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Calendar 24-26 October 2019 Athens, Greece ALDE Party Congress

25 October 2019

Athens, Greece Liberal Mayors Summit

1 November 2019

Brussels, Belgium New Commission mandate begins

28 November – 1 December 2019

Namur, Belgium European Women’s Academy

1 December 2019

Contents Editorial by ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen


Our mission is to reinvent Europe. Word from the new Renew Europe Group by Dacian Cioloș


Overview of ALDE MEPs


European Women’s Academy: fourth edition kicks off!


Welcome to Athens! Op-ed Thalia Ntoka, Chair Individual Members’ Steering Committee on Greece & liberalism


Meet Individual Members’ Congress Delegates


Social media highlights


Movers and Shakers


Brussels, Belgium Charles Michel takes up the Presidency of the European Council

12 December 2019

Brussels, Belgium Renew Pre-Summit meeting

23-26 January 2020

Namur, Belgium European Women’s Academy

9 May 2020

Bratislava, Slovakia ALDE Party Council

Save the date ALDE Party Council 2020 9 May Bratislava, Slovakia

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Party is the party representing liberal democrat values across Europe. In conjunction with our liberal member parties throughout the European continent, we are translating the principle of freedom into politics, economics and across all other areas of our societies. The ALDE Party provides an increasingly vital link between citizens and the EU institutions and is continuously growing in size and significance. The ALDE Party is made up of more than 60 member parties and many individual members from across Europe. Liberal Democrats created their political family in 1976, ahead of the first European elections. ALDE was established as a truly transnational political party in 1993. In April 2017, the ALDE Party was legally recognised under European law as the first European political party. Liberal Bulletin is a publication of the ALDE Party. It is published twice a year. Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party, EUPP Rue d’Idalie 11 – box 2, 1050 Brussels Tel. +32 2 237 01 40 – Fax. +32 2 231 19 07 Editors: Iiris André, Daniel Tanahatoe , Andrew Burgess ALDE Party Publisher: Didrik de Schaetzen, ALDE Party Layout: Nadège Van Hoorde Printing: With the financial support of the European Parliament. The sole liability rests with the author. The European Parliament is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein

editorial Liberals and partners change Europe!

At the 2018 ALDE Party Congress in Madrid, Astrid Panosyan – representing French President and leader of La Republique En Marche (LREM) Emmanuel Macron – announced that LREM and the ALDE Party should join forces. I am happy that the ALDE Party and partners were able to establish, directly after the European elections, a joint parliamentary group of 108 members, led by Dacian Cioloș who has our support. We are now a force to be reckoned with. We will continue our growth and together we will work towards being the number one political force at the next European elections in 2024. Charles Michel will be the new President of the European Council. Margrethe Vestager will hold a top position at the European Commission in the team of President Ursula von der Leyen. It is very good news that many liberal and strong politicians, such as Věra Jourová, Didier Reynders and Kadri Simson as well as Sylvie Goulard and Janez Lenarčič, were proposed as European Commissioners. But, to make this co-operation successful, we need a strong ALDE Party that will give our member parties a strong voice in Europe. Climate issues, immigration, individual freedom and civil liberties, international trade and a well-functioning and fair internal market are key to our work. We will do whatever we can to keep the United Kingdom in the EU and continue our support to Liberal Democrats led by Jo Swinson. We want the UK in the EU and the LibDems in a British Government that we can trust.


Responding and countering these challenges requires more than one person, however. To help promote liberal values and the vision we have for Europe’s future – during this mandate and beyond – we need a strong, dedicated, passionate team. Let us go forward together!


Hans van Baalen ALDE Party President

SECOND issue 2019 03 liberal bulletin

Our mission is to reinvent Europe

©️ Renew Europe

Dacian Ciolos ‘ President of the Renew Europe Group

liberal bulletin 04 SECOND issue 2019

The 2019 elections were a historic moment. The chance for the citizens of Europe to choose which Europe they want to live in. Faced with existential challenges, from the rise of the far-right populism to a climate emergency and threats to European stability, European citizens expressed themselves in larger numbers than ever before. Thanks to the hard work of so many of you, the big winner of the 2019 European elections was ALDE, and its partners Renaissance and USR/PLUS. Europeans voted to give us a stronger voice to achieve a stronger Europe for the future. For us, as a coalition of progressive liberals, this is a moment for opportunity and renewal. For the first time since 1979, the old alliance of the Christian Democrats and the Socialists has been broken. They no longer have a majority together to divide and rule European politics and we have a real chance to set the agenda and deliver upon it. So long as we are united, no solid majority will be possible in the European Parliament without our new group. We have already begun to use this to deliver change.

