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STRATEGIC VISION “AIM is positioned to become the worldwide leader in educational solutions over the next five years in the field of language-based learning differences and literacy through strategic partnerships with top global research hubs, its cutting-edge lab school, and the dissemination of research, training, coaching, curriculum and technology solutions via AIM Pathways and ventures which attract entrepreneurial educators and researchers interested in addressing the global crisis of literacy by collaborating to create unique solutions.



Matthew S. Naylor - Chair, Elite Family of Companies Mitch Codkind - Treasurer, Energage, LLC Jackie L. Allen - Secretary, Advocate for Women and Families Patricia M. Roberts - Executive Director Nancy G. Blair - Associate Director Bryna Berman, Esq. - Advocate for Women and Education Hon. Carolyn Carluccio - Judge, 38th Judicial District, Montgomery County Al Chiaradonna - SEI Private Banking George W. Connell - The Haverford Trust Company Jennifer Crawford - Blackney Hayes Architects Donna De Carolis - Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship, Drexel University Darryl J. Ford, Ph.D. - William Penn Charter School Alan R. Gedrich, Esq. - Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP John W. Glomb, Jr. - Philadelphia Insurance Companies Elliot Holtz - Real Estate Entrepreneur Patrick J. Hoyer - The Haverford Trust Company Brian Lobley - Independence Blue Cross Ernest May - Wells Fargo Capital Finance Stan Silverman - Vice Chairman, Drexel University Hans Zandhuis - Chatham Capital, LLC




It is impossible to imagine that any of us had a vision of AIM as it stands today when we began in 2006 with our 24 pioneer families. Together with all of you, including our families, friends, and AIM Board of Trustees, we have accomplished our goal of establishing a new model of education for our talented students with learning differences. And in the process, we have impacted thousands of teachers worldwide who, in turn, have brought evidencebased learning opportunities to the children they teach. We could not have done this without all of you listed in this 2017-2018 Annual Report. Thank you for believing that we do not need to settle for the status quo or “just good enough” for our children, and that we can make a greater difference in the world. This year we watched with pride as our robotics team went on to advance to the world championship, cheered our boys basketball team as they took home the division championship in the Tri-County Independent School League, and were mesmerized by our student playwrights creating stage performances with professional actors. Once again this year 100% of our graduating class was accepted to college and members of the Class of 2018 are using the skills they gained at AIM on college campuses across the country. AIM’s impact has always extended beyond our walls not only for our students but also for the faculty and staff. Our Annual Research to Practice Symposium and Access to the Experts Speaker Series was viewed by our own team and streamed to 350 educators worldwide including those in Australia, Canada, and Spain. Opportunities to deepen our knowledge of the research of the brain and struggling readers took Dr. Grace Ashton to St. Petersburg, Russia as we headed to South Africa for The Dyslexia Foundation, the Amazing Brain Series. AIM Research Advisory Board members Dr. Don Compton and Dr. Julie Washington brought together researchers from around the world to help us understand that we must look at the whole child and integrate understanding of social, emotional and academic knowledge from the research.



The 2017-2018 school year brought along many other exciting opportunities and firsts: • Our new educational partnership with Haskins Laboratories Global L2 (Language and Literacy) Innovation Hub and the creation of our IGNITE Center will bolster AIM’s research connections and accelerate effectiveness and impact of new techniques to improve literacy for all students. • Century Club – AIM Alums Number 100 – The reach of AIM continues to grow with this year’s group of 31 high school graduates bringing our AIM alumni community to 100 individuals! • Enrollment grew to 344 students and demand for our programs, especially in the critical Middle School grades, was so high that we were forced to create wait lists for some classes. (Enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year has topped 350 for the first time with a total of 356 students). • Center for Global Leadership (CGL) – The work of the Center for Global Leadership in developing and enhancing the current AIM curriculum through integrating global citizenship matrices across all courses was evident from Lower School to Upper School in learning opportunities that wove together lessons in culture, service, literature, science, and citizenship. • Making Literacy Training Digital – The best way to spread the AIM curriculum to support literacy is to make it more accessible. Active work on the AIM Institute for Learning & Research’s AIM Pathways system takes the expertise of our AIM faculty and our proven AIM methods and translates them into a digital training platform that has the potential to impact thousands of students outside our walls by empowering and equipping teachers with the knowledge to benefit struggling readers. Of course, none of these things would be possible without the generous support of the many donors who support our one school, one community efforts through gifts to the AIM Fund that help the most significant needs of the school. EITC/OSTC contributions from corporations and individuals are a lifeline for so many of our families. These contributions make AIM’s education more accessible to many of our amazing students. And, the generosity of foundations that have supported our professional development endeavors and expansion of our research partnerships will make a lifetime impact on many. Last but not least, we believe the addition of Chris Herman, our first Head of School, is exciting news. Chris has worked with us over the past 12 years to build AIM to what it is. We could not think of a better partner. He has always shared the vision of making literacy a priority for AIM students and all children. We look forward to seeing the ways AIM, our students, our faculty, and our staff will grow and fulfill our strategic vision together. Pat Roberts Executive Director


Nancy Blair Associate Director



WELCOMES CHRIS HERMAN, HEAD OF SCHOOL Finding the right person to lead a school requires support from the entire school community. When Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair sat with the Board of Trustees to discuss the strategic vision of bringing the AIM model to more and more children, it was decided that finding a head of school for AIM Academy would allow Pat and Nancy the opportunity to focus on expanding the work of the AIM Institute for Learning & Research. An international search for the right candidate resulted in the hiring of the FIRST ever Head of School, Chris Herman. Chris took over this new leadership role on July 1 and shared the following, an excerpt of his Message to the AIM Community: Dear AIM Community, It is a true honor to have been selected as the Head of School of AIM Academy. AIM has been a personal and professional passion of mine for over a decade and I am eager to continue to support the great work that happens in our community each day. The gift of a strong mission combined with a team who is always looking ahead is that we are consistently advancing the extraordinary opportunities that are so central to what makes AIM an exceptional environment for children. At AIM, I have watched hundreds of students have their fires for learning lit where they may have struggled to find a spark elsewhere. This happens because AIM is a magnet for some of the most gifted educators. This faculty does not just engage in special education; it makes education a truly special experience for children. Extraordinary opportunities do not stop at the classroom door, they extend onto the field and the stage, into the studio and the engineering lab, onto University campuses and across oceans for experiences abroad. Our families are tireless advocates for AIM and always willing to contribute to our mission because there is nothing like seeing your child begin to love learning. AIM Academy has rapidly become a beacon and a leader in the field of education. I feel quite fortunate to have this opportunity to lead our school through the writing of our next chapter. As a school, we are lucky to expand upon the great foundation built by our founders Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair as they pivot toward the AIM Institute for Learning & Research. I am eager to work in tandem with Pat, Nancy, and the AIM Institute as we explore the many opportunities for partnership and synergy that lie ahead. We envision a unique symbiotic relationship like no other from which we intend to grow the opportunities for both faculty and children. Best, Chris




MAKING CONNECTIONS THAT CROSS BORDERS AND POSITIVELY IMPACT OTHERS What began as a quick email from AIM Center for Global Leadership director Amy Cline to a group of international travelers, became a unique science, engineering, cultural and service learning opportunity for all AIM students. Follow this exciting timeline which allowed AIM students to impact students a world away carrying light from Conshohocken to Nairobi.

Liter of Light Visit – December 1 Liter of Light, an international non-profit, made AIM Academy an impromptu stop on its United States road trip. One of the few high schools the group visited. Middle and Upper School students spent time learning the importance of providing light to people in communities that have no access to electricity and made more than 60 solar circuit boards to be used in lights in just one day.



International Day of Light – May 16 AIM’s all school recognition of UNESCO’s first International Day of Light included a day of lamp building workshops as Middle and Upper School students soldered, connected wires and assembled solar-powered lamps using recycled plastic bottles. On the International Day of Light, all AIM students gathered in the ACC to learn about light poverty and the importance of the light.

Lighting Up Kenya – July 2018 AIM’s Athletics Assistant Jamie Stratton has traveled to Africa several times, but this year’s trip to Nairobi to serve children in an impoverished school was different. Jamie brought along AIM student-made solar circuit boards and directions to show students how to make solar-powered lights. “It gives these children a huge advantage in life to learn a vocational skill like this at such a young age,” Jamie explained. “It really could be the difference between living a comfortable life and poverty.” Jamie worked with the school’s 8th grade students to create the lamps. “One of the girls named Janet (pictured to the left) was ecstatic.” Jamie said. “She told me how she had no electricity at home and could now do her homework at night as well as cook and clean for her brothers and sisters.”




TACKLING LITERACY, LEARNING AND RESEARCH BY FORGING RELATIONSHIPS AND DEVELOPING PARTNERSHIPS AIM is proud to be the first education partner in the Haskins Global L2 (Language & Literacy) Innovation Hub. This world-wide network of top researchers is dedicated to improving literacy across the globe. Through the development of AIM’s IGNITE Center and our partnership with Haskins Laboratories at Yale will ensure AIM teachers continue to provide evidence-based practices and strategies that accelerate learning for their students and will help them better understand which strategies work best for which students and why. In addition, our AIM Upper School students will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with Haskins neuroscientists as fellows as they learn more about learning and the brain.

