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Slaughtered In Melbourne

The Royal Beef Club

B ringing You The Finest B eef

P res en ted by Sla u g h tered In Melb o u r n e

Our Profile

With full commitment in quality food manufacturing and bringing fresh food to the mass public, we seek to locate the food manufacturing process in the city. We have a reputable portfolio of different design approaches on how the food manufacturing process can be located in different site conditions and constrains within the urban environment. •

Franklin Urban Fish Market


Carlton Gardens Abattoir Tower

Wagyu Tower

Wagyu Tower is an abattoir with a cattle hotel consisting of a high-end restaurant where you will be able to bid and invest on your cattle. The tower challenges the social impacts of locating an abattoir in the city through different strategies, raising awareness of cattle being a part of our community.

Temple Grandin ‘s Cattle Corral Design

Our Precedent

Our objective is to help promote awareness in proper humane animal handling through programtic and architectural response. • We understand cattle well and that is why we know what cattle need. • •

Every single cattle is carefully handled humanely with the help of the Cattle Corral Design.

Temple’s corral design researches into the cattle behaviour and encourages cattle to move without having to use any force and violence on them.

The curves in the design makes the cattle think that they are moving in circles back to where they came from.

Calm cattle mean that we are able to produce better quality meat, create a safer working environment and achieve more efficient process line.

Approved and Suggested by Dr. Temple Grandin.

Grooved Floo

Temple Grandin’s Cattle Corral Design

Temple Grandin’s Cattle Corrals Design

“I think using animals for food is an ethical thing to do, but we’ve got to do it right. We’ve got to give those animals a decent life and we’ve got to give them a painless death. We owe the animal respect.” “We raise them for us; that means we owe them some respect. Nature is cruel but we do not have to be.” -Temple Grandin

Our Location

• Strategically located along Flinders Street, the building sits on an existing carpark. • Our program proposal is an abattoir with a cattle hotel combined with a fine dining restaurant where you will be able to bid and invest in your cattle. • Our majestic restaurant lines up with the high end Crown Casino precinct.


s St


Mark et Str e

Wagyu Tower






am S tre

Running of the bulls track




rs S

e Flind

Queen Bridge

Crown Precinct

A rc h i t e ct u r e A ppr o a c h Cattle Hotel

Continuous ramps allow the abattoir to operate effectively as a continuous production line. (Fig 7)

First three floors of the Carpark is retained. (Fig 2)

• •

Ground floor recessed to give space back to the public for the gallery to raise awareness and morning market. (Fig 3)

The slaughterhouse floor articulates itself to provide shelter for the corral ramp and at the same time create an entrance canopy to the forecourt of the building. (Fig 5)

Steel mesh is being clad on the slaughterhouse floor to prevent public looking into the slaughterhouse but at the same time allowing light to enter into the space. (Fig 6)

The facade steel mesh extends down to create shading for the cattle ramp and extends up to become a balustrade for the dining hall. (Fig 6)

Mark et S

tree t




Dining Hall/ Bull Ring Slaughterhouse Cattle Handling Public


1. Existing Site

2. Retaining first three floors

3. Giving space back to public

The animal handling corral is being exposed on the facade to exhibit and promote proper animal handling process. (Fig 4)

Cattle Unloading

4. Exhibition of animal handling process

5. Slaughterhouse floor articulates

6. Steel mesh extends and prevents overlooking

7. Existing Carpark interior

The overall architecture expresses the notion of ‘Nature is cruel but we do not have to be ’. A brutal exterior through the use of raw concrete and galvanised steel mesh on the angular slaughterhouse. With a compassionate touch on the animal handling and educational facilities by using tensile fabric and curves.




We think that it is important to know where and how our food come from and we shall understand it through the experience from the cattle’s perspective. • Cattle are unloaded via alley from Market Street.

Flinders Street

• They are kept in main holding pen till auction. Successful bided cattle then move in small groups up the ramps via circular curves which calms them as they think they are going back to where they came from.

Ground Floor . Public 0m

Alley via Market Street



First Floor . Slaughterhouse 0m


• •

As the cattle are moving through the chute on a gentle slope, farmers walk in opposite direction as this would encourage them to continue walking without the use of prods.

They will then be taken up to their respective accommodation to be reared till they are ready to be slaughtered.

Silhouettes of the cattle are projected onto the tensile fabric as they move through the chute.

A b a tt o i r

When the cattle are ready to be slaughtered, they will then walk the corral ramp again to help calm them.

As they enter the main slaughterhall, they will be stunned instantly to destroy the brain without any pain.

• Cleaning procedure will be carried out hygienically. •

After series of cleaning procedure, meat will be graded and examined.

Excess meat will be stored in cooler for future consumption.

Beef will be prepared in kitchen to the way our clients want it to be cooked.

Second Floor . Slaughterhouse 0m





You are here to dine with style at a World-Class architecture venue •

Finest and freshest Wagyu Beef

Authentic International Cuisine

Magnificent Southbank Cityscape

• Renowned Musical Band Performance

Third Floor . Dining Hall/Bull Ring 0m


Special Events

Running of the Bull ! To further commemorate cows for being part of our community, our club will hold an annual ‘running of the bulls’ like the one in Spain. •

Bulls and Cattle will run half a city block

Furniture retract to the ceiling and seating deployed to create a bull ring on the dining hall.