“Together, we can

build a stronger, more participatory European Union, ready for future challenges

Why Renew Europe? Because we dare to seek the re-establishment of the European dream. We claim a radical vision for the future of our continent, against those who want to take us backwards to the nationalism of the past. For us, Europe is not only a project of integration; it is the world’s greatest peace project. It is our future and is well worth fighting for. The European Union has the chance to renew itself and be able to deliver on the bigger issues. We will not achieve this by meekly embracing the status quo. Our vision is clear: it is because

we believe in the future of Europe that we want to change it! Between now and 2024, we have defined a number of positive priorities, in keeping with the mandate bestowed upon us by our electors. Reuniting Europe through a genuine and deep process of integration of all European countries, from East to West and from North to South, must remain a key element. We will prioritise the values and ambitions of the founding fathers of the European Union, translating them for our time, and seek a conference for the future of Europe, involving citizens and NGOs. We must be ambitious in opening the doors of the EU to fresh ideas coming directly from the society, listening more than ever, and moving forward. Peace, freedom and opportunity for all in challenging times. Economic growth and environmental protection must go hand in hand. We will prioritise the battle against climate change by continuing to make the case for ambitious progress at a European level, because pollution does not respect borders. Europe must become the global leader in driving renewables and tackling the climate emergency. We will fight for freedom and the rule of law at a time when illiberal Governments seek to roll back rights, even within our European family. Moreover, we are determined to enhance the rights and freedoms of our citizens, in particular for those still fighting for equality. We will stand up to the scourge of corruption, which debases our democracies and undermines our political systems. The Union of nations we want is one in which democracy and the right of every human is fully respected. Fair elections, opposition rights, and a free press and media as well as free sciences and academic teaching. We are committed to countering the destructive and divisive efforts of populists and extremist nationalists across our continent.

We believe only a united Europe can find a balanced response to migration flows. The European Parliament has proposals to put in place a new, truly European asylum and migration system. We want these delivered. Only an approach based on solidarity and unity will achieve results. Our group is committed to investing increasingly in innovation and in skills and drive the digital transition. This means deepening the single market, the foundation of our prosperity. European nations truly are stronger together – as well as making sure that a digital society is still a free society where individual rights are fully respected.

“The European Union has the chance to renew itself and be able to deliver on the bigger issues

Investment in all of Europe’s regions will be a key priority. We will seek to provide the political and financial resources needed to ensure high levels of education, health and the social standards that are so necessary to ensure the dignity of all European citizens. In a changing geopolitical environment, Europeans want to feel secure. We are determined to drive the Security Union forward and enhance our continents capacity to defend its interests. European citizens expect a better Europe, but also a different Europe. The citizens will be our partners in the reinventing of the European project. Together, we can build a stronger, more participatory European Union, ready for future challenges. Together, we can deliver on the mandate our citizens have given us.


SECOND issue 2019 05 liberal bulletin

Overview of ALDE MEPs Claudia GAMON


Frédérique RIES






Valter FLEGO








Morten Helveg PETERSEN


Søren GADE


liberal bulletin 06 SECOND issue 2019


Andrus ANSIP

Urmas PAET




Dominique RIQUET

Nicola BEER

Andreas GLÜCK

Svenja Ilona HAHN


Jan-Christoph OETJEN

Katalin CSEH

Anna Julia DONÁTH







Sophie IN ‘T VELD




SECOND issue 2019 07 liberal bulletin



Clotilde ARMAND

Vlad Marius BOTOŞ

Cristian GHINEA












Javier NART




Catherine BEARDER




Naomi LONG

liberal bulletin 08 SECOND issue 2019




Barbara GIBSON

Antony HOOK







Caroline VOADEN

Irina von WIESE

For up-to-date information on the social media handles of the MEPs, visit our website at

SECOND issue 2019 09 liberal bulletin

European Women’s Academy: fourth edition kicks off! While positive steps have been taken over the past years to include and involve more women in politics, a lot of work still remains to be done. The new European Commission led by its first-ever female leader and with a focus on gender-balance is an example of things moving to the right direction, but we believe this alone isn’t enough! Women in politics are needed in all arenas, from local councils to international institutions. To this end, the ALDE Party, with the support of the European Liberal Forum and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, launched the European Women’s Academy of political leadership and campaigning (EWA) back in 2016. Now in its fourth year, this unique training programme continues to equip talented liberal female politicians with the tools they need to succeed. Over the last three years, more than 50 women have graduated from the Academy, many of whom have moved on to win seats in municipal councils, mayor’s offices, national parliaments as well as in the European Parliament. Such success stories inspire us to continue our work and pursue this project further. This year, we put together a group of 17 inspiring women who are about to participate in local and national elections. They will take part in three sessions over the course of five months to deepen and develop their skills from campaigning to fundraising, from social media to public speaking. The first session held in Germany on 5-8 September laid the groundwork for the upcoming sessions organised in Belgium in November 2019 and January 2020. With these tools and techniques, the participants will be ready to handle the challenges of any political campaign – and we are happy to be able to support them in this exciting journey! For any questions on how you can support the EWA, please contact ALDE Party’s Fundraising and Engagement Manager Laura Owen at or +32 2 237 01 47 For any questions on details of the EWA programme, please contact ALDE Party’s Head of Political Unit Philipp Hansen at or +32 2 551 01 60

