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“What happens when people

open their hearts? They get better.” — HARUKI MURAKAMI, NORWEGIAN WOOD

I’m doing well when I know my patients are doing well. — DR. ASAD QAMAR



Dr. Asad Qamar dreamed of bringing more life to more lives. He envisioned a place where the latest healing techniques and state-of-the-art technologies would be combined with hands-on personal care to create the ultimate center for cardiovascular wellness. Such is the catalyst that drove Dr. Qamar to found The Institute of Cardiovascular Excellence in 2009. Three years later, a newly-completed 23,000-square-foot, stateof-the-(he)art world headquarters in Central Florida fulfills Dr. Qamar’s ambitious quest, one that coordinates the contributions of more than 80 healthcare professionals, each of whom are fully committed to his whole-heart, patient-centric vision. From prevention to planned care, emergency care through rehabilitation, and ongoing support, ICE combines the very latest medical techniques and technologies with personalized, compassionate care under one warm, welcoming roof. In this way, every patient traveling near or far can have access to the best specialists and the latest research and technologies — all in one unique place that not only guarantees total discretion, but delivers an unprecedented level of quality to meet the most demanding worldwide standards.

In every medical community there are those rare physicians, registered nurses, patient coordinators, lab techs and more, who after many years in practice have been singled out to be in a class of their own. These professionals often care for some of the most discriminating and high profile people in their community. And it is the people, and these people alone, whom Dr. Qamar invites to be a part of his groundbreaking endeavor. Indeed, these men and women are the essence of ICE. All staff members at ICE are encouraged and supported to evolve in their areas of expertise. This naturally inspires them to generously and enthusiastically share everything they know with patients, be it the latest scientific studies in heart-healthy nutrition or the must-see adventures of secret Central Florida destinations. The personal connections among staff and guests is a large part of what makes ICE such an enriching experience.



A private, state-of-the-(he)art, 23,000 square foot health and wellness center, the Institute of Cardiovascular Excellence delivers the full panoply of cardiovascular technologies under one compassionate, patient-centered roof. Two cardiac catheterization labs, complete with recovery rooms, offer angioplasty and atherectomy procedures. There is a dedicated laboratory for blood work, as well as laboratories with CATscan, PET scan and ultrasound capabilities. In a single, convenient location, patients have access to services such as: coronary angiogram, echocardiogram, positron emission tomography (PET) lab, transesophageal (TEE) tests, radio frequency ablation, T-wave alternans, pulmonary function test, autonomic nervous system (ANSAR) test. There’s also a nuclear medicine lab for SPECT imaging, four ultrasound rooms, a pacemaker clinic and an RFA/TEE room, not to mention six additional exam rooms and 11 recovery rooms. A highly-coordinated, efficient scheduling process streamlines what typically take months elsewhere into a matter of days. That said, it’s not the fact that ICE boasts the latest advances in cardiovascular science that sets it apart on the worldwide spectrum. Rather, it’s the earnest compassion. From the very first point of contact, patients and their families are greeted as old friends — with inviting smiles, welcoming handshakes, warm hugs, a tousle of the hair, and a pinch on the cheek. Laughter lingers in every nook, making the experience more akin to a family gathering than a medical office.

Imagine if you will a medical facility with timelessly elegant interiors, handsomely appointed private rooms, a rotating art collection and a playfully vibrant family resource center. The design is the embodiment of hospitality. The type of place that makes families and visitors feel at home while loved ones are being tenderly treated; where family can be entertained by movies or left to work in the graciously appointment business center to ease the stress of a surgery. Indeed, as innovative as it is welcoming, the world headquarters for ICE successfully merges technological advancements with soothing and comforting design for its visitors. Equally, the patient experience remains unparalleled. Natural light cascades through large windowed expanses at every turn. Handsome private rooms feature a visitor zone to include family members as part of the healing team. Computerized room-level observation stations and decentralized nurse stations allow caregivers to closely monitor patients and facilitate communication with family members. In addition, the design incorporates expansive views of nature, reduced noise and a warm, yet subdued color palette that studies show increase the patient’s sense of wellbeing and help in the healing process. Patient rooms offer a variety of amenities, including wireless internet access, flat screen televisions and pullout couches for the comfort of family members. Unequivocally, ICE’s world headquarters were tailored to provide outstanding medical care with the convenience, accommodation, and best-of-class service patients and families deserve.

theresults Statistically speaking, cardiovascular disease is reaching global epidemic proportions. Approximately 17.3 million people will die as a result of complications related to CVD. The worldwide financial toll approaches more than $400 billion, including both direct and indirect costs related to heart disease. Measuring success against something so vast seems insurmountable, yet that’s exactly what ICE aims to achieve‌ one man, one woman, one child at a time. Putting patients first demands a relentless focus on measurable quality. By setting stringent standards, collecting data and analyzing results, ICE puts patients first through improved outcomes and better service, giving patients the opportunity to live longer, more fulfilling lives. In three short years, ICE has successfully treated, educated and mentored people worldwide, with better risk-adjusted survival rates than the Top 50 hospitals, lower complications and fewer readmissions thanks, in part, to the post-operative lifestyle and wellness initiatives ICE employs. Education, support and world-class medical care may begin with the initial consultation, but ICE proudly extends that continuum of care far beyond the discharge home. Hundreds of men and women issued bleak or even morbid outcomes by one doctor have found hope and renewal at the hands of Dr. Qamar and his experienced team of board-certified cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and associated specialists. And as anyone who has survived a heart attack or loved someone with cardiovascular disease knows, hope is often the first step toward healing.

“I have been a patient for 12 years. I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Qamar and his staff. I live far away and it is worth the drive because his office feels like home. It is pure comfort.” — BETTY PRITCHARD

“The ICE facility is so nice that I try to get there an hour early just to have coffee and read the wonderful medical books the staff supplies. I have been a patient for 11 years and they are so caring and sentimental; giving individual attention to each patient, both medically and personally.” — ANTHONY SASSIN

I have been golfing since the age of 14 and have even played on the Senior Tour. As a golf pro, I’ve been teaching for 40 years and I know strong, healthy legs are imperative. I went to Dr. Qamar with swollen cramping legs and he discovered that my lower extremities were blocked 80-90%. After a series of stents I am back to work. I’m now up to 3 or 4 lessons each day and looking forward to new clients. — PAUL DIONNE

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The February 2013 issue of STYLE/Villages Edition  
The February 2013 issue of STYLE/Villages Edition  

The February 2013 issue of STYLE/Villages Edition