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Flood Alleviation Zones

Public Transport Routes

Sacrificial Mixed Use Green Space Connections.

Neglected spaces can be transformed into ecologically rich allotments, wetlands and temporary pocket parks allowing communities the ability the share produce, ideas and experiences.

Secondary Pedestrianised “Green Urban Street” Connection

Primary Green River Parks Wetland planting and recycled on site materials can be used to create riverside parks and spaces with greater water interaction, as well as water filtration and creating areas tolerant to flooding.

Key Public Transport Nodes The nature of a river corridor promotes movement from place to place, making an ideal location to connect potential future transport hubs to the wider city through a green street/ space network.

Strategic planting can sculpt neglected spaces in a way that can accomodate future urban development providing commercial districts with thriving landscapes to integrate into.

“Utilising neglected space to expand the river corridor to create immediate but potentially temporary green routes that connect communities, built sectors and ecology together.”

Revitalising The River Don | Sheffield | UK

Landscape Institute Winning Entry |Revitalising The River Don | Sheffield  

'Creating Healthy Places Ideas' Competition Winning Entry To The Landscape Institute

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