liberal bulletin 10 SECOND issue 2019

“ I’ve learnt how to speak in public,

how to fundraise, and mostly how to have confidence and just go for it

Stina Wahlsten, SFP, Finland

“ I have learnt that finding a good

campaign manager is step one in making sure that your campaign succeeds. I also look forward to hearing more about data – I want to learn more about my voters and what they care about

Queeny-Aimee Rajkowski, VVD, The Netherlands

“ I found the speakers truly inspiring – they really show what is possible to achieve

Joyce Onstad, Liberal Democrats, UK


Limited edition water bottles to fuel the next generation of female politicians

Our brand new sustainable ALDE Party and EWA ”The future is female” water bottles are now available in the ALDE Party webshop. Get yours today and help reduce plastic waste while marking your support for gender equality in politics! Available at

Welcome to Athens!

Thalia Ntoka

Chair of the Steering Committee of ALDE Party Individual Members

liberal bulletin 12 SECOND issue 2019

It feels strange to write this article for the Liberal Bulletin, as it will be my last one in the role of Chair of the ALDE Party Individual Members. I can still remember joining the ALDE family as an individual member myself back in 2015, when Grexit was hanging above our heads. It felt awful as I realised that we could loose everything Europe’s safety net can provide and could become homeless. We were so close.

“Spreading the right

message isn’t easy for many reasons

As a result, I decided to join the ALDE Party, to join forces and – with the help of thousands of passionate Europeans – do everything possible to prevent this unfortunate event. It was a shame to live in Athens, the birthplace of democracy, at the time and witness this disaster. So many great Athenians had helped to establish the democratic constitution through reforms based on citizen equality. It is amazing to think that Solon’s practices had basis in morality and that he tried hard to save the citizens from greed and arrogance. Cleisthenes used Solon’s reforms and based them on the freedom of the citizens, introducing those principles that increased the power of the citizens with equal rights. Cleisthenes reorganised the parliament, Vouli, with the purpose of advising “according to the laws that was best for the people”. Pericles – “the first citizen of Athens” according to Thucydides – was the one who promoted the glory of Athens through arts and literature. He was also a great supporter of democracy and freedom of speech and the one who laid the foundations of the so-called Western Culture. His era, referenced to as Golden Age,

gave us some of our most iconic monuments, like the Acropolis. The city of Athens is full of history, surrounded by many breathtaking sights. If you have already seen the Acropolis, there is also Parthenon, the National Archaeological Museum, the Ancient Agora, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Panathenaic Stadium and of course Syntagma Square in front of the Hellenic Parliament. So now you know why I love this city so much and why I have tried to convince as many Greek liberals as possible to join the ALDE Party as an individual member. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet witnessed the creation of a big, united Greek liberal party, and while liberalism and its ideas are now well-established in Greece with many supporters, I wish we could also be presented in the parliament. I hope we will manage to find a way to communicate our values better. Spreading the right message isn’t easy for many reasons. While the ALDE Party Individual Members are European citizens with a shared goal, there are also many differences. I encourage my successor to remember three words: patience, passion, and empathy. It takes courage to lead the way and prioritise our needs, to convince and support the mission and vision of our group, to keep the unity and to join those fights that really matter for our future, such as combatting populism, Brexit, terrorism, a new economic crisis, and so on.

has come. Only with continuous efforts and well-established alliances can we maintain the positive impacts of European cooperation. Europe has given us the freedom to work, live and travel anywhere. It offers us security and protection, greater business efficiency as well as reduced business costs. Because of Europe, we have met each other and this is something so important and beautiful. Our priorities should not be based on the feeling of fear for our future but instead, we should dedicate our passion to what liberalism represents. Our team is strong and we can make it even stronger because we are the “good ones” who love freedom, equality and justice!

“Europe has given us the freedom to work, live and travel anywhere

This article is both a welcome and a farewell. During my term, I had the chance to meet amazing people and work together with passionate members. This is my huge thank you to all of you for all those great moments we lived together. I am confident that the Individual Members programme will become an even bigger and stronger community in the future. Keep fighting for Europe, keep fighting for liberalism!


Unfortunately, the enemy is already in our backyard, and it seems that we will have to work harder and with even more passion if we wish to keep cherishing all the gifts given to us. We didn’t fight for them – many of us are young – and we aren’t maybe aware of the dangers. But, if we want to preserve democracy and freedom, then the time for action SECOND issue 2019 13 liberal bulletin


Ever wondered what the most famous liberal faces in Europe think about populism, the environment or Brexit? Ever wished you could receive invitations to our upcoming events around Europe before anyone else?

