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1st Delegates Mailer

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2014 AIESEC International Congress

Dear Delegates,

The future of the world is in the hands of the young generation today. We live in an era when global village, diplomacy, and increasing commercial activities are correlated. We learn, connect, and influence different people with diverse na cultures. AIESECers, as the future leaders of the world, we will co look beyond the field's accomplishment and commit our thinking to creating more positive impacts on the society.

We believe as Congress Committee that the experience of 2 Taiwan will be a huge transformation and learning enhancement e only individual but national team, and even further global network tional Congress is just a starting point. To make IC happen, CC te hard to present the most heart-touching IC experience for you. Ev move you make to be part of this amazing conference will make I step by step. There are a few steps in this mailer which takes you 2014 IC in Taiwan, such as filling in online registration forms, gett pre-ordering souvenirs and tours, and finishing online payment tra these steps require discipline and consideration.

ations and ontinue to g and efforts

2014 IC in effect on not king. Internaeam work very very single IC complete u closer to ting visa, ansfer, all

Check out the official IC2014 Taiwan Teaser

Together, we make it happen. IC is about each one of you and your country. With AI, delegates, and CC together, we are going to face new challenges ahead of us and create a newhistory in AIESEC. Our vision of the 2014 IC in Taiwan:

We welcome you, dear AIESECers around all over the world, to 2014 AIESEC International Congress in Taiwan. yours, CC team of 2014 IC in Taiwan

Registration Confirmed Delegate Lists approved by MCP & AI. Check your submission and process:

Current registration status: AIESEC Entity of MC















Argentina Australia

Azerbaijan Belgium


Costa Rica

Czech Republic Denmark Estonia

Ethiopia Finland France



Hong Kong Hungary

3 3 4 1 4 1 3 3 1 1 1 6 1 1 7 1


Japan Korea Laos

Lebanon Malawi

Malaysia Mexico

Mongolia Morocco

Myanmar Namibia Nepal

New Zealand Nicaragua Rwanda

3 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 7 1 1 2 1 1 1


South Africa Spain

Sri Lanka Sweden

Switzerland Taiwan


The Netherlands Tunisia


United Kingdom United States Uruguay

Venezuela Vietnam

1 1 2 7 3 1 6 7 1 1 2 1 7 1 5 4


1st Round Comfirmed Delegates:


MCP approve

5/25 AI approve


FB IC Internal Group

* If you need pre-approve by AI, please contact 9 days in advance.

Extra Order Form Open

Order for pre-stay, post-stay, tours, and souvenir: Open 5/26

Deadline 7/10


Final Collection Form Open

For visa scan, indemnity form, insurance form, and flight information. Deadline 7/15

Open 5/26

Have not sign up AIESECers :

2 3

Open 5/21

Open 6/8

Deadline 6/7

Deadline 6/28

For more information:

MCP & AI Approval 6/13

MCP & AI Approval 7/4


Notice: 1. The visa process takes time. Early submission will be recommended. 2. CC team will not guarantee delegates to get their visa on time if they apply after 7/4.

Application Timeline Conference Visa: 5/1~7/14 China and HK/ Macau Visa: 6/1~7/14

Consultation Timeline Every Sunday: 20:00 ~ 23:00 (GMT+8) From 5/1~7/14 Skype account: CC 2014 IC in Taiwan

Invitation Letter 2014 IC in Taiwan only provide you invitation letter after the following procedure: 1. Register for 2014 IC in Taiwan 2. AI approve You will receive confirmation letter and invitation letter after AI approval.

VISA guideline book

FAQ General Questions: Q: If I want to register IC in this round but I find my passport expiry date is approaching(less than 6 months), what should I do? A:In general, delegates’ registration will be denied by registration system due to their passport expiry date is approaching. We strongly suggest you register after you get your new passport, but if you really need to apply in this round because there is something emergency or some other special reasons like you are MCP and need to apply in this round, etc. Please contact with CC in Taiwan.

Q:Does online visa application form mean that I am officially applying for Taiwan visa? Do I still need to go to embassy in person even I have already fill my visa application form online? A:This form ( doesn’t mean you officially applying for Taiwan visa. It only means Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan has your information in database. You still need to print out the result paper and bring it with all requirement documentations to Embassy/Representative Office/ Taipei economic and cultural office for applying visa in person.

FAQ General Questions: Q:Why should I fill the visa application form online first before registration? Why should I provide my bar code in IC registration system? A:IC CC team will deal with your visa issue with Taiwan government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C) after your application and registration, so we have to make sure you have already filled the online application form. As for bar code, this is the only way we can track whether delegates start apply their visa or not.

Q:What should I bring when I go to embassy in person? A: 1. Validity passport (both original passport and a copy) 2. Online Visa application forms print-out 3. Two photos taken within the past six months 4. Invitation letters CC provided. 5. IC registration confirmation CC provided. 6. Airline ticket 7. Fee (The fee doesn’t include in IC registration fee; you should pay this to the embassy.)

