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Add A Stunning Dogg Day Belt To Your Wardrobe!!

John Jay Homestead Carriage Barn Education Center

Zwilling Designs has created a custom Dogg Day belt and the proceeds will go to The Andrew K. Dwyer Foundation. Thank you Tom Collingham for your creativity and generosity.

The Carriage Barn Education Center is opening this spring and includes a theatre, state of the art computer stations which provide historical information for the visitors. Half of the children visiting John Jay are from less advantaged schools and this is their only field trip.

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Thank You Nancy Wise and Bill Barrett for setting up the Silent Auction, and Elly McKenna for her help with the Newsletter.

ANDREW K. DWYER FOUNDATION 7 5 6 G u a rd H i l l R o a d • B e d f o rd , Ne w Yo r k 1 0 5 0 6


Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center The AKD Foundation supports the Christmas Party and the Spring Prom at the Pediatric Center. At the Holiday party, 280 patients and their families were in attendance. Santa and his Elves distributed gift bags to all the patients and it was truly a festive event. The Spring Prom will be held on May 30, 2013.


PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID White Plains, NY 10610 PERMIT NO. 5432

756 Guard Hill Road • Bedford, New York 10506

Come Celebrate Our 10th Year Current Resident Or:

Bedford Police, Fire and EMT’s Scholarships Olivia Azrak and Gabrielle Barrea-Fontan are the 2013 recipients of the AKDF Scholarship. Olivia Azrak will graduate from Fox Lane High School in June and will attend James Madison University in the Fall. At Fox Lane, Olivia played three varsity sports and was a member of the Junior Corps program at both the Bedford Police Dept. and the Bedford Volunteer Fire Dept. Gabrielle Barrea-Fontan is the daughter of Zulma Fontan, a retired police officer and William Hayes, the Bedford Chief of Police. Gabrielle hopes to be a social studies teacher with a focus on global studies at the high school level. She will be attending UConn in the Fall. Samantha Fowler is graduating in May Magna Cum Lade from Endicott College. In July she is starting a job at Beacon ABA Services as an Associate Behavior Analyst plus attending graduate school. Logan Carbaugh is finishing up his freshman year at Gettysburg College and has declared his major of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Logan has joined the Gettysburg Fire Dept. and will be taking classes to further his first responder resume and to become certified as a firefighter and EMT.


October 4, 2013

Nicole Diebold is finishing up her sophomore year at Binghamton University and majoring in Actuarial Science. This year she held the position of Financial Vice President of her dorm community and was inducted into the National Residence Hall Honorary.

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Nicolle Perry is graduating with honors from the Williams College in May and will be starting work at Skadden Arps, a prominent law firm in NYC in their legal assistant program.

Dogg Day ‘12 Our Ninth Annual DoggDay was celebrated on September 28, 2012 and despite the unpredictable weather, the day was a rousing success! Our diehard golfers took to the course to play a 9-hole tournament and, not to be outdone, our tennis enthusiasts staged their tournament. Nothing could dampen our competitors’ spirits!

Save the Date - Friday, October 4, 2013

As the gray skies started to clear, approximately 200 well-soaked donors skirted the rain puddles and joined us for another joyous evening. After a brief slide presentation by Andy Dwyer outlining the Foundation grants over the last year, John Hyland highlighted the Foundation efforts with the East Harlem School and the AKDF lacrosse program. John did a terrific job and his presentation was warmly received.

Bedford Golf & Tennis Club Golf, Tennis, Dinner, Auction, Music Ben Cameron and the ODE & IDE band will be performing at Dogg Day’13.


Be sure to check the AKDF Facebook page for Dogg Day’13 updates! Invite Your Friends! Volunteers Wanted! If interested in helping out please email:

Given the difficult circumstances, we would like to give special thanks to the Bedford Golf & Tennis Club for its enduring support; and in particular, to Philip, Steven, Rob and their respective staffs for their enthusiasm and flexibility, ensuring we all had a great day. Steve Kroll was once again the maestro in organizing tennis. The auction was the highlight of the evening as Dede Brooks, our auctioneer, always produces a special magic in the room. We feel truly blessed by the generosity of our donors, buyers, volunteers, and participants who make the event sparkle each year.