“The innovative and committed team at AIM are proven leaders in linking research to practice, and I am sure that together we can generate discoveries that will help improve outcomes for all children.” – Dr. Ken Pugh, President and Director of Research, Haskins Laboratories Professor of Psychology, University of Connecticut Associate Professor of Linguistics, Yale University

“AIM is a true champion advocating for students, families, educators and researchers, bringing research to practice and practice to research.”

– Dr. Fumiko Hoeft, Professor of Psychological Sciences and Director of Brain Imaging Research Center at UConn; Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, Weill Institute for Neurosciences and Dyslexia Center at UCSF, Senior Scientist of Haskins Labs; Co-Director of Haskins Global L2 Innovation Hub

STUDENT PARTNERSHIPS WITH PHILADELPHIA STUDENTS For AIM Lower School students, the value of collaboration and partnership is a lesson being taught in the classrooms and halls. In April, students at Ziegler Elementary School in Philadelphia traveled to AIM to join students in AIM’s Drop Everything And Read Day events, illustrating a book with guidance from an author and illustrator, creating plays and celebrating reading. The event, which celebrates the birthday of author Beverly Cleary, was kicked off by former Philadelphia Eagle and U.S. congressman Jon Runyan. Ziegler is one of the schools partnering with the AIM Institute for Learning & Research to implement AIM’s Integrated Literacy Model with teachers and students. 6


AIM RESEARCH ADVISORY AIM’s commitment to evidence-based education means staying on top of the current research. The members of AIM’s Research Advisory Board serve a critical role supporting AIM Research Advisory Board our efforts to Ken Pugh, Steven Graham, Daniel Berch, Ph.D. Ed.D. Ph.D. incorporate Hollis Scarborough, Nancy Hennessy, Kate Cain, research into Ph.D. M.Ed. BSc. Phil. Julie Washington, Louisa Moats, Donald L. the curriculum Ph.D. Compton, Ph.D. Ed.D. and even to Barbara Wilson, Michelle Duda, Tim Odegard, M.Ed. Ph.D. Ph.D., BCBA-D further research efforts using AIM Academy as an incubator for research projects.

AIM Academy

7th Annual Research to Practice Symposium

1200 River Road Conshohocken, PA 19428-2

7th Annual Research to Practic

ing, Math and The Brain


ng the Research & Practices That Work RESEARCH TO PRACTICE SYMPOSIUM

Reading, Math and The B

Connecting the Research & Practices Th

Date for this Unique Professional Experience!

The AIM Institute’s 7th Annual Research to Practice Symposium will be held Monday, March 11, 2019 and investigate research around the important connection between reading and math. Last year’s symposium reached over 650 participants included 300 in-person attendees and another 350 viewers online who connected on the free live stream from as far away as Australia. This year, we hope to greatly expand the reach of the symposium, which is being sponsored by Wilson Language Training and, by streaming the free, daylong event to over 350 groups within the national Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (including Philly’s own Read by 4th). This important topic is at the forefront of discussions as we work to improve support Date: literacy Monday,and March 11, 2019 students with learning differences in all capacities and we look forward to hearing the science and focus of our guest speakers.

Date: Monday, March 11, 2019

Save the Date for this Unique Professional Exp

Time: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm ET

M Academy, 1200 River Road, Conshohocken, PA 19428

Time: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm ET

Location: AIM Academy, 1200 River Road, Conshohocken rts, reflect on the connections to your own work with students, nefits and challenges of bridging the gap between thethe latest Hear from experts, reflect on the connections to your own w cy research and best practices in the classroom.and explore the benefits and challenges of bridging the gap b

literacy research and best practices in the classro

ormation, contact Karen Keesey at

For more information, contact Karen Keesey at kkeesey@

e and In-Person Attendance Opportunities Available

Online and In-Person Attendance Opportunities Availa


Many thanks Sponsors to our 2019 Sponsors: 2019 Symposium




CREATING DYNAMIC SPACES, DIGITAL PLATFORMS AND A GROWING COMMUNITY OF LEARNERS DIGITAL LEARNING – EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE We often say that our AIM Academy students are the lucky ones. Their access to innovative and experienced teachers using AIM’s Integrated Literacy Model has resulted in proven gains in fluency. But AIM is committed to expanding literacy for all children and the development of the AIM Institute for Learning & Research’s new digital teacher training platform AIM Pathways will take this unique teaching model grounded in the science of reading and learning and make it available to more teachers. The platform, which will feature an interactive course based on our 5-day Pathways to Proficient Reading class as its first offering, is being designed with online learning expert Digital Wave and will provide anywhere, anytime access to training on multiple devices. This summer AIM Pathways was demonstrated at the Campaign for GradeLevel Reading national Funders Huddle conference and will be shared with grade-level reading programs nationwide this fall as we gather a cohort of pilot schools to test this program.



HIGH SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE – NEW UPPER SCHOOL COLLABORATIVE The third floor of AIM’s main school building at 1200 River Road was transformed this summer thanks in part to a $500,000 Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. After receiving the grant in December 2017, plans moved quickly to design a dynamic learning space featuring 10 classrooms, light-filled and airy collaborative spaces, gathering spots, and small group learning environments for the redesign of this 10,000 square foot space. Thanks to the creativity and hard work of Blackney Hayes Architects and Wohlsen Construction, this collaborative project broke ground on the last day of school in June and was filled with students learning at adjustable desks in fresh new spaces on the first day of school, September 4th. We welcomed Governor Wolf’s Philadelphia representative Nedia Ralston, State Representative Mary Jo Daley and State Senator Vincent Hughes’ Chief of Staff Marcella Daniels along with board members, designers, builders, students, and staff to officially open the space at a ribbon-cutting event on the first day of school.




Class of 2018 College Acceptances At AIM’s June 1st commencement, Class of 2018 speakers Michaela Goins and Aidan Rovinsky shared their appreciation for the support provided by teachers, friends and family during their years at AIM as they learned to become self-advocates and discover and capitalize on their strengths. “AIM was always ready to take my big ideas and make them a reality,” Rovinsky said. The 31 members of AIM’s senior class, the largest group of graduates in school history, received acceptances from almost 100 unique colleges and universities and garnered more than $6.5 million in merit-based scholarship offers. 10


Four members of the class were also presented with unique awards during commencement including: • The Marvins Award – Dallen Moore; awarded upon graduation to an AIM senior who embodies the values of Respect, Citizenship, Leadership and Perseverance so exemplified by AIM founding board members Marvin N. Demchick and Marvin D. Alloy. • Lou Uchitel Spirit Award – Jeremy Zales; awarded upon graduation to an AIM senior who embodies the values of Inclusion, Friendship, School Spirit and Persistence so exemplified by AIM supporter Lou Uchitel. • Arts & Creativity Award – Gwendolyn Frank; awarded upon graduation to an AIM senior who excels in their craft and who plans to use their art as the platform for their success beyond AIM. • Pioneer Award – Ryan Codkind; Codkind is the first recipient of this new award recognizing an AIM student who has completed the entire AIM Academy curriculum from 1st through 12th grade.

Top 10 List for Thriving in College –

Commencement Speaker Marcus Soutra, president of the national, student-mentoring organization Eye to Eye’s advice to graduates. 1. Date for Spelling – Build a network of people who complement your skills 2. Go to Disabilities Services Early and Often 3. Find Your Non-Academic Passion 4. Don’t Go Home on Weekends 5. Go to the Gym 6. Use the Library 7. Tell Your Story 8. Don’t Just Travel, Go on Adventures 9. Be Ready to Fail and Get Back Up Again 10. Strive to be a Self-Actualized Learner




GIVING EVERY CHILD A CHANCE TO SHINE AS LEADERS AND THRIVE AS LEARNERS COLLABORATIVE SCIENCE AND READING - HARNESSING THE WIND This spring, Lower School 5th graders and Upper School physics students explored reading and science together with a collaborative, hands-on study unit organized by Lower School Teacher Aviva Coyne-Green and Upper School Teacher Shelly Johnston through the book The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind by William Kamkwamba. This true story, which takes place in Malawi, features a boy who teaches himself how to build a windmill so that his community can irrigate their crops and bring electricity to an otherwise dark neighborhood. The 11th graders taught the 5th grade classes about basic circuitry and wind energy including an exciting afternoon workshop where each student built a working windmill.

BICYCLE RELIEF – MAINTAINING TRAILS The lessons students learn in caring for the world and community around them help them draw connections to the needs of others and to identify their place as a global citizen. This year, members of AIM’s first competitive Mountain Biking team, worked hard not just on improving their riding skills, but under the guidance of coach and teacher Anne Rock, they also gave back, working on the trails around AIM with volunteers from Friends of the Wissahickon. “They are learning the connection between stewardship, environmental sustainability and fun,” Rock explained. 12


MODEL UN CULTURAL DIPLOMACY AND UN SUSTAINABILITY GOALS Future leaders were introduced to the important issues affecting different cultures through AIM’s Middle School Jr. Model UN program. Students learned more about their country, the Philippines, as well as diverse cultures around the world during their first Cultural Diplomacy Conference in January at the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology. And in May, at the Jr. Model United Nations Final Conference at Temple University, they prepared and presented final resolutions and amendments on behalf of the Philippines regarding Protecting Women and Girls’ access to Education and Ending Food Insecurity. Students also gained the knowledge, understanding, and ability to utilize certain key aspects of the United Nations’ professional working language to enhance the professionalism and atmosphere at the conference.