FAQ Q:I have already registered IC for few days, why I don’t get my confirmation of IC registration? A:The IC conformation will be provided in accompany with Invitation letter witch both will be provided (by email) after MCP and AI approval, and if you want to know the process about MCP or AI approve you or not, you can check it on official Website ”Track submissions and process”

China MoC: Q:我只需要出示【通行证】就够,還是需要【通行证+入台证】? A:只要你是中国大陆来台,一律须要持有「大陆居民往来台湾通行证」与「 入出境许可证明」,缺一不可。 Q:我该何时开始办理「大陆居民往来台湾通行证」与「入出境许可证明」? A:除了大陆人士来台自由行外,其余的会议签证一律由IC visa team从6月份 起负责代为办理,「大陆居民往来台湾通行证」请务必在6/30以前自行办理妥 当,当IC visa team收到大陆人士的大陆居民往来台湾通行证与申请文件后能 开始代为办理「入出境许可证明」。

Payment Policy Delegate Fees

€ 0 5 3

n o s r /pe

Including: 3 meals, drinking water, accomodation, full attendance at the Congress itself and transportation.

Special Fees

€ 0 41

n o s r /pe

This fee is applicable from the eighth delegate onwards for a Member Committee Official Extension or Contracted Unit. For example: Delegte Fee 350€*7=2450€ Special Fee 410€*0

2450€ =350€ /person

Delegte Fee 350€*7=2450€ Special Fee 410€*3= 1230€

3680€ =368€ /person

MCP pre-meeting Fee

€ 0 8

n o s r /pe

The pre-meeting fee is 40 EUR per day per person. We will have two-day pre-meeting for MCPs, the total pre-meeting fee is 80 EUR. For more information:


How to pay?

* Pay as a whole entity, responsible person is MC Finance & MCP. Delegates please arrange money with your MC Finance & MCP.

We will send another invoice for balance if you remit the wrong amount of money


Before 7/26

Before 7/26

CC will send Invoice & Remit info

Remit money by interbank transfer

Submit remittance slip info

Before 7/26

CC confirmation in

3 days

pay cash on 8/15 IC Check-in (EUR only)

Submit application for pay in cash

Allow to check-in in IC

You can..

1. Remit the money by interbank (fund) transfer, then submit your remittance slip. 2. Submit an application and pay in cash on 8/15 IC Check-In, but we only accept euros.

Canc Change DG

n Fee Visa


May replace a signed up DG with another

6/10 10





6/28 200â‚Ź

7/10 10 11


200â‚Ź+Extra Order

No cancellation fee if you apply your visa before 7/11.


Full DG fee+ 25 Extra Order 26

Delegates, who cannot attend IC due to rejection of VISA or non-reply on their application, will not be charge for cancellation fee. This only applies to delegates who applied for VISA by 7/11 and following the guidelines of the CC. Delegates who by the 30 July 2014 have not yet obtained their VISA but choose to not cancel their participation are fully liable for the full conference fee.

Pre-stay â‚Ź 8 1 JustSleep

t h g i /n 4 rovided! 1 / 8 ~ ep

8/1c2e to IC Venu

p ick-u



For delegates who will arrive before offical check-in (MCPs before MCP pre-meeting on 8/14, and other delegates before IC pre-meeting on 8/15) CC team provides you JustSleep as your pre-stay option in Kaohsiung with a heart-touching 40%discount price. * Same level hotel will be provided if JustSleep is fully booked.

To book for pre-stay please fill in the Extra Order Form: JustSleep Webpage:

l a i c e p S y a t s S e i t i v i Pre t Ac t h g i al c N o l e iung nc ei hs r o e a p K x E e in8/14 f i l t h nig Time: 8/13 & .5â‚Ź ice: 2

al pr Gener

Post-stay Taipei Hero House Tel:02-2331-9722  Address:No. 20, Sec.1, Changsha Street, Taipei City Website: * Same level hotel will be provided if Taipei Hero House is fully booked.

€ 12 /28



Notice: Delegate's departure flight on 8/29 early morning, CC team will guide you to the airport after farewell party. If your flight is on 8/29 afternoon or night, we strongly suggest you order 8/28 post-stay venue.