Beth Schmidt Wins the Andrew K. Dwyer Award Congratulations to Beth Schmidt, who was named the winner of the 3rd annual Andrew K. Dwyer Award at Dogg Day ‘12. Beth was a schoolmate and dear friend of Andrew’s at Hotchkiss. In 2004, Beth ran in the NYC Marathon and raised over $20,000 for Andrew’s Foundation. Beth was honored for her involvement with AKDF as well as for her work in founding Wishbone, a non-profit organization that was launched last year, designed to provide low-income high school students with after-school and summer enrichment programs opportunities. Beth was motivated to start Wishbone while teaching in South Central, Los Angeles. She ran in the LA Marathon to raise money to help her students attend summer programs in fine arts, music, liberal arts, sciences, environment and athletics. The grant provided by AKDF has helped Beth with some of the program logistics and will continue to help Wishbone in its future. In December, Beth was recognized on the prestigious Forbes List for “30 under 30 in Education” for her work with Wishbone. We are ecstatic to congratulate Beth on this well-deserved honor.

The First Tee of Connecticut Cindy and Andy Dwyer attended the First Tee Breakfast on June 23, 2012. James DeBowes and Jason Rivard were each awarded an AKD Scholarship at this event. James DeBowes is currently finishing his freshman year at Providence College, where his favorite courses are microeconomics, calculus and political science. James has an internship with the First Tee this summer. Jason Rivard is attending Coastal Carolina University and is enrolled in the Professional Golf Management Program. This summer Jason will intern at the TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, CT. Two new AKDF Scholarship recipients will be announced on June 22, 2013 at the First Tee Breakfast before the Travelers Golf Champioship.

Andrew K. Dwyer Foundation Committee The Andrew K. Dwyer Foundation Committee is please to report that several members were added to the committee. They are the following: Sayles Braga, Heidi DuPont, Harry Grand, Ashley Albrittan-Ross, Peter Scala and Katharine Tuckerman. All of the new members were great friends of Andrew’s and they have been terrific supporters of the Foundation. We look forward to presenting new and exciting ways to support AKDF! Lisa McKenna and Sam Jackson – Co-chairs of the AKDF Committee

Thank You from the Trustees The AKDF Board of Trustees would like to thank you for helping us enjoy another successful year! Entering our 10th year, we know Andrew would be extremely proud of how the Foundation has instilled a positive influence on the lives of so many young people pursuing their passions. Since our inception, AKDF has donated more than $1 million in sponsoring sports teams, extracurricular programs and academic scholarships, the Foundation takes pride in seeing the benefits of your donations support a specific program or scholarship. We carefully select our beneficiaries to ensure that every dollar of support is truly needed and affords an opportunity that someone may not have otherwise experienced. We have watched children who are positively affected by the Foundation become successful young adults poised to do great things in the world. Their successes are what really help us appreciate the impact of the Andrew K. Dwyer Foundation. We have always tried to make decisions which capture the spirit of Andrew. Our success would not have been possible without the financial and emotional support from all of you. Thank you for all you have done to make the Foundation a true embodiment of Andrew. We look forward to our next 10 years. Chris Brooks for the Trustees Cindy and Andy Dwyer, Nancy Eaves, Elly Rice, Jake Grand, John Hyland and Nate Thorne






The Dwyer Family

$15,000.00 & below

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Brooks Cameron Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bohan

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Helfat

$10,000.00 & below

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ketchum Mr. & Mrs. Peter Reed

$5000.00 & below

Mr. & Mrs. Peter E. Guernsey Mr. & Mrs. William Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Kevin McNamara

David A. & Mildred H. Morse Charitable Trust Mr. Peter Scala Tim and Barbara Schweizer Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. William R Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Cameron Mr. & Mrs. Seth Cameron Chisholm Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Atwood Collins Mrs. Mary T. Dwyer

Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Eaves Mr. & Mrs. Herb Foster Mr. Ian Gilchrist Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Grand Mr. & Mrs. Ben Harris Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kroll Mr. Konrad Kruger

Mr. & Mrs. John Babcock Mr. & Mrs. Carson Baker Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Banta Mr. & Mrs. John Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Barry Mr. Chris Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Tom Collingham Dunwoody Family

Ms. Heidi duPont Mr. & Mrs. Eric Fast Ms. Angela Fowler Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Hobbs Mr. & Mrs. John Hyland Sr. Joyce Charitable Fund Mr. Peter Kroll & Betsy Davis Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kernan

