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P&G Named Large Manufacturer of the Year

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World Class Manufacturing Below the Fall Line On April 18, 2019, the law of large numbers was temporarily repealed. Erdrich USA, Inc. from Dublin, Briggs & Stratton from Statesboro, and Procter & Gamble from Albany were recognized by Governor Brian Kemp as the small, medium, and large manufacturers of the year. Each provided a significant investment in new capital and employment in their region. Each made significant contributions to the quality of life in their communities. Each was supported by the Technical College System of Georgia and Georgia Quick Start. Oconee Fall Line Technical College, Ogeechee Technical College, and Albany Technical College each actively participate in solving the workforce needs of these three companies designated as manufacturers of the year.

of the Albany Industrial Round Table. The Albany Tech team enhanced the CDL and Diesel Technology programs to assist P&G and other local manufacturers in reducing their distribution costs through the Albany Transportation Academy.

The Albany Technical College team is fortunate to have been charged with the responsibility of serving Procter & Gamble. A contingent of high school students who are enrolled at Albany Tech and the Commodore Conyers College and Career Academy complete technical certificates in Industrial Operations Technology (IOT). The IOT curriculum was developed with guidance from P&G and other members


The citizens of Albany, Dougherty County, and all of Southwest Georgia are appreciative of the contributions made by Procter & Gamble. The entire community is proud to be a part of what made them Georgia’s Large Manufacturer of the Year for 2019. Great things occur in small communities. Often these small communities are located below Georgia’s Fall Line. Thank you for your support.

Georgia’s Fall Line is the geographic boundary between North and South Georgia. It stretches from Augusta through Macon to Columbus. Most of Georgia’s population resides in counties on or north of the area. Most of Georgia’s metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) are located on or above the Fall Line.

Anthony O. Parker, Ph.D. President, Albany Technical College



You may have heard friends or colleagues talking about Lean Six Sigma during career-related conversations – proud of their recently acquired Green Belts or Black Belts. Or, you may have heard employees in local companies discussing the use of Lean Six Sigma methodology and process improvement teams. Maybe you’re curious. You might wonder - what exactly is Lean Six Sigma, and is it a program I can benefit from? Lean Six Sigma is a problem solving and process improvement approach that focuses on eliminating waste, reducing variability and improving customer satisfaction. The benefits of Lean Six Sigma ultimately drive right to a business’ bottom line! CERTIFIED EMPLOYEES ARE IN HIGH DEMAND Lean Six Sigma at both the Green and Black Belt levels is designed to equip individuals with the methods and tools that will enable them to make significant improvements to processes that can reduce waste, improve effectiveness, and raise profitability. For this reason, Lean Six Sigma certified employees are in high demand.

A LIFE-CHANGING CERTIFICATION FOR YOU As an employee, certification can be life-changing. This certification prepares you for a leadership role in your company and provides the opportunity for career advancement and higher salary. OUR PROGRAM The Center for Business Solutions has offered the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification program since 2011. But two recent enhancements to the program make certification possible for even more people. In 2018, the program became available as a Continuing Education, non-credit course. With this option, students can take the certification course without going through Albany Tech’s admissions process. This is the perfect format for individuals who already have a degree, and have no need for college credit. Also, the program became 100% online last fall. Now, all students can complete the course without missing out on work time or family time. The 13-week online course is self-paced, so students can study when it is convenient for them.



OUR STUDENTS’ STORIES Sherika Stevens, a Training Support Specialist at MarsWrigley in Albany, was drawn to Lean Six Sigma because she “was fascinated with the idea of reducing waste by applying simple but effective practices.” She said, “The idea of creating cross-functional teams from throughout the plant to work together to eliminate waste really appealed to me.” After earning her Green Belt online, Stevens also uses the methods learned to identify training gaps in her organization. Josh Adkins, an Engineering student, pursued the Green Belt certification between semesters at Ohio State. Looking to boost his resume when applying for internships during college, and permanent positions after graduation, Adkins took the online Green Belt program while working a summer job. When it came time to apply for internships, Adkins found that his certification really paid off. “It turned out to be a

great investment!” Adkins said. “I was offered a Lean Engineer Internship for a global company, because the managers were impressed with my certification.” As a recently retired Sergeant First Class in the Army, Garth Richardson was looking to add credentials that would impact a second career in operations management. He chose the Albany Tech program because it was “convenient and affordable.” He said, “the lean program is in line with my career goals of being an operations manager. And the price of the class is very competitive, compared to other institutions that are offering the same program. ” Richardson is on track to finish the program soon, and he is optimistic that his employer will value his certification. “Organizations value the methods that increase productivity and save money,” he said.



