions, and heart-warming people.

Post-tour 8/26~8/28


Post-tour 8/26~8/28

Do you want to enjoy your tour in a totally LOHAS life style? Hualien-Taitung trip will definitely meet you satisfaction. You will explore the nature, experience aboriginal culture, and enjoy local delicacy within three days. Let’s embrace the beauty of Eastern Taiwan!


You cannot leave Taiwan without visiting Taipei! A trip to Taipei and Yilan is a feast of history, culture, and fashion. You will visit museums, temples, and taste local food. Most importantly, you can experience a Taiwanese living style with us!


Map in Taiwan Westside Rail Tour

Hop on the train and travel without a plan! All you need is a backpack and courage. Embrace the beautiful scenery in Taiwan. Post-tour 8/26~8/28

Wanderlust in Ancient Capital Pre-tour 8/13~8/14 Be a Taiwanese! Wander around the ancient capital, stroll through the alleys, taste the local cuisines, visit temples and explore the traditional Taiwanese worship and rituals.

Rebirth of Bamboo Town Pre-tour 8/13~8/14

Traditionally, bamboos play a significant role in small towns. In modern days, bamboos are still very important however the fusion of traditional and contemporary brought new life to the town and listen to the stories of the Bamboo Village!

Banana Paradise

Experience a rural town life, come together to be banana farmers! Learn how to manange banana plantations, to use fruits as dyes, and to make and taste banana cuisines! Post--tour 8/26-8/28

Bunun Tribe Adventure

Come to be a part of thr Bunun tribe! Sharing is caring. The tribe will share their crafts, food and stories from the ancestors with us. Follow the Bunun hunters and explore the beauty of nature. Post-tour 8/26~8/27


Tour Features

Why Run to Taiwan?_

Run To Taiwan is a typical tour to explore Taiwan in just few days. Focusing on group play and get to know cities in Taiwan.There will be 5 routes for you to explore every features in each city. IF you chose pre-tour, you can know Nantou,Tainan or Kaohsiung. IF you chose post-tour, you can explore Hualien-Taitung or Taipei-Yilan. IF you love to know a country with friends and locals, you must “Run To Taiwan�.

Why Map in Taiwan?_

Experience different tastes of cities in Taiwan!

Specially designed tours by famous in-depth travel groups in Taiwan exclusively for IC 2014 delegates. This is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. If you miss this, you will never find something quite as exotic.

In-depth travel focuses on interaction with locals. This will not a typical sightseeing trip. You will have the chance to talk with friendly locals, participate in their daily activities, listen to stories, learn about their lives and experience Taiwanese culture at first hand!



Run to Taiwan:

Map in Taiwan:


IC Venue: E-DA Wonderland

IC Venue E-DA Royal Hotel

Address: No.100, E-da 8 St. , San-her Vil.,Dashu District, KaoHsiung City 840, Taiwan R.O.C TEL:+886-7-6568000  FAX:+886-7-6568288


IC Accommodation Kaohsiung E-DA Skylark Hotel

Taiwan Facts

Things you should know_

Population: 23,37 million Capital City: Taipei Drives on the: Right Calling Code: +886 Area: 36,193 km² Official Script: Traditional Chinese Electric Power: 110V, 60Hz Time zone: GMT +8:00 Currency: New Taiwan Dollar (NT$) (TWD) Natural Disaster: Typhoon & Earthquake Official Language: Standard Chinese Regional Language: Hokkien, Hakka, Formosan languages, and Fuzhou dialect Weather in summer: hot and humid with frequent afternoon thunderstorms and occasional typhoons Average temperature in summer: 26 °C (78 °F)



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