Amanda Rudey Designs Ms. Kathleen Baker Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bartels Belvedere Foundation in honor of Dorothy Cavanagh Stout Mr. & Mrs. James Bird Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bonsal Mr. Tom Brislin Mr. & Mrs. T. Anthony Brooks Mrs. Audrey Charlson Mr. & Mrs. Rob Cleveland Lloyd Bedford Cox Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Walter Curley Mr. & Mrs. John Abbott Mr. & Mrs. Andy Allen Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ardire Mr. Gordon Aydelott Mr. & Mrs. Farhood Azima Leith Brooks Barry Bedford Gourmet Mr. Tony Bellino Ms. Laura Blau Mr. & Mrs. Philip Bowers Bubble & Tweet Mr. & Mrs. Sayles Braga Mr. & Mrs. Austin Branson Ms. Michelle Brodland Ms. Leslie Cacciapaglia Mr. & Mrs. David Cameron Mrs. Leigh Carleton Mr. & Mrs. Harry Charlston Mr. & Mrs. Luke Coppedge Mr. Jack Crystal Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Dance

Mr. Ted Daumno Mr. & Mrs. Cushing Donelan Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds duPont Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dwyer Mr. & Mrs. Jay Eastman Mr. Peter Foote Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Fox Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Fox Mr. & Mrs. Tim Ghriskey Mr. & Mrs. Parker Gilbert Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Randy Goodhue Mr. & Mrs. Harry Grand Mr. & Mrs. Tim Hall Mr. Michael DeCandia Mrs. Onolee DuPont Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Durfee Mr. & Mrs. Chris Eaton Mr. & Mrs. Buzz Eaves Mr. & Mrs. Chris Einhorn Mrs. Priscilla K. Farnum Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ferguson Ms. Katie Fielding Mr. Marty Fielding Mr. & Mrs. Justin Fisch Mr. & Mrs. Christie Flanagan Mr. Ryan Friend Mr. & Mrs. Greg Gaynor Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Gerry Mr. Robert Goldberg Mr. Sam Goodhue Mr. Peter Goodwin Mrs. Joby Gray Mr. & Mrs. Randy Gray Google

Mr. Kendrick Wilson lll

Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation – kindness of Mr. & Mrs. Atwood Collins Mr. & Mrs. Porter Collins

$2500.00 & below

Mr. & Mrs. Gardner LaMotte Mr. & Mrs. Piers MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Scott McGraw New York Mets Mr. & Mrs. Chris Pachios Pond Consulting Corp. Mr. & Mrs. Wes Seifer

Mr. & Mrs. Talbott Simonds Mr. & Mrs. Chris Swon Mr. & Mrs. Roger Vincent Weekes Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Lane Mr. & Mrs. Whit McGraw Mr. & Mrs. John McKenna Ms. Hunter Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Pearce Mr. & Mrs. Ethan Rice Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Rotando Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Schweizer

Barbara Schweizer in honor of Chris Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Strawbridge Stiles-Levy Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Swon Van Sciver Realtors Mr. & Mrs. William Waterman Mr. & Mrs. Jay Wilson Zwilling Designs


$500.00 and below

Mrs. Brooks Hallock Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Knut Hellandsvik Mr. & Mrs. Bud Herath Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Huber Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson Hughes Mr. & Mrs. John Hyland Jr. Jansing-Cook Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Rob Johnson Ms. Beatrice Kernan Mr. Paul Kornhauser Mr. & Mrs. Ian Laird Mr. & Mrs. Jay Laird

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lyon Mr. & Mrs. Michael McGinnis Mr. & Mrs. Ted McGraw Nina McLemore Inc. Mrs. Sally Ogden Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Parkinson Mr. & Mrs. Ged Parsons Mr. & Mrs. David Patterson Peale Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Craig Perry Mr. & Mrs. Peter Philip Mr. Thomas Poole


Mr. & Mrs. John Greenwood Mrs. Terry Gumz Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hallock Mrs. Jane Hamilton Ms. Lisa Hanratty Mr. & Mrs. AJ Heath Ms. Susie Heller Mr. Todd Hinckley Karen O’Callaghan Horan Mr. Charles Jackson Mr. Sam Jackson Mr. Jim Kaufman Mr. & Mrs. Scott Keep Mrs. Pat Keesee Mr. & Mrs. Rick Lang Mr. & Mrs. Benny Langworth Mr. Charlie Legg Mr. Charlie Leonard Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Long Mr. Robert Long Mr. Eli Lovely