COMPETITORS ROBOTICS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP For the second time in just four years, AIM’s Upper School FRC robotics team, Wolf Pack Robotics – Team 5407 headed into international competition. This year’s 13-member Wolf Pack team, which included seniors Michael Armstrong and Aidan Rovinsky who were on the first team in 2015, won the Engineering Award at each regional competition they entered. After finishing out of the running at the district championship at Lehigh, they were thrilled to be invited as one of additional teams representing the Mid-Atlantic District at the

FIRST World Championship in Detroit in April. The group, who took a bus to Detroit finished 21st out of 68 teams in their subdivision. We look forward to seeing what next year’s Wolf Pack team will create.

WORLD MARBLES CHAMPION Josh Johnston ‘22 made the most of his last opportunity to be crowned Marble King during this summer’s four-day National Marbles Tournament in Wildwood, NJ. After five years of competition and seven years as a mibster (a marble player), Josh, a 9th grader at AIM, took on competitors from around the country on the concrete Rings set up on the beach along the Wildwood boardwalk and calmly and deliberately shot his agate shooter marble at 13 target marbles assembled in a 10-foot circle. Josh shot his way to victory in a best of 15 game match and winning 8-1 and receiving the royal crown. In addition to his royal marbles title, Josh also received $2,000 in scholarship money and was inducted into the National Marbles Hall of Fame. 14


ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS AIM’s Wolf Pack athletics teams continue to grow and thrive. In addition to adding boys and girls varsity tennis and boys varsity lacrosse to the school’s roster of competitive sports, this year included several firsts: • Boys Varsity Basketball led the way to its first Tri-County Independent School League Division Championship. Be sure to catch the 2018-2019 on the courts this winter. • Three College Athletes happily joined our first athletic signing ceremony signing commitment letters to play sports in college. Dallen Moore ’18 has already seen playing time on Franklin & Marshall’s men’s soccer team,

Casey Oppenheimer ’18 is hitting the links for Division I Qunnipiac University and Kent Jones ’18 who will play lacrosse for Mitchell College. • Girls on the Run - In late May, 35 AIM students including members of our Lower School Girls on the Run team and Middle School Heart and Sole team completed the 5K Girls on the Run race in Philadelphia. • 3-Peat Individual Golf Champion Casey Oppenheimer once again stood apart from the pack bringing home her third Tri-County League individual championship in three years. • Boys Varsity Cross Country came in 2nd place in the Tri-County League.





This summer, Pat Roberts, Nancy Blair and Assistant Head of School Dr. Grace Ashton traveled the globe with several AIM Research Advisory Board members attending two workshops organized by The Dyslexia Foundation’s Extraordinary Brain Series, one in St. Petersburg, Russia and the other in Durban, South Africa. “It is clear that the work of AIM and our partnership with the Haskins Lab at Yale University mirrors the research community’s commitment to better understanding how the brain works in language and reading and how that impacts overall learning,” reflected Dr. Ashton on the “All about language: Science, Theory and Practice” symposium which featured Haskins President and advisory board member Dr. Ken Pugh. Pat and Nancy, attended The Dyslexia Foundation Research Conference in South Africa with AIM Research Advisory board members Dr. Don Compton and Dr. Julie Washington who chaired the event. They also had time to work more closely with Haskins researcher Dr. Nicole Landi who is excited to collaborate on the IGNITE Center at AIM. Our mutual dream is to be able to finetune individualized learning for all children who learn differently. Another Extraordinary Brain speaker, Dr. Nadine Gaab of Boston Children’s Hospital, has developed a tablet-based Early Literacy Screener for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten children designed to be used by pediatricians and preschool teachers. This summer, Dr. Gaab and the AIM Institute team co-presented at the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading national Funder Huddle in Philadelphia sharing the Screener and the AIM Pathways digital platform, which will be able to provide teachers with access to just in time training and resources from their mobile devices. Early Intervention could be a reality for so many more children by using technology to reach more providers in our communities.” 16


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Service Learning Class Increases Impact Students in last year’s Dominican Republic Service Learning Course began their year-long journey of studying geography, language, music, and the environment of the island of Hispaniola and the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This course encouraged students to develop leadership skills and build content knowledge of the region while also earning 20 hours of service by working with students in a local school and community in the Dominican Republic. This type of course helps AIM students develop a better sense of themselves and what it means to do service to be a global citizen. Next spring our Service Learning Students will travel to Peru.

GREECE - Senior Seminar The Senior Seminar course at AIM is a year-long interdisciplinary study of a region includes learning about a place and a culture through literature, history, science, and the arts. This rigorous, college preparatory block study enables students to explore themes and topics across multiple disciplines and inspires students to look at learning as a deep endeavor as opposed to a one-dimensional set of correct answers. The AIM seniors who traveled to Greece in February and March were not finished with their work when they returned from their trip. Their Senior Capstone Projects, which were presented during the final weeks of school, focused on something related to their cultural studies and included a written document, a 20-30 minute presentation as well as creation of a piece of art related to the project. Titles for this year’s projects included: • Ancient Greek Theater • Resource Management and Agriculture in Greece • The Fishing Industry in Greece • Greek Mythology’s Influence on Ancient and Modern Architecture • Immigration and Demographics in Greece • Evolution of Man’s Best Friend 2017-2018 ANNUAL REPORT


ACCELERATE SUMMER LEARNING Summer Learning Onstage This summer three AIM students traveled the country to experience the performing arts on college stages. Journey Jones ’20, participated in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts’ Summer High School Program where she studied musical theater and called her time in the program, “the best experience of her life.” Gabe Seplow ’20 was accepted to multiple drama programs and chose to attend Boston University’s five-week Summer Theatre Institute. And Olivia Tyrell ’19, traveled to Evanston, Ill., to attend Northwestern University’s National High School Institute where she enrolled in their summer theater program.

"Eva Engel ’22 developed her idea for a summer job in Math class at AIM last year." EVA ENGEL – JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL MIDDLE SCHOOL VOLUNTEER Eva Engel’s idea for a summer job developed in math class at AIM. The 14-year-old, was interested in working in a hospital and during free time in class looked up information for volunteering at Jefferson University Hospital. After writing an essay and attending an interview, she was accepted as one of the hospital’s youngest summer volunteers. Eva, who is interested in going to medical school, spent one day a week at the hospital this summer helping escort patients at the hospital to the same-day surgery waiting area and restocking rooms in the Radiology/ Oncology Department. Eva said restocking the rooms from a giant cart filled with items such as masks, gloves and wipes was her favorite part of the experience. “I got to see what went on behind the scenes, out of the hallways and in the patient’s rooms,” Eva explained. “It was interesting to see what the [hospital] environment would be like.” Eva hopes to continue her volunteer efforts next year adding that, “each year you get more responsibility.” 18


ALUMNI TRAVELS Our alumni are continuing the tradition of global learning they discovered at AIM as they head around the world on their studies. • Ted Fein ’18 is enrolled in University of Delaware’s World Scholars Program and is spending his first semester of school in Rome, where another AIM alum, Sophia Gross ’16, a student at Temple University, spent her summer. • Phoebe Katz ’16, who is enrolled at Curry College, headed down under for a semester of studies in Australia.

• Michael Matt ’15, a student at Temple, is spending a semester abroad in Japan. • Anthony Carter ’15 spent a portion of the year traveling in Africa before heading back to school at Elizabethtown College.

