ΟΨΩ Newsletter | Issuu 3 | Winter 2020

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A Quarterly Insight into the Omicron Psi Omega Chapter 1st QUARTER | WINTER 2020


Members posing for a group picture during the Founders' Day event at Coaches restuarant.

President’s Message The beginning of this year started off with a bang! We celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day by supporting and attending the Annual MLK Jr. Day Breakfast, sponsored by the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Lexington Alumnae Chapter; the MLK Jr. Day Banquet and Parade, both sponsored by the NAACP. In February, we hosted our Pink Goes Red Zumbathon & Line Dancing event. At the event, we invited the Davidson County community and they too were able to participate in a night of fun and giving with donations of gently-worn shoes and eyeglasses (Soles for Soles and The Lion Club).


Reactivation Day: Reclaiming Our Pearls On January 15, Alpha Kappa Alpha women from Lexington and surrounding areas gathered to enjoy a fantastic Founders' Day dinner. Sisters gathered at Coaches restuarant for food fun, and fellowship.

In March, many of us traveled to Richmond, VA for our 67th Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has evolved and escalated quickly, the conference was adjourned early. Please be mindful that Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated’s top priority is focused on the health and safety of its members. On the chapter level, even amid this pandemic, we continue to uphold our commitment of “service to all mankind” by finding new and innovative ways to fulfill our commitment. Our Programs Committee & Technology Committee have by far exceeded the need to go “virtual". Recently, financial and credit tips have been posted on our Social Media sites; we had our 1st chapter Virtual Spirit Week in which 5 of our International Targets were met, and held our 1st Virtual Chapter Meeting. As we go through these unprecedented times, let us remember that “this too shall pass”. We will get through this, and I believe that while this is a difficult time, we will come out better, stronger, and wiser. Take this time to enjoy family, rest, read, meditate, and any of the things that bring you joy. Continue to abide by your “Stay at Home” mandates. And if you must go out, practice social-distancing and all of the other preventive measures as outlined by the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization websites. Please be patient in all aspects of your life as we navigate the "new normals" that are being established. Prayers of blessings, safety, health, and peace to you and your families! Yours in service,

Sonja Hopkins

Members looking pretty in pink and green as they celebrate our Founders' Day.

Chapter members pose for a quick picture during the Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast.

The Dream Continues: MLK Day of Service Omicron Psi Omega participated in several activities during the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. The day began with members participating in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast hosted by Delta Sigma Theta - Lexington Alumnae Chapter. After the breakfast, members met at Brookstone Retirement Center to bring a little cheer. The chapter also organized welcome kit donations for refugees resettling in the triad area. The day ended with the chapter members participating in the Davidson County Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade.

Omicron Psi Omega Brings Cheer to Seniors

blindness, help restore eyesight and improve eye

Members made a stop at Brookstone Retirement

health for people by donating 36 used eyeglasses

Center during the MLK Jr. Day of Service. The resi-

to Lions Club International.

dents participated in a lively discussion about the

Omicron Psi Omega Supports Refugees

life of Martin Luther King, Jr., followed by singing

The Global Impact initiative Refugees in America

songs with members of the chapter. Finally, the

Assistance Program (RAAP) encourages support

residents enjoyed playing Bingo that provided an

activities that assist refugees of color and their

opportunity for each winner to pick a gift.

families to integrate into American life. World Re-

Omicron Psi Omega Makes an Impact

lief Triad resettles over 500 refugees a year in the

Members collected donations in support of

Triad area. As a refugee, attempting to resettle in a

service projects with program partners Soles-

foreign country is difficult, expensive and unpleas-

4Soles and Lions Clubs International. Omicron Psi

ant. Members donated 5 Welcome Kits to World

Omega collected 115 pairs of gently-worn shoes

Relief Triad: 1 English Tutor Kit, 2 Bathroom Kits

and transported them to the Mid-Atlantic Regional

and 2 Hygiene Kits. By providing Welcome Kits,

Conference. Soles4Souls, a nonprofit organization,

members helped ensure that the families spend

will process and send the shoes to destinations

transitional funds on other necessary costs such as

around the world. Omicron Psi Omega also par-

rent and weekly groceries.

ticipated in an eyeglass initiative to help prevent

Chapter members bringing cheer through song while visiting Brookston Retirement Center. Donnie Roberts/TheDispatch

Chapter members assembling welcome kits to be donated to refugees at World Relief Triad.

Chapter members (l to r) Carshia Lomo-David, Lakisha Graham and Ruth Watkins leading the way during MLK parade.

Chapter members Al Bryson, Tiffany Mills-Howell and Chevon Burton dropping of six welcome kits for refugees.

Chapter members Janee Stevenson and Tina Porter greeting onlookers at the MLK Parade in uptown Lexington.

Celebrating 112 years of sisterhood and service On January 25, 2020, the ladies of Beta Iota Omega, Eta Omicron Omega, Omicron Psi Omega and Sigma Kappa Omega chapters of Alpha Kappa Alpha hosted a joint Founders' Day luncheon. The theme for the event was "I Am My Sisters' Keeper." This event, marking 112 years of service to mankind, was held at the High Point Country Club. Members were encouraged to continue their good works by keynote speaker, The Honorable Shamieka Rhinehart, judge of the North Carolina

Chapter members pose for a group picture during the Joint Founders' Day Luncheon.

