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2nd Delegates Mailer

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2014 Taiwan AIESEC International Congress

Dear Delegates,

How time flies. 2014 International Congress in Taiwan is 2 month Our level of excitement are getting higher and higher as we rece registrations. IC CC team will strive our very best to provide you IC delegate service ever.

From this mailer, your registration status and visa FAQ based on handled so far will be updated. At the same time, we strongly su our visa guidebook beforehand and use our SKYPE visa consult for registered delegates, you can check our Extra Order Form to vices with early bird discounts such as pre & post-stay venue, in souvenir packages.

At last, you can check our latest IC events experience teaser to gized. Get to know more about life in Taiwan! Be ready to embra Our vision of the 2014 IC in Taiwan:

We welcome you, dear AIESECers around all over the world, to 2014 AIESEC International Congress in Taiwan.

hs ahead. eived more and more IC u the most heart-touching

n the questions we have uggest delegates to read tation service if needed. As o book additional IC sern-depth tour, city tour, and

get prepared and enerace Taiwan!

Registration Confirmed Delegate Lists approved by MCP & AI. Check your submission and process:

Current registration status: AIESEC Entity of MC





Costa Rica












Australia Austria

Azerbaijan Bahrain Belarus

Belgium Benin


Bosnia Brazil

Bulgaria Canada

Cape Verde Chile


1 5 6 6 4 6 1 2 1 1 1 6 1 4 1 3 6

Cote D’ivoire Czech Republic Denmark

Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt

El Salvador Estonia

Ethiopia Finland France


Germany Greece


Hong Kong Hungary

2 4 6 1 2 6 1 1 3 6 6 1 0 7 2 7 1

India Iran

Ireland Italy



Kazakhstan Kenya Korea

Kyrgyzstan Laos


Lebanon Liberia

Lithuania Malaysia Malta

3 3 3 7 7 2 1 7 4 2 3 1 4 1 1 1 4




Puerto Rico












Montenegro Morocco

Mazambique Myanmar Namibia Nepal

New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria


Pakistan Panama Peru



7 3 1 7 0 3 2 4 7 1 1 3 2 3 1 7 2

Romania Rwanda

Senegal Serbia

Singapore Slovakia


South Africa Spain

Sri Lanka Sweden

Switzerland Taiwan

Tanzania Thailand

The Netherlands The Philippines

1 1 1 2 7 1 3 1 3 7 5 1 7 1 7 3 7



United Kingdom 7 United States




Uruguay Vietnam

1 7

Registration 1st & 2nd Round Comfirmed Delegates: please make sure you complete the following form before deadline


MCP approve

6/13 AI approve


FB IC Internal Group

* If you need pre-approve by AI, please contact 9 days in advance.

Extra Order Form Open

Order for pre-stay, post-stay, tours, and souvenir: Open 5/26

Deadline 7/10


Final Collection Form Open

For visa scan, indemnity form, insurance form, and flight information. Deadline 7/15

Open 6/13

Have not sign up AIESECers :


Open 6/8

Deadline 6/28

MCP & AI Approval 7/4

What visa team can do for you?


1. Delegate visa application consultation

Delegates may need to go for visa in person or with one representative; we can provide some information and solve your problems.

2. Government negotiation

Many visa issues are related to national security, so the regulations are sometimes inflexible. Visa team will try to negotiate with the government if you encounter difficulties when applying. (The rules in visa application guideline book is provided by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C, so sometimes it’s hard to break the rule even we want to help delegate.)

3. Invitation Letter and confirmation provider

Every delegate will receive their invitation letter and confirmation after AI and MCP approval from Visa team. We also still deal with emergency cases like delegates who need pre-approval for visa application due to his/her schedule for being a foreign MC.


[Visa Scan Upload]

Many Delegates may have already got their visa, so we need every delegate do us a favor! If you have acquired your visa, please upload the scan of it to the official website Final Collection Form ( for us to make sure you can get into Taiwan.


[For Moc delegates] Apply Conference Visa 1. All the Chinese passport holder have to hold「大陆居民往来台湾通行证」and 「入出 境许可证明」to get into Taiwan. 2. Be sure to have大陆居民往来台湾通行证before 2014/06/30. We heard that it needs to take around one month to apply大陆居民往来台湾通行证if you apply for the first time. ※WARNING! Delegates from MoC will be reject for entry Taiwan if you don’t have both of 「大陆居民往来台湾通行证」and 「入出境许可证明」 3. Due to come in/out as group policy, please arrange your delegates who are Chinese passport holder must be arrival/departure Taiwan within 24 hours.

Apply Tourist Visa 2014 IC Visa Team won’t take any responsible to apply tourist visa. Chinese delegates are able to take their own risk to apply tourist visa by themselves, but the maximum stay of duration is 15 days. However, if they want to participate all the congress tours and it may take more than 15 days (Pre-tour1~2 days, Main congress 10 days, Post-tour 3 days, Arrival & departure 1~2 days).

