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Nov 2018

AIESEC in University of Malaya

Local Committee President 2019 Election

As all 14 Local Committees of AIESEC in Malaysia begin the election season, AIESEC in UM has also began the quest to search for our entity’s next leader in 2019. After many rounds of applications and selection, we finally had our Local Committee President Election on the 25th of November. We would like to proudly announce that Chris Lau Jing Sheng has been officially elected as the Local Committee President of AIESEC in UM. We warmly congratulate him and wish him all the best in his upcoming AIESEC journey !

AIESEC in UM Convocation Dinner On the 26th of October 2018, current and past AIESEC members came together to celebrate the success of our graduating seniors. We would like to thank past members of AIESEC in UM for joining the dinner and sharing their experience with the current AIESEC members. We hope that our members have gained new insights from the sharing. Once again, we would like to congratulate them on their welldeserved success !

AIESEC drilled me in a lot of ways, mainly in critical thinking, strategic planning and also most importantly presentation skills. I had a few other achievements after AIESEC which I would like to give credits to AIESEC for making me who I am. The skills that AIESEC had equipped me with is so useful that I stand a head-start compared to my other peers and I’m really grateful for being shaped into who I am today.

Zi Yu, Junior Executive, Incoming Global Talent (Sept 2016-Jan 2017) Vice President, Incoming Global Entrepreneur and Talent (Feb 2017-Jan 2018)

What’s Next ?-AIESEC in UM 50th Anniversary Celebration

AIESEC in University of Malaya is celebrating our 50th anniversary ! In conjunction with AIESEC in UM 50th Anniversary, we are organizing a forum on Youth Leadership For a Better Future and we would like to invite all UM students to the forum. Date: 15th December 2018 Time: 2.30pm to 6.00 pm Venue: Auditorium 2, Block Y, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya

Free admission ! Register here and see you there !

I decide to join Global Volunteer mainly because of two reasons, to spend my semester break with meaningful activities and another, to explore a new country and culture. The project I joined is Hope for Children and the job scope is mainly about teaching children English in a social protection centre located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

During the volunteering experience, I learnt to be more patient and also explore new techniques in simplifying things because many children there have very weak basis of English, thus repeating and simplifying things during the teaching is a must. Besides that, I have met a lot of other Exchange Participants around the world and learnt a lot from them. Overall, this global volunteer experience gave me a very strong foundation in communicating with different people from different ages and different backgrounds.

Wei Chen Low, Global Volunteer in Vietnam

I would encourage everyone who’s reading this to apply for Global Volunteer. This is one thing that must be included in your bucket list! Meeting with different people with different background and culture teach me to be more tolerant and cautious with everything I say. Even though we are different, there is always common things that bind us. It’s really funny how dance, music, movie can be a language where everyone understands it very well. For this, I’m really grateful to be destined to meet with all of them. Never once I regret this decision. Till now, we’re still in contact and I’m looking forward to welcoming them in Malaysia! Hidayati Sofyan, Global Volunteer to Mainland of China

+60 16 560 9230 (Beh Chween Phing) +60 19 381 0805 (Chan Ka Chun) +60 19 443 3255 (Taranee Vigpillai)

Life of Leaders (Nov 2018)  
Life of Leaders (Nov 2018)