14th Judicial District. She reminded us that "sisters are flowers planted in same garden." A rededication ceremony was also held. Omicron Psi Omega members were responsible for the beautiful decor that was used for the event. A special thank you to our Founders' Day chairman, Tiffany Mills-Howell and all committee members who work so hard to make the joint Founders' Day luncheon a success.

Guess Who?!

you spot one the 80s! Can to ck ba g in WSSU? We are go on the yard of rs be em m r of our charte

The Archives committee is feeling a little nostalgic and wants to share some vintage photos of our chapter members on our social media pages. If you have any pictures you would like to share, please email them to the Archives Commitee chairman, Beverly Craven (akabcraven@gmail.com).

From left, Chapter President, Sonja Hopkins, The Honorable Shamieka Rhinehart, and Tamika McNair are all smiles during the Joint Founders' Day Luncheon.

Community Clean Up The Omicron Psi Omega Chapter Program Com-

Pink Goes Red Impact Day Omicron Psi Omega continues to raise com-

mittee facilitated its first community service ac-

munity awareness for heart health. Members of

tivity of the year on January 18, 2020 in support

the chapter and women of Davidson County and

of Martin Luther King Day of Service! At 10 AM,

surrounding areas enjoyed a high energy and fun

chapter members met at the corner of Forest Hill

Zumba and line dancing workout for Pink Goes

and Old Hwy 64. Both chapter members and com- Red for Hearth Heath. The Zumba workout was munity volunteers participated in this activity. A

led by Tawanda Fulwood at First Baptist Church

record of 18 bags was collected.

in Lexington. During the event, members provided heart healthy bags provided by Novant Health. The chapter also collected gently worn shoes for Soles4Souls and eye glasses for the Lions Club.

Chapter members working hard to pick up litter during the Adopt A Highway clean up.

Chapter members and attendees getting fit during the Pink Goes Red event.

2020 Census: The Count That Matters Most On March 7 at First Baptist Church, Omicron

have participated and were counted. However, not

Psi Omega chapter held a census workshop to

everyone has completed the survey in Davidson

urge chapter members to not only fill out the

County. Please remind your friends, family and

census but encourage other citizens in Davidson

neighbors that there’s still time to be counted. It is

County to complete the 2020 Census too.

not too late! Responses can still be provided online

Tammy Absher, City of Lexington 2020 Census

(my2020census.gov), via mail or by phone.

workshop facilitator, stressed the importance of the census and gave reasons why being counted matters. Choices: Businesses decide where to open based on the number of people living there as reported by the Census. Money: The federal government decides how much money to give communities based on Census numbers. A Voice: Voting districts are drawn based on census. April 1, 2020 was Census Day across the country,

Tamm yA the imp bsher, spea ki act of t he 202 ng to chapter 0 Cens us in D members ab o avidso n Coun ut ty.

and millions of people

Power of the Pen Omicron Psi Omega partnered with the Lexington Chapter of the NAACP for the Dr. MLK, Jr. Essay Contest for Davidson County Schools. Members helped score 100 Davidson County Middle and High School student essays. The essays focused on the life and impact of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On March 2, 2020, a ceremony and reception were held in the media center of Davis-Townsend Elementary School. Members of the NAACP and Omicron Psi Omega were on hand to present certificates and awards to student winners. What a fantastic opportunity it was to show our support for local students.

Chapter vice president, TenaĂŠ Howard, and charter member, Bonnie Henderson, presenting awards.

Inspirational Corner:

A Timely Reminder

Wow! It has been almost 12 years since our last

are now 300,000 members strong, 1,024 chap-

membership intake process and we were so very

ters, 50 states and 1 US territory, 10 Regions and

blessed to have 16 candidates eager to become a

9 countries.

part of our great sisterhood. This is timely opportunity to reflect and share

That's why it is important to remember that you must be led by a “call to serve” as opposed to a

the history of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

desire to be a part of a club or some other organi-

In her book, Alpha Kappa Alpha in the Eye of the


Beholder, Marjorie H. Parker says, "It is a story of service to an idea. A story of change, of growth,

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said,“Use me God. Show me how to take who I am, Who I want to

and of never

be and use it for a

failing efforts to

purpose greater than

meet challenges

myself.” Without the

as they are per-

call he would have

ceived.” For over

quit or not even

112 years Alpha


Kappa Alpha has

Former President

dedicated itself

Barack Obama said,

to high stan-

“Change will not

dards, relation-

come if we wait for

ships of signifi-

Three sectioned stained glass window in Rankin Chapel at Howard Univ.

some other person

cance and to productivity. It was no accident that

or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been

the nine Howard University students led by Ethel

waiting for. We are the change we seek."

Hedgeman Lyle were led by a “call” to form this

I am confident and excited about the differ-

powerful sorority (which means sisterhood of col-

ence Omicron Psi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa

lege trained women).

Alpha Kappa Sorority, Inc. will make in Davidson

We are still meeting the challenges as they are

County and beyond.

perceived today when we look at our current targets, HBCU for Life: A Call to Action; Women’s


Healthcare and Wellness; Building your Eco-

Bonnie Henderson, Chaplain

nomic Legacy; The Arts and Global Impact. We