Are you an alum or a parent interested in sharing news about your AIM Fearless Learner’s travels or accomplishments? Be sure to visit our page to share your news and keep up with Alumni events. 2017-2018 ANNUAL REPORT


A Salute to Our Donors


We are eternally grateful and proud to recognize the generosity of our donors to our AIM for the Future Capital Campaign I and Capital Campaign II initiatives by installing AIM’s first donor wall in the reception area of our main building. The support and belief of these donors allowed us to move from our original location in Manayunk to our current bucolic setting at 1200 River Road. They also allowed us to create two state-of-the-art facilities housing our arts/ drama/media arts programs, high tech science labs, as well as build our soccer/lacrosse fields all of which are used by students on a daily basis. The AIM Community Center (ACC) provides us a home to host basketball games, perform inspiring drama productions and to assemble researchers from around the world at the annual Research Symposium that has over 650 attendees including those viewing virtually across the US and as far away as Australia. $1,000,000 + Anonymous Commonwealth of Pennsylvania van Beuren Family

Berton and Sallie Korman Patricia and Chris Roberts Zisman Family Foundation Jackie Allen BJNB Foundation

$500,000+ Fred and Bryna Berman & Family Farber Family Foundation John and Franny Glomb/ James and Frances Maguire

$100,000+ Anonymous Marvin D.* and Sandra Alloy Vince and Karen Lowry Tristram and Ruth Colket/ The Ethel D. Colket Foundation Marvin* N. and Mildred* W. Demchick Matt and Heather Naylor The Oller Family Lou Uchitel* The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

$200,000+ Anonymous Edward and Gwen Asplundh Jordan and Deanna Berman Connelly Foundation Kingsbury Family Fund



$50,000+ Al and Kristy Chiaradonna Mitchell and Melissa Codkind Concord Engineering George Connell Gary and Catharine Cox Marco and Jana de Leon MOSI Foundation Chirstopher and Jennifer Eni, Ruth Eni John and Amy Korman Shaka and Jennifer Monroe Philadelphia Insurance Companies Chirstopher and Meg Veno Hans and Terri Zandhuis

$25,000+ Curt Alloy and Wendy Demchick Alloy Mark and Susan Auerbach David and Pamela Berkman Nancy and Brian Blair, Claire Gebhardt Jennifer Crawford/ Blackney Hayes Architects Woody and Carolyn Cullen/ The Ethel D. Colket Foundation Chuck and Roslyn Epstein/ Epstein-Whitman Family Foundation David and Nancy Gansky Kathy Healey and AJ MacCausland Joseph and Lillian Heyse Omnivest James and Myra Petras Corinne Roxby* Jay and Susie Shah David and Laura Thayer Daniel Wallick and Jennifer Mogck $10,000+ Anonymous (2) The Julian A. & Louis G. Brodsky Foundation Thomas and Carolyn Carluccio Charles Tornetta, Little Tower Foundation Barbara Cohen Alan and Pat Gedrich Elliot and Amy Holtz

Pat and Karen Hoyer David and Constance Lees Frank and Anita Leto Kevin T. Martin and Sue L. White The McLean Foundation See Y and Lori Quek, The Macquarie Group Foundation Shire Pharmaceuticals M. Joseph Rocks and Liz Greco-Rocks Tim and Pam Sabean Hillary and Scott Simon Peter and Jill Unruh $5,000 + Anonymous Michael Esrich and Dana Daidone Steve and Karen Jefferies Edward and Minnie Kraftsow Foundation Larry and Evelyn Krain Mike Levinson and Laura Harlan Lipstein Family Foundation Morris J. Cohen & Company P.C. The Piasecki Foundation Robert and Lexie Potamkin Matthew and Jennifer Rusk David and Sandi Slap Brian* and Diane Zwaan


$1,000+ Morris and Lynn Ballen William and Lisa Bergofin Sharyn Berman Steven and Ilene Berman Robert and Terry Bovarnick Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Bresson Andy and Hanna Cummings Jason and Caroline De Marco Darryl J. Ford and Gail Sullivan Ford Jonathan and Karin Foxman John and Suzanne Glomb Sam and Jodi Greenblatt Len and Sally Grossman Al and Sussie Harris Bill and Sissy Healey Melissa Heller Nancy Hennessy Jonathan and Meredith Hoffman Heather and Mark Klein Michael B. Lerner Randy Lipkin Phil and Michelle McConnon Moria McHugh George and Nicole Riter Dennis and Linda Tessler Steven and Stephanie Weiss John and ML Willcox Richard Unruh




AIM is grateful for the continued support of our generous donors who have made gifts totaling $100,000 or more since 2006.

$1,000,000 - $3,000,000 Anonymous (2) Bryna and Fred Berman F and B Berman Family Foundation Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Archie and Helene van Beuren $500,000 - $999,999 The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation Anonymous The Farber Family Foundation Maguire Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James Maguire Louis* and Marion* Uchitel $250,000 - $499,999 Jacqueline Allen BJNB Foundation Marvin* and Sandi Alloy Edward and Gwen Asplundh Denise Benmosche Jordan and Deanna Berman Marvin* and Millie* Demchick John and Franny Glomb

Independence Blue Cross The Kingsbury Family Fund Berton and Sallie Korman The Lubert Family Foundation Matt and Heather Naylor Elite Companies Philadelphia Insurance Company Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair Founders Shire Pharmaceuticals David and Laura Thayer Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Mike Zisman and Linda Gamble - Zisman Family Foundation $100,000 - $249,999 Curt Alloy and Wendy Demchick Alloy Anonymous (2) Aspen Resource Group, LLC Letitia Biddle Bryn Mawr Trust Company Linda Carrington Mitchell and Melissa Codkind Norman and Suzanne Cohn

Comcast Corporation George Connell The Connelly Foundation The Ethel D. Colket Foundation Gilbert and Tracey Hanse Hanse Golf Course Design, Inc. The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Haverford Trust Company Mark and Heather Klein Vincent and Karen Lowry Marilyn and Robert Birnhak Foundation - Weight Watchers of Philadelphia MOSI Foundation Olitsky Family Foundation Richard and Amy Oller SKF USA, Inc. Harold and Celia Slutsky Stanley D. Ginsburg, LLC Peter and Jeanine Villari Vulcan Spring & Mfg. Co. Hans and Terri Zandhuis Brian* and Diane Zwaan - WSFS *Deceased


Thank you to the following donors who have given $2,006 or more during the 2017-2018 school year.

$200,000+ Fred and Bryna BermanF and B Berman Family Foundation Dick and Sally Brickman Fund The Cohn Family David and Laura Thayer $100,000+ Anonymous Edward and Gwen Asplundh The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Mark and Heather Klein


$50,000+ The Albert M. Greenfield Family Foundation Anonymous Denise Benmosche Jordan and Deanna Berman The Farber Family Foundation John and Franny Glomb Philadelphia Insurance Company Elliot and Amy Holtz - Noro Properties Independence Blue Cross Maguire FoundationMr. and Mrs. James J. Maguire Olitsky Family Foundation 2017-2018 ANNUAL REPORT

$30,000+ Anonymous Nehama Benmosche Bryn Mawr Trust Company Comcast Corporation The Ethel D. Colket Foundation Kathy Healey - Viking Associates Berton and Sallie Korman Brian and Christine Lobley Pat and Chris Roberts Archie and Helene van Beuren Zisman Family Foundation $20,000+ Jacqueline Allen BJNB Foundation

Brian and Robyn Carp Al and Kristy Chiaradonna SEI Investments Company George Connell Eugene and Dawn Doherty Anne Gardner Gilbert and Tracey Hanse Hanse Golf Course Design Inc., LLC Pat and Karen HoyerHaverford Trust Company The Kingsbury Family Fund Ben and Rebecca Kirshner Phil and Michelle McConnon Allen Rubber Company Tom and Susan McGrath RP Operations, LLC Stanley D. Ginsburg, LLC Vulcan Spring & Mfg. Co. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Hans and Terri Zandhuis $15,000+ Anonymous CBRE - CB Richard Ellis Marco and Jana de Leon MOSI Foundation Shaka and Jennifer Monroe Richard and Amy Oller $10,000+ Steve Cohen Colonial Chemical Company Gary and Catharine Cox Adam and Paula Fein Joseph and Lillian Heyse Jarrod and Jenna Kahn Donald Keim and Sylvia DiBona John and Amy Korman Lubert Family Foundation AJ MacCausland Matt and Heather Naylor Elite Companies James and Myra Petras PNC Bank Chad Rosenberg - Rosenberg & Parker Stan and Jackie Silverman Scott and Hillary Simon Andrea Smith Tri-State Sales Corporation UHS of Pennsylvania, Inc. David and Lisa van Adelsberg Daniel Wallick and Jennifer Mogck

$5,000+ Nancy and Brian Blair Jennifer Crawford - Blackney Hayes Architects Paul Frank David and Nancy Gansky Dena and Morey Goldberg Jed and Jessica Hammel Jonathan and Meredith Hoffman Jeffrey and Marjorie Honickman Joseph Kennard Skilling Trust J.P. Mascaro & Sons Lilliput Foundation Tom and Nancy Londres Merck Partnership for Giving Metal Edge International, Inc. Kenneth and Laura Mitchell Carlton and Nina Neel Thank You Associates NFI Industries The Philadelphia Foundation Pocono ProFoods M. Joseph Rocks and Liz Greco-Rocks Scott and Linda Schaeffer Eric and Colleen Scharpf Andy and Kim Sears Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP Ryan and Amy Tyrrell United States Roofing Corporation Joseph Ujobai Chris and Meg Veno Wilson Language Training Brian* and Diane Zwaan WSFS Bank $2,006+ Bethany Asplundh Peter Bedell

Bruce and Diana Bennett David and Deborah Berkowitz Sharyn Berman and Chuck Meyers Blank Rome LLP Capstone Group Thomas and Carolyn Carluccio Little Tower Foundation The Cedarcrest Charitable Foundation George and Victoria Coates Mitchell and Melissa Codkind Jennifer Davey Andrew and Lorraine Dodge Scott and Julia Engel Erik Frykholm and Kim Finnie Darryl J Ford and Gail Sullivan Ford Ethan and Lauren Giddings Goldman, Sachs & Company Jed and Jessica Hammel Donna Hazard Karl and Stephanie Jaeger John and Anne James The Kinser Group Ross and Cheryl McLaren Mongtomery Avenue II, LLC Paul Oppenheimer and Joanne Judge PNC Bank John Piasecki and Gretchen Sprafke Really Great Reading Company, LLC Jack and Joyce Rehorst Tom Robinson and Karen Bartos Arden Saligman Brian Sherman and Sandy Lau Frederick and Heather Sutor Caroline "C-C" Tyler Brannon Wiles and Suzanne Hilser-Wiles