Number of weeks online students have access to the modules.


Minimum score required on each module assessment and on the final exam. Employers can be assured that Albany Tech’s program is rigorous and comprehensive. Students must earn a score of 80 on each module assessment before advancing to the next module.


CEUs earned for the Green Belt program. We award Continuing Education Units as well as certification. Many employers require their employees to obtain job-related CEUs annually.


The cost of our online Green Belt certification program as a Continuing Education student. This is half the price of many other college and university programs.


Hourly wages paid to certified Green Belts, according to



Project Management Professional Course is Approved by the Professional Management Institute (PMI) The Project Management Professional (PMP) is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. The Project Management Institute provides the certification and has strict requirements. All candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree and must take an approved 35-hour course as a pre-requisite to sitting for the exam. The Center for Business Solutions is an approved provider, and has a PMP Overview course scheduled for October 7-11, 2019. To register for the PMP Class, call 229-430-3867.


The PMP course is based on the Project Management Book of Knowledge. Classes meet in the Manufacturing Technology Building at Albany Tech. Because it is a noncredit, Continuing Education course, there are no college admission requirements or applications. The cost of the 4 ½ day program is $1095.00. This fee includes the cost of classroom instruction and the printed materials. You can find PMPs leading projects in nearly every country, in virtually every industry. Companies are on the lookout for candidates with project management skills and are willing to pay them well. The national average salary for a PMP is $75,474 in the United States, according to

a complex project and see it through effectively from start to finish with an awareness of potential roadblocks. 3. Certification offers greater flexibility Finally, the PMP is an advantage to those who may want to change careers, according to Anderson. Because the PMP certification is not industry specific, it offers individuals the chance to change career paths. PMP certification holders can move fluidly between leadership roles in different industries.

Mark Anderson, partner at Creative Tech Talent Solutions, offers three reasons why a PMP certification is a good idea. 1. PMP is recognized for integrity across the globe “Companies around the world trust the PMP Certification,” Anderson says. The Project Management Institute (PMI), the credentialing organization for PMP, has nearly three million members worldwide. This means that there are influencers in every field who understand the significance of a PMP certification. The certification creates a consistent standard by which project managers can be evaluated. 2. Certification complements an employee’s technical skills Anderson says when companies seek to fill upper-level positions, hiring managers often see candidates with similar technical skills and work experience. The PMP certification gives a resume extra strength, often taking it to the top of the stack. The PMP certification shows that the candidate has the ability to take 6

P&G Albany Plant Named 2019 Large Manufacturer of the Year at Annual Governor’s Awards Luncheon

Companies such as P&G, Gov. Brian Kemp said, “have created jobs, proven their commitment, and are critical to our state’s prosperity. Today we honor some of the best, most advanced manufacturers who have been thriving here in Georgia for years.” P&G has been in the Albany community for more than 45 years.

At a luncheon held in April, Gov. Brian Kemp named P&G Albany Plant, located in Albany, Georgia, the winner of the 2019 Manufacturer of the Year award in the category of Large Manufacturer with more than 500 employees.

Werhner Washington, plant manager at P&G’s Albany plant, which makes paper towel and tissue paper, including brands Charmin and Bounty, thanked the community leaders of Albany and Dougherty County for their support over the years, but said the plant’s success would not happen without its employees. “It is an honor and privilege to serve you,” he said.

P&G earned the honor based on a range of criteria, including its economic impact, community involvement and corporate responsibility, and commitment to workforce development and excellence.

He also thanked Albany Technical College and Georgia Quick Start. “Over the past year, 7

our company shifted about 5 million cases of Charmin and Bounty production line to our Albany plant,” he said. To make that increase in production possible, Quick Start designed and executed a training program to help for new hires to meet that demand, Washington said. “Quick Start is a tremendous resource for the manufacturers of Georgia.” Washington said P&G’s Albany plant will experience another shift in production soon “and we are going to need you again.” Previously, Quick Start partnered with P&G in training projects in 2001 and 2002. P&G’s Albany Plant, which has a $300 million

net impact on the Albany economy and a $1 billion impact on the state’s economy, recently celebrated 45 years of community advocacy, educational partnerships and civic involvement in Albany. For every job at the local plant, which employs more than 600, four non-P&G jobs are created. P&G’s Albany site is the largest contributor to the United Way annually. P&G employees also volunteer at The Boys & Girls Club, Strive2Thrive and other organizations. “P&G has long been a valued partner in this community and region and are most deserving of the recognition and honor,” said Anthony Parker, president of Albany Technical College. Other winners included Briggs & Stratton