While the spectators take their seating, the bull will then arrive at the centre of the bull ring via the central lift core.

Your Experience

Clients access the building via the grassed forecourt.

Clients will bid for their cattle and come back when they are ready to be slaughtered and consumed.

• Successful bidders will then take the main central platform lift up to the dining hall. •

Platform lift moves slowly up to the first floor where clients can see how the cattle are handled before being slaughtered.

On the second floor, slaughter hall is being walled off which then the crowd is entertained by theatrical play which promotes proper animal handling.

Platform lift acts as a central performance stage for the diners.

C a tt l e H o t e l

Do you know that 150 days befor slaughtering the cattle is the best time to feed it well in order to produce the highest quality beef? This is why our cattle are brought into the cattle hotel to be given extra care. •

Cattle will be auctioned upon arriving at the abattoir.

Upon successful auction, clients can then check in their cattle into the hotel where it will be groomed depending on the clients budget and preferences.

Hotel is categorised into three different classes consisting of different housing environments, density and comfort level. • • •

Economy Business First class

H a pp y H o u r

A mobile lift balcony moves to every floor to let every cattle out to breathe fresh air and enjoy a scrub.

Economy Class

Cattle cubicle housing system.

Approved by Australia Humane Cattle Treatment Regulations.

Cattle are rested on sand pits as their bedding and share water stations.

Cattle waste scraping system

Economy Class Cattle Housing 0m


Business Class

• Cattle are kept in small herds in large pens. •

Mix of sand and straw as cattle bedding.

• Under flooring waste collection system keeps area clean at all times.

Business Class Cattle Housing 0m


First Class

Cattle are free to roam around the entire floor filled with straw and music to enjoy.

• Under flooring waste collection system keeps area clean at all times.

Your Involvement

• • First Class Cattle Housing 0m


Involve in the rearing process by investing alcohol for your cattle which would greatly enhance the quality of their meat. Visit your cattle regularly to check on their status at the visiting corner on each floor.

F o o d P r o d u ct i o n H a l l

Looking over the past few decades, ways of rearing cattle has not changed but technology has.

The State-of-the-art automated conveyor hanger system collects and delivers packed meals in parcels for the cattle throughout the tower.

Food Production Hall 0m


C a tt l e C l i n i c

Like humans, cattle get sick and injure themselves too. •

Sick cattle will be quarantined in individual pens and recuperate with the help of vets and exercise facilities.


The operation theatre is always ready to help save any cattle in danger.

H e a d q u a rt e r s

Our control station monitors all the cattle and research in cattle science.

Cattle Clinic 0m


Winter Sun 29°

Our Technology

Summer Sun 75°

Precast Thermomass Wall

• The rectangular spaceframe structure sits on the abattoir columns to hold up the tower. •

Spaceframes are held together by cross bracing exposed on the facade and spaces between them will accommodate all the vertical services.

The facade will be constantly animated with the movement of the busy moving parcels and lifts.

The tower is glassed to prevent odour from wandering out of the building.

Thermomass concrete with louvered fins wraps the north end of the building, this helps to regulate the temperature for the cattle during both winter and summer.


Curtain wall system Structural cross bracing

Feedlot conveyor system

st chute

Typical First Class Cattle Housing Feedlot

Cattle cubicles Grilled underfloor manure drainage system

Typical Economy Cattle Housing


Manure floor cleaning system

Elevated service walkway

Wine Slios Grain Slios

Manure chute

Food Production Hall


Well some might say that cattle consumption pollutes the environment, but with proper humane animal handling and today’s technological inputs, we can even make cattle consumption a sustainable one. Whereby natural gas is generated by the methane collected from the cattle waste in the power station on the top of the tower. To our calculations, this is even able to produce 5 times the energy of what the abattoir will consume every year!

Size of Holding Pen 25

Size of Holding Pen 25

1 cow weighs 700kg No. of cows 3750 cows

1 cow produces 100kg methane pe Methane 37500kg

1 cow weighs 700kg No. of cows 3750 cows

1kg carcass requires 0.2kwh 1 day 25 cows Abattoir Energy consumption No. of cows salughtered per year 1 cow produces 100kg methane per year 1kg methane equals 20kwh 1,277,500 9125 cows Methane Energy 37500kg 7,500,000kwh

1kg carcass requires 0.2kwh Abattoir Energy consumption 1,277,500

Abattoir Energy consumption. 200kwh/1000kg of carcass 25cattle abattoir =3500kwh 1 day 25 cows abattoir will consume 1,277,500kwh No.1ofyear cows salughtered per year 1 year 9125 cowsabattoir will produce 7,500,000kwh

Abattoir Energy consumption. 200kwh/1000kg of carcass 25cattle abattoir =3500kwh 1 year abattoir will consume 1,277,500kwh 1 year abattoir will produce 7,500,000kwh

1 cow(700g) require 12.25m2 (on loose housing) Floor area of site 1250m2 per floor

er year

Wagyu Tower 1kg methane equals 20kwh Energy The architectural outcome is a celebration of 7,500,000kwh putting the pieces together.

A Brutalist abattoir combined with the British High-tech tower as a symbol of importance within the Melbourne CBD in recognition of cattle being a part of our community.

Alan Lau | Vivian Johnny |

Alan Lau | Vivian Johnny |

Slaughtered in Melbourne (Design Project)  
Slaughtered in Melbourne (Design Project)  

Design of an Abattoir