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It’s time for the biggest conference AIESEC in Italy has ever seen


INDEX In this booklet you will find General information


Application process


Payments and cancellation policy

Gadgets’ booking

Youth Speak Forum

OC message and contacts


GENERAL INFORMATION Target The conference is open to EBs, Team Leaders and Team Members

Dates BEST will take place from March the 22nd (1:30pm) until the 26th (4:00pm) Pre-meeting for EBs will start on March the 21st at 1pm

Cost 37 euros per night The fee you will pay will cover accommodation and meals (starting from dinner of your check-in up to lunch of your check-out)

Location Hotel della Torre Via della Torre, 1 Matigge di Trevi (PG) Have a look here!



Step 2

Step 3

Fill in the application form at the end of this booklet by the deadline*

You will receive a confirmation email with the transports form attached

Complete the payment by the deadline

Step 4 Follow your Chief Delegate’s instructions

*Additional rounds may be opened since available spots are 320.


PAYMENTS AND CANCELLATION POLICY After submitting the application form, you will have to compute the nights you will stay at the hotel and pay for the conference according to your LCP’s/VP Finance’s guidelines*. If, for example, you will arrive in Trevi on the 22nd and leave on the 26th, you will have to pay for 4 nights (37 euros x 4 = 148 euros).

*Cancellation policy will be very strict: once you fill in the application form, you are obliged to pay.


YOUTH SPEAK FORUM 2018 (March the 23rd) YouthSpeak Forum is part of the Youth 4 Global Goals Campaign – an initiative powered by AIESEC aimed to activate the leadership potential of young people of the world by engaging and mobilizing them through purposeful and cross-cultural projects around the globe that are designed to impact and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. In this year’s edition, all delegates of BEST will take part in World’s Largest Lesson on the second day of the conference and will explain Sustainable Development Goals to young people in high schools in Perugia. A shuttle service will be provided in order to take delegates to and back from Perugia on March the 23rd at a price of 10 euros. Check the official agenda here!


YOUTH SPEAK FORUM: WHAT’S YOUR ROLE? Participation to the lesson is not facultative. Each delegate will participate. You can decide if you prefer to take part as a lesson deliverer (the person explaining the SDGs), report manager (the person taking notes of what will happen) or the showcasing manager (taking pictures and video). As Lesson Deliver, from the moment you officially apply as a delegate, you will be part of a team. You will have weekly meetings with the team and you will be responsible with them to create a lesson that you will deliver the 23rd. The lesson needs to be ready the week before the event. You can apply to be lesson deliver only in this first round, after that, for timeline reasons, it will be too late.


LOGISTICS If you travel by train, it is highly suggested to arrive at Foligno train station. Let us know in advance if you want to benefit from the shuttle service provided by the hotel by filling in the transport form that will be included in your confirmation email You can reach the venue by car via A1 highway taking the exit Trevi. Free parking space is provided in front of the hotel You can reach Foligno also by Flixbus from Bari, Bologna, Milano, Napoli, Torino, Verona and many other cities. Don’t forget to fill in the shuttle form in the confirmation email and remember that as a member of AIESEC in Italy you have right to 2 not cumulative coupon codes to be received upon request within 48h








Functional Night

Lounge Night

Trash Night

Parejas Party

Global Village

Enjoy your first night having fun with your functional area’s buddies!

Chill out and relax, because on the next day you will be attending Youth Speak Forum 2018!

Dig into your wardrobe and take out the best of the worst straight out of the 90s!

Looking for a soulmate? Well, we’ve got you covered: be prepared for some amazing challenges!

Showcase your Region’s traditions with typical food and drinks. Stay tuned for the most awesome of the nights!


GADGETS How many times have you wondered: “Hum, I don’t know yet if I will like the T-shirt… I’ll decide when I see it!”


This time you will have the chance to buy your gadgets in advance! Further information about the type of gadgets will be released soon





As an Organizing Committee we are proud to have the possibility to deliver what will be the biggest conference that AIESEC in Italy has ever seen and we will do our best in order to make sure that your experience will be unforgettable. This also means that expectations towards this conference must be very clear: as a delegate you will have the responsibility of representing our entity in every minute of the conference.




This is why would like to remind you of three of our values: Demonstrating integrity, Acting sustainably and Enjoying participation. Please, be respectful of the venue, other delegates and guest that might stay at the hotel and of the material that will be handed to you in order to follow sessions. Talking about leadership is cool, acting as leaders is even cooler!


OC CONTACTS Need some information? OC Orange County will help you: Logistic support

Delegates support

Further issues








Link to the application form

Deadline to apply

Apply here

March 19th, 11:59am

Booklet BEST Conference  
Booklet BEST Conference