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The Leadership We Develop Our Leadership Development Model seeks to prepare youth to become capable of making a difference through their everyday actions. How It Was Developed Based on the research of best leadership experiences with AIESEC, conversations with AIESEC members, experts consultancy, alumni impact study and the biggest world trends impacting the context of leadership, we were then able to identify the type of leadership we want to develop and qualities that will trigger life-long leadership journey for a young person. EMPOWERING OTHERS

Communicates effectively in diverse environments; Develops & empowers other people; Engages with others to achieve a bigger purpose.


Adapts and shows resilience in the face of challenges; Transmits positivity to move forward throughout uncertainty; Takes risks when its needed.


Believes in their ability to make a difference in the world; Interested in the world issues; Enjoys taking responsibility for improving the world.


Understands and lives personal values; Focuses on strengths over weaknesses; Explores one’s passions.

Global Annual Report 2014-2015  

AIESEC's Global Annual Report for the year 2014 - 2015

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