Online Consultation!!

CC team we provide visa consulting service on Skype. Time: Sunday evening 20:00~23:00 pm (GMT+8)



If I find some mistakes (such as the embassy is not the one I wanted to apply for, name misspelt, etc.) in my visa online application form, but I have already printed out and provided the barcode on IC registration system, what should I do, should I rewrite it?


Yes! You have to refill your visa application form and print the newest one for your visa application. You also have to contact IC CC team by email and provide us your new bar code and inform us which space you had correct. As for the old application form, you can ignore it, that won’t be a problem.




关于台湾入出境许可证皆是由台湾团队代为申请,请填妥IC线上报名表相关资料内容缴 并交后就可以,不用再去所在地台湾大使馆申请了!

? ?

For more FAQ questions, you can also check the official website:

Special events Opening 8/16


The beginnig of the 10-day event. 1000 delegates from 124 countries and over 1000 virtual participants will all join this event. Check out the Official IC event teaser!

Global Village

700 international delegates will present culture exhibition to the Taiwanese public. You will enjoy the diversity of AIESEC global network and showcase your country’s culture.


Y2B Fo

A pla inter such neur

Special events


atform for delegates and business have raction and build global partnership in areas h as innovation, social business, entreprership, and sustainable development.


Taiwan Night

Enjoy a number of tasty local Taiwanese delicacies at each night market stand and watch incredible Taiwanese culture performances.


Top 50 Taiwanese Youth Exhibition Meet 50 passionate youths in Taiwan . Make the first step of your dream! 50 paasionate youths with different expertises will share their experience of their road to success.

City Tour Taipei-Yilan

Post-tour 8/26~8/28

Discover cities with treasures

The combination of fashion and culture, Taipei and Yilan would be the best representative of this two elements. In Yilan, write down your wishes on a paper lantern and release them to the sparkling sky symbolizing dreams come true in Chinese culture.


up no


w fo

Disco unt Until 6 /28

In Taipei, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in the best secret get-a-away place in Taipei, where you can immerse yourself into Taiwanese cultural and creative modern arts. These are just a small part of our trip, lots of awesome places await you to discover.



Run to Taiwan Hualian-Taitung

Post-tour 8/26~8/28

Explore LOHAS in eastern Taiwan

Explore the fantastic eastern Taiwan through LOHAS travel. If you like biking, bike around Taitung with a professional guide. If you are interseted in exotic culture, dance with Taiwanese aboriginals in the once a year Harvest Festival and learn how to fish with them. If you love nature, explore different faces of Taiwan from mountain to ocean. Let’s embrace beautiful sceneries with LOHAS sprit in Taiwan.

Check more about the tours: Sign up:


In-Depth Tour


Bunun Tribe Adventure Post-tour 8/26~8/27


up no


Disco unt Until 6 /28

1. OBL Taiwan is one of the most famous in-depth travel organizations in Taiwan. You will have the opportunity to hear totally not made up travel tales from them. 2. While in the tribe, you will be completely free from the hustle and bustle of the city. You are more than welcome to stay in the tribal house and experience how they live their lives. 3. Get closer to nature by following the footsteps of the tribe and learning about the magical connection to mother nature.

Host Partner: OBL


OBL Taiwan emphasizes on being close to nature and exploring the true beauty of Taiwan. Founded by 4 passionate youth, OBL Taiwan holds a great collection of Taiwanese travel stories. The core values of OBL Taiwan are to “deliver things that are worth sharing,” “close up the gaps among people,” and “exercise the responsibility as a citizen.” Through writing, giving speeches, creative designs, and organizing excursions, people are provided the chance to step out from their comfort zone and open up their hearts to nature.

w fo

Map in Taiwan


Westside Rail Tour Post-tour 8/26~8/28


1. What is your destination? Pack up your bags and let the dice decides where you go next! 2. Feeling tired during the journey? Come lie down on the grass and feel the temperature of the earth. Most importantly, you will not be alone! 3. Go on adventures, while you are still young!

Host Partner: I

Am Traveling

I Am Travelling advocates spontaneous travels that are nothing but full of surprises. During this journey, you will learn some pieces of information about particular places from your guide and will have to discover the rest on your own. An open heart and desire to travel will bring your trip in Taiwan to new heights.

Map in Taiwan Banana Paradise Post-tour 8/26~8/28


1. Understand the production of creative banana products from womb to tomb, experience sustainable travelling, have a taste of baked banana goods and enjoy local band performances and productions. 2. Through participating in farming, delegates will experience the warmth and passion of the village. 3. Going back to the basics, to create magic. By using the non-artificial dye, you may create the most natural colour out of it. 4. Have a first stab at organizing the Cishan rock music festival, also commonly known as “Rock in Cishan.”