Corporation in Statesboro, Ga., which won the Medium Manufacturer category, and Erdrich USA, Inc. in Dublin, which won the Small Manufacturer category. This is the 25th year celebrating Manufacturing Appreciation Week in Georgia. This year’s sponsors included the Georgia Association of Manufacturers, the Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Power, and Aprio. In his proclamation declaring April 15-19 as Manufacturing Appreciation Week, Gov. Kemp noted the tremendous contribution manufacturing makes to the state’s economic growth. According to the proclamation nearly 9,802 manufacturing facilities are located in 8

Georgia, providing 406,602 jobs and generating more than $22.7 billion in wages for Georgia’s citizens. Manufacturing contributed more than $61 billion to the state’s economy last year.


Tracy Ulmer is the Site OpEx/Training Lead at the ThermaCare Plant (Pfizer) in Albany. He and his training team began a partnership with the Center for Business Solutions (CBS) in January, training the plant’s 50 Manufacturing Technicians on basic mechanical skills. This training plan was the result of a systematic approach to investing in colleagues and advancing their skills. Ulmer explains that systematic approach. HOW DID YOU AND YOUR TEAM DETERMINE YOUR COLLEAGUES NEEDED TRAINING ON BASIC MECHANICAL SKILLS? Every year, we survey every colleague using a cultural assessment. In the most recent survey results, a recurring theme emerged, revealing our colleagues sought opportunity for personal and professional development. This got our attention because an important part of our company’s mission is creating an environment where our people can excel. Once that theme was identified, we dug deeper. The Center for Business Solutions came out to analyze and did a comprehensive walk-through of our plant and all of our processes. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THE CENTER FOR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS AT ALBANY TECH TO PARTNER WITH YOU ON THIS PROJECT? We had worked with CBS on other training in the past, and it had been a successful partnership.

AFTER THE COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS, WHAT WAS THE NEXT STEP? When CBS determined the knowledge and skills that were needed for our processes, they created an assessment, and every one of our Manufacturing Technicians was examined using the assessment. WHAT DID YOU FIND? We found our people are capable and wanted to expand their knowledge. What they needed most was a chance to learn from experts and improve on mechanical skills. WAS THIS A SURPRISE? Well, we knew there was room for improvement. We had made some assumptions about where we were in the process, but the assessments helped us see there was even more room for growth. We made a commitment to help our colleagues gain the skills they needed to elevate their skill base and do their jobs better and with more confidence. TELL US ABOUT THE TRAINING THAT WAS DEVELOPED. The Center for Business Solutions created a curriculum that includes six full days of training for each colleague. The training takes place on every Monday day shift and involves both classroom and lab instruction. It will take a total of 36 weeks of training for every technician to complete the program. Bennett Watts is the CBS instructor leading our training. He is a good fit because he had worked at our plant and was very familiar with our needs.


HAVE YOU AND YOUR TEAM BEEN HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS? The feedback we get from the colleagues is all positive. They wonder why we did not do this sooner. Mr. Watts has been able to adjust the training as we experience it, to tailor it even more for our situation. We are convinced the training is right on target. Mr. Watts says that as he teaches, he can see the light bulbs turning on! ANY MORE COLLABORATIONS PLANNED WITH CBS? We are considering offering training on more advanced or specialized skills for certain positions, such as Maintenance personnel. And we hope to be able to work with CBS on prehire assessments.


Working together for a healthier world. We apply science and our global resources to bring therapies to people that extend and significantly improve their lives.


DUAL ENROLLED HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS EXPERIENCE INDUSTRIAL INTERNSHIP Six students from two local high schools were accepted by Procter and Gamble (P&G) for a six-week paid internship, the first of its kind for both P&G and Albany Tech. These dual-enrolled students will soon complete the Industrial Operations Technician Technical Certificate of Credit at the Commodore Conyers College and Career Academy (4C Academy). All six will graduate from Albany Technical College and their local high schools this spring and have work experience under their belts. The students exhibited a positive work ethic and achieved good scores on their course work, resulting in their being selected for this internship. P&G representatives conducted the interviews after the students were recommended by their ATC instructor, Dr. Steve Eidson.

