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Since 2001, Florence Wong has been a professional makeup artist with numerous diploma and certificate qualifications. She is a certified beauty therapist, personal image stylist, T V & Movie makeup ar ti st, eyebrow embroiderer and bridal makeup & hair stylist. Based in Kuala Lumpur, her artistic ability has taken her throughout Malaysia and internationally, providing her services to advertising campaigns, editorial work, weddings and formal functions. Since she is practicing as an artist in many countries, we decided to ask her opinion on specifics of permanent makeup in Asia and her personal experience and preferences.

— First of all, we would like to ask you to tell us about Asian PMU School and its specifics in different countries. We are particularly interested in differences between the Asian and European schools. — Let me start by clarif ying that I am from Malaysia; that is also where my studio and office are based. The differences between PMU Schools

in Asia and Europe are very small. In Taiwan, China and Malaysia teachers use many different allegories and metaphors during the teaching process to inspire students. Europeans, on the other hand, are very time-conscious and therefore more efficient when it comes to delivering a lesson. However, this takes away the soft touch of the service industry. In the PMU industry, self-confidence and the way you carry yourself are the most important criteria you need when becoming a good PMU artist since a personal touch is essential when we deal with the client. Naturally, it is important to have certain communicative skills to establish and keep the “artist-client” contact. However, these skills are very much affected by cultural differences as well as differences in religions and traditions. — Are there any special characteristics of local clients’ skin and eyebrow shapes? — Asians generally have combination or oily skin, so in some ways it is more difficult to work with, and the pigments may fade faster. Women with tanned skin like to use whitening products on their face which also affects the result of permanent makeup application as it may quicken the fading process. As for eyebrows shapes, Asians generally like to follow trends and imitate their screen idols, especially Korean film stars, despite the fact that the design or style may not be very suitable for them. Also, Europeans have more facial hair, while Asian people have much less. Generally, European people prefer curvy, long eyebrows with tiny ends to bring out the sexiness in their facial features. PMUINTERNATIONAL.COM


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