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Tenney Mr. Nate Thorne Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. John Maletis Mr. & Mrs. Edward McElwreath Mr. & Mrs. John McGarry Ms. Emilie McKenna Mrs. Monogram Ms. Lauren Moore Ms. Mena Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Whitton Morris Mr. & Mrs. Grant Murray Mr. & Mrs. Harold O’Callaghan Mr. Pete Pagano Mr. & Mrs. Robert Parsons Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Pinchot Mr. & Mrs. Sam Polk Ms. Courtney Quick Mr. Bagley Reid Mrs. Donna Reimer Mr. & Mrs. Eric Reimer Mr. & Mrs. James Renwick

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Randol Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Reath Mr. & Mrs. Ted Remsen Mr. & Mrs. Brian Rice Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rice Ms. Ashley Albritain-Ross Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ross Ms. Katharine Sachs Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Frank Shanley Mr. & Mrs. John Simon Mrs. Lea Simonds Mr. Nick Sinatra Mr. & Mrs. Steven Rice Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Ross Mr. & Mrs. James Rutherford Mr. & Mrs. Dan Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Joe Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Saint-Amand Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Saunders Mr. & Mrs. Lindley Scarlett Mr. & Mrs. Joe Schlafy Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schnier Mr. & Mrs. Dan Shafer Ms. Molly Shanley Ms. Kate Shillo Mr. & Mrs. Chris Sillman Mr. Nick Sinatra Small Joys Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Ashley Smith Mr. & Mrs. Ramsay Stabler

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Strassler Mr. & Mrs. Lupo Talamo Mr. Ross Taylor Mr. & Mrs. William Tingue Mr. Charles Tisi Mr. & Mrs. William Wigton Mr. George and the Rev. Susan Wyper

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Stickney Mr. & Mrs. John Stockbridge Streaker Sports Mr. Stuart Swann Mr. & Mrs. Ware Sykes Mr. & Mrs. Dana Syracuse Mr. Macon Thompson Mr. William Todd Town & Village Hairdressers Mrs. Kathleen Turner Mrs. Peter Vincent Mr. & Mrs. Alex Walker Mr. & Mrs. Walter Weissinger Ms. Jen Wells Mr. & Mrs. Mike Winn Ms. Trina Wright Mr. & Mrs. David Zackowitz

East Harlem School

Harlem Academy

Addis Fouche-Channer was the AKDF recipient at the East Harlem School 2006- 2009. Addis will be graduating in June from the Westover School and attending Middlebury College in Fall ‘13 where she will be running cross country, indoor track and outdoor track. Congratulations Addis!!!!

The AKDF received this letter from one of our last year’s second grade recipient.

Cynthia Minchala is the 2012- 2013 AKDF Scholarship recipient from the East Harlem School. Cynthia is an incredible athlete and on both the Varsity Soccer and Lacrosse teams. She is one of the top students in her class and was the Winner of the Poetry Slam in 2011 for her poem, “Because She Walked” about her mother’s immigration from Ecuador. Cynthia’s brother graduated from EHS last year.

East Harlem School Lacrosse At the outset of 2013, AKDF increased its annual commitment to the 7th and 8th grade lacrosse program at the East Harlem School. Now in its 6th year, the program has been a great success and has become an integral part of the EHS athletic program . The players’ enthusiasm, skill and love of game continues to grow. We intend the added funds to improve the program that much more by allowing for increased participation, more games to their existing somewhat limited schedule and an experienced coach for the boys. On April 6, 2013, the EHS boys traveled to Hotchkiss to participate in a clinic with the Hotchkiss Varsity players and watch the Bearcats defeat Millbrook in their home opener in what has become a wonderful annual tradition for all parties. Thank you Chris Burchfield, John Cooper, Varsity team and Hotchkiss School for hosting this special day. John Hyland and Chris Einhorn have done a superb job establishing this program.

Dear Mrs. Dwyer, I just started 3rd grade and it is awesome! I think the old and new students are very intelligent. In Science we are studying rocks- how they look, feel and touch. This would be very hard to study in First or Second Grade. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter and support our school. Sincerely, Yealie Wala- Samura Harlem Academy 3rd grade

THE AKDF supports two 2nd Graders at Harlem Academy. The two AKDF 2012- 2013 2nd Grade recipients at Harlem Academy are Sen’ari Mimni and Miles Davis. Sen’ari Mimni is kind hearted with a strong sense of fairness, and he gets along with everyone. He is an excellent reader and loves all of the Strega Nona books by Tomie dePaola. He excels in math as well, with a rare ability to apply math strategies to new problems. Miles Davis is a top student. He is charming and outgoing, with a strong leadership skills and a larger-than-life personality. Miles has an uncanny memory and constantly draws connections as he learns new material. Miles started to play chess last year as a First Grader and has perfected his moves to the point where he was invited to the Middle School Chess Club to play against the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders. We are very proud of Sen’ari and Miles!