The students, in addition to their classwork, work 12 hours per week at P&G and are exposed to the world of manufacturing, specifically the processes of paper making and paper products. The students have been assigned a mentor that is with them every moment they are in the plant. “This internship means that the students learn hands-on application of the same skills they have acquired in the classroom,” Eidson said. “With this authentic exposure to the manufacturing industry, several of the students have expressed an interest in manufacturing as a career.” This program is a result of the innovative partnership between P&G, 4C Academy, and the Center for Business Solutions at Albany Tech.



This internship means that the students learn hands-on application of the same skills they have acquired in the classroom




We have the perfect location for your next meeting, training session, or banquet. KIRKLAND CONFERENCE CENTER Capacity 250 theater style; 200 seated banquet, 198 classroom style Round and rectangle tables available; Stage and podium available; Presentation system with large screen and monitors; Internet access LOGISTICS EDUCATION CENTER AUDITORIUM 75 people seated in tiered classroom style Features large stage with podium; Presentation system with large screen and monitors; Internet access EXECUTIVE BOARD ROOM Spacious, luxurious meeting room with a capacity for 41 people seated. Large U-shaped conference table seats 21 with 20 additional chairs around the room for extra seating. Room offers a podium, sound/ presentation system and internet access OTHER SPACES AVAILABLE FOR RENT Classrooms; Computer Lab

Call 229.430.3867 for details 14

1704 South Slappey Boulevard Albany, Georgia 31701

Dougherty County Campus: 229.430.3500 | Randolph County Learning Center: 229.732.5280 As set forth in its student catalog, Albany Technical College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender, religion, disability, age, political affiliation or belief, genetic information, veteran status, or citizenship status (except in those special circumstances permitted or mandated by law). The following person(s) has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Title IX Coordinator, Kathy Skates, Vice President of Administrative Services, Albany Technical College, 1704 S. Slappey Blvd., Albany, GA 31701. Phone 229.430.3524 and Section 504 Coordinator, Regina Watts, Special Needs Coordinator, Albany Technical College, 1704 S. Slappey Blvd., Albany, GA 31701, 229.430.2854 or

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Get a degree, diploma or Technical Certificate of Credit. Financial aid may be available for those who qualify. • Industrial Operations Technician • Business Logistics • Operations Management



The Center for Business Solutions works with local employers to provide training to their employees. Our training can be customized to meet your needs and can take place on our campus or at your work sites.


Lean Six Sigma is a Career-Boosting Credential • Higher Salary and More Opportunities • 100% Online • Half the Price of other Programs • Continuing Education Units Earned

Our online course providers ensure great training in a convenient online format that allows you to learn on YOUR schedule. • ed2go • • Online Driver’s Ed



We offer mechanical and electrical skills assessments for your current staff or pre-hires. • Convenient online platform • Current employees or pre-employment screenings • Flexible schedule • Testing for knowledge and skill level, and skill gaps • Cost effective • Fast and reliable • Results delivered quickly

Sessions available day and evening Monday - Friday. • Microsoft Word • Microsoft Excel Beginner • Microsoft Excel Intermediate • Computer Tutor


The Center for Business Solutions is an approved Real Estate School in the state of Georgia. We offer traditional classroom-style courses for pre-licensing and an online option where students are self-paced.


• Driver’s Ed for Teens to fulfill Joshua’s Law Our Driver’s Ed program includes the 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind-thewheel instruction required for Joshua’s Law. • Driver’s Education for Adults Albany Tech offers one-on-one driving instruction to prepare you for Georgia’s Driver’s License examination. • Forklift Operator Training Receive operator training in accordance with OSHA Standard 1910.178. • CDL Refresher For individuals currently holding a CDL who need a refresher course, sessions are offered on an as-needed basis.


• Summer Photo Academy Photography and Photoshop Camps for ages 10-14. Learn how to take pictures, as well as enhance, and edit and to create amazing images.

Call 229.430.3563 for more information or to register for classes. Visit for more detailed course descriptions and schedules.

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SOLUTIONS | Spring 2019  

A Publication of the Center for Business Solutions at Albany Technical College

SOLUTIONS | Spring 2019  

A Publication of the Center for Business Solutions at Albany Technical College

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