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Prefabricated Services Core

Prefabricated Fully Furnished Toilet Pods

High SpeedLifts to Double Height Spaces

Prefabricated Services Core

Prefabricated Concrete Column with Aluminium Cladding

Prefabricated Steel ‘Coat Hanger’ Structural Truss to hold Suspension Member

Prefabricated Double Storey High Window Mullions

Prefabricated Steel Cross Bracing

Steel Constructed Floor Slab to Conceal Mechanical Services

Curtain Wall Glass Facade with Sun Shading Louvers

Steel Suspension Member to hold Floor Slab

Prefabricated Services Core

Bank of Hong Kong Prefab Structure Assembly

Building Service Crane

Roof Top Helipad

Level 44 Meeting Room and Viewing Gallery

Level 37-40 Office Space

Level 35/36 Outdoor Terrace and Food Courts

Level 31-34 Office Space

Level 28/29 Double Storey Balcony Recreational Space

Level 22-27 Office Space

Level 20/21 Double Storey Balcony Recreational Space

Level 13-19 Office Space

Sun Scoop Reflector

Level 11/12 Double Storey Balcony Recreational Space

Level 5-10 Secondary Banking Hall

The ground floor has been left as a public space with escalators leading up to the entrance of the building. This open plaza then becomes a thoroughfare between Statue Square and Battery Park, creating a continuous accessible public space. The plaza, banking hall and atrium is naturaly lit by the sun scoop reflector with greenery surrounding the atrium. This helps creates a more friendly outdoor banking experience and workspace. Open public spaces are then duplicated vertically throughout the building by creating double storey high recreational spaces which offers views towards Victoria Harbour and The Peak.

Level 3 Banking Receptions

Level 3 Banking Hall

Ground Level Plaza

High Speed Lifts, Stairs and Services Core

Weekday Activities

The partly shaded plaza on the ground floor is being utilised by the public for gatherings on weekends. Simple picnic gatherings are set up by using either mats or cardboxes. This activity spills out to the adjacent Statue square where it is also shaded by the building itself throughout the day.

Weekend Filipinos Maid Gathering

Weekend Filipinos Maid/ Family Gathering

Weekend Activities

Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank (Design Analysis)  

A personal design analysis of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank using different diagramming techniques.

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