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Greece, 21/01/2009 To whom it may concern. Dear reader, it is a great honor for me to endorse the application of Anna Skryabina for the position of AIESEC International Vice President AIESEC Experience. Our cooperation is defined in terms of creating the agenda and facilitating WE GROW 2009 in Naples. I find myself very happy to have had the chance to cooperate with Anna as she is an individual that inspires trust, has a very positive attitude towards the things she is committed to achieve and has a great ability to accomplish her goals under any circumstances. In the Facilitators team of WE GROW 2009 Anna, made a huge contribution in the outcome of the conference by inspiring delegates and also contributing in their personal and professional development through her attitude and her sessions. Moreover, Anna is an individual that can easily cooperate with people from diverse backgrounds, by bringing an added value in the team, with her tremendous way to include people, communicate her points of view and making everyone feel comfortable around her. For all the above reasons, I am deeply proud & honored to endorse Anna Skryabina in this quest of her & I am confident she will be an invaluable asset to the next AIESEC International Team.

On behalf of the MC team, Bora Mezetziou MCP AIESEC in Greece 2009 – 2010.

Anna Skryabina , endorsement, greece  
Anna Skryabina , endorsement, greece  

Anna skryabina, endorsement, greece