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Title: Reptiles Author: Claire Llewellyn Genre: Historical fic./ Informational

The point of this book was: How humans are destroying most of the world’s habitats and reptiles are endangered. They are endangered because most of them are creatures that are too well adapted to one thing. Like running or eyesight or stealth. The main reptile was the salt water crocodile: The salt water crocodile has the most powerful jaws on earth. They are bigger than a fresh water crocodile and alligators. Problem: Most reptiles lie their eggs on land on the beach, they are easy snacks for lizards and other animals. Humans are also a big problem. Solution: The solution to the problem with humans is foundations like “Save the Reptiles”. Solution 2: Some problems can’t be solved. Just like this one, it can only be solved one way and that is; Revolution.

Reptiles - BBM January  

A book that Thomas in 5B read

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