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Let’s Get to Know Each Other

It’s a project about our friends and about us. It’s a project about the exciting journey from our classrooms to different countries in Europe. Passengers(students and teachers) spent this school year together and got to know themselves through a real educational adventure. We travelled on the wings of our thoughts, feelings, knowledge and inspiration. Our stations were Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Iceland and United Kingdom. The language we used to communicate – English. We visited other European countries and went on a virtual sightseeing tour in their capitals. We climbed up the mountains, relaxed at the seaside and enjoyed the vastness of the plains. On our way in Europe we met people that made the world a better place for living and through their honest lives and talents remained forever in the hearts of millions of people. At the end of our journey we sat around the European table with traditional food of our countries. We had fun, studied and celebrated together.

At the beginning of the journey– we didn’t know each other. At the end– we are friends. We invite you to sit next to us on our imaginative vehicle and take a little time to get to know us. If you like us(we think we are awesome), you can visit the twinspace of our project. Here we go! The adventure starts here:

Let’s Get to Know Each Other Part I - Introduce Yourself Part II - Introduce Your Country and School Part III - Our European Capitals Part IV - Let Me Show You Our Beautiful Nature Part V - Un Unique Tradition in My Country Part VI - My Country is Famous with… Part VII – Traditional Dishes in My Country Exchange of Recipes

Part I Introduce Yourself




12 kids from 1,5 till 3 years

20 kids from 3 till 4 years

20 kids from 2,5 till 4 years

24 kids from 4 till 5 years

23 kids of 5 years

24 kids of 6 years

22 kids of 4 and 6 years

Colegiul Tehnic “Mihai Viteazu” Vulcan


I oana Hello.My name is Ioana, I am 12 years old and I like punk and screamo music, movies and stuff. My favourite sport is basketball and my favourite colours are green, purple and turquoise. I like to watch skateboarding contests and my favourite subject is drawing. I think this is all.

Bye ď Š

Corina Hi.I’m Corina. I am 12 years old. I live in VULCAN and I study in school number 5. I like to play basketball and skateboarding. I like listening to punk music and my favourite bands are Escape the Fate and Fall Out Boy. My favourite subjects are English and Romanian. I think those are the most important things about me.

See you.ď Š

Maria ELA HI! My name is Mary, or Maria. I am 12 years old and I joined this project because I love English and I want to meet new people. Another reason is that I heard we were going to work with students from Italy. I have never been to Italy but hopefully I will go there someday. If I look around in my room I see: The element A: Britney Spears. She’s one of my favorite singers as well as Michael Jackson. The element B: My laptop. As you already know I love to get to know new people, so I chat a lot on the internet. The element C: My cell phone. I am a phone freak! These elements make up the set called Mary. Lol!

Madalina Hi! My name is Madalina and I am 12 years old.I like the rock and punk music, shopping, my friends. My favorite colors are purple and blue. I love basketball and skatebording. Maybe I forgot to say but I also love Photoshop,drawing and chocolate ice cream. Now..this is all. ď Š





Ela Ionela




Good luck to all!








Foldask贸li School Reykjavik


Kynning Introduction Ég heiti Aleksa My name is Aleksa

Landið mitt heitir Serbia My country name is Serbia

Skólinn minn heitir Foldaskoli My school name is Foldaskoli

Ég er I am



years old 11

Áhugamál mín eru: fótbolti,tölvuleikir, karate My interests are football,kompjúturgames,karate

Kynning Introduction Ég heiti Reinhard Már Alilin My name is Reinhard Már Alilin

Landið mitt heitir Ísland My country name is Iceland

Skólinn minn heitir Foldaskóli My school name is Foldaskóli

Ég er 10 I am 10

ára years old

Áhugamál mín eru: spila Tölvur My interests are play computer

Let´s get to know each other

Kynning Introduction

Ég heiti Sigfús

My name is Sigfús

Landið mitt heitir Ísland My country name is Iceland

Skólinn minn heitir Foldaskóli My school name is Foldaskóli

Ég er10 ára I am 10years old

Áhugamál mín eru:fótbolti parkour My interests are fotball parkour

4th Primary School “Dimcho Debelyanov”



Erzin Sukru Pasa Primary School


Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ortaokulu Secondary School



Panemunės pagrindinė mokykla





Greensted Infant School and Nursery


Nice to meet you!

Let's get to know each other - part one - INTRODUCE YOURSELF 2  

This book is part of work on eTwinning project - Let's get to know each other. This is common work from partners on this project where stude...

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