TOTAL GIVING FOR FY 2017-2018 Restricted Giving 23% AIM Fund 14%

Special Events- Gala 14%

Scholarship-Private/Named/EITC/OSTC 49%



AIM FOR KIDS GOLF $5,000+ Haverford Trust Company Independence Blue Cross $2,500 + Tom and Susan McGrath Stradley Ronon Steven & Young, LLP Ryan and Amy Tyrrell - United States Roofing Corporation Michael Zisman and Linda Gamble $1,000+ Gary and Catharine Cox Custom Aire Michael and Linda D’Adamo Norris and Debbie Jordan Pete and Chrissy Oppenheimer PNC Instituitional Asset Management Jack and Joyce Rehorst Pat and Chris Roberts


M. Joseph Rocks and Liz Greco-Rocks Scott and Linda Schaeffer David and Laura Thayer UP TO $1,000 Jacqueline Allen Nehama Benmosche Fred and Bryna Berman Nancy and Brian Blair Joan Brennan Michael and Alexandra Cardone Thomas and Carolyn Carluccio Melissa Codkind Initiatives Events Ray and Sandy Collins Jennifer Crawford Tom Donnelly Bruce and Lori Eckert Lynn Erskine - Drexel Morgan Capital Advisors Daniel and Susanna Forjohn


Barry and Vanessa Greenberg Tom and Rosemary Guirate Gil and Tracey Hanse High Schwartz LLP Roy Hodgen Vernon and Karen Keesey KONE Greg Kozlowski Stephen Merves Morris J. Cohen & Co., P.C. Nave Newell Serge and Stephanie Pepper Margaret Risley Schoolyard Ventures Andrew and Kim Sears Wapner Newman Dennis Wasilewski and Nate Wood- BB&T Steven and Debbie Wigrizer Wohlsen Construction Company Mark Zajac


AIM Academy salutes the following businesses and individuals for participating in the EITC or OSTC, Pennsylvania’s tax credit programs that offer a substantial tax credit in exchange for a contribution to support AIM Academy scholarships. Together these companies and individuals contributed more than $1.2 million to provide much-needed assistance for our scholarship students. We thank them or their continued and increased generosity! Vulcan Spring Brian and Christine Lobley Anonymous (2) & Manufacturing Company Maguire Foundation Fred and Bryna Berman Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. The Main Line Center for Blackney Hayes Architects WSFS Bank the Family, PC Bryn Mawr Trust Company Metal Edge International, Inc. Brian and Robyn Carp Montgomery Avenue II, LLC CBRE Alec and Christi Neilly Steve and Arlene Cohen # of total donors NFI Industries Norman and Suzanne Cohn (businesses and individuals) Noro Properties The Cohn Family Elliot and Amy Holtz Colonial Chemical Company James and Myra Petras Comcast Corporation Philadelphia Insurance Sylvia DiBona # of new donors Companies Stanley D. Ginsburg, LLC PNC Bank John and Franny Glomb Pat and Chris Roberts Morey and Dena Goldberg Hanse Golf Course Design, Inc. - Rosenberg & Parker, Inc. RP Operations, LLC Gilbert and Tracey Hanse Individual Donors David and Laura Thayer Haverford Trust Company to 3 Special Purpose Entities Tri-State Technical Sales Elliot and Amy Holtz Corporation Independence Blue Cross UHS of Pennsylvania, Inc. J.P. Mascaro & Sons David and Lisa van Adelsberg Ben and Rebecca Kirshner scholarships grades 1 – 12 Viking Associates - Kathy Healey Mark and Heather Klein





DONOR SPOTLIGHT: The Klein Family Last year, current and former parents accounted for 35% of the $1.2 million in EITC/OSTC donations AIM Academy received to support student scholarships. This commitment to providing access to an AIM education to other children stems from the experiences their own children had at AIM Academy. Mark and Heather Klein’s daughter Maddie started AIM at the beginning of 3rd grade reading below grade level. Two years later when she left after 4th grade she “had completed most of Wilson, was reading beautifully and was becoming a very confident student,” Mark Klein said, adding that she graduated middle school in June on the honor roll and is enrolled in an honors English class in high school. “We are so fortunate that we were able to send Maddie to AIM and were looking to share the great benefit of this wonderful school with others,” he explained of the family’s EITC donation. Klein hopes more children will become engaged learners with innovative teachers committed to students. “Each parent-teacher meeting was more informative and fun than the last,” Klein said. “The teachers came with more than just easy to understand progress reports and charts showing her status on Wilson, they told us funny stories about their time with Maddie and unleashed her love of learning.”




The Katie Talbot Memorial Scholarship Fund, created this year, provides support for children to attend AIM and is a lasting legacy honoring AIM parent Katie Talbot. Chris Ahem and Pamela Villacorta Aileen K. and Brian L. Roberts Foundation Michael and Christine Angelakis Anonymous Peter Bedell Stephen Belmonte and Caitlin Mclean John and Adelaide Barrett Casmir and Katie Bartlomiejus John and Hope Bennett Jenny and Anna Birch Frederick and Heather Bittenbender Nancy and Brian Blair Robin BonewiczDrinker Biddle & Reath George and Sandra Boyd Julian and Kirsten Brash Charles and Nicoll Brinley Sallie Brooke Richard and Susan Brown Vincent Browning Judith Talbot Campos John and Sarah Carolan Randi Carr The Cedarcrest Foundation Michelle Charlton John and Katherine Chaisson Anne Chen Justin and Danielle Cifra Tim and Adrienne Clark Charles and Dorothea Clark Sherry Clothier Wendy Concannon Casey and Amy Connelly Sara Cooke George and Caroline Cooper Lorraine and Joseph Criniti Richard Danese-Stuckert and Yates Josh Dalley and Kristen Danyluk Chris and Gerri Day Robert and Amy Dean Ann Dimond Drinker Biddle & Reath, LLP Stephen and Pia Druggan Andrew and Megan Duffy John Ehinger and Jane Bonenberger 26

.John Elliot- Elliot Greenleaf, P.C Peter ErnstThe McCausland Foundation Robert and Linda Ervin Walter and Jane Evans Evergreen Insurance Jeremy and Christine Everitt Richard and Lynn Feinblatt John Fowler and Brook McMurray Darryl J. Ford and Gail Sullivan Ford Peggy Freeman Christopher and Eleanor Gadsden Bill and Mary Gallagher Elizabeth Gemmill Genex Sevices, LLC Mona Ghude Rebecca Gibby John and Franny Glomb Emily Goodwin Mark Greenberg Scott and Laynie Greenberg Craig and Leslie Haddow Neil and Laura Haimm Erin Helfrich Christopher and Annie Herman Harry and Louise Hill William and Maryl Hitchings Louise Sinkley Hoffman Michael Hoffman Rosalie Hunter Joseph and Mary Imler Clifton and Ann Iverson DeLu and Anna Jackson Scott and Yardly Jenkins Craig and Sally Johnson Rachel Kern Thomas Kessler and Jennifer Henfey James HoveyThe Hovey Foundation Andrew and Rebecca Lamborn Paul Laskow and Margaret Meigs Andrew L. Lewis IV Steven and Sara Levin Lilliput Foundation Caroline Linz Leslie McLaughlin Peter Lloyd - Milestone Partners 2017-2018 ANNUAL REPORT

The Peter and Elizabeth Longstreth Foundation Tina Lorandeau James Loughran and Carolyn Kogan Loughran Mark Luff Raymond Lynch Timothy MaguireMaguire Foundation John and Deborah Maine Don and Linda Marshall Samuel C. Martin Thea Maurer Michael McDonnell Matthew and Karin McGeary Jeff and Lisa McGill Marc and Laura McKenna Zach and Maggie McWilliams Bjorn Miller David and Lyn Montgomery David and Susan Moran Christopher and Barbara Moyer Alexander and Alison Nalle The Honorable Arnold New and The Honorable Shelley New Jonathan and Katherine Noel John and Maureen O’Connell Victor Olshansky Katherine Palopoli Miro Pasic and Sheila Brodbeck David and Linda Paskin PCC Women’s Bridge Philadelphia Insurance Companies Elizabeth Proctor and Family Carol Purcell Victor Rainsford Vivian Ramirez Edward and Cathie Redpath Jeffrey and Maria Rexford Pat and Chris Roberts Nina Robertson Stephanie Robinson Edward and Sarah Rorer Laura Rup Becky Sample Debra Santo Ruth Sayer Chris and Laura Scalzo Lindley and Christine Scarlett Tucker and Leslie Schade

Carl Schleicher James and Mary Schwartz William and Mary Seyfert Richard and Paula Sharkey John and Amy Shea Dawn Shelko John Shoemaker and Scott WarrenMillstone Partners Lynn Simmons Devin Simmons Adam Sivitz John and Mariellen Smith Rush and Patricia Smith

Dale and Andra Snyder Baird and Anne Standish Peter and Susan Stanley Jesse Staub Richard and Grace Stewart Clifford and Rebecca Swain James and Nina Talbot Robert TaylorThe Cameron Companies, LLC David and Laura Thayer Julia Toland Andrew Totaro Caroline "C-C" Tyler Edwin and Tanner Van Dusen

Margaret Wallis Robert and Joan Walters Brian and Stephanie Walters Christina Webber Fred and Alice Weeman Adam Weinstock Christopher Welton Walker and Lindsay White Betsy White McCeney Marna C. Whittington David and Kim Woolf James Zug Linda Zug

RESTRICTED SCHOLARSHIPS The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation

Allen Rubber Company Phil and Michelle McConnon Maguire Foundation

Kenneth and Laura Mitchell Young Transportation & Tours


Gifts to AIM’s Endowment support our Scholarship Endowment fund as well as AIM’s general Endowment Fund.