Direct Stay in 30€ Main Venue o

ht g i n / 25 / 8 & 5 1 / 8 n

*We stringly suggest all DG to book your stay in E-DA venue on 8/15 & 8/25 for your convenience. 1. 8/15 afternoon delegate check-in in IC venue 2. 5 star hotel 3. Breakfast & dinner included 4. Transportation service 5. Room party

Booking Flights Suggested arrival dates: 8/12~8/15 Suggested departure dates: 8/26~8/29 If you are joining the farewell party on 8/28 in Taipei, Suggestion: Depart from Taoyuan Airport If you are leaving Taiwan after IC, which is in Kaohsiung immediately, Suggestion: Depart from Kaohsiung Hsiaokang Airport If you have other plans, when booking your flight please note that Taoyuan Airport is in northern Taiwan, and Kaohsiung Airport is at the south. CC team will provide pick-ups from these meeting points to your pre-stay venue !


ick-u P C rt C 15 o p r i A ~8/ 8/12 23:00 7:00~ Pre-stay venue

Taoyuan Airport

Farewell Party


Taoyuan HSR Satation


Your own hostel (no CC pick-up)


(Original price: 35.5 â‚Ź)

1hrs 40mins

IC venue

Zuoying HSR Satation 15mins

Kaohsiung Hsiaokang Airport


IC Souvenir

e g a ck


Chinese Traditional Culture Fan Water Bottle Towel Postcards


3 pa

Sports bracelets String Bag Flip-Flops Postcard Notebook






Taiwan Touches Your Heart

T-shirt Congress Sticker Congress Cookies Postcards


ag k c a

More information about the souvenir: Fill in the Extra Order Form to pre-order the souvenir:

City Tour Nantou

Pre-tour 8/13~8/14

Let’s get LOHAS travel!


up no


w for


unt! Until 6 /7

Ecological and cultural experience! We will visit the 921 Earthquake Center, Tao-mi Community, and Paper Church and see how they maintain ecological balance. Nantou fills with humanistic culture, including art design of New Era Art Park and religion history story of Chung-tai and Lu-Kang Tian-Hou Temple. Stunning scenery of Sun Moon Lake! You will love the breathtaking scenery. We will take ship cross the Sun Moon Lake, and spend half the day enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and casual life style.


Pre-tour 8/14

Discover the city of traditional culture Be An Ancient Taiwanese! An ancient Taiwanese life, for example, appreciating traditional Koji Pottery art, clamping slat mountain, and espousing An-ping historical sites. After experiencing what our ancient lifestle, you will have a renew opinion of the pristine of Taiwan. Enjoy Taiwanese Night Life! Speaking of Taiwan, we cannot miss Taiwan’s special night market and its tasty street snacks. Give it a try, you will never forget the special food and games in the night markets forever.

Run to Taiwan


Pre-tour 8/15

Enjoy your life in the city of romance

The Creative Combination of Technology and Traditional CultureReinterpret the traditional religious culture with high-technology aide. You will discover the beauty of traditional chinese culture. Be A One Day HakkaTaste the hakka traditional delicacy, enjoy cultural experience, and handmade your Meinong's Paper Umbrella. Enjoy Taiwan Various SeascapeStroll over in the Shi-Hzuwan bay and play beach volleyball together. Then, we will take ferries to Chichin Harbor together to enjoy intoxicating sunset on the seascape of Kaohsiung.

Check more about the tour:

In-Depth Tour




Rebirth of Bamboo Town Pre-tour 8/13~8/14


unt! Until 6 /7

1. Spend a pleasant summer at this small town. 2. Experience the traditional blacksmith business 3. Listen to the stories of Fujianese San-He-Yuan’s reconstruction (a central building with two wings attached perpendicular to either side)

Host Partner: Town


Townway is created because the founder wanted to connect the dots of Taiwan’s townships and present them to the world altogether. Zhushan is a very traditional old town where you can find human kindness everywhere. Through Townway’s innovation on bringing in the cultural and creative industry, the magic of bamboo has brought liveliness to the town.

up no

w fo

Map in Taiwan


Wanderlust in Ancient Capital Pre-tour 8/13~8/14


Immerse yourself in the historic town that is full of cultural myth.

Host Partner: Linking


Linking Travel is a travel organization that has been a while in Shengeng, Tainan, it has interests on local culture, traditional businesses and old houses. Through bringing travellers to Tainan historical sites and educate them about the process of development of the city, Linking Travel shows the world the lifestyle of Tainan. Check more about the tour: Sign up: Promotion Clip:


Taiwan Facts

24/7convenient stores

Convenient stores in Taiwan open 24 hours, you can get almost everything you need in the convenient stores: food, drinks, phone cards and daily necessities.They also provides seriveces such as photocopying, photodeveloping, and free call ringing up taxi. Department stores, restaurants and supermarkets also open until 10pm throughout the week. And don’t forget nightmarkets that go on until midnight! So you don’t need to worry about finding food, buying things you need, or having fun at night.

Tap water is

NOT drinkable

Tap water is not drinkable in Taiwan. However, you can buy bottled water for around 20NTD in convenient stores; water fountain can allso be found in public areas.

Public toilets are mostly squat toilets

Train stations, restaurants, and other public areas use squat toilets, it is normal in Taiwan. Also, many restrooms in public places might not provide toilet papers.

Religious Rituals Religious ritual is very common in Taiwan, many of them are performed right in front of people’s own house. We display food with incenses and burn paper money as offering to our Gods and our ancestors.

Social Media * This group is only for delegates who have been approved by MCP & AI after registration.

Can’t wait to see you in Taiwan!

1st dg mailer (final)