Ever wanted to enter competitions to design our new merchandise or have your say on the direction of our European party? Then you need to subscribe to Act - Our weekly mailing list! You will receive important updates from us once a week, and you can choose the information you want to see. Care about the economy more than the Common Agricultural Policy or the Common Fisheries Policy? More interested in tackling terrorism than fighting Brexit? You will be emailed a survey as soon as you sign up where you can tell us your preferences, because we want to send you the information you care about. Click subscribe now on our website Building our future liberal Europe. Together.


Meet Individual Members’ Congress Delegates Since the start of our individual membership in 2011, individual members send elected delegates to the annual ALDE Congresses. Like last year in Madrid, four delegates will join the ALDE Congress in Athens. This summer, our members elected Anja Fabiani, Diana Severati, Timothy Asotie and Nadia Bennis as their representatives. These four delegates, after consulting the other individual members and the Steering Committee, can submit motions for resolutions as well as amendments to be discussed at the ALDE Party Congress. This year, they have submitted three resolutions. Find out more about the Congress delegates and their motivations below!

Individual Members

ANJA FABIANI My main goal for this work is to enhance the visibility of the ALDE Party’s individual members, to strengthen our influence within the liberal family, help the development of our political programme and create added value.

DIANA SEVERATI I strongly believe in the values of open society and in a liberal and democratic Europe. My commitment is to contribute to strengthening the voice of the individual members.

TIMOTHY ASOTIE I strongly believe in equality, freedom and human right opportunities to all “immigrants”, no matter your colour, place of birth or nationality. I also believe in teamwork “because ideals shared is a solution found”. Lastly, I really want to serve this party in promoting ALDE’s political values.

NADIA BENNIS It was a great honour and experience for me to be Congress delegate in Madrid last year. That is why I am glad to be re-elected for Congress delegate to represent individual members and make our voice heard. SECOND issue 2019 15 liberal bulletin

Social media highlights Facebook /aldeparty

liberal bulletin 16 SECOND issue 2019

Twitter @aldeparty

Instagram @aldeparty

SECOND issue 2019 17 liberal bulletin

Movers & Shakers Dan Barna

Katri Kulmuni Dan Barna, the leader of ALDE Party member party Uniunea Salvați România (USR) and a Member of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies since 2016, was chosen with a majority vote as the party’s candidate for the country’s upcoming presidential elections to be held in November. Thanking his party colleagues after the vote, he said: “It is a result that confirms our efforts to develop and to be what Romania needs so much, a new and fresh party.”

Katri Kulmuni was elected in September to lead the Finnish Centre Party (Keskusta). Just 32 years old she now is the youngest leader of all parties represented in the Finnish Parliament as well as the youngest minister of the Finnish government. Currently serving as Minister of Economic Affairs, she said after her election: “A belief in the future and problem -solving on the agenda is the key for the Finnish Centre Party now.”

Jo Swinson

Charles Michel Charles Michel, the incumbent Belgian Prime Minister and leader of Mouvement Réformateur, was appointed for the role of President of the European Council in July. Assuming his office on 1 December, he will be the first liberal to hold this role since the introduction of permanent presidency in 2009. “A united Europe with respect for national diversity is my objective. Solidarity, freedom and mutual respect are the core of the European Union. I will uphold those values,” he said after his appointment.

liberal bulletin 18 SECOND issue 2019

Jo Swinson was elected the first female leader of the Liberal Democrats in July. She is also the youngest person ever to hold this role. Currently the MP for East Dunbartonshire, she has previously served as Parliamentary Private Secretary (2012) and Business Minister (2012-2015), among others. Following her election, she said: “In the face of nationalism, populism, the catastrophe of Brexit, the two main parties have failed ... As your leader I will do whatever it takes to stop Brexit.”

40 ALDE Party congress th

24 - 26 OCTOBER 2019


FIRST issue 2019 21 liberal bulletin

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party

/aldeparty @aldeparty

Rue d’Idalie 11 - Box 2 1050 Brussels, Belgium Tel: +32 2 237 01 40 Fax: +32 2 231 19 07 Cover photo: Wikimedia Commons - Š ALDE Party - Produced: 1 October 2019 - With the support of the European Parliament

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ALDE Party Liberal Bulletin 02 2019  

The latest issue of ALDE Party's Liberal Bulletin focuses on the liberal success in the 2019 European elections, the newest edition of the E...

ALDE Party Liberal Bulletin 02 2019  

The latest issue of ALDE Party's Liberal Bulletin focuses on the liberal success in the 2019 European elections, the newest edition of the E...

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