Anonymous Denise Benmosche Michael and Arleen Cohen Ed Gallagher Carolyn Hazard Brian and Elizabeth Heverin

Mark Kancher and Hillary Krain Laura Rup Jeff Schuchert and Jennifer Andrew Susan Shapiro Richard Wagner and

Lisa Learner-Wagner Daniel Wallick and Jennifer Mogck Herbert Wetzel and Wendella Fox

NEW FACES IN ADVANCEMENT The Institutional Advancement team grew this year to include two new Associate Directors of Advancement, Joy Antonoplos and Jeffrey Brody. Joy, who comes to AIM from The Academy of Notre Dame de Namur, oversees corporate and foundation support and the Pennsylvania Tax Credit Program (EITC/OSTC). Jeff, who comes to AIM from the Montgomery Early Learning Centers, is revamping annual fund giving with The AIM Fund, the school’s annual giving efforts, as well as the AIM for the Stars Gala and our Alumni outreach efforts. Joy and Jeffrey join Director of Institutional Advancement Kevan Turman and Advancement Associate Tori Falk in our Advancement Office.



AIM FUND $20,000+ Edward and Gwen Asplundh Brickman Family Foundation George Connell Anne Gardner Berton and Sallie Korman Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair Archie and Helene van Beuren $10,000+ Anonymous Marco and Jana de Leon MOSI Foundation Lubert Family Foundation AJ MacCausland Kathy Healey Andrea Smith $5,000+ Tom and Nancy Londres Eric and Colleen Scharpf Andy and Kim Sears Scott and Hillary Simon Hans and Terri Zandhuis $2,000+ Jacqueline Allen Bruce and Diana Bennett David and Debbie Berkowitz Fred and Bryna Berman Carolyn Carluccio Little Tower Foundation Jennifer Crawford Al and Kristy Chiaradonna George and Victoria Coates Rosalie Cohen Andrew and Lorraine Dodge Eugene and Dawn Doherty Darryl J. Ford and Gail Sullivan Ford Paul Frank Jed and Jessica Hammel Donna Hazard Kathy Healey Karl and Stephanie Jaeger John and Anne James Brian and Christine Lobley Matthew and Heather Naylor John Piasecki and Gretchen Sprafke Arden Saligman Jon Smollen and Leah Kaplan Frederick and Heather Sutor 28

David and Laura Thayer Brannon Wiles and Suzanne Hilser-Wiles $1,000 + Bethany Asplundh Morris and Lynn Ballen Jordan and Deanna Berman Mike and Erica Brooks Beau Cassou Barbara Cobb Mitchell and Melissa Codkind Gary and Catharine Cox Jennifer Davey John and Linda Donohue Scott and Julia Engel The Ethel D. Colket Foundation Jonathan and Karin Foxman Claire Gebhardt John and Franny Glomb John and Suzanne Glomb Dave Goswami Nat and Ann Greenfield Leonard and Sally Grossman Ted Henson Joseph and Lillian Heyse Patrick and Karen Hoyer The Jacquie and Michael Cardone Giving FundNational Christian Foundation Matthew and Tammy Klein Joel and Sharon Koppelman Luke and Cynthia Marano Ernest May and Ruth Yaskin Merck Partnership for Giving Warren Pear and Cadence Kim James and Myra Petras Valeriy Pryshchenko PAC Industries Kevan Turman $500+ Mary Adams Wilfried and Freia Backes Nehama Benmosche Raahsahn and Veronica Bowden Michael and Arleen Cohen Matthew Cohen and Reetu Dandora Charles Cole Robert and Diane Coppola Jonathan Demchick


Paul and Julie DeSantis Robert and Katherine Eaddy James and Carol Fitzgerald David and Tara Friedman Glaxo Smith Kline Drs. Owen Hagino and Grace Ashton Brian and Tine Hansen-Turton Randy Kraftsow Ross and Cheryl McLaren Paul Oppenheimer and Joanne Judge Adam Pessin and Jane Foster K. Donald and Judith Proctor Jack and Joyce Rehorst Robert and Pamela Saltzburg Larry and Bonnie Seidman Garry Sklut and Abbi Jay Richard and Judith Steinberg Anne Tenthoff Christine Washington Michael and Karen Yeamans Up to $500 Gordon and Jennifer Adams Stacey Adams Diane Aldrete Curt Alloy and Wendy Demchick Alloy AmazonSmile Foundation Catherine Anderson Eric and Maureen Anderson Anonymous Melody Araiza Robert and Diane Bacine Wilfried Backes Christine Barbone Clymer and Martha Bardsley Joseph and Maria Barton Gil and Jennifer Barzeski Amanda Beeler Martha Benoff Bill and Lisa Berry Jerome and Nancy Blank Susan Bock Lindsey Boden Emily Bolles Jenna Bonshock Peter Boyer Susan Braccia Mark Brandon JoAnn Brenner Robert and Karen Brooks

Beverly Brown Shannon Caldwell Chris Campbell Jordan Campbell Wendy Caplin and Denise Kulp James and Ilka Cassidy Dee Castorani Lori Chase Gian Chatha Parminder and Tajinder Chatha Walter and Barrie Cherwony Caroline Cinquanto Amy Cline Rachel Codkind Jerrold and Jennifer Cohen Donald and Charlotte Cooper Susan Cooper Beth Cope Gabriella Coscia Kim Coulson Charles and Diane Cox Aviva Coyne-Green Nathu and Aruna Dandora Michael and Sherea Davis Samantha Decker Erin DeVault Andrew DiPrinzio Eryn Doroshow Mike Dunn Abby Duval Frederick and Kyra Ebert Paul Edelblut and Jeanne Frantz Allison Enslein Jeffrey and Sara Erlbaum Rob Ervin Tori Falk Christina Fallstick Brian Feeney Melissa Ferebee Rory Ferst Jim Flemming Nik Fowler Jon Fuiman Betsy Fuller Ed Gallagher Glenn and Nancy Gamble Alan and Patricia Gedrich General Mills Box Tops Sid Ghosh Ethan and Lauren Giddings Edward and Julie Gimmi Robin Godfrey Betsy Goodwin Theresa Gottehrer

James Graham and Christine Meck Cait Grayauskie Sarah Green Sheronda Greene Sophia Gross Victor and Dena Hammel Samantha Harrison Sean Harriston Jamie Hediger J. Harold and Phyllis Helderman Alexander Helderman and Carrie Rosen Haley Hellmann Christopher and Annie Herman Melissa Hoerdemann Donald and Janine Hoffman Dirk and Jennifer Holden Julie Holder Beatrice Hood Sarah Hughes Green Marc and Bonnie Inver Evan Jackson Jonathan and Jen Jagher Jose and Wendy Jimenez Shelly Johnston Arvelle Jones and Lisa White-Jones Roger Jones Patrick Junod Megan Kasprzak Adria Katz Alec Kay Suruchi Keenheel Karen Keesey Rachel Kern Joseph and Sharon Kestenbaum Nicole Kingsland Patric and Jennifer Knaak Heather Kramer Jordan and Amy Krimsky Tom and Joan Kudlacik Bryan Kurish Anne Ladenson Jim and Judith LaRosa Devon Lavery Donald Leisey Frederic Le Pape and Jennifer Binder-Le Pape Robin Lerner Mark Letner Kenneth and Jenifer Levy Andrew and Michelle Litwack Tina Lorandeau


Patricia Lowman Ellen Lube Julie Luzier Deobrah Lynam David and Renee Magid Melissa Malamed Daniel and Melanie Marein-Efron Doug Markgraf Beau Martin Elizabeth Martin Paul and Missy Martin Tyler Mastria Thea Maurer Cathy Mazza Melissa Mazzei Phillip and Michelle McConnon Kris McGuirk Patrick McInerney Mason and Tina McIntrye Leslie McLaughlin Catherine Melchiore Chrissy Mellon David and Hannah Meyer Dimitris and Pelagia Mihailidis Matthew and Rachel Mitchell Clifford Mobley and Yolanda Lee-Mobley Kelly Mulhall Joseph Murphy Meghan Murphy William Murphy Abigail Nathan Vien Nguyen Kelly Nichols Catie Nicholson Kate O'Reilly Minturn and Starr Osborne Jon and Amy Ostroff Sidney Ozer and Mindy Maslin Michael Padula and Julia Hinckley Alyssa Pagani Alan and Roberta Penn T. Sergeant and Marion Pepper Kyle Petras John and Charlene Pomeroy Christopher and Nancy Powell Em Pritchard Kimmell Proctor Valeriy Pryshchenko and Moira McHugh Wilhelm and Nina Rebmann Nathan Reinhold Alex Reott 29