Project Sunshine The Andrew K Dwyer Foundation supports two internships at Project Sunshine.

While the boys were at Hotchkiss, the girls’ team headed to New Haven for a thrilling day of watching the Yale Women’ Lacrosse team take on Princeton and the Men’s team play Dartmouth. The girls were in awe of the players’ talent and teamwork, and learned so much from observing their communication and strategy on the field. They enjoyed comparing the women’s and men’s games, and were excited to recognize a number of drills and plays that they learned from their own coaches.

Mariieka Walsh is the Senior Intern for the year 20122013. She is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, with international experience as a program assistant at Care. At Project Sunshine, Marieka is gaining hands-on training expertise in volunteer management and in the development of children’s enrichment programing for vulnerable pediatric patients. Marieka is also playing a key role in Project Sunshine’s “Kids for Kids” programing, which instills community service values in a new generation of students.

Thank you Lisa McKenna for organizing this wonderful day.

Alcie Browne was the summer 2012 intern at Project Sunshine. Alcie is a senior at Emory University and worked with fellow interns and organized over 65 local Hospital programing visits.

AKDF Committee Member, Chris Einhorn secured 50 tickets for the EHS Girls and Boys teams to attend the Big City Classic on April 27, 2013 at Met Life Stadium. The event featured games between top men’s collegiate programs.

We are pleased to report that former AKDF intern, Tara Pokras was hired full time by Project Sunshine. “We remained inspired by the enlightened mission of the Andrew K. Dwyer Foundation and your dedication. We are deeply in your debt.” Beatrice Kernan, Executive Director

Brooklyn Jesuit Prep

Calvin Hill Day Care Center

Our 8 grade scholarship recipient, Ohsafa Harding, is flourishing during this academic year at BJS. One of the BJS faculty members remarked on Ohsafa’s growing maturity and leadership skills. He is both articulate and ambitious, fine qualities that will lead to life success. Ohsafa is now eagerly awaiting admissions decisions from the various high schools.

The AKDF continues to support a scholarship at the Calvin Hill Day Care Center in New Haven, CT.


Carla Horwitz, the Director of the Calvin Hill Day Care Center, recently wrote to the AKDF: “There is a little four year old boy whose mother works at Yale and who came to us last year in our Threes’ Program

with few social or learning skills. We weren’t sure how much progress he would make but he ‘s made enormous progess! This year in our Preschool he’s a leader! He has a group of friends, he’s empathic, kind – the first to notice and help out a peer. His growing language skills have really enabled him to communicate with children and adults, and in fact, he’s our on-site tour guide when we have visitors! This child’s success and real progress is a hallmark of the Calvin Hill experience, one might not have had without our (and your) support. So, we thank you for your ongoing devotion to our cause.”

Waterside School This is the 8th year of the AKDF Swimming Program at Waterside School. The program has had a huge impact on the school community. Now all the students know how to swim by 1st Grade. Tremendous! ( Thank you note from first grade student.)

Our AKDF recipient is in the 4th grade and she expresses below what Waterside School means to her:

“What Waterside School means to me is everything. Waterside has made my future brighter. It has made me a better person. Each day I grow because Waterside has taught me so much. For example, they have taught me to stand up for myself because in kindergarten I let people go in front of me on the monkey bars. The teacher said, “Makayla, stand up for your self, be strong.” Ever since I have stood up for myself. I am so grateful now and forever. This school also helps me challenge myself. For instance, some public schools are learning things now in fourth grade that we learned in second grade. This shows me we shouldn’t take this opportunity for granted, we should push even harder and challenges ourselves. Another example is every day we push to strive in school. Likewise, we say it in our daily commitment. This means a lot to me because I love challenges. I love the Waterside teachers. Everyday they do the right thing to be our role models, so we will say “I want to be like you, and I know I can do it if you can do it.” Another example is that the teachers are leaders too, which helps students be leaders to each other. In addition, the teachers are more than just teachers, they are heroes. In conclusion, Waterside is a great place because we are a family community. I have been challenged and pushed, even when I didn’t want to do something. However, I made it through because I put forth my best effort and I knew I could do it. When I leave this school I will say, “thank you” because I love this school.”

Spring 2013  

Spring 2013