Host Partner: Youth


Kaohsiung city Cishan Zun-huai Association was founded by a group of youth whom call themselves Youth Banana. Through understanding the community’s love for bananas and coupled with their creativity, these youth soaked up immense amount of knowledge and sparked up the banana industry in the Cishan. The rocker spirit of the Youth Banana was subsequently born as a result of the booming banana industry.

Post-Tour Check more about the tours:

Transportation Notice e

ag k c a

pIf you arrive at Taoyuan airport after 22:30, you cannot get to Kaohsiung that night for the latest High Speed Railway (HSR) Train is at about 22:30.

If you join the pre-tour, we suggest you to book the earlier flight and the pre-stay venue to ensure you won’t miss the tour. If you join the pre-tour, you should attend the pre-meeting at pre-stay venue lobby the day before. Every tour route will depart at pre-stay venue lobby.


ick-u P C rt C 15 o p r i A ~8/ 0 2 1 / 8 3:0 2 ~ 0 7:0 Pre-stay venue

Taoyuan Airport

Farewell Party


Taoyuan HSR Satation


Your own hostel (no pick-up)


(Original price: 35.5 €)

1hrs 40mins

IC venue

Zuoying HSR Satation 15mins

Kaohsiung Hsiaokang Airport



IC Pre-Stay Partners



Why JustSleep?

Heart touching price: 18€ per night (original price 30€) Newest 4 star hotel in Kaohsiung 3 mins walk to nearest MRT station Easy transportation from airport Lugguage pre-delivery service to IC venue Night activities provided by CC team

Why Kindness?


Kindness Hotel

Heart touching price: 18€ per night (original price 25€) 10 mins walk to nearest MRT station Easy transportation from airport Lugguage pre-delivery service to IC venue Night activities provided by CC team All-you-can-eat night snack bar Website:

Self-booking options

Here are some non-IC partner hostels we recommanded. Please note that discounts, booking service, transportation guidance are not included in these hostels.

Single Inn: Backpacker 41: Petit Summer House:

Post-stay & Farewell Party

Taipei Hero House 12€



Notice: Delegate's departure flight on 8/29 early morning, CC team will guide you to the airport after farewell party. If your flight is on 8/29 afternoon or night, we strongly suggest you order 8/28 post-stay venue. * Same level hotel will be provided if Taipei Hero House is fully booked. The price might be slightly different accroding to the hotel/hostel.

Farewell Lazer Party THE BEST BAR IN TAIPEI! Next to Taipei 101!

Time: 8/28 11:00 pm ~ 8/29 3:00 am Place: Hive Club Price: 20€

nk i r d ic can

u o y l l ke A ky co

on Gin T en einek H Whis a lime 7-up Vodk rry anbe r C Coke ice ge ju n a r O

Earl y Sign bird dis c up b efor ount! e 7/1 0



Taiwan Must

Taiwanese food is so diverse that sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to eat! Here is a IC recommanded MUST EAT List for your reference. All these food can be found in any city in Taiwan.

Night Market TOP10 1. Fired chicken 雞排 (ji pai)

2. Braised pork rice 滷肉飯 (lu rou fan) 3. Stinky tofu 臭豆腐 (chou dou fu) 

4. Bubble milk tea 珍珠奶茶(zhen zhu nai cha) 5. Oyster omelet 蚵仔煎 (e zi jian) 6. Papaya milk 木瓜牛奶 (mu gua niu nai)

7. Sugarcoated fruit stick 糖葫蘆 (tang hu lu)

8. Suasage with sticky rice 大腸包小腸 (da chang bao xiao chang) 9. Pot stewed meat 滷味 (lu wei)    10. Tofu pudding 豆花 (dou hua)

CC Challenge TOP5 1. Spicy duck blood 麻辣鴨血 (ma la ya xie) 2. Pig blood cake 豬血糕 (zhu xie gao) 3. Intestines 內臟 (nei zang)

4. Chicken feet 雞爪 ( ji zhua)

5. Thousand-year-old egg 皮蛋 (pi dan)


Taiwan Must CC Chef Special Van Tsai CCP

Pineapple cake 鳳梨酥 (feng li su ) The most famous and traditional dessert you must try in Taiwan is pineapple cake!! As sweet as TaiDavid Tan CCVP of Conference Experience Stinky Tofu 臭豆腐 (chou dou fu) It smells bad?! NoNoNo! Don't judge a thing by its appearance. Don't say that you have ever been to Taiwan if you don't try it!

Christine Huang CCVP of Delegates Service Bubble Tofu Pudding 粉圓豆花 (fen yuan dou hua) Beyond a traditional Taiwanese dessert, a combination of "Health, Tasty, and Fresh." A new transformation from Taiwanese bubble milk tea, which is my favourite special food of childhood -bubble tofu pudding made with bubble and yellow bean juice.

Alfee Tung CC Team Leader of Reception & Communitcation Ba-Wan 肉圓 (rou yuan) I love the chewy texture with juicy meat inside! Believe me, it’s very tasty!

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