Anne Rock Paul and Kristina Romas Dove Rosenberg Andrew Rosenstein Laura Rup Aran and Alice Ryan Julia Salamone Beth Santangelo Debra Santo Hollis Scarborough Caitlin Schlosser Ross Schonberg Amy Schwab David Searles and Amy Creighton Kenneth and Susan Segal Carolyn Seplow Lawrence and Anita Shendalman Randy and Jill Sides

Christopher Simpkins and Ellen Gemme Rebecca Smith Dee Spagnuolo and Sasha Ballen Devon Sparks Jesse Staub Deborah Stead Margot Steinberg Lauren Stewart James and Ann Stinchon Jamie Stratton James and Nina Talbot Amanda Tingle-Oline Chris and Katie Topolewski Andrew Totaro Michelle Tuppeny United Way Scott and Diana Vaughn Wanda Vega

Sonia Vosbikian Richard Wagner and Lisa Learner-Wagner Tom Waitzman Philip and Joan Wallick Stuart and Sarah Warsetsky Latoya Watson Caitlin Welsh Justine Welsh Sarah Whelan Kimberly Wicks Alli Gubanich Williams Heather Wong Jacinta Wright Maryanne Yoshida Tina Zampitella Kristin Zielinski Brian Zimmerman Sarah Zimmerman

Mr. Matthew Anzideo Patricia Lowman

Mr. Edward J. Gallagher Sr. Ed and Rachel Gallagher

Ms. Barbara M. Calabrese Larry and Barbara Magid

Mr. James Graham Jim Graham and Christine Meck

Ms. Corinne Roxby Nancy and Brian Blair Peter Boyer Pat and Chris Roberts


Ms. Lois Yeskey Campbell Claire Gebhardt Mr. Arthur Caplin Wendy Caplin and Denise Kulp Mr. Richard Cleavland Michael and Sherea Davis Mr. Marvin Demchick Jonathan Demchick Ms. Millie Demchick Jonathan Demchick Judge Thomas Dempsey Ed and Rachel Gallagher


Ms. Peggy Maclean Nancy and Brian Blair

Ms. Doris Sarkell David and Renee Magid

Ms. Mildred Ortlieb Nancy and Brian Blair Pat and Chris Roberts

Ms. Marion Uchitel Curt Alloy and Wendy Demchick Alloy Nancy and Brian Blair Pat and Chris Roberts

Ms. Virginia Gebhardt Parris Claire Gebhardt

Mr. Bryan Yablans David and Renee Magid

Mr. Wilhelm Rebmann Wilhelm and Nina Rebmann

Mr. Brian Zwaan Jacqueline Allen Fred and Bryna Berman Nancy and Brian Blair Pat and Chris Roberts

Ms. Helen Robinson Nancy and Brian Blair Ms. Melissa Rooney Caroline Cinquanto


IN–HONOR 7th Grade Teaching Team Paul Edelblut and Jeanne Frantz

Mr. Irv Edwards David and Renee Magid

Marriage of Liz and James Ethan and Lauren Giddings

AIM Teachers Minturn and Starr Osborne

Ms. Abby Friedman Michael and Arleen Cohen

Mr. Robbie Newman Robert and Diane Bacine

Benmosche Family Margot Steinberg

Mr. James Friedman Michael and Arleen Cohen

Mr. Samuel Ozer Sidney Ozer and Mindy Maslin

Ms. Bryna Berman Beverly Brown

Dr. Ed Gallagher David and Laura Thayer

Mrs. Sherrie Panichelli Gil and Jennifer Barzeski

Ms. Samara Brookman Nat and Ann Greenfield

Ms. Lynne Gold-Bikin Thomas and Carolyn Carluccio

Mr. Ernie Panichelli Gil and Jennifer Barzeski

Mr. Ryan Codkind Joel and Sharon Koppelman Rachel Codkind

Mr. Brody Hammel Victor and Dena Hammel

Mr. Harris Proctor Betsy Goodwin

Mr. Charlie Hammel Victor and Dena Hammel

Ms. Julia Salamone David and Laura Thayer

Mr. Jacob Helderman Alex Helderman and Carrie Rosen

Ms. Sarah Segal Kenneth and Susan Segal

Ms. Rachel Codkind’s Graduation Jacqueline Allen Mr. Ryan Codkind’s Graduation Jacqueline Allen Ms. Jaiden Cohen Nathu and Aruna Dandora Dr. Matthew Cohen Jerrold and Jennifer Cohen Ms. Reetu Dandora Jerrold and Jennifer Cohen Mr. Adam Deitch Beverly Brown Mr. Mike Dunn John and Linda Donahue Ms. Jane Eaddy Robert and Katherine Eaddy Mr. Cole Ebert Mason and Tina McIntyre

Mr. Chris Herman Jim and Myra Petras Ms. Sara Kestenbaum Joseph and Sharon Kestenbaum Mr. Benjamin Le Pape Frederic Le Pape and Jennifer Binder-Le Pape Mr. Sam Lipkin Leonard and Sally Grossman Ms. Katherine Londres Tom and Nancy Londres Mr. David Marein-Efron Lawrence and Anita Shendalman


Ms. Jenna Seidman Alan and Roberta Penn Mr. Jimmy Talbot James and Nina Talbot Mr. Kevan Turman, Ms. Tori Falk & the Development Staff at AIM Fred and Bryna Berman Ms. Genevieve WashingtonVasquez Christine Washington Ms. Elizabeth Wiedemann Anne Tenthoff Mrs. Alli Gubanich Williams Kristin Zielinski Ms. Katerina Zisman Glenn and Nancy Gamble

Gifts to the AIM Faculty Enrichment Fund support research and professional development opportunities for AIM faculty. Stacey Adams Adam and Paula Fein Minturn and Starr Osborne Bruce and Diana Bennett William and Judith Francisco Arden Saligman Brian Breslin Paul Frank Garry Sklut and Abbi Jay Mitchell and Melissa Codkind Gilbert and Tracey Hanse David and Lisa van Adelsberg Jeffrey and Susan Cooper Joseph and Lillian Heyse Scott and Diana Vaughn Michael and Linda D'Adamo Sam Jones and Jeremy Zales Marco and Jana de Leon Rhoda McKinney-Jones Richard Farrer and Bruce and Winifred Murray Denise DeVivo Farrer 31 2017-2018 ANNUAL REPORT

AIM TEACHER RETIREMENT PLAN Clymer and Martha Bardsley Jeffrey and Joelle Benedict Nehama Benmosche Bruce and Diana Bennett Christopher and Cynthia Bickings Victor Bobadilla Wendy Caplin and Denise Kulp Michael and Alexandra Cardone Beatrice Cassou Al and Kristy Chiaradonna George and Victoria Coates Mitchell and Melissa Codkind Jeffrey and Susan Cooper Robert and Diane Coppola Arthur and Maureen Coyle Michael and Linda D’Adamo Jennifer Davey Christopher and Gerri Day Scott and Julia Engel Christopher and Jennifer Eni Jeffrey and Sara Erlbaum Adam and Paula Fein Anthony and Randi Fiergang Darryl J. Ford and Gail Sullivan Ford

Jonathan and Karin Foxman Brian and Sherri Getta Michelle Gibbs James Golden Barry and Vanessa Greenberg Jed and Jessica Hammel Heidi Harvie Carolyn Hazard Kathy Healey Gregory and Cherifa Howarth Sam Jones and Rhoda McKinney-Jones Norris and Debbie Jordan Kent Julye and Tracy Mills Kenton and Faith Keiser Martin Kondrath and Nikki Kondrath Muntz Jordan and Amy Krimsky Anne Ladenson Jim and Judith LaRosa Andrew and Michelle Litwack Jerry and Bridget MacDonald Ernest May and Ruth Yaskin Daniel and Lisa McBride Zachary and Maggie McWilliams Dimitris and Pelagia Mihailidis

Kenneth and Laura Mitchell Shaka and Jennifer Monroe Benjamin and Dana Oller Jon and Amy Ostroff Warren Pear and Cadence Kim James and Deborah Pellen Dan and Georgie Perullo John Piasecki and Gretchen Sprafke Andrew and Christine Polywacz John and Charlene Pomeroy Christopher and Nancy Powell Laurance Rosenzweig Michael and Melissa Samschick David Searles and Amy Creighton Amy Segal Michael and Rhonda Seidman Andrea Smith James and Ann Stinchon David and Laura Thayer Daniel Wallick and Jennifer Mogck Leon and Heather Worrell Michael Zisman and Linda Gamble


AIM gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their contribution to a specific purpose.

$100,000+ Edward and Gwen Asplundh Dick and Sally Brickman Fund The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, Inc. $50,000+ Olitsky Family Foundation $10,000+ Adam and Paula Fein Jarrod Kahn Vulcan Spring & Manufacturing Co.


$5,000+ Joseph Kennard Skilling Trust The Philadelphia Foundation Wilson Language Training $1,000+ Nehama Benmosche Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation Ethan and Lauren Giddings Joseph and Lillian Heyse Jonathan and Meredith Hoffman The Kingsbury Family Fund Merck Partnership for Giving Naresh and Saroj Ramdas Really Great Reading Company, LLC


Up to $1,000 Advantage Sports & Fitness Anonymous Melody Araiza Ruth Bartelt Charles and Diane Cox Scott Greenberg Market Resource Partners Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League Carol Solon David and Ilene Winikur

FOUNDATION PARTNERSHIPS – Michelle Knapik, President, Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation This spring, the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation provided the AIM Institute for Learning & Research with a $150,000 grant to support the development of the AIM Pathways digital teacher training platform. In just a few short months Michelle Knapik, president of this family foundation, and her staff have become true partners of AIM. They have provided guidance on presentations, made introductions to others committed to literacy and education and sponsored and supported AIM in their presentation to the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading funders huddle. “We saw the AIM Pathways as a bridge across a whole lot of gaps to take teacher training to scale, to enhance stand and deliver training as well as to enhance professional development in pre-service training,” explained Knapik, who oversees the distribution of approximately $3 million in grants each year by the family foundation to organizations in three areas of focus including Learning Differences. “Before the neuroscience [on learning differences] was really solid, most of our funding went to awareness raising (we funded nationwide Roper polls on LD and supported early learning differences messages in the media, including partnerships with the Ad Council and NPR). Today, we fund integrated, systemic, community-wide, evidenced based early literacy interventions that are critical to the 1 in 5 with learning and attention issues and that also support the 4 in 5. She said the innovation of AIM Pathways and the multiple levels of partnerships connections from creating a platform with Digital Wave for interactive online learning, AIM’s ongoing work with Read by 4th and connection to IDA standards for reading was compelling. “We love to fund at that area of applied research and development. We actually shifted resources in our budget when we saw the potential [of AIM Pathways] and knew we needed to make a more significant grant to AIM.”

GIFTS IN–KIND 13th Street Cocktail Catering Adventure Aquarium Jacqueline Allen Awbury Arboretum Bar Lucca Barnes Foundation Amanda Beeler Denise Benmosche Nehama Benmosche David and Debbie Berkowitz Jordan and Deanna Berman Nancy and Brian Blair Bonefish Grill Nicole Bothwell Mike and Eric Brooks Casani Candy Company Senator Bob Casey Chanel Beaute Katherine O'Leary Chaisson Al and Kristy Chiaradonna

Children's Book World Roy Chowdhury Melissa Codkind Initiatives Events Inc. Conshy Girls Restaurant Group Jeffrey and Susan Cooper Robert and Diane Coppola Crayola Experience Crosshatch Audio Visual Corporation Dino's Backstage Ease Massage Therapy Elegance by Edythe Scott and Julia Engel Estia Faith West Photography Mark Fishman and Fran Tobin Flyers Skate Zone Foote Orthodontics Darryl J. Ford - William Penn 2017-2018 ANNUAL REPORT

Charter The Franklin Institute Richard Fravel Erik Frykholm and Kim Finnie Ed Gallagher Sid Ghosh John and Franny Glomb Jim Graham Liz Greco-Rocks Hable Construction Jed and Jessica Hammel Gilbert and Tracey Hanse Kathy Healey Hebrew Helpers High Street on Market Infinity Jewelers - Kevin Ferguson Iron Hill Brewery John Derian Company Norris and Debbie Jordan J.P. Mascaro & Sons 33

Joseph Ambler Inn Rachel Kern Kevin Smith Transportation Group Thomas Koscica Kramer Portraits Teressa Lopuchin Lostine Home Goods Lucky Dog Masana Nancy Matt Matt Paul Sports John and Denise McGlade Cheryl McLaren Michelle McConnon Falken Tire Company Tom and Susan McGrath Dimitris and Pelagia Mihailidis Nicole Milstead Kevin Myer NY Jets - Chris Orechia The Office Bar and Grill

Pete Oppenheimer Wave One Sports Starr Osborne Kimberly Peck Victoria Pennetti People's Light Theater Frank Perri Peter Zimmerman Architects James and Myra Petras Philly Mattress - Tom Donnelly Philly Pretzel Factory Val Pryshchenko and Moira McHugh Redstone American Grill Pat and Chris Roberts Robertson's Flowers & Events Robert and Pamela Saltzburg Melissa Samschick Bernie Schaffer Schulson Collective Amy Schwab Susan Segal

Andy and Kim Sears Seasons 52 Seven Springs Mountain Resort Joel Shapiro and Carolyn Hartman Spring Mill CafĂŠ The StoneRose Restaurant Matthew and Wendy Studner Sunnybrook Golf Club David and Laura Thayer Thomas Fallon Treasure Sign - Jim Convey Twin Spring Farm Day Camp Scott and Diana Vaughn Standard Group Walnut Street Theatre Wawa Wegmans Alli Gubanich Williams Williamson Wines Woodcrest Country Club

2018 AIM FOR THE STARS GALA $50,000 + Anonymous

Joseph Ujobai Christopher and Meg Veno

$20,000+ Nehama Benmosche The Kingsbury Family Fund Archie and Helene van Beuren

$2,000+ Sharyn Berman and Chuck Meyers Nancy and Brian Blair Blank Rome Capstone Group Erik Frykholm and Kim Finnie Jed and Jessica Hammel Jonathan and Meredith Hoffman The Kinser Group Jack and Joyce Rehorst Tom Robinson and Karen Bartos M. Joseph Rocks and Liz Greco-Rocks Brian Sherman and Sandy Lau Ryan and Amy Tyrrell United States Roofing Corporation Hans and Terri Zandhuis

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Sam Jones and Rhoda McKinney Jones Bridget Keeley Suruchi Keenheel Karen and Vernon Keesey Rachel Kern Matt and Tammy Klein Mary Labaree Jim and Judi LaRosa Albert and Laura Mancuso Abe and Natalie Marciano Daniel and Melanie Marein-Efron Paul and Missy Martin Michael Matt Jerry and Nancy Matt Ernest May and Ruth Yaskin William Mayer and Michele Rovinsky-Mayer Michael and Sue McGuinness Monifa Moore Fran Newberg Warren Pear and Cadence Kim James and Deborah Pellen Kimmell Proctor Tim and Carol Purcell Willhelm and Nina Rebmann Arden Saligman Michael and Melissa Samschick Maria Santangelo Ed and Pam Schreiber Andy and Kim Sears Kenneth and Susan Segal Joel Shapiro and Carolyn Hartman Chris and Jill Sides Brian and Tiffany Silbert Gary Sklut and Abbi Jay Kara Snyder Victor Sosa and Deanna DiMemmo-Sosa Dave and Amanda Stefanski John Talbot Travers Contractor Alli Gubanich Williams

Save the Date for our 2019 AIM for the Stars Gala honoring Read by 4th Executive Director Jenny Bogoni, Dr. Kevin Baumlin, Emergency Medicine Department Chair at Pennsylvania Hospital Emergency Medicine and AIM’s own Director of Robotics and Engineering Rob Ervin on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at Vie in Philadelphia. 2017-2018 ANNUAL REPORT



The AIM for the Stars Gala is always a celebration of our students, faculty and staff, the many supporters of our unique community and a way to honor individuals who epitomize the traits of perseverance and innovation that we see in our fearless learners and innovative teachers. The 2018 Gala on April 19th at Vie was no exception as we honored Saxbys CEO Nick Bayer and recognized the perseverance and dedication of Detroit schools superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti in using his dyslexia to dedicate himself to children with learning differences. But the highlight of this evening featured our AIM students who took the stage in front of the crowd of 300 people, including our 56 sponsors, and showcased the way AIM allows students’ talents to be unleashed. The student written performance, a version of which was performed at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival last fall, inspired AIM board member and parent Al Chiaradonna to write about the students in a post for his SEI leadership blog. He wrote: “[The gala] reminded me how powerful education is to one’s confidence and personal growth…The skit focused on the fact that each of the performers had learning differences and how those differences became a negative label that had paralyzed and isolated them. But then they found AIM. At this school, the focus was not on “fixing” but understanding the difference and teaching to it. This approach forever changed these kids for the better. This type of teaching created an environment where they could thrive, embrace their differences and truly excel. They were no longer embarrassed about the difference nor were they trying to hide from it. They were free (and encouraged) to be who they were. And why shouldn’t they? After all, they were and are perfectly fine. They just learn differently.” The performance underscored why we do what we do and why making AIM accessible to as many students as possible can make such a difference. 36













2019 AIM EVENTS: February 22, 2019 February Frenzy AIM - ACC

April 10, 2019 AIM for the Stars Gala VIE

June 7, 2019 Class of 2018 Commencement AIM - ACC

March 11, 2019 Research to Practice Symposium AIM - ACC

May 23, 2019 5-Year Reunion AIM

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